Susan Featherly's Sexy Filmography

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year title
2002 Carnal Desires 2 Reviews
2001 Virtual Girl 2: Virtual Vegas 3 Reviews
2001 Soul Desires 2 Reviews
2001 Sinful Temptations 3 Reviews
2001 Passion Crimes 4 Reviews
2001 Animal Attraction III 0 Reviews
2000 House of Love 1 Review
2000 Diary of Lust 1 Review
1999 Dungeon of Desire 0 Reviews
1999 Corporate Fantasy 1 Review
1999 Awakening of Gabriella, The 3 Reviews
1999 Andromina: The Pleasure Planet 3 Reviews

Susan Featherly's Sexy TV Shows

TV Shows this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2002 Best Sex Ever, The 1 Review
2001 Thrills 2 Reviews
2000 Passion Cove 1 Review
1994 Hot Line 1 Review
1994 Erotic Confessions 1 Review

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Best Sex Ever, The (2002)
Chicago was written on July 8, 2002

3 scenes in "Mystery Writer"

Here credited as Susan James in this episode at :09.75-:12.25, Featherly undresses herself (breasts viewable) for the exec and he starts to do her slowly from behind under her skirt...some bouncing natural breasts and a brief pubes glimpse under her skirt. At :12.5, Susan comes out of the guy's office the next morning disheveled, her blouse open...breasts for 10 sec. At :18.5-:21.25, Susan and Gina Ryder have a f/f after Gina's boss is fired. Susan's topless, they pour and lick white wine off each others' chests, Gina does a nice tongue lick and suck on Susan's nipple, Susan does a bad simu-oral, her pubis is seen as Gina takes off her panties, and Gina does a MUCH better simu-oral on Susan as there's no doubt her tongue is out and down on her...breasts mostly, some pubis and some top of her ass. Despite the f/f, 'Mystery Writer' is the weakest in the series so far.

Thrills (2001)
Chicago was written on August 10, 2002

2 scenes in “A Most Dangerous Desire”

In this episode credited as “Jennifer Smith,” Susan slips off her robe and begins touching herself while alone on a bed; while there are plenty of breast shots and some decent shots of her ass in a thong, she rubs her hands too quickly over herself, flops back and forth on the bed and sticks her hand down her panties to masturbate in a way that is not believable…it makes the whole scene weak. At :13.25-:16, a guy comes to her in the bedroom, she slips on a wide mesh body outfit, and they start getting it on. He ties her to the bed and her erect nipples are poking through the holes in her outfit (nice!) She rips the outfit away while sitting on top of him…then he does the same (not sure what’s up with that camerawork)…he licks her breast and there are good views of her breasts, side ass, and pubes (medium distance) while she’s on top with good thrusting. Not Susan’s best outing but decent nonetheless.

moviestuff was written on July 24, 2003

alot of scenes

nice boobs

Passion Cove (2000)
rbelkin was written on December 16, 2006

One of the Greatest Self Pleasure Scenes Ever (Skin-a-Max Division)

Susan Featherly (as Michelle Turner) shows off her amazing ALL NATURAL body and breasts. She is laying in bed and decides to self pleasure herself for 3-4 minutes. She not only is gorgeous with an all natural body that you could look at all day long, she is an excellent actress in this segment - very convincing and a great test if you need Viagra or not ... or if you've ever wondered if you're gay - after these 3 minutes, there should be no question :-)

Her scene is intercut with a lesser known actress, Alicia Moorland who standing by the doorway can't help but unleash her own c-cups and adds to the fun. Sadly, they do not actually join together in sapporific fun for us all ...

Later on, there is a sexy scene where she thinks Alicia needs to dress sexier so she strips Alicia, blindfolds her and re-dresses her and while Alicia is all kinds of nude, again, sadly for us, Susan Featherly is not nude though there is a nice kiss between the two women. After the guys join the two women for dinner, in the after sex, Susan has a very brief nudity portion with her guy (intercut with Alicia and the other guy) but it's all too brief.

It is definitely one of the better episodes of PASSION COVE - particular for Susan's solo act which should rank in the top 10 of softcore self pleasure scenes.

