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year title
1989 War of the Roses, The 3 Reviews
1987 Julia and Julia 3 Reviews
1985 Prizzi's Honor 1 Review
1984 Romancing the Stone 2 Reviews
1984 Crimes of Passion 7 Reviews
1984 Breed Apart, A 2 Reviews
1983 Man with Two Brains, The 1 Review
1981 Body Heat 10 Reviews

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War of the Roses, The (1989)
Luvmonk was written on July 26, 2003

threee Scenes

I saw the DVD version. There were 3 scenes that I saw. The 1st is when we see Turner for the 1st time as she runs up to the estate auction. It is raining and she is wearing a white shirt with no bra. While this is cool and we see quite a bit its not really the same as the shirt being removed, now is it? After the auction we also see her again in the same state. 2nd, her and Douglas make love for the 1st time and afterwards they are laying on their backs in bed. As she adjusts her left arm, we get about 5 frames of her left tit--straight on. The 3rd scene takes place much later and involves her trying to crush Douglas between her legs. I watched it frame by frame on DVD and I saw no discernable bush. It's a sexy scene and worth checking out, but you can't really tell for sure if it's shadow, a lacy black pair of panties, or the real deal. If you really want to see her go see Body Heat.

JaeDavis was written on October 23, 1999

Wet shirt see-through

Early in the film in the scene after the auction Kathleen is standing out in the rain and her breasts are VERY obvious through her wet white shirt.

MovieVoyeur was written on August 5, 2000

upskirt in bed

While she is fighting with Michael Douglas in bed you get a very quick look at her bush. And I don't mean any shadows. It's a clear look, but you better use slomo to view it. And I don't think its accidentially, because Kathleen noticed it and pulled her nightgown back down, but they left it in because its more realistic. You normally don't sleep in nightgown and wearing panties. This is the Reason it gets 3*.

Julia and Julia (1987)
dsim was written on April 29, 2002


Near the end of the movie Kathleen and Sting are having sex in a room. It starts out with slo-mo shots of Kathleen's breasts in all their glory, then proceeds to show Sting doing her from behind. After this, he is doing her missionary stly and you can see her tits bouncing up and down while screaming in ecstasy. A MUST-HAVE FOR KATHLEEN LOVERS!!!

Alphonse was written on March 26, 1999


This movie was awful, but it was bolstered by the fact that her breasts are on display in two different scenes, the latter of which is pretty long and worth watching. Nice tits, great nipples, ridiculously bad movie.

JC was written on February 1, 1999

Sex Scene

Great scenes, shows breasts many times as she's having sex.

Prizzi's Honor (1985)
Immy was written on August 23, 2005

Left breast (0:30)

Kathleen and Jack Nicholson are rolling around in bed and while she's on top her left boob is briefly seen (shot from the head of the bed).

Romancing the Stone (1984)
Bevan was written on February 10, 2001

Chatting away ...

Turner flashes her breasts in an extended post-coital scene pressed against Michael Douglas. Even without any lovemaking action to speak of, even though no one ever put Turner in the top 100 Hollywood bods list, this is still Kathleen Turner in her prime, and that's enough for anyone.

SFG was written on January 3, 2002

Almost but not quite

There are two “almost” scenes in this film.
The first is when Kathleen bends down to pick some flowers; her blouse gapes open but somehow you don’t see any nipple.
The second is laying in bed with Douglass on top of her. The camera moves along her naked body but you only see a side view with no nipple.

Crimes of Passion (1984)
Mr_Bigglesworth was written on April 21, 1999

Some good nudity and sex scenes.

You only get one good look at her breasts in this movie. However, she has a couple of wild sex scenes. There's one scene in which we see a silhouette of her having sex in many different positions. There's also a hot scene where she's wearing S & M and franticly riding a guy. Be sure to get the uncensored version though.

