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Rhona Mitra's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2007 Number 23, The 3 Reviews
2006 Skinwalkers 1 Review
2003 Life of David Gale, The 1 Review
2000 Hollow Man 18 Reviews
1998 Monk Dawson 1 Review
1997 Man Who Made Husbands Jealous, The 1 Review

nudity reviews for Rhona Mitra member submitted

Number 23, The (2007)
whiteraven was written on August 21, 2010

Bare male butt and female breast/nipple during wooded sex scene, Mark Pellegrino and Rhona Mitra?

I saw the unrated version. This posting regards a scene from about 45:51 to 47:04 with a partially clothed couple in a wooded area during night having sex while being spied upon. It is difficult to set up this scene in this convoluted suspenseful psychological drama without giving away the movie. Jim Carrey in dual roles plays animal control officer Walter Sparrow and fictional character Fingerling from a novel, "The Number 23." Virginia Madsen plays the dual roles of Sparrow's wife, Agatha Sparrow (as a blond) and Fingerling's fictional love interest, Fabrizia (with black hair). Danny Huston plays dual roles of college professor Isaac French, friend of Agatha and fictional police shrink Dr. Miles Phoenix. Rhona Mitra plays college student and murder victim, Laura Tollins. Mark Pellegrino plays college professor Kyle Flinch who is convicted of the murder of Tollins. Starting about the 45:51 mark, we see from a distance a couple having missionary style sex. The male on top has his pants pulled down exposing his butt as he vigorously pumps his pelvis between the raised legs of the female below him. There is a zoom in on his lower side about 45:57 for about three second and pan back out where they roll over reversing positions. The female is topless with her rear being covered by a dress/skirt. She has a red scarf about her neck which she removes and wraps around the man's neck. The male is bearded. The woman with dark hair. As she is shown riding above him from a distance pan left to show Carey looking on as Fingerling. Then back to the couple with a close up of her full right breast and nipple about 46:35 back to Carey who then depart, back to a distant shot of the couple from about 46:56 to scene end 47:04. At this point in the movie, we are led to believe the couple is Madsen's Fabrizia and Huston's Miles. However later we learn that it is Carrey's Sparrow who is looking on at his wayward girlfriend Tollins who was having an affair with her instructor Flinch. So one would presume it is Pellegrino bare butt and Mitra's breast/nipple being shown. Or they could just been unnamed extras. A lot of explanation for so little. Overall something of an erotic scene. Certainly there could have been more contextual nudity. There were a number of sex and semi-sexual scenes with Carrey/Madsen and Carrey/Mitra where more skin could have been shown adding to the movie and certainly would have boosted the popularity of this interesting movie.

shizmatic was written on August 23, 2010


Let's keep things short, you can see a silhouette of her breasts a few times, shot in a way, that the body could belong to any woman. Watch this movie cause it's great, but don't watch it for nudity.

whiteraven was written on August 25, 2010

Bare breast

The purpose of this site is to report nudity in movies. As I said I saw an UNRATED version and there was more than just a 'silhouette' as you may have seen. There was a full breast and nipple/aerola shown. There was also a bare male butt. It is possible Jim Carrey was nude in one scene with Virginia Madsen where one side of him is completely exposed. I try to set up a scene and give the time. There is a difference between an erotic scene and a rape scene, etc. I found the movie interesting, not great, but always good to see performers expanding their typical efforts as here or with The Majestic. Carrey is an actor and entertainer and not just a comedic performer, just as Rhona Mitra is actually a good actress and not just a set of T & A. I think the nudity as represented in this UNRATED version is just a distraction which takes away from the movie (as do all the porno ads do at this site). The first question becoming whose female breast and male butt is involved? The point of the scene is Carrey seeing his lover, 'cheating'. This certainly could have/should have been done without skin as were all the other sex scenes in this intriguing movie.

Skinwalkers (2006)
fiskmann was written on August 17, 2007

hot and sexy

shows a lot of clevage through most of movie. about half way there is a good sex scene. everything is hidden but it's hot.

Life of David Gale, The (2003)
burncity79 was written on July 20, 2003

No tits, lots of leg and ass!

No nudity as such (go rent Hollow Man again!) but a pretty good look at her fine tanned ass as Spacey rips off her black panties.

Definitely worth checking out tho, if just for Miss Mitra's insistence that Spacey take her "from behind, fuck me from behind, please!" and the energetic balling she gets over the bathroom sink ;)

Hollow Man (2000)
Chicago was written on September 20, 2002

2 scenes

Others again do a good job of describing Rhona's scenes. At :56, she is seen topless across the way in her apt...5 sec. breasts from a long distance. At :58-:58.5 is her clear and closer view of her breasts while sitting in front of the vanity mirror.

mcjw2011 was written on May 6, 2003

Tits in bedroom scene

Sexy Rhona Mitra gets out of the shower (while an invisible Kevin Bacon spies on her), and puts on a light robe. She sits down and begins to rub cream on those firm tits of hers... short but a good scene, made all the better because Bacon's character tilts the mirror just the way we like it. The movie begins with a fascinating premise, but then turns into another Verhoeven sex-and-gore fest in the final third.

Omni was written on June 16, 2001

Very hot body

Fairly lengthy scene of Rhona's chest while she gets ready for bed after a shower. Great body and Kevin's character tilts the mirror just like we want it.

Firebal1 was written on August 2, 2009

the bedroom scene

This gal has a fantastic rack in this Movie. Very well light, and long. No below waist nudity though so only 3 stars.

