Sandra Annette Bullock
Arlington, Virginia, USA

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year title
2009 The Proposal 2 Reviews
2000 28 Days 3 Reviews
1996 Time to Kill, A 1 Review
1994 Who Do I Gotta Kill? 3 Reviews
1993 Fire on the Amazon 22 Reviews
1993 Demolition Man 6 Reviews
1989 Who Shot Patakango? 4 Reviews

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The Proposal (2009)
KevLar was written on June 18, 2009

The Collision scene

At 54 minutes into the movie the well documented nude scene. It starts when Sandra is taking a shower and when she is finished, she finds no towel in the bathroom. So she covers her vagina with a small towel in one hand and covers her breasts with the other and she tries to sneek out to look for a towel, (I could swear I've seen her bare butt in a mirror). A little dog she's afraid of is blocking her escape. We see her naked from the front covering herself in several shots but when she finally gets out of the bathroom she collides with an equally naked Ryan Gosling. We see them very briefly naked from the side.
In this whole scene we do not see any nudity what so ever from either actor but is was definately worth seeing.

nekkidchix was written on October 16, 2011

Coming out of the shower

She comes out of the shower naked, blocking full nudity with strategic placement of arms and props and furniture. About one frame of the front of her abdomen (no pubic hair) as she falls into him.

28 Days (2000)
dvddish was written on February 24, 2003

just fun no nudity

okay scene better with full frontal though :-)

montyburns was written on January 27, 2001

Nude through distorted glass

Ms. Bullock gives a semi-tease of her body when she gets out of bed after having a wild night of partying and sex. The sex scene isn't really shown but in the morning, she stands behind a shower door-like glass. Her smallish breasts and nipples can be made out through the glass but it's only brief and her proportions aren't that great to begin with.

moviestuff was written on July 21, 2003

tease but fun

what a nice teace

Time to Kill, A (1996)
duckem was written on December 15, 2000

Read the novel instead

What a wasted opportunity. In the Grisham novel
Ellen Roark (played by Sandra Bullock) spent
most of the time braless. And when those men tied her to the tree they stripped her completely naked (but they didn't molest her). When they
made this book into a movie Sandra had her
standard no-nudity clause so of course we get to see nothing. She could have at least shaved her pits.

Who Do I Gotta Kill? (1994)
Sexdemonno1 was written on January 23, 2008

NO nudity but good sex

Whilst there is sadly no nudity from the delightful Sandra there is the sex scene already described in detail. It's pretty good and reasonably long and in several positions and even though she blatantly doesn't take her pants off through any of it she still fakes it pretty well! Other than Fire this is as close to a sex scene as you'll see from Miss Bullock - and it's not a bad little film. I was lucky enough to get it packaged with a good Joe Montagna film so was quite happy. See this film but don't expect too much...

Ferox was written on May 29, 2004


Ok, so she´s not naked, only wearing lingerie...but. The scene involves simulated explicit sexual acts, such as: blowjob, doggystyle and regular riding. Also, Sandra moans, pants, even orgasm in the scene.

Ok, breaks down like this. The main character is having a severe case of writers block and is therefore understandably flat broke.

Enter Sandra, his girlfriend, stripping down to lingerie, undoing his pants and straddling him. Just to cheer him up. What a girl!

Then a hilarious scene begins with the two of them having sex (doggystyle) intensely and rather mechanically, while arguing about their future together and him not being able to write anything anymore.

While giving him a blowjob she tells him she´s decided to leave him and because of her guilty conscience she is having sex with him in this way. As a goodbye-gift of sorts.

She straddles him again and starts riding him (face to face) until she climaxes accompanied by heavy breathing and "Oh yes!", shouts. She dismounts him and leaves.

This is pretty much her only participence in this movie except popping up later, telling the main character to "fuck himself", after which she asks him for money, since he´s now nurturing a promising career as a mobster, as research for a new book.

Great, funny, sadly forgotten film with a good sex-scene from Sandy. Definitely worth seeking out if you´re a fan. Like me.

ff was written on May 30, 2004

no nudity so this shouldn`t be here

see fire in the amazon where she is partially nude. She`s sexy in this movie but there`s no nudity.

