Nikki Fritz's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2004 Sinful Obsession 5 Reviews
2004 Bikini a Go Go 3 Reviews
2003 Voyeurs Sex Club 1 Review
2003 Cheerleader Massacre 1 Review
2002 Secret Pleasures 4 Reviews
2002 Bare Wench Project 3: Nymphs of Mystery Mountain, The 1 Review
2001 Bare Wench Project, The 2 Reviews
2000 Fast Lane to Malibu 1 Review
1999 Veronica 2030 4 Reviews
1999 Hotel Exotica 2 Reviews
1999 Hidden Beauties 4 Reviews
1999 Go 6 Reviews
1999 Crime & Passion 1 Review
1998 Virtual Encounters 2 4 Reviews
1997 Exotic Time Machine, The 7 Reviews
1996 Showgirl Murders 1 Review
1996 Night Shade 2 Reviews
1996 Hot Ticket 1 Review
1996 Fugitive Rage 1 Review
1995 Terminal Virus 1 Review
1995 Stripteaser 1 Review
1995 Bikini Drive-In 1 Review
1995 Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold 2 Reviews
1994 Indecent Behavior II 2 Reviews
1994 Dinosaur Island 1 Review
1994 Bad Blood 1 Review
1993 Beach Babes from Beyond 2 Reviews
1983 Spring Break 1 Review

Nikki Fritz's Sexy TV Shows

TV Shows this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
1999 Pleasure Zone, The 1 Review
1999 Nightcap 3 Reviews
1998 Intimate Sessions 1 Review
1996 Beverly Hills Bordello 1 Review

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Pleasure Zone, The (1999)
Chicago was written on March 26, 2003

1 scene in "Promiscuous"

At :20:05-:22:55 in this episode, Nikki delivers the goods with excellent nudity and heat! After she and a guy knock over lamps, Nik does her usual great striptease in front of the guy; she then releases her breasts from her bra, exposing the twins and her erect nipples and licks at her right nip. As the strip continues, her ass is viewable in and out of a thong, providing a flash of her pubes while spinning. The scene then cuts to her on top of him, giving a clear full frontal view before she goes reverse-seated (ass) and a montage of her in various positions with him. One of her better and hotter showings.

Nightcap (1999)
BushLeague was written on September 14, 2003

Ep: "His Little Games"

Its been reviewed ad nauseum, but her body is still fantastic! Huge silicone-melon tits, long taught athletic body with muscular killer gams, a double bubble butt and a closely shaved sliver of a quivering quim. They are all shown nicely while getting into a tub.

Chicago was written on November 1, 2001

4 scenes in "Everyone Has a Price"

Absent the first scene of this episode by Regina Russell, and again, it's all hot Nik! She has her scenes at :07.25-:08.75, :16.25-:18.5, :21.75-:23, :24.5-:26.5...plenty of good breast shots, most with pubes and ass shots, and all with great moans/screams over the music.

Chicago was written on October 23, 2001

It's ALL Nikki - "Sense of Touch"

In Sense of Touch, Nikki does 3 long nude scenes with great shots of her fantastic breasts and nipples, some pubes and a little ass. At :03-:07, she strips as Jason directs and they move on to sex...great close-ups of everything. At :11-:15, Nikki does a dual scene, one where she strips and is masturbating while on-line, coupled with her fantasy of sexing Jason...he easts her (close-up of breasts) and top of pubes. There's a GREAT shot of her squeezing her own permanently erect nipple which isn't to be missed! Nice touch! At :21.25-:23.5, she has her lesser scene (all relative) as she sexes Jason in the bar...while you still see her breasts close-up, some of the views are obstructed or further away, and it's shorter. Still, arousing. All great shots and not to be missed. The only thing 'lacking' is a close-up shot of her lips.