NudeyDude was written on March 3, 2002

shes pretty hot breasts are right out there

plain veiw and they look good when you slow it down

Gordon was written on May 16, 2001

Breasts exposed in bathroom.

Rhona is in her bathroom with a robe on, which falls open in the front, revealing her full, gorgeous breasts. All the while she is being watched by the invisible Kevin Bacon. This girl has a hot rack; let's hope she exposes it more in the future.

Senator was written on June 27, 2001


Her breasts are nice, but a little on the large size for my tastes, again, like I said in an above review...it would be hard (pun intended) not to take advantage of a person if you were invisible... I don't think I would ever be able to stoop to rape like in this scene, but sneaking in for a peak and a few grabs, that is certainly in the realm of possibilities!

Pirogue was written on November 15, 2008

Nice breasts shot

Breast only shot reason for 2 star grade. Agree fully with Ryan 8/4/2000 review but would add: Neighbor senses presence of someone/something else in her bed room. This scene is the turning point for Sebastian from benign voyeur to rapist which is manifested in gore and action to follow.

sambda was written on June 27, 2001

Boob job

Mitra had a boob job sometime before this movie, so they are not real (if that bothers you!) See TV's "The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous" for the pre- versions.

Mitra was also one of the many models used for the "Tombraider" game.

frederickjameskid was written on April 30, 2005

rhona shows tits

rhona undoes her towl 2 rub cream on her breasts

Khawaja30 was written on December 4, 2001

Rape Scene

If you manage to pick up a dvd copy, swan on over to the deleted scenes. Known for his controversial scenes, Paul Verhoven edited out most of the rape scene after he screened it to a preview audience. Generally the feeling wasn't too good, morally. Luckily it managed to make the deleted scenes. Whilst a bit harrowing, we see from a side angle, Rhona being thrown to the bed. We see her legs split, and her screaming whilst the action is on going. Most of it is close up, not to reveal too much, but if you like Rhona, it's worth seeing. Breasta are occasionally and briefly visable.

Ryan was written on August 3, 2000


She plays Kevin Bacon's sexy neighbor in the building across the way. At the beginning of the film he spies on her as she comes home and starts to undress. She wears a sheer bra and thong underwear, as she starts to take the bra off she closes the curtian at the same time, preventing any further exposure (much to Bacon's disappointment). Later, after he's become invisible he watches her undress again, this time we see her breasts through the window. Then he decides to actually go over to her apartment. We see her sitting in front of a mirror, wearing a flimsy robe that comes off to expose her breasts. Nice body, very attractive girl. She's probably a model, she has no actual dialogue in her entire role her.

Texasmovieman was written on December 27, 2006

Beacon spying

what a body she has to go along with that face!! full shot of breasts and nipples. Best show of dvd

tjohn was written on August 15, 2001

Breasts exposed in shower

At the begining of the movie, Rhona Mitra is shown through the eyes of Kevin Bacon getting undressed to her bra and thong, he anxiously waits for her to remove her bra but unfortunetly she doesn't. At a later scene, Rhona is also being watched undress but his time Kevin is invisible so he decides to visit her. kevin enters Rhona's house as she exits the shower, she is in her robe, and he watches her expose her breasts in the bathroom while she rubs cream on them. The scene ends by Kevin jumping Rhona and apparently raping her. This is really a good scene and Rhona has a wonderful body and great breasts, too bad she is underrated.

anonymousguy was written on May 8, 2001


rhona opens up her night gown to reveal her nice tits. she rubs some kind of cream on them and they even squeeze together a bit. niiice.

adailymovie2 was written on December 29, 2000

deleted scene

The scene where Bacon goes over to Mitra's apartment was actually cut, as revealed by the director in the DVD commentary. Test screenings showed that the audience were disturbed by this scene because Bacon's character became too evil too fast. It was great that he could see girls naked, but a little too much to see him rape her.
Anyways, on the DVD, the deleted part of the scene was shown where Mitra is pushed onto her bed and begins screaming as bands of light (the invisible man) passes over her. You get a quick shot of her right breast and a limited view of her left breast. After the ordeal, you see Mitra crying as the invisible man gets up and goes to the window. no nudity in this part of the scene, but you see mitra's lovely figure...even though the context is disturbing.

atomic was written on July 13, 2003

ass and his cock

I gave this scene three stars because you can see his dick only for a second. He takes of his robe and you see his ass a later you can see his dick. He is so hot

RDS33 was written on March 1, 2003

shower scene

She has a nice rack and a perfect breast size's. It's dommage that I'm not a invisible man.

Monk Dawson (1998)
Sinnema was written on August 4, 2009

Breast feeding

In "Monk Dawson" (aka "Passion of the Priest"), Rhona Mitra briefly pulls out her left boob to breast feed a baby. The scene is brief, but the one-second shot of her nipple is pretty close-up, with her chin and mouth in the same shot, so it is probably not a body double.

Man Who Made Husbands Jealous, The (1997)
Gordon was written on May 16, 2001

Sex on top and in bed

Rhona has a great, trim body and wonderful, full breasts, and we get to see them a few times in this movie. In one scene she is on top of a guy as they have sex on the floor. Unfortunately you only see her from the back and she's wearing a skirt, so you don't get more than a glimpse of her breasts. In another scene we see her in bed with a guy after sex. She's on her back and you can get a good look at her nice tits.

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