astassja Aglaia Nakszynski
Berlin, Germany

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Nastassja Kinski's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2001 Say Nothing 2 Reviews
2001 Cold Heart 3 Reviews
2000 Red Letters 3 Reviews
1998 Susan's Plan 4 Reviews
1997 One Night Stand 6 Reviews
1985 Harem 2 Reviews
1984 Unfaithfully Yours 2 Reviews
1984 Maria's Lovers 1 Review
1984 Hotel New Hampshire, The 2 Reviews
1983 Spring Symphony 1 Review
1983 Exposed 2 Reviews
1982 One from the Heart 2 Reviews
1982 Cat People 23 Reviews
1979 Tess 4 Reviews
1978 Stay as You Are 6 Reviews
1978 Boarding School 7 Reviews
1977 For Your Love Only 5 Reviews
1976 To the Devil a Daughter 18 Reviews
1975 falsche bewegung 3 Reviews

Nastassja Kinski's Biography

Nastassja was born on 1/24/61 In West Berlin. She is the daughter of famous director Klaus Kinski (Naksynski). Started acting at 13 in German films and TV. Was spotted by Roman Polanski at a party at the age of 16 and decided to start modeling. Married in 1984 for eight years and had two chidren. Divorced in 1992. Had a third child with famous muscian/producer Quincy Jones in 1993. She is still a very active actor and single mom of three filning roughly two to three movies per year.

nudity reviews for Nastassja Kinski member submitted

Say Nothing (2001)
SkipperMon was written on February 16, 2003

Two scenes

If was not for Nastassja this film would be a one star. See is seen taking a shower filmed through a glass shower door. However unlike her suspect scene in Cold Heart that a body double was used this one is truly the over 40 year old Nastassja. The second scene is while having a one nighter with a millionaire man who ends up hiring her out of work husband.

vpup was written on February 17, 2003

Not Nastassja Kinski

Zero if one is looking for scene of a nude Nastassja. The first "nude" scene is of a woman in the shower, but she does not even look like NK. The second is of a love scene where the double's breasts are seen. She has only done one nude scene in the past five years and that was a brief breast scene. Odds are Nastassja won't be doing anymore real nude scene.

Cold Heart (2001)
soulman was written on September 15, 2002

Body Double Alert!

I agree with Slavedriver. I think Kinski is still pretty hot myself. But the blantant and tacky use of a body double in this movie is not only an insult to her but the viewer too. The movie as a whole sucks too.

Chicago was written on November 2, 2002

3 scenes but not Nastassja

soulman and slavedriver are right about this not being Nastassja...and why she'd use one, given how hot she is, is beyond me. At :22 over a 10 sec. period while showering, the double's body is panned up on by the camera from her stomach, giving a 2 sec. shot of her breasts with pink areola before there's another 2 sec. view of her breasts as she turns around. At :43.25-:44.5, the guy takes off her bra, giving a hint of her left breast before there are more clear shots of her twins as he kisses them and while he's on top thrusting. At :50.75, her ass is seen in thong bikini undies for 5 sec. as the guy grabs her ass.

slavedriver was written on February 18, 2002


A clearer case of body double usage I have never seen. Nasti has two or three sex scenes in this movie (not really all that good), and there is a ton of nudity....however, the body is that of some 20 year old from the looks of it. Don't get me wrong, I think Nasti has still got the goods and using a body double should be insulting to her. But she is looking a little "older" here, so maybe someone decided to sweeten it up a bit. The old "face and body filmed separately" ploy. I have seen better body double editting, but this is downright bad! It is so obviously not her....a shame it is too.

Red Letters (2000)
BM was written on December 5, 2001

For Nasty Fans Only!

Only big fans of Nastassja should rent this film. Best would be to rent the DVD, because the flashes of Nasty's nipples are very, very quick.

Chicago was written on November 13, 2002

1 scene delivers zero

nudity_elitist is right...Nastassja delivers nothing in her scene at :59.25-1:00.75 other than 6 frames of tape over her right nipple when she rolls over in bed, and some cleavage and her back when sitting up in bed.

nudity_elitist was written on July 12, 2002

Will she ever return to her former nudity glory? Probably not.

Ever since I saw "Cat People" I have pined for every one of Nasty's new movies, just out of desperate hope that she might deliver even a fraction of her performance in said film. Long story short, disappointment after disappointment. There is a 1/10 second flash here but that's not even a teaser compared to what I almost expect from her. 1/2*.

