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Laura Gemser's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
1990 Metamorphosis 1 Review
1987 Top Model 1 Review
1983 Women's Prison Massacre 1 Review
1983 Endgame - Bronx lotta finale 1 Review
1983 Emanuelle the Queen 2 Reviews
1983 Belva dalle calda pelle, La 1 Review
1982 Caligula: The Untold Story 1 Review
1981 The Bushido Blade 1 Review
1981 Murder Syndrome 1 Review
1980 Porno Esotic Love 1 Review
1980 Erotic Nights of the Living Dead 1 Review
1980 Emmanuelle on Taboo Island 1 Review
1980 Emanuelle: Queen of Sados 2 Reviews
1978 Via della prostituzione, La 1 Review
1978 Emanuelle In the Country 1 Review
1977 Love Camp 0 Reviews
1977 Emanuelle in America 1 Review
1977 Emanuelle e gli ultimi cannibali 1 Review
1977 Emanuelle Around the World akaPerche Violenza Alle Donne 0 Reviews
1976 Velutto nero 1 Review
1976 Emmanuelle in Bangkok 5 Reviews
1975 Emmanuelle II 3 Reviews

nudity reviews for Laura Gemser member submitted

Metamorphosis (1990)
Immy was written on January 23, 2011


Genetic scientist Gene LeBrock injects himself with an experimental serum and has violent flashbacks of roughing up hooker Laura. Very brief left boob when he grabs and rips her shirt (0:34) then a few minutes later she's topless in panties still getting manhandled (0:37, shown again at 0:43).

Top Model (1987)
Immy was written on November 1, 2005

Left breast (0:44)

Softcore legend Laura is starting to show her age here, playing the madam to some high class call girls. She and Jessica Moore have appointments with some cowboy customers. Laura is playfully riding the bucking back of one of them when she falls off and the tiny strap of her nightie breaks, briefly exposing her right boob.

Women's Prison Massacre (1983)
rounder was written on May 1, 2005

breast during fight scene

Quick view of her left breast as it pops out of her shirt during a fight scene. Surprisingly her only nudity in this film, although at 33 maybe she figured she was getting a bit old for the constant full-frontal nudity she showed in the mid-70's Emanuelle films.

Endgame - Bronx lotta finale (1983)
Immy was written on April 7, 2012

Rape scene (1:15)

Set in post-Apocalyptic 2025, Laura is captured and tied to a bed in an abandoned building where she's molested and raped by a blue half-man half-fish mutant. He rips open her shirt (nice to see bras are in short supply in the future) and her boobs are briefly seen, though only the left one gets complete exposure. Plus earlier on we see some uncredited topless women among some motorcycle warriors and a girl strung up by her arms with one bare boob exposed.

Emanuelle the Queen (1983)
slavedriver was written on May 4, 2004

At least there's sex in this one, as opposed to "Emanuelle in America'

Frequent and complete nudity, and some pretty hot sex scenes as well. This film is also called "Emanuelle, Queen of Sados" (uncut, the version I saw) and "Emanuelle's Daughter" (cut version, but I don't know what's been trimmed. Probably Livia's scenes).

12-string was written on March 24, 2001

typical outing for Gemser

In this not-quite Black Emanuelle series pic, Gemser has her evil rich husband killed and inherits his fortune. She starts off in a nude, nipple-mouthing scene with the killer, who takes his fee out in trade; strips incidentally several times, including flashbacks of sexual torment at the hands of her dead husband; and does a long full nude makeout with Gabriele Tinti, as guy she meets and falls for on Cyprus, where most of the story takes place. Except that there is no lesbian sex scene for her this time out, it's a fairly typical Gemser role, and you grow familiar indeed with her skinny, olive-skinned body. True fans will probably rate this at least a star higher than does the 12-stringer.

