Outer Limits, The's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Tylor, Judy 1 Review
Telek, April 1 Review
Spencer-Nairn, Tara 5 Reviews
Shinas, Sofia 7 Reviews
Sharples, Linnea 3 Reviews
Shannon, Polly 4 Reviews
Reichert, Rebecca 4 Reviews
Mondey, Fawnia 1 Review
Milano, Alyssa 11 Reviews
Johnson, Sara 1 Review
Isbell, Tammy 2 Reviews
Holt, Sandrine 1 Review
Henstridge, Natasha 8 Reviews
Hanson, Heather 0 Reviews
Duborg, Kathleen 1 Review
Cass, Crystal 4 Reviews
Carter, Finn 1 Review
Capone, Nadia 2 Reviews

Outer Limits, The's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Tenney, Jon 1 Review
Stone, Brett 1 Review

nudity reviews for Outer Limits, The member submitted

Judy Tylor
duckem was written on July 13, 2003

episode Flower Child

She has a nude scene in and out the shower but it's a possible body double. She shown later nude in the closet but she's covered with leaves. Despite that in other scenes she's shown braless in a white blouse. BTW, this episode is available on the Sex DVD.

April Telek
GuyMannDude was written on February 28, 2000

Intro love scene of episode Paradise

April is the gorgeous blond at the beginning of the episode. She picks up some guy at a bar and takes him home for intense lovemaking. She's desperate to get the alien fetus she's carrying fertilized while her temporary youthful appearance holds. She also appears briefly in a flashback later in the show. She is absolutely stunning and is showing some cleavage in the intro scene but this is a PG show so there is NO nudity. Oh God how I would love to see this goddess nude!

Tara Spencer-Nairn
beowulf644 was written on March 24, 2008

Group nudity

Professor makes the people "dedicated" to the project strip naked together to make sure they have no flaws. Several men and women in this scene and you get a nice look at Tara's tight titties kind of squeezed together. As the old man professor walks around the group he notices a butterfly tattoo on her taut silky smooth little ass. The camera zooms in on her pert little butt as he smartly gets a nice look at this cute actresses sexy butt cheeks. Would have loved to been there to give her butt a squeeze.

taurus was written on February 1, 2010

Episode Double Helix

At :24 eight students strip naked at the professor's request, all four females show tits and Tara shows her ass. Tara is the shorter female with a tattoo on her butt cheek.

BushLeague was written on January 26, 2003

Trapped in alien "gene extraction" devices

On the televised version, she and all the other women (and men!) have their hands crossed over their chests and only outlines of breasts are seen.

Torgo was written on October 29, 2005

Breasts and Ass in Episode

This episode was a prequel to the episode "Origin of Species".

A professor enlists a small group of students to take part in an experiment. He requests that the students take off their clothes in order to check for scars. After a few students walk out, Tara and
the rest of the students decide to strip.

After they are done, Tara, the one with the long, dirty blonde hair, is shown side and front, exposing her breasts and covering her crotch. Her breasts are larger than average, firm, and with large pink areolas.

As the professor further inspects the students, the camera pans down to a shot of her beautiful ass(with a butterfly tattoo) and it then pans up to show her face while she asks the professor what he is looking for. There are two other women who show breasts during the scene.

One of the best nude scenes of the Outer Limits series. This episode finally came out on DVD recently.

RSL-Finn was written on May 24, 2001

Topless. Episode: The Origin of Species.

Tara is the best looking of the four women who show their breasts in this episode. She has nice medium sized breasts. The women are stripped naked in an alien spaceship for reproductive purposes, but unfortunately their lower bodies are covered by machinery. The scene in general is a bit hazy and the close-up shots are rather quick, but pressing the pause button gives you Tara in her full glory.

