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Salma Hayek's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2006 Ask the Dust 5 Reviews
2004 After the Sunset 5 Reviews
2002 Frida 12 Reviews
2001 In the Time of the Butterflies 1 Review
1999 Wild Wild West 13 Reviews
1998 Velocity of Gary, The 7 Reviews
1997 Breaking Up 3 Reviews
1996 From Dusk Till Dawn 10 Reviews
1995 Midaq Alley 2 Reviews
1995 Desperado 39 Reviews

nudity reviews for Salma Hayek member submitted

Ask the Dust (2006)
BBjuggles was written on October 9, 2006

Nude in water and bed

Well, I viewed the clips based on the above recommendations, but I'd have to say it was hardly worthwhile. The scenes are so dark you can barely see anything. That, coupled with Hayek's annoying voice and terrible acting made the beach scene less than fulfilling... However, her boobs are big and fantastic, so if you want a glimpse in the dark, go for it. Man, but she's a horrible actress.

Bafitis was written on September 22, 2008

A Couple Of Scenes

Yes She Has DONE IT!!! Finally... Salma has finally given us Flesh... On the Beach is one scene, where she wants Colin to show/teach her how to Body Surf... She becomes disappointed that he doesn't know how... There is another Scene later at the Hotel where they have Sex... A much better lighted scene and you see her wonderful breast... Hopefully, before she gets too old, we see a lot more of her...

adventchildren was written on July 12, 2006

Full Nudity in Water scene

Salma looks wonderful in this scene. Her large breasts bounce nicely as she plays in the water.
It is quite a long scene, perhaps 5mins. The only disapointment is her breasts don't look THAT large. I mean compared to other pics i've seen of Salma's... Anyway, you get to see Salma naked. Thumbs up
Watch this movie if you like Salma! Remember only to download/acquire the first half of the movie though... saves time.

jacksecret2000 was written on June 6, 2006

Full frontal on the beach

I have only seen screen captures but it's plain to see that Salma Hayek has finally gotten her kit right off! I kid you not.

celebsoops was written on October 14, 2013


Salma Hayek going completely naked, showing her breasts, bush and buns while frolicking nude in the breaking waves with a guy at the beach.

After the Sunset (2004)
Bafitis was written on July 28, 2006

Nope... :(

No Nudity, but ohhh so much flesh, bikinis, bras, panties, lots of cleavage shots... Such a sexy ass too...

The Movie was also a great movie... And I'm not a Bronson fan either, but I still loved the movie...

swellsystem was written on April 13, 2006

No Nudity!

That previous entry is great "jibberish" and we must above all cherish enthusiasm, and respect the differences of opinion... but the database should never be blatantly misleading! There's No Nudity here, dispite alot of delicious skin. Bikini, etc.

rbelkin was written on November 10, 2006

"Network TV Nudity"

most of us would not consider breast exposure without nipple nudity but early on - she climbs onto the car hood to work on gassing the FBI guy - she leans over with her D cups hanging out of her tank top - massive cleavage - you could drive a MINI through that but no nipple - so nudity or not? Your call.

Bafitis was written on November 2, 2007

Whole Movie

I give the Movie a 3 Star rating, mostly for all the Skin seen, but this is Not a Nudity movie of any kind... It's only PG-13, can't expect much for that...
She certainly does bounce a lot in this movie though and a gorgeous bounce she has too... There is the Bra and Panty scene where she tempts Bronson with something more Tempting than the Diamond...

Good Movie all around, but no nudity...

celebsoops was written on October 14, 2013


Salma Hayek lying nude on top of a guy on the beach, her left breast pressed into his chest as they kiss. We then see Salma dancing in a black bikini top, her breasts jiggling as she shakes them

Frida (2002)
soulman was written on November 6, 2002

Okay, But Not That Great.

I think the previous reviews were a bit overhyped. There's 1 brief tit shot early in the movie, a close-up of her tits when she has her cast removed and a decent view of her entire gorgeous body in a lesbo love scene with a women obviously modeled after Josephine Baker. Although this is the best exposure to date from Hayek, don't go in expecting too much. Good movie, by the way.

thpsgod was written on December 11, 2002

Without a doubt, Salma's best nudity!

