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Rachel Weisz's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2009 Agora 1 Review
2005 Constant Gardener, The 4 Reviews
2001 Enemy at the Gates 9 Reviews
1998 I Want You 16 Reviews
1996 Stealing Beauty 13 Reviews
1993 Scarlet & Black 1 Review
1992 Advocates II 2 Reviews

nudity reviews for Rachel Weisz member submitted

Agora (2009)
Stevarooni was written on September 14, 2012

Roman bathing

A little after the 6-minute point, Rachel gets up out of a bath. Seen from behind, there's a moment of side-boob and a 5-second look at her butt. Aging, but still quite attractive. The lighting's good, but it's a brief shot.

Constant Gardener, The (2005)
lattara was written on November 27, 2005

Breasts and bum with prosthetic belly

Rachel is wearing a prosthetic "bump" in the two brief nude scenes in this film. In the first Ralph Fiennes is recording her in the bath on a webcam. Her breasts protrude above the bath bubbles, though the prosthetic belly blocks the view some of the time. We see her breasts in the main picture and also on a computer screen that the webcam is feeding to. Shortly after, Rachel gets out of the tub in the background of the shot and her bum is briefly seen in good light but slightly out of focus.

In the second scene, Fiennes has a flashback and we get a better look at Rachel standing up in the tub with her back towards the viewer, giving us a good view of her bottom. She half turns thus showing one breast (and the prosthetic bump). Her breasts seem small for a woman supposedly almost at full term, so my guess is only the belly was prosthetic and that all (brief) breast views were real.

Immy was written on September 9, 2005

Nude and very pregnant

Rachel is in a bathtub as Ralph Fiennes films her with a video camera (0:17) and her boobs peek out of the water a little bit. She's in the last weeks of pregnancy so her belly is huge. Then she stands to get out and dry off and we get glimpses of everything else. At 1:25 we get a more prolonged head-to-toe look during Ralph's flashback.

Fling was written on February 16, 2006

Real nudity, fake pregnancy

Nudity is not really the point of this movie or any of these scenes, but the lovely Rachel Weisz does provide several glimpses of her breasts and buns.
As noted by others, Weisz is wearing a prostecthic belly to mimic pregnancy during scenes beginning at 9:00, when we see her ass at 9:33 and 9:39, and at 18:00, when their of several glimpses of her titties and her bum between 18:24 and 18:44.
There's a more extended look at Weisz's butt, which is very attractive, and a briefer view of her breasts, during a flashback sequence at 18:24:24-32.
This is a somewhat disorganized but serious film worth seeing for its own merits, Rachel's nudity is just a bonus.
(Although, as usual, it's odd that male lead Ralph Fiennes manages not to show anything even during lovemaking.)

xtro was written on September 12, 2005

nude in bathtub

She's lying in a bathtub but there's soap suds so we don't get to see much, however her breasts do peek out a little. Then she gets out of the bathtub but we only see her backside and ass. It's not very much nudity, and her character is 8 months pregnant, so her tummy is huge. It's nothing to get excited about. But she is a very beautiful woman, and a great actress.

Enemy at the Gates (2001)
Serna was written on August 23, 2002

Brief ass in your face

As Rachel and Jude Law struggle for a moment's intimacy in a room full of soldiers, her hand slips down to move her army trousers off her arse - which looks very good! It's a close-up but cut so that it may not be hers. Who knows. After the flash Jude Law gets on top of her and they make love, passionately but trying to keep quiet and not move too much. Not really a film you would watch for shagging.

Gordon was written on September 25, 2001

Butt during sex scene

Rachel and Jude Law play Russian soldiers on the frontline in WWII. The two have a frantic sex scene in which both remain mostly clothed. Jude does pull down Rachel's pants, giving a brief look at her fine, tight ass.

Bootydaddy was written on September 25, 2001


You see about a 1/2 a second of Racheals ass, the nudity isn;t even worth it the movie howeever is pretty good though.

nobby was written on April 4, 2001

urgent sex at the front lines

I only gave the scene 2 stars because there wasn't much to see and it is so brief, but that quick shot of Rachel's ass while her and Jude Law have sex is one of the cutest I've seen. I find the sex scene great because of the urgency and the two of them finally being able to show eachother how they feel. Great film.