Susan's Plan (1998)
Chicago was written on September 22, 2002

1 brief scene

lattara does a good job here of describing Nastassja's scene. At :03.5-:03.75, there's a quick flash of her left breast while on top of the guy having sex, followed by her getting out of bed and giggling/romping to the bathroom...all in very dim lighting.

lattara was written on March 2, 2001

Shadowy topless sex scene

Nastassja shows her breasts in a sex scene right at the start of the movie, in bed and then when she gets out of bed. Very darkly shot so not much can be seen. Shame as her appearance in jogging gear later in the film shows she still has a fine body (and is a little bustier nowadays than she was in her heyday).

chazpanther was written on December 8, 2002

Quick and shadowy

:03 Nasty and Billy Zane are in bed. There is aquick shot of her small breasts as she rolls around in bed with him.

SkipperMon was written on December 14, 2000

Brief Breast shot

Nastassja shows her pert boobs again, however the scene is very dark scene and can be found in the first scene after credits. This scene would have been a "zero" rating if not for being Nastassja, who still looks great for being in her late 30's and having three children. Maybe some director can convince her to do a full frontal again like she did in "Cat People" and "To the Devil, A Daughter".

One Night Stand (1997)
Omni was written on June 26, 2001

Brief breast, but a lovely sight indeed

Though this scene of Natassja and Wesley having sex is fairly low key, dark, and slow... we have a decent peak at one of Natassja's breasts. For some reason, her body isn't as sexy in other movies even when she shows way more nudity. Here, her breast looks perfectly shaped, soft, and smooth. Hence, the extra star.

Cyclone was written on June 26, 2001

Brief breast during sex

Fairly early in the movie, she has a sex scene with Wesley Snipes, and we get a quick, tame peek at one of her breasts. Because it's so brief, and because it's not much more than a nipple slip, I wasn't too impressed.

Gordon was written on May 17, 2001

Brief breast shot during sex

You briefly get to see one of Nastassja's breasts during sex with Wesley Snipes. It's nice, but not much exposure.

SkipperMon was written on September 19, 1999

Very brief scene

I kind of like Nastassja with dark hair though this move she looks great with here dyed blond locks. The scene is about about 30 minutes into the movie. You see her nice breasts with a camiselle on. Also the music is not bad. The director (Mike Friggis) was the composer of the original music.The Skipper

[email protected] was written on March 1, 2002

Exactly 30 minutes into this movie, she has a sex scene with Wesley Snipes in which she unbuttons her blouse but leaves it on. You get a quick glimpse of her right breast during a close-up. Unfortunately, you see only half of her face in that sh

Some people may think this is worth one star but, since I think nudity is not worth very much if you don't get a good view of the face in the same shot, I gave it a zero. Although in this movie, Ms. Kinski wears glasses and is older than in the other movies where she has done nudity, she still looks good and her body is well toned.

beefcake was written on August 25, 2000

one boobie

One boobie is shown while she is having sex with Snipes. If you want to see Kinski, go rent something else like Cat People.

Harem (1985)
rdinters was written on May 30, 2001

two nude scenes

The first nude scene is in the 14th minute, when Kinski is getting into a swimming pool topless. The second one is in the 64th minute, when she is topless in a motel room with Ben Kingsley. Kinski's natural breasts and small nipples are always worth looking at, but for a movie with a title like this, more nude scenes could be expected.

storm was written on August 23, 1999

Brief breast shots

There isn't very much nudity in this film on Nastassja's part. You can only see her breasts but not for long. It's not really worth the rental.

Unfaithfully Yours (1984)
VHSguy was written on April 29, 2002

undressing, shower, in bed

Nastassja is beautiful. This isnt a sex movie but when has she ever made a movie without nudity in it. Seldom, by the way this movie is pretty good.

MM was written on October 8, 1999

brief flash

Nastassja is always hot, but this is a very brief flash from when she exits a shower. We see a glimpse of her breasts from the side as she throws a towel around herself.

Maria's Lovers (1984)
storm was written on August 23, 1999

Breasts in bed

There's not really very much to this film. It's actually quite boring. But Nastassja looks great in it. There's very little nudity and it's very brief. One scene is when she's having sex with a guy and you can see her on the bed with her small yet tender and gorgeous breasts. There is another where she is wearing a see through night gown.

Hotel New Hampshire, The (1984)
Bushyboy was written on November 25, 2007

bear costume comes off

Just watched DVD. 4 frames of side of right breast, then 10 frames of front of right breast then 14 frames of left breast. NOT 3 stars as above. Without dvd still advance, one is not sure what was seen!

Absolutely NO nudity with Jodie Foster scene.

ColMine was written on August 14, 1999

Taking off the bear suit

Nastassja starts out hiding in a bear costume. Soon, she allows Rob Lowe to undress her and stands fully exposed. This is the best of the nude scenes. Later she is in love scenes with Jodie Foster, but only with partial nudity.

