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Tia Carrere's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2003 Playboy: January 2003 2 Reviews
1999 My Teacher's Wife 6 Reviews
1998 Scar City 1 Review
1995 My Teacher's Wife 1 Review
1991 Showdown in Little Tokyo 16 Reviews
1991 Intimate Stranger 4 Reviews
1990 Fatal Mission 1 Review
1989 Fine Gold 1 Review

nudity reviews for Tia Carrere member submitted

Playboy: January 2003 (2003)
dogbreath was written on December 5, 2002

doesn't belong here

FFS, this is a MOVIE scene review site. Pics in magazines are irrelevant. The entry (and my comment) should be deleted.

Dudester was written on December 3, 2002


Tia finally appears in the all together. The first two shots must have been shot through a lense to give her an all over brown color. We see her C cups and legs in the first pic and full frontal in the second pic. The third pic is also in this brown coloring. She is laying on her side, covering her tits pulling open a curtain, but we also clearly see that she has a bikini wedge of pubic hair. The fourth pic is in blue light. She is laying down and we see her nicely shaped backside. The fifth pic is back in the brown light. She is laying down, hands over her head, and from the side view we see her whole body and her pubes sticking up from her mound. The next two pics are also in this brown light and we don't see much. She has her hair over a nipple in one pic and we get a great view of her bare ass as she is in a doorway facing away. The last shot is in blue light. It is a two page pic and it's pretty much full frontal, although she is laying down.

My Teacher's Wife (1999)
Gordon was written on February 26, 2000

Scantily clad and sex scenes by a body double

Tia plays a teacher's wife and math tutor who is having an affair with one of her husband's students (I guess she tutors more than math!). Tia is scantily clad in lingerie, bikinis, or clothes that flaunt her shapely form throughout this film, and she looks real good. There are a few sex scenes where breasts are bared, but it's most likely a body double (no face is scene on the nude form). Still, the action is fairly steamy and the body very attractive, whoever it belongs to.

Bootydaddy was written on October 27, 2002

body double

Unfortunatly the skin you see is not the beautiful Tia's, check her out in next months (Jan 2003) edition of Playboy!!!

ff was written on May 1, 2004

nope definitely body double

if you compare her breasts from playboy and her other nude scenes in her other movies it`s definitely a double.

espy was written on November 21, 1999

Titties but not hers

There is one scene Tia is making it with some teen. You get a glimpse of some nice breasts but with no head shot, I gotta believe its a body double. But as usual with Tia, a lot of tease with her wearing bras and sexy clothes. She's got great legs, maybe someday we'll see the real thing.

JimmyBo13 was written on December 15, 2005

Dont think its a body double....

There is not face/body shot. But if it is a body double, the director sure did go the lengths to paint matching moles on the body doubles body. If you look closely on the scenes where you can see her face and body, the moles match up exactly to the nude scenes.

BladeStarr was written on November 10, 2003

Lovemaking Scene

The previous reviewers gave a decent review of this movie. This film has quite a few nice scenes where Tia is in revealing and quite sexy undergarments. The one nude scene in the movie is indeed a body shot, so it could be a double. However, with the body shape, skin tone, and overall shape and size of the breasts when compared with other scenes, it would be reasonable to guess that this is in fact Tia Carrere in the nude shots. She may have requested a body shot to maintain the 'integrity' of her body of work, but I doubt that with such a low budget film they would go through the time, money and trouble to find such a realistic matching body double. That, on top of the pure sensuality of the scene, allows me to give this scene three stars.

Scar City (1998)
wr135 was written on January 19, 2007


at the 30 minute mark in the movie there are several girls naked while the police raid the house. tia is caught in lingirie looking extremely hot. Not sure if she gets nude in this movie only seen the first half. But it's a stephen baldwin flick so i'm sure there's is at least some more random nudity in it

My Teacher's Wife (1995)
rbelkin was written on October 30, 2006

Yea, Body Double But Pretty Good Editing

First, as usual she manages some very sexy scenes without actually taking off her clothes. She has a couple scenes of pulling off her dress or shirt to reveal most of her breasts but always a rock solid bra she makes no effort to disengage ... or the "student."