(BTW, Alicia is also worth seeing, while her breasts are most un-naturally perky (she looks about 35), she clearly had a top notch surgeon - enhancing her large pointy nipples to perfection.

The episode is titled BLIND DATE and also edited within a PASSION COVE compilation.

Hot Line (1994)
Chicago was written on August 20, 2002

4 wild sex scenes in "Sleepless Nights"

She screams, flails and bangs guy around...breasts fly everywhere.... At :07.5-:08.75, Susan is going nuts in bed as her boyfriend simu-orals her...her natural breasts flop around as she rolls on bed yelling "Danny!" At :10.5-:11.5 she's on top of the guy thrusting and screaming--views of her breasts, however, are less than the time indicates with shots being 5 sec. at a time with cutaways. At :12.5, Susan bends over looking in the fridge as her shirt slides up, revealing her ass in the other guy's face for 10 sec. At :15.5-:16.75 the following night, she's again on top of the guy, banging his head on the mattress with her breasts going crazy. If you like to see breasts flail to the extreme, this is your episode.

Erotic Confessions (1994)
Chicago was written on February 3, 2003

2 scenes including f/f/m in "Savannah Gardens"

At :02:55-:04:15 in this shorter episode, Susan is seen kising a guy on the couch next to her sleeping roommate before the two move behind the couch and the guy takes down her top revealing her full, large, white breasts...as he lays her on her back to simu-oral her, there's a quick flash of her clean-shaven pubis as her legs are spread 'too far' before she has sex with him from on top. Her pronounced tan lines add a nice sense of realism! At the end of the scene, Susan gets up to put on a robe giving full nude shots, front and back, including her clean-shavenness. Very nice! At :13:50-:15:22 after dinner with Nicole Leto and the guy, the three have a shared and fully participative threesome where both gals get roughly equal nude billing...breasts mostly, some ass seen also.

Carnal Desires (2002)
Chicago was written on April 24, 2001

3 scenes

Susan’s most eye-catching and nice feature (besides her natural, nice hanging breasts) is the fact that she doesn’t at all look like your typical soft-core gal…kind of the girl-next-door type. At :19.5-:23, Stephen has a fantasy of sexing his roommate—never mind this would make his 3rd bonking of the day! You see her breasts, ass, and glimpses of her pubes as they trade being on top and he does her from the rear; the breathing and orgasm add to the scene. At :42.75, Susan has a 4 min. scene where she sexes Stephen after a fight at the parlor—breasts (including nice hanging shots) and several bush views! At 1:09.75-1:13.25, Susan shares a split scene with Peggy as they sex different guys. Susan is shot as the guy does her from behind—breasts, pubes—then she’s on top with great bouncing breast shots, as well as of her ass.

Cyclone was written on September 18, 2002

3 terrific scenes

Susan first gets naked about 19 minutes into the movie. She has a sex scene that lasts over 3 minutes, and we get plenty of views of her butt and breasts from a variety of angles, including some excellent frontal and hanging shots of her tits, and a few looks at her bush. 52 minutes in, she has a 4-minute sex scene, in which we get lots more great exposure, including a brief full frontal view while she's riding her partner, and clear looks at her partly shaved bush and her boobs while she's on her side. Her final sex scene starts just before the 70 minute mark, and even though the action switches back and forth from her to Peggy, we again get plenty of looks at her great breasts and bush, and a few of her ass. I've never seen Susan look better, and her scenes are well-lit and quite revealing.

Virtual Girl 2: Virtual Vegas (2001)
Chicago was written on November 11, 2001

4 scenes

Susan's acting is a half-step above mediocre and she has a smile that doesn't much work in her nude scenes (hardly passionate or erotic), but she does have some pretty sweet natural largish breasts which help carry her and make her interesting. At :12.25-:13.75, Susan is sexed by the convertible after removing her leopard undies. There are some nice close-ups of her breasts, she's bent back over the car door, he simu-orals her, and there are some pubes shots, coupled with a couple of flashbacks to a naked Katherine Hart. At :23.5-:25.25, Susan's ass and breasts are viewable as she goes to get into a bubble bath...then there are a few breast close-ups as she dribbles water on herself. At :43-:45.75, Susan's bra is removed by Jason, giving us a close view of her breasts, and they have sex on the balcony of the Vegas hotel. Some pubes shots, but the better shot is of her natural breasts as they jiggle when her arm brushes over them. Her final scene is at 1:12-1:14.5 when she joins Amber in a f/f--breasts, ass--and then is joined by Jason to add the 3rd. The view of her pubes is relatively minimal, enough so I couldn't see to give her 4*'s.

