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Shannon Whirry's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2000 Prophet's Game, The 2 Reviews
2000 Me, Myself & Irene 4 Reviews
1998 Fatal Pursuit 3 Reviews
1996 Ringer 1 Review
1996 Playback 4 Reviews
1996 Exit 3 Reviews
1995 Private Obsession 6 Reviews
1995 Granny, The 3 Reviews
1995 Dangerous Prey 6 Reviews
1994 Lady In Waiting 6 Reviews
1994 Animal Instincts II 3 Reviews
1993 Mirror Images II 8 Reviews
1993 Body of Influence 1 Review
1992 Animal Instincts 7 Reviews

nudity reviews for Shannon Whirry member submitted

Prophet's Game, The (2000)
Chicago was written on January 7, 2003


At :44-:44:10 and at :45-:45:15 as sandman explains, Shannon shows only cleavage in a bra...though at one point her twins are bouncing around. She should not have been added.

sandmanoftheendless was written on November 28, 2000

One scene

It appears that sadly Shannon is not doing nude scenes anymore. 43 minutes into the movie she is on the couch with boyfriend in a bra and panties. She sits up twice allowing you to see her impressive cleavage. But that is it.

Me, Myself & Irene (2000)
diamonddog was written on May 12, 2002

Breast-sucking scene

Just saw a vidcap on the net and it was clearly a prostetic they used !

Htr was written on July 10, 2000

Almost Every Man's Twisted fantasy

In this movie, the buxom Ms. Whirry (or more specifically) her breasts cameo in the part of a new, coincidentally attractive mother.
After a great cleavage shot, Jim Carrey, as twisted alter-ego Hank, suprises Whirry who's breastfeeding her baby by putting his mouth in place of the baby's, sucking on her breast.
No nipple, just most of the top of Whirry's huge breasts, this scene is played for laughs, and is not erotic and even a bit sick. Want skin? Stick to her B-movies.

NudeyDude was written on July 19, 2000

Jim sucks the breast of a woman

This scene gets a star from me only because it is something I have never seen before. Also because Miss Whirry is very hot. But you see no nipple and due to the graphic nature of the scene almost certainly a prostetic boob was used. A great movie though.

xxzz was written on May 19, 2007

Breast Sucked

In this othwise silly movie, Jim Carey's character has a "mean, nasty" alter ego. As his alter ego passes by a goregous mother breast feeding her infant, Carey's character replaces the feeding child and he begins to feed off her breast. The "goregous mother" is played by B-movie queen, Shannon Whirry and, although no nipple is displayed, as Carey sucks on her tit 95% of the tit and her areola are shown. Carey sucks her tit quite vigorously and Shannon's facial expressions respond in kind. In interviews about this scene, Jim Carey has expressed guilt since Shannon Whirry was in deed still breast feeding her son and Carey sucked long and hard enough to get her milk in his mouth.

Fatal Pursuit (1998)
Sorcerer was written on March 21, 2001

What a Waste.

Don't be fooled by the box art- it's more arousing than the actual film. You've got Shannon Whirry, a babe with an amazing natural figure, she's got a cute fake-Brit accent, but apparently she's trying to go legit, so only two scenes of nudity. Sad. The first comes after she's had a bad night of hard drinking- we see her in the shower, but behind blurry glass. Some of her bum, breasts and a glimpse of her nether region, but all very briefly. Then there's no nudity from her until the end, when she has a brief sex scene with the profoundly repulsive male lead. Good shots of her breasts and a glimpse of her rear, but the scene lasts for all of 10 seconds, and just to re-iterate, the guy she's on top of is the biggest sleazy jerk of a protagonist you can imagine, so that kills any chances of the scene being arousing. She deserves better.

noc was written on September 26, 1999

shower and love scene

shower scene in early part of movie: see glimpses of her breasts, but nice view of her butt. love scene at end of movie: decent view of her breasts. nothing special though. this one can be skipped and you won't miss it.

