Natasha Wagner's Sexy Filmography

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year title
1998 Another Day in Paradise 7 Reviews
1997 Lost Highway 9 Reviews
1997 First Love, Last Rites 5 Reviews
1995 Quiet Days in Hollywood 2 Reviews
1994 Dead Beat 1 Review

Natasha Wagner's Sexy TV Shows

TV Shows this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
1998 Modern Vampires 5 Reviews

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Modern Vampires (1998)
Fetus was written on January 19, 2001


She looks great..as usual.One star pr. breast.No more though as the movie itself might very well be the worst EVER !!!...awful.She's nice though.
As always.I'd rather see just about any other movie with her,even fully clothed,than watching this thing all over again...

Chachi was written on November 19, 1999

Two b(o)(o)bie scenes....

Quick bathtub tittie flashes...twice...
Then a pretty good flash of those sweet breast...when she boinks another vampire on the hood of a car!!!
Even though the scenes are brief...I thought it was worth sitting through this lamo-o vampire flick!!!
(Some of the best young titties out there today)

Chicago was written on January 24, 2001

Vampire Love

A beautiful doll-faced vampire? Only the worst in Hollywood would cast angelic Natasha as a viscious, blood-thirsty growling vampire. Actually there are 3 scenes where Natasha shows her breast(s). The bathtub scene is at :34-:35, but you don't see much given the high bathtub side; at the end of the scrubbing is probably the best view of the scene. At :36 (shortly after her bath), her right breast is clearly exposed from between her open translucent robe for two brief seconds. At :49 1/2, is the "sex scene" (really her and another vampire taking turns sucking necks with low-budget blood) on the hood of the car. Most of this scene is a side breast shot, mostly obscured view. At about :51, you get to see her firm, small, smooth breasts as she takes a breather and finally sits up--the best 10 seconds of the movie.

nudedude was written on October 20, 1999

Two Topless Scenes

She has one brief scene in a bathtub and another better scene making 'vampire' love on the top of a car. Pretty much the movie sucks though (no pun intended since it is a vampire movie!)

Videoass was written on May 7, 2001

Three scenes as i remember

Well, i give to this performance four stars, becouse Natasha very, very hot girl, she is very young and we see her effect breasts. First scene in the bathroom, she is washing and we see her breasts. Then scene in the shop, were we see her nipples and breasts of another woman. And finally love scene, good scene, but whole movie is suck!!!

Another Day in Paradise (1998)
krisschu9 was written on June 29, 1999

making love with boyfriend

About 30 minutes into the video, Natasha is making love with her boyfriend. He licks her nipples and you can definitely see her beautiful titties. The whole nude scene lasts about 10 seconds or so. Then, about 1 hour 30 min. into the video, she flashes her breasts in the motel room. Decent nudity in this film, but I wish it was longer.

Know-it-all was written on October 19, 2000

Quick flashes...but enough.

I've been reading through all of Natasha's reviews here in the CNDB, and I must say, her fans are a devoted and articulate lot. The scene with her that is good on the skin scale is near the end when she's trying to convince him to stay in the hotel room. She pulls up her shirt and we get a nice, furtive glimpse of her excellent breasts. Her outfit IS really flimsy, as noted by an earlier reviewer. Watch for the earlier scene where she tells her boyfriend, with obvious relish, that she'll come back later and give him a blowjob. Just amazing.

Fetus was written on May 30, 1999


Lovely miss Wagner...anything with her is a four star.Here we see breasts and more breasts very clearly.Exellent movie.

beave0 was written on March 26, 2006

2 scenes

At 15:40 her boyfriend lifts her top and starts sucking the hard nipples when they are making love. The second time at 1:12:35 she pulls her top up for a brief second. We get to see her breasts quikly.

