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Michelle Pfeiffer's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2000 What Lies Beneath 1 Review
1997 Thousand Acres, A 4 Reviews
1996 One Fine Day 1 Review
1992 Batman Returns 4 Reviews
1991 Frankie and Johnny 2 Reviews
1988 Tequila Sunrise 2 Reviews
1985 Ladyhawke 3 Reviews
1985 Into the Night 4 Reviews

nudity reviews for Michelle Pfeiffer member submitted

What Lies Beneath (2000)
JFChrist was written on June 15, 2001

The Queen Of Mean

Michelle Pfeiffer is the queen of mean. This tiny titted bitch is alluringly sexy and yet never brings anything to the table. She has made a career based upon her fantastic looks but what does she truly give us? - The answer is nothing. Now she is rapidly aging, with an anorexic body and a face with a skin job pulled three inches too tight. She appears opposite Harrison Ford, who appears to be eighty years old and shows more skin than the aforementioned Miss Phhhhheifffffer. She appears to be fifty. What is so exasperating about this (would you believe) well done suspense-thriller is that the major scenes of the movie are set in a BATHTUB, the climatic scene is long and she is soaking wet in her nightie, and do we even see the outline of her nipple? NO! Therefore, this movie is unrealistic. In the good old days of the seventies and eighties, a major actress like Miss MEchelle would have delivered the goods. But we are living in borrowed times, the salt has lost its savor, and we are left with the ashes of a distant memory of times when the integrity of actresses compelled them to give their all to the audience.

Thousand Acres, A (1997)
[email protected] was written on May 11, 2002

At 0:17, she is being examined by her doctor. You can see her character's right breast as she lies on her back, but the left one has been removed.

I don't know how they did this scene--maybe they used a prosthetic body, maybe they just covered her left breast. In the first case, the scene would be worthless; in the second one, it would be worth **. I gave it 1 star because, whatever the truth may be, the scene looks so goddamn real.

zags was written on March 21, 2002

breast exam

the scene was great

toyzz was written on September 27, 1999

Breast Exam

Michelle is laying flat on an emamination table while camera tilts up. One of her breast - per the films plot - has been removed but the other is there. The breast that is exposed looks real but the previous poster has info indicating otherwise. It seems that they simply covered her breast for the plot and left her other one uncovered. Hmmm. Don't know...

Samuel was written on January 11, 1999

Getting a check up by doctor

A very distasteful nude scene that shouldn't really be in this database. Close-up of left breast - but in fact a prosthetic was used, so what you see is not Miss Pfeiffers' after all! An extremely good film though!!

One Fine Day (1996)
rbelkin was written on October 24, 2006

Changing Different Outfits - Possible Aureole Visible

Yea, anyone else, it would hardly rate a mention but since it's Michelle, any possible sighting is a spotted woodpecker sighting ... at one point, the camera faces her as if it's a mirror ad she is cahnging blouses to get ready to go out on a date with Clooney. She never removes her bra but as she changes, there seems to be a round aureole visible (righ side more prominent) and she also fiddles with her breasts moving them and squeezing them for max effect - more cute than sexy but we'll take it - and she was still knock-out gorgeous then ...

Batman Returns (1992)
Bootydaddy was written on July 25, 2001

For Cryin Out Loud!


[email protected] was written on February 15, 2002

There is no scene.

Regarding nudity, this movie is worth less than zero. You don't even get to see her legs. How could the previous reviewer give her 2 stars?

Ladnermoviebuff3000 was written on January 26, 2013

Kinky Batman Foe

Batman Returns is a Gothic feast for the senses, although there is no bare flesh to speak of, it's michelle pfeiffer's character of Catwoman who has been envisioned as a latex garbed BDSM femme fatale, a far cry from the kiddie oriented versions of the character.Director Tim Burton injects a level of steamy eroticism with Michelle once she morphs from mousey secretary to a whip cracking dominatrix, the hottest bit is where she practically makes Batman her submissive, she crouches on top of him in her feline stance, then licks his face,meoooow!

Senator was written on July 25, 2001

not naked but... still one sexy wet dream!

This is a no-nudity sexual goddess! Her tight cat suit... reawr! Wow! This movie turned me on the first time, and continues to deliver, something a lot of really sexy scenes can't claim!

She looks imazing throughout this whole movie!

