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Raquel Welch's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
1988 Trouble In Paradise 3 Reviews
1977 Stuntwoman 2 Reviews
1971 Hannie Caulder 2 Reviews
1969 100 Rifles 7 Reviews
1966 One Million Years B.C. 6 Reviews

nudity reviews for Raquel Welch member submitted

Trouble In Paradise (1988)
Penis was written on August 13, 1999

Sexy Slip Ups & Lingerie!

Throughout this made for TV film, she has a bunch of upskirts where pubic hair is clearly visible. She also wears lingerie in the beginning of the film. The film is about her and a man being trapped on a desert island, so she wears pretty skimpy outfits throughout. There is also a pretty revealing sex scene.

ff was written on March 19, 2004

side of tits with no nipples shown and a couple of wet t-shirts

there is a scene where she goes skinny dipping and you get to see her breast but it was shot from the back so no nipples. there`s a scene where she attacks the guy in a wet t-shirt afterwards she gets sick so he takes care of her by giving her a massage wherein we see her completely naked but she`s lying on her stomach. Of course there is the obligatory sex scene but it is very similar to sandra bullock`s scene in Fire In The Amazon only less explicit so again no nipples. it`s quite a surprise that she did this considering she was already on her 40`s when she did the film but frankly i prefer her bikini scenes in One Million Years.

ronaldb9 was written on November 14, 1999

undressing to swim

you can see the side of her left breast, other good side views are when she is helping torepair the launch

Stuntwoman (1977)
Breastpump was written on March 21, 2002

The Dress of Dresses

The seethru dress shows the Best of Breasts - Which despite getting older (aren't we all) she has one beautiful body.

Werewolf was written on October 5, 1998

Pool Scene

After falling in, she getsout wearing a transparentdress that provides aGREAT view of her(fantastic)chest!

Hannie Caulder (1971)
Ghostwords was written on May 19, 2007

Trick of the light, methinks

Much as I hate to argue with the previous reviewer, I doubt very much Ms Welch went commando for this role, although there is quite a lot of flesh visible in the post-rape scene and she famously posed for Terry O'Neill for the film poster, her knickers (presumably she was wearing a pair) hidden by a gun belt and her breasts covered by a poncho.

Krypton was written on January 23, 1999

Wind blows up skirt

Raquel's dark brown bush visible under a serape upskirtwalking past a dried up well in desert. Freeze frame when thewind blows.

100 Rifles (1969)
Ghostwords was written on May 19, 2007

She'd have gone naked in a decent script?

Interviewed by Playboy in 2004, Ms Welch spoke of the sex scene with Jim Brown in none-too-warm tones: "That whole story [of Brown sticking his tongue in her ear] is a fabrication. It wasn't just my ear; he licked the whole side of my face. And he didn't psyche me out. In fact, all I could think at that moment was, "Holy Christ, what the fuck does he think he's doing?" Afterward, I realized that he'd done it because his face was offcamera in that shot and, knowing the way that man's mind works, the way he has to constantly feed his ego, I suppose it really irked him. I personally couldn't have cared less who was on top and who was on the bottom, but he was extremely rude and tried very hard to mess me up during that scene. I was angry because we wasted two days on that scene and people were spending a lot of time and effort and money to finish it. In a situation like that, no real actor would play some little one-upmanship game just to let the crew know he was really the biggest stud that ever lived. If Jim Brown was the big stud he likes to think he is, then why couldn't he really communicate with the woman playing opposite him, instead of trying to pull some kind of power play? Obviously, he thought the point of the entire film was whether or not he was man enough to tromp on me. He was extremely insulting to a number of people, and particularly to several women on the set, myself included. As an ex-football player, he's been trained to kill, kill, kill, break that line, crush heads -- and that's just how he treats women. Unfortunately, some of us aren't a bit titillated by that approach. His whole attitude reminded me of the pubescent boys in grade school, who used to run around pulling up the girls' dresses. I can just imagine how he would have acted if I'd agreed to appear the way the scriptwriters wanted me to. There was one scene in the original script in which, as a member of the Spanish army, I was supposed to run around a battle-field stark-naked, shooting people with a pump-action shotgun. That would have been a great scene, I suppose, but I couldn't do it. It wasn't the nudity that bugged me; it was the stupidity. A scriptwriter will usually try to get away with as much sex in a film as he can, but my big objection to most of the bizarre scenes written for me is that they generally have no real function in the script. They're obviously thrown in for exploitation value alone."

xxzz was written on May 20, 2007

Scene with Jim Brown

As reported by Ghostwords, there was a verbal flap between Jim Brown and Raquel Welch after the filming of 100 Rifles. Brown started the bickering when he bragged to an interviewer about finding Raquel's "soft spot". According to his story, as he and Raquel engaged in their sex scene he slipped his tongue into her ear. She responded with a little yelp/groan and turned her head for a further, and deeper, tonguing of her ear. Brown then told the interviewer that he knew then that he could mount her if he wanted. Raquel's response to Jim Brown's story is as reported by Ghostwords.