Bootydaddy was written on July 8, 2002

a few scenes

Susan shows all of her body in this soft core piece but my personal fav is when she is taking a bath, a beautiful ass shot as she climbs in the tub. I love her great natural breasts that are fully on display in this movie too. I don't know there is just something about her that gets my motor running.

soulman was written on November 14, 2002

Several Scenes.

Featherly (whose body is looking mighty fine here) has several scenes (the other previewers do a good job in describing) displaying her extra fine tits. Her ass looks great too and there's some pretty decent patch shots too. I'm slowly converting to the Featherly camp.

Soul Desires (2001)
taurus was written on October 19, 2006

Multiple scenes

All of the girls in the cast show tits and butt in multiple scenes, but this movie is a lame example of the genre. All of the nude scenes are extremely short compared to this movie's peers.

rbelkin was written on January 3, 2007

For Massive Fans of Susan - Not Her Fault Director is Scared of Nudity

Yea, if you're a huge fan of Susan, you'll want to catch this horrible, horrible movie - but for everyone else - be warned. This movie has the misfortune of not having much nudity and actually calling upon a bunch of muscle-headed guys who can't act to carry a long tedious plot and not only that, the few scant sex scenes were filmed as medium shots with no closeups or coverage shots. This seems to have been directed by someone either reluctant to show off the female form or was simply technically inept - Susan who seems to have no inhibitions has three nude scenes and maybe 3 minutes of nudity in this 85 minute showcase of a what not to do with a home camcorder ... she does a nice strip act in a brightly lit office - showing off her great figure and rock solid c-cups - though no closeups or any remote hint of sexiness as they simulate a sex scene. It's all very clinical. Later, she does another strip act, while you can see her nipples in a sheer bra (never removed) and later her ass as she drops her skirt - the next cut is of them getting dressed. This might be a first - Susan Featherly not stark naked in a nude scene. What is also idiotic is halfway through the scene, they fire up a gigantic light brightening the room by at least 800 watts - why? No reason - though now we can see a little cellulite - I'm sure Susan appreciates that. Then later there is a three-way scene where ... Susan and this other girl blindfold the guy and then take off each other's bras ... and yes, wait for it ... the scene ends. Yep, that's right. It ends. What more could any straight guy want, right? After the bra comes off, naturally - you cut away right? Yea, in a world where a softcore director is either a rude, inept or clueless ... never mind it's a medium shot and we might as well be watching the news ...

The nearest I can guess is they could afford her for a day and she agreed to 3 scenes, two topless and 1 with the bra but dropping the panties. Susan is still sexy though it's hard to tell from 3 miles away ...

Sinful Temptations (2001)
soulman was written on October 14, 2002

4 Scenes.

Featherly, who usually delivers ****, is a little disappointing this time around. I guess I'm not the only one who think she looks thinner than usual. Her scenes usually feature her beautiful, natural tits flopping about while she gets nailed from behind but that's absent this time (although I did dig her last scene when the legs went up). See some of her other movies instead. See Chicago's review for details.

Chicago was written on June 15, 2002

4 scenes

With few exceptions, unexciting nude/sex scenes are par for the course in this movie. At :01-:02.75, (credited as Marie West) Susan’s red bra is removed and she has sex with a guy on the couch during the opening credits…breasts, side ass as he then she is on top (pubis). Susan looks unusually thin here, but she has some nice natural breast jiggles at the end as she scrunches her breasts together with her arms and then moves them quickly. At :44-:46.5, she doffs her robe while on her knees between the guy’s legs and quickly switches to be underneath him…breasts with mounded nipples and ass. There’s a lot of writing around during sex before Susan angrily stands up and throws on her robe when she discovers she’s thinking of Mia instead of her. At 1:18.25-1:19.75, Susan seduces Mia’s husband in her office…great natural pillowy breast jiggles as her bra comes off and she rips his shirt off; side ass and lower abdomen (gets as close as you can without showing her slit) as they go at it in various positions.

helmut was written on March 30, 2002

Office Sex Scene

Susan looks great in this scene. The lead actresses boyfriend does her on the desk in her office. She kicks her legs up on his shoulders for what is a great visual. Only problem is it was way too short!