Intimate Sessions (1998)
Chicago was written on January 6, 2003

2 scenes in "Tamara"

At :09:15-:13:37 in this episode, shot in B&W, Nikki is getting ready to take a bath. She opens her robe beside the tub while a guy's looking in on her from outside...fantastic nipples and breasts before doffing the robe, giving continuing clear shots of her breasts and ass before slipping into the water. After the guy enters and he talks to her from beside the tub, she stands giving better views of her wet, sudsy twins and always hard nips. The scene cuts to her sexing him (on top of him)...more good nip shots in/out of the tub in various short-lived positions. At :20:48-:22:37 in color, she and the guy get it on on his desk; her bra is unhooked, unleashing her great twins before the scene cuts to her completely naked as he's kissing down her body...breasts and some ass. They go at it slowly while he's on top, reverse-seated and she's on top...lower abdomen shots but no clear view of her pubes.

Beverly Hills Bordello (1996)
Ozzie700 was written on December 18, 2009

Various; Episode: Exchange Program

Nikki plays an escort who is tired of the game, until she is convinced to emulate the visiting Latin American hooker. We see her fondling her large implants as she watches Maite Arnedo with a client. Then later she is only wearing panties as Maite gropes at her and fondles her. Finally, she writhes for a client, stripping down to some sort of animal print panties and contorting her body against the wall.

Sinful Obsession (2004)
dogbreath was written on March 9, 2001

whole darn movie

Unrated version (its only listed as rated R at IMDB, but the unrated version is currently shown on cable). If you are a Nikki fan, here's another great vehicle for her awesome bod. 5-6 scenes give you full-frontal Nikki. She does a very sexy strip tease; several scenes of her full-frontal grinding on top of guys--close-ups abound of her hot abs and great breasts. Her sex scenes are fairly long and decently edited. Another fine effort for the Nikster!

Anton_LaVey was written on June 13, 2001

Scene with boyfriend 30 seconds into the credits..

This movie doesn't mess around as it jumps right into it. We are shown the city sky, the streets and buildings illuminated, then move right smack dab into Nikki's bedroom. Surprise! She's nekkid and having sex! She's on top of him, grinding away in a cowgirl position, jutting her back and breasts right into the air for us to marvel at (a couple of shots of the male's balls/member are displayed by accident..hard to say what exactly it is). Nikki bounces around a bit, taking the male's hands and placing them on her breasts FOR HIM (why he wasn't doing it by himself is beyond me). Nikki dismounts, kisses down his chest, and begins to perform oral on him. Extremely brief shot of the male's member when Nikki flips her head up. She does oral on him for a bit before they continue having sex in the cowgirl position again. This time Nikki lifts her mate's back up so his face is eye level with her breast, and then SHOVES her breasts right into his face. Both of them sit/crouch and go at it once more (again, more bouncing then thrusting). Very nice scene. Nikki's facials are beautiful to watch, her breasts and large nipples are on display from various angles, and they didn't dub the sexual sounds (although the background music should've been turned down a bit or at least insturmental).

Anton_LaVey was written on June 13, 2001

Dream scene

They filmed this scene in a room with a lot of windows (which reflects her body so you can see some things you probably shouldn't have seen), but there's an annoying red light in the room (WHY?). Anyway, start off with Nikki FULLY nude on the bed. He pins her down on her back, kisses her allover, suckling her erect nipples. Nikki goes cowgirl on him and removes his clothes for us (wonderful bush shot and breasts are squeezed/worshipped). Fully naked, Nikki moves her face downward and takes him into her mouth (ass shot in the window behind her). After getting him fully erect, Nikkis slips him inside and rides away into a cowgirl (tremendous shots of her breasts and face..she is beautiful to watch) She rides him for a nice amount of time before laying on all fours and taking it doggy style. A rather slow thrusting is done before she kneels behind him and they go at it more. Very nice shot cenetered on Nikki's bush as she's covering her lips a bit. She lays down on her side, her ass towards his member and he continues to go into her. They move into a shot of her on her back with him kneeling and spreading her legs apart to enter her. Towards the end, she's laying completely on her back with him holding and thrusting her pelvis into him with her back jutting up and down, showing her wonderful breasts to us once more. Overall, an incredible scene. Bush, ass, breasts, erect nipples are all displayed nicely. The sound is not dubbed (but quiet for Nikki), and the length is around 3-4 minutes. Great scene..

soulman was written on June 2, 2001

Hot Body!

