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year title
2013 Wolf of Wall Street, The 1 Review
2004 Aviator, The 4 Reviews
2000 Beach, The 0 Reviews
1996 Romeo + Juliet 2 Reviews
1995 Total Eclipse 21 Reviews
1995 Basketball Diaries, The 11 Reviews

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Wolf of Wall Street, The (2013)
Ghostwords was written on January 22, 2014

Wolf shows tail

DiCaprio's butt makes several appearances in this movie, including his first sexual encounter with Margot Robbie, a lengthy post-orgy scene in a Las Vegas hotel room and another scene with Ms Robbie which shows him from his right side. In compensation, he does get to fondle quite a few naked women (including giving one hotel hooker's breast a good squeeze as she sleeps).

Aviator, The (2004)
JackieGurl was written on February 7, 2005


he shows his ass while yelling at alec baldwin on the other side of the door!

Immy was written on December 28, 2004

Butt and almost frontal

Leo, as Howard Hughes, introduces us to the beginnings of the magnate's desire for a sterile, germ-free existence in self-imposed isolation. Into the film's 2nd hour Leo is naked as he prowls around his residence. There are a few butt shots, including what looks like a brief pubic hair flash as he gets up from a chair and throws something against the wall. Not bad, but he has some bad burn scars and he looks kinda scrawny.

tushlover was written on February 1, 2007

Leo shows his ass [twice]

Both scenes are while he is arguing with a guy who is outside his hotel room. All I can say is Leo has a great ass, but in this movie and these shots you better have great slow motion or stop action on your DVD player or VCR. Each shot lasts less than one second.

Fiona was written on December 29, 2004

Naked Leonardo

By now we all know Leonardo is comfortable being naked. He has done it several times in front of film crews (What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Eclipse and the Aviator). I read on one website a quote from a cameraman who commented on how confident Leonardo was with nudity. He also commented on Leonardo's lack of size. Normally we would not listen to such comments because they cannot be verified. But Leonardo does indeed have quite a small penis when not erect.... and who knows when erect?
In this film, the Aviator, we are teased. He is indeed stark naked but we cannot make anything out. Yes, we can see his behind. But his penis is not clear. If you ever see the movie you will probably agree it is because the shot is too far away. But Leo's lack of size also contributes. It does not dangle at all and therefore his leg obscures it in the scene from this film.

Beach, The (2000)
Romeo + Juliet (1996)
emcee26 was written on October 17, 1998


After sleeping with Claire Danes, Leo gets up from the bed and a hurryand through his boxers, we see his leftball. It's really hard to catch so use the pause or slo-mo button.

JRok was written on September 25, 1999

Part of his genitals

This isn't really nudity, but when hot Leo wakes up after in bed with Claire Danes, he is naked with a blanket covering his waist down. then simultaneously, he bends down and picks up his boxers, removes the blanket, and quickly pulls up his boxers. playing this on slo-mo, you can catch what i think to be his penis (rather small), or part of his balls.

Total Eclipse (1995)
[email protected] was written on March 14, 1998

DiCaprio, as Rimbaud, is hanging out a window tossing his clothes to the street below

Okay kiddies, This is the deal. As a dedicated DiCaprio butt watcher, I would have to give this scene major butts....er,ummm...thumbs up! If ya look real closely, you're also rewarded with more revealing shots...ummmm. That in itself is worth watching the movie BUT I warn you. This movie is not for you if you can't handle seeing the great DiCaprio with a guy...and I do mean, WITH a guy. However, if you can deal with this or this is your private little fantasy concerning Leo...GO FOR IT!! As always, any scene involving Leonardo DiCaprio rates 4 stars!

Fernanda was written on May 31, 1998

He's in the roof, doing a kind of strip to his lover, Paul Verlaine

Here, Leos'butt is a little bit better than in Titanic: We can see something!!

Bukater2 was written on June 2, 1998

a strip tease

excellent butt for america's heartthrob

Chris was written on September 17, 1998

Up on the roof

It must have been real cold up on that roof.