The last guy pretty much said it all as far as the descriptions go, but if you even think Salma Hayek is cute, it's worth seeing the movie. Even with the excess facial hair, she is extremely erotic. She has an amazing set of tits, not sagging at all. Her lesbo scene is beyond erotic, albeit short. Had this scene lasted as long as say Halle Berry's scene in Monster's Ball, best scene of all time...

The movie is really good, not groundbreaking but a heartening story. I admit I saw it for the nudity, but the movie is definitely worth seeing just for the plot.

Omni was written on September 22, 2003

Good but not up to expectations

Salma actually does nudity for art's sake here. The best view is when she takes off the cast but her chest is covered in dusty crap. Other notable scenes are when she's laying in bed, standing in the desert or something, and jumping out of a closet with a guy. But none of the views are all that satisfying in relation to great nude scenes.

Ryan was written on September 7, 2002

Salma fans, get ready

No the movie title is not in all caps, the person who entered it was just obviously quite excited. He had good reason. Salma is an amazing beauty and she was so dedicated to playing this role she would've done anything, including baring not only her soul but her body as well. For such a small girl she has major league tits and they're lovingly exposed multiple times by director Julie Taymor. We first get just a brief hint when she's making love with her first boyfriend in a closet near the beginning. It's hot, sweaty, loving teenage sex and Salma's sweet breasts pop into frame as the two bounce around. Soon after Frida is involved in a major accident that leaves her cripled for life and initially in an almost full body cast. When she finally has the cast removed there is a loving close up of her incredible boobs, although they have some white residue from the cast on them. Later, when she makes love with her husband she strips to her underwear to show him her scar, she looks delicious and he eagerly grabs her full breasts in his hands but we don't get to see much. Then you have to wait awhile but she takes a bath, not revealing too much; dances an incredibly sensual tango with Ashley Judd; sticks her hand up Saffron Burrows' skirt. Eventually, paydirt in an amazing scene taking place in Paris where she picks up a black club singer (modeled on Josephine Baker?) and brings her back to a hotel. As the singer strips, Salma lays on the bed nude with her left breast fully, gloriously, exposed and her hand rubbing at her crotch (hidden by her legs). The two then roll around on the bed providing more very clear looks at Salma's rack and teasing glimpses of her rear and crotch. Fairly quick scene but remarkable none the less. Finally when her medical problems return she is forced to wear a back brace and there is a shot of her running through a desert (from very far away) as her bare breasts bounce between the bars of the brace. Then there is a closer shot of her standing with bare breasts visible between the braces (an image used in one of Frida's paintings). Overall a lovely film with great work from Salma and most clearly the best exposure of her killer body to date (and possibly the best we'll ever get). Gotta love a dedicated actress (think Halle Berry in Monster's Ball).

BushLeague was written on June 13, 2003

Tour de farce nudity

Brief plastered tits coming out of cast. Upper right tit, no nipple in bath. Full nudity, with pear shaped tits and firm, muscular left but before lesbo with Josephine Baker. Brief tits in a brace before becoming a painting in the desert.

Sinnema was written on July 7, 2003

Three nude scenes

At the beginning of the movie, Frida is a young school girl having sex in a closet with a boy. It is dark, but her breast is briefly visible, and again as she puts her shirt on outside the closet. Later, after a traffic accident, her body cast is removed, exposing an extreme close-up of her right breast, straight on, covered with white plaster, but the nipple is still visible. Near the end, she is nude in bed with a French singer, showing off most of her body and breasts at medium distance in good lighting.

Nex was written on September 15, 2002

Tits & more

Really nice describtion by Ryan. Her tits are amazing, they are firm and huge for her size. And the sex-scene with the other woman is the most remarkable scene I ever could have imagined. Here we get FULL nudity! Start looking forward to this!

Luvmonk was written on June 28, 2003

Best Salma Nudity to Date

Since Salma is SO lacking in her nude filmography, you could argue **** and maybe she deserves it. Anyway you see her tits briefly when she makes it in a closet and then pops out quickly trying to get her shirt buttoned back up. Then we see her massive mams when she gets a chest cast removed. The best scene though is when she is making it with a french show girl and we see all of Salma minus bush as she rolls around the sack with hot black chick. At the very end, there is a scene in which a painting of hers comes to life ant tits are on display. I think that this was also Salma, but its hard to say for sure. Good movie too. Other supporting nudity from naked artist's models, the showgirl, and her character's sister.