Requiem-for-a-Dream was written on February 24, 2002

Frantic sex scene

Although Rachel is a goodlooking actress, don't see this film for nudity. All there is is a quick flash of her butt (who knows if it's hers?)

badkarmajr was written on April 19, 2002

perect ass during desperate sex scene

Although not as impressive as Rachels revelations in stealing beauty, the sight of her perfect ass was enough to warrant 2 stars. The pure desperation of the scene also intensified the sight of her amazing ass.

lattara was written on March 23, 2001

Bum briefly bared

Rachel is a Red Army soldier snatching a moment of passion during WW2 - quite a touching love-making scene but it takes place in a crowded bunker in Russia in Winter so the only flesh bared is when Rachel pushes down her trousers and knickers and her round creamy bottom fills the centre of the screen for a second before disappearing under a blanket.

MVIEGUY was written on March 24, 2001

Another Non-Nude RUT.......And Mrs. Weisz's Butt

unless your a Butt/Ass Person, This movie really does not do anything for nudity, other then Mrs. Weisz's Butt during a love making scene, if you would like to see Mrs. Weisz, Rent Stealing Beauty, were she shares with us her beautyful breasts and Butt, and a quick peak at her pubs.

Harker was written on April 1, 2001

Nude bottom while having grimy war sex

As cute as Miss Weisz is, I have to give this scene a ZERO. You see, when she has her roll in the hay with Jude Law, they've both been on the front sniping Germans for months. I think all of those months were without showers. They're both extremely grimy, and the whole scene is played out with a sense of urgency (i.e. we have to do this now because we may not be alive tomorrow) not a sense of romance or eros. Seeing Jude's filth-covered hands rubbing all over the lovely Rachel was hardly a turn on, even though her reactions during the scene was very authentic and passionate. Still, this brief, grubby glance at Rachel's cheeks is not the reason to see this otherwise wonderful film.

I Want You (1998)
wr135 was written on January 9, 2007

sex scene

dam rachel is hot in this movie. Very violent sex scene in which her tits come out of her top. and then we see her bush as she has a bikini top on and no bottoms. very beautiful with several scenes worth watching in this movie

MarcL was written on November 10, 1999

1 sex scene and 1 nude scene

Brief right breast while having sex. In another scened, a lower frontal nudity after she tookher panty off. Bit dark though.

damn_crazy_bastard was written on October 31, 2001

Full frontal--one half at a time

The first of two scenes has her making very passionate love with her boyfriend on a sofa. We get a few, brief glimpses of her breasts but the scene is very hot. She's got her legs wrapped around the guy and she's screaming like a Ferrari. The second scene has her whipping her panties off for a nice look at her bush. Then the guy chokes her up against the wall and rapes her. Truly kills the heat. Three and a half for the first scene, one for the second.

movieguy21 was written on April 25, 2003

Pulling down her panties

In one scene Rachel is wearing only an open button down shirt and she pulls down her panties to reveal her fabulous bush.

adidas_666uk was written on August 16, 2002

Pubic hair fully visible

I love rachel thats why I gave it 4, you see her puibic hair in full view after she pulls off her panties.

adidas_666uk was written on August 16, 2002

Pubic hair fully visible

I love rachel thats why I gave it 4, you see her pubic hair in full view after she pulls off her panties.

Gordon was written on August 28, 2001

Quickie on the couch

Rachel removes her shirt while her ex-boyfriend watches, leaving her in a bra and a short skirt and panties. The guy starts to carress her and quickly pulls her panties down. He pushes her down on a couch, pulls down his pants, and begins taking her right there. Rachel wraps her shapely legs around him as her luscious breasts spill out of her bra, moaning as she comes quickly. The lighting is very dark and there isn't a good view of the nudity, but the scene is great because of its raw passion and sexuality. Who wouldn't want to take the beautiful Ms. Weisz that way?