Winchester was written on November 18, 1999

Strange movie, poor nude scenes

Well, this is a weird movie, and seeing fetish Kathleen wearing leather lingerie is more bizarre than exciting, but, whaddehell... She rides a guy in her spanking-bondage-outfit and is supposed to be shocking or erotic (the poor guy is damaged until bleed by her needle-aliked heels), but nothing to see of her body; there are scenes of anal sex, too, but shown through a curtain (diffuse scenes, so couldn't be done by Kathleen).Later and nearby the end of the film, a more recognizable Mrs. Turner is having normal sex in bed where her lover kiss her small but erect nipples, which are pretty visible. (Really, this movie makes expect too much more.)

jamiestarr was written on June 16, 2001

Kathleen Turn On..sorry Turner....

3 stars for this classic scene. Kathleen is a China Blue,a call girl. The best scene in the movie comes around 50 minutes in. She enters the room wearing staockings, black panties with a figure hugging gold slip over the top and a hat.
She fools around pretending to be an air hostess.
She kisses the guy and he heads straight for her thighs. She writhes and moans and he picks her up and lays her on the bed. She undoes her slip from behind and he lifts it off her exposing her small breats with lovely cute,but meaty nipples(semi erect). He kisses her again and then we get a great close up off Kathleens tits and nipples during which the guy licks and sucks her nipples making them point right out! The scene then goes dark and they try every position.... Nothing else to say except what great nipples.

Bevan was written on September 15, 2002

Then again ...

I'm a huge Kathleen Turner fan, but. There are long scenes of exposure, but Turner's attraction wasn't her (rather ordinary) bod, it was her incendiary sexual charisma. This is an awkward movie about a moonlighting hooker who doesn't much love the job. Turner being a good actress muted her normal fire for the sex scenes, and they come off as awkward as no doubt Turner and the director intended.

sirspread was written on March 15, 2005

a few scenes

we get to see turner in a few scenes here the nudity is never brilliant though although we do see enough of her breasts to know they are very small and most unactractive to the eye......keep your clothes on

nudity_elitist was written on April 7, 2001

Kathy does it all

You other reveiwers out there obviously need to see the un-edited edition of this one! While they don't SHOW it, in various scenes they hint at bondage, anal, oral (both ways) and more. Kathleen shows it all and while her boobs are a bit odd-looking, she makes up for it in inhibition. She even sports a little spot of jizz on her lip after a blowjob scene!

soulman was written on October 23, 2001

One Of Kathleen's Best.

Kathleen shows more skin in this film than she did in BODY HEAT. She also has the hottest sex scene, too. In it she shows her nice little tits with the sexiest set of nipples. The actual sex is shown in silhouettes, but everything else is fine. See the unrated version to get the full effect.

Breed Apart, A (1984)
Chicago was written on August 28, 2001

2 scenes

It's late into the movie before Kathleen disrobes (despite an earlier scene where she guides the guy's hand to her breast in her open shirt--nothing seen). At 1:20-1:20.75, Kathleen is making love and you see her breasts from a medium distance during a few fade-in/over shots before her left breast is nicely viewable lying on her back snuggling with the guy--pointy nip too. At 1:21.5, there's a 15 sec. resume scene of her breast as she continues snuggling with the guy. Pretty nice but still not comparable to Body Heat.

DBW was written on January 21, 1999

sex with Rutger Hauer

breasts visible

Man with Two Brains, The (1983)
NetFiend was written on May 16, 1999

Body double

One brief glimpse of (supposedly) Kathleen Turner's breasts as she is wheeled into surgery. Except you know instantly that it is body double - those are certainly not Kath's nipples. A fantastically surreal and humorous movie, though.