Condor was written on October 5, 1999

Ahannon acting

This is not the usual soft-porn film Shannon is acustomed to. It supposed to be an action comedy.The only laughs in this film is from Shannon patheticly trying to act (the other actors dont even try) and her hilarious phony UK accent. To the nudity then. There are two nude scenes only one some 15-20 minutes into the film and the other at the end. First shes in a shower turning all around so we get a good view of her nakednessher triangle is less savagly cut this time so u get a more natural thick and curly black muff view her perfect shaply ass is for some reason less perfect here but her world wonders are still an awesome sight!!! You see her through a very transparent glass door then walking out. The second scene the hero of the movie gets his reward by tasting Shannons assets and he does it with great vigour. Shannon is siting naked on him we see her tits and some ass while the guty squeezes and sucks on her two mountains. Her others movies are much better nudity.You can say about Shannon that who lives by the tit will die by the tit. She decided to stop showing her body ( thank god she has a huge recorded naked legacy including some of the most raunchiest lesbo scenes in a non pornographic film) and with no acting talent at all its no wonder she almost doing nothing this days!

Ringer (1996)
cecil was written on January 1, 2005

sex scenes

This review is from the German DVD. During the opening credits she's undressing and making out with a guy, and while no explicit nudity is seen here, the camera twice shows a close up of most of her bare rear while wearing small thong type panties. Then at 6 minues a sex scene with William Bumiller. She's sitting on top. We see a side view of her rear several times and some pretty good looks at her breasts. She appears to be totally nude, but the lighting is not good enough to see full frontal. At 36 minutes a good rear shot as she descends into the pool to join Malcolm McDowell. Then a minute later she leaves the pool, a good view of breasts and also about 2 seconds of full frontal. At 85 minutes is a 2-minute sex scene with Timothy Bottoms as they try out a variety of positions. The lighting's not too good, but the camera often shows her bare rear and breasts. Once while she's sitting on top of him and the camera is focused on her rear, she raises up a bit and we see something between his legs that looks like he's wearing a sock or bunched up briefs or something.

Playback (1996)
Spoon was written on February 24, 2001

The whole movie

In the version that I saw (rated R), her clothes seemed to be stuck to her body. Maybe there is another version, but I was very disappointed.

McBoris was written on April 18, 2002

Lots of breast shots.

While there are lots of shots of Shannon's breasts in this film in her other films she has revealed more and for much longer. Shannon has possibly the greatest pair of breasts in the industry so this makes up for the lack of shots of her ass.

Serna was written on November 22, 2000

Treat for fans of Whirry

I can't remember too many details but even by Whirry standards this is a feast of tit and arse. She doesn't have as many nude scenes as in other movies but she has a sexy dressing sequence and a scene where she starts to have sex with a guy in which she gets those great melons out and there are some fantastic views of her butt. She looks great in this movie.

sirspread was written on September 9, 2003


again whirry shows her oversized breasts on various occasions (mirror images has better)
she is only average on looks and her breasts are such a turn off so this will only appeal to her fans

Exit (1996)
kineone was written on July 30, 1999

opening scenes

well, to be honest, there is only one sex scene in the whole flick. about 5 minutes in, a very short scene with her love interest. the rest of the film has various breast shots from other actresses playing strippers

cecil was written on May 25, 2002

sex scene, stripping

The other reviewers describe well her sex scene with Brad Long. Later in the movie she does a strip routine with some good quick close ups of her breasts when she pulls down her top.

louisgara was written on November 26, 1999

Breasts in opening love scene

Whirry doesn't do too much in this goofy action title, though she does have a nice love scene. Shannon and her fiancee are making love in their bedroom in the beginning where we see many nice glimpses of her breasts in the scenes. Its not long and you're better off renting Mirror Images 2 or Animal Instinct, but Whirry is always great to look at.

Private Obsession (1995)
zax1 was written on February 22, 2002

A naked performance!

