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Kim Cattrall's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
1997 Exception To the Rule 4 Reviews
1995 Live Nude Girls 4 Reviews
1995 Above Suspicion 7 Reviews
1994 Breaking Point 2 Reviews
1992 Split Second 2 Reviews
1988 Palais Royale 2 Reviews
1988 Midnight Crossing 4 Reviews
1988 Masquerade 3 Reviews
1985 Hold-Up 2 Reviews
1984 City Limits 1 Review
1982 Porky's 15 Reviews
1982 Chez Porky 1 Review
1975 Rosebud 2 Reviews

Kim Cattrall's Sexy TV Shows

TV Shows this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2010 Any Human Heart 2 Reviews
1998 Sex and the City 19 Reviews
1998 Sex and the City 1 Review

nudity reviews for Kim Cattrall member submitted

Any Human Heart (2010)
georgelloyd was written on December 5, 2010

Rolling over in bed

In episode three, Kim Cattrall is in bed with her lover and rolls over to talk to him. The sheet only just covers her nipples as she does this, so we get to see most of her sizeable boobs. As she shuffles forward, she grabs a pillow and holds it in front of them, which is surprisingly modest for someone who has previously shown so much skin on television and in movies.

Ghostwords was written on December 17, 2010

Ep.3 (12/12/2010)

Ms Cattrall appears early in this episode as the vampish second wife of an author, then later after many years have gone by. Neither features nudity.

Sex and the City (1998)
Gothamite1 was written on July 5, 2008

Waiting for sex

Kim is seen lying on a table fully naked with a long shot of her body. Only sushi covering her as she waits for her boyfriend to come home and eat her. Unfortunatly her nipples and bush are covered up and you con't get to see anything else which is a shame as I had expected more from her.

Sex and the City (1998)
frostyoriginal was written on April 1, 2006

funny and sexy

i can't believe no one has posted this scene. kim is looking in the mirror and yje camera pans accross her chest to her bush (which is ginger by mistake)u get a long look and then she covers her bush. great scene!!!!

Rudeboy was written on December 22, 2002

Samantha being Pounded

Samantha (Kim Catharell) Is the first reason why I wacthed Sex and The City. The 2 Most Incredible Sex scenes she done is amaizing to what I know. The first she Flirts with a Hunky fire man and ends up naked on a fire engine making Love as she moans and waves a Hat. The second again totally naked this time on a Swing with a man interlocking her Virgina with his Penis then swinging back and fourth in turns giving it their all to each other which symbolises who has more power and control between the two. They finnaly reach a climax as their Thrust and sounds (with music) gets louder and the meatal Swing chain breaks as the two fall to the ground and Samantha replies "Oww" (im sure it was).

McBoris was written on August 7, 2005

Frequent Nudity

Kim Cattrall is topless is many episodes, and in a couple od episodes we get additionally get a good shot of her bum. She's very attrative for a woman in her forties.
The episodes she appears naked in are; Valley of the Twenty Somethings (season 1: episode 4), The Monogamists (1:7), Take Me out to The Ball Game (2:1), Where's There's Smoke (3:1), Running With Scissors (3:11), The Real Me (4:2), Ghost Town (4:5), The Good Fight (4:13),Anchors Away (5:1), The Big Journey (5:7), Great Sexpectations (6:2), Pick a Little, Talk a Little (6:4), The Domino Effect (6:11), One (6:12) and An American Girl in Paris, Part Deux (6:20)

Ozzie700 was written on June 24, 2001

6/24 episode: Ghost Town

Kim seems to love showing her body off (except her pubic area), and if she loves it, the appearances really should be documented. She's in the tub with Sonia Braga (very saggy, but she looks great for a woman of 50), and as she steps out, Samantha's breasts and nipples say hi to the camera yet again. I don't mind seeing her, but I wish they had half as much male nudity.

WLoomis was written on September 15, 2001

No Muff

Kim never shows her muff, but who can ask for everything? Hot, hot lady, getting hotter with age. My favorite is definitely the one when she drops her robe to take the self-portrait, and then she spreads her legs. At that point I didn't even care that her bush was unseen, because of that self-confidence of hers.

Senator was written on July 9, 2001

for an old broad she sure is a hot broad!

