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Sigourney Weaver's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
1999 Map of the World, A 12 Reviews
1997 Snow White: A Tale of Terror 2 Reviews
1997 One Step Beyond: The Making of Alien: Resurrection 2 Reviews
1997 Alien: Resurrection 1 Review
1994 Death and the Maiden 8 Reviews
1986 Half Moon Street 13 Reviews
1985 Une femme ou deux 1 Review
1979 Alien3 1 Review
1979 Alien 14 Reviews

nudity reviews for Sigourney Weaver member submitted

Map of the World, A (1999)
Penis was written on December 4, 1999


Siggy supposedly has a sex scene with her leading man wher she shows off her toned body. The film is open now in limited release. Go see it and find out the truth!

Penis was written on July 6, 2000

Sigourney's best nudity ever!

Early on in the film there is a great, clear, overhead shot of her breasts as she lays in a bathtub. In between this scene and the next great scene of nudity we get to see her in a bathing suit, panties, etc. Then comes the best nudity in the film: she undresses as she is about to get into bed and we see full frontal nudity. Awesome!

SnoopJay was written on October 2, 2000

Full Frontal Sigourney!

Sigourney is very hot in this movie. I was really surprised that she showed so much. Both scenes she has are very good. The first scene, ten minutes in, where she is in the bathtub shows her breasts and is done very well. The other scene about an hour into the movie shows her undressing before having sex with her husband, she takes off her top and her bottom. Revealing her great breasts and nice bush. Both scenes were really good and surprising. Definately not one to miss.

guyflyer was written on January 17, 2000

Yes she is

Haven't seen it yet but Oprah said she had her big nude scene in this film.

scanman was written on August 25, 2002

Two not too long dark scenes....

I don't know which movie the other reviewers saw, but the first scene is about 5 seconds and a bit dark. The second scene is maybe 10 seconds and also dark. Her breasts are pretty good visible, but it's not a very good scene. So 2 stars max!

dav345 was written on November 3, 2000

good breast scenes

I watched the DVD version of this film, which is in the widescreen format. You get a great look at her breasts in the tub early in the movie, and you get a great look at her breasts later in the movie when she strips down to have sex with her husband. Unfortunately, you don't see any bush in the widescreen dvd version. If you want to see her bush, you should probably try the fullscreen VHS version, which I haven't seen (but it must show bush according to the other reviewers). In this widescreen DVD version, her bush is just barely cut off, so I suspect you see it in fullscreen VHS.

Alphonse was written on September 19, 2000

full frontal nudity!!

Even at her age Sigourney is quite hot. She has two notable nude scenes in this movie. The first is about ten minutes in and is a good shot from above that more or less frames her from the bottom of the tits to the top of her head. Nice nipples, nice smallish breasts. After a good long shot here, her husband joins her in the tub, and you can see Sigourney's tits briefly from the side. The best nudity, as noted by others, occurs while she is undressing to have some disturbing sex with her husband. She takes her shirt off, then her bra, and for a few seconds her tits just sort of hang there (good lighting, great view of them). Then she strips off her pants and panties and you can briefly see her light-colored pubes. The lighting is good even if the scene isn't very long. After an awful sex scene you see her breasts again from the side and a bit of her stomach and ass as she sits up. An interesting movie that is made especially worthwhile by the nudity.

SPC455 was written on December 7, 1999

Several nude scenes?

Er, I haven't seen it so I have to give it a big fat 0 but on The Tonight Show, Jay mentioned that she had some nude scenes in the film and she confirmed this so...

dvddish was written on March 11, 2003

dark tits

okay scene

oldbabe was written on December 5, 2001

Siggy Tits

Long scenes with her tits shown and a brief muff shot (the version I watched). The 50 year-old breasts were a bit saggy and can be considered modest in size. However, they looked a bit "fuller" than last seen in "Death and the Maiden" - 5 years earlier. It's probably due to middle-age weight gain than any cosmetic enhancements. In any case, the lanky Sigourney still has a body to die for - Slim, tall, beautiful and naked.

Ignatius was written on June 22, 2001

In the tub and in the bedroom

Sigourney gives us some really great looks at her breasts in this film. The first comes when she is in the bathtub and you see her breasts from above. Quite a good look, then later she undresses in the bedroom and we get a nice long look at her great breasts. It's really not a bad movie, but if you're a fan of Sigourney, it's a must see.

