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Sharon Stone's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2013 Fading Gigolo 1 Review
2012 Border Run 0 Reviews
2006 Basic Instinct 2 8 Reviews
2004 Different Loyalty, A 2 Reviews
2004 Catwoman 2 Reviews
2000 If These Walls Could Talk 2 9 Reviews
1999 Simpatico 4 Reviews
1999 Muse, The 9 Reviews
1996 Diabolique 1 Review
1995 Quick and the Dead, The 6 Reviews
1994 Specialist, The 16 Reviews
1994 Intersection 1 Review
1993 Sliver 11 Reviews
1992 Basic Instinct 29 Reviews
1991 Year of the Gun 5 Reviews
1991 Scissors 2 Reviews
1990 Total Recall 4 Reviews
1989 Blood and Sand 4 Reviews
1988 Action Jackson 9 Reviews
1987 Cold Steel 4 Reviews
1984 Irreconcilable Differences 3 Reviews

nudity reviews for Sharon Stone member submitted

Fading Gigolo (2013)
aldorura was written on January 8, 2016

sharon stone in sliver on sliver

the greatest sex scene only last a litle on bed on missioanry sex position and is not fare

Border Run (2012)
Basic Instinct 2 (2006)
warrior77 was written on March 28, 2006

Nudity, Sex

This movie was shown in my country way ahead of the US showing. Me myself was excited!
She makes love to David at her chi chi apartment. He pounds her tirelessly, we caught a glimpse of her nipples and breasts. Very Sexy at her age! A scene in her jacuzzi in her ultra luxurios apartment in London where she dips in that mega expensive steaming pool showing her nipples and breasts as well. Wowowee!

kuunt_luva was written on September 22, 2006

Spa scene

Sharon looks absolutely breathtaking for her age, cleanly shaven genitals and voluptuous breasts are absolutely first rate. So why didn't the directors use this magnificent body in the movie. All we are treated to is a short glimpse from a distance, a couple of side views and thats about it. DON'T hide away Sharon, you have the body of an angel!

mcjw2011 was written on December 22, 2006

Rent the first one instead

I'm going with everyone else on Sharon's nude scenes in "Basic Instinct 2", a too brief frontal shot and a couple of breast shots. Disappointing, considering Stone still looks great at 48. Compared to the first movie, which had copious and better nude scenes of Sharon. My advice is: skip this one and go rent the first film again. Too many teases, not enough flesh.

badboy78 was written on September 13, 2006

general nudity

We wait forever for another nude sharon stone film and it turns out to be this poor dont bother!!!!!!.

Dudester was written on March 30, 2006

Looks great at 48, but nudity is all too brief (Wait for the DVD)

Sharon's first nude scene is at the one hour mark into this movie. While escaping from her therapist, who is tailing her while she's in the red light district of London, she spots some low life. She pays him to take her into a group sex room and have rough sex with her. The doc looks through the skylight at her. We see her right breast, but for less than ten seconds and the shot is from a distance. We see her again fifteen minutes later having sex with the doc.She's nude, but all we see is the side of her body and a quick flash of breast. Her full frontal scene comes at 90 minutes, but the ff is only a second long. A minute later, we get a long look at her breasts as she settles into a jacuzzi. Wait for the DVD on this one.

dav345 was written on March 30, 2006

not worth your time

If you go see this for the nudity, you will be VERY disappointed.

Kimiwebber was written on December 14, 2012

Deleted scenes

I agree with one of the earlier comments. If you are looking for nudity in the film, you will be disappointed because a lot of juicy stuff has been taken out. Check out the deleted scenes if you can.

Scene 1 - David is sitting beside a woman and Sharon enters the room with drinks. She sits besides the woman and opens her own shirt and pulls out her left boob. The woman gets up and starts sucking Sharon's left nipple and takes her boob in her mouth. The woman then goes to David and kisses him on the face while Sharon plays with her item nipple. The woman straddles David who takes out her left boob and sucks it hungrily. Sharon kisses the woman on her lips and David grabs Sharon's boob and starts to suck it hard.

Scene 2- David grabs Sharon and kisses her hard before forcing her to lie down on table and them gets on top of her. He tears away her panties and makes her spread her legs wide. He then supposedly penetrates her and fucks her with hard strokes making her moan loudly.

raymanu was written on September 25, 2006

Flora has a great body. We see her at the 40 minute mark of this movie. She's in the missionary position while having sex with the doc.

Flora has a great body. We see her at the 40 minute mark of this movie. She's in the missionary position while having sex with the doc. His arms are in the way of us seeing her breasts. He turns her onto her hands and knees and we see a breast for a few seconds. He pounds her from behind for about thirty seconds and we hear the squishy sounds of sex (It's probably the sweat on their thighs). The phone rings with an emergency call and he gets up to answer the phone. She lays down and we see her nude backside from the side. Kind of disappointing.