Chicago was written on July 29, 2002

2 scenes

At :15.5-:16.5, a guy is sexing Natasha in a dimly lit bedroom. He pulls up her blue shirt top and licks/sucks her right breast until her nipple is erect, then pulls up the top of the left and squeezes her twins. She moves to be on top...ass thrusting and nips hanging viewable from under her top. At 1:12.5 after getting doped up, Natasha pulls up her shirt for the guy to get him to pay interest in her instead of him going to 'work'...while she's in scanty clothes before and after, there's 4 sec. breasts with her arms above her head before he repeatedly throws her to the bed and floor.

liechti was written on November 25, 2006

Two topless scenes

Sorry, one star is the most I can give for Miss Wagner, and that only because her breasts are nice. But both, actress and the drug addict character she plays, are a real turn-off :-(

bilfic was written on November 26, 1999

Lovemakin, breasts, and veiled bush

The scenes of Natasha in this movie are tantalizing, and I can only wish there were more. As the previous reviewer noted, there is a scene fairly early in the film in which her boyfriend sucks her nipples. This may have been a body double, in that her face couldn't be seen in this scene. Much later, she bares her breasts to her boyfriend in another scene. This is definitely Natasha. Natasha also appears on screen at considerable length in one scene wearing a top and diaphonous panties, and her black bush can be clearly seen through her panties. Would that the panties were off!

Lost Highway (1997)
tazzie was written on September 12, 1999

removing top in car

Three stars for Natasha's lovely breasts, as sheremoves her top so that her lover can play withthem in a car. Natasha fans must see.

Brokencake was written on December 25, 1999

Not a great scene

I absolutely adore Natasha, and you will likely never find a bigger fan of hers. This scene just isn't that good, maybe her worst. You do see both boobs clearly, but they look extra small and kind of shapeless, plus it's dark. There are many better scenes in other movies.

Cyclone was written on June 18, 2001

In a car

She's making out in a car, and she decides to take her sweater off. She has nice breasts, and the view does last several seconds, so it's not a bad scene at all.

jason1234567 was written on April 10, 1999

natasha is making out with balthasar getty in the front seat of his car when she pulls her sweater off over her head

as with all david lynch films the lighting is dark...but as with all david lynch films he realizes that women have two breasts; and you can plainly see both of natasha's....this will be a four star scene whenever it comes out on DVD

whiteraven was written on August 22, 2010

Bare breasts/nipples while making out in car.

Natasha Gregson Wagner plays Sheila. She is making out with Balthazar Getty playing Pete Dayton in a parked car at night. I saw this on fuzzy VHS. The bare breasts/nipples occurs from about 1:10:34 to 1:10:42 so only about 8 seconds where after her chest is block by the jacket back of Getty who supposedly is rubbing her right breast with his left hand and kissing her left breast as he works his way up to her neck. Then there is a cut to a another parked car with two men looking on from a distance and then a sex scene presumably in the back seat from about 1:11:23 to 1:11:42 which primarily showing Getty's bare back and shoulder with a little showing of Wagner face and then bare right leg to denote that Getty is between her legs. On the formatted for TV version I saw, one could only really see from about the bottom of her nipples. There is a pause as Getty (and the viewer) appreciates the view. And the look of expectation on Wagner's face is very pleasant. I only give it a one for bearing her breasts. On the VHS version one does not get them see them fully as to see size, shape and 'hang'. Lovely nipples/aerolas though. As she is 'small' breasted she might be concerned or self-aware as many females actresses are in a 'perfect' plastic boob world which is a shame as there seems to be many attractive performers who would bare their breasts but do not because of some fears.

BreastMan was written on December 27, 1999

Natasha's great, but...

This scene is too short. This is truly a great scene, but you wonder why it is short or why David Lynch didn't throw in a couple more sex scenes for the beautiful Natasha (like he did for Patricia Arquette, who's just as good). Anyway, Natasha takes off her shirt after making out with Getty, and reveals her terrific breasts. You just want to reach out and grab those babies!!!!

Chicago was written on October 22, 2001

1 scene

Most of the other reviewers are right on about Natasha's scene...I debated between 1 and 2 *s. She takes her top off for 20 sec. at 1:10.5 and starts kissing the guy and you see her breasts and partial breasts at the bottom of the screen (how about if the camera backs up 1 foot?) She's done better scenes elsewhere, but she is never to be missed with those cute luscious breasts.

axl was written on October 7, 1999

topless in car

Natasha takes her top off in the car for Balhatzar Getty.Not her best nude scene but anything she does is worth a watch.

p_arquette was written on August 22, 1999

Good breast shot

Her breasts are in full view as she is making out with a guy in a car and then she pulls her shirt over her head. He fondles her excellent breasts for a while and then they make love. Not long enough, but a good scene anyway.