Passion Crimes (2001)
Chicago was written on June 12, 2002

10 scenes, 28 total minutes!

It's ALL Susan, ALL the time in this flick! If you're a fan of Featherly, or even of nudity, don't miss this movie! All the details would be too lengthy to outline of Susan's many and long scenes, but here are some times and highlights. :01.75-:07, she opens with a long but BIZARRE scene as she does a guy on a bed...wierd positions, arms and legs everywhere, make you wonder what the heck she's doing. Plenty of breast shots, as well as ass, including some nice breast hangs. Fortunately, she gets better. At :07.75, 5 sec. of her left breast as her robe opens while talking to the guy on the bed afterward. At :22-:23, she's seen masturbating after talking on the phone...breasts and ass...but at :22.5, there are 16 frames of close-up of Susan's clean shaven pubis, as well as with her more erect nips toward the end. At :25-:25.25, there's a full frontal of her as she drops her robe and walks in on her boyfriend and Venus sexing, and quickly runs out (ass). At :28.5-:30, Susan masturbates as she watches from the doorway as Lauren and a guy sex it up on the bed...nice breast jiggles and lower abdomen shots. At :40.75-:45.25, a guy does her on hay bails outdoors--plenty of breast shots including nice breast movements, distant pubis, ass, hanging breasts as she simu-orals him. At :48.75-:52.25, the guy does her in a hot tub...excellent clear wet breast shots standing and sitting, long simu-orals on her, and sex on the edge of the hot tub. At :55-1:00, the guy does her outside on a blanket--breasts, lower abdomen, ass, simu-orals (as legs wrapped around his head and she thrusts high into him), breast jiggles. At 1:04-1:07.75, she has a 3-way with a guy and Lauren...breasts and ass amidst bad, blurry camerawork for "effect." At 1:23-1:26.75, she has a 3-way with the guy and Venus which is pretty hot...breasts, pubis, ass, as all three continually grope and grasp for each other. Bottom line...a DEFINITE worth-watch!

soulman was written on February 23, 2003


If there's another movie out there from Featherly that ahs better scene than this one, please tell me where to find it. Several scenes (Chicago counts her scenes at 10 total) including a long, clear pussy shot during the last scene. And what else can be said of her body that hasn't been said in this or other movies. Love that body.

StevieW was written on July 17, 2002


This is one of the prettiest girls I've ever seen in a softcore film,her tits are nice sized,her hiny is nice,her pussy is totally shaved but nice [and I wouldn't say that about most actresses],she has a few nice sex scenes and a great masturbation scene where her total anus is seen from behind,a beautiful shot! That scene alone is worth seeing this movie!

thefaceman32 was written on October 13, 2003

Shaved - Gyno - Erect Nips

Well with a shaved pubic region, gyno shots and erect nips you'd think this lady was an adult actress star

00:02:00 Extensive looks at all of Susan's goodies in this extra-long softcore screw scene.

00:22:00 Great looks at a masturbating Susan's skin sacks, followed by some sweet ass cheeks and a peek at the snapper too!

00:25:00 Full-frontal bliss as Susan drops her robe before she finds hubby getting some head; some sweet ass-jiggles as she bolts from the room.

00:55:00 Tits, ass and bush galore as Susan and her man enjoy a very long Munch & Hump session in the backyard.

Animal Attraction III (2001)
House of Love (2000)
coresoft was written on December 27, 2004

several scenes

Susan is a blonde bimbo type who we first see naked when Catalina follows her into her room. Susan's character is being interviewed but feels compelled to get naked. There is a quick cut away from this. Later, she shows breasts and bush again when doing it with Jim's character, before her final appearance at the orgy finale. She also does a few confessional style shots fully nude. It's eerie how similar her breasts look to Kitty's character in shape and natural hang...they could be each other's body doubles.

