Kate Elizabeth Winslet
Reading, Berkshire, England, UK

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Kate Winslet's Sexy Filmography

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year title
2008 Reader, The 5 Reviews
2006 Little Children 8 Reviews
2006 All The King's Men 1 Review
2004 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 2 Reviews
2001 Iris 13 Reviews
2000 Quills 13 Reviews
1999 Holy Smoke 38 Reviews
1998 Hideous Kinky 12 Reviews
1997 Titanic 33 Reviews
1996 Jude 25 Reviews
1994 Heavenly Creatures 7 Reviews

Kate Winslet's Sexy TV Shows

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year title
2011 Mildred Pierce 0 Reviews

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Mildred Pierce (2011)
Reader, The (2008)
Texasmovieman was written on January 3, 2009

several sceans from start of movie

Now hthat kate has had her baby she is back showing her beautiful body. not as hot as in titanic days but still one sexy woman. she shows it all, starting with but when she first seduces koss. then in first half we see several breast shots and even a brief glimps of bush. interesting scean at end when Ralph as older mature koss character goes to see her as old woman and after several years of him not visiting her in prison she grabs his hand and talks and looks like she expects her sexual affair to continue when he picks her up on her release. she still has the sexyest breasts there are

Pompey was written on January 10, 2009

Breasts and pubic hair

Plenty of Kate naked, showing her breasts (probably a C-cup) throughout the movie, and with a few nice shots of her arse and furburger. Her nipples are thick and she has large brown areola, often on display. A harrowing movie in places, but luckily not in the places where she's showing her body. I'll be getting the DVD for some personal, private viewings.

FactNotFiction was written on January 15, 2012

Typical Kate Movie

Throughout the movie Kate shows of her breast quite a lot. I'm a big fan of Kate's but i'm sorry to say I was shocked at the way her body looks in this film, gone are the round plump breasts, replaced
with what can only be describes as slightly saggy ones, clearly she has just had a child as her nipples are also much darker than usual. So yes plenty of nudity but she's looked way hotter in all her other movies.

Texasmovieman was written on April 21, 2011


Even after kids she is still one of the most beautiful women in the world. She is a great actress and does not shy at showing all of her body. many scenes showing it all as she seduces a 17 yr old boy

noned was written on April 25, 2009

Love making

The hottest nazi pedophile ever

Little Children (2006)
beowulf644 was written on March 24, 2008

Kate's boobs

Once again we get to see Kate's very nice rack as Patrick Wilson is slamming into her on the washing machine. At one point, in a clearly ad libbed impulse, Kate apparently liked Patricks ass so much she couldn't help but reach down and grab one of Patrick's firm butt cheeks in her hand to get a feel herself.

Texasmovieman was written on May 24, 2011

2 big sceans

Most beautiful woman in world body not afraid to show ir all breasts and bush

Bushyboy was written on January 1, 2008

laundry room and flash memory

Right nipple is visible under his arm - too far away for more stars. Nice quick look at both tits as she turns in attic. At 76:18 is a VERY nice closeup of her right tit and nipple.

Bushyboy was written on January 1, 2008

flash memory

OOpppsss. Make that the LEFT nipple. We should be able to edit our own posts to fix errors like this!

Xeyes was written on June 13, 2007

Breast and Sex Scene

lattara's review OK. 1 sex scene in the laundry room 54 min, 2 sex scene 60 min, 3 sex scene 76 min.

lattara was written on November 19, 2006

Three nude scenes

Kate has three brief nude scenes in this movie. The first is a sex scene with Patrick Wilson's character in the laundry room. They are up against the wall in medium to long shot and one of Kate's breasts is visible between their bodies in OK lighting for a brief period. In the second scene, Kate gets out of bed and joins Wilson standing at the window, there is a partial side view of her medium-sized, slightly pendulous breast for a brief while before she turns and there is a momentary frontal exposure of both breasts. The final bit of nudity is in a series of edits to Kate and Wilson's love-making. Several of these have non-explicit skin, but in one, Kate's breasts are on good show in fair lighting.

