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Neve Campbell's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2007 I Really Hate My Job 2 Reviews
2004 When Will I Be Loved? 8 Reviews
2003 Company, The 2 Reviews
2003 Blind Horizon 1 Review
1999 Three To Tango 2 Reviews
1998 Wild Things 0 Reviews
1994 Northern Passage 3 Reviews

Neve Campbell's Sexy TV Shows

TV Shows this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
1994 Party of Five 3 Reviews

nudity reviews for Neve Campbell member submitted

Party of Five (1994)
mrmarble was written on June 16, 1999

Very Brief Butt Shot

There is one episode of Party of Five where she is skinny dipping with her boyfriend. At one point during the scene, she dives. When she dives you can see her buttgo into the water very briefly. I give it a three because Neve is a bashful person about revealing herself and this is the only place you can see her nude (as faras I know). Hopefully she wont be bashful in the future

Supertapeguy was written on June 18, 2002

In the afterglow

There is an episode where "Love's" character is on the bed wrapped up in a sheet with her athletic legs peeking out... no she's not nude, but she is very sexy and asks "Bailey" if he thinks his buddies at work know that he's just had sex (since they've made a habit of getting busy before he heads to work). In her very sultry and playful voice, she convinces him to be late for work and come back to bed... Very fun and sexy scene

Supertapeguy was written on June 18, 2002

Neve "loses it"

I'm fond of the episode (of Charlie's ill fated wedding) where Julia gets tipsy and ends up losing her virginity. It's a realistic scene (discussing protection and the ackward making out beforehand)
After they enjoy each other, they are passed out in bed and her little sister knocks on the door... Julia realizes what they have just done and she looks under the sheets and says, "Oh MY GOD!" It's a very sexy and realistic sex scene going from lust to relaxation to sheer panic - Ah, high school...

I Really Hate My Job (2007)
TommyMichaels was written on March 26, 2008

Long looks at breasts, buns - and quick flash of bush

Neve plays a server at her wit's end - she loses it when she has to work on her birthday and strips off all of her clothes and stands fully nude in the middle of the restaurant. The scene lasts about 2 minutes and mostly features her stellar behind, but we get several looks at her breasts as well. A nice surprise is when she turns around in a huff and there's a brief shot of her almost bald muff (it's all shaved expect a small patch at the bottom) as she walks to the camera.

scanman was written on May 6, 2008

Both breasts and butt

Neve shows her breasts and her butt in a nice scene in a restaurant.

The clip is available at http://nudeactresses.org

When Will I Be Loved? (2004)
ff was written on February 18, 2005

butt, breasts and a bit of bush

In the beggining you see several views of her butt and the side of her boobs. At the end of the scene as she puts her panties on you can see a bit of her bush but the shot was from a distance so u may want to use the zoom button. at the end of the film you see some close ups of her breasts.

ElihuYale was written on September 23, 2004


The first shot of the entire movie is Neve in the shower. Good looks at her ass and side views of her left breast, intersperced with the opening credits. She has a decent ass, nicely shaped, but actually not as good as I expected. There's a shot from a distance, again from behind, as she takes the shower head and uses the water to masturbate. Cut to her finished and getting dressed, again good look at her ass and a fleeting glance at her bush. Later she has sex with a blonde but no nudity, and then has sex with her boyfriend -- she sits on top of him and keeps her clothes on so nothing is seen. Last scene is her in the shower again with a brief shot of her breasts, not particularly flattering, but reasonably nice nipples. Interesting but rather pretentious movie -- don't arrive late!

CashGash was written on December 8, 2004


She shows mostly her butt while she showers, but there are brief glimpes of her breasts, including nipples. Here's hoping for more skin scenes from Neve!

Dudester was written on September 24, 2004

Wait for the video/DVD

The movie opens and closes with Neve showering. In the opening shower scenes we see her from behind and to the side. We see that she has a Kate Winslet type body (no discernable hourglass shape) that she doesn't tone with exercise. We get only a fleeting glance at her hairy bush as she pulls on her panties, but the camera is thirty feet away and shooting up from a lower elevation. The next nudity comes at the end of this hour and twenty minute movie. She's showering again, and this time we get a fleeting head on look at her small dark brown nipples. This movie has really unlikeable characters, and a plot that takes nearly 45 minutes to get going. Wait for the video or DVD if you're interested in the nudity, but don't want to be bored out of your mind.

Contepomi was written on February 21, 2007

Showering & Masturbating.