Savman54 was written on September 12, 2006

Two scenes in particular

If you want to see Salma Hayek naked and a close up of her gorgeous breasts - see this movie.

Bootydaddy was written on June 29, 2003

3 star not 4 star

I was rather disappointed after all the build up when I finally saw the two scenes. The first one is a good close up, but she has casting all over her breasts and it doesn't look sexy. The second on right before the lesbion action you see her nice rack while she is laying on the bed, that is the best scene. It could have been so much better though.

mcjw2011 was written on March 23, 2003

Facial hair... she's still sexy

This is one of Salma Hayek's best nude scenes to date. As described well by the others: a brief tit shot in one sex scene; firm tits and ass in erotic lesbian scene in another (I think we get to see Salma's muff briefly); tits as she's getting her body cast removed; and more of Salma's breasts as she runs around in the desert. Pretty good movie... would've been superb if Hayek had nabbed last night's Best Actress Oscar instead of Nicole Kidman. Oh well, there's always next year.

celebsoops was written on October 14, 2013


Salma Hayek lying completely nude with her hand between her legs as Karine Plantadit-Bageot drops out of her robe to go fully nude too, and then we see them rubbing up against each other in a nice lesbian love scene.

In the Time of the Butterflies (2001)
georgewatsonhaha was written on March 3, 2013


Not much nudity in this movie, however in this earlier movie that selma stars in, she shows off what most girls do in their first movies. Overall, i liked the role she played...

Wild Wild West (1999)
Rudi was written on February 4, 2001

A scene fro Wild Wild West

A gorgeous Salma Hayek in a revealing scene showing the beginning fo where her leges begin

Htr was written on June 19, 1999

A Preview...

In the theatrical trailer (I think it starts off with Will Smith performing the theme song), when they announce her name she is wearing a western style nightgown, and she quickly turns around and you see a very nice but VERY quick glimpse of the top half of her butt.I'm thinking this is probably the only nudity in the film, but this is good if you want a look at her rarely seen butt, and the movie probably has her wearing dresses that highlights her incredible bust.

BouncyTits was written on May 4, 2001

quick ass shots

There are two very brief shots of the top portion of the lovely Salma Hayek's butt. Sweet piece of ass, but they are really brief, and the movie is certainly not redeeming enough to watch just for these few seconds of footage. For diehard Salma fans only.

Bootydaddy was written on March 6, 2002

Gotta love those P.J.s

You get a quick shot of Salma's fine ass through a hole in her PJs. Yummy.

TD4001 was written on March 29, 2003

Salma Hayek's Booty

You get a decent glimpse of her butt as theres a hole in the back of her pajamas.

Ryan was written on July 1, 1999

Top half of gorgeous actress' lovely rear

The top half of Salma's cute rear end is seen twice as she says goodnight to Kevin Kline and Will Smith. She's wearing Smith's long johns and the back flap is open. Cute scene but only worthwhile for anyway desperate for some Salma skin.

freezeframe was written on October 21, 1999

Nice Ass shot

You could see about 4 to 5 inches of her butt crack as she turns around twice to walk away. Although the scenes are somewhat fast, a VCR pause at those few seconds will show you great details of her really nice ass.

BigIrish was written on February 28, 2002

barroom scene

Althought meant to portray a hooker she looked demure compared to other women in the room.She has a spectacular figure and should show more of it more often.

hornybastard was written on May 9, 2001

Nip slip and ass shot

About 15 minutes in as she is standing in line with the other hookers you can see her right nipple hanging out of her dress. Later in the movie as she is going to bed and turns away you get a shot of her great ass.

first_rower was written on April 9, 2001

Salma's Nice Butt

In a quick turn you can get a fast but great Gilmpse of her behind

RDS33 was written on November 9, 2001

hole in cloth

I put ** because you see her butt in half and her top of her tits.

JaeDavis was written on September 28, 1999

Possible nipple flash?