Ryan was written on June 2, 2000

Direct topless shots

Early in the movie she takes a bath and there is a very clear view of her breasts as she lays in the tub. I'm pretty sure the shot is from above and then there's a side view when her husband joins her. Later, she strips nude to get in bed with him. You definitely see her breasts as she sits on the bed and, if I remember correctly, you do see a little pubic hair too. It's been several months since I've seen the movie though so I can't be positive. Her breasts shows signs of her age a bit and neither scene is supposed to be at all sexy but the views are clear. For those interested, she gives an excellent, fearless (evidenced by the nudity), performance.

Snow White: A Tale of Terror (1997)
ny was written on January 2, 2005

In bed

When she is becoming the old witch, she is lying naked in her bed. Her covers cover her body as she screams and moans. As she moves her breasts are visible through the sheets.

ny was written on January 2, 2005

Through her outfit

When she is wearing a specific outfit, her breast are slightly visible.

One Step Beyond: The Making of Alien: Resurrection (1997)
Penis was written on February 18, 2004

Topless during costume fitting

This documentary is only available in the 9 disc ALIEN QUADRILOGY DVD box set. In one part of the doc, there is a section on costumes and we get to see Sigourney try on a sheer white netting top that she wears in a few scenes in the beginning of the film. She is completely topless underneath. The footage lasts a few minutes as she poses and, at one point, tears the top open. At another point she is sitting on a table with her naked back to us and you can clearly see her thong peaking up from her pants. Very surprising to see this on the DVD.

Descent613 was written on January 22, 2005

breasts through sheer top

The last reviewer was spot on in his description of miss weavers scenes. you see both breasts ver clearly through the sheer top she is wearing.The wholescene lasts about 4 minutes in length. Would have give it more than 1 star but i did'nt think her breasts was that nice. So that's the reason for the low rating.

Alien: Resurrection (1997)
BushLeague was written on March 5, 2006

Encountering her "offspring"

Siggy finds a lab with a whole bunch of failed alien hybrids. One is still alive and has her face, but also the things "tits" are showing (probably plastic). Very nice 34b's.

Death and the Maiden (1994)
Alphonse was written on September 28, 1999


Sigourney is amazing. She walks around briefly with her tits, smallish and saggy as noted by the previous reviewer, on display. She has a great body, however, and there isn't a whole lot a woman with a natural body can do about a little sag here and there. She's hot, and this is probably the last time we'll see her tits, so take note.

oldbabe was written on March 30, 2002

Great Body

Yes, must admit that I am a fan of Sigourney. She may have small-ish breasts and yes, they are not as firm as most Hollywood silicone breasts are, but they do look lusciously natural. The scenes here are a bit brief, one in front of the mirror and another just before she put on a sweater. For fans, the later "A Map of the World" has got longer and more revealing scenes. "Death" happens to be quite an interesting movie but is somewhat heavy on dialogues.

BOD was written on October 28, 1999


You get to see her entire breats here but its not that great. No big deal.

cybordemon was written on January 23, 2003

Changing Her Top in the mirror

Quick scene of Sigourney Weaver changing her sweat shirt. Her saggy breast are clearly visible as she's talking to some guy in the background.
However, it's pretty arousing.

Omni was written on June 16, 2001

Be a fan or be forewarned!

I am not a fan of Sigourney's work or her body. that said, this is a good scene by an established actress. Nicely lit and a good view of her chest.

Tom was written on October 23, 1998


You clearly see her breasts, but they're not at all great. Sort of small and saggy at the same time, don't ask me how.

dvddish was written on March 11, 2003

saggy breast


babon was written on January 1, 2000


Shows her breasts - but not attractive

Half Moon Street (1986)
tazzie was written on September 11, 1999

bath scene

Seeing Sigourney's tits as she sits in the bathtalking to a guy, somehow seems more erotic thansome of the sex scenes that you get in moviesthese days.

babon was written on January 1, 2000


She shows her breasts and then her bush behind a smoky shower door, only for nude Sigourney fans.

MrKeithTalent was written on October 10, 1999

nice boobs and butt

She's naked often in this film. First she's naked in the bath when the water turns cold and she has to call her landlord. We get to see her nice boobs. Later we see her flat ass for a brief moment as she's in front of the mirror. Later we see her topless on an exercycle (nice bounce). We also see her emerge nude from inside a shower. But the glass door is fuzzy....and we see her muff through the powdered glass. Good nudity by a mainstream actress.

malocao was written on December 13, 2002

Various unlikely situations

The situations stretch belief sometimes - would you call your landlord into the bathroom while you're naked? - but we get to see almost all of Sigourney. Pity about the frosted glass in the shower scene, which means her bush is implied rather than clearly shown.

nmd was written on July 9, 1999

full frontal

good seeing her topless ( in several good scenes )and you can see her totally naked ( as she gets out of the shower ) but she's behind the smokey-glass shower door

Dakota was written on December 4, 1998

No big deal

Sigourney's nude in a couple shots. Cute but no big deal. She play's an expensive call girl/college girl who spends more time at dinner than in bed.