For a long while I thought that no other soft core actress could come near to Maria Ford as the hottest actress but this flick changed my mind.Words can't desribe the awesoseness of this women's body which gets shown nude in just about every scene.And the fact that she really gets into it in each scene only adds to the effect.Very nice.

Chicago was written on March 11, 2001

11 Scenes - A Nikki-FEST!!

I can't imagine Nikki (or anyone else) topping this movie for amount of nudity by one person. Nearly every scene is full nudity. Here are the highlights: :01.25-:04.25 (bad...darkly lit); :13.5-:18.25 (bad again due to red light and pasty covering lower pubes though full frontal); :28.25-:31 (see description under Julia); :35.75-:38 (disrobing, mostly breasts and ass); :41-:41.75 (breasts while watching Dana/guy and 'masturbating'); :47.25-:50 (green lighting but not bad...full nudity); :55-:59 (great dance in doorway, well-lit pubes, great position w/ her on top and her feet above his head on headboard); 1:00.75-1:02.75 (full frontal, good breast views, a little pasty view); 1:05.5-1:06 (breasts); 1:18.5-1:20.75 (full nudity, nice sexual positions); 1:22.5-1:24 (breasts and great bush shots). If you like Nikki...and I can't get enough of her...this is a dream movie to get!

Bikini a Go Go (2004)
KevinM32 was written on July 21, 2009

Breasts & Nude

Nikki Fritz & John swipe get down to making love at - 0:21:00 to 0:28:00. Nikki's boobs on display throughout the scene.

KevinM32 was written on July 21, 2009

Breasts & Nude

Nikki Fritz & Eric Warren get down to making love at - 0:51:00 to 0:55:00. Very nice scene. Really hot action.

Alex263 was written on April 17, 2006

w/ Swipe

This scene is kind of a waste as far as Nikki is concerned. She barely ever lets John even Swipe at her boobs, which are fabulous and are begging for play time. Oh well, this movie is too good otherwise to nitpick

Voyeurs Sex Club (2003)
b00bfan was written on March 29, 2006

Sex in the garden

Nikki leads a guy to an open garden and he feels her up and they undress. She bears her very large boobs and lets the guy hold onto them and give them a nice squeeze while she rides him real hard. Tehn the rest is the guy doing her from behind while standing up and he reaches around to grab her juicy melons while making her moan. Ladys will like this clip also cuz the guy is very muscular and shows alot of rear. This is the best scene that Nikki offers in this film.

Cheerleader Massacre (2003)
BushLeague was written on August 22, 2003

Nada, zip

For those of you that thought that Nikki's name guarateed at least a gander at her gorgeous globes, you (like me) will be very disappointed. She does walk around in some shorts and a very tight halter.

Secret Pleasures (2002)
bballjoe was written on April 5, 2001

2 Scenes

Nikki's first scene is decent. It begins with her taking a guy home from a bar. She does a quick strip tease for him and we see her firm tits and then a real quick screw. Once they are done we get some nice tit shots and then a pretty good view of her bush as she gets up. Her body is really hard.
The second scene is with the same guy - this time on the piano. There is some great footage of her huge tits and her ultra hard nipples as he goes down on her.

Cyclone was written on January 28, 2003

A few scenes

Nikki first gets naked about 20 minutes in, when she's dancing/stripping for a guy. We get some nice looks at her breasts and butt. A sex scene follows, and it starts with her on her back, but ends with her riding him, giving us plenty of looks at her nice tits and bush. Barely a minute after the sex scene is over, we see her getting her breasts caressed, and also see her butt and bush when she briefly walks around. 69 minutes in, she has another sex scene, but this scene is shorter, and all of her nudity is limited to her boobs. We also see her large breasts a few times about 77 minutes in when she's in bed, but these shots are fairly short. There are also a few occasions throughout the movie when we can see parts of her first sex scene on various TV screens, but since they are smaller, less explicit versions of what we already saw, they hardly seem worth mentioning. Overall, it's not Nikki's best nudity, but she does look pretty good (as usual).

gpeo was written on July 18, 2001

2 scenes

she does a strip tease for him and we see her firm tits and them a real quick screw.