My favorite scene with her is one where she is in a fire house and, in uniform, gets a fireman to use a different hose! She drops the uniform and we get a good long view of her this way, and also one where he is humping her against a wall, and you see her bouncing... good episode!

I am normally not a fan of older women, but this lady really still has it in a lot of respects... all that I ask is that she looses the lesbian crap! That girl is gross, and if she ever gets (or has been naked) in this show, I pray that I NEVER and I REALLY do MEAN NEVER see it! I think that the show would never be the same for me... lose all sex appeal... she really should move past this and go back to her usual (naked and sexy) character.

Chicago was written on December 29, 2002

1 quick scene in "Anchors Away"

12-string does a good job of describing Kim's scene in this episode; the time is at :23:33 and lasts 4 sec. as the sailors howl.

davidmk was written on August 17, 1999

Topless nudity in almost every first year episode

The first season and the start of the second Kim was topless in just about every episode. As the second season has gone on she in no longer nude at all in the show. Hopefully the charater of Charlotte will start to take over the nudity on the show.

Alphonse was written on June 2, 2001

Fantastic body

In episode 50 (premiering 6/3/01), Kim is posing for some nude photos and starts off the scene by whipping off her robe and displaying her magnificent breasts for a few seconds. My lord does she have incredible tits! Afterward there is a brief shot of her ass, and then there are a number of photos of her naked (side of a breast and quite a bit of her ass). Overall not a lot of time but some premium quality.

BushLeague was written on January 8, 2003

Looking for an apartment

She is about to "close the deal" with her real estate agent when another agent with a couple walks in. He middle-age silicone hooters are visible (don't look it though!)

Ozzie700 was written on March 21, 2004

Final episode

Samantha goes out with a bang. Her final scene involves her finally enjoying sex again after losing her libido during a battle with cancer. She's riding her young boyfriend (Jason Lewis), her breasts bouncing as she is fully naked, although her crotch is somewhat blocked by a curtain. Adios Samantha, thanks for the mammar...er...memories.

number8 was written on November 9, 2000

quick nip shot

I have been waiting forever for her to get naked. The scene was the one mentioned in the other reviews, and she was fantastic. She does not have huge breasts but they looked really nice on her. Hopefully we'll be seeing more of nude scenes of her soon.

oldbabe was written on April 22, 2002

Disribing for the Photo Shoot

She is unbelievably great looking for a woman of 45 years old. Her body is superbly firm and fit. Unfortunately the scene as described by others, has most of the "action" shown from behind.

Chicago was written on January 1, 2003

1 scene in "The Good Fight"

At :21:24-:21:55 in this episode, Kim drops her sexy pink dress as her boss/boyfriend drops his clothes on a city building's rooftop by a pool...15 sec. of great, clear views of her small firm breasts while watching him drop his clothes before slowly walking, removing her high heels and diving into the pool (ass from a distance shot from above). 2 1/2 *'s.

gk was written on April 8, 2001

no actual nudity but...

in one episode, samantha is dating a fireman and they are about to get it on at the firestation. she slips on a pair of boots and coveralls to seduce the fireman and the bell goes off. all the firefighters come running in and one demands she take off his gear. she is forced to take it off and is left standing in the firestation in only her see through panties. you only see a brief glimpse of her nice ass but the context is sexy.

12-string was written on July 20, 2002

episode "Anchors Away"

Near the end of the episode, S J Parker confides to Cattrall that she's just seen Kristin Davis pop a little titty out to entertain a sailor. Cattrall's response is to pull down the top of her party dress and flash both of her own tits to the crowd in general. Pretty quick flash; you might go ** if you're a fan.

BouncyTits was written on June 5, 2001


There is nothing more arousing than an older woman who is sexy and is totally aware of her sexiness. In the second episode of the new season, her character goes to have nude photos taken of herself. Wearing a white robe, the younger assistant is in awe of her and is offering her music suggestions to make her more comfortable. She cuts him off, and says she is comfortable at which point she tears off her robe and shows off her lovely large mammaries. She then spreads her legs for the two guys, but we only see this from the back. Still a magnificent ass shot and wonderful titties. Her cocky attitiude about the whole scene makes it that much more erotic.

tickledick was written on August 9, 2004

Nude swim

Episode: "The Good Fight"