Fire on the Amazon (1993)
DevilSnake was written on December 15, 2000

Bullock painted and naked

No she doesn't show any of her vital parts, but she shows a lot of skin. Despite no nudity, I thought this scene was pretty hot, like something from a soft-core cable flik. I thought it was well-lit and Sandra looks great. Her hair is long and wild. Her face is painted jungle-indian style and her body is gorgeous. Tight and smooth-skinned. You see the sides of her breasts and ass. Her partner takes some steam out of the scene by sticking out his tongue too much. He looks like a lizard. This is as probably as much as Bullock will ever show, but hopefully not.

soulman was written on November 19, 2003


What a letdown. In what maybe her only nude scene to date, Bullock is a major disappointment. Brief side ass and tit shot are the only things you get to see here. anyone hoping to see her naked will either have to wait to see if she gets naked in her later years or hope there's another early movie out there that shows more skin.

AdNoctum was written on March 26, 2009

Sex scene

Although you don't see much in the way of naked flesh there is one scene where Scheffer doggies Bullock that if you haven't seen the movie before will floor you. Sandra Bullock getting doggied? You bet! You don't see any of the goodies because either her hair is in the way or she crosses her arms over them. The movie itself aint very good but the sex scene itself made up for that.

Gordon was written on September 26, 2001

Hot sex scene

Sandra shows a little skin, but no significant nudity in this scene. Even so it is very hot and sexy. Sandra and the guy go at it with abandon and Sandra's hair and body bounce wildly as the guy does her doggy style. Sandra looks great and the action is steamy. Full nudity would have given this scene 4 stars easily.

Jomyboy was written on September 20, 2000


At first glimpses you might think itz a scene from sort of porno movie... itz pretty dark,etc ....All together its a disappointment ... but then .. the most privately kept body of sandra is unleashed out .. You can only see her breasts .. and the scene where the guy Doggystyles her just makes you take out your pants and do it out there! Itz not the most sensous of scenes .. but then still worth taking a watch for SANDRA !!! Rather than looking at al the fake photo's of sandra on the net .. why dont you check out her breast in this movie ....!!!
I gave her her the 1 points coz the doggystyle is a classic !!!! :-) or itz worth ZERO

bootydummycantspell was written on October 19, 2002

I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it

And I didn't see it! I didn't see a damn thing, just like everyone else! There she is, buck naked but unrevealing. This has to be the most clever shadow manipulation I've ever seen. The best we get is a side view of her ass. And the sex scene--hot as it is--was destroyed by the fact that there was music playing over it. The lack of revealing skin could have been redeemed by a little moaning or something, but we don't get that either. QUITE upsetting....

BroadMountain was written on February 28, 2005

Sex scene

A horrible scene in a horrible movie! Although she's naked (and it is her, full body) carefully placed hair and Craig Scheffer's body hide anything worth seeing. There's some side boob and side butt (very nice, BTW) but it's really dark and I don't know what the opposite of chemistry is, but Sandra and Scheffer have it. It's uncomfortable, awkward, and about as far from sensual as you can get. Sort of reminded me of a porn movie without the porn.

ShadowColonel was written on June 30, 2001


You don't really see that much. If you're a Bullock fan, you'll probably give it **** cause it's likely to be the most you ever see of her. I wanted to give it * because you really don't see much, but it is kinda steamy, so there you go.

Mr_Shhh was written on August 19, 1999

Sandra Gets Attacked From the Back

I can't believe it...America's sweetheart, Sandra Bullock showing major skin! This rare movie has a nice scene over a minute long with SB showing her nice breasts and great ass!! This movie gets my Full-Balls 4 Star Vote!! For being somewhat of a prude in her movies, she shows some gusto in this low budget flick!!

Der13 was written on February 11, 2005


I have no interest in watching this film, all I wanted to see was the sex and I have to say bearing in mind she does zero sex, usually, in all movies, this was not bad.
The sweaty bodies increases the sexiness and of course there was the shot of her getting it from the guy from behind, in and out a few times which was quite steamy.

borisf_98 was written on February 9, 2000

Not as good as it sounds

You may disregard previous message. I saw this movie is going to be released with R/UR ratings on Reel.com. Most probably movie was cut. And even without cuts it does not show any frontal nudity, only sideviews during sex. Do not get overexcited.

rovingeye was written on July 2, 2000

Disappointing, but not a 'zero'