Spring Symphony (1983)
mrcroche was written on November 8, 2002

nip slip

Nastassja looks beautiful as ever but is not getting really nude in this one.It´s a movie about composer Robert Schumann and not a very good one.
However, her left nipple pops out of her lingerie (only for some frames)in one scene, when she is trying on various dresses while talking to another woman.
There is a nude bathing scene by another german actress earlier in the movie, who however is not only totally unknown to me but also still a child (playing Kinskis role as a child).

Exposed (1983)
Gordon was written on January 13, 2000

sex in bed

The scene begins with the guy reaching down Nastassja's shirt and feeling her up. It then cuts to the two of them in bed, naked bodies entwined. You get some brief looks at her breasts and a glancing side view of her butt, but that's it. You see more of the guy than her really.

MM was written on October 7, 1999

sex scene

There's one scene of Nastassja having sex with the leading man. The scene shows a quick view of her breasts and and rear, but it's all very brief. I believe there is also one other brief breast shot, but not terribly memorable. Her best nude scenes are definitely from Cat People, To the Devil a Daughter, and Stay As You Are.

One from the Heart (1982)
mrcroche was written on November 8, 2002

very briefly topless

Nastassja is seen topless from a medium distance while standing on a large ball (for artistic purposes - it´s a circus movie). She is taking on a top and the scene lasts about one second. Not worth checking out, i think.

FilmCritic was written on April 18, 2004

Nothing much

1:10:39-43: Both breasts visible as she puts her top on but, even with zoom, nipples are not visible. 1:11:20-26: Her left breast is visible looking down her top but nipple is not visible even with zoom.

Cat People (1982)
SkipperMon was written on September 21, 1999

Last scene - Light Bondage

The one thing that should be added to the previous reviews is that in Nastassja's last scene she is tied to the bed (both arms and both legs) before her last love scene. This probably the hottest bondage scene in a mainstream movie and yet nude to boot.The Skipperps: sorry for the typos in my review of One Night Stand below.

Ladnermoviebuff3000 was written on October 11, 2012

Dazzling Euro Babe Bares All When Unleashing Her Feline Side

Director Paul Schrader's vivid, decadent 1982 revisioning of the classic supernatural thriller from the 40''s is entrenched in glossy 80's excess. Gorgeous Nastassja Kinski, in her early 20's and exuding a raw feral sexuality is perfectly cast as a European woman who arrives in New Orleans to reunite with her sinister bother Malcolm Mcdowell, who like Kinski, is a predatory shapeshiter who morphs into a black leopard whenever sexually aroused. Viewers should be aware that their are generous amounts of nudity throughout the film Kinski herself doesn't show any skin untill past the hour mark, where out in the sultry Louisiana Bayous in the middle of the night she prowls around the marsh in the buff, we're treated to a long, detailed shot of her lithe, muscular body, including erect nipples & a toned shapely backside( the films cinematography compliments her nudity as well, with the moonlight casting an attractive appearance that accentuates her lovely ass.). Subsequent scenes involving Nastassja's mesmerizing are well lit as well, offering more breast, nice frontal nudity with detailed pubic hair and the always welcome frames of her large buttocks, i can honestly not heap enough appraisal about Nastassja's butt, it's one that puts her American counterparts to shame, she has a mile long asscrack to boot.

Serna was written on August 23, 2002


For a large part of this movie, particularly the second half Nat is nude and she looks good. Small breasts but a perfect arse. She goes frontal in three scenes I think, once on the prowl in the woods, once stripping for John Heard in a shack and once stripping again for him as she walks upstairs. Look out though for the bit where she is fishing and walks out of the water. She's wearing waders and cut off jeans. Her arse looks amazing as she bends.

FreightTrain was written on October 5, 2007

Worth the 60 minute wait - excellent nudity in sexy film!

One reviewer notes that you have to wait for Natassja's nudity. It does start at the 60 minute mark - almost half way into the film - but it is worth the wait. She's gorgeous, in her prime and shows off her complete body with style. After her lengthy nude run in the woods, she has several other sexy nude scenes. Read the other reviews - note how many reviewers gave her 4-stars. Natassja is that good. The movie is great too - a real classic.