Different Loyalty, A (2004)
FatVercetti was written on September 23, 2004

SS's Small Breast Shot and Sex Scene

Rupert Everett and Sharon Stone are on the floor on a sort of improvised bed. She has a sheet covering her and as he fills her glass, champagne falls all over his naked chest. Stone then licks the champagne off using her tongue just like a cat and then her lips. Unfortunately this isn’t very sexy as it is done in a playful way. They both laugh and she kisses him. At that moment the sheet slips a bit and we get a shot of her right breast. Nothing great but we get to see her nipple and the shape of her breast very closely. It’s really her since her face is in the shot too. It lasts a good five seconds. They kiss more and more passionately and he gets on top of her. He’s naked if anyone is interested even though we don’t see much of his body, thank God.
We now get a shot of her left breast. It does seem like an implant but I can’t be sure. Its very well shaped and even if it is a side view we get a pretty good look at it. Another five seconds I would say. The lighting is good even though they probably used some sort of filter on the camera meaning it’s all a bit brown or yellow. But that doesn’t really hurt the scene.

There’s also a sex scene. Stone is wearing a summer dress. Everett gently pushes her against the wall. He then opens the top of her dress revealing her bra but we don’t get to see anything. She puts her leg around his waist and he lifts her skirt. All we get is half of her leg. Not sure if it wasn’t a body double though. They moan a bit as Stone pushes him towards her. The whole thing lasts about thirty seconds. There’s no skin and nothing really arousing. Everett just stands there not doing any suggestive movement at all. Stone just closes her eyes and moans a bit bored in my opinion.

taurus was written on October 7, 2006

Sex play

The nudity is from :17 to :18. Sharon is topless on her side and back having some champagne with the hubby, then while doing a pencil drawing her loose top is open enough to show the right tit.

Catwoman (2004)
BushLeague was written on July 25, 2004

Not the cat's meow

They must be showing a different version in Europe. The closest I saw Sharon show anything was the "facial" scene where she has her penoire hiked up to show her legs. Halle does show mondo cleavage, but no nipples

Dudester was written on July 24, 2004

See through halter top

I've never been a Sharon Stone fan, but in the last 15 minutes of this movie, sharon appears in a seagreen see through halter top. Her tits appear to be larger than when we last saw them very well in Irreconciable Differences, but like I said, the top is see through. Large pinkish nipples appear, and the breast meat does wiggle while she fights with Catwoman-the scenes that are her and not the stunt woman. If sharon is the thing that makes your thing hard-go see the flick. (As for Halle Berry-lots of cleavage, but no nipples appear in this flick)

If These Walls Could Talk 2 (2000)
wonderwall was written on April 3, 2004

Lesbian Sex

(on 79 minutes)When Sharon has sex with Ellen’s character we see glimpses of her breasts and nipples and while the scene is a couple of minutes long, we can only see her full breasts including nipple for about 4 seconds in total. The scene is a little dim but this does not affect the scene too much. By Sharon’s standards of usual nudity, there is not a lot to write home about.

Brokencake was written on March 6, 2000

Real Unhappy about this one

Ok, it's Sharon Stone in a lesbian scene, how could you guys screw this one up? You get a short peak at an erect nipple and a couple of other incosquential tit shots, but to say this pales in comparison to her other stuff is a glorious understatement. I would say her four seconds of exposure in Irreconciliable Differences are three times better this entire scene and the one non-nude sex scene afterwards. Michelle Williams is the reason you see this film.

axl was written on March 9, 2000

lesbo scene

This scene is good and you see Sharons tits while she makes love to Ellen

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on September 7, 2003


you dont really get a good glimpse if you pause you can but its hard to see if its sharon or ellen cause they look the same and their all tangled

Luvmonk was written on November 5, 2002

OK Scene of A Skin Hall-Of-Famer

There is way better Stone nudity out there. However, she is much older now and still looking hot. We get a pretty decent look at her tits in a lovemaking scene with Ellen DeGeneres. Its relatively quick as they roll around in bed though. Great movie in general for nudity.

toyzz was written on March 4, 2000

Lesbian Sex Scene

Sharon and Ellen DeGeneris have sex. You see Sharon's breats. They look good.

kingofdopeness was written on March 5, 2000

sex scene between Sharon and Ellen

Sharon and Ellen go at it, and you get to see Sharon's great body. The scene is not as good as the Michelle/Chloe scene, but it is still worth watching. You also get to see Ellen's tits and, surprisingly, they're very nice. Bottom line: Watch the movie for the Michelle/Chloe scene; the Sharon/Ellen scene is a nice bonus.

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on September 7, 2003

bed scene

she is in bed with ellen and you get some glimpses of her nice tits

EAGLEEYE906826 was written on October 24, 2002

sex scene between sharon and ellen

frontal nudity

Simpatico (1999)
UNCLE was written on March 20, 2001

Not only not nude. She appears only 10 minutes.

If you are a fan of Sharon as God brought her to the world, this is not your movie. She appears only almost at the end and she suposses to be alcoholic so there`s not much for beauty and not much for acting.

Penis was written on August 4, 2000

Not nude

I saw a screener a while ago. Nothing at all. Oh well, we'll have to wait for BASIC INSTINCT 2.

soulman was written on October 12, 2001

No Nudity

Sharon doesn't appears until the last 30 minutes of this film and she's not nude at all. And I wouldn't hold my breath hoping to see Sharon nude in BASIC INSTINCT 2.

Penis was written on December 19, 1999


Supposedly nude again. Movie just opened in limited release.