The long 'lost' Sandra Bullock nude scene has finally been released and of course it's a disappointment...but what else would you expect from her? It's not a total wipeout, however, since by far it's Sandra's most risque scene and includes a shot of her riding Craig Sheffer backwards. There are side shots of both breasts and of her ass, but nothing more than what is routinely seen now-a-days in Prime Time. I'm sure it's the best sex scenes she'll ever do, so if you love 'America's Sweetheart', check out this film.

adailymovie was written on May 31, 2000


Don't believe any of the other reviews. There is nothing in this scene. On the DVD, the scene is still dark and muddy and you can't see even a shadow of her nipples. According to production notes and Sandra's contract, she had flesh-coloured tape over her nipples. Therefore, you won't see any actual nudity, but you will see a lot of skin.

hybridtheory1872003 was written on January 9, 2005

good scene

she's hiding her nudity well in this scene i personaly don't think its worth it but its still a good scene

BMac was written on December 3, 2004

Boobies of darkness

Surprisingly flat-chested Sandra Bullock has one of the murkiest nude scenes ever in this terrible movie. I say 'surprisingly' not because anybody expects Sandy to be busting out all over. Bullock's normal appeal is that she's the wise-cracking brunette sidekick type elevated to star in place of some blonde bombshell.

But I expected Sandy to be somewhere in the Cameron Diaz-Nicole Kidman line, 33-34B, small breasts but attractive. Based on what's sort-of seen here, Sandra Bullock is built more like Debra Messing's kid sister. Since this is supposedly the Amazon, those may be mosquito bites on Sandy's chest.

I like her anyway, but even a one star rating is pushing it for this scene. Bullock has a long lovemaking scene with amazingly bad actor Craig Sheffer, from 50:07 to 51:45. But it's poorly lit, and you just get side views of Bullock's tiny cupcakes and what looks to be a fairly nice ass and is never fully on view.

Although it's a long scene, it's so clearly (bad) acting that it's not that stimulating. Bullock is so self-conscious about her teeny boobies, toward the end of the scene, as Sheffer (supposedly) is taking her from behind and rocks her backward, Sandy puts her hands up to cover them just as they come into view.

So one star is a courtesy rating, just because it's our little Sandy. Given that she doesn't show much in other movies, many fans may want to check this out. If you like to use your imagination, you might enjoy the close-ups of her face, and be willing to go blind to catch glimpses of Bullock's speed bumps. But do yourself a favor and fastforward to this scene. Don't bother with the rest of this movie.

Ferox was written on April 21, 2004


This is Sandras only nude scene filmed (not counting the shower-buttcrack-scene from "Who shot pat?"), although it´s not her only sex scene filmed.

She did a hilarious scene in 1992:s "Who do I gotta kill?", humping a guy fully clothed, while panting and moaning (she even orgasm at the end of that scene).

In this movie however, she gets nekkid. Yes, she taped her goodies ("I made sure nothing could be seen", she states in various interviews), stipulated a contract, saying the scene had to be shot heavily shadowed, etc, etc.

She and Craig Scheffer even downed a bottle of tequila to loosen up before Louis Llosa yelled "action!". Scheffer states that they shot a portion of the scene, Sandra ran out, puked, went back in, shot some more.

Poor thing must´ve been so nervous. Her experience with nude scenes is clearly not the best, as you´ve just read, and that´s probably the reason why she refuses to shoot nudity, to this very day.

I sincerely hope this will change. Sandra Bullock is the holy grail of superstars we want to get naked.

Ok...details. This scene isn´t of much value. Sandy and Craig have drunken some funny-juices to get high and horny. Their relationship in the movie has been slightly antagonistic up to this point, when the obligatory nude scene is due to happen.

The drug haze somehow manages to attract the two people into making love. Cue cheesy dim-lit shots of them kissing, clinging on each other, yada, yada, yada...until heaven arrives.

Yes, folks. I am reffering to Sandra being taken from behind in a fairly explicit manner for 3-4 seconds by Craig Scheffer. Pure bliss!!!

If you like Sandra Bullock you should definitely seek this one out, ignore the rest of the movie, fast forward to this scene, watch and enjoy, rewind, watch...and enjoy, rewind an...you get the picture.

This is probably the only opportunity to see this heavenly beauty in a fairly intimate situation on screen. Seize it before it vanishes into obscurity.

