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Katherine Heigl's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2012 One for the Money 1 Review
2007 Knocked Up 2 Reviews
2005 Side Effects 4 Reviews
2003 Wuthering Heights 2 Reviews
2003 Love Comes Softly 2 Reviews
2003 Evil Never Dies 2 Reviews
2003 Descendant 8 Reviews
2000 100 girls 6 Reviews
1998 Bug Buster 4 Reviews
1997 That Night 2 Reviews
1997 Prince Valiant 3 Reviews
1994 My Father The Hero 14 Reviews
1979 Tempest, The 1 Review

Katherine Heigl's Sexy TV Shows

TV Shows this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
1999 Roswell 1 Review

nudity reviews for Katherine Heigl member submitted

Roswell (1999)
Dudester was written on January 13, 2003

Season three-the wedding episode

Katherine is briefly see in a nightie. No big deal, but she is beautiful.

One for the Money (2012)
Ghostwords was written on March 7, 2012


Ms Heigl plays a newbie bounty hunter who's tracking down a former lover. He breaks into her apartment whilst she's taking a shower (blurred silhouette through the curtain) and handcuffs her to the shower rail. During the start of this scene, her left side is fully in shot, but she's crouching and covering both nipples with her arm (however, you can see plenty of cleavage and the underside of her right breast as she turns). Another guy turns up to rescue her in the next scene, but she's wrapped the semi-transparent. shower curtain around her body by this point.

Knocked Up (2007)
Silverfish was written on June 3, 2008

sex scenes

In all of her sex scenes she is wearing a bra. You don't see anything else, which is under the covers in bed. In some of the scenes she is "pregnant" so this may be disturbing.

lacupids was written on September 15, 2007

She is just hot

No nudity... but she is hot in the first quarter of the movie... if you are a fan then yu can watch her...

Side Effects (2005)
SuperDave was written on October 24, 2009

no real nudity

There is no actual nudity in this movie, but there is that one scene in which Katherine Heigl dances around and takes off her bra. You don't see much but come on, it's Katherine freakin' Heigl! It's still pretty hot.

RealRedDevil was written on November 29, 2004

Partial butt in lingerie

Walks to the kitchen in a bra and french knickers which show part of her butt. Bare back lying in bed after sex with the sheet covering her below the waist.

MoviFreaks was written on June 22, 2007

When she took off her bra

We can see her left breast form behind, buat it's not good IMO.

swellsystem was written on May 18, 2006

wrote the above

Blundered It. Sorry, all.

Wuthering Heights (2003)
swellsystem was written on March 22, 2006

tv movie

Not only an absence of nudity, this is also perhaps the only time she is isn't totally hot. She appears more athletic, but this backfired miserably, leaving her curiously more reminiscent of Lisa Kudrow than of the Heigl we know and love.

RealRedDevil was written on November 25, 2004

Bikinis and sexy outfits

A number of scenes wearing bikinis, halter tops and short skirts.

Love Comes Softly (2003)
nas was written on June 11, 2011

hot nude scene

so hot...

RealRedDevil was written on November 25, 2004

No nudity

Katherine is in the bath when Dale Midkiff walks in to the room. No nudity in this Hallmark Movie.

Evil Never Dies (2003)
RealRedDevil was written on November 25, 2004

Sex scene

Katherine removes her bra before having sex with Thomas Gibson. Seen from the back only. Covered by a sheet during the sex scene.

Ghostwords was written on January 24, 2007

Not nude at all

No disrespect to her, but Ms Heigl's appearance doesn't even rank one star. She lifts off her jumper and has her bra unclipped at the back, but it's all shot from the rear and we can't even see the side of her left breast. Next, she manages to make love whilst her front is covered with a sheet, which is clever. Finally, after a visit from the police, having slipped into a nightie (why?) and housecoat, she sits up in bed, displaying some rather enjoyable cleavage - but that's as hot as it gets.

Descendant (2003)
RealRedDevil was written on November 19, 2004

No nudity

Bra and panties in a sex scene. Bare shoulders covered in a sheet the next morning.

Balrog was written on May 24, 2003


Who are these bastards who start rumours like that!!!!
In theis film, Katherine does show shit, just some sexy bra and pantie shots that would have been welcomed if there wasn't this rumour of frontal nudity!!!
maybe next time...

swellsystem was written on March 22, 2006

Zero Nudity

Just to re-emphasize, in light of a misleading "review" posted earlier-- no nudity here. It does have a couple of my favourite Heigl Shots, but they're strictly clothed.

jacomo was written on April 29, 2005

No Nudity from Heigl

I rented this based on a previous review. Heigl had no nude scenes and the movie was horrible. So unless there is an unrated version somewhere, you won't find the beautiful lady nude here.

jdecker666 was written on July 10, 2007

nude scene

i agree with everyone else. she is not nude in this movie. why 'howie's review is the lead review for this movie is beyond me.

Savman54 was written on September 12, 2006

Not nude in any part of this flick.

Although she prances around in skimpy clothing, Katherine has yet to show us the goods.