I don't know if I was imagining it, but I just got back from seeing WWW and about 10-15 minutes in if you look closely at Salma's LOW cut dress, you can see the top of her nipple (breast on our right).

celebsoops was written on October 14, 2013


Salma Hayek showing some great cleavage in a bustier with fishnet stockings as she talks to a couple guys on a train.

Velocity of Gary, The (1998)
zags was written on March 21, 2002

getting into bed

the little scene was great and showed a little but still geat

BiBoySTL was written on June 26, 2000

BRIEF nipple.

She takes off her shirt to get into bed with Vincent D'Onofrio, and if you look closely you can see her nipple, but big deal.

DaveDude was written on February 19, 2000

A couple of brief breast peeks

We get two nice, but rather briefs peeks at Salma's breasts. Once as the climbs into bed, and the other as she's having sex. The pause button will be needed to really see much, but Salma fans should enjoy it.

Gordon was written on October 26, 2001

Climbing in bed topless and a sex scene

Salma is a gorgeous actess and one that I (and many others) would love to see in a good, long nude scene. Unfortunately, this is not that movie. Salma is visiting her sick boyfriend when we see her from behind removing her shirt. She climbs into bed with the guys, and briefly--very, very briefly--you can see her nipples. They reminisce and there is a black & white flashback to them making love in a laudramat. You can make out the outline of her breasts as she is on top of him, but just barely. What a tease.

Connard was written on November 4, 1999

Nip Slip

She climbs into a bed with Vincent D'nofrio and you get a peek. Pause material. She also dances around a bit in a really low-cut bra and cutoff shorts.

NekkidChix was written on October 7, 2000

Getting into hospital bed with Valentino

Approx. 1hr10min into feature:

Getting into hospital bed with Valentino. Looks purposely shot to hide her nudity, but when she quickly adjusts herself to lie closer to him, her nipple is visible for a couple of frames. As she continues to lie there, the top of her breast is visible, but no more nipple.

Dante9703 was written on September 14, 2004

Nip slip

About an hour and 15 mins into the film Salma takes off her shirt and climbs onto her lovers hospital bed. While cuddling up to him you see her breast from the side onscured by first her ar and then his but there is a brief nip slip. You will need your freeze frame ready. A few minutes later she reminisces about making love with him in a laundromat and you see a B&W scene of her lying on top of him with her right breast squashed up against his chest. Sexy but no nipple.

Breaking Up (1997)
Omni was written on July 20, 2000

Almost nude, but not

Salma doesn't show anything you couldn't see elsewhere. No nipples. The shower scene is nice and reveals the tremendous size of her breasts without showing anything tantalizing. The movie is lame, a modern imitation of When Harry Met Sally or something. Just skip this one.

Heat was written on November 20, 1998


She is taking a shower with a guy, very quick shot of his hand touching her right breast,then another quicker shot of her both breasts with half of her right nipple visible.

celebsoops was written on October 14, 2013


Salma Hayek showering, her right breast visible from the side and back. She then spins around, showing us the shape of her great breasts, her nipples covered by her elbows, before she begins to make out with a guy.

From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)
Captin_Pervo was written on February 2, 2001

Salma Hayek does EROTIC dance

Salma Hayek gives a 3 used kleenex performance as a vampire stripper dancer. Although she does not shed her duds and show her glorious tatas, this scene sizzles. Salma is absolutely spellbinding in this erotic dance. The music was perfect and the idea of finding a godess like this in a dump like the titty twister I suppose will keep many run down tit bars afloat.

Jorgiebear was written on May 31, 2001

Salma gets down!

Sorry, no nudity here but very erotic and sexy. Salma pours liquor on herself seducing Tarantino and even goes as far as putting her foot into his mouth in the process. Talk about a toe jam. Her outfit is hot, so is she and you get to see some other topless actresses in the scene too. Check it out!

Bootydaddy was written on March 6, 2002


Salma does look hot in this movie, when she is dancing with the snake...man would i love to be Tarantino and drink champaign poured down her leg...WOW! But anyway I can't give it any star because she is NOT naked.