Alphonse was written on January 9, 1999

I love Sigourney!

Okay, so the movie sucks. But Sigourney's tits are ever-present. This is worth a watch for anyone who's watched Alien and been crushed about the fact that she never steps out of that tight shirt and puny panties. Very cool.

Disgusting-Duo was written on November 21, 1999

Exercise bike workout

We saw a print of the movie on the BBC (UK). They played an open-matt of it, revealing that Siggy's bush is blazing front-on, perched on the seat like a triangular-shaped rat. We aren't saying it's forresty, but they could have slashed the budget of Gorillas In The Mist by filming it in her own back-yard, so to speak. Why zero stars? Although you see everything, the sight could even put off people with priapism...

Dante9703 was written on October 10, 2004

Frequent topless scenes

Sigourney is topless many times in this film so fans should love this film. The first two times at the very beginning of the film(5 mins & 10 mins),she is having a bath and we get a clear view of both breasts, the second scene is longer than the first. At around 40 mins we get a clear view of both breasts as she rides an exercise bike while a client/friend takes photos of her. She then takes a shower and we get a full frontal view, partially obscured by a shower screen, and then her breasts again briefly as she reaches out to get a towel. At 50 minutes and just after the hour she has two topless scenes with Michael Caine. In the first she is in bed with him and in the other she takes off her clothes (we get a brief flash) before making love with him.

boba was written on April 29, 2001

Sigourney's bod

Lots of nudity, but just okay. Sigourney is very smart and a good actress. If she had to depend on her body, she'd be dead. However, someone so tall and intelligent naked is especially nice. We get to see her titties, which are nothing to speak of. Then we get to see her flat, flat ass. Very unappealing. Yet not. Then we see her through the shower door, her dark hair black muff visible. Sigourney shouldn't get nude.

nudity_elitist was written on October 23, 2001


Wow. For a girl who is not really known for doing nudity, Siggy does it in this one about 10 times. Breast shot after breast shot. Would have considered 3 stars if only that muff shot was seen through a clear glass shower door instead of the hazy one.

BouncyTits was written on May 4, 2003


I'm a big fan of Sigourney, but the nude scenes in this movie are just a turn-off for some reason. There's nothing erotic about the bathtub scene and the topless workout is a disappointment too. With more left to the imagination, the non-nude scene in "Alien" is far more arousing.

BushLeague was written on January 27, 2002

Through out movie

In addition to the below mentioned scenes (she is wearing panty hose while on the exer-cycle), we get a brief look at her boobs as she pulls the covers over herself while in the bed with Michael Caine. Also while she is in bed, her left breast is visible for a while when Mike "accidently" pulls the blanket off her.

Une femme ou deux (1985)
curver was written on October 27, 1999

brief boob shot

Une Femme ou Deux (One Woman or Two for ze stupid americans) has a side boob shot of Sigourney at the last scene in the movie. She is hugging some french guy and you briefly see right nippage for a couple of seconds. Two star rating becuase she's hot, but the scene itslef kinda sucks. You're better off renting Half Moon Street.

Alien3 (1979)
longwaybackhome was written on August 1, 2007

side with no nipple

you see half a butt and most of the side of her left breast with the nipple being covered by her arm. probably within the first half hour of the film.

Alien (1979)
oldbabe was written on February 21, 2002

Close but no cigar.....

Again back to the basics, there is NO nude scene. But yes, Siggy's bod is great - throughout the two decades or so of her acting career.

barneyd was written on January 8, 2007

Sexy panties scene

Sigourney is just gorgeous in the scene towards the end of a great film. Not nude but what's really good are the nice tight panties that she's stripped down to. The shape of her pussy and her ass are clearly visible. One of the best panties scenes ever. Use the zoom and slow motion on the DVD version to enjoy to the full.

dav345 was written on October 14, 2000

upper butt crack

This scene is definitely worth checking out if you are a Sigourney Weaver fan. She strips down to a very, very tiny pair of panties that she is practically bursting out of and then turns around to look at some instruments, clearly exposing her upper butt crack. She even bends over a little in this scene. Her body looks absolutely fabulous. Soon after, she is chased by the alien into a closet and her upper butt crack bounces by the camera for a brief close-up. Altogether, this is a very sexy scene.