Bafitis was written on November 2, 2007

Review By Howie

Howie, if you haven't even seen the movie, WHY IN THE HELL ARE YOU POSTING REVIEW DATA???

Watch the movie before you post shit like this, there is NO, REPEAT NO Nudity in this film from Katherine...

I would suggest that your review privileges be removed...

howie was written on May 9, 2003

Full nude (reported nudity)

Haven't seen this but have read a review which says she appear naked many times - including a full frontal shot.

100 girls (2000)
robjaret was written on August 31, 2004

Katherine Heigl Playing strip fooseball

The scene is she challeges this guy to a game of foosebal where everytime a person scores a goal the other person has to strip. We Katherine Stripping of her shirt until shes in a Red Bra and jeans. Then she strangles the guys shirt while showing impressive clevage.
There is also a scene where katherine and Larisa Oleynik eat spagetti and larisa got her lips on one end of a spagetti and katherine on the other. The both suck the spagetti until both their lips connect.

samlowry was written on April 22, 2002

no nudity but underwear

no nudity here by katherine heigl,
but you can see her only with jeans
and a bra a few times. As she has never appeared
nude so far (i think) this is probably her sexiest appearance so far.

cyclops was written on December 13, 2000

No luck

Katherine is in a bra and her breasts bounce around as she shakes a guy but that's as good as it gets. Definitely no topless scene. She really needs to do one.

JAnondo_2002 was written on June 18, 2003

Swinging her beautyful and huge breasts in bra

Although its not a nude scene, I still have to give this a 4 star as this is the hottest exposure of Katherine Heigl yet. After losing a game of foosball to a guy, she pushes him down, the camera gives us a view from down up to her bending over the guy. When she shakes him, her huge awesome tits swing from side to side in her bra, looking like almost about to burst out or fall out. The sequence lasts a few minutes and definitely worth watching the movie for, if not for the numerous other nudes throughout the movie. Oh, did I mention you can almost make out the poking nipple of her left breast through the bright red bra?

lacupids was written on January 15, 2007

Juggling Birds when she fights

I always had an effect for her... so hot... when she was playing foosbal she quarrels and fist fights with the boy by bending down and doing so her both the boobs sways and jumps which makes your heart jump of if you... that was a long scene and takes palce more that one time in the movie and the scenes in which she is in red bra... wow gasp...

Armando was written on December 12, 2000

Rumoured: Breasts in new movie

I went to the 100 girls website and the movie is said to be american pie meets porky's only with more nudity. On one of the pages their is a picture of Kathryn heigl in a bra. Below the picture their is a caption that says "kathryn has big role in this movie". That's pretty obvious to me that their talking about. Obviously this is just a rumour and the movie will take a while before it's released so a lot can happen. But still look out for 100 girls and go to their website and checkout the chicks in the movie.

Bug Buster (1998)
rachaelleighcookrulz was written on July 25, 2003

bubbles anyone

not a good scene she is shown laying in the tub with her tits completely covered in bubbles

charliewayne was written on January 4, 2003

bathtub scenes and moonlight swim

While I agree that katherine is HOT, this movie is terrible and just plain STUPID! She does NOT appear nude AT ALL. Yes, she is in the bathtub, but with bubbles covering all the goodies. about as close to nude you get to see is several good shots of cleavage-and my, what cleavage!! The midnight swim looks like it was shot from 1000 yards away and she never comes out of the bra and 'daisy dukes' anyway.

Linkin was written on September 7, 2001

Soapy Breasts - See thru curtain

There are two ok scenes in this movie. First Kat is taking a bubble bath, hears some noise, she stands up and you can slightly se thru the bubbles. Second taking a shower, again hears a noise, pulls the shower curtain close to he bod and you can see he breasts thru the curtain. All in all this is a horrible movie and the bathroom scenes don't make the movie worth seeing.

Starduster was written on February 21, 2000

Bubble-covered boobs

About 40 minutes into the movie, she is taking a bubble bath. Heigl is startled by a noise outside, and turns. There is a flash of her breasts covered by a semi-transparent layers of suds. This scene certainly could have been better. There is a view of her thru a shower curtain shortly after, but this could easily be a body double. And, again, you don't see much

That Night (1997)
cybordemon was written on May 11, 2005

In the bathroom

There is a scene where she's in the bathroom rubbing creme on her nipples, you only see a sideview of her breast, but it's covered with creme.

Noldi400 was written on June 27, 2012


This film doesn't belong here - not only is there no nudity but the scene is of three young (think 11-12) girls rubbing creme on their chests in hopes of growing their breasts.

Prince Valiant (1997)
TripleThreat was written on December 2, 2001

Very Brief Ass shot

I only rated it this high because Kat is so incredibly beautiful. She is getting out of a big bath and she reaches for this robe type dress thing and you see a quick shot of her ass. She is incredibly great looking and has a great backside too.

mothergoose2003 was written on July 9, 2003


Kat bathing in lake turns topless to see Valiant standing. Use frame advance to see best. DVD from Poland.

MarcL was written on April 21, 1999

Buns after take a bath.

Buns shown after taking a bath and putting on a dress.