Chicago was written on August 17, 2001

4 scenes

At :15.5-:17, Nikki does her strip dance in front of the fireplace for the guy, removes her top, crawls to the guy on the floor and then the two get it on in front of the fire...breasts only. At :18.5-:20.25, the scene continues as the two are lying down talking...some longer shots of her breasts, then her ass/pubes briefly while standing and then moving to sit on the couch. At :53.25-:54, Nikki's top is taken off while leaning back against the piano giving clear shots of her breasts. Great shot of her leaning back on top of the piano (shot from above head from back of piano) of her breasts and pert nips. At 1:00-1:01, she is lying on her back in bed and you see her breasts from a medium distance; when startled, she hurries to put on a shirt, but not so fast we don't get closer, better shots of her breasts. Still, all said, it's a pretty tame movie for Nikki.

Bare Wench Project 3: Nymphs of Mystery Mountain, The (2002)
BushLeague was written on May 21, 2004

Dance of the Bare Wench

Just barely 4*'s. She does a long dance/lesbo orgy (tame) with the 2 julies. First she starts in a thong bikini and eventually strips to just some boots. She shows her magnificient melons a lot, but her ass and long haired pubes are shown only briefly. A brief glance of southern lips as she crawls over a camera.

Bare Wench Project, The (2001)
Chicago was written on February 11, 2001

Several scenes

Throughout the movie, Nikki's awesome nipples are seen poking through her t-shirt. At :09, she briefly flashes her breasts for the camera. At :12-:13.5, all the girls' tops come off (they were "too hot") and they start bouncing/rubbing their breasts on each others'. At :16.75, she has a f/f with Lorissa McComas under a tree where she is kissing Lorissa's breasts. At :26.5, she does a brief strip (topless) by the burning fire with the other girls. At :44.5-46, there's a fairly long scene where all the girls strip at the river; extensive shots of Nikki's breasts and nipples! At :55.25, she again shows her breasts. At :57.75-:59.25, there's a scene in a tent where all the girls rip off their shirts (flashlit but decent). While Nikki's breasts get good viewings throughout, the camera action (movement, no extended views) and low eroticism factors are disappointing! Still...Nikki is absolutely hot and sexy.

lonewolf_13 was written on July 20, 2000

most of the movie

She's naked through most of the movie. There is one lesbian sex scene between her and Lorissa Mccormas and several lesbian breast rubbing scenes between all the girls. Also, one scene where all four girls strip.

Fast Lane to Malibu (2000)
TheOneAndOnlyJman was written on February 13, 2002

Prison Sex (sort of) Part 2

She goes at it with the other Steve. He pulls her panties down but the camera doesn't follow. Damn. She screams very loud while getting it from behind. Then she and Kira go at it. Kira pulls off Nikki's shirt and bra and Nikki give her oral sex. Then the girls come in etc. Good stuff. More ridiculousness from the good folks at Playboy.

Veronica 2030 (1999)
dogbreath was written on February 2, 2000

A few extended scenes

Unrated version. If you are a big Nikki fan like me, her nudity in this tape is a 4; otherwise I think the previous reviewer's 3 is justified. Besides her killer body, which you get to see full frontal for extended periods, what's great about her is her grind-ability. No stupid bouncy stuff here, she uses the rotating pelvis in many of her sex scenes. You get to see this a plenty in Veronica 2030. Nice stomach, breast, and butt shots--she steals the show!

RDS33 was written on November 18, 2000

scene with Julia

Nikki has a perfect body. In the movie, it's see everything: big boobs, bush and butt. The scene with the actress Julia (aka Veronica) it's the best in the movie.

Cyclone was written on January 11, 2000

Two revealing sex scenes

Nikki has a couple of lengthy sex scenes that show off her great body. We get several looks at her ass and bush, and many more shots of her big, beautiful tits. There is also a brief topless scene early in the movie, but it pales in comparison to the scenes where she bares all.