Luvmonk was written on June 28, 2003

Zip, Zero, Nada

sante1959 it is true that an actress can be sexy without the nudity. But, this is the celebrity nudity database...and not the celebrity erotcism without nudity database. She looks hot, as she always does, but she doesn't deliver the goods. For the record I think that Elizabeth Hurley is arguably at her hottest in Bedazzled in which she doesn't show a thing, even though she has shown the good stuff in many other flicks. This just isn't the place for that.

oakleys09 was written on March 2, 2009

Sex Scene

I remember seeing this sex scene on a late night showing of "From Dusk til Dawn" and not knowing who the girl in it was. I soon found out it was the oh-so beautiful Salma Hayek and I've been a fan ever since :)

dirtydanny was written on December 31, 1999

Lap Dance

The beautiful Salma Hayek plays erotic table dancer Satanico Pandemonium, as she teases Quentin Tarantino by pouring beer on herself (it doesnt sound that sexy but it is). She is wearing knickers and bra, and she keeps them on. it is a sexy scene, but not really a nude one.Note- there are a lot of other table dancers who are shown topless, but they are all unknown actresses.

DevilSnake was written on July 24, 2000

exotic snake dance

George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino play criminals who take refuge in a Mexican strip-bar called The Titty Twister.

Alas, Salma does not get naked. But her outfit is hot...Aztec goddess meets stripper. She dances with a snake, an albino constrictor that must be almost 10 feet long. I love women with snakes! (Anybody know exactly what kind of snake it is?) Then she pours booze down her leg which dribbles off her foot which she has put in Tarantinos mouth. Then she spits a drink from her mouth into his. Her dance lasts about 5 minutes and is very erotic.

There are also about six other vampire-girls, some who appear topless.
I wish The Titty Twister actually existed. A cool place to hang out.

thewraith was written on June 6, 2001

scene stealing dance

This little dancing scene by Salma gets 2 stars for being just plain ol' sexy. Eventhough top and bottom aren't removed, she still steals the scene with her body language and her gorgeous figure. Too bad she's a blood sucker, see if they kept her normal looking and just added fangs and creepy eyes that would turn me on even more, but no...they had to go and screw her whole head up by making it weird looking. But you know how us guys are, just bang her and double bag it.

sante1959 was written on March 9, 2002

Eroticisn without nakedness still can be exciting!

The scene of the this latin bombshell dancing in the titty twister is one of my all time cinematic favourites! No nudity to speak of - but the sensuous slithers and mesmerising moves where great!

celebsoops was written on October 14, 2013


Salma Hayek giving us some great cleavage shots while bending over during a sexy dance on stage, wearing a red bikini-style top and bottom.

Midaq Alley (1995)
oldbabe was written on November 16, 2001


It is certainly Salma Hayek in the movie but where is this scene? I have viewed the entire film twice on DVD and there is no nudity whatsoever.

eraserhead was written on June 22, 2001

breast peak from vidcap

I saw a vidcap from this film where Salma's right breast is clearly hanging out of her dress. It may only be for a split second but it's clearly her... which is more than you can say for her scenes in Desperado, which are apparently really her but for all anyone can tell could be a body double.

Desperado (1995)
R7333 was written on November 2, 1999

One minute sex romp

Salma is a thin woman but she has curves up and down the yin-yang! The scene starts with them making out and Salma smiling an adorable smile on that beautiful face of hers before we break into a collage of them in various position including one of her on her back in a missionary possition with her legs up in the air. Tanned skin, sexy latin rump, and round C(?)-cups. An absolute classic!

Gordon was written on November 18, 1999

In bed with Antonio

The sex scene goes by much too fast, so it's hard to get a good look at Salma's body. Still, she's a hottie with an all around shapely, sexy body, so it's still worth taking a look at.

TwatDidYouSayiCuntHairyou was written on November 29, 2002

Nice Body, Bad Editor/Director

Whoever the chick is in the nude scene has an awesome body. If it is Salma then it definitely deserves a 4 star. But like many others say the editing is horrendous and the lighting is even worse. But this may be as close to her tits as we come. Salma must have signed a contract preventing face and body nudity or she banged the director to keep her face out. Plus, the director is a Mexican and he can GOTN, metaphorically speaking. Hopefully, she will pull out the big guns before she gets old and saggy like alot of aging female stars.