Belva dalle calda pelle, La (1983)
dumpiedong was written on January 1, 2007

Nude on several occasions

She joins up with a band of mercanries who raped and murdered her sister to get her revenge
Good look's at her Breast's arse and partley trimmed bush

Caligula: The Untold Story (1982)
muckster was written on July 30, 2007

Disappointing and barely even softcore

In this typically tasteless and chaotic D'Amato production Laura plays a handmaiden who becomes a whore in order to infiltrate the palace of Emperor Caligula and avenge the murder of her friend.

The first thing virgin Laura needs to do is ritually deflorate herself. For this she uses an ebony dildo that looks a little on the large side for a first time! Up comes her short tunic revealing her dark hairy pubis, and she places the dildo about an inch from her vagina before lowering her tunic again. The rest of the action takes place under cover. After a few grimaces and cries she tosses the bloodstained dildo aside. Job done.

Next Laura attends blow-job classes along with a group of kidnapped Vestal (ex) Virgins. Most of the other girls are standing around naked and masturbating while watching an explicit demonstration of how it's done, but Laura is half-wearing a skimpy tunic that just about covers the essentials, and she stands motionless while looking on in something approaching horror.

Now it's time for the showpiece orgy sequence, which goes on for nearly half an hour! Despite all that training Laura just stands around in a turquoise dress idly chatting while the explicit sexual depravities take place around her. We see the usual stuff - dwarfs getting blow-jobs, money shots, vomiting, duelling to the death etc. Caligula (David Brandon) spots Laura and invites her to sit beside him on the Imperial Throne. She briefly pops a boob at this point. As the pair look on a horse is brought in and a fat girl explicitly whacks it off while the Emperor pets Laura and whispers sweet nothings in her ear.

The couple retire to the bedroom. Laura disrobes giving a full-sidal, followed by some unrevealing lovemaking in the missionary position. There's another similar lovemaking scene shortly afterwards. These scenes would be quite racy in a mainstream film, but the shortage of flesh exposure will leave Laura fans feeling short-changed.

Overall this effort has some good production design on a low budget and some interesting if historically inaccurate story developments so it is not exactly junk, but just what sort of audience it is designed to appeal to I do not know. Anyway the type of viewer who likes to tick off a checklist of acts of sexual depravity and gruesome violence as they watch will rate it highly.

NB. The version reviewed was uncut and runs to 125 minutes.

The Bushido Blade (1981)
Immy was written on August 2, 2009

Right breast (1:06)

The night before US Navy Captain Frank Converse has to fight a samurai warrior he's allowed a few pleasures and Laura is one of them. She sits before him in a robe and Frank slips it off her shoulders, but he blocks most of the view and all we see is her right boob.

Murder Syndrome (1981)
Immy was written on March 5, 2005

Topless and frontal nude

Laura plays an actress visiting a creepy estate with some friends. In the opening moments of the film however she's strangled in a movie scene she's filming. The guy attacking pulls the top of her dress down exposing her boobs. Then (0:18) more breasts as she's strangled and briefly held under water in a bathtub by an unseen attacker at the estate. Then (0:50) full frontal on back as she gets it on with Silvia Dionisio's boyfriend Michael by a lake. A great panning shot up her nude body is disrupted by a gaping wound in her abdomen. Michael drags her topless, lifeless body away. After this she's seen topless in a couple of flashbacks and photos. Laura's classic body is still in its prime.

