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year title
1997 Red Corner 2 Reviews
1993 Mr. Jones 1 Review
1992 Final Analysis 2 Reviews
1983 Honorary Consul, The 1 Review
1983 Breathless 13 Reviews
1983 Beyond the Limit 3 Reviews
1982 Officer And A Gentleman, An 3 Reviews
1980 American Gigolo 12 Reviews
1979 Yanks 1 Review
1977 Looking for Mr. Goodbar 5 Reviews

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year title
2011 Celebrity Naked Ambition 0 Reviews

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Celebrity Naked Ambition (2011)
Red Corner (1997)
StandardGrade was written on March 6, 2001

Bare butt in two scenes.

Gere is aging extremely well, he still very handsome and quite sexy. I'm also happy to report that he's still willing to drop his pants in front of the cameras. In one scene near the begining (after being falsely arrested) his nude backside is scene while being hosed off by prison guards. Later on the gruard force him bare assed into solitary confinement. While scene aren't erotic (and possibly disturbing to some) I was glad to see that Richard was still attractive and still doing nudity.

[email protected] was written on January 12, 1999

Having sex with the Japanese model after the show

You can see his butt for a second when he rolls over on top of the model and begins having sex with her. The scene is rather brief, so I wouldn't get your hopes up for this film.

Mr. Jones (1993)
Cobain was written on May 7, 1999

He is cleaning him selfe

In fact this is an frontal scene, but of course he is covering he`s privates with he`s hands, but it was hot anyway(I would have give it **** if it was an european movie) THE MOVIE IS ALSO ONE OF THE BEST MOVIE I EVER SEEN, don`t rent it just because of the nudity since its very short

Final Analysis (1992)
StandardGrade was written on March 6, 2001

Brief shot of his (great) bare backside

Richard Gere is too sexy for words. We get a nice view of his bare ass, and it looks terrific. While the scene is clear and has good lighting, it's a bit too brief. Gere has done much better (much more extensive) nudity in other films. However, its still nice to see that great ass whenever possible.

[email protected] was written on October 28, 1998



Honorary Consul, The (1983)
Botviewer was written on April 12, 2005

Gere has noisy wild sex with a woman.

In the UK cinema version at least, there is far more clarity for viewing Gere's hairless trim arse than on the TV showing. It should also be said about another review on Gere, for Looking for Mr Goodbar, that his bottom can be viewed in several positions as he does press-ups and a wild dance in only a jock. His cheeks look white, soft and inviting in this. The sequence is in the first third of the movie, not near the end as is claimed elsewhere.

Breathless (1983)
StandardGrade was written on March 6, 2001

Some of the best male nudity ever shot in America!

The film itself maybe pretty cheesy, but the large amount of high-quality nudity done by Mr. Gere takes it to near-classic level. Early in the film we are treated to a full frontal shot of him in the shower. The scene isn't as clear as it should be (there's too much steam coming from the shower) but Gere is totally nude with his penis and balls clearly flopping up and down from his movements. As if that wasn't good enough, later he begins singing and walking to the shower (where Monica, his lover in the film, is) and drops his pants giving us a full view of his beautiful ass, certainly one of the best butts (tied with the young Ryan O'Neal) in history! Very shortly after that, while making love with Monica, he rolls over and we get another clear full frontal view and then as he sets up in bed, we see the end of his penis-in a close up view! Richard Gere is a very sexy man and was in his prime in this film. Fortunately for us all he was wiling to take it all off and give us multiple views of the merchandise. Simply put, no one who likes male nudity should miss this film!

moviestuff was written on July 27, 2003

frontal and rear in the shower

way to go gere

NakedPenis was written on January 18, 2005

Gere It Up For Full Frontal!

I am surprised nobody has gone into detail about Gere's nudity. He's showed his penis like five times in his career in the movies, to me that's abit odd and weird, this movie he doesn't need to show his penis, like all the others, but he does.

With all respect to Gere in 82/83 that was a time when comedy's/romances and such were taking on a lot of nudity, mostly from the female perspective, but in this case here is what you see:

About 25 min into the movie Gere is in the shower dancing around and singing, you don't see anything at first (its an open shower scene) you just know he's going to show his penis, and then he does you see it for like 20 min. straight he's dancing in the shower looking straight at the camera, you see his penis clearly and for a while.

The other penis shot of Gere's is in bed you see it while he's laying down, very clearly, then as he moves you see the shaft very close to hitting the camera, you see his ass a few times too!

Now to Valeria, she has a couple shots, some long shots topless, we briefly see her ass and her vagina, which is full of hair.

Very nudity driven movie!

