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Sylvia Kristel's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
1993 Beauty School 1 Review
1992 Silence of the Body 3 Reviews
1990 Hot Blood 1 Review
1988 Arrogant, The 2 Reviews
1985 Red Heat 1 Review
1985 Mata Hari 1 Review
1985 Big Bet, The 1 Review
1984 Emmanuelle 4 1 Review
1981 Private Lessons 8 Reviews
1981 Lady Chatterley's Lover 2 Reviews
1979 Tigers in Lipstick 0 Reviews
1979 Fifth Musketeer, The 1 Review
1978 Mysteries 1 Review
1977 Goodbye, Emmanuelle 1 Review
1976 Game Of Seduction 2 Reviews
1975 Emmanuelle II 5 Reviews
1974 Julia 1 Review
1974 Emmanuelle 7 Reviews
1973 Because of the Cats 1 Review

nudity reviews for Sylvia Kristel member submitted

Beauty School (1993)
Immy was written on December 7, 2004

Topless in bed (1:26)

I stand corrected! Sylvia is the oldest woman in the cast. She must have been 40 or 41 when she made this and her boobs still look in primo condition. She has a love scene with a private detective and there's a great shot of Sylvia on top moving in to kiss him and her hanging boobs look lovely.

Silence of the Body (1992)
oldbabe was written on September 6, 2002

Not Sure

I am afraid the only way is to look for it in Korea itself - that's where I got my copy.

oldbabe was written on March 7, 2002

Old broad still has it.

This film is a Korean production which cannot be found in IMDB (may have been under another name). Anyway, Sylvia who must have been close to 50, still has quite an alluring body fit enough to pass off as 30 plus. Though her nudity quality was quite poor in the movie. She was somewhat topless for two scenes in bed (one during foreplay with her lover, another reaching out to answer a call). Only part of her often-viewed breasts, and part of her still lightly-coloured nipples can be seen. In another quite arousing scene she gets raped whilst tied to a chair but no real nudity.

vpup was written on July 11, 2002

oldbabe, where did you find "Silence of Body"?

Most interested in seeing the movie.

Hot Blood (1990)
Immy was written on November 23, 2008

Butt crack (0:44)

Sylvia's presence as a bank teller in this movie is really just an exaggerated cameo and her nudity is just as brief. A bank robber gropes her for about a minute, mauling her boobs thru her dress and feeling up her ass. Only her butt crack is ever seen though.

Arrogant, The (1988)
WLoomis was written on March 19, 2003

Wet t-shirts

I saw this POS on Starz a few days ago. This aired on Playboy Channel in the late 80's and is also known as Sylvia Kristel's Desires. Sylvia Kristel's fan's desires go unanswered, cause she never gets naked! Imagine that, Sylvia with her clothes on! This movie blows, partially because she doesn't. She does wear very skimpy tops which are totally transparent when she walks out of the water. And in one scene these guys have knocked out her boyfriend and are bathing her with a sponge. She's wearing a sheer white dress and her breasts and nipples poke out.

BM was written on June 3, 2004

Nip Slip

Sylvia is in a white dress, open in front and has taken her boyfriend, who has been bitten by a snake, to a nearby garage. After she gets off the bike, first one nipple, then the other become visible. The only other thing approaching nudity for her in this awful movie is the wet yellow material we can see through early in the film.

Red Heat (1985)
Immy was written on August 29, 2006


Sylvia's not the first person you think of as a WIP cell block boss but she pulls it off pretty well. She's first seen topless in the group shower scene washing her hair (0:56, initially in the background then a good close up when she tells Dagmar Schwarz to go over and hassle Linda Blair. If there wasn't a girl bent over washing her feet then we'd have gotten a full frontal of Sylvia. A few minutes later she and a guard are having their way with Linda in a office area at night (1:01, mostly the side of her right breast).

Mata Hari (1985)
Immy was written on September 2, 2007


Outside of an Emmanuelle movie you'd be hard pressed to find Sylvia nude more often than in this movie. As the titular WWI spy she beds most of the male characters and some of the females. And she doesn't waste any time! Less than a minute into it she's being carried topless on a platform during a Javanese tribal ceremony. From here on she's on display just about every ten minutes or so. Topless having sex with a guy on a train (0:11); boobs exposed in bed with an old German woman (0:24); bedding French officer Oliver Tobias missionary style then standing topless by a window (0:31); sexing up German officer Christopher Cazenove in a mansion in the woods (0:36, nude riding him during a thunderstorm in front of a fireplace but no muff shown, great scene!); playing with herself (non-explicitly) while Malcolm Terris watches thru a keyhole (0:54, breasts); left breast getting out of bed with Terris (0:59); a topless swordfight with another woman (1:05); in bed with two other nude woman during an orgy (1:07, boobs only but the other woman are nude); topless on the floor being woken up after the party by Gottfried John (1:09); another rendezvous with Cazenove in an abandoned house while a battle rages (1:15, breasts only, missionary style again on the floor). Then at 1:38 a feverish Cazenove has flashbacks of his encounters with Sylvia. Finally one last shot of the topless tribal ceremony in Java during the end credits (1:46). It should be noted that the orgy scene at 1:07 has a lot of nudity, both male and female. An outstanding sequence.