Muse, The (1999)
DaveDude was written on February 16, 2000

Gets into bed nude

The Muse gets into bed naked and shows off her butt and breasts briefly. However, Sharon's face is turned away from the camera the whole time, so it could possibly be a body double. Since this is unknown, and because of the brevity of the scene, I give it only two stars.

ajb was written on August 28, 1999

Getting into bed

Humorous scene where Andie McDowell offers to share a bed with Sharon Stone's muse but changes her mind when Sharon removes her robe and climbs into bed totally nude. For all you hetero guys out there (I'm not one), this probably only rates one star, because we get to only see the top half of her ass and a side view of her breasts (the shot is from behind)

TheFan was written on December 28, 2000

Body double?

Sharon is truly beautiful in this movie, but I don't think that's her in the nude scene. Someone slips off a robe and climbs into bed, but her face is carefully concealed. You do see her ass and a side view of one breast. She's quite voluptuous, whoever she is.

ScreamoKid was written on September 2, 2007

doub it's a body double

Sharon Stone not only has no problems with nudity, she actually LIKES doing it and has insisted that some of her roles include MORE nudity. Why she would use a body double is beyond me. Very nice scene, though brief.

dav345 was written on March 2, 2001

butt shot

If you get the full-screen VHS version of the film, you see the full butt (the widescreen or theater version only shows the top half of the butt). It's definitely NOT sharon stone's butt. It is obviously a body double. The body double has a VERY nice butt, though, and you get a great look at it.

Bootydaddy was written on April 19, 2001

She still has an awesome ass!

When Sharon's character is getting ready for bed towards the end of the movie, she drops her robe and you get a geat view of her very nice ass, also while getting into the bed you see the side of her right breast. If you like butts, this is a nice scene. Plus the movie is pretty funny too.

soulman was written on October 12, 2001

Nice Butt Shot

Sharon drops her robe and jumps into bed showing her nice butt in the processs.

Penis was written on August 16, 1999

Unknown nudity....

I heard on Entertainment Tonight that Sharon does a nude scene in THE MUSE. Maybe someone can check it out and see how good the scene is.

Penis was written on September 15, 1999

Naked getting into bed

We see her naked ass and part of her tits as she gets into bed. This will be good on DVD when we can freeze frame it to make a mess.

Diabolique (1996)
Kimiwebber was written on January 30, 2013

Sharon's lap ride

Sharon is sitting in a man's lap who has presumably penetrated her pussy and she is humping him. The man grabs her boobs from the top of her dress and squeezes them while licking her cleavage. They kiss each other while the man drops her top and reveals her bra. Her bra covered boobs are visible from side.

Quick and the Dead, The (1995)
Luvmonk was written on November 17, 2002

Brief glimpse down her night gown

Great movie. The only nude scene is when Stone wakes up after her first night in town at Leonardo's place. She is in the typical cowboy era night gown. We see all the way up her leg and the side of her hip. This includes some skin in her crotch right where most people would have pubes. As she sits up further we get a shot right down her gown and see her right tit/nip. Its quick but visible even at normal speed and well lit from a relatively close distance.

crazy was written on September 1, 1999

only one breast shot

I support the first comment only. There was only a SINGLE, that's ONE, nude shot in this film. Its when Stone bends over and her shirt opens enough to get a great shot of her lush rosy breast. The scene is beautifully done and almost seems to be accidental. There is absolutely no other nudity in this movie whatsoever from Stone or any other character and there are no sex scenes either - I searched it throughly, believe me!

Alphonse was written on June 2, 2001

One sweet right breast

Okay, so Ms. Stone doesn't do a whole lot of acting in this movie. Still, and fortunately, her right breast makes a partial and brief appearance about twenty minutes or so into the movie. She's leaning over in bed and you can see the tit pretty clearly, along with most of a lovely red nipple. Not a very good movie, and not a very good nude scene, but pretty decent mindless violence and an overall mindless film.

Connard was written on September 12, 1998

Only a brief glimpse of her breasts as she is leaning over.

A very entertaining movie on many levels. Sam Raimi is a fantastic director.But not a very interesting movie on the nudity side. Just a quick breast shot.I'm sure it was instrumental to the plot somehow...

diamonddog was written on August 16, 2001

Not the best she has done

At a later point in the movie she's gonna make love to Russell Crowe and there she removes her shirt. We see a very quick glimpse of both of her breasts. If you wanna get some decent full nudity of her, I strongly recommend 'Basic Instinct'

Teri was written on December 5, 1998


well thats a lie, she doesn't have sex with leo's character. She has sex with russel crowes character though and her breasts are briefly exposed.

Specialist, The (1994)
soulman was written on May 22, 2002

Sharon is Hot.

I realize that after BASIC INSTINCT anything Stone does nude wise is going to pale in comparison. In this film she has 2 scenes. First she's walking around in the dark talking to Stallone wearing just panties. too dark to do anything although you do see an outline of tit and nipple. The second she's in the shower with Sly where you get a better view of tits and ass. Not a great film overall but does feature her 2nd best nude scene (along with maybe SLIVER).

nudity_elitist was written on June 8, 2002

hard to follow

The best you can get out of this scene is what Sharon's boobs look like in general. While there appears to be a lot of nudity, there are very few bonafide good looks considering all the skin one sees. Plus, good-ol' Rambo is in the way most of the time, intermingling his body with hers. Doesn't all that mist piss you off?

diamonddog was written on August 24, 2001

Shower scene

We see her breasts a couple of times in the shower with Stallone. Pretty good nudity but rather quick. See 'Basic Instinct' for the best nudity of her.