Sofia Shinas
icebag2 was written on July 24, 2007

Valerie 23 episode

Sofia plays an android built to act as a companion and is functional in every way. Every way. She takes her wheel-chair bound “owner” into the bedroom and, standing before him, slips off her negligee. Zounds! The one-piece jump suit that she always wore up to this scene gave you a hint of the goodies underneath, but you weren’t prepared for this. Nice, big ones, designed to get you in the mood in about three milliseconds. Another shot from behind shows off the left side of her butt, but the lighting is poor so we don’t see the whole thing. (Damn.) A few more shots of her melons and the story moves on. The whole scene carries the undertone of sex with a woman who will do whatever you want to do, with a body built for whatever you want to do, and because she’s really an android, no consequences. The mind reels. Unfortunately, there are consequences. She understands jealousy. Beware the wrath of an android scorned.

Striker was written on October 20, 1999

Getting ready for a good bonk.

Sofia plays an android who develops a curiosity for sex while watching a movie on TV. Soon she decides to sample the real thing and gets her kit off to entice the guy to do the business. The scene is quite revealing (boobs and butt) but beware- I've seen a version where all the naughty bits have been edited out. I can't readily recall the name of the episode in which this scene occurs but from her filmography in IMDb it's most likely Valerie 23

slavedriver was written on October 31, 2002

Humanoid Robot with Nice tits

In the version on the "Sex & Science" dvd, we see her rather large tits for several seconds, as well as her round ass after she strips naked, no bush though.

elwarzio was written on November 22, 1999

Full exposure, nice one :)

First of all, there are only two versions of this episode. The first was shot for syndication, in this one the entire scene is filmed from an angle where only the upper half or her back and her legs are shown.The second one is the one made for Showtime. In this version, we get full frontal nudity and a little tit-squeezing number - this is most definately the one to get :)The so-called third-version where we get topless but not full nudity is but a hack made by bbfc (british censorship) to the showtime version, and doesn't really exist.BTW, the episode is most definately Valerie 23 (1st season, watch reruns). Sofia also appears in another episode of the series, called Mary 25 (kind of a sequel), where again she is shown topless. This one, however, is nowhere near as good.BTW, the series (Showtime version) has several episodes featuring nice nudity scenes, which someone could / should catalog. Alyssa Milano, Natasha Henstridge & Nikki DeBoer (Ezri Dax), as well as an helluva on unknowns are but a few of the victims :) Dang, which I had all one tape :)

Umpire was written on November 10, 2002

Full Exposure

I must disagree with slavedriver's staement about the DVD version of this scene. In the DVD version, we get full complete exposure of Sofia. We see her full breasts, her rounded butt, and, yes, we do see her bush. The scene is on the dark side, so it's difficult to see her bush, but we do get complete exposure of Sofia. If the scene was better lit, I'd give it 4 stars.

slavedriver was written on May 18, 2003

Give that boy a No-Prize!

Didn't think it could ever happen, but I'll be damned if I haven't been proven wrong. Don't know what I was smoking, but sho' nuff there is a quickie bush flash there. Only about 2 seconds though, so I still don't give it 4 stars.

FilmCritic was written on May 16, 2004

DVD – Sex & Science Fiction Collection: Valerie 23

At 21:07-12, she takes off her negligee, revealing full frontal nudity. At 21:16-17 and 21:28-31, both breasts are exposed. At 21:18-20, her rear is exposed. At 21:35-39, her right breast is shown.

Linnea Sharples
BushLeague was written on August 11, 2002

Episode: "Think Like a Dinosaur"

She is shown completely naked on a table to be "teleported". She is initially bathed in blue light and she is shown full length nude from the left side with both breasts visible and firm athletic legs. The full length shot is shot from below, so it could be a body double. The blue light goes away and is replaced by a white light and you get a close up of her face and breasts and it is definitely her. You can easily see both of her small erect nipples and bumpy aureola on her firm, symmetrical breasts (can't see lower half of breasts). The camera then shows her tight athletic legs (no bush) while she is encased in some kind of metallic film. The blue light comes back and you see her face and the outline of her two firm breasts and a brief shot of nipples before she is completely encased in the "liquid". During another similar scene she is shown from the butt down to her legs on her right side.