Big Bet, The (1985)
dougal was written on May 13, 1999

Several scenes

Sylvia is the older, experienced, Educational type again in this movie. She is mostly seen via the peeping tom method, getting ready for bed and getting out of the shower. She has one direct sex scene, which is the best. Moderately erotic, but still doesn't show a whole lot.

Emmanuelle 4 (1984)
BushLeague was written on November 2, 2002

During opening credits

In a photograph, her left tit hangs out (probably shot on a prior movie, as she does no nudity in the rest of this movie)

Private Lessons (1981)
Dudester was written on August 14, 2002

Bedroom scene

Sylvia's character invites the boy in to watch her strip. It's a boy's fantasy. First, she takes off the slip, then the stockings and garter belt. She teases with the bra, then removes it. The camera pans from her breasts to her face, so it's her. Then a very pert body double, seen only from the shoulders down walks over to the boy asking him if he wants to touch her breasts. When he declines, the body double walks off camera. Sylvia then shows her ass as she removes the panties, then as she turns back to face the boy you get a brief close up of her bush. The panicked boy then leaves the room in a hurry. A bonus to watch for, just before the boy closes the door, just outside the door you see one of the film crew in the darkness outside the door remove a step ladder. He must be getting in position for the finale.

rocco-rules was written on January 28, 2006

awsome body double

You can tell the body double from her upward pointing boobs and incredible erect nipples. Sylvia's boobs sag slightly and lay flat against her chest, with flat pink nipples - still mouth-watering to me - and they don't seem any different than they appeared in Emmanuelle, 7 years earlier. The body double manages to show a smooth, toned butt and a flash of pubes, first thru her panties, then after the panties come off and she turns to face the boy. Sylvia was 29, still in her prime, when she made this film and I can't understand why she wanted a BD. She flashed her luscious ass in Lady Chatterley's Lover, in the same year !?!

Aldelch was written on May 25, 2002

Best undressing scene ever

It is true that a body double was used for parts of this scene, the best undressing scene ever, in which Sylvia Kristel's character strips in front of the boy. But if you pay attention, you see that when she finished taking the bra off, the camera goes from her breasts to her face, in a continuous shot, so it really is Sylvia's breasts. She also has a love scene with the boy at the end of the movie and you can see her naked breasts pressed against his chest when she is on top of him.

soulman was written on August 4, 2004

Partial Body Double Alert!

This is most unnecessary use of a body double I've seen to date. There are scenes where it clearly Kristel but the shot with the double are shots she could've easily done her self. Not double's not bad but niether is Kristel. You do see her nice modest-sized tits on several occasions. I just wished it could've been all her. No doubt Eric Brown was the object of every teenage boy's (and adult male's) envy back in '81.

dougal was written on May 13, 1999

Several scenes

Sylvia does several scenes in this one, mostly just flashes though. The best scene, where her character strips for the boss's son, who she is educating, is apparently done by a body-double. Great body double though....

Boobsieslover was written on October 11, 2002


She is absolutely wonderful. If you pause for the first shot of her boobsies when she does it for the second time, her boobsies looks magnificent.
A valuable member of my "harem".

taurus was written on October 10, 2006

Multiple scenes

Judy Helden is listed as a double, but I don't know what scenes these were as the tits were obviously Sylvia's. At :21 sunbathing on her stomach by the pool a sprinkler turns on and she rears up to show her chest. At :25 she strips for our young lad, showing tits and butt, plus a little pubic hair mostly obscured by the panties she is holding. At :32 she is in the bath with tits visible thru bubble bath, and manages to get the boy to join her. At :52 she shows tits and butt again as they strip and get into bed for some cherry-poppin', then tits again after as she pretends to be dead (part of a rip-off scam). Tits again at 1:21 as there is encore sex.

AdNoctum was written on February 18, 2000

Body Double

There is no actual nudity in this version although Sylvia Kristal does strip or appears to strip in front of the fifhteen year old boy. You don't actually see her face as she she does this and indeed a body double for Kristal is credited at the end.

Lady Chatterley's Lover (1981)
dvdcollector was written on June 1, 2003

Lots of sex

Shows herself in several sex scenes, but the best exposure is when she walks up to a mirror. We get a full-frontal view for quite a long time. Artistically done and quite attractive.

