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Priscilla Barnes' Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2005 Sex Sells: The Making of Touche 1 Review
2005 Devil's Rejects, The 1 Review
1998 Divorce: A Contemporary Western 2 Reviews
1995 Mallrats 10 Reviews
1995 Crossing Guard, The 8 Reviews
1994 Erotique 2 Reviews
1992 Talons of the Eagle 2 Reviews
1992 Stepfather III 1 Review
1980 Last Married Couple In America, The 1 Review
1978 Texas Detour 4 Reviews
1978 Seniors 3 Reviews
1977 Tintorera 1 Review
1977 Delta Fox 2 Reviews

nudity reviews for Priscilla Barnes member submitted

Sex Sells: The Making of Touche (2005)
ff was written on May 22, 2007

Wasted opportunity

This film is a mockumentary about the making of a porn movie. Priscilla plays a veteran porn star but she has only one nude scene and thats not all there isn't much nudity in the movie either. How could anyone make a mockumentary about the porn industry and only include a few brief nude scenes?? And its obvious that the writers of this god awful movie has no clue about the adult industry. Priscilla still looks hot but you see her mostly in lingerie. The one time she is nude she is still wearing a bra but at least their cupless bra so we get a few brief flashes of her bouncing breasts and side views of her butt. There is also a shot were we see her in a thong showing her nice ass. Her body isn't tight (she is 49 years old) but she is still fit.

Devil's Rejects, The (2005)
MisterTeas was written on August 1, 2005

Horrifying scene

In one of the most disturbing sexual assault scenes in recent memory, Bill Mosely forces Barnes to take her clothes off. The humiliated Barnes strips to bra and panties, and Mosely proceeds to shove a gun down her panties as she cries. At one point he sticks the gun in her bra and pulls out one breast, briefly.

Divorce: A Contemporary Western (1998)
LeroyBrown was written on December 19, 2000

Getting dress after sex

About 30 minutes into the movie, she stands up to pull up her teddy after sex. We get a view of her right side including her breast, but no nipple. Could be body double, if not she still looked good from what was shown, but not much was shown. Lousy movie too. Not worth renting for nudity.

Curmudgeon was written on February 1, 2003

Just three frames of breasts

VERY brief view of her right side as she bends down to pull up her teddy after having sex. Hair obscures the face for the one frame that it's visible, so it could possibly be a body double, but the figure matches other recent performances by Barnes. Inside of left breast is visible in the last of the three frames. Nipples aren't distinguishable against the dark background due to motion blur.

Mallrats (1995)
sirspread was written on February 18, 2003

3 nipples

about 2 mins of her topless with a third nipple stuck on which doesnt make it very sexy.even when she takes it off near the end of the scene it dosent improve as her boobs arent very pert and hang southwards they are also a little on the large side.......i gave it 3 stars as the scene last for a good while

beefcake was written on August 27, 2000

three's company

When i first saw this i was grossed out, but after i found out that the third nipple was fake i rewinded it. She has a nice set of boobies. The rating would be higher if they didn't play that cruel joke.

[email protected] was written on April 13, 2002

At 0:59, the 2 protagonists of the movie go to a topless fortune teller: Ms. Barnes. After they pay her, she takes off her top and guesses some minor things while one of the guys is horrified and the other fascinated by her third nipple, located

If you can get over the 3rd nipple, then this scene is worth a 4-star rating. Personally, I like the scene because it's funny, long(about 2 and 1/2 minutes) and there are excellent shots of her boobs(and, for her age, she looks very nice), but she only takes off the fake nipple at the end, so the scene isn't very sexy. That's why I didn't give it 4 stars.

Dante was written on January 14, 1999

Topless Foutune Teller

She plays a foutune teller that can only predict the future when topless.She also has a third nipple!

NudeyDude was written on March 3, 2002


The third nip is kinda weird when she takes it off is better but she looks really good what was she like 50

Vikico was written on August 28, 2000

Fantastic frontal topless!

It is striking! Priscilla Barnes was 40 years old making this movie and the majority of twenty years old girls wish to have their breasts as firm and beauty as Priscilla Barnes shows in this movie. Completely natural and shown in a long and hilarious scene. Bravo, Priscilla!

BangShang-A-Lang was written on July 15, 2003

Say babe, can you spare a nipple?

(DVD 0:59) I've been a fan of Pricilla's for years, and this scene's kooky "third nipple" gag seems exactly like something she'd dream up! In this scene she plays a "scam" shopping-mall furtune teller who works best while topless, and "summons" her visions by caressing those gorgeous breasts, one of which happens to be adorned with TWO nipples (At the scenes end she reveals that the extra areola is as artificial as her furtune-telling talents by peeling it off). The best part of the entire scene (if you can look past Nip #3) is the closeup shot of Priscilla putting a firm pinch on her right (real) nipple! Comical & sexy!!