BushLeague was written on September 1, 2002

R-rated version almost sucks!

Shows some extensive leg in a couple of limo scenes. Exposes her water melons briefly before an obviously chopped (almost non-existant) sex scene.

Hotel Exotica (1999)
Chicago was written on February 12, 2001

Gorgeous Woman - 1 scene

Nikki is hot and this scene shows her body well. At :25.25, Ahmo’s boyfriend, Zeke the artist, paints her breasts and you see great close-ups of her breasts and nipples. Fantastic chest on Nik! She then has sex with the guy and she shows her bush, ass, and more bush. Great breast/nipple shots and a great shot of the guy eating her ass. As adailymovie states, her simulated oral sex shot IS bad!, but Nikki’s body helps you get past it! I’d like to see more movies with her talking and featured over these bit sex scenes. Whole scene lasts better than 3 minutes.

adailymovie was written on September 12, 2000

doing rachel's boyfriend

Zeke stupidly cheats on his girlfriend Rachel(Ahmo Hight) and gets caught. Fritz plays the cheating girl and it's really funny because these b movies are so fake. In one instance, she's giving the guy oral and doing the motions yet you can clearly see she has nothing in her mouth and she's just moving through air. haha. Anyways, she looks very good and the scene is quite nice. Too bad, that's all you see. She should've been given more on screen time.

Hidden Beauties (1999)
BushLeague was written on May 24, 2003

Caught by surprise and then caught from behind

A guy opens a door and she is completely nude combing her long thick mane of hair. Her very solid balloon shaped glutes are thrust out sexily. She then quickly shows those perfectly round silicone packed watermelons with quarter sized areolae and pencil eraser nipples and her over cared for pubic lawn. Then its ass in the air time while on all fours she simu-orals a guy in a chair, then yee-haw backwards cow girl simu-sex as her no-jiggle jugs bounce nicely and pubes gyrate to what is probably the hottest sex scene in this movie. Her plastic surgeon should be given the Albert Schweitzer award for his oustanding contribution to humanity (mostly men)

Sorcerer was written on June 16, 2000

One brief nude scene, one sex scene

I don't know if this woman actually has any European lineage whatsoever, but she puts on a fairly convincing accent as the mysterious sorceress/housekeeper. First the house's new owner throws open a door to discover her fully naked in front of a mirror- she turns and smiles. Then later she plops the guy down on a chair and strips for a lengthy, very hot sex scene in which she reveals all. She may be surgically enhanced, but she's gorgeous.

Cyclone was written on June 12, 2001

One great scene

We briefly see her excellent naked body when she's standing in front of a mirror, but her best exposure is during her sex scene. It lasts several minutes, and her performance is very energetic. We see her butt and bush, but most of the focus is on her terrific tits. Probably my favorite Nikki scene to date.

WillisDickfit was written on April 22, 2001

Reverse Cowgirl on a chair

Hot, hot, hot reverse cowgirl scene! She's riding this guy as he sits on a chair and her beautifully tan tits are on parade for us. She really gets into it after she does a very sexy strip tease for the guy. Her tits are amazing and her nipples point straight up! Some decent bush shots for a b-movie.

Go (1999)
Htr was written on July 29, 2000


Desmond Askew orders "champagne" (expensive, private lap dance) at a strip club, which sees Nikki and Tane McClure do just that.
Due to factors such as (colored) lighting and a rotating camera, the shots are pretty much (from a nudity outlook) unviewable, and the fact that both performers are g-stringed and fake breasted, it is hard to tell who is who!
Anyway, Desmond breaks The Rule (No Touching!) by grabbing her butt (I think) and it all ends there. Stick to the B-movies.

Cyclone was written on June 7, 2000

Lap dancing

I also didn't notice very much skin from Nikki in this scene. She does look good (as usual), but if you want to see her in her full glory, there are many other films that do a better job of displaying her great body.