Porno Esotic Love (1980)
BushLeague was written on September 21, 2004

Her usual more than naked self

As you would expect, Laura is without a stitch a lot in this film, but she missed her opportunity to do (M-F) porn or show her p-lips. She leads off with a teasing topless skirt changing scene with her chest cocoanuts and a be-shadowed bush. Then mondo melons, bushy snatch, and tasty derriere (and all the rest of her) during her trademark massage scene. She then reveals her occupation as a topless hula girl (well she had a hula skirt on) as she dances with either a highly sedated live snake or a rubber one on stage. She later has an un-steamy full frontal lesbian scene with a another chick who is naked and uncredited (very brief). She lounges in the sand as a nudity cutie while she does another lesbo kissing and snatch fingering scene. Close ups may have been a hairy double. Strips for a quick shower for full frontal and rear while she is kind of dark while getting the day off. Medium length bed scene with Annj where her giving head is much phonier than her getting it. Lots of close ups of both her and her partners tits and snatch. She finally gives her audience a treat by getting up close and personal with her reptilian stage partner and is undressed frontal. While a peeping Tom peeps she and the blonde do a long mutually naked and sudsy shower scene with full length views of their breasts, buns, and bubbly bushes as well as the supermodel legs. Gees, she gets around to having a hetero scene, but this just barely reveals the side of her left breast and butt. She ends up with another massage on a beach in a string bikini that hers her round rump getting kneeded as needed.

Erotic Nights of the Living Dead (1980)
scanman was written on April 6, 2005

3 scenes, but only 1 good one!

Laura was credited first for this Joe D'Amato movie, but she only has a small part. There's one great scene! It's a lesbian scene with Dirce and Laura shows quite a bit in this one. We clearly see her pussylips and that's unusual for Laura. Another scene shows Laura coming out of the water, fully nude. The third scene is a sex scene, but the lighting is terrible. It's all blue and doesn't show that much.

Emmanuelle on Taboo Island (1980)
DBW was written on January 19, 1999

every scene

Gemser is at least topless in pretty much every scene here, and there's plenty of full nudity and simulated sex too. But it's such a dull movie (on theRobinson Crusoe theme) that you're better off with one of her other films.

Emanuelle: Queen of Sados (1980)
Dudester was written on August 22, 2002

Whole Movie

Laura stays naked throughout the movie. Some scenes are erotic, others aren't.

BushLeague was written on September 19, 2002

Nudity bubbles to surface throughout movie

Three and 3/4 stars, because no really good long rear nudity--but her cat like body more than compensates. Now down to the nitty and the gritty.
Lying on back on bed with orange sheets, shows both round bags of chocolate pudding and thick brillow pad bush. Getting it doggy style, shows part of left, glass smooth firm ass. On top and see both ass cheeks and butt crack. Does the "reverse cow girl" and again shows brief hair triangle. Lying on right side can see her left side--totally smooth, no flab. Afterwards while lying on bed, not screwing, can see both tits and bush. All in good light from close up to medium shots.

In a flashback, she descends stairs and is forced to the floor and her bath robe is ripped open--You get a brief spread eagle beaver (DP did not seem to be able to make pussy lips appear in focus), then tits--again in good light.

Walks into a bathroom and tits flop out of bathrobe briefly.

By a pool, she looks fantastic in a blue skimpy bikini. A guy takes off her top and massages sun tan oil to lubricate her squishy squibs.

Nude on floor making love--get brief tits, bush, and ass. Then a full shot of tits & bush while on floor.

Gets on top and ride'em cowgirl sex with tits and brief bush. Then shows tits and bush in dark while getting dressed (very brief).

Walks around topless briefly in a castle--her glistening body seems to light up the room.

Then topless in blue bikini while showering after a badminton set.

This chick is the Angel Tompkins of Indonesia, it is hard to spot any flaws on her!

Via della prostituzione, La (1978)
Immy was written on January 19, 2008

Nude a lot!

Vintage Laura as she once again plays Emanuelle. Her first scene is a hot lez shower with Ely Galleani (0:15, nude and some nice nipple licking). Then she hooks up with a mobster type in his Kenyan estate (0:24, nude, intercut with Ely Galleani's love scene). Immediately after this she and Ely are seen running nude hand in hand across the African savanna. Very hot! Laura, Ely and the mobster then have a threesome after taking some tokes from a hookah (0:30). From here the action moves to New York where we see her topless changing clothes (0:43); showering again (0:50, topless); and having a quickie with her photog buddy in his darkroom (0:51, nude). Off to L.A. where she's an undercover prostitute and we see her in a sauna with her first customer (1:00, nude rubbing her body all over him, wow!); brief muff getting "checked out" by a cross-dressing guy who's suspicious of her (1:04); boobs and muff getting accosted by some guys in a bowling alley (1:16); having a hot encounter with a nurse after being tied up against her will (1:20, nude, wish this would have lasted longer!) and finally flashing FF to a group of fisherman for giving her a ride (1:27). The guys all slowly converge on her as the camera pans away.

