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Liv Tyler's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2011 Ledge, The 0 Reviews
2002 Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, The 1 Review
2001 One Night at McCool's 2 Reviews
1996 Stealing Beauty 25 Reviews
1995 Empire Records 3 Reviews

nudity reviews for Liv Tyler member submitted

Ledge, The (2011)
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, The (2002)
mcjw2011 was written on March 20, 2003

Left nipple bulge

Unlike Natalie Portman in "Star Wars Episode II," Liv is wearing no sheer dresses or a breast popup. In the scene where Aragorn has a delusion about being kissed by Arwen (Liv Tyler). He dreams that he goes up and talks to her in Elvish and in English. As the scene begins, the camera pans over Liv (she's wearing a lavender-colored dress), you make out a bulge of her left nipple through the dress she's wearing (no outline of nipple, nothing). Don't go here expecting tit exposure from Liv... the movie is worth seeing is because it's a great one. I added this in case the DVD comes out and we do get a tit shot through a dress... though I highly doubt it.

One Night at McCool's (2001)
chazpanther was written on December 8, 2002

Sex in bed

Liv Tyler and Matt Dillon are having sex at about the 12 min. mark in the movie. There is a quick glimpse of the top of her butt and just a small amount of the crack in it.

saskabush2000 was written on February 29, 2004

Get the freeze-frame ready

The sex scene between Liv and Matt Dillon is extremely hot, though there isn't a lot of nudity to be seen, except...

If you watch the DVD with your trigger finger on the pause button, you can just catch a glimpse of Liv's butt as Matt does her from behind. Obviously a more R-rated version of the scene existed, since I can't see them going to this level of explicitness for a fraction of a second of film.

Stealing Beauty (1996)
Bevan was written on September 16, 2002

Great in vidcaps, but ...

Granted, Liv is a total, mega babe, and I would do her even if I was told I would be shot for it the next day, but her exposure in this flick is more a matter of vidcappers taking on single frames than any significant exposure in her two "nude" scenes (the vaunted vagina flash is little more than a couple frames). Even for it being Liv Tyler, I can't in honor give this more than one star.

lattara was written on January 19, 2001

Boobs, Bum and maybe more

First off it has to be said that Liv looks incredible in this movie even when dressed (mainly in flouncy skirts that show off her long legs and, occasionally, the panties underneath). As well as a striking face she's got a catwalk model figure so the two scenes we get featuring her breasts (both in medium to long shot, one in the bath, one while being sketched in the open air) show them to be unsurprisingly small but with large rosy nipples. You also get an additional brief flash of one nipple during the naturalistic sex scene near the end of the movie when it slips out of her bra. The reviewers who suggest you get to see Liv's muff are probably seeing what they wish to see. Even on frame by frame you can't be sure what's there as there's always a shadow or a leg in the way. You do, however, definitely see Liv's buttocks and there's NO possibility of it being a body double as her face is visible in some of the shots (at least in the widescreen version - 4:3 ratio versions may have cut this off). In any case, I'd recognise those coltish legs anywhere :-)

guy100 was written on October 9, 1999

Nice Scenes

Liv Tyler is hot in this movie. I'd give it 4 stars if I knew it was really her in the last scene where they showed her vagina. There were a few good scenes showing her breasts where she is posing.

lattara was written on January 19, 2001

Boobs, Bum and maybe more

Liv looks incredible in this movie even when dressed as she flounces around in swinging skirts that show off her long legs and, occasionally the panties underneath. To add to her striking face she has a catwalk model's figure and her breasts, in the two scenes when we get a decent look at them (both in medium and long shots, one - very brief - in the bath and one - longer - being sketched in the open air) are correspondingly small (though with large rosy nipples). We also get a brief flash of one nipple during the naturalistic sex scene at the end of the movie. This is in the missionary position and filmed from a low angle so we definitely spot Liv's buttocks several times when her partner removes her panties and when they are making love. Even on frame by frame it's difficult to say there is a definite sighting of anything more intimate as there is always a shadow or a leg in the way. However, there is definitely no body double used as you can see Liv's face in the same shot as at least one of the shots that reveals her behind (and possibly more?). This is in widescreen - her face might have been chopped off in 4:3 format videos. All the same, I'd recognise those coltish legs :-)

unknown was written on November 7, 1998


her nude scenes weren't that good. It seemed that everyone else in movie showed full frontal nudity. You see one breast at a time, one during a bath scene and the other when she was posing for a portrait drawing. There was a sex scene at the end that shows her breast and a quick flash of her vagina although it didn't show her face so it could be a body double.