NudeyDude was written on July 22, 2000

Great scene

This is a great scene. Sharon and Sly get back to there hotel room after a tough day. When they return, they begin to make out and move into the shower. At first all you think you are going to see is Stallone's butt. After a while the angle changes and Sharons breasts come into full view. After they are on display for a pretty long scene the camra fades out. But theres more, after sex the two begin to wash themselves and each other in the shower. Sharons breasts are on display the entire time. Bad lighting blocks a clear view of her bush, but if you look closely hair can be seen. A must see nude seen. See "Basic Instinct" for more Stone bush.

vs3 was written on June 18, 2002

shower scene

Sharon's tits are in full view in this shower scene where she and Sly have sex under shower. great scene just bcoz Sharon and Sly show us a lot.

defry33 was written on July 15, 1999

hot shower

this scene is just as good as basic instinct.tits, butts wow sharon and sly are great as they have sex in the shower.

Ace was written on November 14, 1999

hot sex

this scene is very well done, sly and stone are naked in the shower. there bodies are tightly pressed together as they feel and caress each other. very erotic.

Chris Rose was written on November 11, 1998

Shower scene with Sly Stallone

There is a shower scene with Sly where they are doing a alot of rubbing with there hands and bodies. She is nude through most of the shots, no muff shots though.

Chicago was written on April 6, 2002

2 scenes

Other reviewers do a good job of describing Sharon's nudity, so I'll just add the times. Her first scene in the dark where the outline of her breast is seen comes at :29.75-:30; her second shower scene comes at 1:15-1:17 (breasts, ass) but unfortunately, Stallone's so interesting in striking cool modeling poses the views of Sharon are minimized.

Bootydaddy was written on April 7, 2002

could have been sooo much better

There is a scene early in the movie when she is talkin to Stallone on the phone, she peeks around a corner and you see her right breast, pretty dark scene. Then later in the hotel is the shower scene where you get some decent shots of her breasts and ass. Basic Instinct is much better of course.

beefcake was written on August 24, 2000

two scenes

You get to see her boobs twice in this. Once while she is walking topless through her apartment, and again while she is showering with Sly. Her boobies look a little bigger in this than they were in Basic Instinct.

Luvmonk was written on November 5, 2002

A Stone Standard

Almost full frontal shot of one of the leading ladies in skin exposure. She shows off her great tits in one scene. It's a shower scene with Sylvester Stallone. Good lighting from med.-close range.

Alphonse was written on March 25, 1999

Very naked

Sharon and Stallone have sex in the shower. Her breasts are often on display, and for a while her crotch is hidden only by shadow. This is a great scene and makes the movie very much watchable.

zax1 was written on June 14, 2001

Hot shower!

When she's walking around topless in her apartment is nothing special. Much later in the movie she's having sex with Sylvester Stallone in the shower. First he's ass is covering the whole screen, but later Sharon can be seen. They lies down on the wet floor and Sylvester covers her butt with his hand (Grrrr) After the sex they have a shower (washing themselves/each other) First Sharon stands seperated from Sly, with a great shot of her naked side. She washes Sly's back and then there's only a shadow that hides her pubic hair, but if you watch closely you can see it. Then she goes round Sly and shows us her nice butt and stands in front of Sly and presses her naked body against his. This is the only thing worth watching in this movie.

2CisBelieve was written on July 4, 2000

Sharon and Sly on the phone.

When Sly calls Sharon on the phone from the booth just outsight of her appartment, you can see Sharon in the dark. Her breasts are clearly shown against the light outside.
The shower scene is better visible, but this scene is sexyer and thus mentionable.

Kimiwebber was written on December 1, 2012

Hot shower scene.

Sharon shows her beautiful tits and fine ass. Her nipples are very erect when she is rubbing Sylvester's chest.

Intersection (1994)
Luvmonk was written on November 5, 2002

View Through Glass Bricks & Tit Pops Out of Her Robe

Not much to Stone's nude contribution. She is topless behind a glass block wall and we see her colored outline (sexy but not really a clear nude scene). After she is done her she has her robe on and is getting ready with Gere. There are 1-2 frames where her right tit pops out of her robe. Not worth renting for Stone. The movie is ok though and as far as skin goes Davidovich is the one that steals the show.

Sliver (1993)
Cyclone was written on February 18, 2003

Several scenes

First, we get a really quick peek at her nipple when she's in the tub about 15 minutes in. Then, 24 minutes in, she's in the shower, and while we can make out her nude body on a TV monitor, we really can't see anything. By far her best scene starts about 43 minutes in, when we get a couple of looks at her butt during sex. We can also see one of her breasts for a few seconds when she's on her back having sex. Moments later, after seeing her hip and a quick glimpse of boob while she's laying in bed, she gets up, and we get a full, but dark look at her entire naked body from the side. Then, barely a minute later, she removes her clothes again, giving us another full, but again, dark side view of her nude body. Her final nudity comes about 83 minutes in, when we briefly see some of her butt on a tape that she is watching. Sharon does look terrific in this movie, but quite honestly, her nudity isn't all that plentiful, and too much of her exposure has poor lighting. A disappointment.