Winchester was written on October 16, 1999

Fancy nudes of Lady Sylvia

This is a good movie, great artistic quality and a beautiful starring. There is a couple of full frontal shots of miss Kristel in the movie; In the first of them she stands up and looks herself completely nude in a mirror, nice, but most erotic and enjoyable is the scene in which we can see her lying in bed, naked, and his lover (Nicholas Clay) puts small flowers over her tits, abdomen and pubic hair. It's a fancy movie and a must-see for Emmanuelle's fans.

Tigers in Lipstick (1979)
Fifth Musketeer, The (1979)
taurus was written on May 12, 2007

Nip slip

At 1:11 a nip slip while she is nude facing Beau, then another half-nip after Beau exits the door. Pause button required. Technically nudity, but not worthy.

Mysteries (1978)
Immy was written on May 31, 2008

Right breast, muff too? (0:29)

Rutger Hauer is relating a story to Sylvia and in it we see her laying in a bedroom setting. As she rolls over we see her right boob a couple of times (her long hair prevents us from seeing more) and what looks like a muff shot but the DVD transfer was so crappy it could've been a shadow.

Goodbye, Emmanuelle (1977)
ff was written on September 28, 2004

several full frontal nude scenes but not as hot as the first two movies

This is probably Sylvia`s nudest movie but it isn`t her most explicit. She has several nude and topless scenes (usually full frontal nudity in the beach) but the sex scenes are`nt as explicit as the first 2 Emmanuelle movies. They are usually brief except for the lengthy and may i add boring beach sex scene. Despite of it all it`s still worth it just to see her naked.

Game Of Seduction (1976)
rocco-rules was written on April 8, 2006

Naked in bed, having sex

At the 44 minute mark, Sylvia is naked in bed with the Count (Jon Finch), who's kissing every square inch of her amazing body (including a lttle nipple sucking). Over the next 4 minutes we see her boobs (a lot), and her bush (a little), but no butt [email protected]#!, while the Count has his way with her. The scene is slightly dark, lit by a fireplace fire but still clear, and it's shot at long, and medium distance.

DBW was written on May 13, 1999

lengthy lovemaking scene

There's a lot of nudity in this movie, but we don't see Kristel full nude until toward the end. That'swhen we see Kristel fully nude during a long scene where she undresses, has sex with the male lead, lies around naked afterward, has sex again... loads of full frontal and full rearal nudity. I'mnot Kristel's biggest fan, but if you want to see her nude, this movie is for you.

Emmanuelle II (1975)
BushLeague was written on May 31, 2002

Almost soft-core porn

She makes love to her husband several times. Once he hikes up her skirt to reveal her left stockinged leg and ass cheek. Other times she is fully naked, occasionally revealing pubic hair. Almost always from the side. A masturbation scene reveals almost nothing. Then the piece de resistance! A really long massage sequence, where she, her girl friend, her husband and three gorgeous oriental masseuses give them the "almost full treatment", by rubbing themselves over about every part of their fully naked, soapy bodies (soap only obscures a few shots and is quickly washed away). The scene is well lit and almost all shots are at a range that you can see the entire lengths of all parties involved, un obstructed! Some pubic hair and ass shots may have been body doubles. It they had added hard core sex, both your little and big heads would have exploded from the eroticism!

Chicago was written on July 7, 2002

7 scenes plus other erotic ones

At :14.25-:14.75, Sylvia drops in on her husband in Hong Kong and takes a straight razor to his stubble...he slips his hands up her dress to reveal her side ass from a medium distance. At :18.25-:19.75 after ordering her husband to "fuck me," Sylvia's dress top goes down to reveal her breasts with darkish brown areola. At :22.5, she undresses herself in the bedroom and lies way back on a wooden chair to masturbate, making her hubby watch...breasts, side ass, and full hairy pubes under her hand as the camera pans in on her hand; he then goes to kiss her hand and simu-oral her through her fingers before they have sex in the chair facing each other and then from behind...breasts, some pubes and some ass. At :32.75-:35.25, Sylvia's getting acupuncture, arousing her inner fantasies...breasts with needles in her areola, then cuts between her imagining herself sexing a guy (breasts) and of her masturbating in the acupuncture room in front of the guy she came with (breasts). At :53.75-:54.5, she's naked having sex with a nasty bearded guy with a bunch of tattoos in the men's polo club locker room...breasts as the bearded guy sucks on them. At :58.75-1:04.5, Sylvia, Catherine and a guy have a great sensual nude scene at a full body massage parlor where the masseuses are naked and rubbing themselves on them...breasts, ass, and pubes. At 1:15.75-1:17.5, Sylvia's breasts are coming out of her loose nightie, she takes it off and she has sex with her husband, mostly under the sheets...breasts in bed with her husband, as well as with her being done by 3 sailors in a few cutaway shots.

