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Teri Hatcher's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
1997 Tomorrow Never Dies 1 Review
1996 Heaven's Prisoners 19 Reviews
1996 2 Days in the Valley 1 Review
1994 Cool Surface, The 17 Reviews
1989 Tango & Cash 1 Review

Teri Hatcher's Sexy TV Shows

TV Shows this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2004 Desperate Housewives 2 Reviews
2000 Running Mates 1 Review

nudity reviews for Teri Hatcher member submitted

Desperate Housewives (2004)
BushLeague was written on October 16, 2004

Locked out of house

Barely a 1/2 star, but brownie points because I did not think any U.S. network had the guts to show anything after the J. Jackson incident and the FCC threatening million dollar fines in an election year. She is in a large bath towel and yelling at her ex-husband who is in a car. The car takes off and takes the towel with it. Teri is nude, but you don't see much until she goes behind some bushes and her right ass cheek peeks through. She uses the bush as camoflage an, of course, her long, sinewy legs are visible a few minutes. When she tries to open a window, the smallest glimpse of her right tit, without nipple, is shown for 1/2 second also partial tits when she falls into another set of bushes, again, no nipple.

KevLar was written on January 18, 2009

Pretty little picture

You the episode where she is locked out of her house naked.
Even if there was a slip you wouldn't have seen anything because as she runs back to her house you can clearly see white breast patches and just as she gets to the door you can briefly see her black lower modesty patch. The producers mentioned she was wearing strapless underwear so that nothing slips out.

Running Mates (2000)
StevieY was written on August 12, 2000

brief butt shot

In this TNT movie, Teri's character strips off her robe to enter a pool. They cut away from Teri's face to show a woman's tight, shapely butt which makes it seem like a body double. But I also wonder why they would include such a scene in a tv movie if it wasn't Teri's real behind.

Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)
dirtydanny was written on November 6, 1999

She has sex with Jimmy Bond

You don't see her tits or anything - it is a family movie. But you do see her naked back, and she is wearing some very sexy underwear. Still only the second best sex scene in the movie though. I haven't seen 'The World Is Not Enough' yet, but I think TND is the sexiest Bond flick yet!

Heaven's Prisoners (1996)
Karrde was written on July 19, 2004

On the balcony, in the buff

Though her lower half is partially obscured in the quick shot, you can clearly see that Teri is in fact completely nude. You can catch a quick glimpse of her big brown bush between the rails of the balcony. Her tits are on full display, though overall this doesn't seem to be a very flattering scene for her. Maybe she should've worked out a little before shooting it. A push-up bra wouldn't be out of the question either. Still a hot lady, though.

axl was written on October 18, 1999

nude on balcony

Teri steps out on a balcony to see Alec Baldwin. She is totally nude and though you see everything(a rail partially blocks the lower view) Teri's tits don't look as hot as before(see Cool Surface).

Evoken was written on April 28, 2004

Fully nude, saggy boobs

Remember the Seinfeld episode where Teri proclaims, "They're real, and they're spectacular!"? Well, they're real ... real saggy and real droopy. She does her full frontal standing on a balcony, her bush barely visible, but a full on view of her saggy funbags. -Evoken

dogbreath was written on December 3, 2000

one scene

Standing nude on a balcony, you see Teri watching as Alec Baldwin approaches the house. Icky, very droopy breasts, one of the few attractive actresses out there who is much hotter with her clothes on.

reubendv was written on April 5, 2001

Lois Lane Shows Us What Clark Kent Has Been Hogging

ok i had to watch the scene like 20 times in slow mo but she definitley displays the full monty, at first i thought she might be wearing some sort of thong, but not so we are in luck it is definitley pubic hair that we see, i am convinced i would give this rating 4 stars just for that.

Parag was written on September 27, 1998


Excellent for any fan of Teri...Has something for everyone.. :)

G-MONEY was written on October 25, 1998

Teri Hatcher nude

In this scene you can see her nips for about 10 secondsIf you have a vcr with slow motion you can see even more of her incredible body

jimmysays was written on February 5, 2001

They're real, but hardly spectacular

I give this two stars because it is a daring scene for Teri Hatcher. Saw this movie when it came out and was very disappointed. Saw it again recently, and was more disappointed. Her boobs are flat and droopy, an awful combination. And they were on their way to flat and droopy in Cool Surface, as well. She does look terrific in clothes. I cannot believe I'm about to write this -- just don't unwrap the package.