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on June 26, 2003

One tit

2 stars cause its liv tyler she is sitting by a tree and this dude paints her. her tit isnt firm at all looks a little droopy actually but its liv tyler who cares

BushLeague was written on September 7, 2002

3 Nudes + upskirt shots

We see both breasts above soapy water briefly while bathing. Exposes left breast for a long period of time while posing for a sketch artist. Boyfriend pulls down dress top to reveal left breast during love scene and hikes up her skirt and then pulls down her panties to reveal her vaginal opening very well lit, but very brief. Slo-mo also reveals several upskirt shots and hike ups revealing her white undies. She also does an extended bend over in a shirt to reveal legs and pantied butt.

LuvJuggs was written on April 4, 2004

The Painting Model Scene

In this scene all you get to see is one of her breast but that one breast is very nice.

CrazyKing was written on December 28, 2002

Not very good

Liv is posing for a painting and her left tit is clearly visible for a decent amount of time. It's not a very sexy scene but it could have been a lot better, had she shown both of her tits.

umathurmanfan2 was written on February 27, 2005

Good, but not great

A small concession must be made about Liv’s nudity, as it is the only time she’s undressed in her career. I therefore have given it a higher rating than if it were some other actress.

The first scene is a quick glimpse of her right breast as she leans out of the bath. The second (and best) is when an artist is drawing her. She pulls down the left strap of her dress and the camera slowly pulls out, revealing her left breast. This scene is particularly erotic, as it builds up the tension before finally revealing Liv’s beautiful breast. The third scene is a very hot sex scene, but the lighting is that of a campfire and you only get quick glimpses, but still worth watching.

This would be good nudity if it where any other actress, but with Liv I'll make a concession.

movieguy21 was written on May 25, 2002

Liv Tyler in Stealing Beauty

You get to see Liv's breats a few times at various spots in the movie. Once in the bathtub, and once under a tree, maybe more. The more significant nudity comes at the end of the movie during the love scene, this is when you catch a glimpse of Liv's vagina. When her partner is taking off her underwear there is a brief flash of her vagina. Since I think this was a mistake, I don't think there is a body double. Get the DVD for a good look.

mr_titmouse was written on April 11, 2004

Arwen shows her boobies

There's only two scenes worth noting in this snorefest of a movie. One is when young Liv is sitting by a tree getting painted and she drops one of her dress straps to show us her medium-sized slightly saggy boobie with nice big pink plump areola. You see it jiggle a bit when she laughs. This scene is brief but makes me hard everytime.

Then there's another scene where she's bathing and she lifts her arm to get something and we get a good shot of the same boobie and her arm pit. *DROOL*

The sex scene at the end is too dark to be any good.

soulman was written on May 20, 2002

Not That Great.

This has to be one of the most overpraised nude apppearance on this site. 3 tit (singular) shots and a pussy flash. And to add insult to injury I had to sit through this boring piece of crap to get there. Now I don't have anything against Tyler, I think she's a honey, but her nude scenes in this film are not that great.

Gordon was written on January 13, 2000

Posing, bathing, sex

Liv briefly exposes her breasts in scenes where she's posing for a painting and bathing, but they aren't real good. There is a fairly graphic sex scene, but there's no nudity in it. Still it's fun to see her face and hear her scream as the guy goes at her.

BOD was written on October 5, 1999

good nude scene though i doubt it was her!!!

During the sex scene wherein she was having sex, u see a quick flash of a vagina but I doubt it was hers. In the movie, there a lot of frontal nudity though i can't recall the names of the actreses so i can't add their names. What the heck, the movie is full of nude scenes, that's whats important!!!

