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Tilda Swinton's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2013 Only Lovers Left Alive 1 Review
2011 We Need to Talk About Kevin 1 Review
2010 Deep End, The 2 Reviews
2003 Young Adam 4 Reviews
2000 Beach, The 2 Reviews
1999 War Zone, The 2 Reviews
1996 Female Perversions 7 Reviews
1992 Orlando 2 Reviews
1986 Caravaggio 1 Review
1974 Julia 1 Review

Tilda Swinton's Biography

Made her screen debut in Caravaggio (1986).

Quote: "The other day, I was going through the airport security and I was searched by a male security guard. I'm very often referred to as "Sir" in elevators and such. I think it has to do with being this tall and not wearing much lipstick. I think people just can't imagine I'd be a woman if I look like this."

nudity reviews for Tilda Swinton member submitted

Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)
Ghostwords was written on February 27, 2014

Sleeping Vampires

Circa 0:45:00, Eve (Ms Swinton) and Adam (Hiddleston) are shown lying on their bed, she upon her left side, he upon his right. They are both naked, and her breasts can be seen from the side (her right breast is clearly visible in profile, blocking any decent view of her left), but Eve's right leg obscures any view of her genitals (however, we can see her right hip and part of her butt).

We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011)
Ghostwords was written on October 20, 2011

Unprotected sex

Around the 15-minute mark, Eva (Ms Swinton) and Franklin (Reilly)decide to take their chances, a night which leads to the birth of their son, Kevin. It's a very dark scene, but you can just about make out rear nudity and her right breast (including possible nipple). Could be a body double, but it certainly looks like Ms Swinton and she's hardly shunned nudity previously. (There are two subsequent sex scenes, the first of which involves a blow job, but neither features any nudity.)

Deep End, The (2010)
DCW3 was written on August 23, 2001

Wet undershirt

At one point, she strips down to her underwear and dives into a lake. Her dark nipples are definitely visible through her wet undershirt, but we never get a decent view.

Chicago was written on November 27, 2002

1 scene...stretching it

This scene stretches the definition of 'nudity'...DCW's description is correct and it comes at :26.5-:27. After stripping down to a white teddy, bra and panties, Tilda jumps into the pond to get car keys from a dead guy's pants pockets. As she returns to the surface, there are a couple of very brief see-through shots of her wet shirt from a medium distance...outline of her areola seen.

Young Adam (2003)
Dante9703 was written on February 5, 2005

Frequent topless scenes

Tilda has an affair with Ewan and has a number of topless scenes starting at 40 mins. In this scens she opens the front of her dress, revealing her breasts and then we get glimpses when she is under Ewan. The 50 minute mark is the start of a number of scenes where Tilda reveals her breasts. She is lying back in bed with Ewan and we see her breats clearly. They are showing signs of age but her nipples are very pert and inviting. Later in the scene she sits up. She is topless again at 55 minutes as she sneaks down to Ewan and opens her top, inviting him to have sex with her again. On the hour we have another scene.

Serna was written on December 16, 2004

several flashes

Early on at canal bank. Lies on her back dressed as EMcGregor goes down between her legs.
Later she comes to McGregor’s cramped room in the barge and opens her blouse. She is dowdy in this movie and her skin is pale. He kisses her nipples and lays her on her back, with her feet on the low roof, to have sex, her blouse open.
In another scene she lies on the bed topless and plays with EM’s penis under the blanket, and there is also brief full frontal nudity as she stands to make tea.
There are glimpses of her breasts too when her son watches EM on top of her through a crack in the wooden wall.

lattara was written on September 29, 2003

Breasts and brief bush

Tilda has a number of sex scenes with McGregor. She has the body of a woman of her age (42 according to IMDB) but I enjoyed seeing her show it off, especially as I've always liked her red-headed blue-stocking look. Several clothed sex scenes are later followed by a sex scene where her pink-nippled breasts are seen side on for a short while. She then has a long topless scene in bed with McGregor - her best nudity in the film -, including the brief huge nipple close-up with fly mentioned by the previous reviewer - a surreal rather than a sexy image. There's also a brief shadowy nude scene as she makes tea after sex in which her bush can be made out in the shadows, and a short sex scene where part of her pubic hair is visible for a moment in close up. A quick sex scene - as her young son spies on her and McGregor through a gap in the wall - displays her breasts again briefly. If, like me, you're part of the beleaguered minority that likes a spot of axillary hair from time to time, then Tilda's appearance is one to check out.

thefaceman32 was written on September 17, 2003


Tilda 'breasts-out-in-the-name-of-art' Swinton exposes her reliably lovely pink tit-tips in several brutal sex scenes with Ewan McGregor (whose flaccid schlong is noticeable at points). Tildy also exposes herself when a fly lands on her nipple for a little bugged-out sucking

Beach, The (2000)
Htr was written on July 29, 2000

Showing authority

Tilda plays Sal, the leader of the "tribe", and while gathering supplies with DiCaprio on the mainland, also indulges on a bit of hot sex with him.
You she them having sex on a bed, obscured by mosquito netting, so they're kinda obscured, and I have some doubt whether it is her or not. Also, in this role, Tilda isn't that hot looking, so thus 1 star.