Sithick9789 was written on November 9, 2011

Bed room scene

In this movie, there is a bed room scene where sharon stone's black bra is removed and her breast get molested by actor. Her face expression looks so hot and sexy

boba was written on April 25, 2001

oh yeah

Not her best, but her second best. The main love scene is hot, as she rides him and you get a decent look at her body from the side. She plays it coy, which is comical, but sexy anyway. At the end, you get a quick overhead shot of him on top of her, her legs wrapped around him, thrusting back and forth as she holds onto his ass, and screams in ecstasy. Later, he takes her from behind, but it's not convincing. She does get her legs up pretty high wrapped around that pole though. Last, he holds onto her breast as she watches herself doing it onscreen. He massages it gently, and this is fun to watch.

alekhidell was written on November 13, 1999

walking across room

Stone walks across the room and removes her clothes, and its sort of dark,but in no way does it prevent us from seeing tits ass and bush. The Full Monty

Chris Rose was written on November 11, 1998

Shower scene

There is a scene where her landlord, Billy Baldwin, is watching her through a hidden camera and she is sitting in the shower. There are a couple shots where you get to see her breasts

Hank was written on November 29, 1998

First love scene with Baldwin

Fairly long segment with full nudity and two brief full front shots. Powerful scene as he takes off her clothes.

JaeDavis was written on September 27, 1999

First love scene

Excellent scene for those who like good side breast shots. After long love scene you think Sharon is done and getting dressed, but she takes her top back off again in a nice long side shot. 3 thumbs up and 4 stars!

Bootydaddy was written on October 11, 2002

this was Stone in her prime

This is a good movie for Stone nudity, but Basic Instinct is still better. You get the ass shots, many breast shots and even a bush shot. Ya know standard Sharon nudity.

zax1 was written on June 14, 2001

Sexy Stone...

Sharon has a lame scene when she touches herself while taking a bath. There's only one or two glimpses of one of her breasts. Later she has sex with William Baldwin. He sits on a chair and she rides him. She's wearing a bra, which prevents us from seeing her breasts and there's a shot of her butt going back and forth. There are many close-ups of her beautiful face filled with pain. She cries and moans verý realistic (as she's a virgin) and later lies under him without a bra revealing one of her breasts. There's a nice shot of her naked body as she lies in the bed covering her goodies with a blanket. Then she goes out of the bed and puts on a shirt, still showing her butt and when William wakes up she walks towards him and takes off the shirt, giving us another view of her nice butt. Further into the movie she gets taken from behind and screams very much, but shows nothing. Sharon is good, but could have given so much more of her beautiful body!

inthecrease was written on September 4, 2001

Long Sex Scene

Sharon Stone shows you all that she has and shows you that she knows how to use it too! She's not only red-hot when this movie came out, but also she and her sexy body makes this movie a movie!

aldorura was written on January 8, 2016

great just great


Basic Instinct (1992)
Luvmonk was written on November 5, 2002

See This Move - A Skin Classic

Why are you reading this review? Haven't you seen this movie yet? What's wrong with you? This is simply the best Stone skin ever. There is Lesbo kissing, hot sex with full frontal nudity, and on top of that it is one of the best psychological thrillers of ALL TIME.

kimberlyely was written on January 15, 2002

great nudity

Great nudity from Sharon Stone when Micheal Douglas is on top of her sucking her nipples,and then as he goes down on her she arches her back and her pert pointy breast reach for the ceiling!
And yet again as she sats atop of him and rides him you see her beautiful little tits as they point skyward!Great movie!

BigWanker was written on April 15, 2001

Sex scenes

She gets on top and ties Michael Douglas to the bedpost, then they have intercourse. Very sexy scene, you get excellent views of the butt and breasts. I was offset by it though because at the same time I was anxious to see whether she'd murder him or no...
Of course there's also the police interview scene where you can see her genitalia, very quickly though.

TheFan was written on February 26, 2001

Recrossing her legs

One of the few scenes in movies that provokes a collective gasp from the audience, followed by a chorus of Oh-my-Gods, and scattered laughter. The ones who are laughing are the ones who, in my opinion, get it. This is one of the funniest scenes ever filmed: the evil femme fatale deliberately and gleefully taunting her police interrogators, in the most outrageous way you could imagine. The fact that it's glamorous Sharon Stone in the chair makes it all the funnier.

movieguy21 was written on May 25, 2002

Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct

I have both the unrated and the R version of this film, and unlike other films, there isn't a huge difference. You get to see all of Sharon in both versions: Her breasts and butt in several sequences, her bush during the infamous leg crossing scene. There's also another frontal shot when Michael Douglas follows Stone to her house and watches her undress. During the unrated version you get one more brief look at her bush during the big love scene in the middle. This is when Douglas prepares to eat her out and if you get the DVD and work the pause right, you can get a real nice look at Stone, probably the best in the movie.

Werewolf was written on October 4, 1998

Interrogation Scene

The classic beaver shot!

MF Luder was written on October 22, 1998

Interrogation scene, first murder scene

Director's Cut of this film has more nudity. Of course, the scene where she flashes herself in the interrogation is one of the most arousing on film. As for the first sex scene, watching Stone's Character have an orgasm by stabbing her lover is a very erotic scene to watch. And to make the best of it, the movie is good too.

Regis was written on January 10, 1999

All nudity

Be advised that in the opening scene a body double played the womanwho murders her lover (neither Jeanne Tripplehorn nor Sharon Stone did that scene). However, the director makes it up to us with the full nudity of Sharon in the interrogation room, walking around naked at her house, andthe hot sex scene back at her place after a night of dancing. We do get a bit of Tripplehorn as Douglas gets rough with her, but not nearly as muchexposure as we see of Stone.