I'm not sure of this is extra footage or Chicago just didn't mention it in his review. I've just watched this episode on The Comedy Channel (UK). As the guy pulls his pants down, there is a close-up of his cock, but his face is not in frame. We then see both Cattrall and the guy full frontal, but in her case the face is hidden by her arms in the diving positon. His face is visible. We see her ass as she dives.

hybridtheory1872003 was written on January 9, 2005


almost every episode she is in she is naked you can't say anything about sex in the city without mentoning miss cattrall and her breasts

Exception To the Rule (1997)
kingofdopeness was written on April 27, 1999

Body Double sex scene w/ main character

In this B-movie scene, Kim Cattrall's body double 'Poppy Jo Young' is mounted upon the main character (I don't know his name and I don't plan on learning it); her panties are pulled off, followed by her bra. You get an excellent view of both her ass and her left breast. The guy kisses in between her breasts-if he'd have kissed her breasts instead of kissing between them, he'd be on my good side and I'd learn his name. It's worth watching the first half hour in order to see this scene.

KingDON was written on January 25, 2001

Two "Kim Cattrall" scenes

It rates a star only because you get a decent look at this girls body. Great ass shots, actually. However, having seen the real Kim nude in other movies, this one remains disappointing. Basically, not worth watching for the nudity.

Chicago was written on January 25, 2001

Kim's body double Poppy Jo

kingofdopeness is dead on...Poppy Jo is the body double for Kim; however, it's for 3 different scenes not just 1. At :12, Poppy is seen walking past the partially closed door twice and you get to see her nice body, mostly from the back/side. At :26, Kim delivers the line to seduce all married men prepping to be blackmailed, "Sometimes I know how that feels," he's hooked and she reels him in for sex. As you see Poppy's breast (side and front and her ass, there are a couple of bad cuts to Kim's face to add to the effect that it's actually Kim--short scene. At 1:15, Poppy walks by an open window on the 2nd floor of a hotel room and from the first floor below you get to see her breasts briefly from the side and then straight on.

Gordon was written on November 6, 2001

Breasts and ass in a few scenes

I'm not sure if this is Kim or a body double, but whoever it is here's the review. In the first scene Kim (or double) walks by a doorway a few times and we see her naked body from the back and side. Her ass looks absolutely awesome in the shot. In the next scene she seduces a guy and they end up having sex with her on top. We get to see her nice breasts from front and side, and another look at her butt. In the last scene she is seen from a window, briefly revealing her breasts.

Live Nude Girls (1995)
BushLeague was written on December 30, 2002

Wiggles and jiggles

Kim wears some sexy underwear. The best is when she is wearing a teddy with a "dental floss" back with the intent of seducing her soon-to-be ex husband, but ends up seducing the Greenpeace donation solicitor boy. She walks away from the camera a couple of times for a full length, well lit view of her round, but slightly jiggly seat pads. You get a good look at her crack and splayed marshmallows when she sits on a table. She also makes sure you notice her legs during the pyjama party.

Condor was written on August 19, 1999

Buns in a G-string

There is no full nudity of Kim. But she walks in high heels, crawles on the floor and being banged on a table in a nightie with extremly thin g-string. So expect a very substantial views of Kims mature buns.

Cyclone was written on August 31, 2001

Good view of her butt

We get several looks at Kim in revealing outfits throughout this film, but the closest we get to nudity is when she's wearing lingerie that pretty much reveals her entire butt. Not bad, but hardly great.

nd was written on March 13, 2001

Humping on the table scene

As hot as a Kim Cattrall scene gets though no money shots. Check this scene again and notice that two takes were spliced together alternating several times between Kim with shoes on and Kim barefoot. Really weird. Personally I like her barefoot.

Above Suspicion (1995)
EpicReviewer was written on March 7, 2004

Two sex scenes

There are two sex scenes that offer up views of Kim Cattrall. The first is very early in the movie, and while it's a little dark you get a pretty good look at her breasts while she's on top. If you have freeze frame there might even be a tiny hint of bush. The second, and much better, scene is a bit further in. It involves Kim having sex in the shower, which conveniently has glass sides. (Some of the camera angles are from inside the shower, and several more are of her with the shower door open.) This is a well-lit and fairly long scene, giving you a nice look. Finally, there is a very brief non-sex scene where Kim is changing clothes and you get a very nice look at her entire backside. Good movie too!

