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Pola X's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Golubeva, Yekaterina 8 Reviews
Deneuve, Catherine 4 Reviews
Chuillot, Delphine 1 Review

Pola X's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Depardieu, Guillaume 9 Reviews

nudity reviews for Pola X member submitted

Yekaterina Golubeva
Videoass was written on December 19, 2001

Just add a few words

No this is not bodydoubles or pornoactors, its them, Katya and Guillaume. And yes, i saw two different versions of Pola X, first full and second has cutted sex-scene. And some of copyes very dark, but for my happines i have very clear and light VHS.

Bruinsfan was written on June 15, 2001

DVD to dark

I just watched the DVD of this movie. The sceene is so dark with a blue tint. You barely can see anything. You can't see any oral sex at all its to dark and the penetration is so dark you can barely even make it out. If you turn the brightness all the way up on your tv you can tell they are really having sex but nothing great. The end is a still shot which with the brightness all the way up you can see her very hairy pussy. There are no face shots at all of the man or woman so these could be any porn stars doing this not the actors.

thefaceman32 was written on October 16, 2003

Penetration - Masturbation - Oral

NOTE: Name correction as shown in IMDB.com
There is debate as to whether Yaketerina used a body double or not. IMHO - I think it was her.

01:20:00 Breasts, butt and a hairy bush as we're treated to a sex scene of porno-like proportions. Good stuff!

01:46:00 Quick titties as Yekaterina flows down a river of blood. Ick.

Psuedo_Saint was written on January 2, 2002

porno scene in an Art film

It's worth noting the two characters in this scene are brother and sister. Yech. Also, this scene lasts a long time.

Vulnerable, dark-haired Golubeva is gorgeous in this whole film.

Videoass was written on May 6, 2001

Pornoscene in this great movie.

Well, near the of this movie a brother make love with his sister, which play Katerina. You will see all, oral sex and real sex. When they start they just kissing, when you will see brothers hand between sister legs, then Katerina start sucking brothers penis, when position 69, when you see sister's ass and wide open major lips and brother's penis enter to her, and in the end of love scene, again her pubes. Wow.

BushLeague was written on September 10, 2002

The "explicit" sex scene

This scene is very dark. The body used is so perfect (tits, abs, buns, hairy pussy lips), I can't believe it was not body doubled. You *never* see her face attached to any nude scene. When she is about to get oral sex you can see a piece of cloth covering her pussy. It is very dark around her fur pie so you can't see the penetration. She shows her pussy and ass from the rear, briefly afterwards, again you can't see her face. One star off for darkness and possible body double and brevity.

dav345 was written on April 14, 2004

explicit sex, but dark

The sex here is real and explicit, with actual penetration, but I have to complain because the scene is very dark. It would get 4 stars if it were better lit. You see glimpses of things here and there, including her bush and vagina, but the lighting was less than satisfying.

ff was written on June 8, 2004

brief bloody breasts exposure and a body doubled porno scene

late in the movie there is a scene with Golubeva and Depardieu swimming in a pool of blood. this scene is the most overlooked but it`s the only time in the movie where she is nude. If you checked out the DVD commentary Depardieu says that she refused to do it so a body double was used for the explicit scenes.

Catherine Deneuve
Psuedo_Saint was written on January 2, 2002

Bubble bath

55 and still a hottie. One internet biography implies that Ms. Deneuve's first clear nude scene was at the age of 52 in Les Voleurs, although earlier roles have included numerous glimpses. What other actress has the confidence and beauty to pull this off?

, she stars as Marie, a college professor who discovers, after being married and having become a mother, that she is in love with her student, Juliette (Laurence Cote). But their relationship is complicated and Marie has to compete with a police officer (Daniel Auteil) for Juliette's affection. At one moment, Catherine shares a scene in a bathtub with Laurence.

Videoass was written on May 7, 2001

Bathroom scene

Well, this scene very short - at first you will see her nipples and wheb she show her quality breasts for a second. Yes, only for a second. But Catherine is very attractive woman, i don't know her age, i think she is over 50, and this fact must be reason for four stars.

BushLeague was written on September 10, 2002

Tits in a bubble bath

Her luscious pontoons seem to float of their own accord as they tantalizing peek through the bubbles. We get a better, but no nip shot of them again as she surfaces in the tub. Here we can she that her body has indeed become "matronly", but for those of us that have waited close to thirty years, this was a slice of heaven, although a stale slice.

oldbabe was written on November 17, 2001

Hot Older Babe

Catherine is easily one of the hottest older babes around. Her nipples can be seen in the murky water as her son walks in to speak with her while she is in the bathtub. She then sits slightly higher, in the process unveiling her full bosom, wet and soaped, for a brief few seconds. She is still gorgeously sexy and beautiful. Only minor minus is that her bosom is probably surgically enhanced. But then at the age of 56, you will expect to need some form of "medical" aid to stay competitively beautiful. And she beats many younger actresses anytime.

Delphine Chuillot
Psuedo_Saint was written on January 2, 2002

Brief scene in bedroom

Early in the movie. Not much shown, but she's a stunner. She's cousins and engaged to the guy in the scene which is kinda weird.

Guillaume Depardieu
Psuedo_Saint was written on December 30, 2001


This film was ... quite explicit. I hid under the seat. I would have liked it better without male nudity. Films with lots of male nudity should have a separate rating. What a double standard! What a prude am I! I stink.

donby was written on August 21, 2004

Rear & frontal, then, later, explicit sex scene.

At beginning of film, the young Depardieu gets into bed with his fiance, and we see his rear and partial frontal (He is crouching down, so part of crotch is obscured).

