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Naomi Watts' Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2012 Impossible, The 1 Review
2009 Mother and Child 2 Reviews
2005 King Kong 2 Reviews
2005 Ellie Parker 2 Reviews
2004 We Don't Live Here Anymore 1 Review
2003 21 Grams 10 Reviews
2002 Ring, The 4 Reviews
2002 Outsider, The 1 Review
2001 Mulholland Drive 13 Reviews
1993 Gross Misconduct 5 Reviews

nudity reviews for Naomi Watts member submitted

Impossible, The (2012)
Ghostwords was written on January 6, 2013


Ms Watts' left breast makes three appearances in this movie, at least one of which is gratuitous (not that I'm complaining). In the first, she's changing into a swimsuit top, and you see the side of her left breast (including nipple); there's a lot of flare from the sunlight outside. Later, she's wading through a swamp when her eldest son points out her top and the bikini underneath have torn and slipped down, exposing her left breast; she reties it as best she can, although there's still a lot of near-exposure until she reaches a nearby village and is given some kind of smock to slip into. Finally, at the hospital, medical staff cut open her top, exposing her chest; I couldn't see her right nipple, although there's quite a lot of cleavage on view and the left breast is momentarily in shot (by that point, she's lost a lot of blood, so it's all rather grimy and pale).

Mother and Child (2009)
mcjw2011 was written on October 10, 2010

Takes off robe at balcony

This was highly publicized online (even two nude pics of the scene were online), but in the movie we get much better lighting and angles. Watts, who has aged gracefully as a hot MILF, looks great. You see her butt as she pulls on a robe, and then opens it to seduce a guy (you see one tit and her naturally-dark bush). It's brief but still satisfying nudity from Ms. Watts.

shizmatic was written on October 12, 2010

Full frontal and brief rear

I agree with the previous reviewer, I'd just like to add that there's a second scene where she lies down on her belly in a skirt with no panties, and you can see a part of her butt

King Kong (2005)
BushLeague was written on December 18, 2005

Nipple Pokkles

Although we've seen Naomi's boobies before, what a disappointed that she didn't repeat or outdo Jessica Lange in this re-make. In spite of dozens of precarious positions, Naomi does not even give us an up the skirt panty shot, just her long slip and a brief short one. I guess the director realized the film was starting to drag and gave us a brief left and then right conical nipples poking through a sheer dress near the end.

Matt_Riordan was written on January 15, 2006


I queued for hours and, having sat through 3hours of c*ck-teasing, I walked out of the cinema without being treated to even the slightest glimpse of Naomi' s jumblies. I even payed the extra dough for a Cinelounge seat to fully enjoy the experience of seeing a possible hommage to the 1933 scene of Kong disrobing Ms Wray in the original. Unfortunately, Director Peter Jackson chose not to make any reference to that iconic scene. Naomi fans are better off hiring '21 grams'.

Ellie Parker (2005)
Thetoxicavenger was written on July 2, 2008

Brief bush, nrief tits

You have to be a big fan to enjoy the nudity in this film because you have to force your eyes to be able to see something worth

bohne was written on April 14, 2006

bush and breast

Naomi Watts pulling down her jeans, showing a bit of her bare butt and a flash or two of bush as she sits on a toilet and talks to a guy through the bathroom door.
Naomi Watts showing some nipple while she sits in a bubble bath, and then seen bouncing in a guy's lap as he joins her in the tub and they have sex.
Naomi Watts showing some butt-crack as she squats down in her jeans and tries to fix her car after an accident.

We Don't Live Here Anymore (2004)
Xeyes was written on July 22, 2007

sex scene in the forest

about 25 minutes in,Sex Scene. There is no real nudity in this movie. but this scene is still hugely erotic.

21 Grams (2003)
Cinephile88 was written on December 5, 2007

(Breasts) Intense sex scene

Power-acting by Watts. She's nude midway through the film during a schorching sex scene with Penn. In close up, he sucks her bear breasts and later we see her topless, sitting by her night stand. Beautiful actress in powerful film.