Cobain was written on February 25, 2002

Full frontal and rear in shower and in bed

This is the best nudescenes with Richard Gere. I reviewd this movie as "Fan" way back in years, now I want to write a more complete review, as I am better in english now. First he goes into the appartment to Monica, and then he takes a shower, naked of course, he brush his teeth, and sings(this scene ONLY exist in the european version of this movie, it was cutted from the US version), he then turn arund as he sings and u see him FULL FRONTAL as he kind dance in the shower, but the view is so bad, that u cant see his penis very clear its worth it anyway(the best nudescene in this movie)

Later he and Valeries carather make love, u see him as he strips in the shower, (great butt!!) and two short penis views in the bed. He then goes around nude for about 10 minuttes!(cant see it al though). I also DISSAGREE with the one who thought that this is a bad movie, on the contrary for me, its one of the best movies Ive ever seen, it has it al! WAY better then Pretty Woman and Runaway Bride, belive me. I prefer the way Gere looked back then. But he is still handsome. Watch this if u like Richard Gere, and try to get the DVD version as I kind of think that the US DVD has the scene that was cut from the original us vhs movie.

Christoph was written on July 14, 2000

Frontal and butt in shower

One scene features Gere singing and dancing in the shower and we get a foggy glimpse of a frontal. Later, he strips and joins Valerie Kaprisky in the shower and then on the bed, where we get terrific butt shots and very brief hint of frontal. Gere looks fantastic in this film and the scenes are long and relatively clear. A shame more actors did not follow suit.

Guiseppe was written on August 13, 2007

Fleeting nude shots from Gere

A sleazy remake of a beautiful Godard film called A Bout du Souffle, Richard Gere plays the badass man on the run. He is naked...a SHIT LOAD...suprisingly! THe first scene, he is signing in the shower and we see a partial view of his ass and the head and ball of his penis. That's not as of a spectacular scene as the one coming up. Later on in the film, Richard Gere heads towards the shower where his naked lady friend awaits. He rips of his clothes, exposing his cute little ass that is somewhat bubblish but with a tiny crack line running up between his cheeks. So that scene lasts for about 15 seconds but then comes the showstopper. Camera cuts to Richard and his lady friend tosses in bed. We get a full profile shot of his ass and....then he turns over and we get a profile shot of his smallish looking penis. Now, its all beautiful to look at but it leaves you wondering...was the AC on?

Ozzie700 was written on October 30, 2001

Breathless Indeed

I prefer Richard when he's a little older, but his nudity in this bad movie is timeless. He goes through so many scenes with his hot ass trapped in tight, ugly plaid pants, you'll moan from relief when he strips them off to join his girlfriend in the shower. Perfect cheeks. Perfect. And the bed scene is just as good, because he's mostly nonchalant about letting his shaft bob up and down, up and down as he goes from being on his stomach to on his back, sitting up, etc. Richard Gere's crowning glory. This is what he should be remembered for. He has great nipples too, for what it's worth.

JJM was written on January 27, 1998

Walking around in motel room

Walking around in motel room

KT was written on April 22, 1998

Shower scene

Richard Gere's butt can do no wrong!!!!

Katia was written on September 9, 1998

He's in the shower

Richard Gere has such an electric presence on screen. He has an amazinglysexy butt; perfectly shaped and sized!

murray was written on September 21, 1998

motel scene

Gere takes his clothes off as he's sort of dancing and strutting into the bathroom. We see his from the back as he aggressively gets into the shower with his co-star and they begin having sex, with his butt pressed at one point against the shower door. There's frontal nudity here too when the couple are on the bed. In one quick, dark scene we catch a tiny glimpse of Gere's privates as he rolls onto his co-star. Later, as he's getting off the bed, the top of his penis can be seen for several frames at the bottom of the screen.

anonimous, Italy was written on September 30, 1998

Frontal in the shower

Why the hell nobody is talking about this very clear frontal shot? I'm quite surprised: perhaps this scene is cutted in the american version of the film.The title of italian one is All'ultimo respiro.The shot is in the first part of the film, when Richard enters Valerie's home and uses her bathroom. He is showering, and we can clearly see all his attributes. Nothing is left to imagination.

FAN was written on November 17, 1998

Naked in Shower and in the Bed

Richard Gere is Incredible Sexy in this movie. He is naked in many scenes and you can see everything off him. He has a really hot body. RICHARD GERE RULEZ

Beyond the Limit (1983)
GDH was written on June 7, 2003

From the side

As well as the towel-dropping scene mentioned by Derek, Gere also provides some decent side nudity during an energetic sex scene (at least in the version called 'The Honorary Consul').

sirspread was written on June 7, 2003


for the women....2 scenes he shows his ass and then you see him naked from side on as he makes love very novicy

Derek was written on January 2, 2000

After a shower

Just a very brief glimpse of the unshy Gere as he drops his towel after a shower to sit on the bed. this film is known in Europe as The Honorary Consul.

Officer And A Gentleman, An (1982)
Mr_Pete was written on May 18, 2006

Visable pubes, but no real nudity.

You can see Gere's (of "American Gigolo" fame)pubes while he is dressing, but there's no real nudity. It's worth watching though, because Gere looks hotter than ever with the shaved head and tight Navy uniform.

Cobain was written on May 7, 1999

When he is clothing himselfe

Even if Richard is the hottest man alive, this scene isn`t a good one. You can see hes penis through the underwear but when he is compleately naked you can`t see anything. But its an very good movie anyway.