Ryan was written on April 9, 1999

Lap dance

Playing a stripper gives this actress a chance to expose her large, silicone-enhanced, breasts and g-stringed bottom. The scene is pretty kinky for a mainstream movie. The nudity is not shyed away from, there are close-ups and everything.

mcjw2011 was written on March 11, 2003

Topless dancer

Nikki Fritz plays the lap dancer who's invited to give Taye Diggs and Desmond Askew a lap dance with Tane McClure. But after a while, Desmond disobeys the "no touch" rule and grabs her behind. Her silicon-enhanced tits and her nice ass in a g-string are viewed, but too briefly to garner a higher rating. See her earlier movies for better views.

dogbreath was written on January 28, 2000

lap dance

Unless there is an unrated version of this film, (I saw the R)the views of Nikki and Tane McClure as the Vegas lap dancersin the this flick are so brief as to be almost unreviewable. You see Nikki's thonged butt for a millisecond and virtually nothing else of note.

sirspread was written on December 16, 2003


othere viewers do a good job of describing the action.all i would add are her breasts are not pleasing to the eye (fake) and the scene is about 50 mins into the film

Crime & Passion (1999)
ScreamoKid was written on March 18, 2003

I don't even know where to begin...

If you want to see Lauren and Nikki, this is all you need. The two are together in a whopping THREE lesbian scenes, using shower, lotion and everything. Tits, ass and bush have more screentime than is even countable. A must see.

Virtual Encounters 2 (1998)
GuyMannDude was written on March 2, 2000

1-on-1 on motorcycle and menage-a-trois

I second the previous review -- great, great scenes. As hot as the menage-a-trois with Chrissy Styler is, the biker-girl scene is even hotter! Full frontal nudity and Nikki puts her all into the scene! I sure hope Nikki is one of the highest pay DTV ladies because she definitely deserves it as her (long) scenes in this flick amply demonstrate!

dogbreath was written on December 13, 1999

2 Extended Scenes

UR version. One scene with a guy and another girl (Chrissy Styler--one hot momma). Chris and Nikki dance seductively around the dude, then strip and fondle each other--fully nude--great frontal shots of Nikki! Then they go to work on the lucky schmo. Second scene, Nikki dressed up as a hot biker chick. You get to see extended full frontal shots as the guy takes her from behind while leaning against a motorcycle. Then she straddles him on the bike for more fun. Excellent scenes of Nikki's incredible body, decently edited so you get the good stuff!

Anton_LaVey was written on March 17, 2001

Motorcyle Babe

Very nice scene for Nikki. Nikki strips off her clothes, dances around, then we get a GREAT shot of Nikki as she faces him, spreads her legs WIDE and takes him deep into her mouth. Excellent extreme close up shot of Nikki's ass while performing fellation on the guy. He grabs her ass and smacks it. Very nice if you are an ass man. Nikki continues the scene in usual style, riding him, from behind, the camera focusing on her breasts and facial expressions. Longer then average scene. Good show!

Jay7788 was written on July 26, 2015

Motorcycle Scene

You can see Nikki riding this guy with full frontal nudity. A+++ Nudity. Her bare breasts and perfect body are shown in this. Great video to whack off too.

Exotic Time Machine, The (1997)
dogbreath was written on December 13, 1999

3 Great Extended Scenes

As always, make sure you see the UR version. What can I say, if you like Nikki Fritz, this movie has probably the best scenes of her you could hope for. One lez scene with the well endowed Tiffany Gonzales--very hot, but more Tiffany than Nikki. Then two love-making scenes where you get to see Nikki's up close and personal gyrations. These two scenes are extended, and well edited. If you are a Nikki fan, you must own this tape (though the plot is dopey, but who cares?).

GuyMannDude was written on February 17, 2000

Scene with the King

Just wanted to add my two cents to the previousreviews. Nikki fans MUST own this film. Althoughshe's energetic in most of her films, she reallyputs her all into this one! By the end of thisscene she's slick with sweat as she gyrates herwonderful abs and throws her long hair back. Sheappears to not have a single scrap of fat on herentire body -- simply amazing. Her other scenesin this film are great, too, but this is probablythe hottest scene I've ever seen her in, and that'ssaying something! Editingis great and even the upbeat rock music is prettygood (a rarity for a SurrenderCinema film). Highestrating on this scene!