BiBoySTL was written on November 9, 1999

Fully, frontally, fabulous

Nastassja bares it all in this camp classic about a girl who turns from human to cat. Nice frontal shots, and some good sex too. Quite a treat.

schlitz40 was written on September 25, 2001

Naked Throughout

Nastassja Kinski was one of the hottest actresses in the early 1980s. Although I prefer her with long hair (she has short hair in this movie), she still looks fine and shows off her naked body many times in this movie. Really nice shots of her ass, her small tits, and a few full frontal shots. A great skin flick all around.

darna was written on September 21, 1998

several scenes

Her body is extraordinarily sensual, if a little unconventional at the same time. There are extended nude scenes, with full frontal nudity, and with the drumbeats in the background you fall right into her spell.

dav345 was written on September 2, 2003

full frontal/rear nudity

At about 1 hr 6 minutes, she strips down outside. It is night and dark, but she walks into some light, affording you a nice look at her boobs and dark, full bush. At the end of the film, she strips down to seduce John Heard, and you can see her full bush AND pussy LIPS under the bush. Get the DVD and look carefully as she takes off her jeans - the lips are very much there. Later, John ties her to the bed and you can again briefly see her vagina under her big bush as John mounts her. This is very explicit nudity for an R rated film.

RichT was written on November 23, 2001

Nastassja playing a wild black pussy, while showing hers !!!

Nastassja is just ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS, and she is naked too many times to shake your "stick" at !!! One of the best scenes is when she goes hunting rabbit, while we hunt pussy ! The scene is at night and their is too much "wood" about, but if you (like me), enjoy hunting out Miss Kinski's lovely "thick bush" .... then this is a scene to relish !!! The next GREAT scene is where she teases Mr Hurd (lucky turd !), by stripping in a window, and then being tied to the bed (WOW !!!). We get to see her completely naked body AND her beautiful bush, for absolutely ages (well you do if you use the PAUSE and SLOW-MO functions, as much as I did !). My ONLY criticisim of Miss Kinski in this film is .... WHY OH WHY DID SHE CUT HER BEAUTIFUL LONG HAIR OFF ? At least she didn't trim her other hairy bit (praise the lord !)

alekhidell was written on May 1, 1999


in this movie, Nastassja turns into a cat many times during the movie. At one point she is in human form but is thinking like a cat. She comes out of the house and removes her night gown and starts hunting after a rabbit. She is fully nude and you can her breasts and bush. Another scene she gets out of bed and walks to the bathroom and you can see her butt. If you are just out to see her body, go for it, but the plot it weak to say the least.

soulman was written on November 23, 2001


This is Nastassja at her hottest. I can't add anything else to the previous reviewers comments, except that my personal favorite scenes are of her crawling on all fours, and towards the end of the film when she gets hand and feet tied to the bed posts (nude) by John Heard (luck bastard). The film's not bad either. Check it out. That's an order.

sirspread was written on February 24, 2003

whole body

expertly summed up by the previous viewer.this is a good scene (a little dark) and lasts for a good while. we get to see her fantastic small boobs and her bush.well worth watching for this scene alone

Bevan was written on September 15, 2002

Best bondage scene by a mainstream actress ever.

Read the reviews, folks. She's naked a LOT, in a lot of sultry scenes, most of them frontal, and she gets tied up and taken. This is certainly the best bondage sex scene in a Hollywood release, and likely the most explicit.

Cyclone was written on November 10, 2000

LOTS of nudity

It takes a while for Nastassja to get naked, but once she does, it happens regularly. Most of her nude scenes are somewhat dark, but there are still plenty of good chances to see her breasts, butt, and bush. Her final nude scene has her being tied up to a bed before having sex, in case you're interested. She doesn't exactly have what I'd call a great body, but there is something about her that makes her very easy on the eyes.

Warlokc was written on March 27, 2002

Stripping and tied to bed at the end of the movie.

Yeah, I agree with a lot of the other reviewers here. This is the scene by which all other mainstream/celebrity nudity must be judged. I can hardly believe this movie is almost 20 years old, and nothing has surpassed it for sheer smoldering sexuality. The gold standard. Nastassja, will you mary me? If you like this sort of thing, (and you do) you owe it to yourself to own this on DVD. Nuff said.

mcjw2011 was written on April 3, 2003

Full frontal

Other reviewers sum it up pretty well. First scene is when Nastassja takes off her nightgown and starts running around like a cat. Small tits and bush are seen in shadow, but it's prolonged and it's definitely her. The other scene is when she gets up out of bed after having sex and you get to see her nice ass. ****-star potential, but unfortunately Nastassja doesn't look quite as sexy as she was with her long hair. Some actresses with long hair are sexy (Kate Winslet) while some actresses look sexy with short hair (Jamie Lee Curtis). Good scenes... weird movie though.

tazzie was written on March 7, 2000

oodles of nudity

Nastassja fans, this movie is a must see andeveryone else will enjoy it too. Too much nudityfrom Nastassja to catalogue, but believe me youwon't regret it.