2smart was written on August 11, 2002


Right episode, wrong anthology series. This was an episode of Showtime's "The Outer Limits," not "The Twilight Zone" (which has only recentl gone back into production).

BushLeague was written on August 11, 2002

Episode: "Think Like a Dinosaur"

She is shown completely naked on a table to be "teleported". She is initially bathed in blue light and she is shown full length nude from the left side with both breasts visible and firm athletic legs. The full length shot is shot from below, so it could be a body double. The blue light goes away and is replaced by a white light and you get a close up of her face and breasts and it is definitely her. You can easily see both of her small erect nipples and bumpy aureola on her firm, symmetrical breasts (can't see lower half of breasts). The camera then shows her tight athletic legs (no bush) while she is encased in some kind of metallic film. The blue light comes back and you see her face and the outline of her two firm breasts and a brief shot of nipples before she is completely encased in the "liquid". During another similar scene she is shown from the butt down to her legs on her right side.

Polly Shannon
MirMax was written on December 4, 2000

Three scenes(ep.Human operators(1999))

In three scenes breasts are shown.

pj11 was written on March 9, 2003


a human slave, she must 'couple' with another slave, since he has never done it she must help she strips then guides his hand over her body HOT. there are several other scenes including her being punished. she's beautiful and has possibly the smallest, most perfect pair i've ever seen.

slavedriver was written on October 31, 2002

Stripping down to prepare for sex

She has sexy, petite tits which we get a few long views of, including close-up. Also a brief ass shot from medium distace. No sex scenes though. "The Human Operators" episode.

FilmCritic was written on May 16, 2004

DVD – Sex & Science Fiction Collection: The Human Operators

At 15:19-23, she takes her top off to display both breasts. At 15:43-52, she stands topless, as she moves Jack Noseworthy’s hand over her right breast. At 15:52-56, she moves his hand over her butt. At 15:56-58, she is topless. At 16:05-08, the camera zooms in for a close-up, moving upward from her belly to her face. At 16:30 (3 and 22 frames), her left breast is shown as Jack picks her up and takes her to bed. At 16:36-38, her right breast is shown as he puts her down on the bed. At 26:37-40 and 29:41-43, she is topless after taking her shirt off. At 29:52 (1 frame) both breasts are shown after getting jolted. At 29:58 (9 frames) both breasts are shown blurry. At 30:05 (1 sec) both breasts are shown. If you like small breasts, hers is one of the best as it compliments her pretty face and shows that small breasts do not have to be surgically enhanced.

Rebecca Reichert
BushLeague was written on July 13, 2003

"The Flower Child"

Probable body double. The super enters her bathroom and she is in the shower. The shower is all steamy and you can barely make out her left bun. After consuming the guy she is shown very dark in the shadows from a distance.

BushLeague was written on July 13, 2003

"The Flower Child"

When the door to a closet opens, you get a brief look at her right blue lit tit (34b). Face and tit in frame at same time.

duckem was written on July 13, 2003

wrong actress

That's not Rebecca Reichert. It's Judy Tylor. Rebecca is a brunette, Judy is the blonde.

FilmCritic was written on May 16, 2004

Rebecca Isn't The Blond - No Nudity In This Story

It's Judy (aka Jud) Tylor who is the blond (she plays Violet) and not Rebecca Reichert (she plays Mia) and there isn't any nudity worth mentioning (any possible nudity is too far, too blurry, and/or covered).

Fawnia Mondey
LadySex was written on January 31, 2005

Good Topless Show

Fawnia Mondeys Performance is in the last minutes of the episode “Resurrection” (2.2.): She was credited as “New Human”. She appears for the first time only as a silhouette (or shadow). Than you can see her from behind. A good look at her ass, but not so good as it could be. But than you have an exceptional good look at her breasts (frontal). Than only a shadowy second look at her ass.

Alyssa Milano
Cyclone was written on August 13, 2002

Topless scene

In the episode "Caught in the Act", we get lengthy looks at Alyssa's fabulous bare breasts, both frontal and from the side. Not her best nudity (see "Embrace of the Vampire" for that), but definitely worth checking out, since the exposure is considerable and Alyssa looks great.