Starts off with Shannon dropping a towel revealing her butt, then getting dressed showing us her breasts. The next scene with nudity is the door sequence that you can read about in the previous review. That scene follows by a shower scene. Shannon pulls off her shorts and walks into the showers. There's a quick glimpse of her pubic hair, but is better displayed on a small monitor. She turns around and gives a quick look at her butt. After dinner Shannon starts undressing and acting sexy for a guy on a TV. When she pulls off her panties there's a nice close-up on her butt. Her breasts are showing all the time, but there's only one glimpse of her pubic hair when she walks in front of the television and one when she stands straight. In the following scene Shannon has sex with the guy on a cough. She's lying on her back while he sitting and thrusting her. Then she gets taken from behind in his lap and later facing him, then back lying down with nothing showing more than her breasts. After an unsuccessful escape he rips off her clothes, leaving her naked showing only her breasts, then covering them and her pubics while sitting down on bed. In the next scene, Shannon is seen on a monitor lying on a bed with a great view of her butt. Then there's a real camera capturing her butt till she turns around and sits on the edge of the bed. Then there's a quick glimpse of her pubic hair on the monitor before she covers it. Breasts are seen all the time. In her next scene Shannon walks into a toilet with a nice close-up of her face and breasts. She bends down a bit, giving a nice view of her naked body, and a bit of her butt. When she turns around there's a millisecond of pubic hair. Then she walks towards a door, showing some of her butt crack. Then she jumps away from the door and shows us her pubic hair, but covering her breasts. Her last scene containing nudity is another sex scene. The guy caresses her naked body and then takes from behind while lying over her. She makes some really nice moans and then they switch, Shannon gets over him, continuing her great moaning. Because it's Shannon Whirry and her undeniable charisma doing these nude- and sex scenes, it's worth checking out. A must if you're a fan!

Dolfan was written on February 25, 1999

Tits galore

Shannon prances around nude much of this movie, with many great shots, this is a classic film and should be viewed by everybody

Spoon was written on February 18, 2000


awesome breasts!! great scene when she gets stuck in door and lucky dude has to butter up her jugs to un stuck her! must see!

heyjoewaddayaknow was written on May 7, 2002

every scene she's in

no tits I've ever seen in my life have matched these ones. They're absolutely huge (easily DDs) and absolutely REAL! Now that's a rare thing in movies like this. The scenes this gal Shannon Whirry are a must-see, a real treasure and a blessing for every breast fan out there. She truly has the best body I've ever seen.

DustBowl68 was written on December 12, 2000

More on that door sequence...

To elaborate on the scene previously reviewed by spoon, Shannon plays a celebrity who's been kidnapped by an obsessed fan. At one point she tries to escape the room where she's being held captive via a small hole in the door like one's dog or cat would use. Needless to say (given Shannon's ample, Marilynesque proportions) she gets stuck. Though this film isn't her best in terms of nude screen time (though even on that count it will suffice), it does show off her acting chops better than most of her more notoriously naked roles. Shannon has a real feel for conveying vengeance.

Psycho Realm was written on February 25, 1999

Entire movie

I must agree with Dolfan as this was one of the best R-rated breast fiascos. Whirry has monstrosities and you get to view them through the wonders of video.So rent it, watch it, and enjoy those funbags.

Granny, The (1995)
Cyclone was written on December 2, 1999

Topless after a shower

We get to see Shannon topless briefly, but in general, she is really covered up throughout the whole movie. When we do get to see her, her tits are as magnificent as ever, but aside from these five or ten seconds, there's not much of her to see.

louisgara was written on November 26, 1999

Brief breasts

Shannon Whirry tried more attempting at acting with The Granny, but still shows off her beautiful breasts briefly in the film at the middle point when shes changing. Whirry still looks amazing though the scene is brief. Its a great b horror flick, but if you're renting for Whirry nudity, skip it.

Async was written on May 5, 1999

All scenes

Don't bother! I was surprised to see this movie listed here, as I don't remember seeing any nude scenes of Shannon at all. I waited for them, and the potential was there, given the storyline, but...nothing.

Dangerous Prey (1995)
sirspread was written on January 3, 2003


described well by others some good shots of shannons ridiculous breasts and a nice shot of her pussy

nakedbuns was written on December 1, 2000

shower scene

A very good shower scene where we get long looks at her nice curvy bum and several shots of her breasts and bush. You've gotta love it when a beautiful naked woman attacks a voyeur au naturel

OptimusPrime was written on January 30, 2002

My fave scene

Shannon's in the shower,and you get
a glimpse of that delicious ass of
her.Then suddenly,the towel guy
takes a real good peak at her,but
Shannon knows he's looking at her.
So she tempts him to come closer,
before you know it,she knocks him
out cold with the shower head,
allowing a wonderful of her tits and

Bootydaddy was written on June 26, 2002

Shower Scene

Shannon is taking a shower and some dude brings in some towels and decides to look her over. She then wraps the shower head in a towel and turns towards the dude. He walks in a SMASH gets knocked right across the face and he is out. You get some great views of her ass, tits and bush in this scene, it happens about 15 minutes into the movie.