Cyclone was written on July 13, 2000

Three nipples

Her breasts really are better than my rating would suggest, but the (fake) third nipple simply grossed me out. Pretty good exposure, though.

axl was written on November 6, 1999

in tent with the guys

Two of the guys go the a topless fortune teller to see what will happen with them and their girlfriends. When she takes off her top she reveals a fake third nipple.

Omni was written on July 16, 2000

3 nipples!... not really

Yes, this scene should get fewer stars because that 3rd nipple is disgusting... however, that's the whole joke! It's not real anyways, as she later reveals. The extra star is for anyone who was a fan of hers when she was on "Three's Company."

Crossing Guard, The (1995)
soulman was written on July 22, 2002

If You Still Got It, Flaunt It.

First, Jenilee Harrison shows her tits in PRIME TARGET. Now Barnes shows hers in this film. All we need now is for Suzanne Somers And Joyce DeWitt to bare themselves for a complete THREE'S COMPANY set. I just love when a mature woman does a nude scene like this. Barnes has a scene with Nicholson where you get a good look at her tits. They look great and don't appear to be surgically enhanced. Overall she still look great.

Gordon was written on November 11, 2001

Walking into a dressing room topless

Priscilla is topless and in her panties as she walks down a dark staircase into a brightly lit dressing room. Her breasts are descent sized, but they're kind of saggy and her body also looks a bit saggy. She just doesn't look like she's in all that good shape and doesn't seem too appealing to me.

Dante was written on January 14, 1999


She plays an exotic dancer. She has a lengthly toppless scene with Jack Nicholson.Still looking good!

Cyclone was written on May 30, 2001

Topless scene

Fairly early into the movie, she walks down a few stairs topless, and then talks briefly with Jack Nicholson while still exposed. Not a bad scene, and she looks good.

sirspread was written on April 6, 2004


just for the record the scene is 37 mins into the film

superhero was written on December 27, 2001


You get a good clear look at her breasts which look fine, but she doesn't look her best with black hair. She would look much better as a blonde as she had it in Three's Company.

sirspread was written on April 18, 2003

topless in dressing room

we get a good 15 second look at her largish breasts which are not that appealing.for an older actress they are not sagging in anyway but are not that impressive to the eye.the scene is about half way through the movie

damn_crazy_bastard was written on October 3, 2001

Topless in a dressing room

I don't think anything will ever top her standing at the top of the stairs in Seniors, but this is pretty good stuff. Priscilla's face may be older, but her body still looks as good as ever. She remains topless for about half a minute. Jack Nicholson is talking to her for most of it, but I'll be damned if I know what he's saying.

Erotique (1994)
nudedude was written on June 23, 1999

Breasts in Bed

She plays a lesbian who wakes up in bed with her lover - very nice breast shots. This film contains extensive nudity by other actresses.

muffbuff was written on August 9, 2007

Great topless lesbian scene

Entertaining film, actually four separate erotic stories each by a different female director. In Priscilla's segment she plays a lesbian who, with her female lover, picks up a man who ends up getting more than he bargained for -- the final scene is of the two women cuddling and laughing while watching from their window above the results of the car bomb they'd rigged as the man prepared to drive off. Priscilla's most revealing scene is one in which she is waking up next to her female lover in bed. The scene is very well lit and she is topless for some time. Beautiful breasts!

Talons of the Eagle (1992)
duckem was written on October 14, 2000

shower scene

She's making out in a running shower
wearing a white negligee. The negligee becomes
transparent and the camera zooms in one of her
breasts. But since her face wasn't shown in the shot you can't tell if it's a body double.
Kelly Gallant did a way better scene in this movie.

cecil was written on May 17, 2002


As described by the previous reviewer, she is in the shower with Eric Lee. Her breasts show through her wet bra, but the close up is pretty quick. The only real nudity in the movie is by an actress in a sex scene with Billy Blanks, but I can't find her in the credits. She has speaking lines in several scenes and it sounds like Billy calls her "Cher" or "Sharon" at one point. I tried accounting for every female name in the end credits, but still couldn't figure it out. They are seated on the floor, they kiss, then he helps her remove her top over her head. We see a clear, well lit close up of her breasts for about 5 seconds. Then he lays her down and we see her left breast for about 10 seconds as he kisses her, then the scene ends.