Loneranger was written on January 25, 1999

She shows tits and ass during the scene where she is screwing Christopher Reeve's brother and later in the shower.

She shows tits and ass during the scene where she is screwing Christopher Reeve's brother and later in the shower.

Condor was written on August 19, 1999


First you see naked Kim un the shower with Reeves brother, you get a good look at her tits and nice simulated sex. Then just a few minutes later you got Kim last nude scene, she walks into the bathroom dissrobes and gets into her nightie. You get a good view of her ass and side of her tit, then you see one of her tits hanging as she bends toward Reeves on bed. They should have kept that intensity of nudity throughout that film!

Gordon was written on November 6, 2001

Several sex and nude scenes

This movie offers several good looks at Kim's thin, tight body. There are two sex scenes. In the first she's in bed with a guy as he pulls her shirt off, revealing her breasts (they're a little smallish, but still very shapely), and eventually they get it on. The other sex scene takes place in the shower. A guy takes her from behind as her breasts get pressed against the glass of the shower door. After they're done you also get to see her rack as she exits the shower. There are a few other scenes with nudity. In one she's laying in bed topless reading a book. In another she is seen from behind as she removes her robe and steps into a nightgown, and there is a good view of her ass. Lastly, in one scene she is wearing a loose fitting top and as she bends over a guy offering oral sex her breasts are revealed.

LeroyBrown was written on February 7, 2001

Topless after sex and in the shower

I always give good totally topless scenes (both breasts in full view) 3 stars. On its own merits these are primo topless scenes from Kim even though she's done others and have even shown her bush. Definitely deserve 3 stars not just 2.

BushLeague was written on September 10, 2002

3 decent scenes

Is on top of guy making love, sheets and blankets cover her ass, but her takes off her shirt and her nice supple tits attached to a great rib cage and ripped abs are visible slightly darkened. An initially steam obscured shower sex scene, has the steam go away and his hands on both her tits. He removes his hands and her right nipple gets mashed against the clear shower door. After he "cums" we get another brief view of her round robins. She goes into a closet to change and drops her robe and gives us full muscular backal with slightly wrinkled 40 year old butt--good light up and down. She is lying in a sun suit and opens her knees and a brief shot of white panty is seen up her shorts. Very hot lady at age 40 and like a fine wine she seems to get more gorgeous with age--surgeon, surgeon!

Chicago was written on January 29, 2001

3 scenes

At :03, Kim is having sex with Reeves' brother and you get to see her smallish, terrific breasts--the best nudes of the film. At :20, she has a shower sex scene where she's getting it from behind and her breasts are pressed up against the glass wall and clearly seen in and as she leaves the shower. Great excited moans too. At :25, she disrobes and you see her slender body and great ass; shortly after she tries to "help" Reeves (attempting to give oral sex) and, as she's turned away, you get to see the clear outline of her breasts down her nightgown. Good scenes.

Breaking Point (1994)
Immy was written on December 20, 2004

Topless in bed? (0:41)

Kim plays Gary Busey's estranged wife and they have one more romp in the sheets. Kim is on top seen mostly in silhouette but you never get a clear shot of her face. Since the room is so dark I'm not entirely convinced the boobs are hers.

Immy was written on December 20, 2004

Confirmed body double

Should've done my homework! The credits do list a Jenna Burns as Kim's body double.

Split Second (1992)
axl was written on September 21, 1999

not a very good scene

The reviewer is right in that this movie sucked but I found that the nude scene wasn't that good either.Very quick shot of breast while screaming in the shower.

verbal was written on August 19, 1999

shower scene

a minute long scene in the shower where we get to see Kim's gorgous breasts. the movie wasn't very good.

Palais Royale (1988)
Cyclone was written on February 25, 2003

Three scenes

First, about 31 minutes into the film, we can briefly see one of Kim's nipples while she's not quite covering herself with a sheet. Then, 77 minutes in, she's on top of a guy, and we get a shadowy side view of her breasts, and a peek at the very top of her butt. Only a minute after that, she's on her back, and we see her breasts once more as her chest is being kissed. All three scenes are really quite short, and only worth seeing if you're a diehard fan of Kim.

