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Kristanna Loken's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2005 BloodRayne 6 Reviews
2004 Rise of the Nibelungs 1 Review
2003 Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines 25 Reviews
2001 Gangland 2 Reviews
1997 Pensacola: Wings of Gold 1 Review
1997 Academy Boyz 1 Review

Kristanna Loken's Sexy TV Shows

TV Shows this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2004 L Word, The 0 Reviews

nudity reviews for Kristanna Loken member submitted

L Word, The (2004)
BloodRayne (2005)
KevLar was written on May 17, 2006

Buttcrack Alert

Other than showing off her left breast during a lovemaking scene, she and Michelle Rodriguez are showing off some underwater buttcrack while swimming and fighting eachother for something of value and even more buttcrack mostly from Michelle after they finally surface. Did I also mention those other naked women piled all over Meat Loaf. (Lucky Bastard)

Texasmovieman was written on February 22, 2007

sex scean with Matt

well kristina finlly shows her nippls and they r nice in the sex scean with matt davis. Hope she shows more

RBX was written on January 7, 2006

Interesting, but brief sex scene

Seen engaging in an unusual practice of sex with Matt Davis. Loken is topless and grabs on to the iron bars of her bedroom door and proceeds to "hump" Davis' crotch. Her breasts bounce around and on occasion, Davis will lick the left nipple. Though the breasts are well exposed, the scene lasts less than a minute.

Texasmovieman was written on December 27, 2006

sex shoot

Breaf but full face and tits in sex scean. first time I believe she has shown her tits. only reason to rent movie

Deadnightscythe was written on November 29, 2008

Hot vamp action

Kristanna Loken starts getting it on in Bloodrayne at 53min 45sec, this shows her holding on to the bars while topless and jumping up and down you dont see her fully topless for more then seconds at a time, the total time is well under 2 min but it is very worth watching

Lahav was written on January 10, 2006

Breif sex scene

There is a breif sex scene where we get to see Kristanna Loken's breasts as she grabs onto the bars of her cell/room with her arms and les while making out. Her partner licks her left breast breifly. Initially thought this was a body double until the camera panned upward to reveal her face in the same scene. The scene itself was haphazardly done at best. Hopefully there will be a director's cut on DVD.

Rise of the Nibelungs (2004)
Ghostwords was written on January 2, 2008

aka Sword of Xanten (UK release)

During a love scene early in the movie, Ms Loken enjoys a post-coital caress. We see the side of her left breast, pressed against his chest, but no nipple. (Alicia Witt's also in this movie, but shows even less, darn it.)

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003)
Ghostwords was written on December 27, 2011


Discussing the full rear nudity early in this film: "In the back of my mind I kept thinking, "I'm fighting Arnold [Schwarzenegger] and I've got to be naked in front of the world. So that was enough incentive. I would work, like, 20 hours and work out constantly in my gym and my trailer because of the 'birthing' scene, as I call it."

dav345 was written on June 30, 2003

not nude

According to screenit.com, no nudity is shown. Read it and weep. Don't see this for the nudity. As usual, the hype was a scam to get your butts in the seats. You aren't going to see any butts (except for some butts covered in heavy shadows).

eaglefish69 was written on June 30, 2003

just saw sneek preview

when the scene starts and she starts to get up you can see a quick and i mean quick shot of the side of her breast with some nipple. the next time you see her she is walking down the street in the shadows then it cuts away. tou see her from the front but a rearview mirror is covering her lower area and the hair is covering her nipples but you get to see the outlines of her breasts. then it cuts to behind her again and you get a very nice well lit shot of her beautiful ass. that is about it for the rest of the movie for her except a couple of clevage shots.

Luvmonk was written on November 17, 2003

Ass and Breast Clearly Shown on USA DVD

After reading many of the reviews below, it seems that there must be multiple versions of her nude scene. I saw the U.S. DVD widescreen version and I clearly saw breast (including nip) as she rose from the store front window. Then there is a darkened look at her entire backside as she exits the store and walks away from the camera. She heads towards a car and we see lots of her left tit as her hair sways back and forth covering and exposing it. Finally, as she gets closer to the car we see her backside/ass in much better lighting.