Frankie and Johnny (1991)
Elv08 was written on October 19, 2001

oh-so-brief nipple

Any other actress, this flash of a nipple wouldn't get more than *, but this is Michelle P, and it's good to see her indulging in a little gratuitous lovemaking. Watch carefully, and you can see her left nipple. Good scene, not a bad film.

Chicago was written on May 21, 2002

Came close

As closely as I looked while there were decent views of part of Michelle's breasts, I saw no nip slip in the movie. But you can check out the scene for yourself at 1:04.75-1:07.25.

Tequila Sunrise (1988)
Winchester was written on November 29, 1999

Extremely brief... Definitively poor

Well, the other reviewer said it all; there is a sex scene with Mel Gibson into a Jacuzzi, Michelle is totally naked and her legs wrapped around him, unfortunately, the scene was too much carefully done to avoid show any private part of the diva, so, you can see lots of skin, water and vapour... i remember a extremely briefly shot of her ass and a diffuse side view of her breast (no nipple visible), but nothing else. (i've seen better sex scenes of this kind)

MM was written on October 8, 1999

very brief rear view

Michelle has sex with Mel Gibson as they frolick in a pool. In one very quick scene, they burst up out of the water, Michelle is clinging to Mel with her back to the camera. She's completely naked and has her legs wrapped around him. In another scene only for the VCR-quick-pause crowd, there's an upside down scene where Michelle crawls across the screen naked. It's a very dark image and what's shown is her reflection in the water of the pool. Sexy but brief.

Ladyhawke (1985)
RSL-Finn was written on July 10, 2001

Cool, but don't bother with the VHS version!

Just saw the movie but NOT in widescreen... Her left breast, that is the one referred in the previous review, is completely cut out of the picture, so you don't get to see anything. But if they didn't use a prosthetic breast, then in the widescreen version you can see Michelle's whole breast when she's laying on her back. It's a quick scene and the view is from behind of her head, but definitely worth seeing!

By the way, it's not Rutger Hauer but Leo McKern taking care of beautiful Michelle in this particular scene!

sonic007 was written on January 23, 2002

Thats a blanket not a brest!

The scene in question takes place at the 48 minute 30 second mark. Isabeau has been wounded as a hawk by an arrow and, now changed back to human form, seeks treatment from Imperius the Monk. She is lying on her back nude under a pelt. The scene is shot at her head looking down her body. The pelt only comes up to the top of her breasts and some tufts of fur from the pelt lay across the tops of her breasts creating a nipple-like illusion. The DVD has both the widescreen and pan-n-scan versions on it and this illusion is visible in both.

Orson-Welles was written on June 21, 2001

Cared for after injury by Rutger Hauer

The scene is where Rutger Hauer is taking care of ms. pfeiffer after she has been injured. Her breast flops out and you can see one whole breast and nipples.

I saw the widescreen laserdisc version of the movie. So don't know if it will show up on pan & scan vhs version.

Into the Night (1985)
exeye was written on January 15, 2004

Bathroom Scene 1/15/04

I just viewed the DVD of this movie, and I would like to ask MrBlonde what version of the film he was watching. I am not sniping, I'm really asking. Perhaps there is another version out there that I am not aware of, but in both the VHS and the DVD versions that I have seen, Michelle, totally nude (while removing the diamonds from her vagina), manages to keep everything covered up. I haven't seen anything there. I also agree with the assessment given by the other reviewer about the doorway scene. If you're going to do nudity then do it, otherwise take a different role. I also think that actressess should realize that even the average moviegoer today can spot a body double with one eye closed, so again, either do it or don't. Even my totally straight girfriend, while watching "Illusions" with Heather Locklear (I tried to talk her out of it), turned to me after her "nude" scene, and said "Oh please! Why take the role, if your not going to play the character?". 'Nuff said.

MrBlonde was written on April 16, 2001

In bathroom

There is also another scene in the movie where Ms. Pfeiffer is nekked. She is in the bathroom (I believe taking care of some feminine business). We get to see one of her breasts and a partial view of her behind. It is only a few seconds long, but we definitely get a better view than the previously mentioned scene. This might be Michelle's best nudity ever done, but it's still not that great. Check it out only if you're a big fan.

minkara was written on October 1, 2005

Michelle removing valuables for her vagina

In the VHS version released in Australia, Michelle's (beautiful) bottom is clearly visible in the shot where she removes the gems from her vagina.

Teri was written on November 11, 1998


The camera points through a door to another room where Michelle is going back and forth across the door. She is totally nude but you don't really see anything.

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