Jules was written on October 25, 1998

showing off

Teri is standing on a veranda totally nude. We see her breasts clearly and can make out her pussy through the gaps in the railing of you pause in the right places. We also see her ass through the railing as she turns and walks away. Her breasts were surprisingly saggy, but she's still VERY hot. The scene is to short though, I wanted more.

Fluxy was written on June 27, 2000

Hot, Sweaty and Nude

Here's how she scored 3 stars-
1 star for being a mainstream actress to do full frontal
1 star for being so totally gorgeous and
1 star for having a fantastic set of buns
please note- if she had better breasts she would have scored 4/4 stars.

gringo69 was written on November 24, 2000

Terri's Tits are disappointing out of clothes.

I wouldn't want anyone to see her in this movie. If you love Terri Hatcher's body then don't see this movie. Her tits are so not what you would expect it will ruin the whole movie for anyone who is a fan of hers in a tight shirt or low cut.
Really disappointing.

Cyclone was written on November 25, 2000

Balcony scene

This was a HIGHLY disappointing scene, considering how much Teri bares in this scene. She's standing on a balcony, and we can see her surprisingly mediocre breasts. Look carefully and you should see a flash of bush before she turns around and displays her butt. She looks GREAT while clothed, but the nude scene didn't even come close to meeting my expectations.

StevieY was written on September 12, 2000


This film is worth watching for the story and acting and to see Teri. Even with clothes on, she's hot as hell (like on Lois & Clark). In this film, she briefly appears nude while standing on a balcony. Alec Baldwin drives up to the house and looks up at her. Her breasts are clearly visible and look great, as always. There is a bannister blocking her other parts, so they're not seen so easily. I think there's a brief view of her buttocks when she turns around to go back in the house.

Trickster was written on May 9, 1999

they are in the car together

she is the finest women I have ever seen

Armando was written on July 2, 1999

Full frontal aand ass on veranda.

Lots of exposure but I thought she had a better body. I guess cause of her loosing a lot of weight her breasts got saggy. And the scene isn't very erotic either. If you want erotic scenes with teri that only expose her breasts watch cool surface. If you want a relatively unerotic scene with teri that shows everything in her repotoire watch heaven's prisoners.

sirspread was written on August 23, 2003

terrible tits

i know its been said by other reviewers but this was such a disapointment, as with her clothes on she looks amazing but those boobs must be the worst ive seen on an actress big and oh so droopy

beefcake was written on August 24, 2000

through a railing

Through a railing, you get to see all three areas of Teri. Its quick and from a distance, but hey, its Teri Hatcher. I wish that stupid railing wasn't there.

TheR8R was written on October 26, 1999

headed south

Teri has very saggy breast in this film, but it must have been 32 degrees during filming. The porch railing hides some of the lower half, but you get a good view of her anyway, She does however have a very nice buttocks yup-yup. this all takes place at app. 40 minutes into the film. My personal favorite is Brainsmasher, where she is wearing leather hotpants WHEW.......

bushyboy was written on April 18, 2015

Lacy bra

Besides the balcony scene, there's a closeup of her right tit in a sexy lacy bra at ~94:40.

2 Days in the Valley (1996)
BushLeague was written on August 6, 2003

Valley good

She is laying on the bed in her panties and bra, but the panties don't completely cover her butt pads. Can see left tight tush and long lovely legs from the side.

Cool Surface, The (1994)
a_winblake was written on July 6, 2001

Two Scenes To Bare

The two scenes in question are very brief but provide full view of Teri's lovely upper body. The first is within the first 30 minutes of the film and is a dream sequence in which the camera runs up the length of her body to reveal her bare left breast. And the second involves her standing up while the male lead takes off her bra to expose both beautiful breasts. Yes the scene is brief but it is the best you'll get from this beautiful actress. It is worth the rental for the nudity alone, but just fast forward through the rest cause the film is possibly the worst I have ever seen.

Cyclone was written on June 25, 2002

Two nude scenes

We briefly get to see Teri's bare left breast when she's on her back, but by far the best exposure of her comes several minutes later, when we get a full, but somewhat shadowy view of both of her tits for close to 20 seconds. A nice scene, and when you include all of the scenes in which she's wearing revealing clothing, this is a great movie to see if you love Teri.

Obi Wan (tuben) was written on November 15, 1998

Whole Movie

It's a very bad movie but the nudity is great. It's much beter than in Heaven's prisoner. Her breasts are bigger and she looks nicer.