Bootydaddy was written on November 29, 2002

don't know if it's her

Like the previous reviewer said if its her then the 3 star rating is good. Anyway, check out FRIDA if ya wanna see those fine knockers of hers.

freezeframe was written on August 11, 1999

That is no body double

That is no body double. It really is Salma Hayek. On several of those nude shots, you can her breasts and her face at the same time. But to really see her, you have to use the VCR's pause button. The scenes go by very fast, but are excellent with a pause at the right frame.

Rudeboy was written on August 31, 2003

Salma has Sex Hot Mexican Chilli Style

Salma Looks absaloutlety Stunning and Hot in this Movie Theres no dobt she has the most Gorgouse Breasts and Looks. She and Bandares have a Sex Scene late in the movie where he plays about with her face and then Have Sex in a few positions Firstly with her Laying Down then a Shot of here Sitting Astride him and then on her back. The Lighting is quite dim as candles surround the room to give it that Mexcican mystic look. Although we do get great Shots of her Mexcan Hot Breasts from Side Angles. The Scene Finishes early with baderas Gliding a Round Object on Her backside and on to her But where they Sit up finnaly with Salma's front side in clear View and her Great Breasts Screaming for Attention. Could have ben more Longer in temrs of Nudity and Wild (if you knw what i mean)anyways good effort.

Omni was written on August 9, 2000

Couple frames of body double or Salma?

This scene stinks! I'm giving it one star in case it is Salma but even then it's too brief to be interesting. You do get a pretty clear side shot of the body and face and it does appear to be Salma but I'm not sure about the frontal shot of both breasts where the head is tilted back. Anyways, just find a capture on the web because the nudity sucks and so does the movie.

ezmfe was written on August 9, 2000


Just to make it clear, since there seems to be some confusion, this is not a body double. Salma actually did this scene. She said on a talk show that she couldn't afford a body double and that in the future she would probably not do another nude scene again.

Nodsmir was written on April 9, 2006

Nude Scene - It's NOT a body double!

It's not a body double in the nude scene with antonio benderas. Salma Hayek did the nude scene's herself as she tells about in an exerpt from an interview (I added the link to the full interview at the bottom):

MA: I just watched Desperado again and was struck with the suspicion that you used a body double in your love scene with Antonio Banderas.

SH: I would have preferred to have had a body double. It was very hard to film that scene because I was either crying or trying to cover myself. Playing a stripper in From Dusk Till Dawn was easier because I was not with a man, only a snake, so I felt a lot safer.


JaeDavis was written on October 2, 1999

Salma's sex scene with Antonio Banderas

This well described scene is 1:10:30 into movie

Blitz was written on September 3, 1999

Salma Hayek's best sex scene

This scene is the best I've seen with Salma Hayek in it. It may be a little short but you see quite a lot and her with Banderas in some good positions.If you like Salma you'll like this.

Heat was written on November 20, 1998

Breast shot

Antonio Banderas is chased by some bad guys, he is hiding in salma's place, so they must do it, in this long scene they are doing it every way possible, kissing, doing some strange things (rolling an iron star on her butt), getting above each other, then a front view of her breasts shaking while she is sittingon his -of course invisible- penis.

dogbreath was written on February 19, 2000

Sex scene w/ Antonio

The only reason I give it a 2 is because this woman has an absolutely perfect body--and we get to see it here. However, there are no real close-ups, no full frontal, and the camera skips around as if a 4 yr old was operating it. Views of Hayek are short--the scene is NOT that good.

Htr was written on February 9, 1999

Sex Scene

Man, Salma is HOT!We first see her in tight dresses that tease us with the curves of her magnificent breasts and shapely body.But then the sex scene moves in and we see Banderas move spurs along her lovely butt, and a great shot of her sitting on top of Banderas, arching her back and showing off her incredible breasts.However the breast shots are few, in my opinion the scene was too short, editing too fast, the lighting was pretty dismal and we don't see her naked later in the movie!Salma should really do more nudity, and show her delicious body and, of course, spectacular breasts, which I consider one of the world's nicest.The best Salma nude scene.

mcjw2011 was written on March 10, 2003

Nude from side view

In a sex scene with Antonio Bandaras later in this cartoonish action film, Salma Hayek is seen nude from a side view in bad lighting. The scene is very erotic but there is hardly any nudity from Salma herself, go to "Frida" if you want to see the best of Salma. In this film, well... there's hardly any nudity to recommend it, but it's fun to watch anyway.