sakaamarnath was written on November 25, 2006

Kate Winslet

she is excelent to all eyes on this planet

PeterBlack was written on October 4, 2007

A Little exposure

Kate has three short nude scenes in L.C. The first is a sex scene in the laundry room.It is a nice scene,except that it is very short.Kate's nipple is giving us a glimpse. In the second scene, Kate gets out of bed and joins Wilson standing at the window, there is a partial side view of her breast for a brief while before she turns and there is a full exposure of both breasts. Her nipple and areola are more dark. The size of the breast is reduced.The final bit of nudity is in a series of love-making.Do not expect a great exposure,though Kate's breasts are on good show.

All The King's Men (2006)
shizmatic was written on November 23, 2010

strategic nudity

She lays fully nude on the bed, and covers her breasts with her hands, nothing is visible.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)
Texasmovieman was written on April 21, 2011

no nude scene

Great actress but seeing skin makes the movie and none in this

ff was written on April 18, 2005

thonged butt

near the end of the movie she pulls her pants down to check out her ass in a small mirror. you can see that she is wearing a thong but the shot is from the side and the mirror is quite small so we don't really see much.

Iris (2001)
soulman was written on March 3, 2003

Skinnydipping Scene.

This scene is recommended for Winslet fans due to the fact that she's gone out of her way to look unacttractive with her bad haircut and pale looking skin. I just love seeing this woman naked so it doesn't matter to me. Her scene is more of a series of flashbacks than just one whole scene. The movie flashes back and foward between scenes of her and Dench (who plays the older version of Winslet's character). She's first shown swimming underwater. Under the murky waters you can see her tits, her ass briefly but you can barely see her patch. She rises from the water giving another shot of her full tits, a shot of her round ass as she get ouy of the water and a partial side (patch included) view as her husband dries her off. Not as good as HOLY SMOKE or QUILLS but good if you're a fan of Winslet, who with her full, voluptuous figure continues to refuse to play into society's perception of what a "perfect" body type should look like.

Cyclone was written on March 7, 2003

Several scenes

Kate first gets naked during the opening credits, in the first of her several skinny-dipping scenes. She's totally naked, and shows pretty much everything, but the view is greatly obscured by the murky water. Then, 30 minutes in, she again is swimming in the nude, but while the view is more clear, all we get is a short look at her breasts. Her best scene starts 38 minutes in, when in addition to a pretty decent view of her full naked body under the water, we also get a few good looks at her out of the water. We get a brief look at her GREAT tits just above the water, full views of her butt once she's out of the water, and a terrific side view of her body moments later, in which we can see her butt, her rack, and her bush. 46 minutes in, she has another short nude scene, in which we briefly see her butt before she's in the water, and see her body for a few seconds underwater. And finally, 70 minutes in, she's riding a guy during sex, and we get a side view of her breasts for about 5 seconds. Overall, her nudity is quite plentiful, and while too much of her exposure is underwater, we do get some good views, too. It's definitely not Kate's best nude performance, but even with that awful haircut, she still looks great without clothing.

McBoris was written on April 18, 2002

Skinny Dipping

Kate Winslet goes skinny dippping in the film and while she is swimming under water the camera gets a very good view of here naked body. Here breasts are particularly nice. On the negative side Kate has a horrific haircut in the film

CharmedBoy was written on March 4, 2006

many nude scenes

Kate is nude many times in this movie about author Iris Murdoch. She´s nude while smimming, while having sex. It´s a great movie if you are a big fan of Kate (I am). The only thing what might be not that nice is her haircut and her clothes...

mcjw2011 was written on January 19, 2003

Skinnydipping scene

Kate Winslet is not as attractive as she was in "Titanic" or in "Jude." In this drama about the descend into Alzhiemer's Disease, she goes skinnydipping with Hugh Bonnevile. There are a few good shots of her breasts and her behind, and a faraway, fuzzy look of her pubes. Kate is presented in an unattractive light, with a horrible-looking haircut and pudgy body to boot. Good for fans of Kate who want to see her nude, and don't care about her haircut, since Kate is unattractive in this film, I give her ** stars for the effort.