Senator was written on July 16, 2001

This is so very hot!

naked, animal instincts kick in as she chases a rabbit! hot hot hot!

dvddish was written on March 17, 2003


you see all of it

thewraith was written on May 21, 2001

nude, nude, nude....

This gorgeous girl is nude so much throughout this movie it's actually harder to remember the scenes when she is clothed rather than the scenes when she's not.

BOD was written on January 14, 2000

full frontal

there are a lot of nudity here from her and I can't quite remember all of them. What I do remember is that there is one scene where there is full frontal nudity.

nudity_elitist was written on July 12, 2001


Movie sucks, but Nasty is the bomb! She shows us every square millimeter of that athletic, trim body of hers. This was when she was in her true prime. Plus she just has that special something....she is a touch exotic and quite mysterious.

axl was written on October 18, 1999

nude alot

Natassia is nude so much in this movie it is hard to remember all.She does go full frontal though.

Tess (1979)
DCC was written on March 25, 2007

Nastassja Kinski is breast feeding a baby on a corn field.

The scene where she breast feeds a baby on a corn field takes place at 0:45:30. Rather a glimpse of her left breast than real nudity.

rdinters was written on May 30, 2001

nude scene 47th minute

Avoid this film if you're (only) interested in Kinski showing off her gorgeous body. The only nude scene takes place in the 47th minute, when Kinski opens her blouse to feed her baby and her left breast is briefly visible.

SkipperMon was written on October 7, 1999

Breast feeding

Not much of a scene here. It takes place in the first 30 minutes of this long film. Though you see Nastassja (Tess - the main character)open her peasant dress and present her nice young tit to her baby. The Skipper

dumpiedong was written on May 21, 2005

Breast feeding baby

Pops her left titty out to feed baby (lucky baby)Watched the whole movie in the hope of seeing more of Ms Kinski was disappointed

Stay as You Are (1978)
slavedriver was written on January 24, 2003

Best nudity, but what sex scenes?

I just got the English-dubbed DVD version and, while this is clearly Nasti's best skin flick with long scenes of nudity (though only brief bush), I saw nothing which could be considered a "sex" scene.

SkipperMon was written on November 23, 1999

The best ever of Nastassja

While it did take me forever to get this out of print movie, this is by far the best Nastassja movie that she does appear nude. Many, many times. It is also a very good foreign film as well. I only wish that I could have gotten the video in the original foreign language instead of being English dubbed. If there is ever a movie that should be re-released in DVD this is the one.The Skipper

thefaceman32 was written on September 29, 2003

Age correction - She was 19, not an underaged 17

Born 1959 and if filmed in Sept 1978 then that would make her 19

01:28:00 A sequence of glimpses of Nastassja's naked body in bed with Marcello Mastroianni. Tons of T&A to be enjoyed!

01:29:00 More boob-type exposure in bed when Marcello comes in to read her a bedtime story...

01:30:00 You got it! More hootage and assitude from Nastassja as she lays on a couch, complete with a flash or two of furry full-frontal fun when she gets up during breakfast...

01:33:00 Nastassja's completely naked in this scene, although it's really dark, so all we get to see is a silhouette of that spanktastic frame

deleuze was written on January 21, 1999

full nudity

talking with Mr. Mastroianni with her full body shown.maybe she was then under twenty years old.

rdinters was written on May 30, 2001

full frontal nudity

This movie, with a 17 year old Kinski, was shot in Italy in September 1978 and can't be missed by the real fans of this German actress: several brilliant scenes with full frontal nudity and (simulated) sex. Kinski's small breasts are touched and kissed (by Marcello Mastroianni), and her pubic hair is clearly visible during during most of the long sex scenes. At the time German newspapers were gossiping about a love affair between Kinski and Mastroianni, which could explain (a) why their lovemaking looks very realistic and hot in this film, and (b) why Kinski's nipples are swollen during some of the sex scenes.

derek22 was written on November 18, 2010

Delightful full frontal and more

Kinski shows off all her glory, and her lucky leading man gets to playfully nibble on her adorable hiney.

Boarding School (1978)
Sorcerer was written on December 4, 1999


In addition to the love scene near the end (which has full nudity), you can also see her breasts through a sheer nightie in one scene where she instructs one girl how to move seductively.The girls in this film are young, but were most likely of legal age in whatever country in which this was made. Nothing too disturbing, as has been said they're not prepubescent.

mrcroche was written on November 7, 2002

some topless scenes

Despite of some of the other reviewers i saw only a topless Nastassja in that movie, however in more than one scene.
First there´s the dark love-making scene near the end, where you get some shots of her breasts, but all the other nudity i could find in that scene seems to belong to the male guy (that shows you,that it is really a dark scene).
Nastassjas breasts,however,can be seen better in two shower scenes, when she talks to her (also topless) anonymous schoolmates.
Finally there´s the scene with her in a sheer nightie, the only one, i found really sexy.
The movie was - to your information - made 1977 in Austria and is just unbelievably bad. The music alone is to awful to stand.
So it´s only somethong for Hardcore-Nasstasjanites like me.