Gordon was written on February 9, 2000

Sex scene and shower scene

Shannon does what she does best in this movie--get naked and get it on! Actually it's not her best, but it's still pretty good. In one (long) scene she's on top straddling a guy while he screws her. You get a full frontal of her large breasts and even some of her bush. In the long shower scene you get to see most of her naked body, including her butt.

storm was written on August 25, 1999

Sex scene and shower scene

The sex scene occurs at the beginning of the film and you can see all of Shannon in her wonderous glory. She looks incredibly sweet here. Later she's taking a shower at the camp that she has to stay at and you see her all briefly. There are shots of her breasts but then you see her from the back showing her nice arse. She then has to take a guy out that perving on her and you briefly see her full frontal.

Lady In Waiting (1994)
zax1 was written on February 22, 2002

Slow & careful scenes.

First there's some touching on her left breast, but she calls it off. Then Shannon's taking a bath while having a phonecall. She starts to caress her breasts and goes lower, but the camera stays above her waist. In her first sex scene the camera captures her back, showing the start of her butt crack, then a close-up of her breasts and face while she moans quietly. A few scenes later, there's a close-up of her hands in a drawer. Then the camera move upwards and gives us a quick glimpse of her pubic hair in a mirror while she puts on a shirt, but showing us her breasts in just enough time before she covers them. In the next scene, she walks into a shower and starts the water, unbuttons the shirt and throws it of her, revealing her beautiful, naked body in full frontal. She turns around and shows us her nice butt and gets company by a really tall guy. The instant he puts his arms around her from behind, her arms are stretched against the wall. He then lifts her and turns her against us, showing breasts and pubic hair again. She turns around against him and gets very close. It's fun to see how short she is compared to him. He then takes her from behind, pressing her breasts against the glass. Very weak scenes, except the last one, but since it's the beautiful Shannon Whirry I have no choice!

Spoon was written on February 18, 2000

as mentioned above

large and real boobies while on top of dude, in tub, full frontal putting on shirt and in shower.

Condor was written on April 13, 1999

Wow! total nudity

this dumb movie featuring Ms. Whirry is not worth talking about other than her roleShe got mega Boobs 100% real!first peek we can see when shes in the car and geting her breasts out of her dresssecond talking on the phone in the bath BRESTSthird making love Breasts and little ASSfourth looking at a morror and puting on a shirt brief full frontal and BREASTSfifth is the hotest getting undressed we can see everthing in front and back while taking a shower the a dude comes in and rubbs himself all over herddi I mention she got GREAT BOOBS???

Dante9703 was written on November 13, 2004

Nude in shower plus frequently topless

Shannon is topless at least 4 times in this film, starting at about 20 mins in and then at around 10 mins intervals after that.

The first time she is getting fondled against a wall after leaving a bar. In the second scene she is having a bath. In the third scene she is having sex and we also see her naked from the side. In the last scenes we see her brifely topless while getting dressed and then a couple of minutes later she is out of her clothes again and gets into the shower. We see her totally naked and a clear full frontal and then a guy gets in with her and they start getting it on. Well worth watching.

AdNoctum was written on December 11, 1999

Perfect 10

The movie itself is typical of the erotic thriller genre,in other words sex scenes and nudity. Where as there is little of the former it is the latter that makes up for it. Nearly all of the movies female cast strip off to a degree,(except Meg Foster). Shannon Whirry herself bares all. Particulary nice is the bath scene where we get to see her large breasts, (WOW), whilst she is talking on the phone. Also there is the scene when she strips for the shower, it is here that you get to see her in her all, breasts, butt and ....(I'll leave it to your imagination). Also at the beginning is a cameo by porn star Janine Lindemulder, she plays the first murdered girl and yes we do get to see her breasts, (WOW).

Gordon was written on January 8, 2000

Bath, shower, bedroom, etc.