NetFiend was written on May 16, 1999

Wet shirt

Scene in which Raquel wears a wet shirt to attract some baddies into an ambush. Can only briefly visualise her nipples. A lousy movie overall, and Ms. Welch's body could have been used to better effect.

xxzz was written on May 21, 2007

Jim Brown Scene - Part 3

In Jim Brown's book, Out of Bounds, he tells details his sex scene with Raquel Welch in 100 Rifles. Now in 1969, mainstream movies did not show nudity. Brown, however, states that "in a love scene the director throws a man and a woman together, and tell them to deal. Sometimes they go nearly all the way." Raquel's husband was managing her career and thought that a "first ever sex scene with a black man and a white woman" would bolster career. The day of this scene her husband, Patrick, was absent but "Raquel brought her little daughter, Tahnee (age 8) to the set. Obviously, "Tahnee was barred from the set that day." According to Brown, the director wanted him to expose Welch's tits. So, "we began the scene and I started slowly, with sensitivity, suddenly I started pawing at Raquel's clothes. Her bosom was exposed. I was kissing her and holding her and feeling her breasts and she became incredibly sex to me. She wasn't lying on the bed being submissive. She as was wild, defiant, she kissed me with her lips, her teeth, and her wild tongue. It became a sexual contest of who would conquer who in that bed." Brown then decribes the ear incident. Raquel requested that she wanted her face to the camera. So when their kissing parted and she faced the camera, Brown "kissed Raquel's ear and her body jumped as she gave a yelp/groan. Hmmmmmm. I stuck my tongue on softly. Raquel started heating up so I worked on tongue in her ear more vigourously and as Raquel heated up so did the scene. She was sensitive in the ear." In 1969 there was no DVD "deleted scenes" or "specials", so the outtakes are lost forever. Without renting the DVD 100 Rifles, check out celebrityarchive. and see how Raquel responds to Jim Brown in their sex scene.

l31007 was written on February 1, 2001

gropes herself

Raquel's shirt is not very see-through at all. One thing decent about the scene is that she is groping her own breasts pretty firmly over her shirt.

ff was written on May 10, 2004

wet t-shirt

i never saw the film but i saw the scenes in some Playboy documentary. the wet t-shirt scene isn`t very revealing but if you use the freeze frame you can clearly see her brown nipples. what makes it sexier is the fact that raquel is groping herself several times. there is a scene where she is in an open shirt where you get a nice look. there is also a pretty hot sex scene with jim brown but all you see is her back.

xxzz was written on May 20, 2007

Scene with Jim Brown - Part 2

I decided to go to the DVD and review the love scene between Jim Brown and Raquel Welch. Truthfully, it appears that Brown's account is accurate. As Brown and Raquel go to the bed (Raquel by the way keeps her top on) Raquel is already breathing heavy and panting. As their mouths open for a kiss you can clearly see Raquel's tongue thrusting into his mouth. Raquel continues with the heavy breathing during the kiss and then Brown disengages from Raquel's open mouth and goes to her ear. As his tongue works her ear, she DOES yelp/groan and turn her head for more, while her breathing and panting increases. All in all, Raquel Welch does appear to be in an ecstatic state on the verge of orgasmic bliss.

One Million Years B.C. (1966)
BushLeague was written on November 1, 2003

Pantied butt

Although she does not wear a "thong" bikini bottom, on several instances you see her partial bare butt cheeks. The two best that come to mind are squatting down next to the water and when trying to escape some dinosaurs through a hole in the cave. Super tight, smooth, and firm. Of course lots of bare cleavage abounds.

Ghostwords was written on May 19, 2007

The world's first bikini

No nudity as such, despite the weird ranting of a couple of these reviewers, but Ms Welch does look great in her fur bikini. Sadly, she decided long ago not to strip for the screen, as she told Playboy in 2004: "I'm splendid in the nude, but you'll have to use your own imagination. After all, sexuality isn't something that can be talked about. It's not on the surface of the body and, contrary to current fashion, it has nothing to do with the size of one's breasts; it exists in the mind and spirit. There's an unfortunate obsession in this country with the mammary glands -- those eye-stopping protuberances -- as an isolated symbol of sex. They're the softest, most vulnerable part of a woman and, because they stick out the farthest, they're the easiest part to grab. And the American male is too quick to do just that. He makes them synonymous with sex, which they're not. Don't get me wrong, though. Nice knockers are great, but they're only one component of total sexuality. They're not the end-all. As a matter of fact, when all the machinery swings into high gear, they kind of get lost in the shuffle. So no matter how fantastic a girl's breasts are, if she spreads sloppily at the bottom and she's got a lousy face and bad hair and she dresses terribly and walks badly, she's still hopeless, isn't she? If that's all she's got, they just hang there like two worthless tits and don't mean a thing. That's why I think the fascination with them is absurd. But comedians still make jokes about boobs; they say things like, "I bumped into Raquel Welch s-l-o-w-l-y," as if the ultimate sexual experience came from fondling these two protrusions."

[email protected] was written on May 11, 2002


With all due respect, do not take the previous reviews seriously; there is no naked scene, like the 1st reviewer wrote, and her exposure in this movie doesn't deserve anywhere near 4 stars, the 2nd reviewer's rating. She is scantilly clad throughout the entire movie, but that's all.

Breastpump was written on March 21, 2002

She has a "Body To Die For".

Even though the "vocal" is short - She has one on the finest bodies on the screen.

azman was written on January 14, 1999

naked scene

naked scene

muckster was written on February 6, 2008

Possible pussy slip to ponder/obsess upon

This cavegirl classic still packs an erotic punch over forty years on. Feast your eyes on those gorgeous tanned and oiled buttocks lifted and separated by scanty fur briefs! And as for the women, they're even tastier!

The bit we are interested in comes during the catfight in the cave, which is at 1:10:27 of the Optimum PAL edition. Martine Beswick is trying to spear the very lovely and intelligent Miss Welch into the ground with what looks like the tusk of a narwhal. She's on her back with her legs apart and her antelope skin bikini is riding "right up her crack" as they say. I'm not claiming as a fact that her hairless outer labia is overspilling the edge of her briefs, and possibly bringing a hint of her inner lips with it. I'm just noting that if that was what actually happened, the image on the screen is what it would have looked like.

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