DBW was written on August 15, 1999


No nudity from Kinski until near the very end, when there's an extensive love scene featuring fullfrontal. The girls do look young but they're not prepubescent or anything.

mr_titmouse was written on July 30, 2004

only reason to see this travesty is Nastassja!

Nasty Kinski is so hot in just about every movie she's been in and Boarding School is no exception. She teases us by looking just plain hot for most of the movie. Two brief shower scenes show her perky little boobies and there's a hot scene where she gyrates in a see-thru lingerie. And the payoff is an all-too short sex scene at the end. More young Kinski boobies!

cybordemon was written on May 23, 2005

See Thru nightgown

Nastassja was wearing this night gown that you can literally see right through it, her breasts and pointy nipples were showing right through it, it was so thin. She was instructing one the girls in the dorm on how to walk sexy and attract a guy she had a crush on. I give it four because no one could have done this a good as nastassja.

brutuz was written on March 18, 2005

schoolgirl slumber party

The movie features numerous nude scenes of 13-16 year old actresses playing students at a boarding school. One of the best is a group scene near the beginning where the girls are comparing their bodies while have a late night slumber party.

AC was written on January 19, 1999


This movie and nusity within are horrible. It wa smade in Sweden I think and the girls are all like 13, its disgusting, DO NOT see it.

For Your Love Only (1977)
rdinters was written on May 30, 2001

lovemaking (twice)

This made for TV-movie was first shown on German television in March 1977, but was shot late 1976, when Kinski was 15 years old. In the first nude scene young Kinski is undressed outdoors, while making love with her teacher. He opens her blouse, and Kinski's sweet but still tiny breasts pop out. The second nude scene is even better: Kinski is lying in bed with her teacher, and after a short conversation she gets out of bed, completely nude, walking to a desk. Although her bush is not visible, this scene is a killer: Kinski's small breasts are hotter than hell, and so is the rest of her slender pubescent body. An amazing scene!

slavedriver was written on October 30, 2002

Only topless but bonerific

As big a fan I am of Nasti's youthful nakedness, this movie is quite a letdown compared to her previous one (To the Devil...). She shows her perfect, suckable tits a couple times, but the exposure is too brief (the second time being the longest at about 5 seconds). Only tits, and no bush, and definitely NO Sex scenes. The first scene by the water just shows her laying down with the guy (obscured by grass), and the bed scene is an apparent "post-coital" cuddling moment. She still looks totally gorgeous in the movie, even fully clothed. Just a fucking hottie! But stick with the Devil movie for her best nude scene. In a perfect world, I'd rate her 4 stars just for being a goddess, but skin quality is the name of the game here, so 2 for the brevity of her skin in this film.

MovieVoyeur was written on August 31, 2000

nude breasts

She has two scenes where she shows of her little but cute breasts. First while getting out of bed with her teacher (remember she must have been only 16 years old). And the other one shows us her breast while lying in the wood and making love. Three stars cause it was made in 1977 for prime time tv.

Ghostwords was written on August 10, 2012

Can no one here do simple maths?

Ms Kinski was born in January 1959. If this was shot in late 1976, she'd be approaching her 18th birthday.

Ghostwords was written on August 10, 2012

My apologies

Further research indicates the date of birth shown for Ms Kinski is incorrect, and she was actually born in January 1961. I've sent a correction to CNDb, but have no idea if it will ever be actioned.

To the Devil a Daughter (1976)
Warlokc was written on October 27, 2002

Unbelievable Scene

Nastassja, who was 14 or 15 when this was filmed, but has a womanly body, strips bare for a brazen full frontal at the end of this film. No, it isn't the slo-mo version, but that makes no difference if you get the newly released DVD, (and you should.) I know I'm only adding my name to the chorus here, but this is quality, on par with, if not superior to Nastassja's performance in Cat People. This Nastassja fan is in heaven right now. If anyone has seen Malady of Love, please review it.

storm was written on July 22, 1999

Full frontal nudity

This scene is a couple of minutes before the end of the movie so you'll have to fast forward. You see her completely naked for about 4 seconds but she was only 15 when she did it and its worth it. There is another scene earlier in the movie where she is having a nightmare but you can only see her breasts (not very well) through her nightgown.