Chicago was written on June 4, 2002

Very brief scene

While ratings may have been, other reviewers were NOT exaggerating on how brief Salma's nudity is in this movie! Salma's nudity is at 1:10.75-1:11.25--a couple of brief breasts shots from a medium distance and one closer up shot of her ass and then breasts. This is one for the pause button and frame-by-frame advance as regular speed speeds through anything viewable. As others have said...it's all in the vidcaps.

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on July 11, 2001


It is so brief and you cant even see her face very dark!

Seenit was written on March 3, 2005

She is straddling Bandera

We see her mounting Bandera with her back to him.
Get a chance to see a good pair of boobs.
Much too brief though.

Ace was written on November 14, 1999

hot sex

a short scene but still erotic. I love it when she arches her back when he rams her from the rear !

BOD was written on October 5, 1999

Nice breasts

Salma is very HOT in this movie. Though, u get to see only her breasts, it's good enough. And I must say, it's not a body double its really her. If u play it in slow motion, u will see her face and tits in one shot and i believe it was indeed her and not some double.

boba was written on April 28, 2001

Add salsa to this

Only worthwhile if you pause. Salma is mind blowing in terms of body. Maybe the best. Her curves are insane. In this scene you get second flashes of some explicit stuff, but it's quick. Salma straddles him, her large thighs wrapped around him. Another shows him on top of her in the missionary position, as her meaty legs are lifted for take off. Later, she sits inside of him with his arms around her. Her perfect meaty legs look insane, while we get a quick shot of her tits, which are humongous and look fake but are probably not. She may be a bad actress and she may be a dummy, but she is smoking.

fahd was written on July 1, 2000


Man, Salma is HOT! We first see her in tight dresses that tease us with the curves of her magnificent breasts and shapely body.But then the sex scene moves in and we see Banderas move spurs along her lovely butt, and a great shot of her sitting on top of Banderas, arching her back and showing off her incredible breasts.However the breast shots are few, in my opinion the scene was too short, editing too fast, the lighting was pretty dismal and we don't see her naked later in the movie! Salma should really do more nudity, and show her delicious body and, of course, spectacular breasts, which I consider one of the world's nicest.The best Salma nude scene.

Dj_Johnsson was written on August 10, 2006

Banderas and Salma having sex

Salma Hayek definitly have a nice body and her boobs are just amazing. There are som really nice shots in this scene between her and Antonio Banderas.

There is both tits,ass,stomach - simply the hole package. It could be longer though and i would hope of less Antonio Banderas in the scene ;)

Omni was written on July 24, 2000

Salma naked for 0.1 seconds

Salma's only nude scene stinks. Just look for a video capture (vidcap) on the web, it's just as good or better than the actually scene. It's not a body double but if it were, at least we could have seen more nudity.

nmd was written on July 4, 1999

body double ?

true it would have been better if you could see her face in that breast shot - but I dont think it was a body double, when she was on Letterman( promoting fools rush in ) he asked her about the desperado nude scene and she said it was her first ever nude scene .

Sexdemonno1 was written on March 8, 2005

Salma nude but briefly

This film is such a disappointment as it was the first major movie Salma had done and she was topless in it - for all of 10 seconds!

Rodrigez really missed his chance to show Salma topless for a long period of time and instead decides to cut the scene up really quickly so you barely get to see her excellent breasts.
Her legs are worth a mention though because they are nice and slender but forget about seeing her arse because it doesn't happen. I'm off to see Frida instead!

Sketch was written on December 14, 2000

The bedroom scene

The previous reviewer of this scene may have, in my opinion given too much slack to the movie. Yes, Salma Hayek is very beautiful and her breasts are very voluptuous, but she bared very little in cinema history, and the scene where she does bare all is poorly cinemographed so that little of her body is shown. This editing technique was rather used to cover up more than show any of her to the audience. You recieve a better shot of her ass in Wild Wild West than this terrribly executed scene. Skip this movie, unless you feel your thumb and pause button need excercising..

soulman was written on June 12, 2002

It's Brief, But It's Her.