DevilSnake was written on July 27, 2000

t-shirt and panty tease

In her first movie, a bra-less Sigourney strips down to her thin white t-shirt and a pair of white panties that are so small they barely cover her crotch and show the the top of her butt-cleavage. When she flees the alien and jumps into a closet she sticks her butt into the camera and her cheeks jiggle. No complete nudity, but a very sexy scene. Ripley kicks ass!

itookgillianandersonupthebum was written on October 17, 2000

Sigourney Weaver in tiny Panties

In this early role a very youthful looking Sigourney who has an amazing body strips down to a shirt and a very tiny pair of panties which reveal the top of her bum and a tiny glimpse of her upper pubic area. This is a great scene and I would love to whip off those panties and see the lovely Sigourney in all her vaginal glory anytime. She looks great. In this film she oozes sex appeal. A good scene and no mistake!

ShodaN was written on January 19, 2002

ripley little panties in the end of the movie

In the end of movie Sigourney weaver strips down to a very little white panties and see-through shirt. White panties are very little and they just covered her pubic area.

Then she goes checking some computer terminal and turn around when we see her butt crack. Little later alien chases her to the closet when we see her ass in a close-up screen. Then she wears a space suit and her tits and nipples are shown to us with a see-through shirt.

damonhill was written on May 28, 2004

not naked but revealing

this is the very last scene in which ripley begins to strip down to a tiny pair white panties and a thin white tank top. The panties are so thin and sexy with a nice little crack peeping up through. A couple closeup of her small butt. It isnt tight but still nice since she is a beeautfl actress. also there is some bush showing.

Cazzo was written on November 22, 2002

Those tiny panties

As has been said, there's no actual nudity, yet I find this scene to be highly erotic. I think it' possibly the fact that it comes as a surprise when she suddenly starts to remove her clothes and that her panties are so darn small that makes the scene so memorable. A good bit of her butt crack is sticking out of her briefs and it looks like she's had to give her bush a trim in order to avoid hairs trying to poke out the top.

BouncyTits was written on August 18, 2002

Very erotic

There is not much nudity on display in this scene - upper rear only. But the scene is extremely erotic, nonetheless. Maybe it's because the suspense of the film has you tied up in knots by this point (near the end of the film), or maybe it's just because Sigourney is so non-chalant and natural, and you don't really expect to see her undressing to her undershirt and panties. Whatever it is, the scene is a good one and she's got a great figure. If you haven't seen this movie yet - and I hadn't until recently - see it! It's terrific and the sexy scene is just an added bonus!

BushLeague was written on June 1, 2005

Laying in sleep chamber

Someone finally captured this scene of Sigourney in the sleep chamber. She shows both her tits with some kind of electrodes pasted over the nipples.

Fling was written on February 9, 2004

Less than zero nudity

Ursula Andress emerging from the sea. Mel Gibson standing amind crashed and burning vehicles. Audrey Hepburn floating down the steps from Winged Victory in the Louvre. Gene Kelly swinging on a lamp-post.

All these scenes are sexy in their way, and none of them are listed here. Why? Because like this scene from Alien, THERE'S NO DAMNED NUDITY.

Fine if you insist on mentioning that scrawny Sigourney Weaver shows a slight butt crack here. It's worth zero on the nudity scale, but it can be noted on the record.

But if you actually like Sigourney Weaver's bony ass and tiny, non-descript titties, rent a movie where she's naked. Otherwise, take these comments to the Clothed-celebrity-who-turns-me-on database.

Thank you.

nudity_elitist was written on April 23, 2001

cotton sucks.

If ever I wished a pair of panties was see-through, this was the time! Still, it got me hotter than most movies WITH nudity!

Senator was written on July 22, 2001

this is really nothing... yet people are going nuts!!

I don't get it... first off, I don't think she is that hot at all... actually... kinda the opposite... but going beyone personal taste... I just don't think this is sexy... tiny cotton panties or not!

soulman was written on August 19, 2002

No Way!

I never understood Weaver's appeal. I find her very unattractive with no figure, a flat ass and tits that are too small. And in this flick it's never been more evident. I love a woman in underwear but this scene is a real turn-off.

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