GhostWriter was written on January 30, 2005

Not as young as people think

I'm not sure where some of the reviews went to school but their basic maths needs some work. She was born Jan 1959 and this film shot in 1975. That means she was 16 at the time and not 15 or even 14 as some reviews suggest. Wishful thinking on their part? The nudity is not notch and Kinski looks amazing naked. The rest of the film isn't worth watch and drags along very slowly. The 5 seconds of nudity makes the film worth renting/buying though.

rdinters was written on May 30, 2001

full frontal nudity at the end of the film

Kinski's first nude performance! Although she was only 14 when this film was shot, late 1975, this (short) scene is a legend. Kinski's small but firm breasts have never looked better and her pubescent bush is just gorgeous. Play it slow for maximum enjoyment.

deleuze was written on January 21, 1999

full nudity

showing her full body again.she was 15 or 16 years old then...

movieguy21 was written on June 11, 2003


Nastassja was very young when this was filmed, probably either thirteen or fourteen- at the oldest. She gets fully nude in a scene at the very end of the movie. You get to see her small but shapely breasts and her full bush. She looks beautiful naked.

Ghostwords was written on August 16, 2012

Satan's slave

There are three scenes of note:

Catherine is telepathically linked to a woman in labour. As she thrashes about, getting rather hot & bothered in the process, I was fairly certain there were a couple of shots where the perspiration had made her nightdress transparent, displaying her right nipple at least. If nothing else, you do see up the nightdress to her knickers.

Later, she hallucinates a satanic foetus crawling up her leg and then being pushed into her vagina. She's lying on a bed and it's all shot from the head down, so we never see her face, but towards the end (as the nightdress is pulled back to allow the foetus access) there are definite wisps of pubic hair on display. Body double? Maybe, but given the finale, it probably is Ms Kinski.

And then the final sequence, as the hero (Richard Widmark) is offered the girl for his own desires. The gown comes off and Ms Kinski is fully nude from the front, including a fulsome dark bush (I'll sidestep the issues of her youth if you don't mind). There are apparently a number of different versions out there; the one running on the UK's Horror Channel runs at normal speed and is fairly brief.

Ghostwords was written on August 16, 2012

Note to Brutuz

I believe you are confusing To the Devil a Daughter with Rosemary's Baby. This film was directed by Peter Sykes, an Australian who also helmed Demons in the Night and The House in Nightmare Park. He died in 2006.

ColMine was written on August 14, 1999

Nude scene excised

Nude scene is missing from the Republic/Lumiere Pictures 1994 reissue (NTSC format). But Nastassja is beautiful anyway!

ColMine was written on August 14, 1999

Scene is too quick

Correction: Catherine (Kinski) does drop her robes after all, but... blink and you'll miss it. Its a hallucination by Richard Windmark's character.

slavedriver was written on October 23, 2002

Just got the DVD! YEAH!!!!

For the dvd release, they used the standard, "quick" scene which everyone else has seen, not the slowed down version which I also mentioned previously (shame!). This is simply the greatest nudity ever in the history of cinema...or at least, my favorite. Oh, and the scene where she's having a nightmare and rolling around on the bed moaning and sweating in a see-thru white nightgown is much better here. Great upskirt shots, but she's got panties on....

AnimeFan was written on November 15, 2007

Drops robe near end of movie

GhostWriter, she was born in 1961, not 1959 as you state. And the movie was filmed in 1975, the year before it was released (not an uncommon practice, even now), so she was in fact 14 at the time... as for the nudity itself, you couldn't ask for a better full-frontal, no matter WHAT the age... the slowed-down version on tape is the best, but you can sort of approximate it by using the slow feature on your Dvd remote... of course, Dvd has the advantage of a nice, clear freeze-frame, and zoom! The other reviewers have already given a great description of her naked body, so I'll leave it at that... but I will say that I bought more than one copy of this Dvd!!!

brutuz was written on March 18, 2005

full frontal

She is seen dropping her robe outdoors to stand completly nude showing breasts and bush. Director Roman Polanski got with showing her underage nudity by saying that the characters used "sex magic" to cast their spells. He is rumored to have started an affair with her while making the movie.

slavedriver was written on June 15, 2000

UPDATE from previous review...

I have recently acquired a "different" version of the film apparently of european origin. As opposed to the Lumiere version--which shows enough skin to get a decent look as she strips--this version actually SLOWS DOWN THE STRIPPING SCENE! So she's disrobing suddenly in slow motion and it lasts like three times as long. Over this scene we hear Christopher Lee and Richard Widmark involved in some heated discussion apparently editted from the Lumiere version. BUT DAMN! It is totally slowed and the scene just lingers on and on as she slowly gets undressed and walks towards you........incredible.....

