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Maria Schneider's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
1995 Stille nacht 1 Review
1981 Merry-Go-Round 0 Reviews
1979 Woman Like Eve, A 0 Reviews
1979 Memoirs Of A French Whore 1 Review
1975 Professione: reporter 1 Review
1972 Last Tango in Paris 16 Reviews

nudity reviews for Maria Schneider member submitted

Stille nacht (1995)
thefaceman32 was written on October 20, 2003

Penetration - Mastubation

At first I thought this was Maria Schrader... but it was not even close

00:03:00 Still photo of her breasts and bush as she stands at a window, smoking. It's part of the opening credits slide-show.

00:03:00 DVD Special Feature: Cleavage and a bit of bush through her casually opened robe in this behind-the-scenes segment. Brief and subtle but sexy!

00:21:00 Walking and talking on the telephone as she doffs her top. She shows quick tittables, followed by a better view as she relaxes in a bubble bath.

00:34:00 Dig her hard nips and fluffy short-hairs during this long, unfortunately dim sex scene. Maria's man oils her nude body while he's wearing a gas mask and then they 69 as she talks on the phone. Kinky!

00:40:00 Standing in her apartment, smoking, clad in an open gold jacket that showcases her plush pubic mound.

00:43:00 Tits and bush as she angrily dons panties in front of her closet.

00:46:00 Very brief breasts in slides projected against the wall that a guy steps in front of.

Merry-Go-Round (1981)
Woman Like Eve, A (1979)
Memoirs Of A French Whore (1979)
Condor was written on May 21, 1999

full frontal

Maria got a very small part in this french filmshe is totaly naked getting into bed with Miou miou too have sex with a guy.she looks good breasts bush ass and all

Professione: reporter (1975)
shizmatic was written on November 18, 2010

strategic nudity

She lays in bed with Jack Nicholson, you can see she's fully nude, but nothing else.

Last Tango in Paris (1972)
Bevan was written on October 27, 1999

What movie did YOU see?

Look, if Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz or Sarah Michelle Gellar got this naked this extensively,the only reason why reviewers wouldn't be giving this five stars is that their fingers would be toocramped from the masturbating. Goodness knows no Hollywood picture in this day and age --not the nakedest thing the Shannon Whirrys or Joan Severances of the world have ever done --would possibly show this much constant full-frontal nudity. Whoof.

Condor was written on May 21, 1999

Lots of nudity

good nudityMaria is naked a lot but the best nudity is in the bath scene where she is comletly naked talking with Brando u can see her breasts and great bush then Brando starts to wash her bush pretty steamy stuff.onw more nice scene is in the begging when she rolls over and her dress is rolled up so u can see her ass and bush. it is very brief but she looks there better because she has a classic hair stile