Shannon plays a prostitute and is naked quite a bit in this movie, although not as much as in Mirror Image. In one scene you get to see a sideview of her huge breasts as they spill out of the top of her dress. In another you get to see her large jugs from head on while she takes a bath. In my favorite scene she's in the shower, so you get to see all her naked glory--chest, butt, stomach, legs, everything!--and a guy comes in and feels her all over. And of course there is a sex scene where Shannon is on top, which is just fine because you get a better look at her amazing twins.

Animal Instincts II (1994)
Gordon was written on November 13, 1999

The whole movie

This movie is all about nudity and sex, but it is ultimately disappointing. Shannon has a greatbody and you get to see it a few times, but not enough. Her sex scenes are especially disappointing. You'll get nudity in this movie, but you can find better.

Spoon was written on March 4, 2001

Unrated Version

Many scenes- starting with boobs and ass in fantasy love scene. Then loses her bikini at poolside and rubs herself. Damn, she can work those tits! Next with people she picks up in a bar with various breast and bush. Then she flashes her left boob for the hidden camera. Next is posing for photographer. Big boobs, some ass and a side view of her beaver. Moments later, she feels dirty so she takes a shower. Soon a shot of her in her undies with her new boyfriend getting tits grabbed from behind. It is now his turn to get his hands and lips on her jugs. Great nudity- great chest! See the unrated version. One of her top performances. Her nudity is as good as she has done.

storm was written on August 25, 1999

Not as the first

Shannon gets naked a fair bit in this film and you do see all of her but the scenes just aren't as good as Animal Insticts. There are much better nude scenes in the original.

Mirror Images II (1993)
Sexdemonno1 was written on March 31, 2005

Shannon going at it like a pro!

Quite simply the best soft core porn film you will ever see!

Shannon Whirry also just beats Shannon Tweed into second place for the honour of being my favourite s.c.p.star.

She is simply excellent in this film and must have about 10 scenes where she is naked and having sex.
The best is when shes getting shagged from behind in a jacuzzi. Lucky guy is all i can say. She also moans incredibly well.
Another great scene is where she is shagging her female psychiatrist and theres lots of her amazing and near perfect real breasts and her tight rounded ass.

This woman is great and this is a film every man should see!
P.S. Sirspread you've got the wrong film too. She isnt playing her twin in this film its another one. This films sex scenes are varied and sexy as hell. ;-)

McKinnon was written on March 28, 2011


Maybe I\'m being nostalgic but the soft porn of the early 90\'s seemed to have much more sensuality. Shannon Whirry was probably the most sultry, and managed to look beautiful and not jacked up. This and Animal Instincts were my favorite movies with Shannon - the scene with the psychiatrist being especially hot.

BushLeague was written on November 16, 2002

Unrated version is almost a porn film

Shannon does so many sex scenes it almost becomes repetitious (I know they want to feature her fabulous tits, but they could try a few more positions!). Humongous ripe persian melons, bush, and brief ass in shower during beginning of film. Hikes up skirt for 1/8 partial ass. Shows milk shake makers during a love scene. Shows thonged butt changing into a mini skirt. Has a sapphic suare with her psychiatrist and shows tits and very brief bush. Tits on parade while making love in a hot tub. Also shows ass fault while sitting on edge, with brief pubes. Has yet another "Ride 'em cow girl!" love scene with tits, brief pubes, and side buttress. Brief scene with underwire bra and support massive mastifs. Brief buns through a see-thru negligee. Bunnage from rear (thonged) while stripping for a trick. Some tits on the bed rails during love making with brief bush. In another Lesbo, left tit is first unholstered and then both tits swing free. Brief thonged butt scene.

Shooter was written on October 31, 1999

Wall to wall nudity

Shannon is naked throughout this movie. Worth mentioning is a great lez scene with Sara Suzanne Brown. One word, WOW.

Lusypius was written on November 1, 1999

Just one more accolade

If you're not familiar with Shannon Whirry, rent one of her other movies first. Once you decide you want more, check out this feast. It should have been called Shannon and more Shannon. Amazing.

Gordon was written on January 3, 2000

The whole movie!