Ryan was written on February 18, 2002

Skinnydipping, sex, everything

The film opens with a shot of Kate (who plays the younger version of the title character) swimming nude underwater and you see some obscured shots of her breasts as she does. Skinnydipping is a recurring theme for the character and later in the film the older Iris imagines seeing her younger self skinnydipping again underwater with better shots of Kate's breasts. Later there is a full body shot as she gets out of the water (although the rear shot is not too flattering as Kate has a little weight on her and her body is a bit pasty). She turns around as she dries off and you see full frontal nudity as well from a distance. Later still she goes skinnydipping with her lover and you see both of their rears through some weeds as they run into the water. Her lover also walks in on her making love with another man and again you get a clear view of Kate's bare breasts. Overall there is a surprising amount of exposure in this film. Although Kate is no stranger to nudity this is probably her largest number of nude scenes in one film, however...she really doesn't look her best here. She has a very unflattering haircut and is not shot in any kind of glamorous or sexual way. If you're a hardcore Kate fan you won't want to miss it but it's not difficult to find her nude on film and she looks better in almost everything else she's ever done. Also, the movie is a MAJOR bore to sit through, just fast forward to the nudity on the video.

FarscapeCJ was written on July 13, 2005

This has it all

This is a great film to see kate. You see her wet breat in a skinny dipping scene. You see her bush getting out of the water and you also see her butt. She is seen riding a man in better later on in the movie. Thumbs up for any Kate Fan.

TranslucentShield was written on September 3, 2002

That Kate.

As usual, Ms. Winslet is nude (fully nude, in this case) in the film. Just as a warning though, her nudity isn't in such great abundance as such other films, as Holy Smoke or Hideous Kinky. A fine film, however.

Luvmonk was written on November 5, 2002

Good Shots of a Heavier Winslet With A Bad Haircut

She had to have really bad hair for this part, ugghhh. She has also put on a lot of weight since Titanic. Anyway, we see her ass as she jumps in and out of the water in a skinnydipping scene. We also see some backcut from her tits and we see some underwater shots of her tits and ass. Then we see well lit med. distance tits as she rides some guy in a sex scene. The movie is a pretty good look at the descent into losing one's mind to old age and alzheimers, but long and a little slow. The nudity makes is a little more tolerable though.

dvddish was written on March 15, 2003


see this movie

PeterBlack was written on December 31, 2005


Great Nude,with Full Frontal,large breasts and armpit hairs.

dav345 was written on February 17, 2002

full frontal and rear nudity

I have not yet seen this movie (new release), but I hear that Kate Winslet is at it again....full frontal and rear nudity on several occasions. Her character apparently loves to skinny dip and does so many times in the movie.

lpz89 was written on June 25, 2007

Big bum

For lovers of the derriere there are some great shots of Kate's capacious and very lovely arse!! Not to be missed.

Quills (2000)
JFChrist was written on June 15, 2001

she's sexy when she's dead

Kate Winslet did not go down on the Titanic. She is alive and showing décolletage in Quills, which happens to be a very good movie. And at about midway point, we are given a long side view of her with her shirt off, her orbs are large and hold their shape well. And near the end we get something a little more special; she is dead and her priest boyfriend decides to consummate the relationship. In this scene we have several close lingering shots of her very firm and large breasts. There are dead on nipple shots, her buttons are a little bland in color, large in diameter and the lower left side has some mottling. A note to the curious: DVD’s increase the rating of most nude scenes by at least a star. Being able to pause the frames here with a photographically still image makes an average piece of celebrity nudity into a memorable one.