ElihuYale was written on November 23, 2003

Fantastic Nipples

Naomi Watts has beautiful nipples. Left breast in first scene of film. Mid-way she's having sex with Sean Penn, he on top, after kissing he moves down, sucks on her left nipple and then goes down on her, don't see him eating her, but he's rubbing her breasts. As another reviewer said, her breasts fill up the screen, her erect nipples reaching for the ceiling. Later Naomi is sitting up in bed, you see her gorgeous breasts again. Unfortunately, Naomi doesn't show her perfect ass, except in panties and a bathing suit.

umathurmanfan2 was written on September 25, 2004

Closeup shots of Naomi's breasts

Naomi Watts once again shows us her breasts. But this time, they are very well light and the director focuses directly on them for some time. All this happens during a sex-scene with Sean Penn. Naomi is incredibly sexy and has cute, but slightly small breasts.

atom was written on March 20, 2004

topless with erect nipples

In the film's opening scene, we get a static, twenty-second shot of Watts asleep and face down in bed, nude above the waist, with Sean Penn sitting next to her. Watts's left breast is visible. About halfway through the film, we get the scenes that previous reviewers have noted so fondly, in which Watts participates in an energetic sex scene with Penn. Penn sucks on and plays with Naomi's nipples, which become engorged and bullet-hard in response. The camera focuses with some care on Watts's chest; I must admit that, as a gay man, I was a bit surprised by the way the whole nipple thing worked. Straight men may want to check out this movie (which is, by the way, a fine film in any case).

damn_crazy_bastard was written on October 5, 2004

Big nipples!

Watch out, you could poke someone's eye out with those things! Naomi has a nice daylight romp and shows her breasts off in close up and nice medium shots. There is one bit where she's lying on her side with a bit of hip exposed that teases you with what more you might have seen, but alas, it's just her breasts. Add a star if you're a fan of big nipples.

BMac was written on July 14, 2007

Good for fans

Small-breasted Naomi Watts doesn't have much going on, but there are several well-lit scenes where she shows her little boobies. Twenty-one seconds in, we see her lying in bed with Sean Penn sitting behind her. Watts is topless but facing down and to the side, so only her left breast is visible and somewhat scrunched against the mattress. This shot continues for 20 seconds, and repeats at 1:38.17 for several more seconds. At 1:39.08-12 and 23-26, Naomi Watts is sitting up on the bed, then pulls on a pink top. She doesn't look all that great, but her boobies are perky and reasonably pretty if you like 'em on the small side. The one hot scene runs from 1:34.40 to 1:35.47, when by turns we see Naomi's and Sean Penn's chests and faces, plus a bit of more her torso but no bush. It's nicely show and she looks better; it's a shame the other scenes aren't more erotic. As other reviewers have noted, Naomi Watts' nipples should be registered as weapons, but at least she seems to be enjoying herself.

thefaceman32 was written on September 17, 2003

Breasts (with closeups)

Opens with a shot of Naomi Watts topless. Not only does she continue in that state for entire scenes, director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu frequently shoots such tight close-ups that her breasts completely fill the screen

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on May 23, 2004

Pretty nice BUT....

Ok i cant even start to explain how big her nipples are HOLY HELL.There is a BUT... factor though it was so damn close you couldnt really get the full expierence of everything that was taking place

Cumfiend was written on January 27, 2006

Tits out for the lads

Great huge erect nipples. I could not help but tease one out in the cinema. I literally covered the cinema floor in baby gravy. Sorry to the usherette who slipped in it and landed face down.

juantamad was written on February 13, 2010


One of my favorite shot of Naomi's bite size nipples.

Ring, The (2002)
BushLeague was written on October 19, 2002

Nothing to write home about

She gives an extended bra and panty scene while getting dressed. She is in a well and gives a wet shirt and bra scene. Despite two layers of cloth, the nipples and outline of tits show through. If Naomi only does a nude scene every ten years, we may be in for a long drought after "Mulholland Drive"--quel dommage!

