Connie Booth in Romance with a Double Bass (1974)
banedon76 was written on October 6, 2013

Everything on Display!

Fans of the excellent British comedy, Fawlty Towers will surely relish this rare and very frank display of full frontal nudity from its young female co-star. The scene opens with a pull-away rear shot of her disrobing her petticoats as she enters a pond for a swim. The real show starts shortly thereafter when her clothes are stolen, as she emerges from the water with a close, clear camera shot of her entire front side, down to just above the knees. Her breasts are on the larger side of medium and in full bounce as she does a 180 degree turn. Her nipples are rock-solid throughout the scene, as expected from a woman emerging from the water. Nipples and areolas are both a pale pinkish color and her medium sized breasts stretch taunt to a very modest size as she lifts her arms over her head. To complete the image, there is a clear and unobstructed view to her very generous thatch of light brown pubic hair. It is darkened somewhat by the water, but covers a very expansive area, spilling tendrils of damp hair out onto her inner thighs. Of course one would expect a full bush in a 1974 British film, but Connie's triangle goes a bit beyond the usual 'average female distribution' of the day. She is obviously just a pretty hairy girl downstairs, regardless of the decade.

Brigitte Carva in Dr. Orloff's Invisible Monster (1971)
banedon76 was written on May 11, 2013

One of Cinema's Most Impressive Bushes

The film itself is plodding and terribly constructed, even for a Eurotrash exploitation film from the 70's. But Brigitte's one nude scene more than makes up for the rest of the film's inadequacies.

Brigitte is a very slender, delicately-featured blonde playing the leading female role of the Doctor's daughter. She spends most of the movie clothed-until the very end, in fact. But what a final scene. She enters the room wearing a white dress, being pursued by an invisible monster. She struggles a bit against the creature as it grabs hold of her and begins stripping her out of her dress.

The first shot of her nudity is from the rear, showing a slender (almost too skinny for some tastes) and very pale ass. The camera then cuts to a clear shot of her breasts. Closer to 'medium' than small (especially on her very slim frame), they have a nice bounce as she struggles and are capped with well-proportioned, pink areolas. Her breasts have a slight upturn to them, making the areolas and nipples appear almost a bit puffy.

The piece de resistance, however, comes when the camera pans down to her pubic hair. Brigitte is an amazingly hairy young woman. The effect of her bush is made all the more striking because it is quite dark in color, providing a direct contrast to both her pale skin and the (dyed?) blonde hair on her head. Even aside from the color, though, the volume of her pubic thatch is remarkable. Straight at the top (no treasure trail), it extends well past both thigh creases on the sides, spilling wispy tendrils out onto both of her pale thighs. It is also quite dense and surprisingly long as well.

The camera spends an incredible amount of time focused on her nudity, especially the bush. It then cuts to another lengthy, lingering scene of full frontal in perfect lighting. Almost as though she is just standing there, letting the camera admire her impressive charms. If you're watching a decent dvd transfer of this and not a 3rd gen VHS tape, the detail is clear enough that you can plainly see the hair growth pattern, dispelling any lingering doubts that more modern day viewers may have entertained about merkins.

The real deal here, gents. And what a deal it is.

Catriona MacColl in Strangers (1996)
banedon76 was written on December 27, 2012


Actually, Ghostwords, duckem is correct in this instance. Catriona Maccoll did, in fact, do a full frontal scene in the episode 'Touch" in 1996 at the age of 42.

This scene was her second full frontal scene, with the first being in the 1980 French tv movie 'La Peau de chagrin." Neither scene is especially easy to find (they are older French television episodes, but I have personally seen her full frontal in both.

Lyndsey Marshal in Sons and Lovers (2003)
banedon76 was written on December 12, 2012

Shows the Lot in two scenes

Lyndsey Marshal (of Rome and Being Human fame) stars as Miriam in the 2003 version of this classic DH Lawrence tale.

She has two scenes, between which she shows pretty much every inch of her body. The first is as she is preparing to have sex. She is shot from the waist up in the process of removing her corset. Both breasts are exposed and are quite small and petite. Her nipples are prominently erect with small, dark-pink areolas. It is also worth noting for completion's sake that her left areola is slightly larger than the right. As this is a historical period piece, Lyndsey is also sporting a pretty generous crop of armpit hair which is visible at several points during this scene. Once the corset is removed, the camera switches to a rear view and pans down to show her small, surprisingly curvy rear end. She then crawls into bed, exposing breasts once again as well as a bit of back-bush between her legs while getting settled in.

Her second scene begins with a long distance shot of her from the rear as she wades into the ocean. It then witches to a very close and clear frontal view as she begins to wash herself in the water. Snippets of her breasts are visible, though they are mostly obscured by her long brown hair. Her bush is on full display, however, as she washes it with seawater. As one would expect based on her features, her bush is a full, thick, dark triangle that spans from thigh-crease to thigh-crease.

Stephanie Beacham in Super Bitch (1973)
banedon76 was written on December 4, 2012

Full Frontal Shower Scene

Classic British beauty Beacham was in her mid-2's for this role and she looks incredible.

The most noteworthy scene, by far, is a lengthy shot of Stephanie in the shower, with every possible angle of her body on clear display. The lighting is good, the camera is good, and Ms. Beacham is definitely good. You see clear breasts and ass as she strips down and starts washing herself in the shower. After a moment, she begins sponging down her front side and you get several clear shots of bush, as well.