StevieY was written on August 24, 2000

great nudity

Basic Instinct is an entertaining thriller with lots of hot sex. Stone and Michael Douglas have some very steamy scenes. Sharon looks great, especially her butt early on changing her clothes when Douglas and his partner pick her up and bring her in for questioning (the famous interragation scene)

thefaceman32 was written on October 20, 2003

Gyno (well duh) and Oral

Well everyone knows about the famous open leg shot, but I remember hearing Sharon complained that Michael Douglas' stubble scratched. Well if he is that close, there might have been some Oral contact going on.

00:03:00 Breasts and buns while in bed before killing her prey.

00:22:00 Buns and breasts while changing and Michael Douglas sneaks a peek. Short scene.

00:27:00 The famous crotch shot. Sharon Stone crosses and uncrosses her legs. Quick but nice.

00:44:00 Full nudity as Micheal Douglas watches her undress through a window.

01:11:00 Long scene while making love to Michael Douglas. You get to see breasts and buns. Nice sex scene.

01:43:00 Nice breast shot when she takes of her blouse up against the wall.

02:00:00 Breasts as Sharon Stone rides on top of Michael Douglas.

crazy was written on January 7, 2000

The best sexual thriller of the 90's!!! Wow!!!

Well this is it - the hottest movie of the ninties as far as sex and suspense go. Not only was Sharon Stone very hot but the movie was also very good, and that is a supprise considering Hollywood usually has one without the other. Anyhow, Sharon Stone gives us the famous beaver shot during the interrogation scene. I like the one officer This is a no smoking facility. Then Stone answers What are you gonna do - charge me with smoking as she writhes around sexily in her seat. And after Stone tells Douglas about the ice pick she says Isn't it funny how the subconscious works? Douglas then answers Hilarious! The big sex scene in the UR-version has added footage that never made it to theaters in the USA of Douglas putting his head between Stone's legs doing you know what to her pussy. It also has much more 'sexual movement', as the Director calls it, than in the R-rated version such as thrusting and back arching ect. Also not included in the R-version is some additional footage during the opening scene of the movie wheree the guy is getting stabbed at the same time he is climaxing while Stone is moving up and down on him. I really didn't care for this scene - yuk! I give the movie all four stars for Sharon's full frontal nudity and the rampant sex. The acting was excelent! The character of Catherine Trumell however, is so evil a suductress all testosterone prone guys like myself should take warning and stay away from women such as these - you don't want an ice pick through your nose now do you? Damn!

NudeyDude was written on March 1, 2002

We all know the scene

Personally the scene where she crosses the legs is hyped too much. How about the fact we get to see the rest of her body in the movie. the legs scene is nice but all the sex scenes are great too. If u like shamless nudity you should own this movie if you havent seen it by now then you have been under a rock

Winchester was written on December 22, 1999

Between Sharon's legs...

This one will be long remembered as the film where a mainstream actress appears spreadin' her legs exposing what she hides between'em; O.K. kids, is a dream come true, but i'm still thinking that the scene is too much brief (Better if you see some photographs taken of stage for this scene where her blonde bush is more visible). Also there is a nice, but brief and distant full frontal shot when she takes off her clothes while Michael Sexaddict Douglas spies her through a window. The best of the movie comes later when Miss Tramell and Shooter Curran are having one of wildest sex scene ever made (i bought the director's cut edition of this movie and always see this scene with the pause button ready to be pushed for don't miss any detail. At this edition you may also see a trailer which was not theatrically released 'cause was considered too much erotic for some people, in the trailer, you can briefly see a secuence of Sharon, which doesn't appear even in the director's cut version, where she pulls up her dress before the sex scene... i mean, does it exist a Director's cut for the Director's cut edition??). Way to go, Paul!.. great movie!

zax1 was written on June 14, 2001

Outstanding beauty!

Sharon's first nude performance is when she's undressing. Michael Douglas is taking a peek at her naked butt as she puts on a dress and reveals the side of her left breast. Then comes the famous interrogation scene which needs no details. Later in the movie she takes off her clothes and gives us full frontal. She walks out of the room and shows us her butt before she turn the lights off. Then comes the sex scene with Sharon and Douglas. As he goes down between her legs her breasts are on display. They switch and Sharon goes down on him. They turn around and he starts to thrust her and she moans and cries and eventually screams. They make one last turn as she ties him to the bed and starts to ride him with a great strenght. As she moves her body back and forth you can see her butt till she almost flies up and lands on him. Before they hugg each other there's a nice shot of her butt. They have to kiss and hugg scenes later which has no nudity. The last scene is just a shorter and nicer version of the first sex scene. She's on top and starts to drag her body over him back and forth with many shots at her breasts till she gets an orgasm. Sharon Stone is an outstanding beauty!

muffmate was written on September 19, 2002


Well, what to add to others?! Only to say Kudos to Sharon to be in a roomful of guys (plus the film crew) with no pants on and expose her gorgeous blond bush and lips. With a slow mo, you can even see her wink...
Later in the movie, you see her undress, Michael Douglas watching with a great side shot of her tits and what is clearly a pretty generous golden muff. Sex with Michael Douglas provides a great shot of her firm rack while on her back and a brief shot of her muff before Michael takes his position for a bit of oral. It even looks like he comes up with a shiny nose...... Great performance.