RichT was written on November 25, 2001

I want you too Rachel ...

Mr Winterbottom does it again ! Like Robert Altman, Michael Winterbottom appears to have the knack of making strange and often depressing films, which are eminantly watchable due to the simple fact that they tend to get their main female stars "BUSH OUT" !!! MW persuades the delectable Miss Weisz that showing her bush in this film, is "essential to the plot", just as he persuaded the delightful Kate Winslet to display her fluffy bits in the oh-so-depressing JUDE. Not particularly entertaining films, but well worth watching all-the-same, if only to see the leading actresses furry muffs (Miss Winslet's being noticeably more fluffy than Miss Weisz's !)

Serna was written on April 3, 2003


Great, sexy performance.
In one sex scene she is made to half strip before the man starts to have very rough sex with her on the sofa. He has her breasts out and kisses them as they screw. Rachel is very noisy as they have sex.
Later, she pulls down her panties in front of the guy and offers him her bush. "Do you want to f*** me?" she says.

Know-it-all was written on August 14, 2000

Nice bush shot near the end...(no pun intended)

I actually liked this film, myself. Rachel DOES look really nice in it pretty much throughout. The scene near the end is cool because she's wet, (from the sea), and taunts her ex-boyfriend by peeling her black panties off and showing her sexy pubic mound. Could have been lit a little better. A couple of scenes like this would have helped "the Mummy".

ernststavro was written on November 26, 2002

Taking off the panties

I had to review this though many others already had. 4 stars, since I find it very erotic when a girl takes off her panties in front of a guy. And she´s got a lovely pussy. I want you.


punkguy was written on June 8, 1999

sex scene(s)

nice view of rachels breasts and bush in at least two scenes. some decent lighting would not have gone a miss though. if you think as highly of rachel as me you'll love the scenes in this film which itself is not good.

eaglespyharry was written on May 17, 2004

4 star bush

Total 4 star scene at end of movie. Rachel strips out of her panties and stares at the camera defiantly, jet black pussy on full display. Very brave, very sexy. Interesting flick.

fella_named_rio was written on August 29, 2011

Full frontal, tits

Rachel has several provocative scenes in this movie, including one in which she strips at the command of her old boyfriend who then throows her on the couch and fucks her, pushing aside her bra and exposing one of her tits. The best scene ooccurs later when he comes back, and she opens her skirt, pulls down her panties to expose her bush and scornfully asks, "do you want to fuck me? C'mon, c'mon and fuck me then." I'm adding this review to the many other positive ones (though for some reason no one mentions the tit shot) mainly to counter the one-star rating from Bush League. one of the biggest trolls on a troll-infested site.

DrPhibes was written on June 20, 2000

Rough Couch Sex!

Miss Wiesz, raven-haired temptress that she is, helps give this heavy, plodding movie a well-needed boost by revealing her gorgeous breasts and, briefly, bush on a couple of occasions. The best of these is when she begins peeling off her clothes in front of ex-b.f. Alessandro Nivola, causing him to suddenly get an uncontrollable urge, drags her on to the couch, yanks off her panties and takes her right there. It's an exciting quickie, with Weisz's lovely legs wrapped around him, and her breasts on view.

BushLeague was written on March 21, 2006

Rampant ratings inflation

Just some bra with cleavage and an unkempt bush.

Stealing Beauty (1996)
lattara was written on January 19, 2001

Sunbathing in the raw

Rachel shows off her full breasts and also briefly the top of her pubes sunbathing poolside glistening with suntan oil. That's nice as an idea as is the good long look the viewer gets but unfortunately the angle of the best shots is not the most flattering and Rachel has looked better elsewhere. There are also two very brief sex scenes later but neither shows any real skin.