WhiskeyJack was written on August 19, 1999

Several topless scenes

There are two quite decent topless scenes. One has Kim on top with a side on view of her tits. The other has the guy kissing her breasts (in slow motion). There is also a shot of her sat up in bed trying to keep a sheet across them but not quite succeeding - though it seems hardly worth pointing out such a brief nip-slip after the other scenes.

Midnight Crossing (1988)
Chicago was written on November 21, 2001

3 scenes in first hour

Gordon's descriptions are right on. One scene was missed, however, which took place at :09.75 as Kim puts a freshly ironed shirt on the guy...he quickly and slyly opens the top of her dress to reveal her right breast briefly--about 5 sec. The love scene on the boat takes place at :29.25 as the guy cuts off her underwear. It is a darkly lit scene and you again see her breast(s) for about 5 sec. The last scene is at :39.25-:40.75 where Kim jumps on the guy in the water and her white shirt goes near sheer as you clearly see her breasts as they yell at each other, talk, and then he starts kissing down her body over her shirt before she turns and walks away. While not direct nudity, it's the best of the film for Kim. I only saw the first hour but I'm guessing I caught all there was for the nudity.

nudity_elitist was written on June 30, 2002

not bad but then again not nearly enough

Never do we get what I would consider a good look. It's sad when you get a couple of nude scenes and the best look is through a wet t-shirt. Kim is a moderately sexy woman outside that over-acter's anonymous meeting they call Sex in the City.

Gordon was written on November 6, 2001

Sex on a boat

Kim and a guy make out on a boat as she wears nothing but a red shirt. The guy opens her shirt and she unzips his pants. She ends up on her back on the deck as the guy kisses her thighs and works his way up to her breasts. The guy then screws her (as another man watches)and we get a few brief looks at her breasts again as she moans and sighs. Kim has a beautiful, trim body with nice tits, but unfortunately the exposure is brief and not all that direct.

Gordon was written on November 6, 2001

Wet t-shirt

I neglected to include another scene. Kim is in the water completely soaked, and she removes her jacket revealing her wet white tank top. Her breasts are clearly visible through the wet fabric as a guy kisses and fondles her.

Masquerade (1988)
Antman was written on December 4, 1999

One scene

A pretty good scene about four minutes into the movie; the scene starts as she and Rob Lowe finish having sex in bed. Bare breasts as she lies in bed beside him, then nude sitting up when he gives her a present (all you can see are her breasts).

Loneranger was written on January 25, 1999

She reveals her breast in love scenes with Rob Lowe.

She reveals her breast in love scenes with Rob Lowe.

Serna was written on December 3, 2000

great tits

Right at the beginning there’s a great shot of her breasts as she lies panting in bed after making love to Rob Lowe.

Hold-Up (1985)
beowulf644 was written on April 1, 2008

Nice ass

Two guys are sitting around a table talking and Kim comes out of the shower with a towel on her head impervious to them sitting their watching her nude ass as she sashays into her bed room. The guys give a knowing look at each other as they clearly enjoyed getting to see this unsuspecting cuties round butt and firm titties.

BushLeague was written on April 3, 2008

Body Double Alert

Mr. Skin reports this as a body double

City Limits (1984)
[email protected] was written on January 15, 1999

Waking up after making love

Kim is 27 at the time and has just made love to another character in the movie. She removes a piece of paper stuck to her right breast. Breasts only show.

Porky's (1982)
soulman was written on October 15, 2001

Lassie Come Home

This 80's teen raunch film was Kim's first film (even though she was said to have disowned it) and features the now infamous towel room scene. Although she only shows only a bit of ass and bush during that scene, she get *** for her vocal performance if not for overall nudity. I've never seen SEX IN THE CITY, but Kim did looked very cute back then.

mr.x was written on January 25, 1999

I don't know where [email protected] saw her breast and vagina in this movie all that I saw was her ass and a quick bush shot. She wasn't even in the shower scene she had been fired by that time in the movie.

I don't know where [email protected] saw her breast and vagina in this movie all that I saw was her ass and a quick bush shot. She wasn't even in the shower scene she had been fired by that time in the movie.

Nemo was written on January 26, 1999

Kim's very brief nude scene

Mr. X is right. Cattrall was never in the shower scene. Kaki Hunter was thegirl (one of them anyway) in the shower. Cattrall shows a quick bush flash + ass and then does a very funny simulated sex scene.