LuvJuggs was written on April 4, 2004

The Crossing of the Legs

I think that this scene is way over hyped. You can very briefly see a little hair, and thats it.

polsen was written on March 20, 2001

spreadin' her legs exposing what she hides between'em

spreadin' her legs exposing what she hides between'em

martinoct was written on May 24, 2002


very nice woman for XX century

jeremyw was written on August 19, 2003


dang this is one of my favorite scenes of all time we see whats between sharons legs

renecone was written on June 2, 2002

in the police station

She is so unreal. The fact that there are several men in the room while she is spread eagle makes the scene great.

halolover was written on September 6, 2006

Holy ****

This scene falls short of what you would see in Pornography

Wynroses @aol.com was written on November 13, 1998

beaver shot

The look on the faces of the detectives doing the interrogation. But the beaver shot is best

Them Cleric was written on January 14, 1999

In Bed with Mike Douglas

Ties up Mike Douglas and has intercourse with him. Nice scene.

Dan was written on January 21, 1999

scenes galore

this is such a great movie, i love seeing Sharon Stone have an orgasm multiple times while having sex with Michael Douglas

nudity_elitist was written on July 20, 2002

I squinted, but to no avail.

Just a quick note about the over-blown hype surrounding the so-called "beaver shot." Maybe it was my television's brightness level or maybe I saw an alternate version but I saw nothing up that skirt but a bunch of shadows. Just how much detail could the rest of you make out?

soulman was written on October 12, 2001

Plenty Of Nudity, Including The Classic Interigation Scene

This is Stone's definitive nude film moment to date. I can't add any more to the previous reviews. If you're one of the 5 Sharon fans who have'nt seen this movie should rent it now.

beefcake was written on August 24, 2000

tons of scenes

Everything of Sharon is shown is this classic, boobies, bush, and ass. If you haven't heard about this movie you must have been living in a cave some where. There is no need for me to describe this film. Let me just say that you see something extra. Go rent this classic!

mario07 was written on May 21, 2002

between her legs

she shows everything but her stomach

superpink13 was written on June 24, 2001

I'm so jealous

Why couldn't I be cast in this movie? I can act better than Douglas. Stone is very much nude for the whole movie. Many long sex scenes worthy of an Oscar.

Year of the Gun (1991)
Xeyes was written on September 24, 2007

no nudity

There is no real nudity in this movie

eaglefish69 was written on May 24, 2001

sex scene

this scene is very nice for the acting wise she has great moans and grunts. there is a very quick flash of the nipple when andrew mcarthy pushes her shirt up while against the door. then later you see the side of her breast as he rams her from behind. good movie.

Luvmonk was written on November 5, 2002

Stone Has Done Much Better

Very little nudity from Stone. You barely see her left tit as her sweater is ever so briefly lifted. The dude's hand obscures a lot of the tit to boot. She also get's out of bed after the act and we get a little view of her naked backside with a hint of ass. The movie itself is ok but not great. Its plot muddles along at a very slow pace. And the guy from Mad About You is just so unconvincing as an Italian national.

Winchester was written on December 22, 1999

Sex scene

Sharon is having sex wih Andrew McCarthy at this one, but the scene is nothing to die for; If you wanna see Sharon nude, must see Basic Instinct... This one is just a very good movie and worth to see it.

boba was written on April 29, 2001

Young Sharon

Before she put on the weight. She goes at it with him right as they walk in the door. He kisses her, feeling her up under her shirt. Yanking her big panties off. Then he eats her out and then he does her from behind. We get a nice shot of her tan strong back as her drills into her as hard as she can. Her face screams, as he lips get caught up in the pillows. Sharon really gets violated as an actress here.

Scissors (1991)
damn_crazy_bastard was written on October 3, 2001

Topless reflection in the mirror as she dresses.

Sharon looks great as we get a long, lingering look at her wonderful breasts in the mirror as she dresses. She doesn't bother to lace up her top, so we get several extra seconds to admire as she looks at her reflection.

Heat was written on November 16, 1998

Topless Shot

She is standing topless in front of a mirror, then she slowly start to cover her breasts with a white shirt.

Total Recall (1990)
DCW3 was written on July 9, 2000

Not worth mentioning

If you look really hard, you might be able to see the side of her nipple for a frame or two, but that's it.

Heat was written on November 16, 1998

Quick Breast Revealing

She is having a fight in bed with Arnold Schwarzenegger, her boobs are jumping in and out, then she undo her top while laying on her back.

[email protected] was written on March 26, 2002

0:04-after the opening scene with Mr. Schwarzenegger's nightmare, she has a little fight with him, fight which ends with her undoing her nightie.

You don't get to see anything, though--not even a glimpse of a nipple. She looks--in my oppinion at least--better here than in "Basic Instinct", but she should not be listed in CNdb for this scene.

preauxzacques was written on April 4, 2003

Actually, there's some nip slip and what appears to be bush...

I bought the Special Edition version of Total Recall... And went through the wrestling on the bed scene, and if you go frame by frame, you saw some nipslip and what appears to be bush, when she straddles him (5:02 into the film) Her bush definitely seems to be a tad fuller than in Basic Instinct.