Bryant was written on April 13, 2004

Part of penis and balls

Richard is nude when he gets up to wear the underwear. You can see part of his dicks and balls through the hole of his underwear when the lighting is adjusted well. This scene is quite sexy.

American Gigolo (1980)
babon was written on January 1, 2000

Brief but nice

Butt show when in bedPenis in shadow

StandardGrade was written on March 6, 2001

Both full-frontal and full-backside views

Richard is always hot, but he's especially sexy in this film. He appears in various stages of undress throught the movie, he gets me excited just by being shirtless! Anyway, the main nude scene in this film (and one Gere's most famous scenes in his long career) takes place after the big sex scene with Lauren Huttom. He gets out of bed and we see his exceptional ass (in my opinion Gere and underrated Ryan O'Neal have the two fullest, roundest, and sexiest asses in the history of cinema!). Then he turns to face the window and is shot from a profile view in which the viewer can definately see his penis. While the penis shot is a little dark and too far away, it lasts so long (with penis in visable view) that it is certainly a must-see for both fans of gere and male nudity in general.

moviedoctor was written on January 10, 2005

getting out of bed

Gere has a respectable if small rear bumper.
Nevertheless, the scene is erotic mainly because of Gere's character's casual attitude toward showing his tushey (and quick glimpse of his dick).

KaliLover was written on July 24, 2001

Side walking to window after sex

I'm not a big Richard Gere fan but hey, a frontal is a frontal. The shot is from the other side of the bed so its kinda hard to see so I only gave it a two star. Still worth it although I didn't care for the plot.

FilmNoir was written on January 12, 2005

natural beauty of a great actor

wow, i was very amused about the scene where gere is going out of bed and u can see his coolness and the silence gives him a portion of mr.ice. beautiful

moviestuff was written on July 27, 2003


way to go!!

Ozzie700 was written on July 29, 2002

American Genitals

Richard was more known for his body than his political views in the late 70's/early 80's, and he certainly was not afraid to show himself off. He spends all of this movie wearing snug jeans and tightly cut trousers, a good portion of the movie shirtless, and one memorable scene strolling around his room in nothing but short boxers. However, around 40 minutes into the film is when he made his true mark. He gets out of bed, his tan-lined, legendary butt on full display. He stands in front of the window, and while most of this 2-3 minute scene is chest only, he turns around halfway through and generously gives us a distant view of his dark curlies and well-sized penis. The blase attitude with which he shows off his best assets is unbelievably arousing. He was truly a piece of fine meat in this and Breathless, and these films will remain in circulation eternally.

moviestuff was written on July 22, 2003


you get to see his dick finally!!!

Cobain was written on June 25, 1999

Naked after walking out of the bed

This is not the gratest frontal scene, but Richard Gere is the most sexy man in this world, so I give this 3 points. You can see him naked after walking out of the bed, when he is moving hes sexy leg, then you can see he`s penis, but still it should be an Full Frontal like in an European movie, just my thoughts.

atomic was written on July 13, 2003

small dick

You can see a long distance shot of his whole body after sexing. But His penis is small maybe 1 inch.

[email protected] was written on November 26, 1997

Getting up from bed (with LaurenHutton) and walking to window. Standing looking out window for...quite a while!!

Quite an enjoyable butt -- even if it's had miscellaneous items up it.

murray was written on September 21, 1998

nude scene

Gere's body looks good here, but I found his penis very difficult to see in the glare of the window.

Yanks (1979)
abbafan2 was written on August 25, 2005

outdoor showers

You actually don't see much of Gere, which is unusual, but there are many handsome, hunky soldiers who show full frontal and rear in the outdoor shower scene.

Looking for Mr. Goodbar (1977)
MarcioGore was written on March 16, 2012

Butt on jockstrap

That's it a classic scene,Gere still young and EXTREMELY handsome!He's in a bedroom with a woman and he suddenly workout on the floor wearing only a jockstrap,we can see his perfect shaped ass,so he walk through the bedroom and pretends a fight,wearing a jockstrap all the time.This scene is on dailymotion!

StandardGrade was written on March 6, 2001

Bare butt in a jock strap

This is the first cinematic exposure of the butt that would become one of the most famous backsides in history (with Mel Gibson his only rival in terms of exposure I suppose). Gere is seen running around the room and doing push-ups in an unbuttoned shirt and jock strap. I would have liked it better if he had been fully nude or at least had taken the shirt all the way off. While we get a fairly good look, Gere has done much better nudity else where. But his fans shouldn't miss this first exposure.

MovieEddie was written on March 31, 1999

What a jock!

Gere is explosive in this film as Tony, Diane Keaton's virile lover. Gere wears just a jock strap as he dances around the room with a switchblade. Keaton is mesmerized; so were audiences, for this is the film which put Gere on the map. We also see his ass in lovemaking scenes with Keaton.

miamiman was written on August 29, 2000

on bed

while laying on bed in strap scene, you get a view of his penis tilted back it looks small but great for gere fans

murray was written on September 21, 1998

tragic sequence

Near the very end of the movie we see Gere in a jock in a bedroom with his co-star.

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