Ever since Scream I've wanted to see Neve Campbell nude, and in this she is completely naked in two shower scenes where a good look of her breasts and butt are there to enjoy. That said her body is surprisingly unsexy, in fact her narrow hips, indistinct waist, small boobs and short hair make her look too masculine and more like a twelve year old boy than an adult woman.

exeye was written on January 19, 2005

DVD review

The DVD has an interesting feature I haven't seen before: In the "Special features" section, there is one in which Neve and the director sit there and justify each of her nude/sex scenes (except the the best one at the end), and show a short clip of the scene, and then you are given the option to jump directly to the scene. ART! I love actresses who won't do nudity unless it's "art". Info to actresses: if you're in a movie and you cash the check - you're an actress not an "artist".

It reminds me of an old joke (stop me if you've heard it):

A guy walks into a bar and sits next to a beautiful woman and says "Would you have sex with me for $1,000,000?" She says "Yes." Then he says "How about for $5.00?" She says "What kind of a girl do you think I am?" He says "We've already settled THAT - now we're arguing about the price."

koinonia_92 was written on February 12, 2005

Awesome Showering Scenes

The very beginning and very end of this incredibly sexy movie are enough for die hard NEVE fans to be briefly satiated. She shows her beautiful backside forever and you can see the sides of her wonderful breasts. She als masturbates, but from a distance, sadly... Then in the end we finally get a glimpse of her terrific breasts and pert nipples... I can not contain myself. Neve is so HOT in this film! Highly recommended for Neve Campbell fans, who have been dying to see this sexy women nude since Wild Things!!!

Omni was written on January 26, 2005


Neve is pretty hot and has sex appeal but her nudity was surprisingly unappealing. She's in decent shape but her but looks a bit like a man's and her nipples might actually be inverted.

Company, The (2003)
BushLeague was written on December 23, 2004

Shower scene

The scene has a well lit medium shot part and a longer shot that is partly in shadows, but you can easily make out her bread loaf buns and a side flash of 33b glistening tits (left and right)

ff was written on June 7, 2004

nothing much from Never Campbell

there is a scene where she walks topless but the camera is far from the camera and you only see the side of one boob with no nipple. the other scene is where she is showering nude but she is in silhoutte and shadows so there is no direct nudity. This would have gotten a zero but since this is the first almost exposure from her. I guess we`ll have to wait for When Will I Be Loved to be shown to finally see some real nudity from her.

Blind Horizon (2003)
taurus was written on April 7, 2010

Multiple cut sex scene

Probable body double. Brief breasts that don't look like Neve's at 1:12.

Three To Tango (1999)
alfred was written on October 27, 2000

HOT girl!

I always hope that Neve will do nudity even though she has no nudity clause in her contract. In this comedy 3 to Tango you can just satisfie yourself by looking at Neve's beauty.BUT if you look closer you might see in her first scene something unexpected.In the beginning of the film Neve is making love with her boy friend and she is forced to go very quickly and while she gets up we get a close look at her bra and...use your pause button...you will see her nipple which is great!! In the rest of the film Neve is very HOT she has lot of bath scenes where we can see her perfect legs but the water is ALWAYS hidding her breasts!!!!!

riccifan was written on June 2, 2005


The reviewer alfred has provided a completely distorted view of the scene at the beginning of the movie. Neve's character is not making love with her boyfriend. While they are in bed and there is some kissing both are fully clothed. Neve's character does give her boyfriend a "raspberry." Any nipple is in entirely in Alfred's imagination.

Wild Things (1998)
Northern Passage (1994)
rovingeye was written on November 19, 1999

Long Shot

There is a long shot of Neve walking into a pond to bathe. Her entire ass is visible, but it's a really distant shot. Since this movie was made prior to Neve hitting the big time, I can't believe that a body double would have been used. And, if it is her, it's probably going to be the only nudity that she ever does.

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on June 27, 2003

dont see it

it is def neve campbell walking into the pond i heard her say it on a interview its a distant shot and looks just like every other girls ass not worthit the movie freakin sucked

AceTracer was written on June 5, 1999

Not worth it

Is Neve nude in this movie? Yes and no. I saw it years ago when it was rumored she was nude and it was showing on HBO. A bunch of people I know saw it all with the same disapointed result. The movie was absolutely horrible (Never plays a half Indian, does she -look- half Indian to you?).The main thing is that the only nudity in the movie was when she bathes in this pond. The show a shot of someone's butt from -way- back, so it could be absolutely anybody. Even if it is her, not much pleasure at all. There was also a rumored nipslip at one point but that's just a rumor and I don't remember anything of the sort. If you pass this in the video store, save your money

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