Guiseppe was written on August 18, 2007

Leonardo's small dick and cute ass

Leonardo is very young in this film...basically still in his Growing Pain stages. But, with Total Eclipse, he basically broke out of that mold of teenage TV star and entered adult-themed roles. We get three nude scenes from post-pubescent DiCaprio. The first is a dissapointing one. Leonardo jumps onto the rood of a hotel building in the stark nude and begins dispensing his clothes over the sides of the building. He then reaches his last cloth, which covers his penis, and throws it. We then see a fleeting image of....hahah...a very small penis. It must have been bitter cold because not only can we only see his small balls, but the tip of his penis seems to be lodged in there. Afterwards, the camera cuts to his backside which is somewhat ovalish and reminiscent of a young Gerard Depardieu ass. The second sex scene is miniscule. We see Leonardo from the side, lying nude on a bed with his butt facing the camera. Then comes the third and best nude scene. Leonardo falls out of bed completely clotheless and lands on his stomach. An arial shot gives us a full-on sideways view of his cute, flat ass with his small dick and rosy balls awkardly pressed to the ground between his legs. Some nice scenes, but dissapointing.

sandman was written on September 28, 1998

Butt and Mr Happy

I have given this 2 stars only even though you see Leos penis. He is stripping on a roof and you can see his penis and butt. The penis shot is blurry but still quite visible. It is how you say...Petito. You also see his butt when he is lying face down on a floor. If you look closely, you can see the head of his penis and his balls squashed on the floor between his legs.

Jenny6 was written on October 2, 1998

Roof Scene

Leo shows it all here. He has a very small penis but it doesn't matter. He is still hot in this scene.

Bubblez was written on December 1, 2000

Nice long rear and a frontal shot

We get to see his hairless shaped butt when he is outside. And a short Penis shot. Nice cock, even if it is not as big as Ewan McGreogor's!

riccardoaffamato was written on January 10, 2005


I dunno what you get on dvd but the print i saw in europe showed us his little penis and it was really sweet

Agent09 was written on December 5, 1999

Balcony & On Floor Scene

Again, Leo is bigger than you think.1) I don't know what is going on with this scene. His butt is GREAT. His body is great in this movie; not too skinny, not too buff. Anyway, I can't make anything out as far as a penis goes in this 1st scene. It wouldn't surprise me if he was wearing something to cover himself because he hung too low!2)Near the end, when he's lying on the floor, You can clearly see his whole package. I don't see how you can say it's small. For being not excited he's hanging pretty low really. I bet he's above average for sure.* See my B-Ball Diaries review.

BKW was written on January 15, 2002

Oh! My Stars! I've seen Leo's Penis!

I can't believe it! It's TRUE, especially on DVD. You can see Leo's winkie! The shot moves pretty fast, but frame by frame you can reveal one of the tiniest little peckers in Hollywood. Gosh, it's cute. I'm floored. Was it cold? Was he nervous? It's just a cute little bump is all. I want to kiss it and pat its little head. If it does indeed get bigger, it would behoove him to do another movie where it could be properly displayed and vindicated. Frankly, though, I think it's the most adorable penis I've ever seen. Thank you! Thank you, Leo.

mcjw2011 was written on March 17, 2003

Frontally nude from rooftop

*** stars. In the excitement of seeing Romane Bohringer nude, I watched the movie again and had totally forgot about the other scenes. In the beginning of the movie, when David Thewlis is leaving, Leo strips down and throws his clothes off from the rooftop while people are gazing in disbelief. As he's laughing, you get a brief view of his small, umimpressive dick and a nice view of his tight ass from the back, from a window shot. There's a scene near the end of the film and Leo is laying nude on the floor (the camera pans over him) and his squeezable ass is seen for a few seconds before his sister helps him up. After seeing the rooftop scene, I can understand why Leo was so embarrassed about doing nude scenes... his dick is small. He has a nice butt though.

JayP was written on August 28, 2002


If you want Leo nude this is it. You aint gonna get this again in the future so make the most of it. He was slim and in shape...great smooth butt and glimpses of cock. People say it is small in the scene but they dont understand.....the penis does not start from just in between your legs so it is probably more concealed than exposes. I bet it is alright size.

tushlover was written on May 24, 2006

There were two nude scenes for Leo's character

In the first one, as he drunkenly stands on a balcony and throws his clothes down to the street below, it is clearly Leo. The clarity/ camera focus of the whole nude segment is not the greatest, but it is worthwhile.

The second scene happens near the end of the movie. I'm just not sure whether it is really Leo, or a body double. There are 2 reasons. First, the segment shows a guy whose lower tight leg has been amputated. If that is really Leo, then the film's special effects people and/or editors did a masterful job in using Leo's real body while imposing a view of an amputated lower right leg. The second reason is that Leo.....or the body double....definitely has a smaller, skinnier-appearing butt than the guy who was undoubtedly Leo in the first nude scene.