Stepfather III (1992)
Immy was written on October 15, 2005

Brief butt, nips? (1:27)

Priscilla eases into a candlelit bubble bath. Her butt is visible in profile but it's pretty shadowy. Possible visible nips as she settles among the suds but very hard to tell. She has a few close calls in this film but kudos to the director for keeping the goodies just out of shot (the bastard!).

Last Married Couple In America, The (1980)
rbelkin was written on October 11, 2006

A couple nipple slips

Compared to her movies, it's not much but it is Priscilla in her 20's so it's something. It's a dark scene so crank up the brightness but post sex, she's laying in bed talking to George Segal (who's by the window) the scene does annoyingly cut back and forth between the two of them but during a couple cuts back to her, parts of left nipple make a couple peeking appearances - it's not much but if you want to be a Priscilla completist.

Texas Detour (1978)
CV was written on July 19, 2000

Topless in panties

You see Priscilla topless in white panties as she is being spied on. Her breasts look great in this film! There is another scene where she is making love but you don't see too much.

Antman was written on July 10, 1999


She has a pretty good topless scene about an hour into the movie.

jeremyw was written on August 23, 2003

threes company girl

she has pretty much perfect tits and i been wanting to see them since threes company

BangShang-A-Lang was written on July 23, 2003

Why ruin it with.... clothes?

(VHS 1:03) This is certainly the definitive topless scene for one of my faves! Priscilla moves around the bedroom wearing nothing but tiny white panties.... What a great sexy frame she has! Not alot of muscle, just trim & firm, and those perfect mid-sized hooteroos are absolutely, well.... PERFECT! We get to see her from various angles as she walks about the room, and eventually over to the closet! All-around awsome body (beautiful nipples), and what a face!!! I love this gal!! (VHS 1:11) A quick glimpse or two in this scene as she makes love in bed with a guy, but nothing like the previous clip.

Seniors (1978)
Loneranger was written on January 24, 1999

One of her earliest movies.

She plays Sylvia the slave of some college students. She is topless in a scene at the top of the stairs.

J_Artemus_Stone was written on May 30, 2001

Sylvia at the top of the stairway

The long-legged, tight-bodied, sultry actress with long blonde hair, Priscilla Barnes (23 years old at the time) appears topless in this 1978 movie for a total of 9 seconds. She stands relatively motionless in a clear, well lit, medium distance shot at the top of a stairway. She is wearing an open, light blue denim shirt and medium-blue terry-cloth shorts. She plays Sylvia, a homemaker-nymphomaniac, and appears throughout the entire movie, sometimes wearing sexy outfits. She does not utter one word (but she doesn't need to). Priscilla is widely known for her stint as Terri Alden on the TV sitcom "Three's Company" (1981-1984). A young Dennis Quaid (Alan) is also in this movie. There are about 4 other topless actresses in this movie in short scenes.

superhero was written on January 21, 2002

Three's Company Beauty is topless

Topless in open shirt wearing shorts at top of stairs.

Her breasts appear to look nice but but she seems a bit too far away.

Tintorera (1977)
Immy was written on November 6, 2004

Topless in bikini bottom

Priscilla is one of two girls the male lead picks up in a seaside bar. As she and a group of others are walking along the shore that evening the idea is floated to go for a nude swim. You don't immediately see Priscilla taking anything off, but as the group wades deeper she is seen topless about waist-deep (she's carrying a beer, which she eventually drops into the water). These are only brief glimpses since there are several people in the water at this point. The best shot comes after the shark attacks their party. She's one of the girls who makes it back to shore. You get a decent look at her nice boobs as she leans on one elbow in the sand.

Delta Fox (1977)
Immy was written on December 1, 2009


Priscilla's in the wrong place at the wrong time and gets kidnapped by bagman Richard Lynch who's on the run. They end up at his place and he tells her to strip out of her shirt and daisy dukes so she won't escape. She shyly does (0:37 right boob, kinda dark) in the corner of the room. Once she's down to her panties she's really reluctant to continue. He notices this and tells her to keep them on. As she sits in bed she catches a glimpse of a strange guy thru the window. He busts in and starts manhandling Priscilla (0:38, briefly topless). Lynch comes back in and a gunfight ensues while they both cower in a corner. They make a break for it and run out to his car, all the while Priscilla is still in just panties. Later in a New Orleans hotel she has a big fight with him which naturally leads to some sack time (0:48, brief topless then right boob a few times on her back in bed).

bushyboy was written on May 31, 2015

Mostly flashes

The 37 minute scene for me was too dark to see anything. The 39 minute scene was dark also with only flashes of boobs. During bed scene at 50 minutes, there are flashes of left boob and nipple but mostly it's hidden by arms, his and hers!

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