ScreamoKid was written on July 2, 2003

not much, but there

you get a very brief nipple flash at the start when she rises. while walking there are a few ass shots, mostly shadowed and obscured, but you can make out her crack. two stars for the ass shots at least being there.

Neural was written on May 24, 2003

Walking Bare

At present i can only give this scene two stars, simply because its too short (due to it being a trailer) and secondly because you dont see much.

Kristanna is totally stunning, she is a genuine looker and works as a model as well as acting (for those that dont know). In the scene you see her ass from the back, nice and firm, you also see her hair cover her small breasts, i actually recall her saying she wouldn't go topless because she is embarressed about the size of her boobs! You can clearly make out the outline of them, nice 34B pert boobs, no nipples though because of her hair.

I really cant see them showing much more in the movie (i believe they are aiming for a 12 rating), but maybe we will get a a closer look in the DVD extras? surely their must have been slip ups during filming :-)

McBoris was written on July 3, 2003

Bum is shown in trailer

In the British trailer you clearly see here naked from the back. She has a very nice bum

nakedbuns was written on April 24, 2003

International Trailer

Just saw the International Trailer on the Official T3 Website, and Kristianna's very sweet and very naked rear end is on display as she walks towards a parked car on the street. It is a brief shot during the trailer, but hopefully we will get a more expansive look at her buns, and hopefully her other goodies, once the full movie is released.

dav345 was written on May 26, 2004

nude buns

You can see her buns a little better on DVD than in the theater, but it's still pretty dark. You can make out some crack on DVD, though - I couldn't make out any crack in the theater. However, keep in mind, this could be and probably is a body double.

ff was written on May 26, 2004


She has a nice big ass but her breasts (which you don`t see much of) seems kinda droopy. Anyway she stated in countless interviews that it was her I`m surprised that anyone would think this was done by a body double.

Trent33 was written on July 7, 2003

Ass and some of breast

Barely worth meantioning, since her ass shots (there are two) are very darkly shadowed and her breasts are mostly covered by her hair (you might see nipple briefly). Don't see the movie for the nudity!

Sinnema was written on July 7, 2003

Mostly in shadows

When the Terminatrix first arrives from the future -- naked, of course -- the side of her breast is briefly visible as she stands up, and her butt is visible a couple times as she walks around, but mostly in deep shadows, so only an outline of her nude body is seen. Still, her body does have a nice shape, and she is technically nude, even if you can't see all the details.

dav345 was written on July 8, 2003

no nudity

I finally saw the movie, and there is no nudity in it. Yes, the terminators show up naked (both Kristanna and Arnold), but their butts are covered in heavy shadows and you don't see any crack. Also, Kristanna's breasts are covered by her hair, and you certainly don't see her crotch. I have seen better nude scenes while watching Sesame Street as a child.

adailymovie2 was written on December 1, 2003


last reviewer must have made a mistake because I rented both the full screen and wide-screen version. Widescreen version does not have the visible nipple. it's cut off by the letterboxing. You see it in the full-screen version. This really ticks me off because supposedly, full-screen is made by the cropping of the widescreen, but for t3 (as in MANY movies), they cropped the fullscreen to get the widescreen. Remember how Fast and Furious DVD cut off Jordana's nipple? grrr.

damn_crazy_bastard was written on July 11, 2003

Nothing in the movie/butt in the European trailers

And for that I give one star. Yes, she shows her backside in the French trailer, but there is a little too much shadowing, though you can still make it out nicely. Hopefully, there will be more to come from this hottie.

KevLar was written on February 27, 2009

Where it was shot

Kristanna Loken was nude on the scene on rodeo drive. NO BODY DOUBLE. For those who are curious as to where on Rodeo Drive it was shot, it was on Rodeo Dr. between the intersections at Wilsher Blvd. and Dayton way.

ff was written on November 2, 2003

breasts (no nipple) and butt in full view

you first briefly get to see her breast from the side as she is about to stand up but her hair quickly covers it. then you see a heavily shadowed shot of her butt. as she is walking one of her breasts is exposed but she is either wearing pasties or her nipple has been censored since you don`t see it. plus her hair is often in the way. as she is walking towards a car you briefly see her huge ass but this time it isn`t as dark as the first one and you could definitely see the crack.