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on June 26, 2003


this isnt her best nudity but i think she looks the hottest her she takes her clothes of and you get a good front shot of her tits you also get a shot of her laying on her back very nice

Dudester was written on September 22, 2003

All Hail the Sex Goddess Phoebe, she of the great tits and Bod! May she long grace us with her perfect body-or at least consider a spread, and I do mean spread, in Penthouse.

I know others have reviewed this, and done well at it. I just bought this tape. It's an outer limits two parter, with alyssa's episode on the second part. We first see her surgically enhanced, but oh so fine tits at the 57 minute mark. What makes this scene so special is that it's a strip. She's wearing a two part dress. She takes off the top, then the bottom. Then she takes off the bra and slips off her panties. Too bad we only see her from the waist on up. The male actor in the room gets a funny look on his face. He's standing there in his jockey shorts. If it had been me, talk about getting a stiff one, I might've shot my wad the second she touched me.

It's too bad there is such fleeting nudity of alyssa. For those who think she is the hottest (me), she ought to do a playboy type video. First she strips seductively for the camera, then do housework in the nude. Then she invites Christina Ricci over. She strips Christina when she walks in the door, then they take a bath together. Alyssa shaves Christina's snatch. Christine returns the favor. They go to the bedroom. Christina puts a strap on on, then gets alyssa on all fours. She does alyssa in the twat, then the ass. Now it's Christina's turn. She spreads and alyssa uses a HUGE glass dildo on her.

Hey! A guy can dream, can't he?

[email protected] was written on September 20, 1998

multiple scenes from the episode

There was no full frontal nudity in this episode but the scenes were very eroticand sintilating. To those who love herwork it is a good addition to a home library.

damn_crazy_bastard was written on July 16, 2003


Alyssa appears in fine form, exposing her breasts four times in her episode. One time even plays like an "oops," which I find appealing.

Fetus was written on May 10, 1999


As far as breast shots go,this is exellent.Prettylong scene in which Milano undresses.Lovely.

FilmCritic was written on May 14, 2004

DVD – Sex & Science Fiction Collection: Caught In The Act

11:50-12:23: Repeated shots of her breasts after she takes her bra off before absorbing (Karl, who is played by Stephen Fanning) into her body. 12:09-17: Repeated shots of her uncovered right breast as she lays on her side in bed. 21:46: Nipple of left breast is shown (5 frames) as her dress lifts slightly up. 41:27-28: Two extremely brief distant view of right breast as she makes out with boyfriend (Jay, who is played by Jason London) on operating table. Although there are nice shots of her breasts, it is a far cry from her sexy and innocent roles in Embrace Of The Vampire (one of the rare times I've given four stars for any performance) and Poison Ivy II. Besides her make-up appears to be caked on poorly at times, so she doesn't always look as good as she does everywhere else I've seen her. As for lower frontal nudity, I checked and it wasn't there - when she took her panties down, the camera was up so high on her, you couldn't even see her breasts most of the time.

Gordon was written on November 17, 1999


Despite what the first review says, there most definitely is frontal nudity. Alyssa undresses for a guy and you get to see her tight, beautiful body from the waist up, including her gorgeous breasts. The nudity isn't as good as Embrace the Vampire, but it's still good because Alyssa is such a hottie!

Luvmonk was written on November 5, 2002

Excellant Topless Exposure

Shows two really great scenes 1) drops her top (with close range well lit view)for a jock which she then absorbs 2)lays topless on her bed when Jeremy London enters. Also notable are her lesbo kiss with another girl and an indiscernable topless scene at the end in the hospital with London. Who's the Boss? You know Alyssa is...

dvddish was written on March 13, 2003

nice boobs!!!!!

way to go alyssa!!!

Senator was written on August 17, 2001


on a tv show no less... I love it!
well... I have not seen this episode... but I have seen this stills... and OH MY GOD! WATCH THIS!