This movie is just jam-packed with Shannon nudity and sex scenes! She plays the parts of twin sisters, and the evil sister is screwing around with just about everyone her good sister knows: her husband, psychiatrist, friend's husband, etc. There is just so much nudity (she's even nude in the opening credits!), including those huge breasts that have made Shannon a mainstay of adult films.

sirspread was written on December 6, 2002

mirror images

a film where shannon whirry plays two twin sisters one bad one good.there is not much of a storyline and the film is a glorified porno really.i would only recomend the film to those who like big breasts as there are plenty of topless shots of whirrys top heavy set

storm was written on August 25, 1999


Shannon is absolutely hot in this film. She takes her kit off constantly and you get to see her completely naked, not to mention those amazing breasts! She's absolutely awesome with scenes of her having sex with her maid's husband and other crazy acts. There's a lot of her romping around naked in this film.

Body of Influence (1993)
Spoon was written on March 6, 2000

the usual whirry breast fest.

boobies throughout. also a scene of her neatly trimmed bush. after watching this movie, you may want to send her money for acting lessons. her golden bozo's make it all worthwhile.

Animal Instincts (1992)
owsama was written on February 23, 2001

All the scences were good

Shannon's tits are so big, you just want to suck them all day, lucky bastards, these actors who fucked her in this film...however its so sad not to see any one eat her pussy

Winchester was written on October 19, 1999

Yeh... Get the unrated version

I think miss Shannon is an amazing lust machine,at rated or unrated version she has a pretty face and lethal body; but definitivelly the unrated version of this movie is far the best, you can see her full frontal nude when she takes off her bath suit in front her onanistic neighbour and at the photographic session, nice. but the hottest cut-off you can see is a good and explicit lesbian scene in the unrated version with Shannon and her girlfriend wearing sexy lingerie and interweaving her tongues (may be you realize that Shannon's tongue-action-kisses are a highly erotic and exciting trade-mark of her sex scenes), too hot, even at a softcore sex film. Go and check it out!

CMA was written on May 1, 1999

Breasts = Main Attraction

Miss Whirry's global endowments are, to put it mildly, breathtaking. There were several moments while watching this film in which I simply sighed in amazement at the awesome sight before me. This film has a couple of quality sex scenes, and shows just about all there is to see of Shannon. Amazing. Just TRY to keep your hands off yourself during the lingerie trying-on scene, the sex scene with the cable guy, or, hell, just about any scene in which Whirry has her shirt off.

Starduster was written on June 24, 1999

R Rated version is terrible!

Be careful! There are two cuts of this film, R, and Unrated. By all means, get the unrated version, because of the hot scenes, including much of Shannon Whirry's nudity are deleted from the R tape. Example: there is a fantasy lover sequence early in the film, and in the unrated version, Whirry is full frontal in a long scene. In the R tape, she doesn't even get her lingerie off! You won't get off either with the watered-down R video. Make sure you get the Unrated (NR)tape.

Serna was written on November 14, 2000


Shannon looks fantastic in this film and is in underwear or naked most of the time.
The best bits start over the credits with Shannon getting dressed nice and slowly. She runs her hands over her supreme breasts and stocking legs.
Then she fantasizes she is making love with a couple of men in a row. She runs her fingers over herself and then the first man comes in. Tits out immediately. Second man takes her from behind and you get to see her snatch and real close-ups of those tits. She looks great but it's a shame this is one of those erotic vids where it's so obvious they aren't doing it. Next there is a great scene where she is trying on loads of different types of super-sexy underwear, she holds her tits and pokes out her arse in the mirror.
Later she has sex with a cable TV guy. He gets her tits out, kisses her stomach and thighs and she gets on top. Great arse shot as she pumps. She arches her back, and sucks his thumb.
then later again more full frontal with another guy and he gets to take her from behind too.
There's her scene with her, a man and Delia Sheppard in costume. Those soon come off and the girls get their substantial breasts out. They are wearing sussies and stockings.
She dresses in a suit for another guy, great arse shot when she undresses and he pumps her.
Another scene with Sheppard where they both get their tits out. DS caresses her arse and tits and then they move their breasts together.
Then she has a sex scene with Mitch Gaylord. He's sitting up and she's sitting in his lap, her arse going mad with each thrust. She leans back and he holds her hips as she goes up and down on him. Oh!

006 was written on January 30, 1999


Shannon gets naked through out the showA must see

sirspread was written on January 3, 2003


plenty of action especially the opening part of the film but i would only reccomend it to lovers of oversize boobs like whirrys

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