Emanuelle In the Country (1978)
BushLeague was written on February 23, 2006

Shower scene and lover

The south 36 appears to be "spread", butt it is still better than 98% of the rest of the planet. Classic tits, and unclipped crotch fur round out a classy chassis and ass. What can be said--its Laura, possibly the most beautiful woman that ever lived!

Love Camp (1977)
Emanuelle in America (1977)
slavedriver was written on August 12, 2003

What a rip. She gets naked every 2 minutes it seems, but her sex scenes don't even get off the ground (let alone me...get it? HAHAHAHAHAHAH! Anyway, for being the "uncut" 100 minute version, it sure looks like any sex scene she might have had wa

The real sex--and I mean REAL sex--doesn't actually get started until nearly an hour into it, but it doesn't let up from there. Lots of blow jobs and general pornorific behavior from the supporting cast. The snuff film scenes are very twisted and disgusting: metal dildos with spikes, meathooks..goddamn, it's just pure blood and guts. Not for the squeamish.

Emanuelle e gli ultimi cannibali (1977)
VincentD1979 was written on March 21, 2007

Lovely brown beauty

Naked throughout the picture. Full frontal, showing her thick black pubics, her small brown breasts, and very small round black nipples

Emanuelle Around the World akaPerche Violenza Alle Donne (1977)
Velutto nero (1976)
Immy was written on January 11, 2008


Laura is nude often in this unoffical Emmanuelle entry (it also goes by "Black Emmanuelle, White Emmanuelle", "Emmanuelle in Egypt" and a few other titles) though some of the settings are off-putting. She starts off being photographed (by Gabriele Tinti) next a dead animal in the road (0:08, topless and she's grossed out) then Tinti has her posing amidst some slaughtered nomads in the desert (0:41, topless in various outfits) which gets her upset and leads to a fight with Tinti. She's wearing only his jacket and as she slaps and wrestles with him in the sand they start making out (0:42, boobs, butt and muff initially struggling). There are a couple more boob slips as she changes in the jeep (0:45) and argues more with Tinti (0:48) before abandoning him in the desert. She gets in a great lez sequence with Annie Belle in an Egyptian brothel after watching several groups of bodies going at it (0:52, nude). Later on goofy mystic Al Cliver induces Laura into a trance-like state (1:16, topless, hallucinting) then she freaks out and starts ripping her dress open (1:19, breasts, screaming). Pretty unpleasant. Lastly she and Annie Belle walk into the sunset while peeling off their clothes (1:33, nude from behind but also some far away full frontal).

Emmanuelle in Bangkok (1976)
ManicDetroiter was written on November 11, 2000

Average of every five to ten minutes

Ah, where to begin? The darkroom scene where Roberto kisses Emanuelle all over in an attempt to get her hot and bothered(if that counts), or the scene on the cruise ship where they enter into the throes of physical passion that set the tone for the entire film? Anyway, after Emanuelle lands in Bangkok, the journey takes her to the massage parlor where she encounters the bewitching Gi (who gives her a body-to-body massage in the nude, which could likely pass for a lesbian scene).

Back at the hotel, she encounters one of the employees who obliges to dancing with her, then giving her another massage(he's still got his pants on{thank God}, but she doesn't have anything on until there's a knock at the door{Even better!})

Of course, on a sight-seeing tour, Emanuelle re-unites with Roberto, Gi, and a nameless couple(can't remember. It's 2:30 AM!) The tour ends at a strip club where there is quite a bit of "extra-cirricular activity" going on under the table.

The following scene puts our friends in the Prince's abode for an evening of passing the opium pipe and engaging in communal acts of lovemaking. This one has to be seen to be appreciated.