Much is made by other reviewers of the sex scene, but be aware that the scene is incredibly dark. My view is that, if you're going to the bother of being so explicit, Why Not Turn The Lights On ?!!! Also, although Depardieu (fils) has a handsome face, his body is skinny and has no muscle tone. It may well be him in this scene, but because you do not see the face & penis in the same shot, it could be anyone !

By the by, DeNeuve shows off her bulbous breasts in a bathtub scene. I believe this is the first such shot for her.(She was nude in Belle de Jour, but that was from the rear).

As far as the film goes, it's the type of plot the French love--a Frenchman prepares for his wedding, but wait, he forgot to tell his fiance about his gay lover ! And did I mention that he & his sister, DeNeuve(more of an age to be his mother), live in this incredible multi-room chateau (doesn't everyone?). I couldn't relate to any of it.

Mortie was written on April 28, 2014

The very best of (the late) Guillaume Depardieu

Guillaume (William) was, of course, the son of a rather more famous actor - GĂ©rard Depardieu.

Guillaume lived life in the fast lane. He was often called an "enfant terrible" by the French magazine 'Paris Match', whilst other media outlets labelled him as "eccentric" and "bohemian". By 1993, he had already served two jail sentences for drug offences, including dealing heroin, and for theft. In 1995, he suffered a motorcycle accident due to a suitcase that fell off a vehicle in front of him: this required surgery on his knee but he contracted a Staphylococcus aureus infection which led to 17 operations and the eventual amputation of the leg in June 2003. Also in 2003, he was fined and given a nine-month suspended prison sentence for threatening a man with a gun. In 2008 he was arrested for driving his scooter while intoxicated.

Guillaume Depardieu died on 13 October 2008, at the age of 37, after contracting severe viral pneumonia at a filming location in Romania, where he had been working on a new film, "L'Enfance d'Icare".

This movie - Pola X - features on Wikipedia's list of "mainstream movies with unsimulated sex".

Mattg was written on August 12, 2001

Butt and explicit sex scene

Incredibly beautiful French actor is a sight to behold. You remember the primary reason you love French movies near the beginning when he goes into the room where his girlfriend is sleeping and, naked, walks across the room showing his absolutely fabulous butt and then climbs into bed. We're given ample amounts of Guillaume's skin in this movie, lots of shirtless scenes. His sex scene with his "sister" is as described elsewhere, incredibly explicit for a mainstream film. The fact that it's all him in this scene while his female co-star opted for a body double is hot - who wants a double when you can get the real thing. We see his hard, hot cock as she goes down on him. Later with him on top, we see side views of his butt as they 69, and he brings her to orgasm. Shortly later, we see Guillaume's erect penis and she fucks him. Woe, baby! Incredible movie for one beautiful man - perhaps one of the most beautiful men in the world.

1437 was written on February 16, 2002

Balls, Dick (erected), Blowjob

I'm very surprise that I'll get a movie like this. From time to time, I search for a male star possing nude in movies but what I get is just like Rob Lowe, Scott Wolf or even Tom Cruie or Rupert Graves. Many of them are just possing nude by showing their butt or even dick but not erected.
Guillaume gives me the surprise and pasion!!!!
First, we can seen he is undressing to go to the bed. He is totally nude backside and if you pay attention, you can see his balls dangling between his legs. Then, he go up to the bed and again we can see his dick right infront of you but it's quiet far.
Next, as this movie goes to the middle part, there is a make love section guillaume with his sister. First of all, the 2 are only kissing. Then, the camere turn on to when guillaume is kissing his sister's breast then his fingers is graping in his sister's vagina. The most passion comes when we can see clearly ( although dark ) guillaume's big, long and fully erected dick when his sister put isin her mouth. We can also hear the sound. Oh, I cant's stand on it, I wish I'll be the sister.
The again, guillaume is licking his sister's vagina when her is taking blowjob on his dick. This 69 possing is really passion.
Lastly, we can also see his sister is sitting on top of guillaume can her can is graping guillaume's dick to put it in her hole. WOW!!!
It;s rare to see an actor possing nude and erected and plus the real make love scene. All I got the most nude possing was Joe D'allesandro.
But, guillaume, I love your dick.

Italy was written on November 22, 1999

explicite sex in Pola X

I've seen Pola X, a french film from Cannes '99: this film includes perhaps the very first explicite sex scene from a not esording actor. There was no body doubles for Guillaume, as himself declared at Cannes, while there was one for the female co-star, Ekaterina Golubeva. We can see fellatio, coitus, and while the scene is quite dark on VHS, I know it was well visible at cinema, so it will be perhaps on DVD. Depardieu said it was quite difficult having intimity in front of a camera, than he said it was hard also because it needed being in shape for a quite long time (!), and finally that it was the first time he made such a scene (we know...), and the last (sigh!), because the whole thing was too much for him... and his very comprehensive girlfriend!If they were, I would give 20 stars to this so brave actor, with the hope that somebody else (actors AND actresses) will follow this road.

movieaddict2005 was written on July 9, 2005

very brave performance

very daring and brave for a mainstream actor to act in a nearly pornographic fashion...any similar actors in the same situation?

Bubblez was written on March 2, 2001

Oral sex

This movie is just so hot. You see Guillaume having a heavy (Yum) Erection and how his coStar takes his Penis into her mouth. (I'd like to be the CoStar!) You clearly see his Penis and it is very huge (It is erect ;-)) Not to mention the great ass scene near the beginning. This was very brave of Guillaume!

cythera4 was written on July 11, 2006

rockhard cock

As everyone has mentioned, Guillame shows his erect penis. But I would add that it is not merely erect--it is raging, rockhard, looks like he could jack up a car with it. Bravo!

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