FilmCritic was written on March 24, 2005

Lots of great nudity

16:13 (5sec), after some sex, she shows lower frontal nudity and rolls over to quickly show her butt twice. 45:04 (12frames) displays right breast while throwing pillow. 45:10 (3sec) blurry distant view of left breast as she sits down. 45:39 (12frames) blurry distant view of breasts as she stands up. 45:49 (1sec) distant view of breasts. 54:23 (10sec), 54:36 (25frames), and 54:37 (1sec) close side view of left breast as she lays on her side. 55:00 (11sec) (first good view) left breast, then right, then both as she turns onto her back, followed by a quick turn onto her stomach. 55:39 (5sec), 55:46 (5sec), 55:55 (4sec) and 56:07 (1sec) both breasts as she's sitting up. 56:50 (3sec) left breast before she lays face down on the bed and masterbates. 58:02 (3sec) she double rolls off the bed, topless. 1:01:55 side view of right breast (no nipple) until 1:02:03 (17frames). 1:02:07 (21sec) blurry distant view of right breast but as camera comes in closer, the right breast is blocked while the blurry image of her left breast and then both breasts can be seen in the mirror. 1:03:50 (4sec) closeup of left breast in bathroom. 1:05:09 (8sec) side rear view of right breast. 1:05:17 (20sec) she turns, displaying lower frontal nudity and covers her breasts. 1:05:37 (6sec) Marlon Brando picks her up over his shoulder and spins her around, first displaying her breasts and then her butt (it appears to me the second time you see her butt, you can part of her vagina), followed by her left breast as he puts her back down. 1:05:44 (15sec) left breast is occasionally seen as Marlon jumps up and down in front of her, followed by full frontal nudity as she sits up on the sink. 1:28:06 (1sec) she lifts up her dress to show lower frontal nudity. 1:31:12 (46sec) Marlon bathes her, so you see one or both breasts occasionally at first. 1:32:31 (28sec) she stands up in the tub, so her butt and back side of right breast can be seen and then turns around so her breasts and full frontal nudity is visible, and then turns around so her butt and the back of her left breast is shown, while Marlon continues bathing her. 1:33:15 (10frames) and 1:33:18 (11frames) she gets out of the tub and as she's drying off, a quick glimpse of lower frontal nudity is shown. 1:33:31 (2sec) she stops drying herself off and wraps the towel around her, displaying her breasts in shadow. 1:33:48 (7sec) with the towel around her, she turns around, showing lower frontal nudity and at the last second, her left breast. 1:34:18 (10sec) and 1:34:39 (4sec) lower frontal nudity. I give four stars because of the performance and quantity of good nudity (other lesser known actresses may give more nudity but not at the same calibre). Otherwise, I save 4 stars for special actresses who mean a lot to me.

dav345 was written on August 29, 2003

full frontal and rear nudity

This girl is very pretty and looks young; she could pass for 16. She first shows her jungle of dark, thick pubic hair after shaving at a sink. She turns around and stands with her hands over her breasts, with her large bush on full display in good lighting for a long while. Later, in an elevator, she lifts her dress to briefly show that thick dark bush again. Finally, she is taking a bath and stands up to let Brando wash her. First, you see her nice ass for a good while in good lighting while Brando washes her back, then she turns around to show that bush again (honestly, you will never in your life see a bush hairier than this one - this is a Greek bush, for sure). She gets out of the tub and puts a red towel around her breasts but leaves her bush on full display while she talks to Brando for 5 minutes or so. If you like thick, dark bushes attached to young looking, pretty girls, then this is definitely the movie for YOU!

verydrunkguy was written on March 27, 2008


Must be the hairyest woman ever,best bush ever, so HOT!!!

robertcun was written on July 28, 2000

Maria Schneider in whole film

A true icon of the 70's not Brando, but the beautiful and sexy Maria Schneider,great smile,fantastic body and inventor of that great hairstyle of the seventies.Its worth watching this film for Maria alone.Wonder what shes doing now, don't really want to know, prefer to remember this babe in " Last Tango in Paris (1972)".

cyberflea was written on October 30, 2004

Bathroom scenes

Maria Schneider's best nude scenes are both in the bathroom. The first she is totally naked looking at herself in the mirror and Brando comes in to shave. Maria has her back to the camera and you see her fine ass. She then turns around with her hands crossed and with an angry look on her face. She is completely naked facing the camera for at least a minute or so. Maria Schneider displays her huge patch of very thick pubic hair. Brando then picks her up over his shoulders and twirls her around and the scene ends. The next scene Maria is in a tub and Brando is srubbing her down. Maria stands up with her back to the camera. Another good butt shot. Brando continues to wash her and then she turns around to face the camera. This scene is a little closer than the other but a bit more brief in duration. Once again we get to see Maria's fantastic thick patch of pubic hair, this time wet which makes her patch look even bigger. She gets out of the tub wrapped in a towel half nude and the scene ends as she is arguing with Brando. There is another brief scene where she is in an elevator with Brando and she lifts up her skirt and shows Brando her huge bush, the scene is a bit dark though and quick. All in all the movie is boring. The only reason to see it in my opinion is to see Maria Schneider naked. If you like women who do not shave their pubic hair then you will love Maria Schneider's huge thick black bush.