Diary of Lust (2000)
Cyclone was written on October 10, 2001

Several good scenes

Susan has several nude scenes, including a lesbian scene near the beginning, scenes with both a man and a woman, and a scene just with a man near the end. She's thin, but she has an attractive face and a terrific body that she frequently shows off. We get lots of views of her lovely breasts, some good shots of her butt, and even a brief but revealing look between her legs near the end of the film. Very nice.

Dungeon of Desire (1999)
Corporate Fantasy (1999)
Ozzie700 was written on December 8, 2002


Susan plays a good-time slut, but has no sex scenes and only one nude scene. Go figure. Early in the film (:3.45-:5.55), Catalina and Tracy wonder what's keeping Susan from getting ready for work. She is giving herself a morning finger session, although the blocking and camera angels keep her vaginal area out of view most of the time. After a period on her back, she flips over and begins humping a sheet or pillow while playing with herself.

Awakening of Gabriella, The (1999)
scanman was written on March 22, 2002

About 9 or 10 nudescenes. A must see!

Gorgeous Susan Featherly has about 9 or 10 nudescenes in this movie.... all of them full frontal and even some explicit. First scene is after 5 seconds: Susan is taking a shower and we get close up views of all parts of her body. Second scene is a sex scene between her and a guy she picked up. Scene 3, 4 and 5 are all stripscenes. The third one has Susan stripping in front of Jeannie Millar and a guy, who are havinf sex at the same time. Next scene is a lesbian scene with Jeannie Millar in a bathtub. Especially the oral sex scenes look very real. Some time later Susan get's a massage and is full frontal again. Next scene is a lesbian scene in the bathtub with Anna Kaminskaia. The two woman have some serious oral sex sometime later in the garden. Again, everything looks pretty real. There are some legs open shots in this scene as well. The last scene is a 3 or 4 minutes scene with the male lead in the movie. They have sex and again it all seems pretty real.
All scenes are over 1 minute or even 2 minutes and as far as scenes in softcore movies get, they don't get any better than this!

Softcorrespondent was written on October 14, 2006

Whole Movie

Personally I think that this is Susans single best 'performance', she's actually a good actress, and her great body can be seen on show for most of this movie. her first Bedroom scene is hot, with great views of her breasts and bush, followed by a great Strip scene with Taimie Hannum, but quite possiblt the hottest scene in the movie occurs when Susan dances around while another couple are having sex in front of her, its a slow lingering strip with plenty of chance to see her great body. All in all an A+ recommendation for a really sexy movie and a really sexy actress.

moviestuff was written on October 29, 2003

alot of nude scenes

sex sex sex sexy

Andromina: The Pleasure Planet (1999)
Cyclone was written on October 22, 2002

One sex scene

Susan's lone scene is near the 51 minute mark. We see her ass a few times, get some looks at her bush, and of course, there are many views of her natural breasts, which are surprisingly large considering how thin (in my opinion, too thin) she is. We get many nice views of her hanging breasts, as well as many looks at them while she's on her back. Very nice scene.

Chicago was written on April 8, 2001

1 scene...very nice!

Susan is an attractive blonde girl with a fantastic body--natural large D-sized breasts, trim. At :51.25, she has a 5 min. nude scene as she sexes a guy in the great outdoors...ass, lower abdomen, top of bush (several times), breasts. As she gets it from behind, there are great shots of her nice hanging breasts. More breast views as the guy simu-orals her. I could have stood for a few scenes!

icebag2 was written on January 4, 2009

Checking out men

Really nice boobs, really nice smile, and this gal loves gettin’ her stuff. She has one sex scene, nude, which is mostly sent lying on her back as her found-in-the-woods lover shows her the pleasures of orality. (Did I just write that?) Most women’s breasts disappear or get into funny shapes when they lie on their back, but Susan’s chest remains in full glory. Susan has a joie de vivre about sex that makes you just like her a lot. Not to mention how great she looks with her clothes off.

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