nudity_elitist was written on June 27, 2002

nc-17 finally makes sense

This movie is VERY explicit. It's not very often that a non-porn movie zooms in this close on bush and for this kind of duration. Sylvia is a fair-looking actress(?) who performs act after act of detailed lovemaking. One memorable scene was one in which Sylvia muff-dives Catherine Rivet and you can tell there is actual lips-to-lips contact going on. The seventies ruled.

thefaceman32 was written on October 19, 2003

Oral - Masturbation - Gyno

In the uncut version Sylvia engages in some oral, masturabation and even shows some pubic lips

00:17:00 Breasts while kissing Lagache.

00:55:00 Nude while receiving a sensual message from an Asian Masseusse

slavedriver was written on September 11, 1999

Holy Hell!!!!!

This movie may be the same as Emmanuelle 2, butdifferently titled for American audiences. Regardless, with its NC-17 rating it is simply...horny!! Nudity throughout by practically everyone,lesbian scenes that are surprisingly porn-likeeven for an NC-17. It's on Skinemax occasionally,so do yourself a favor and TAPE IT!!!

Julia (1974)
Immy was written on May 25, 2007

Topless and almost butt

Sylvia is quite a young hottie in this Euro flick. Though playing a virgin she's pretty free with showing her boobs. First when she's horsing around in a lake with Ekkehardt Belle (0:23, her boobs pop out of her bikini top), then while they sunbathe on a float Ekkehardt slips his hand down the back of her bikini bottom and he almost gets it off before she gently stops him (0:25, topless and most of her butt cheeks). Her best topless scene comes the next day when Ekkehardt and his friend get Sylvia wasted on a speed boat (0:34, her bikini top comes off and stays off for a good two minutes). Later she tries to tempt Ekkehardt in a hotel room by baring her boobs while only wearing a towel around her waist (0:43). They finally consummate on a rainy tennis court (1:13, boobs, but things get a little messy). Prime early Sylvia.

Emmanuelle (1974)
socket was written on August 23, 2001

Almost all scenes

This lady is HOT! there is much nudity in this movie, and this woman is the center. Not only is she beautiful, but there is nothing left to the imagination. From her breasts to butt and bush,
A-1! The masturbation scenes are extremely sweaty!

Winchester was written on October 18, 1999

May be the best i've ever seen

Think this is definitively a must see for nudity film's lovers. Sylvia Kristel is simply gorgeous at this movie and there are many memorable nude scenes(My favorite is when she swims naked and we can appreciate very clearly her breasts, ass and good shots of her bush), nice lesbian secuences and female masturbation. (Bonus inside: There is a bizarre and too much explicit scene when a native girl smokes a cigarette by his vagina)

Senator was written on July 18, 2001

this is just great!

pushing the envelope is a great thing, especially when it has to do with sex and someone as hot as this young lady!

TranslucentShield was written on September 3, 2002


There's real no need for me to add another review for Miss Kristel's nudity in this French erotic classic, but I must add: the masturbation scene, where Emmanuelle (Kristel) and her tasty young friend sit across from one another pleasing themselves is one of the most erotic scenes in film history. The sequel is also quite hot.

theman9909 was written on September 28, 1999

one of the hottest soft-cores of all time

If there was a 5 star nudity rating this movie would get it. One of the hottest R's ever withSylvia Kristel doing every thing from straight to lesbo to group to whatever way u want yoursex. She is nude in so many scenes (sex scenes and just lying around) that you willtruly get an eyeful of the sexy and horny Ms. Kristel!! The scene in the tennis club where she is masturbated by another woman makes me hot while I am typing this just thinking about. I think I will stop now (smile).

Anarkin was written on December 11, 1999

Naked movie

Sylvia Kristel is naked several times at this movie: Having sex, Swimming nude and daring lesbian scenes. Nice lady and nice body; bush, butt and breasts showed.

soulman was written on October 23, 2001

Tons Of Nudity... And A Cigarette Smoking Vagina Too.

Although I think Sylvia got much more attractive in her later years, I find her to be much more uninhibted in this film. Considred a soft core classic for good reason. Tons of Nudity all around by Sylvia and others, including, of course a cigarette smoking vagina.

Because of the Cats (1973)
vpup was written on July 11, 2002

Full front and rear exposure

Sylvia is among five gals that stripped on the beach and ran into the water. Full rear view of all on the beach, but hard to tell who's who. In the water, full frontal of all including Sylvia's. But again it's difficult to tell at time. Belief this is her first nude appearance.

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