JAnondo_2002 was written on June 22, 2003

Nipples and boobs in a wet sweater

This beautiful actress shows us her pretty boobs, not in the flesh though. She falls down a well and you can see her erect nipples thru her wet sweater as well as the shape of her boobs along with the bra. The scene appears somewhere around 1:15-1:30 in the movie and lasts a minute or so.

Kuroneko was written on June 7, 2003

Waste of space

The next time you make a new movie entry don't enter a mistyped title. Type it as The Ring NOT The RIng and also include the year it was released.

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on May 23, 2004


Nothing hear at all except lingerie mulholland falls is the movie to watch for mrs watts

Outsider, The (2002)
flixnix was written on March 4, 2003

Brief sex scene

Naomi Watts has a brief sex scene with Tim Daly about 85 minutes into the picture. You see a brief breast shot, but not much else. Naomi is nude in it, but you mostly see her back, legs, and some buttocks. Scene lasts for about a minute, with a lot of those annoying non-linear cuts where the scene cuts back and forth between them rolling around in bed and them still getting undressed. Annoying, but I guess it's arty. The film is a western, ala "Witness" with Harrison Ford.

Mulholland Drive (2001)
slavedriver was written on May 7, 2003

Sex? What sex? I don't see any sex?

Yes, She's hot. Better looking than Laura, to be sure. But do not say there's lesbian sex where it does NOT exist. A little bit of kissing and a quick boob-fondle does not a sex scene make! There is nothing even close to a sex scene in this film. Here I was, reading these reviews and getting all worked up about seeing this, and when I finally do... BAM!!! Big let-down. At best they just cuddle. ALERT: NO LESBIAN SEX IS PRESENT ON THIS DVD. Nice boob shots, though. David Lynch is capable of much more than this.

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on May 23, 2004


nothing like a hot lesbian scene i by accidentally called this movie mulholland falls in my the ring review but anyway nice scene wear naomi takes her shirt off and you get a brief shot just knowing she is in a lesbian scene is great

BushLeague was written on July 14, 2003

Nice up tops from the girl down under

Great outline of her heart shaped big ass climbing into a window. Brief look during first sex scene and longer look at almost circular 34b's during second sappho with Laura. She does some of the most serious self clit buffing through her pants (not explicitly shown) of any film porno or not--It should almost go down as a classic with Sharon Stone's leg crossing.

boobman04 was written on May 18, 2005

she looks fine

About half way through the film Naomi and another girl take part in a lesbian scene. The other girls boobs are much larger than Naomis, yet Mr. Watts look very nice. Her nipples are rather pokie, as usual, and about 30 minutes later she shows them off in an extended scene. Her boobs are a nice size and look very natural.

Ryan was written on September 27, 2001

A Star Is (Hopefully) Born

First of all, Naomi Watts is simply brilliant in this movie and deserves to become a very in demand actress. Now, the reason she's in the database is for the tender lesbian love scene with co-star Laura Harring in which Naomi bares her small but nice breasts. Also, in a later scene she masturbates while thinking of Laura, we see her hands go into her jean shorts but nothing and some writing and moaning. Plus, another rougher nude scene between the girls with more breast exposure. Naomi is very cute and although her breasts are not as large as Laura's they are very nice and the two women compliment each other very nicely. Check it out.

BigPoppaSmurf was written on October 18, 2002

Love scenes

This DVD sat on my video store shelf virtually unrented, which is disappointing. Ms. Harring and Ms. Watts have two very touching, very topless love scenes together, the second being the superior one. Although not completely nude, I thought a four-star rating was applicable for the sheer balls of David Lynch and beauty of Naomi Watts. If you enjoyed her in this, try out The Ring. She is superb, but don't expect to sleep (or watch TV) ever again.

ernststavro was written on November 20, 2002


In my point of view it´s almost impossible to get three star without showing some pussy. So Naomi shows us her lovely real tits (which are smaller but much more beautiful than Laura Harrings, or what she was called). The second scene is well lit and the nipple are beatifully visible.


soulman was written on May 24, 2002

Tit Shots.