Finally, he does bring her to bed where he kisses her all over and starts to pull off panties and then starts to slip off her bra - as he does of course, she turns away from the camera and raises her arm and he buries his head right there. There is a cut to her face stradding him and then to his hands on some breasts that would look remarkably like hers but no face shot - except for another cut later ... so good editing and good envisioning of what her breasts would look like (good double match) so close ...

Showdown in Little Tokyo (1991)
BooMslanger was written on July 26, 2002

Body double!!!

Tia is not nude, never has been in any flicks, lotsa skin, no nudity.
The body double is Tera Tabrizi, she only appears as "extra" in a couple of other films.
With a body like that(at that time) she probably has done some adverts too ???

[email protected] was written on May 5, 2002

0:50:30-after Brandon Lee asks Dolph Lundgren what is a futon, Mr. Lundgren is seen in a hottub, outside; Ms Carrere sneaks up behind him and, after he sees her, proceeds to take off her robe to get in the tub. A little bit later, she walks in o

When she undresses, in the first part of the scene, there is a view of her(or, more likely, her body double's) left breast from behind(and a little to the side). When she is riding

[email protected] was written on May 5, 2002

0:50:30-after Brandon Lee asks Dolph Lundgren what is a futon, Mr. Lundgren is seen in a hottub, outside; Ms Carrere sneaks up behind him and, after he sees her, proceeds to take off her robe to get in the tub. A little bit later, she walks in o

When she undresses, in the first part of the scene, there is a view of her(or, more likely, her body double's) left breast from behind(and a little to the side). When she is riding Mr. Lundgren, in bed, there is a close-up of the same boobs. The only logic conclusion has already been drawn by previous reviewers: it must be a body double. Probably if she had the breasts shown in the film, she wouldn't be ashamed to do some good nudity.

Bootydaddy was written on April 28, 2002

damn shame

It's a damn shame Tia didn't do this scene where she is disrobing for the hot tub. The double has a smokin body, just wish it was Tia.

Gordon was written on November 18, 1999

Riding a guy in bed

Body double or not, this is a good scene. Tia (or whoever) is seen stradling a guy as he fondles her firm breasts. She eventually collapses on him, because she was so overcome with pleasure I guess.

Jobbz was written on February 5, 1999

Body Double

Well, I've studied the Scene where she's nude, and I've looked at some other movies with her in it, and come to the conclusion that it's a Body Double. Just look at the breast, it's clear the the ones in the scene inShowdown in Little Tokyo are with implants, and Tia Carrere hasn't got any implants! Sorry to dissapoint you :(

soulman was written on April 28, 2002

Body Double Alert!!!

You took the words right out of my mouth, Boootydaddy.

Videoass was written on May 2, 2001

Sorry for her.

100 % bodydouble, no more words.

Luvmonk was written on July 24, 1999

Hot Tub/Sex Scene

Thanx to Dante for finally setting the actor straight. I started reading the reviews and was taken back when people started talking about Christopher Lambert (aka The Highlander) as being in this movie. Anyway, the sex scene may very well be a body double, however, the hot tub scene appears to be authentic. The movie is cool if you like martial arts/action and there is a TON of naked hot babes all throughout the movie. My favorite is the scene in which they eat dinner off of naked girls. Now that's gourmet! Plus the late Brandon Lee (son of Bruce Lee) co-stars with Dolph. Great movie to see for action, plot, stars, and nudity.

Dante was written on May 26, 1999


Christopher Lambert is NOT in this movie. You guys are talking about that OTHER horrible actor: DOLPH LUNDGRENAnd that is definatley a body double

YourGOD was written on August 29, 2000

Terrible use of body double

I borrowed this film of a friend and it broke my heart to tell him it was a body double but i can not see how he could have thought it was actually her . I remember the scene very well actually and i distinctly remember that whenever you saw her face her hair was a totally different style (i.e not covering her face) than when you saw her (some ones) goodies.
Ah, a really bad movie - the scene in which some guy get's put in a car crusher is particularly terrible but that's of the point .