Sara Johnson
taurus was written on February 1, 2010

Episode Double Helix

At :24 eight students strip naked at the professor's request, all four females show tits. Sara is the tallest female with the biggest tits, and gets rejected by the professor because she had her appendix removed.

Tammy Isbell
jacksecret2000 was written on July 16, 2006

Both scenes described above are Tammy Isbell

Not sure where the confusion came from but Tammy plays the main character's fiance. There are no other women besides Tammy in this episode, besides the odd extra in the background.

OneMoreReviewer was written on October 22, 2005

Two sex scenes

Tammy plays Judy, the main character's bit-on-the-side. At around 20 min into the episode 'The New Breed' she's having sex with him and not enjoying it so she stops him and rolls over showing her naked back and thigh then rolls back showing a side view of her breast including nipple. Scene is too dark but still not too bad. Even better though, is the sex scene that occurs at around 13 min with the guys wife (for some reason I can't find her name anywhere even though she has a much bigger role than Tammy. So anyway, he's having sex with her and we can see her whole naked side in a long slow camera shot exposing her breast, which jiggles under him, and I think a nipple. It's a much better scene than the other, and better lit. Oh and they're both pretty good looking.

Sandrine Holt
Vikico was written on July 29, 2000

Topless in the middle of the episode: Last Supper.

What can I say about Sandrine Holt's nipples? They appear completely erect, completing those perfect, hard, little and incredibly desirable breasts. It's a brief scene and it's in black and white because it is a flashback. She looks tremendous in that flashback. In the following scene (colour) she reveals her left breast and red nipple, but this shot is not as magnificient as the other, and she covers her breasts with her arms. Only two stars because of the brevity of the scenes, but Sandrine Holt deserves five or six stars (at least).

Natasha Henstridge
kford was written on July 18, 2000

Posing for painting & Sex in chamber

The Episode "Bits of Love" has Natasha nude in two scenes. She drops her top to pose for a painting showing a great side boob shot. After She 'unfreezes' she tries to keep her arm in front of her but both nipples are briefly seen. There is also a sex scene but not much shown there.

BushLeague was written on September 21, 2003

Ep: "Bits of Love" (Broadcast TV)

She poses for a painting completely nude, but she is shown from the side and only her long sinuous legs and left, muscular butt cheek are shown. When she is shown as a painting, the same pose is shown, only a little more of left tit (no nipple) peeks out. Later in a love scene, the upper part of her left tata (no nipple) again graces the screen. At the end with her baby, she has a see-thru dress, but only her legs are bare underneath.

Vikico was written on July 29, 2000

We can't see what we want to see in the episode: Bits of Love.

We have several side views of her breasts but no complete. In the love scene she and her lover, cover what we want to see about her body. Nothing to do in comparison with Crystal Cass, in the same episode.

damn_crazy_bastard was written on June 11, 2003

Lots of skin, but very little "naughty" parts.

Natasha seems to be quite naked in a pair of scenes, but is shot from behind and the side with everything placed just right. A bit of nipple gets through, but that's about it.

FilmCritic was written on May 16, 2004

DVD – Sex & Science Fiction Collection: Bits Of Love

At 22:41, Emma (played by Natasha) moves her arm and exposes her light color nipple for about 8 frames.

Luvmonk was written on November 5, 2002

This is from the Sex & Science Fiction DVD Episode: Bits of Love

Hopes were high but it just didn't payoff with Henstridge skin. She poses nude for a painting and we only see her back with a little bit of backcut from both breasts. Then in one bit she moves her arm away just long enough for 2 frames of nip from her right tit. Later when they are in bed, we see the left side of her body with no discernable nudiy except for the backcut of her left tit-no nip. Ok but she has done way better in other flicks and the lesser known actresses in this episode showed way more. All of the Outer Limits episodes are awesome though and highly watchable. Watch the disc for the shows and get the skin as a great bonus. I wish all T.V. shows could add nudity as element.

slavedriver was written on October 31, 2002

Interesting sex scene

We're pretty much left with only side views of her tits throughout the show, but she's completely naked under the guy while having sex. Her legs are up and wrapped around him, and the camera position almost allows a look at her pussy lips from the side as he thrusts and her legs move upward. Not an intense sex scene, but revealing with dvd zoom...