BushLeague was written on May 15, 2004

DVD trailer on Starship Troopers 2

When walking towards the car, she is naked and shown full length from the rear, however it is darkened so you just see the top crack of her butt and barely make out rest of crack. Her hair covers half of each tit when she is facing the camera (no nipples).

dav345 was written on May 17, 2003

not nude at all!

I saw the trailer and her butt is completely covered in dark shadows when she is walking nude. You cannot see the crack at all. She may as well have a bathing suit on. How can you give this 3 stars, man? Have you never seen a naked woman in your life? The first 2 Terminator films were very tasteful about the naked terminators, and I'm sure this one will be no different. In fact, an interview she did implies as much...she says that the scene was tastefully done. That doesn't give me much hope. Sadly, nudity in films seems to be dying fast, except in some independent features. The big name lables just don't do nudity any more, except maybe an occcasional male butt for laughs.

Bootydaddy was written on May 18, 2003

You're wrong

I have seen the international trailer too, you can clearly see her ver fine ass....go to the website and click on any of the forgein countries to see the European trailer, you clearly see her ass....I don't know what you were smokin but give me some of it.

soulman was written on February 3, 2004

Brief Butt Shot (Possible Body Double Alert).

Loken is a very nice looking woman (love those eyes of hers). Around 6:45 into the movie you see her walking but all you see is the dark outline of her from the back another better lit view of her entire backside as she approaches the car of her first victim. All of the other reviewers seem to think it's her and not a body double, but I'm not too sure since you don't see her face. whether it's her or not she has a nice ass. I just wish that I was more certain it's her.

dav345 was written on May 18, 2003

ass covered in dark shadows

Anyone who gives this scene 3 stars is loco.

2smart was written on May 18, 2003

an ass or not an ass...

Guys, guys, guys! Settle down. It seems to me we're probably talking about the TRAILER rather than the (as yet) unopened film. Has it occured to anyone that maybe the trailer was censored for this sexually-repressed little country of ours? It is entirely possible (bordering on probable) that the international versions of the trailer would show more. We're talking countries that show full-frontal in primetime! Might I suggest that the debate (flame wars, whatever) be tabled until the movie actually hits the multiplex? (Although, odds are we may not see everything, given the slight-of-hand used on Arnie's nude scenes in the first 2 films. Equality...>plbbb< :p )

damn_crazy_bastard was written on November 12, 2003


Kristanna does show her lovely backside in this movie, and it is quite evident on the DVD. Far clearer than the film version (US, at least).

fiskmann was written on November 14, 2003


you beafly see her naked. it's not much but wow she looks good

Gangland (2001)
gun_will_travel was written on July 6, 2003

No nudity

No KL nudity here, unfortunately. She has definitely done some nudity prior to T3, as she admits in this interview:
However, it's not in this film. Still searching!

mothergoose2003 was written on July 6, 2003

Movie is Academy Boyz

Topless walking out to shower. See her tits for few seconds when she drops towel for guy.

Pensacola: Wings of Gold (1997)
Dudester was written on May 19, 2003

First Season-The Thong Scene

Kristanna was in the first two seasons of this prematurely cancelled show. She frequently showed up in the first season. One of the episodes concerned a job she took-her father didn't approve. The job was to operate a food cart next to the beach wearing a bikini with a thong bottom. If you think her ass is fine now, you should've seen it when she was younger (Just 18 at the time). Absolutely delicious. After that, she was frequently seen in a bikini in other episodes. For some reason, she was written out during the second season. What a waste, but she was replaced with Ali Landry and Sandra Hess. James Brolin really knew how to line up the fine young talent on this show.

Academy Boyz (1997)
thefaceman32 was written on September 18, 2003


Topless walking out to shower

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