Whether or not it was Leo, the 2nd scene is DEFINITELY sexy, showing a nice butt as well as balls and penis, while laying on his tummy.

morefrontal was written on September 25, 1999

big celeb shows it all

it was brave for dicaprio to do a film about gay men and also to do sex scenes that show off his butt (beautifully, i might add) and his penis and pubes (dark and from a distance)most importantly though--i think the previous reviewers were unfair to Leo--you can't really tell much about his penis from this scene--and most guys penises aren't judgeable when not erect--lighten up reviewers

Saint was written on June 23, 1999

Penis visible, but from a distance

This is the most explicit scen he's ever done, but it's disappointing in some ways. There are two scenes. The first he is nude throwing clothes out of a window. You see his gorgeous tight hairless ass very clearly, and you can see his penis from a distance. It looks pretty small, but it's nice.....The second scene is him lying down face down nude. You can again see his nice ass, and you can make out his penis through his legs. It is small, but it's still nice

dvddish was written on February 27, 2003

leo's dick

this is the movie that made mor then 87% gay!

D666D was written on March 6, 2006

Full frontal & sex sceen

At the begining of the film we get to see Leo doing a striptease on the roof- we see him full frontal. The scene is dark but you can see him clearly- I'm assuming it was cold out, as his pecker is rather small in this scene.

Half way through we get to see Leo taking it up the butt from David Thewlis.

At the end of the film, Leo is laid face down on teh floor and we get to see his cock and balls between his legs.

Connie was written on August 4, 2001

Leonardo shows it all!!

Leo shows it all in this flick! When he throws his clothes from a window ledge, from a distance pubes are visible, then his penis and balls are visible only for a second, but it can be paused~!!
his behind can also be seen in this scene! Later when Leo has fallen from bed, we see his behind once more, and between his legs, clearly visible are penis and balls!Once again pause it!! His mustasche in this scene is not real becoming! I am a little grossed out by Leo kissing and "doing" this much older and ugly man! If he was really gay, I know he could do alot better! Overall I am satisfied to see so much of this very handsome guy!

babon was written on January 7, 2000

Hairless butt

Shows his hairless butt and pubic hair while hurling clothes from a window

moviestuff was written on August 14, 2003

penis shown in roof top scene

laddies you get see his penis wile standingon a rooftop on star is for that i'm a strait male

Basketball Diaries, The (1995)
Bukater2 was written on June 2, 1998

mooning a ferry boat with friends

excellent butt for america's heartthrob

Agent09 was written on December 5, 1999

mooning scene & cliff jump

Many miss this; Leo is pretty big.1) Right before & as they moon the boat, look at the shadow in Leos boxers. It's when they are close-up & showing him from the front/side. You can see a shadow of him hanging & swaying. Look close. 2)As Leo jumps off the cliff, go Slo-Mo - watch HIS Left. You see a buldge/crease develop hanging diagonaly to HIS left. Looking at the screen, it points S/E. I think Leo is bigger than most think. (See my Total Eclipse review also)

mikey2 was written on December 25, 2000

famous mooning scene and..........

Later on in the film, when he is being arrested you can seen the top of his butt. As he is being pushed into the car by the cops, his trousers slip down a bit and you can see a bit of his crack. You might need slowplay though. There's also the famous mooning scene with Wahlberg, Magaw and Madio.

JayP was written on August 28, 2002


Nice butt. Better stuff in Total Eclipse

tushlover was written on June 2, 2008

mooning scene

Leo is one of 4 guys in the scene who moon a riverboat from a hill overlooking the river. I am reviewing only Leo, because I don't think any of the other guys are all that attractive. Wahlburg [sp?] once was when he was much younger.

There is a great and somewhat lengthy view of Leo's ass. The only complaint is that the camera is VERY far away. I closer up view would have really have been even better, but this scene still gets 3 stars from me.

dvddish was written on February 27, 2003

nice ass leo!!

a well decerved four star ass!

D666D was written on March 6, 2006

Mooning & Masturbation

At the begining of the film we get to watch Leo jacking off under the stars on the roof of his apartment block- although we dont get to see anything onscreen, its a hot little scene. Later in the film, we get to see his smooth ass as he and the other guys moon the passing ferry and then jump from the cliff into the water below.

moviestuff was written on August 13, 2003

nice ass

you see his nice ass wile he moons with other guys

[email protected] was written on January 20, 1998

The four boys moon a sightseeing boat in Manhatten

Leonardo DiCaprio is by far the sexiest actor I have ever seen....getting to see his butt was just an added bonus, a very enjoyable bonus, I might add...I never really understood why people liked mooning strangers....Well, after being on the recieving end of it, I don't care why...Just show me the BUTT!!! Not too mention, in this scene, we also get to see Mark Wahlberg's butt!! A must see!! Definatly a thumbs up!!

Karen was written on May 11, 1998

Leonardo (JIMMY) and his friends are all mooning a ferry

Leonardo has a nice ass!!!

Christina was written on May 21, 1998

Hot and Steamy

An excellent movie for parties and sleepovers

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