T4R was written on June 4, 2001

Full frontal -- but not her

I agree with the above review. The angle and shot are nice, and you get a full frontal view. However, the hair drapes over the face completely. It's safe to assume it's a double.

Thelatinolover was written on October 9, 2002

Another body double

It's where Tia and Dolph are doin' it and he takes his hand and slides it ever so gently on her tit (which is not even hers). The lighting is not all that great, but hey, it'a a tit!

Htr was written on January 28, 1999


There is a scene which Christopher Lambert is in a hot tub and Tia comes up to him, strips and steps in. Soon she is having sex with him. You see her butt and large breasts but she has indicated it might be a body double.Note the word MIGHT.

Lusypius was written on October 30, 1999

Just another comment

The confusion here might come from a scene that Lambert did with Joan Chen in a hot tub of some sort, but I can't remember the name of the movie.

Armando was written on May 25, 1999

Tia is riding Christopher Lambert exposing Her breasts and thighs. Definitly a body double.

Even though it is a body double this scene is still incredible. In an interview Tia indicated that the body double made her look good. It sure did. Very sexy body. Too bad it's not Tia.

Intimate Stranger (1991)
Bootydaddy was written on April 28, 2002

Side of breasts

I saw this some of this movie a couple weeks ago on one of the movie channels. Low and behold Tia Carrere give us a shot of her boobs. It's not a body double either cuz her face is in the same shot. It is pretty dark however, but I'll take any kind of skin from this Asian beauty.

nmd was written on October 29, 1999

she has a small part as a cop playing an undercover prostitute

she strips off to have sex with a guy ( lingerie and topless ) the scenes a bit dark and you only see her breast from the side - but still good since she hasnt done many revealing scenes

FatVercetti was written on September 23, 2004

Tia Carrere - Disapointment

Tia Carrere’s pseudo topless is nothing but a big disappointment.

Tia is a hooker called by a cop so he can ask her a few questions posing as a client. She starts by taking off her clothes leaving only her corset and stockings. She then sits down and poses for the guy. He comes in and looks surprised. Here you can get a good look at her in lingerie since the lighting is not so bad. Still it’s very short. About three or four seconds.
The scene continues with Tia now kneeled in front of the guy kissing his neck and massaging his chest. Its kind of hot to see her in this oral like position but here starts our problems. It’s too dark. I would say that at times all you can see are shadows. When she finds out the guy is a cop she gets up and starts getting her clothes on to leave. Again the lighting completely spoils the scene. As he tries to explain what is going on we see a shot of her boobs but it’s almost impossible to get any detail. She has her bra covering almost everything and though there’s a sense of quantity meaning you can see she has a generous cup size there’s not a decent shot of her assets.

So be prepared and don’t believe the hype. In my opinion to call this nudity is almost a lie. It’s far more sexy and arousing watching Deborah Harry doing phone sex than this. Trust me. If you’re going to watch this movie at least watch it for Harry because Tia’s shot is just not worth it.

soulman was written on October 4, 2002

Very Brief Tit Shot.

I think the other reviewers are a bit too generous in what maybe Carrere's only nude film appearence. Just too brief to give anything higher than a * rating. Don't get me wrong I think she's pretty hot myself, but that fact that this is her only nude scene just doesn't warrant a *** rating. Just my opinion.

Fatal Mission (1990)
Lusypius was written on October 30, 1999

Two near misses from the elusive Carrere

The setting for the film is supposedly Viet Nam. There's a scene in which Carrere changes her shirt in a field of some sort. She's in heavy shadow, so there's not a lot visible, but the scene is worth a look. She also makes love to Peter Fonda in a reflecting pool later in the film. Again, no serious exposure, but she looks good.

Fine Gold (1989)
nmd was written on October 29, 1999


as she gets up from the bed and gets dressed she is topless - but you dont get a good view of her breasts . she also does a couple of good lingerie scenes in this movie

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