And what a bush it is. Easily a rival for Suzanna Hamilton or Susan Lynch, Beacham's immense tangle of pubes goes from thigh-crease to thigh-crease and beyond. Even for the early 70's, the age of the veritable 'disco bush', Beacham's pubic patch is a noteworthy thing of beauty.

A must-see for all 'bush men' as well as admirers of the classical female form.

Vera Farmiga in Running Scared (2006)
banedon76 was written on December 3, 2012

Clear Bush Scene

First I will note that the nudity here is very brief and actually pretty much requires freeze-framing or vidcapping to fully appreciate.

Nonetheless, there is very clear lower frontal nudity on display here, which generally warrants a minimum of 3 stars for me. Especially coming from an attractive actress who hasn't shown it before. If the scene had been longer, clearer, or featured any other flashes of nudity at all, I probably would have given this 4 stars.

In any event, Vera Farmiga clearly shows a surprising amount of pubic hair in this scene. Another reviewer mentioned that you get a 'peek' of her bush over the top of her panties, but if you slow this scene down and watch it in HD, you'll actually be treated to a close-up shot of what must be the upper third of a very unshaven thatch of pubes. Though the scene is quick and partially covered (her pants are being tugged down a bit), this is no mere distant flash of vague frontal or one or two stray strands. The closeness of the shot is such that in HD, you could probably count every single curl of reddish-brown pubic hair, if the tangle wasn't so thick and unshaven.

As I said at the outset, on the grand scale of film nudity, this probably counts for very little compared to other classic scenes. But the fact remains that you will come out of this scene knowing the color, texture, and size of Vera's impressive bush...and in this day and age of obscured frontals and waxed coochies, that is nothing to sneeze at

Susan Lynch in Nora (2000)
banedon76 was written on September 17, 2012

Full Frontal

Though this scene has been reviewed several times, I just watched this film today and was motivated to come and add to the pile.

Lynch displays full frontal and side rear nudity during a sex scene with Ewan. Her breasts are quite small and petite, with nickel-sized, dark pink areolas and nipples that are, when erect, somewhat disproportionately larger than the area around them.

Far more impressive is her incredible thatch of pubic hair. Unsurprising, given the thickness of her dark eyebrows and the abundance of dark, curly, lustrous hair atop her head, it is still a marvel amongst modern women. Though the entirety of her bush is not visible all at once, 90% of her triangle is on display. The hair is dark, curly, and thick; spanning hip to hip and spilling out onto her thighs.

Interestingly enough, her armpits are also unshaven in this performance and they are surprisingly sparse-haired, given the hirsute qualities of her eyebrows, bush, and head. Still far hairier than most women these days, but they pale in comparison to the abundance of her pubes.

A 4-star scene for any man who appreciates a good bush, though ti likely downgrades to 1 or 2 stars if you're th4e sort who prefers your women to look like Barbie dolls or little girls.

Leticia Marfil in Pieces (1982)
banedon76 was written on July 10, 2012

Yes it is her, do your homework

Ghostworlds, you are dead wrong. Whatever bootlegged version of the film you're watching, you need to look at a real copy with real credits.

This is the exact same Letecia Marfil who starred in the Paul Naschy film 'El ultimo kamikaze.' I own both movies and have seen them literally dozens of times.

Her mother was also Mercedes Marfil, the head costume designer for the show, which is mentioned by Simon in two separate interviews about the film, one on Laternia and one in the Grindhouse 2-disc release.

Seriously, you're a decent reviewer on this site but you really need to do more research about this movie and actress before calling me out and marking my review with a thumbs-down. I am 100% correct.

Caroline Milmoe in Magic Toyshop, The (1989)
banedon76 was written on March 17, 2011

Posing in Front of the Mirror

Caroline Milmoe (seen elsewhere in Bread and Coronation Street back in the early 90\'s) has a very delicate, pale, \'girl next door\' appeal, easy to appreciate despite the poor quality of the source material-a grainy old VHS recording.

In this scene, she sits at her vanity, fully nude, and combs her thick, lustrous mane of curly dark hair. She then arches her back and strokes her small breasts a few times in front of the mirror. They are a modest b-cup, china-doll pale, and have perfectly symmetrical little nipples with very pale pink areolae, each about silver-dollar size.

After a moment of stroking, she rises to put on her dressing gown, giving a clear full-frontal shot in the mirror. Like her head-head and eyebrows, her pubic hair is dark, very curly, and extremely thick. It covers her mons abundantly and extends a full inch or two down either of her thighs. her bush is particularly easy to see in detail, due to the stark contrast of the dark hair against her delicately-pale skin.

Leticia Marfil in Pieces (1982)
banedon76 was written on March 16, 2011

Full Frontal In/After Shower

This slender, pale, Spanish brunette makes her nude debut by showing both her breasts and buttocks in a shower scene.

Her breasts are delicate and in proportion to her willowy frame, without being too diminutive. Her areolae, wider than they are small, are a nice shade of dark pink with little, unremarkable nipples.

Leticia\'s derriere is tight, shapely and very pale, like the rest of her.

Once out of the shower, we see breasts again as she begins to get dressed. As she drops her towel and reaches for her sweatpants, she also displays a clear, well-lit shot of frontal nudity.

As one would expect from a young Spanish woman with lustrous dark hair and thick, pronounced eyebrows, she has a very lush, discernible bush of pubic hair. It is black, curly, and covers the extent of her mons, spanning from thigh-crease to thigh-crease.

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