Ghostwords was written on October 23, 2005

Are some of you on drugs?

Kim Cattrall does not (a) show her vagina, (b) expose her breasts, or (c) get "taken from behind". She jumps into a guy's arms, pulls his shorts down, allows him to pull her panties down under her skirt, then he takes off the skirt (brief bush and behind) and throws her onto a flat surface for face-to-face sex. Great debut, although yes, it would have been nice if she'd pulled her top off whilst he was getting those undies down.

gringo69 was written on December 3, 2000

Never Have I Laughed So Much While Trying To Get A Glimpse Of Nudity

The bush and ass shot is cool but the whole scene is awesome. You can't help but laugh your ass off here folks.

NudeyDude was written on July 10, 2000

In this scen Kim is having her panties taken off and is being lifted off the ground

This scene does not show Kims breasts, but it does give us a nice look at her butt. If this scene is put into slow motion or Frame by Frame if you own a DVD player, you can clearly see her pubic hair as she is taking off her panties and as she is being swung on top of the laundry pile. But if your renting this movie for the nudity, this scene is not the one to concentrate on.

soupy was written on February 18, 2001


A great scene in the boys locker room. Kim does have a nice ass and a brief shot of bush. I do love her energy in this scene, sort of a preview of things to come in her sex in the city role.

beefcake was written on August 24, 2000

sweat socks

After smelling the boys sweaty gym clothes in the locker room, Kim gets horny and has sex with the gym teacher guy. The gym guy pulls Kim's panties off and you get to see her ass and bush. She than barks like a dog. It would have been better if she showed her boobies though.

dav345 was written on June 21, 2002

not much to see here

you see millisecond of her ass and bush - even a freeze frame doesn't provide much entertainment. She has done much better nudity on sex and the city.

Bootydaddy was written on June 22, 2002


Like the previous reviewer said, this is way too brief. Kim has a very cute ass, but you do get better views of it on Sex And The City.

Chicago was written on June 23, 2002

1 scene

Other reviewers (particularly beefcake and nudeydude) do a good job of reviewing the then 25 yr. old Kim's scene. After turning horny at the smell of guy's gym shorts, at :58.25 Kim's panties are removed from under her cheerleader skirt, then her skirt's removed revealing her pubes (briefly from the side) and nice small ass as she jumps on the guy and he lays her down on the table and sexes her. Her nudity lasts 8 sec.

nobelmike was written on March 15, 2002

Arse & some bush

very good but short shots of her ass and bush...the whole scene was really funny

Cyclone was written on July 4, 2001

Loud sex scene

Right before she has sex, her panties are pulled off and we get a couple of very quick peeks at her bush, and a view of her butt that lasts a few seconds. The actual nudity here is fairly forgettable, but the sex scene is still rather memorable.

[email protected] was written on October 28, 1998

great all-around nudity & sex

Not only does kim show off her breasts, buttocks and vagina, she has plenty of friends.The shower scene is famous, great rear and full frontal views. A must!!!

Serna was written on December 3, 2000

woof woof

Really sexy actress who slips off her skirt in the boy’s locker room to get shagged from behind. You see her lovely arse briefly as she strips and get a glimpse of her bush but the scene changes so you can only hear the noise of her enjoying herself - and barking like a dog!

Chez Porky (1982)
Psuedo_Saint was written on June 16, 2003

le chien

Porky's was released in Quebec as Chez Porky - a far more cultured movie than the American version. Kim's scene on the table needs no subtitles.

Rosebud (1975)
LeroyBrown was written on October 19, 2002

Bare buttocks on the rear deck of a Yacht

She was another of the kidnapped victim and she had black hair for this movie. I didn't recognize her immediately. As she walked onto the rear deck of the yacht naked along with the other kidnapped girls we get a good look at her buttocks. I thought she had the roundest butt of the bunch.

DeMan was written on December 14, 2001

Naked kidnapped girl

Kim Cattrall made her screen debut playing one of five spoiled rich girls who get kidnapped by terrorists. As the girls are forced to march naked onto the deck of the boat, all of them show their asses to the camera. Kim is the fourth in line, next-to-last. Not too impressive, but it's nice that she was nude in her first movie...a precursor of better scenes to come.

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