Blood and Sand (1989)
crazy was written on August 27, 1999

many different nude scenes

The first nude scene is a side breast shot of her on top of her partner. This is quite a teaser and beautifully done. The other nude scenes worth mentioning are of her and her partner out side having sex. There are several breast shots that include her large rosy nipples. No lower nudity in this movie. See Basic Instinct for her hairy triangle.

Luvmonk was written on November 5, 2002

2 Stone Scenes in an Otherwise Crappy Movie

Stone's tits are the only reason to see this piece of crap movie. She has sex with the madador and shows a little bit-o-tit (not that great). The best scene is when they are riding horses and pause in a secluded spot to get busy. Here there is clearly lit close up shots of her perfect two.

Powercool was written on February 22, 2000

Quick flashes while getting it

In this movie we see Sharon's breasts and ass a few times while she is having sex. The first time she is on a table and we briefly see one of her tits. The second time she it outside and we see her tits fall out of her open shirts as she starts off on top, then there is a quick shot of her topless on her back with the guy on top of her, finally she is backed up against a tree and we get to see some nice side ass shots as the guy is ramming himself in her. She looked allot better in this film then she did in Basic Instinct.

espy was written on May 26, 1999

sex scenes

Its been awhile, but I don't think there are any good nude shots. However, if you like sex scenes there's quite a bit and very hot.

Action Jackson (1988)
pj11 was written on November 28, 2002

toppless twice

first in sauna steamy and dim can clearly see her chest, she towels down and briefly her breast and nip are in front of the white towel:not bad
second sadly she is dead and bloody (shot?) but as the cop lifts up the sheet we again see her perfect young tits
a must see for all sharon stone fans!!!

dav345 was written on March 21, 2003

sauna scene

You see absolutely nothing in the sauna scene. There is too much steam. She may as well have all her clothes on. The steam acts like a big white fur coat, covering up all her goodies. Stay away from this movie. Stay far, far away.

beave0 was written on March 7, 2006


At 34:17 Stone is in a sauna. It is very foggy (steam) so it is not a good view. First you see the left breast then a few seconds later she turns and drops her towel so we get to see the right one. Again only for a brief moment.

beave0 was written on March 7, 2006

breast with nipple

At 53:02 stone is lying dead under a sheet. A cop lifts up the sheet you get to see her right breast and nipple. If you don't mind a little blood it is not bad.

soulman was written on October 12, 2001


This is one of Sharon's early film roles. She looked so hot in this movie that it was such a big disappointment that she's only nude during a brief shower scene and later where she's a bloody mess when her dead body is discovered.

beefcake was written on August 24, 2000

two brief shots

You get to see two brief shots of Sharons boobs in this flick. The first time while she is getting out of a shower, but its way to foggy to see good. The second time is while she is laying dead. You get to see one of her boobs but she is all bloody and nasty looking. If you want to see Sharon, rent a movie called Basic Instinct.

Luvmonk was written on November 5, 2002

1 Shower Scene - 1 Dead Corpse Scene

Stone takes a steamy shower and we get a pretty decent look at her ta ta's. It is a little dark with the steam and all but it's not too bad. We also see her ass as she towels herself dry. Then we see her dead body laying on Jackson's bed covered in blood (well lit and close range). Relatively watchable action flick from the same genre as Arnold Schwartzenager.

Powercool was written on February 22, 2000

Brief shot of one breast

The previous review of this movie is incorrect.We get to see a 3 to 5 second shot of one of her tits as she lays dead on a bed.

ReLoad was written on August 19, 1999

getting into the shower

i think it was getting into the shower cuz i watched this movie a while back but there is deffinatley her butt and breast shot. There is also a quick shot of her bush but in dark.

Cold Steel (1987)
LeroyBrown was written on September 22, 2002

Breasts, but barely worth a star.

She was under Brad Davis and her breasts were partially showing but it was dark an their arms covered the nipple. Her nipple pop out a couple of times. Then after sex she was lying on her side facing us and he was behind her, their arms covered her breasts but there was a quick peek at her nipple when she twists around to face him.

beefcake was written on August 24, 2000

in bed

In this low budget flick, Sharon's boobs can be seen while she is laying in bed with some guy. Its quick and dark, so you may have to use the pause button.

Luvmonk was written on November 5, 2002

Poorly Acted Movie With Very Little Tit to Show For It.

Very short amounts of Stone's stones when she is lying on her back during a sex scene. The scene is worsened by the fact that it is very dark. P.S. this movie totally blows even for the small amount of nudity this is not worth renting unless you are on a quest to see Stone's complete catalog.

soulman was written on April 4, 2003

A Couple Of Quick Peeks.

*1/2. The other reviewers pretty much says it all. A couple of quick peeks of her tits in a darkly lit scene with Davis. Would've been better if the lighting was better. For die hard Stone fans only.

Irreconcilable Differences (1984)
Brokencake was written on February 16, 2000

Delicious Tits

Sharon pulls down her top for a short (about 5 seconds) but absolutely lovely shot of beautiful breasts with pink nipples.

p_arquette was written on August 19, 1999

Brief Breasts

There is a short, funny scene in which Sharon lowers he top down and we get a perfect, but short view of her great breasts. Four stars if it had been longer.

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on July 25, 2003

nice tits

quick shots of her nice tits

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