First Love, Last Rites (1997)
Shootfghtr was written on February 18, 1999


Breasts and brief pubic hair shot while making love with her boyfriend. Chest is very nice.

Know-it-all was written on October 19, 2000

Natasha's BEST nude scene...(IN MY OPINION...)

I have been a fan of this delicious little pixie since I saw "Molly And Gina". She pulls off the odd but impressive feat of: A. Being Natalie Wood's daughter. B.Being really beautiful and appealing. And C. NOT really looking like Natalie, that much. She has her mother's big, brown eyes, but otherwise a completely unique, (and incredible), look. Of her various nude scenes, this one is my favorite. About 25/30 minutes in, she and Giovanni Ribissi (*SHUDDER*), are caught having sex by his wise-ass little brother. Natasha is rather a wild child in this film, so she doesn't bother to cover up her PHENOMINAL breasts, and the camera does a slow, lovely pan down over them. Magnificent!

jason1234567 was written on April 10, 1999

natasha is nude in the first scene of the movie and is never more then half way clothed throughout

despite the fact that you only see a little bit of lower frontal nudity...this movie has the most comprehensive display of breasts by a mainstream hollywood actress since lara flynn boyle in The Road To Wellville...And the best display of feet in recent memory for those who like that sort of thing.

Brokencake was written on January 4, 2000


Ok, first a major pet peeve. Natasha has hairy ass armpits in this movie, very unattractive. The breasts shots are seen but could be much more erotic. I was very unhappy with this movie, but that's only because I was expecting more.

Chicago was written on August 29, 2001

3 scenes

At :02.5-:03 Natasha and the guy are having sex on the window seat where you see her breasts and ass as shot from outside the window. Unfortunately, with the glare, you see mostly the outline of her breasts. At :06.25, there's a 20 sec. viewing of her breasts as she goes to kiss the guy and the sheet drops from being wrapped around her, revealing her small, pointy breasts. At :24.25-:26.75, however, is Natasha's most plentious nude viewing. She's making love to a guy on the bed giving views of her breasts from the side and then from overhead...but the overhead shots (much of the scene) are not terribly viewable. However, as the brother rudely interupts, she casually props herself up giving a long view of her breasts from a medium distance...then a great close-up straight-on as her brother stares at them (PAUSE it!), and then another medium distance shot between her open shirt. The best shots of the movie. Since it's not a softcore and a fairly popular B-film star, it's probably worth 3* vs. 2...the surprising close-up helped as well. Worth a viewing especially for Wagner fans. A couple of other comments...her armpits aren't disturbingly hairy...but there are several other scenes where she's scantily dressed in tank-tops, etc.

Quiet Days in Hollywood (1995)
Brokencake was written on June 7, 2000

Brief Full Frontal and full back

I didn't see the whole movie, but I saw one long sequence where the movie cuts between two separate post-sex scenes with Natasha in both. At first, she's laying on her stomach, perfectly exposing her PERFECT ass while danglers a foot in the air. As the scene goes on, we see her full frontal as she gets out of the shower and some tit while there. This is great but was more tempting than fulfilling.

axl was written on August 7, 1999

Full Nudity

The scene begins with Natasha having sex with Chad Lowe and switches to her in the shower talking with her husband(Bill Cusack).At first you see her from behind in the shower but then she turns around and you briefly see her full frontal.The scene also flashes back to her and Lowe where she is lying in bed and you get a great view of her ass.She then shows more nudity when getting dressed.

Dead Beat (1994)
Immy was written on January 4, 2011

Right breast (0:31)

Correction to the previous review. It is Natasha who's boob is visible in the mirror. Also of note are two uncredited topless babes who climb out of bed after sleeping with Elvis wannabe Bruce Ramsay (1:09).

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