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year title
1996 Undertow 5 Reviews
1996 The Maddening 1 Review
1995 Set Up, The 1 Review
1995 Black Day Blue Night 5 Reviews
1994 Timecop 9 Reviews
1994 Caroline at Midnight 4 Reviews
1993 Blindsided 1 Review

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Undertow (1996)
fargalaxy was written on April 26, 1999


an excellent scene of her breasts whileshe is standing topless in shower the scene is long enough to see her cute breasts

thedoc was written on June 11, 2001


does only this one scene with lou diamond phillips, but she is so hot in that shower showing off only her breasts and backside. I think she is a real temptress in movies with a face of a virgin, wow what a combination.

scanman was written on July 1, 2001

A great long topless scene... lasts about 2 minutes!

The scene starts after the big storm when Mia's husband is hunting in the woods. Mia takes a shower, hoping LDP is walking in on her. He does and lot's of kissing and hugging is the result. Just breasts in this scene, but GREAT breasts!

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on June 29, 2003

ferris bueller chick

this chick has great nipples she is in the shower and this guy comes back in the house and into the shower with her she turns around and you get great shots of her nice tits when they have sex

sirspread was written on June 15, 2004

fantastic breasts

as she takes a shower we get to see her amazing breasts...check it out ....they are just about perfect

The Maddening (1996)
Immy was written on November 9, 2009

Left breast (0:42)

Nutso couple Burt Reynolds and Angie Dickinson imprison Mia and her daughter in their isolated home in the Florida swamps. Mia does get to take a bath under Angie's watchful eye. As she sits in the tub her left nip can be seen a couple of times, most clearly after she picks up a pair of scissors.

Set Up, The (1995)
Omni was written on July 20, 2000

Wild sex

Mia reveals a fair amount of her chest in this movie during some crazy sex. Her "enhanced" tits look like inflated water toys or tennis balls. This only gets two stars because she's done MUCH better nude scenes in other movies.

Black Day Blue Night (1995)
Know-it-all was written on October 17, 2000

Mia's best nudity.

She's done several scenes in various films, but this one is the topper. In the first, and best, she sneaks out of the car she and Michelle Forbes (unfortunately NOT nude in this film...) are sleeping in and goes for a skinny dip. Her self-conciousness about undressing is very erotic and exciting. She slowly takes off her shoes and socks. Then she doffs the dress she's wearing, revealing panties and a camisole. She takes off the cami, revealing an undershirt ( I was starting to get worried), but then pulls off the shirt to expose her nice, enhanced breasts. Incredibly, she then bends over at the waist and pulls her panties down. As I said, I ahd already seen her breasts in "Caroline At Midnight", and "Undertow", but she had kept it at that. I DID NOT expect to see her wonderfully thick, black bush. Very exciting. She swims for a bit, Gil Bellows joins her and we see her breasts more as they get it on. Later we get nice side views of her completely nude as she lays down in a Sphinx position, and much later she is topless in bed w/Bellows again. If you like her, THIS is a movie to see.

BiBoySTL was written on November 5, 1999

Full Frontal Mia

As she gets ready to skinnydip with Gil Bellows, Mia takes off all her clothes, and you can see EVERYTHING! I was surprised and PLEASED :)

Mr_Bigglesworth was written on April 18, 1999

Ferris Bueller's former girlfriend getting naked!

There's a few shots here and there in which we get a pretty good look at her breast and behind. However, the film's money scene is in which she strips down and skinny dips. We see her frontally nude breifly, though there's lots of shadow we still get a fairly decent look. She swims around a bit, her nudity mostly distorted by water. Then she is joined by her boyfriend and they start making love in the water. During this, we get many good looks at her breasts.

sirspread was written on June 20, 2005

skinny dipping

we get to see her body while she skinny dips
her breasts are quite small fake and very unappealing
you can make out her bush through the water it appears quite hairy

deleuze was written on February 4, 1999

swimming without clothes

full frontal nudity when taking off clothes

Timecop (1994)
Omni was written on August 8, 2000

One nipple in the dark

As far as nudity goes, this is pretty lame. Mia is hot but shows far more in other films. Also, her nudity here is just one breast in the dark while she does some Van Dammage.

freezeframe was written on September 22, 1999


While make love with Van Damme. A pause at a right frame will show both breasts. They are georgous.

liechti was written on April 16, 2001

Bed scene with Jean-Claude

I don't see why others complain about the darkness... in my copy it was in a good light. Too short, that's true, but Mia's breasts are georgeous!

soulman was written on December 4, 2001

Tit Shot.