Karrde was written on July 18, 2004

Very brief, and very few

She may be a bit older, but I swear Teri Hatcher is just as hot now as when she started her career. These scenes (her first nude scenes as far as I know) are simply far too short to warrant anything more than 2 stars, though Hatcher is simply gorgeous. This is one for the the pause button. Press and stare and wish you were there.

erick was written on March 31, 1999

whole movie


axl was written on October 18, 1999


One scene has a great shot of Teri's tits as she is arguing with someone while she is topless. This does her justice unlike Heavens Prisoners.

Gordon was written on February 3, 2000

Sex scene, topless scene

During the sex scene you see one of her breasts while the guy kisses it. Really, it's rather disappointing because the lighting is dark and it doesn't last all that long. There's another scene where's she topless that gives a better look at her lovely breasts (much better looking than the hangy ones in Heaven's Prisoners).

superhero was written on January 21, 2002

Lois Lane gets topless

One short scene where she is on her back in bed her left breast is shown.
Another short scene is where she is standing showing both breasts.
Teri looks awesome in this movie with her long dark hair. She is very hot & sexy throughout this movie. She wears many sexy outfits and the bare back scene where she is riding the guy is hot even though you don't see her front or ass.
We can only hope to see more of her in the future.

StevieY was written on August 12, 2000


Teri Hatcher is one of the most beautiful woman to ever grace the big screen. I love her dark hair and beautiful brown eyes. In this film, she bares her large and glorious breasts in a lovemaking scene with Robert Patrick.

dvddish was written on March 10, 2003


in the sex scene

krisschu9 was written on July 13, 1999

Making love with male lead

Although the nudity in this film is better than Teri's work in Heaven's Prisoners, it is still a disappointment. She is in skimpy outfits throughout and looks great. The nude scenes happen too fast. You get to see her breasts on two different occasions for about 1 to 2 seconds each. This could have been a LOT better!!! Worth watching for fans of Teri Hatcher (who, incidentally, should do more nude scenes!).

Armando was written on July 2, 1999

She's naked in two scenes earlier on in this movie. The first scene is rather forgettable because it only shows her right breast but the second one shows both.

Pretty dissapointing. Don't get me wrong here, you see her breasts but nothing else. The two scenes you see her breasts in theres good lighting and there in full view.What I didn't get was why stopped at two nude scenes only? They've got an actress who doesn't have a problem with nudity and they only do two scenes and their both earlyin the movie. This could have been on off the best erotic thrillers ever but they blew it.P.S. You get to hear teri hatcher having an orgasm.

DarkHorse was written on August 3, 1999

A couple of scenes

Such a BEAUTIFUL woman! I appreciate the fact that she was able to get out some nudity in her early career. Breasts only in this movie but very nice.

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on April 19, 2001

Must See!!!!

This is great for teri hatcher fans.some guy slowly takes her clothes of and she bends over and says "do whatever you want".she is topless you dont get to see any bush.truthfully her breast are rather dissapointing.(a little saggy).But she looks very seductive.Thumbs up!Must see! for teri fans.

BigWoody was written on October 14, 2004


About 27 minutes into the movie, Robert Patrick takes off Teri’s lingerie and stares at Teri’s tits. The scene is kind of dark, but there’s enough lighting for us to get a clear view of Teri’s tits for a couple of seconds. Teri’s tits look much more shapely and spectacular in this movie than in Heaven’s Prisoners.

moviestuff was written on August 14, 2003

the very best of teri

teri is so hot and in this movie she has sex with the malle lead and other scenes she shows her big beautiful breast wow!

boba was written on April 28, 2001

Very Teri

Teri, you are scrumptious. Topless, her breasts turn out to be bigger than you'd think. Problem is they're very saggy. I mean, they hang down to her belly button. These puppies are real, that's for sure. He takes her and puts her doggie style, as he screws her from behind. Later, they straddle each other, but we can't see. Also, she rides on top of him, but we can only see her bare back. However, her bare back is incredibly well scupltured and defined. Her shoulders are very broad, as she sits atop the dude, rocking back and forth, moaning. Sweat drips down her back.

Tango & Cash (1989)
Immy was written on October 20, 2005

Areola slip? (1:36)

Teri, Kurt and Sly are running at full speed away from a factory that's about to explode. She's wearing a black halter top with a low neckline under an unbuttoned jacket. Her boobs are bouncing like anything and as she gets closer to the camera (when Sly goes out of frame) her right areola seems to pop over the edge of the top. Would like more opinions about this.

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