BushLeague was written on September 21, 2002

Several scenes as Marie Antoinette

Her hyper inflated silicone balloons seem to be floating on their own accord. If they were'nt attached to her chest they would probably float to the startosphere. Needless to say, they are on prominent display way more often than they are covered up in this movie as well as her awsomely tite body and blackest of black bushes. Even when she is just standing or lying around she is practically naked. All of the following scenes have her tits, ass, and pubes on prominent display for long periods of time, I just give some of the more unusual aspects of the scenes. Lesbian scene: shows pussy lips on a couple of occasions. Sex with the king: simu-orals him and then rides his butt (?!) and other sexual positions with hip to hip contact shown. Full frontal in "reverse cow girl" position while simu-sexes "time traveler". All scenes are brightly lit without the slightest hint of shadows. I did not see her tits jiggle or bounce once!

T4R was written on October 4, 2002

You can see everything

Nikki has three sex scenes -- one lesbian romp with a handmaid, full sex with Leon, and finally sex with the king. Each time you see her huge breasts, hair, rear, and even labia. Even when she's not having sex, I don't recall a scene where she covers below the waist (There is a corset that is rapidly removed). Nothing left to imagine here.

Cyclone was written on July 31, 2000

Several scenes

Nikki has three fabulous sex scenes, and in each one we get an eyefull of breasts and bush. Even during those rare times where she isn't engaged in sex, she still shows off a lot of skin. Her best scene is definitely the lesbian encounter with Tiffany Gonzales, where Nikki is actually upstaged by her co-star. Still, Nikki looks great, as usual.

Serna was written on April 7, 2002


Serious note of caution. In Britain the cable channel Bravo is showing a very heavily cut version of this film which is crap.
Reviewers have said how great Fritzie looks and she does (perfectly made tits, give the engineer an award) but although she shows all in this version you don't get to see much more than Gonzales sucking her nipples.

Gordon was written on February 10, 2000

Cavorting with the maid, and getting it on

Nikki plays the part of Marie Antionette. This Queen of France happens to be large-breasted, toned, and well-tanned all over (I didn't know 18th century nobility sat in the sun, but what do I care?). In one scene she and her maid Mimi (the beautiful Tiffany Gonzales) are totally nude and touching and feeling each other's bodies. Nikki then gets it on with a guy and you get to see her hot body gyrating throughout. All the scenes are long, and she's pretty much naked whenever she's on the screen. That's good for us, because her body is painfully gorgeous and well-endowed.

Showgirl Murders (1996)
GuyMannDude was written on February 17, 2000

Eve/Eden strip show

This is a very short scene so don't rent this moviejust to see Nikki. Nikki and Maria Ford do a littleshow in a strip club with a Garden of Eden theme.Nikki looks great and the scene is interesting sincethe two of them are play-seducing each other.But the total time for this scene is about 30 sec

Night Shade (1996)
Serna was written on January 12, 2003


Breasts out, but it's only brief and she's got her face and body painted like a panther. For hardcore Fritzie fans only.

dogbreath was written on November 30, 1999

Dancing on stage

Only one real scene with her as a dancer. Yes she's topless, but its all dark, and she has only a small part in the film. If you buy this film because she's in it, you'll be disappointed.

Hot Ticket (1996)
Chicago was written on August 28, 2001

2-3 scenes

Despite Maria's early-in-career viewing in this movie, Nikki steals the nude scenes. At :04.5-:05.25, she plays a topless stripper who's talking to a guy while working the pole--breasts, only 1*. At :49.5-:50, winning the "Don't Ask Unless You Really Want To Know" Award, Nikki does a fireside strip out of a cheerleader's outfit to a guy's singing an Irish jig in the wild outdoors. Nice shots of her breasts amidst the firelight. About 30 sec. later, the scene resumes as she and the guy have sex in the woods, giving great shots of her breasts and always erect nips. Fantastic shots of her seated on him, leaning back with her breasts heaving to the sky with her thrusts, ending at :52.75.