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on June 26, 2003

No real nudity

I have to give this non real nude scene a 3 only because she will show anything and she is naked but you dont see anything but just the fact that it looks like she is taking it in the ass is great also she leans back it looks like you can see some tit but the so small you cant really make nothing out

Bushyboy was written on March 7, 2008

sex in bungalow

On the dvd at about 51:30, when she lays back on Sheffer and crosses her arms over her tits, going frame-by-frame, it sure looks like there's a left nipple peek, beside her left arm under her right hand, just before the scene fades.

PigVomit was written on February 8, 2000

Finally Being Released On Video

This film, which is Sandra Bullock's only nudity, is finally being released on video. It was submitted to the MPAA and was given the NC-17 rating, so it must be pretty damn steamy! The producer, Roger Corman, said he would appeal the rating and that there is no way he would remove a frame of film from the movie. So, Sandra fans...keep your eyes out for this one!

jaykay was written on August 28, 1999

loadsa skin + sex scene

I only saw this scene on an mpeg and it's great!Sandra shows loadsa skin, some tit, then some guy screws her from behind. Excellent scene.

nmd was written on August 20, 1999

I havent seen the movie but I've seen pictures of the scene and it looks really dark

by the way in an interview with hard copy Saundra said that she was told by the makers of this film that her breasts would not be seen in the movie

Kimiwebber was written on December 12, 2012

Sandra in doggy style

The scene doesn't show much. But it is quite a treat to see Sandra in doggy style. Sandra and the man are naked but you can't see anything except side shot of her hanging boobs which are quite small. However,when the guy is pumping her from behind, his crotch is really touching her ass and his dick has to at least near her pussy if not inside it.

Demolition Man (1993)
rachaelleighcookrulz was written on May 14, 2004


Um can people say body body dont people realize when you see boobs and no face thats called a body double

rockyb was written on October 24, 2001

quick breast shots

Sandra Bullock is an all time favorite actress of mine. She played an excellent role in this movie and even the thought of seeing her naked made it more exciting to watch. Though it`s only for a split seconds you can see some breast and nipple though it is impossible to tell if it is her. That is for your imagination

nmd was written on July 21, 1999


when Sylvester Stallone is 'having sex with her'you see flashes of nudity ( very quick you'll really have to use the pause button to catch it ) - it's probibly not her though ( you dont see her face and breasts together ), still a great movie and she's so cute in it .if you get the chance check out Bionic Showdown: The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman (1989) - no nudity but she wears a nice tight running outfit ( leotard )

Ferox was written on April 21, 2004

"Would you like to have sex with me?"

Though she´s not appearing nude (body double only) she´s smoking hot throughout the entire movie. She wears a nice tight uniform with some skintight...well...tights. Is very cute and funny and when she asks Stallone the abovementioned question, you almost fall down dead, panting for air. Only a 2 rating, though, simply for the lack of real nudity.

a_sad_bad was written on February 9, 2002

nude boobs

When she is having sex with Sylvester Stallone, her body is naked for brief time and her breasts. Sexy appearance.

brutusdus was written on November 26, 2002


she's got the most sexy smile while she's watching a fight

Who Shot Patakango? (1989)
Sexdemonno1 was written on January 23, 2008


This really is an appallingly bad film. Full of stupid american highschool kids with not a brain between them and even less charisma. They're amateurish pranks are woefully unfunny and the saving grace of this film is Sandy Bullock. She not only gives this awful film some class but she also has the good grace to look embarrassed throughout! She's nude in a blink and you'll miss it shower scene where she takes her pants off and then she's lying on a bed with a himbo. If you're thinking of buying this movie I really wouldn't bother. It should have sank without trace - and would have were it not for its future star.

187 was written on August 28, 2001

butt crack

There is really only one scene with any nudity from Sandra Bullock in this film. When she's stripping for a shower, she pulls down her undies and you can briefly (maybe for a second) see the top of her butt crack area. Nothing else is really shown during the shower scene.

Gordon was written on September 20, 2001

Partial butt while stripping for shower

Sandra is stripping to get in the shower. We see her remove her bra from the back and then begin to pull her panties down. As she does this we see the top of her butt and crack. Her ass looks nice, but unfortunately we don't see much. Fire On the Amazon has her only real nude scene.

Heat was written on November 17, 1998

Two scenes

The first scene is of her in shower, from behind, taking off her panties you can see her white butt, then taking off her bra, nice naked back.The other scene is in bed with a guy, he is uncovering her bottom, you can see her butt again but from the left side only.

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