Naomi is a cute blonde with a nice little body. Her first scene is a brief tit shot during a lesbo scene with Harring. The next scene is much better with a better view of her nice sized puppies in another flashback lesbo scene harring. Not as good as Harring but still not bad.

krusty was written on October 19, 2001

Two Lesbian Scenes

I'm in love. Naomi is simply stunning - but I'm a sucker for blondes - even dye blondes. Naomi has a tender kissing love scene with Laura about 90 minutes in. While we get a brief glimpse of Naomi's perky young breasts, the camera spends more time on Laura's body here. The next one is an hour later when Naomi confronts Laura on the couch. We finally get some lingering shots of Naomi and her lovely boobs. She also has perky nipples here as well. Shortly after, we're treated to a shot of Naomi masturbating on the couch. The camera spends most of the time on her face, as she pleases herself, but we do get a brief shot of her hand in her open pants. If you like Lynch, you'll like this flick. If you like perky breasts on adorable women, you'll love Naomi Watts.

lattara was written on January 8, 2002

Girl-Girl Fun

Naomi looks really cute even clothed in (most of) this film. Her first lesbian scene is dark and we only briefly see her small breasts and pink nipples. The second is more brightly lit and has better breast exposure. I believe that the two parts of this film were shot some time apart and if I'm not mistaken Naomi looks more full in the bust in the second scene. I hope this is a natural gain. There's also a semi-nude scene when she is masturbating - her top is as good as transparent and as the camera pans down there is a close-up of a perky nipple.

Sinnema was written on October 21, 2001

Topless lesbian sex!

She has a couple good lesbian sex scenes with Laura Elena Harring. The first is dark and doesn't show much. The second is brightly lit and offers several good, lingering shots of her firm, perky breasts. In addition, this cute blonde is actually a very good actress, both with and without clothes. She makes the two and a half hours of this David Lynch-directed nightmare bearable to watch.

bigirl2282 was written on June 7, 2004

Naomi's breasts and the lesbian scene

While Naomi Watts breasts are not as large and not as wonderful as Laura Harring's, she still has amazing looking breasts. The lack of sex in the lesbian sex scene between Laura Harring and Naomi Watts was a bit dissappointing.

VincentD1979 was written on June 2, 2005

Lesbian sex, and Masturbation

What a beautiful creature. She shows her small breasts while having sex with Rita in this movie. She also shows her breasts through a see-through tank top while she masturbates violently, crying out loud.

Gross Misconduct (1993)
palmbreeze was written on July 2, 1999

Several nude scenes

Couple of topless scenes and a bizarre shower scene which isnt Naomi

Balrog was written on January 12, 2003

this is how angels look like

this actress is not only beautiful but act marvellously, she shows here, her cute breats in this obscure drama.
See Mulholland Dr too!

Thetoxicavenger was written on July 2, 2008

it' s a body double

The scene where she appears nude behind a courtine is performed by a body double. Is not Naomi

Tunsa was written on January 7, 2002

brief breasts, but some sexy scenes at the beginning

The movie starts with some masterbation scenes. No nudity, but some great shots of her face as she enjoys herself. At about 25 minutes in, there is a fantasy shower scene with a full frontal view. It's quick and through a curtain, but sexy nonetheless. At 30 minutes, there is a very quick nipple view when Smits feels her breast, and then a brief but clear view of both breasts as she removes a sheer shirt. The scene then gets darker as she turns to face the camera with her shirt off. Can't see much because it's dark, but this is a sexy young girl showing a lot of passion. At 40 minutes there is a sex scene, and though there is no nudity, there is a lot of panting and some side views of her breasts. At 1:25 there is a bathtub scene with knees to the chest. This girl has sexy shoulders when they're wet! It's a disturbing movie, but this is a good actress with pretty small breasts and a sexy, passionate attitude. Look for more of her in future movies...

Bushfan555 was written on May 13, 2004


Naomi is cute as ever in this film from her earlier days --- the shower scene is great; it's LONG -- there are 3 or 4 clips of several seconds each that are intertwined with something else... but it's definitely her body, you see her breasts and face in the shower and the same breasts and an awesome wet hairy bush in the same scene... they focus on her pussy several times, it's great and the shower curtain doesn't really block anything the way they do it.

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