GoGoGurl was written on May 24, 2013

Stratetegic nudity from an uber babe.

They try very hard to let Natasha get completely nude in this one, without her actually showing anything. But if your a fanatic, you can probably track down the few freeze frames where the side of her nipple does peek out.

There's a long nude scene where Natasha (a computer hologram) is frozen absolutely motionless to pose for an artist. She's positioned in such a way that she doesn't really expose anything except the impressive shape of her funbags.

Later there's a tender/passionate sex scene with, once again, full nudity that doesn't really expose anything. The best part of the whole episode comes here, where you get to see her sweet supple breast swelling out while it's pressed against her boyfriend's chest as they have a post coital cuddle.

As I said, there is nipple, but you have to scan for it frame-by-frame and it's not even a great view.

Heather Hanson
Kathleen Duborg
RSL-Finn was written on May 24, 2001

Topless. Episode: The Origin of Species.

Katheen is shown topless from a few angles. She's possibly not as attractive as the other topless girls in this episode, but she's the main character and thus her breasts are seen most often. A little bit of sagging there but otherwise quite a nice set.

Crystal Cass
Vikico was written on July 29, 2000

Topless in the begining of the episode: Bits of Love

You won't be capable to forget Crystal Cass's breasts. Director enjoy those breasts, so we are fortunate. Her tits are young, hard, with perfect size and her delicious rose nipples are exactly what I like. The tits are always straight even face upward! It's amazing this scene in a TV serie. Because there is no ass and no pubis, only three stars.

pj11 was written on March 9, 2003

love scene

if you were the last guy on earth who else would you want for company other than a beautiful blonde hologram to have sex with. damn near perfect, great body, attractive, and gotta love those tanlines

slavedriver was written on October 31, 2002

VR sex--"bits of Love" episode

She's a hologram having sex with the guy who programmed her. She's completely naked, but we see her only from the front, her upper body from just barely above where her pubes would start. She is quite the hottie, and has a brief, okay sex scene where she's riding the guy.

FilmCritic was written on May 16, 2004

DVD – Sex & Science Fiction Collection: Bits Of Love

At 9:54-56, she drops her dress, revealing both breasts and upper part of bush. She continues at 10:01-05, displaying both breasts and then her left breast. At 10:46-54, she lays in bed and exposes both breasts. At 11:00-01, her left breast is shown. At 11:05 (23 frames) and 11:08 (13 and 13 frames), her right breast is exposed. At 11:12 (10 frames) and 11:17-18, both breasts are shown.

Finn Carter
taurus was written on January 28, 2010

Episode Beyond the Veil

Very brief nipples at :31 in a darkly lit missionary sex session.

Nadia Capone
BushLeague was written on February 27, 2003

Shower scene (TV broadcast)

Not surprisingly, no nudity (except for some upper hints of cleavage) is shown. The scene appears to have been digitally blown up, so it may just have been my local TV market.

duckem was written on January 2, 2003

episode Lithia

I only seen caps from this episode but it looks pretty hot. She's having a lesbian scene in the shower with Kirsten Williamson. Boobs and butt by both actresses. I'm suprised this was not included on the release of the TOL sex DVD last year.

Jon Tenney
JohnnyWad was written on July 15, 2007

Black bush and bubble butt

Tenney shows he's got a thick groin carpet and a pair of good-sized ass cakes with a deep deep crack one could get fall into and get lost in. And a great chest, hairy, nice titties. Three stars for what he offers. He's such a man but one still wonders: could Tenney's weenie be teenie?

Brett Stone
taurus was written on January 28, 2010

Episode Bits of Love

Extremely brief butt shot at :44 as she lays on the floor face down with a knife in her back.

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