My Father The Hero (1994)
rounder was written on March 8, 2001

thong swimsuit and other scenes

Katherine was only 14 when she made this movie (it was filmed in 1993 - she turned 15 on November 24 of that year). She unfortunately doesn't show any actual nudity, but she does spend much of the movie in very sexy outfits - skimpy swimsuits, short skirts, etc. The best scene is of course when she is shown getting up from a poolside chair and walking away from the camera - she is wearing a tiny little thong swimsuit that exposes almost her whole ass - and what a perfect, firm little ass it is! Additional shots in that swimsuit and others highlight her other sexy features - the white suit is tight enough against her body that you can see the outline of her firm little tits, and there are scenes in which she wears an orange bikini top that allows a little glimpse of the sides of her tits. And her smooth, long legs are shown in almost every shot. She has a great body, and the fact that she is only 14 makes all her scenes sexier. Even though there isn't any actual nudity in the thong shot, her age gets it four stars, and the rest of her swimsuit scenes get three!

StevieY was written on July 22, 2000

great butt shot

Lovely Katherine, now star of Roswell, was 16 when she filmed this movie. There is a great scene where she is wearing a one-piece thong and her beautiful butt is visible until Gerard Depardieu, playing her father, rushes up with a towel to cover her. It's a brief scene but Katherine's spectacular buns earn 4 stars.

dav345 was written on December 2, 2000

butt shot in thong

This scene is as sweet as a young girls ass.

axl was written on October 18, 1999

young but sweet

Even though she was very young in this movie she still has a nice behind that is shown in a thong bikini.

B-movienut was written on December 2, 2001

white thong scene

Even though Katherine was very young at the time she made this movie, there is a great shot of her cute butt in a one-piece white thong. As she gets up from a lounge chair she walks away from the camera so we get to see the cute butt. Then they show her walking poolside with Gerard Depardieu and then up a set of stairs. When they are walking up the stairs, they are approaching the camera. Even though this isn't a nude scene, its very nice because her white one-piece swimsuit is very tight against her very thin and sexy body and is also very high cut to further accentuate her nice long sexy legs. Very sexy scene for someone so young

icebag2 was written on May 15, 2008

Young buns

Yes, it's a cute little butt, kind of on the elongated side. If her being so young gives you the willies, pretend you're from Alabama. Strictly speaking, the swimsuit she is wearing is called a maillot tanga.

The_hollywood_hustler was written on February 7, 2003

Hot swimsuit Thong Action

what a hot scene when she appears in that bathing suit, it makes worth sitting through this thing worthwhile, I dont care how old she is, she is totally awesome in that thong..a cute butt all the way.

bigpoppap was written on July 27, 2001

Walking in Thong

Although16 at time of movie's release, Heigl is incredibly sexy in this role.
The poolside scene where she walks by wearing a white thong, reveals a perfect backside.
In the early American version, her suit was made bigger (post-production) to cover more of her posterior. (I think the movie was made by Disney)
But if you get a chance to catch this scene the way it was intended, you will not be disappointed.
3 - Stars for 2 reasons.
1) She's only 16 - maybe 15 when it was actually filmed
2) It's not actually nudity, just a great look at a great butt.

PK was written on May 31, 1999

Butt Shot

She must have been quite young (14-16) when making this movie. There was a shot of her in thong-bikini. Very nice butt... Almost felt kind of guilty knowing that she was underage at the time.

Bootydaddy was written on July 29, 2001

Thong does not count as Nudity

Once again another movie that should not be on this site. Heigl IS NOT NAKED! She is friggin 14 for cryin out loud when this film was made! She is shown in a thong while walkin away from her dad, NO NUDITY=ZERO Stars

Ilovebmovies was written on September 3, 2004

white one piece thong, VERY HOT

I can only give this one star because she actually is not nude in this movie, but she is wearing a white one piece thong swimsuit and was only 14 when she made this movie. She is first seen, laying on a lawn chair talking to her father. When she gets up, she walks away from the camera and we get a great look at her ass in the thong, pretty hot for someone so young. Then she is seen walking with her father towards the camera for several minutes slowly approaching the camera. She has a really hot thin nice body, with long beautiful thin legs. If you have the DVD version and have a DVD player with zoom on it, you can get great closeups of her very sexy body.

LrdJester was written on December 29, 2001

Actually, she was 15 or 16 (DOB 11/24/78)

I would give it two stars as she has a nice body and I knew when I saw it she would grow into a beautiful woman.

But I digress, this movie doesn't belong here.

soulman was written on November 17, 2001

She's 14 For Christ Sakes.

I usual have a rule of thumb: if I'm hot for someone who looks legal and I later find out that they're not, my additude is "oh well, too late". But if she's obviously not legal, I say "forget it". With that said, I fully agree with Bootydaddy that this appearance by Katherine doesn't belong on this site. Although she's grown up to be a very cute and sexy young woman, she's only 14 in this film. So put it back in your pants, pervs.

hornyhornyhorny was written on August 7, 2007


i wanna tap that ass!

Tempest, The (1979)
RealRedDevil was written on November 25, 2004

Near nudity

Several side views of 95% of Katherine's bare boobs as she skinny dips at night. No nipple.

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