Unfortunately for our heroine, she is being followed by secret agents who brutally force themselves onto her and then warn her to leave because the Prince is actually a traitor. It's tough to do since she's had all her personal effects stolen from the hotel. But, of course, knowing Emanuelle, instead of a passport, she uses what she was endowed with in order to get clearance.

Emanuelle rendez-vous's with Roberto in the deserts during an archaeological dig, where she meets his fiance'. They get into a threesome in the tent that night. Later, after the Land Rover breaks down, the ladies get picked up by a fun-loving gang of Arab horsemen who take the ladies to their place. The party in the tent consists of a topless belly dancer and then both of the ladies get completely naked to dance along.

End of Part One.....

BushLeague was written on April 19, 2003

No Thai wrap

My favorite dish from Indonesia. Her body is taught, trim, and lean with the best set of natural looking, hanging tits I have seen. Topless and nude in a darkroom while a guy buries his face in her snatch (no explicit contact). Then bed fun when she shows both pudding bags and brief lower tropical jungle of a bush. Topless in white panties and brief hairy snatch. Her panties get caught in her pussy crack and outline them nicely. The full nude frontal before and during a massage that shows her string bean legs and relatively long looks at her lower overgrown Indonesian rain forest while the naked masseuse rubs their bodies together to make Lesbo fire. Massage time again only fully naked shown from the side while houseboy kneeds her thighs. Many brief topless scenes of her tropical chest fruits during an "orgy" and a darkened full frontal with bush leaving the room. You guessed it--another massage is given by a white guy. This gives the only clear full back nudity that shows her smooth flat butt. She then shows her tits as she then massages the guy. Nice long mongoose and cobra fight interlude. Yanks off shirt and bare chested before seeing her boyfriend make love to another woman. Tits, teets, and tits as she is raped, bribes a custom official, showers and lays next to her husband while he rubs her belly and makes love to another woman. Then she strips down to her starkers and more tits than you can stand with brief low angle crotch shot of thicket of bush and one full frontal of her supermodel style body. More tits and soapy bush as she and a girl switch turns cleaning each others bodies, especially each other's pubes. (Frontal only). Then a final flurry of breasts making love to a girl and boy. We obviously needed more butt shots of her, but she acts like Carole Laure

StevieW was written on April 21, 2004

An Indonesian knockout!!

Any film Laura Gemser appeared nude in was worth seeing,her body is a work of art. Medium sized tits,beautiful hairy pussy,and a damn cute hiny. This film is one of her best,she may be out of the film nudity business now,but i'll bet at 54 she still smokes,Laura,if you're reading this,YOU ROCK!!

BushLeague was written on April 19, 2003


Laura was married to Gabrielle Tinti, not Tinto Brass.

Bevan was written on October 27, 1999

LONG massage scene ...

Hot, hot, hot ... ! Laura was a worthy successor to Sylvia Kristel to headline the Emmanuelleseries. As expected, she spends much of the movie naked, and has this totally hot lesbian massage scene. Oddly enough, with all the screen nudity she did, her husband (the directorTinto Brass) said she was shy in private and would never consent to lovemaking with the lightson. Go figure.

Emmanuelle II (1975)
Chicago was written on July 8, 2002

1 scene

Laura plays one of the masseuses at :58.75-1:04.5 who gives Sylvia, Catherine, and the guy a sensual, full body massage--breasts and ass...2 1/2 *'s.

whiteraven was written on September 26, 2010

Female/Female body massage

As part of the seduction of the young Catherine Rivet ("Anna-Maria") by Emmanuelle and Jean and to escape oppressive heat, they take her to a bath house where they partake of a same room full body massages by three Thai masseuses, Laura Gemser, Eva Hamel and Christiane Gibeline. On the Fox Lorber release, the bath house scene is from about 53:55 to 59:52. As it is her first time, Rivet is allowed to chose first and she picks Gemser.

whiteraven was written on September 26, 2010

Obviously that should be Hong Kong and not Thai.

my mistake

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