Hayek's scene with Banderas is brief and I wish that I can give it a **1/2 rating, but I'll round it off because She hasn't done any nude scenes in later film and because she is so fuckin' HOT! I can undrstand why some of the other reviewers think that this scene used a body double with all of the quick edits and not-to-good lighting. But you get an eyefull of her full tits and close-up of her ass as Banderas runs a spur along it. It definitely could have been longer, but what are you gonna do?

ScreamoKid was written on June 9, 2007

Body double or not, the scene sucks

Roughly one second breast shot. Not worth it.

nudity_elitist was written on July 2, 2002

Terrible nude scene.

This is an excellent example of how NOT to shoot a nude scene if you plan to impress the Nudity Elitist. Pisspoor lighting, obscured camera angles, and chop-shop style editing. Not to mention the lack of ON-SCREEN confirmation that this is even Salma. While the body double debate betwixt you other viewers out there may rage on, when it comes down to it, the only truly convincing nudity is that which can be viewed on screen, which does not apply to this scene. Zero.

Aureliano was written on April 26, 2013

Curvaceous Mexican beauty with the big tits and big ass of a goddess...

Salma Hayek looks amazing in this film. Completely naked and lusciously curvy. With big tits and a sexy big ass. The face of a Mexican goddess. Her curves are amazing and on full display as Salma makes out and then is made love to in various positions by co-star Banderas. The sex scene is shot in a fast-moving montage of beautifully framed shots of them in many different sexual positions (no doggy, though)! Sexy latin rump, and full C-cups. This was by far one of the single greatest nude scenes of the 1990s. Salma shows more in "Ask the Dust" but that scene is much darker. This is her best nude scene. A legendary beauty.

moviestuff was written on August 19, 2003

steamy sex scene

okay in the nudity department

PatAttack was written on October 7, 2002


good sex scene

dvddish was written on February 28, 2003

okay but not her best nude scene

in a sex scene

mizzou was written on July 4, 1999

breast shot

Sorry to tell you that the scenes described are obviously a body double. You never get to see her face at the same time as her breasts. They are nice breasts, just not Salma's.

civildude was written on August 7, 2000

sex scene in desperado

sorry to say, but it's not salma, it's a body double. by her own admission, she has never nor will ever do a full nude scene.

LadySex was written on December 27, 2003

Body Double

It is past belief, that anyone think, Salma don’t use a Body Double in “Desperado”! There is an unwritten law, that if an actor/actress shows Ass or Breasts or Pubic Hair, he/she wants, that even the stupidest man in universe check it, that he/she does the job and not a Body Double. For example: Michael Douglas in “Basic Instinct” goes into the bathroom and you can see his ass. He looks back (!!!), so everybody can see: it’s Michaels ass and not the ass of a Double. When good old Salma really shows her tits in this movie, they (Salma, the editor and the director) do everything to show, that this wonderful breasts are hers. But you can’t definitely say, that the breasts are Salmas, because you can’t see the face of the woman in this brief breast shot. Someone say Salma told Letterman she don’t use a Body Double in this movie. I can’t believe, that anybody believes this. The truth is, Salma lies!!! I don’t know the nudity in “4 Rooms” and “Breaking up”, the nudity in “Velocity of Gary” is Salmas, but very lousy, in “Wild West” her butt shot is wonderful. When you want to see Salma really nude, you must see “Frida”. In an artificial film, more than in any other genres, actresses are very willing to show skin!!!

Bryan50000 was written on March 9, 2000

Love-making on the bed

I can't believe some of you guys actually believe that that really is Salma.IT'S A BODY DOUBLE! Yes, in certain frames you can see somethinglike the side of a face along with the breasts, but unfortunately it's notSalma's lovely face. Isn't it the least bit suspicious that we never see aclear, head-on shot of her face and body at the same time? You guysare naive!

celebsoops was written on October 14, 2013


Salma Hayek going nude in a sex scene with a guy sitting in his lap and facing him as we get a look at her right breast before she ends up on her back with her left breast now in view. We then see her bare butt as the guy rolls a spur down and over it. Salma then gives us a couple more shots of her bare breasts while backwards in the guy's lap.

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