BushLeague was written on September 10, 2002

Lots and Lots of tid bits through entire movie

She has a really cute face--she almost looks better with just her face showing, than nude, but almost! Her body could use some aerobics, but it had not been invented yet, so I can only imagine. I will type as fast as I can! Really nice leg lift up scene in telephone booth, only outline of ass. Rolls over on floor at apt. giving quick leg and bush shot. "Show nothing", bare hint of breasts and legs while "meditating" with brando on floor. Brief topless boobage squatting behind Brando. Left tit with arm raised while lying back and talking with Brando. Rolls over to reveal right tit. Topless in jeans and then nude going to wash room--bares glimpse of ass crack. Stands with hands over tits while showing thick uncombed, untrimmed bush. Brando picks her up on his shoulder and swings her around and you get full ass and leg shot (pussy lips don't peek through--but suggestive hole). Topless again sitting on sink showing slightly hanging boobies and bush. Lifts skirt to show bush. Marlon gives her a bath! She stands up in tub and shows front and back with tits and bush. Marlon knows how to clean and washes tits, bush, and ass (shown)--unfortunately, not between legs. She stands with towel wrapped around shoulders with no tits visible, but hairpie clearly visible. All scenes are fairly well lit! It does not get too much better than this in the mainstream! All of this is interrupted by some very long conversations, so be at the ready with the fast forward or edit out the boring dialog.

swieez was written on February 28, 2004

yellow shirt

When Maria is tanding in just her yellow shirt, that is very erotic. To see her lovely thick, black bush makes one's heart skip a beat (Maybe not everyone's, but mine did). What a georgeous woman. Her body is great. The movie was rated X, if I am not mistaken! I don't see why. I like the fact that a woman of the 70s showed us how a beaver looked back in the day; not trimmed, bald or cut into shapes and designs!

sirspread was written on March 23, 2004

breasts and bush

definatley 4 stars
most of its been said before but she really has a great body.
the breasts are good but that is one hairy bush there is lots of nudity at least 10 scenes i would guess

bmantz65 was written on May 10, 2002

Various great scenes

A wonderful Maria displays her full, large, and ample breasts and her excellent, thick bush several times in this movie. Being a good bush and breast man, this is a classic movie for me.

Peter Perves was written on February 17, 1999


Apart from the infamous butter scene (where you dont see much) Maria shows us exactly what she has got from top to toe. In an extended bathroom scene she stands naked facing the camera, and later stands up in the bath and lets Brando soap her down. Nice views of hervery hairy twat.

georgelloyd1 was written on July 4, 2013

Anal scene

Quote: "That scene wasn't in the original script. The truth is it was Marlon Brando who came up with the idea. They only told me about it before we had to film the scene and I was so angry. I should have called my agent or had my lawyer come to the set because you can't force someone to do something that isn't in the script, but at the time, I didn't know that. Marlon Brando said to me: 'Maria, don't worry, it's just a movie,' but during the scene, even though what Marlon was doing wasn't real, I was crying real tears. I felt humiliated and to be honest, I felt a little raped, both by Marlon and by Bernardo Bertolucci. After the scene, Marlon didn't console me or apologise. Thankfully, there was just one take."

She died from cancer in 2011, aged 58.

nudity_elitist was written on July 16, 2002


Maria's performance is difficult to describe given the fact that the sheer amount of nudity is overwhelming. I can't remember an angle I DIDN'T see her from. She is fairly nice looking overall and all this adds up to **1/2.

heyoyey was written on August 21, 1999


This movie has a good bit of nudity in it. But I didn't thnk any of it was erotic or anything like that. No good sex scenes or anything.

NaturalBushLover was written on September 30, 2005

Lovely Maria but nothing else worth mentioning!

I can give credit for this movie just because maria is there! there is no plot, no excessive nudity, nothing special regarding the script also! well in brief, i'm writing this review just to give credit to the lovely maria, now let's go to details. 2 scenes only are worth mentioning, the first one is when maria is speaking to Paul (Brando) while he is shaving in the bathroom, you can clearly see her breast and her bush for a short period of time. the second scene is while taking the shower with Brando, you can see her lovely tits as well as her thick untrimmed lovely bush for a while. No other scene are worth mentioning! This movie should not be rated as NC-17 or UR since there's nothing special in terms of nudity even compared to erotic movies released in the 70's. I gave 2 stars only for the appearence of Maria.

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