SnoopJay was written on September 16, 2000

Casual Pool Scene

This is a decent scene at best. There is no sex, there is a good breast shot and a good bush shot too. The scene stays long enough to make it fun to watch, just have the pause button ready to catch her pubes!! Overall it is a good scene for Rachel.

movieguy21 was written on April 25, 2003


During a sunbathing scene you can see her breasts and the top of her bush is also sticking out of her dress. Very sexy in my opinion.

wr135 was written on December 20, 2006

topless by pool

she has got some big milkers which are proudly on display while laying on her side beside the swimming pool. fairly brief scene only about 5 seconds. she is gorgeous though liv tyler is also briefly nude in this movie

umathurmanfan2 was written on February 27, 2005

Refreshingly realistic (but not sex-oriented) nude scene

Rachel Weisz is an extremely hot actress. Her nude scene in this movie is very satisfying because the nudity doesn’t lead into sex. What also is erotic about is that there is no sense of shame, unlike many other hollywood movies. She simply lies there, not even trying to cover herself up when Liv Tyler comes along.

This scene is also her entrance into the movie. What a way to introduce someone! The camera lovingly pans across her (almost) nude body, whilst Tyler’s character takes a swim. This means we get good, long, clear views of her large breasts and a small amount of bush.

There is a hot sex scene later on (she's getting it from behind), but you don’t see anything. The movie is worth watching if only for its different perspective on sex and nudity.

Bootydaddy was written on April 7, 2002

Pretty Brief

Rachel is lying by the pool sunbathing nude, you get a decent shot of those nice boobs of hers.

dirtydanny was written on October 16, 1999


This babe from 'The Mummy' is British - just like me!!! She is sunbathing, and Liv Tyler doesn't notice her as she swims around in the little pool. Rachel is topless, and you can see to top of her pubic hair. She then gets dressed and stays that way for the rest of the movie (I think)

lefty was written on June 7, 1999

poolside casual nudity

Good scene with Liv Tyler by the pool. Breast and top of pubes. She also has sex later and might appear nude elsewhere.

eaglefish69 was written on May 24, 2001


whenever i watch mummy and get upset by the absence of any nudity from rachel weisz i just watch this scene. it happens pretty early in the film almost right after the time that liv gets to the house. liv goes for a swim and that is when you get to see rachel sitting out sunbathing it is full nudity but the bush is not shown very long or i would of given it 4 stars. but her breasts are shown a while and their nice.

TimeLord was written on January 31, 2000

Pool Scene

One slightly lingering pool-side scene where Rachel's breasts are on full display, and the top of her pubes are poking out of a wrap. A later bonking scene, but nothing is on show.

adidas_666uk was written on August 16, 2002

topless and pubic hair

I gave it 4 because i think Rachel Weisz is one of if not the sexiest women ever, she lies down on the poolside topless and you can see some pubes also there is a scene where you can see up her skirt and I dont think she is wearing underwear but im not 100% sure, its the scene where that guy is painting liv with her tit out and the camera shows Rachel and you can see up her skirt!

Omni was written on August 11, 2000

Gratuitous display poolside

Yep, Rachel's chest is in full view and so is a bit of her pubic region. However, the pubes hanging out aren't that sexy in my opinion. Also, Rachel's body is pretty boring... but hey whatever floats your boat. (Note: same girl from the box-office bombs Chain Reaction and The Mummy).

Senator was written on February 7, 2002

cute but short

gotta love those all over tans!

Scarlet & Black (1993)
lattara was written on February 14, 2004

Bum and nip slip

Rachel, in her debut major role, is seduced by Ewan McGregor who breaks into her bedroom. She shows the top half of her naked bum in a shot from behind. In the shots from the front her arms are folded across her breasts, but one nipple is still partially visible. One more star than otherwise as Rachel looks really good.

Advocates II (1992)
eaglespyharry was written on October 16, 2003


Great clear chest shot of lovely Rachel. She is laying back in the tub (thank god there are very few bubbles) and the camera gives a great close up of just her head and tits. She has terrific red areolas (nice and large) and full natural breasts. Lack of fourth star only reflects the lack of bush. For breast lovers, this is a must.

Striker was written on March 4, 2000

In the bath

This memorable scene in a British TV series occurs early in Rachel's career. She's in the bath with no suds or soap to obscure our view of her luscious bod. The camera lingers lovingly on her lovely tits but I can't recall if we see any bush. Must check it out again soon!

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