RichT was written on November 17, 2001

Skip to the end of the film and ENJOY .......

Fast forward to about 5 minutes before the end of the film, and enjoy the BEST full-frontal scene Miss Kinski has ever done !!! Although she was only about 15 at the time she made this British horror film, she has the body of a fully matured GODESS !! With her pert breasts, slim nubile body, and FANTASTIC BUSH !!! Although the scene only lasts a few seconds, with the aid of the pause of slow-motion functions, it will keep any red-blooded male busy for MUCH longer !! I would be very interested to see the European version mentioned by one of the other reviewers, just to see exactly how much they slowed this scene down ?
Believe me, Miss Kinski FULLY DESERVES any slow-motion replay that you could imagine - Wot an absolute angel !!!

slavedriver was written on October 7, 1999

Same as above

As much as I hate adding another review to an already long list for the same damn scene, I can't resist putting my own two cents in for thisone. Even though it's only two or three seconds of skin, your pause button can make last an eternity!!! She is just....Indescribably HOT in this scene. Perfect tits, perfect bush, perfect body....a goddess. And don't forget the hallucinatory sex scene she is in earlier in the film. No nudity, but our viewpoint is of the guy on her, and she's really digging getting laid, rolling her tongue around her lips....damn!!

Seeraks2 was written on December 1, 2005

Believe it or not, three scenes

What people don't realize is that there are three qualifying scenes. The first, she's in bed flailing around, and you can kind of make out her nipples, through her pajamas. It's nothing remarkable, but it is worth mentioning.
The second scene has Nattasja lying on her back on a stone slab. We get a view from her perspective as a tiny satanic puppet climbs into her nether-regions. All we see is her pubic hair.
The third scene is what everybody knows. She takes off what appears to be the same pajamas, and walks towards the luckiest old man in the world, in all her naked glory. Full frontal, of course. Great body.

And though it isn't nudity, I'll have to mention, she looks absolutely beautiful in that nun outfit.

rounder was written on November 18, 2007

full frontal outside

Nastassja was 14 or 15 when she filmed this scene, depending upon whether it was filmed in late 1975 or sometime in 1976.

From Wikipedia:

"Kinski's foray into the spotlight began in her native Germany where she started out as a model. At the age of 13, the German New Wave actress Lisa Kreuzer placed her in the role of the dumb Mignon in Wim Wenders' film The Wrong Move. In her mid-teens she starred in the British Hammer Film Productions' horror film To the Devil a Daughter (1976). Kinski has gained a certain notoriety through her nude appearances in these films whilst still a minor. This is linked to another controversy as to the exact year of her birth, which was apparently reported to the American authorities as 1959, though German records show that she was actually born in 1961. She has since stated that as a child she felt exploited by the industry and told a journalist from W Magazine, "If I had had somebody to protect me or if I had felt more secure about myself, I would not have accepted certain things. Nudity things. And inside it was just tearing me apart". "

falsche bewegung (1975)
mrcroche was written on November 8, 2002

her first nude scene

"Falsche Bewegung" (Wrong Movement)was Nastassjas first role,directed by famous Art-Director Wim Wenders.
Realizing her natural talents, he let her play a mute, but has given her a nude scene(besides her being about thirteen years old at that time - so that might turn off some).
She is seen topless in a one minute long scene with a male actor, both in sensational ugly panties. First the scene is dark and Nastassja is seen only in medium distance lying on a couch, but then he turns the lights on and we get a clear view on her already existent beautiful breasts.

cybordemon was written on May 23, 2005

Lying naked in the couch

Nastassja sneeked into this guys room and when he came home, i suppose the he thought she was someone else, it was dark in the room when he got on top of her, then he realized and turned on the light, and there was Nastassja lying on her back wearing only her panties. She has some nice tits in this film, i just thought it was too short. She gets slapped in the face but then he changes his mind and starts carressing her breasts, then the scene cuts off.

SkipperMon was written on November 12, 2004

Additional plot information on first nude scene

I agrre with mrcroche review of this movie but would likt to add on it. I was able to get a PAL version of this her first movie and then had it burned to DVD. This is one of her very first movies and she does appear nude. My German is not the greatest but her character Mignon sneaks into and older guys room. She met the guy on a train earlier that day. He starts to make love to her but then realizes that it was not his girlfriend but her. He actually slaps her face for the deception and then starts to stroke it very lovingly. What is kind of hot is that when he is stroking her face is that he definitely getting a hard-on. Her small breasts are incredible. This is where the scene ends.

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