Body Heat (1981)
Edmundwalker was written on May 30, 2002

Satin Sheets

Just watched this last night and what a great scene this is.
First the camera pans up the side of the bed. We hear the hot sounds of sex and then see her clutching and twisting the satin sheets. Her arm comes into view and we see it move forward and back. As the camera continues to move upward and its obvious that she's getting it doggie-style. The camera stops on the back of her head as he pumps her harder and harder.
Kathleen turns, facing the camera and we get a close up of her sweaty face, bouncing forward with each stroke. Her expression is totally sensual and then she grimaces and moans.
We hear him ask, with some concern, "Are you alright?" and we realize that she's taking it up the ass! Her facial expression is one of utter and complete passion as she immediately responds, her voice husky and desperate, "Don't stop!!!"
Hottest anal scene in non-x-rated cinema.

thePirate was written on September 6, 2002

Kathleen Turner naked

Well, she's not as young and fit now as she was, but what a filmed testament to her youth... Seeing her slim and trim and naked - gorgeous, small breasts; very flat stomach, and looooong legs. Very pretty face, very sexy voice... and my gawd, when she's pulling Wm. Hurt down to the floor, or leading him around the room by his cock - or the very very very apparent scene of him taking her from behind - literally in the back door - well, what can you say for a "mainstream actress" who acted out a scene of this heated sexual intensity? Great work, if they gave out Oscars for the most realistic sexual scene... there's no contest.

Bootydaddy was written on October 23, 2003

not to shabby

After having "sex" with William about 20 minutes into the flick, Kathleen stands up naked (back only)and then her and William start talking and when she turns around you get a very nice clear shot of her cute breasts....later in the movie she lies on top of William and you can see her nice ass too.

Taz85 was written on November 10, 1999

Walking nude from window to bed

God view of her breasts while walking over to bed with Hurt, not that much else though.

Serna was written on August 27, 2002


Kathleen Turner is SO hot in this movie, probably the sexiest any mainstream actress has been in a Hollywood film. Some of the reveiwers here have shown how appreciated some of her scenes are, particularly the great description of the scene where she is getting it from behind. No nudity there but SO hot. It's definitely meant to be up the arse and when she flicks her head on the pillow and gasps Don't Stop it is a wonderful moment. The earlier scene where they first do it is sexy as hell to as he runs his hands down the front of her her body and pulls up her skirt, and when he pulls off her knickers. I also love the scene where she leads him around the room by the cock. The sweat which glistens on her skin throughout adds to the eroticism. Fantastic actress, super sexy.

EFlynn was written on January 8, 2009

Pubic Hair

As well as the other nude scenes. Kathleen shows her pubic hair.
William is sitting with his back to the camera. You see Kathleen walk into frame in her dressing room [Long shot] As she picks up her dressing gown to put it on, you get a side view of her pubic hair for 4 frames. If you use the zoom you get an even better view.

hickeyfan was written on June 21, 2013


She shows her breasts and a distant frontal

boba was written on April 27, 2001

Sweaty Kathleen

Classic Kathleen. She isn't quite as hot as she thinks she is, which makes her smolder. First, he feels her up over her clothes, cupping one hand over her breast, while the other slides down into her crotch. She gives in, "Yes, yes". Cut to her lying in bed with him, her hand under the cover, jerking him off. Next, we get a great view of Kathleen's body. Her titties are small, but her nipples are like pencil erasers. Her shoulders are broad, and her chest itself is very sweaty, her tits like two small bumps. She falls on top of him, her big-boned sweating body atop his, her big ass in view. Later, we get a close up of Kathleen's sweaty face, bouncing forward as she takes it up the pooper, doggie-style. Her expression is of utter agony, screaming "Don't stop!!!". She's so sexy in this movie.

Alphonse was written on September 19, 2001

hot body!

Hot, sweaty, sexy Kathleen. About a half hour into the movie, Kathleen follows William Hurt out of bed to get him hard again. We see her sweaty back, then her sweaty, beautifully small tits, and then both her perfect little tits and her ass when she lies on top of Hurt in bed. Brief, but a good movie with this very good Kathleen nudity.

The Cleric was written on January 14, 1999

Getting into Bed

Nude scene with William Hurt.

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