While I will agree the Mia is pretty hot and that she has a nice pair of tits, I don't think the scene is THAT dark. You guys should try turning up the brightness control on your TV sets.

liechti was written on December 26, 2006

Topless in bed

topless in bed making love with J.-C. - very nice shots of her breasts, lovely breasts and a very cute actress

Gordon was written on January 12, 2000

dark bedroom scene

Mia and Jean Claude VanDamme go at it in the bedroom. Mia is very attractive with a curvy body and nice breasts. Unfortunately the scene is pretty dark, so you have to look hard to see any clear nudity.

FilmCritic was written on February 28, 2004

Not the best but goooood

The views of her breasts are good but sometimes in shadow or not in great focus. At 11:21, as the camera pans up the left side of her naked body just before it crosses a flame on a candle, you see her left breast as Jean-Claude moves his thumb from her nipple down her breast (8 frames). On the other side of the flame, 11:24 (5 frames), 11:26 (10 frames), and 11:31 (11 frames) the views are unfocus or obstructed by the shadow, so a poor view of her nipple can be seen. The best view of any of her breasts, in this case both breasts up close, is at 11:33-11:35, as the camera pans up to face (her face and breasts are not on-screen at the same time). At 11:38, there are 2 poorly visible frames of her left breast, and at 12:28, her right breast is poorly visible for 2 frames. All, except the 11:33-35, shots are either in shadow or somewhat out of focus and not worth the time. From my understanding, there are movies of better shots of Mia out there.

Ace was written on February 20, 2000

Sex scene

short but well done.Mia Sara is so attractive, beautiful body.

LivingVamp was written on January 8, 1999


Sex scene with Jean Claude Van Damme. Deep in shadows but often shown in the light. Her breasts are small but VERY nice. Scene takes about 2 minutes total.

Caroline at Midnight (1994)
cecil was written on September 3, 2006

2 sex scenes + bathroom

The sex scenes are well described, I'll add times. First sex scene with Clayton Rohner is at about 24 minutes. Then at about 30 minutes she is wearing a bathrobe while being roughed up a bit by Tim Daly. The robe falls open enough to expose one breast for a few seconds. The second sex scene with Clayton Rohner is at about 51 minutes.

Mr_Bigglesworth was written on April 18, 1999

Two topless sex scenes.

We get to see her breasts in two fairly long and very hot sex scenes with Tim Daly ( a ways from Wings territory)

varsitydrag was written on November 29, 2005

two hot sex scenes by Mia Sara

The lovely Miss Sara was amazingly hot in this straight-to-video flick, and it is worth checking out. Both of Mia’s sex scenes are well worth the rental. A reporter- played by Clayton Royner- is investigating the mysterious unsolved death of his old girlfriend Caroline. He meets up with Victoria, an old friend of Caroline and the wife of a vicious gangster……oh, who cares, this movie is your typical modern film noir nonsense. Victoria meets up with the reporter and flashes those gorgeous eyes at him. Then back at her place, they get it on heavy in the bedroom. Some nice shots of Mia’s nice enhanced breasts here. They do it face-to-face, and she enjoys it. Then he goes down on her, and she definitely enjoys it. Her tits shoot straight up. Then he mounts her and her body arches nicely. A nice scene, though the background music was a little much. The second scene is actually hotter, because this time the background music is softer. The two talk on the telephone and even though he initially resists, she manipulates his thought process to want her one more time. He’s in bed already, and she comes to him with just a white bathrobe on- maybe right out of a hot shower. She looks great, and he pulls the covers aside so she can join him. She climbs on top him- giving him that “let’s do it now” look with her bedroom eyes. He gladly slides the white robe down her fine back and samples her extra fine rack. We get some nice looks at that rack as well. She enjoys this immensely, and goes for more deep kissing. Sensing this moment, he forces her over and mounts her with great determination. She digs her fingernails into the small of his back, as he positions himself. She purrs in approval. Then he pins her arms down with force and does her right. His moves impress her and she gives him some extra long kissing. A hot, hot scene with some nice shots of Mia’s bod. I read later that the two were dating seriously in real life at the time- which probably explains the realism of these scenes.

btown was written on August 11, 2002

its sloan darling naked. enough said

two good seens of our 80's dream girl with her top off

Blindsided (1993)
Immy was written on February 10, 2011

Brief right breast (0:17)

Crook Jeff Fahey is in a Mexican resort recovering from a gunshot wound when he meets Mia and they waste no time in hitting the sack. Despite the PG-13 rating, we get a quick look at her right boob as she rolls over onto her back underneath him.

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