Senator was written on July 11, 2001

she isn't even worth one star

this girl is ugly! I am glad there was no nudity... and to think a guy would cheat on that beautiful french girl with a bitch like this! No one ever said that movies were accurate

War Zone, The (1999)
Chicago was written on November 22, 2001

2 scenes

At :17.25-:17.75, Tilda hands her baby to a guy after supposedly breast feeding it, revealing an enlarged right breast and huge areola...exposed for a while before Tilda pubs herself back in the bra. At :20, a massively overweight (this ain't pregnancy just weight!) unhooks her bra while sitting on the bed next to her husband and then rehooks it. The scene lasts 10 sec. and is shot from a medium distance, making the first scene better viewing...but not attractive in either case.

RSL-Finn was written on July 31, 2000

Nudity related to pregnancy

Some nudity related to last stages of pregnancy and post-pregnancy. Not a pretty sight if it comes to seeing this great film solely because of nudity.

Female Perversions (1996)
Chicago was written on September 6, 2001

5 scenes

At :03.75-:04.5, Tilda is having sex with a guy; the scene starts from a distance with shots of her breasts, he flips her from top to bottom as the view pans to a medium-distance shot, before it ends with a closer-up shot of her full frontal (dirty blonde pubes) as she gets up from the bed and wraps a sheet around her...but the decent views are very short. At :12-:12.5, Tilda is wearing a see-through lingerie outfit--clear views of her ass and faint shots of her pubes. At :28.75, there's a ~5 sec. barely visible pube shot (from the side) as the guy rips her panties under her skirt. At 1:29.75-1:31, she gives the best (and longest!) views of her breasts as she is sitting on the bathrooom floor naked and lightly cuts her right breast with a razor blade--long clear shots of her right breast especially. At 1:33, there's a ~10 sec. medium-distance shot of her pubes on the side of the tub (up shirt) before getting into the tub.

MrKeithTalent was written on September 21, 1999

several scenes

Tilda doesn't disappoint here at all. Right at the beginning she's straddling a guy in the raw on a bed. She gets up to answer the doorbell and we get a good full frontal. Red muff, milky white breasts. A little later she walks around in see thru lingerie at a boutique shocking the clientele. Her plump butt and pubes are visible. Masochistly cuts her breasts, in full view, with a blade. Takes off her undies and her bush is seen as she sits on the side of a bathtub. A wonderful and serious actress, she artisticlly and delightfully shows all her assets in this cerebral film. Theres also a gynecological closeup from behind in a fantasy sequence (may be a body double, but its not Tilda's style to use one)!

Alphonse was written on July 23, 2001

super hot Tilda

Tilda gets four stars for the amount of nudity she shares here. At least two scenes where her crotch is visible, one a Basic Instinct shot without the skirt while she's sitting on the bath tub. We see her surprisingly large breasts several times. She has a lesbian love scene, she has a scene where she lets her boyfriend shave her pubes in his office (we don't see anything), she has a scene where she's rubbing something on her right tit. Truly impressive nude scenes here, and Tilda definitely makes this movie worth watching. A good and compelling movie to boot.

dav345 was written on September 7, 2001

not too bad

At the beginning, she gets out of bed nude and you get a quick glance at her bush (not all that satisfying, hard to see, really). Shortly after, she is walking around in see-through underwear. You can't really see anything until she pulls the thong out of her butt, at which point you can see her naked ass crack through the material for 3 seconds or so as she walks away. There are too many breast scenes to list them all here, so I won't try. Late in the movie, she strips out of her panties and sits on the tub wearing nothing but a shirt. You can see her reddish pubes as she sits spread eagle (VERY unladylike) on the side of the tub. Unfortunately, it is darkly lit under the pubes, so don't think you'll be seeing any lips. Not in this lifetime.

Cyclone was written on February 7, 2000

Lots of skin

Tilda has many nude scenes, but most of them only show her breasts. An early scene does give a very clear view of her bush, and there's also a scene where you can pretty much see all of her through some lingerie. She doesn't exactly have my favorite body type, but she does look good, and she isn't shy about showing herself.

Brokencake was written on February 7, 2000

Strangely Attractive with Nice Nudity

Tilda is a good-looking woman, the kind you actually might see on the streets, with a nice body. She shows it off in some really nice seems in the beginning and some others later on.

nudity_elitist was written on July 10, 2002


Tilda is awkwardly attractive, and her nudity here is quite good. But the content here is through the roof. We're talking lesbian love, baby! If you throw together a good dose of breasts, a couple shots of beav, and a bit of lesbianism, it is hard to not get more than ** from me.

Orlando (1992)
MrKeithTalent was written on September 22, 1999


At the halfway point of the film her character transorms from male to female. In soft focus, while bathing, she turns and looks in the mirror to see her new female body. Shortish full frontal. She's a woman all right.

Ghostwords was written on July 8, 2012


The movie (as in the source novel) is devided into two sections: Orlando's life as a man, and Orlando's life as a woman. Immediately after the mysteriously transformation (this is set in 16th Century England), *she* stands nude in front of a mirror and surveys her new body.

Caravaggio (1986)
Bushyboy was written on April 16, 2010

absolutely none

Swinton has no nude scenes whatsoever in this movie. The ONLY nudity is a quick side view of some guy's ass, don't know who because the face is hidden.

Julia (1974)
shizmatic was written on September 4, 2010

Bottomless, and breast slip

First, at about 0:18 we see her butt as she takes off her dress, and enters the bathroom wearing only a bra. Then she puts on a t-shirt and turns around so we see a bit of her pubes.

In the second scene 2 minutes later, she wakes up in her underwear next to a guy, and one of her breasts slips out of her bra.

Then at about 1:40 she's topless in bed, and we see one of her breasts as a kid comes in and looks at her with curiosity.

It's not fully explicit nudity, but I give it 4 stars cause I like the way it was done.

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