Bootydaddy was written on April 7, 2002

pretty much everything

You get to see Liv's nice rack when she is posing, then like 5 minutes before the movie ends you can see some pussy when her panties are coming down while getting ready to have sex. I was shocked when I saw this, but hey I am not complaining. Very nice.

scanman was written on July 1, 2001

Liv has three nudescenes.... but very short ones.

If you want to see Liv naked, go fast forward to about 45 minutes into the movie. First scene: Liv is in the bathtub and when she's reaching out for something we see her right breast for 1 second. Second scene: Liv is posing for a painter and we see her sitting against a tree with her right breast exposed. Total about 10 seconds. Scene three: Liv is making love for the first time at the end of the movie. We see a glimpse of her left nipple... and when the guy is removing her panties, there might be a shot of her pussy... but I saw something white, so it might still have been covered with something to prevent explicit shots. So all in all a left breast, a right breast ... and a glimpse of a nipple.. That's probably it.

Warlokc was written on March 13, 2002

Vagina or no vagina?

OK, this movie is out on DVD now, and I have a progressive scan and a 61 inch HDTV. My opinion is that there IS vagina visible in several frames. Unintended, I am sure, but there it is nonetheless, and all Liv. If more people knew about this, this movie would be rented more often than Basic Instinct. The question now isn't whether or not you can see her vagina, but whether or not you can see her anus. If that little spot I'm seeing in one frame is what I think it is, Liv should receive some sort of an award for the first actress to show that particular body part in a mainstream movie. Anyway, get the DVD, and happy scanning.

Darkseid was written on March 8, 2006


Liv Tyler shows her big boobs a couple of times in this movie, but they're only shown once at a time in quick shots. There's also a possible glimpse of her vagina later in the film as she's having sex with a dude

eaglefish69 was written on May 24, 2001

liv tyler nice

you see every thing at one point or another. in the bathtub you see her right breast. then in the sketching scene you see her left breast. both for a fair amount of time but the sketching scene out side is much longer. then in the sex scene there is quick flash of one of her breast but the thing to look for here is quick look at her vagina not her bush but her vagina. it is very quick if you blink you'll miss it and a tad dark but it is still very recognizeable as a vagina. i don't think this shot was intended and i didn't notice it the first time round but it is there. hence the four star rating.

bushtucker was written on July 16, 2006

Posing scene

Liv is simply delicious here, so so beautiful, so so beautiful breasts. Would have been nice to see more of her body.

TimeLord was written on January 31, 2000

Liv Tyler

Liv's rather nice breasts make a couple of appearances throughout the movie. Towards the end there is a flash of vagina. I don't buy the stunt double line. It is fairly rare for a vagina to be shown. A reasonable offering from a young known mainstream actress.

thefaceman32 was written on September 29, 2003

Masturbation (thru panties) - Gyno possible too

OK almost every reviewer has debated the "vagina exposure" issue (IMHO - I think it was a patch)
but the most shocking scene seems to been over looked the guy seems to be running his finger through her cameltoe (on the outside of her panties though) - A very sensual scene though either way

The posing scene is quite erotic too, given her laughing during the scene is just outstanding

Senator was written on February 7, 2002

What can I say?

I have loved her since her music video days... I was just looking for more!

hornyhornyhorny was written on August 8, 2008


in the sex scene liv shows us her hot cunt lips.

Empire Records (1995)
dirtydanny was written on October 16, 1999

Strips down to underwear for Rex Manning

Liv Tyler is a babe. If she was a president, she would be Baberaham Lincon. She wants to lose her virginity to Rex Manning, the ageing pop star in this pretty good film, so she strips down to her underwear for him. he responds by unzipping his fly and saying something like 'OK, but make it quick.' This puts her off and she quickly dresses and runs off. DO NOT BUY THIS MOVIE FOR IT'S NUDITY

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on June 29, 2003

very exotic

very good scene but a tease where liv tyler is sitting in a room throws on some music and strips for this guy name rex.She touches her self and strips down to a red bra and white panties.basically just a big tease

TheWayOutIsThrough was written on August 16, 2000

Touching through clothes

This is a great great scene. First Liv is setting up a romantic dinner and touching herself through her clothes (Hot!) and then she strips down to her bra and panties for a rock star.

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