Fugitive Rage (1996)
Immy was written on March 7, 2005

Breasts and butt (0:34)

Nikki plays a mobster's nurse but does little actual "nursing." She has a great scene nude in the bathtub with him. Her left boob is visible as she cuddles with him and you can kinda sorta make out some muff below the water line but nothing distinct. When his associate interrupts Nikki climbs out, both boobs beautifully on display, covers her front with a towel and we're treated to a great butt shot as she pads her way out of the room still slick and soapy. Nikki's body is among the best in softcore and she doesn't disappoint.

Terminal Virus (1995)
Antman was written on November 20, 1999

Topless sprinting

Right after the opening credits, she is running away from a guy topless. The scene continues with some closer shots after he catches her. More topless shots as she escapes and gets into a car. Nice bouncy action when she is running.

Stripteaser (1995)
icebag2 was written on April 26, 2007

dancing in a strip club

She does one strip tease that is shot mainly in the background. She has a fine ass, and if you like fake breasts with a pleasant shape but that absolutely do not move no matter what she’s doing, she’s your gal. Her costume has a lot of chains and studs, since her character is bull dyke, so we know her dance isn’t for us guys and that diminishes the eroticism somewhat.

Bikini Drive-In (1995)
dougal was written on May 13, 1999

Projection booth sex

Nikki, who has spent the movie trying unsuccessfully trying to portray a sexless nerd, finally breaks out and has wild sex with a real nerd in a pile of movie film. Closeups, faux-sex, etc. All the obligatory soft-core standards....

Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold (1995)
GailFan was written on July 1, 2001

Good topless scene

33 minutes- Nikki, her blouse undone and her breasts hanging out, is giving her boss a backrub by the pool. Fairly brief, but this girl has amazing nipples.

Cyclone was written on October 23, 2001

Brief bare breasts

Nikki's exposure in this film is way too brief. All we get are two fairly short looks at her breasts while she's massaging her boss. Of course, she looks good, but by Nikki's standards, it's a VERY forgettable scene.

Indecent Behavior II (1994)
AdNoctum was written on February 18, 2000

Balcony sex

In a scene near the beginning where a couple have sex on the balcony Miss Fritz shows her bits,buns, bush and ****

Serna was written on November 22, 2000

sex on balcony

Right near the beginning there is a scene on a balcony where a woman watches Nikki Fritz having sex with a man. There is a lot of quick editing and swirling camera but you get to see nice shots of her tits and bush, and a nice shot of her arse as he has her from behind.

Dinosaur Island (1994)
Antman was written on November 25, 1999

Topless and buns

During the opening scene of the movie, she is the shaman who is dancing around before the human sacrifice. She is topless in the scene, but the view is partially obscured by the blue paint covering her upper torso. Most of her buns are also seen because she's wearing thong underwear.

Bad Blood (1994)
duckem was written on September 2, 2000

topless dancer

She has an uncredited role as a topless dancer showing her impressive rack.

Beach Babes from Beyond (1993)
gpeo was written on July 18, 2001

fantasy oiled fun!

A lengthy dream scene: he sits,clad in black shots,on a bed, whilst an attractiv woman rubs oil over him. Next we see the pair "doing it" in various position;

BushLeague was written on October 26, 2002

Bikini modelling and fantasy sequence

Models bikini topless with two other girls. They have the most perfectly rounded pairs of yes ma'am-aries ever honed by the hands or concieved by the mind of man. We're talking globes of the world. Has a fantasy sequence where she shows her soapy mounds in a tub and then again when walking away from tub. Walking toward the bed we get a full length complete nude scene with her almost heart shaped rear rumpers and deliciously muscular back (it has a lot of work to do!). While oiling up a guy her double troubles peak from behind, as well as a very good darkened hairy outline of her pussy lips. Brief buns as she models a thong bikini at the top of some stairs. Another brief glimpse when she loses her bikini top at a contest.

Spring Break (1983)
Antman was written on October 7, 1999


An OK scene of her taking off her clothes in a hotel room in front of a few guys. Another girl also undresses in the same scene about 25 minutes into the movie.

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