soulman was written on July 6, 2002

2 Tit Shot.

Winslet has 2 scenes which Chicago does his usual fine job in describing. Te first is a slighty blurry background view of her one of her tit while changing with Pheonix in the foreground. The second has her in a dream sequence with a good look at her tits while Phoenix has sex with her (her character is suppose to be dead). Her tits seem to have grown in size between film (TITANIC, HIDEOUS KINKY, HOLY SMOKE and thise film). A truly beautiful pair. I know other reviewers are put off by this scene, but it's a dream scene for cryin' out loud. Lighten up a little.

ny was written on January 1, 2005

The Ending

At the end, Kate Winslet's character has been murdered. To keep things short, we see the priest dreaming over her body. Most of her body is shown but nothing to get all happy over.

BroadMountain was written on December 7, 2004

On altar, dead

She's real sexy and Joaquin Phoenix does well by pulling down her shroud S-L-O-W-L-Y to reveal her breasts and stomach. Joaquin as the priest then fornicates with her as she comes to life, but this only gets 2 * for its brevity.

Previously, you see a way distant side-boob shot as Kate is ministered to after receiving a whipping. Why wasn't she whipped topless? Bogus.

Filmbuff was written on January 23, 2001

Topless changing

There is another nude scene besides the quasi-necrophelia scene, one in which the lovely Kate removes her top as Joaquin Phoenix looks on.
You see her right breast from the side and since we all can draw her large beautiful globes from memory, it's not worthy of much.

Chicago was written on December 11, 2001

2 scenes but only 1 decent

At 1:21-1:21.25, after a town whipping and tending to her wounds, in the fuzzy background behind Joaquin Phoenix, Kate struggles to put back on the top of her dress over her shoulders while seated on a bed. The shape of her full left breast is seen from the side but from a distance so that it's more of an outline than anything (1*). At 1:50-1:50.5, Joaquin pulls down a sheet covering the dead Kate revealing her left breast. The scene continues with close-up shots of her left breast from the side and right breast from the front, lasting 35 sec. The scene continues as she comes alive (on screen as if Joaquin willed her back to life) so the two have sex but there's no directly visible nudity...decent eroticism, however, as she leg wraps him and excitedly takes in on the table. As other reviewers have said, she's got nice full, round breasts with large areola...a nice follow-up to Titanic!

chazpanther was written on December 16, 2002

Beautiful breasts

1:21 Kate is getting dressed after being whipped. She shows her luscious left breast with its truly awesome shape.
1:50 Joaquin views Kate's dead body giving a good view of her sexy breasts. Then as if by magic she seems to come to life and they have some very vigorous sex as she wraps her legs around him to receive his gift for her.

ajb was written on November 24, 2000

Post-mortem/Fantasy sequence

Great actress Winslet bares her breasts once again. Unfortunately, she's dead. The scene takes place in a church and Joaquin Phoenix is crying over her. He pulls down the blanket and reveals her breasts. Then, she comes back to life and starts kissing him. What follows is a very disturbing sex scene, because one feels that he is imagining this and is having sex with a corpse. Fortunately, he wakes up and finds himself to have dreamed it. Kate also wears very revealing dresses throughout the movie that show off her ample bosoms.

VivDiva was written on June 3, 2001

On the church altar

The scene gets a bonus star for mixing sexual tension and necrophilia in a way that heightens the taboo eroticism. There is a lot of passion in this scene. Definitely worth watching.

Cyclone was written on July 9, 2003

Two scenes

First, about 81 minutes in, we get a brief look at her large left breast from behind as she's getting dressed. It looks great, but the view is essentially a silhouette of her beautiful form. Her better scene comes 110 minutes into the film, when she is laying on her back, and a sheet covering her naked body is pulled off. We get several side views of her fabulous left tit, and one overhead shot of her right boob while it's being kissed, but once the actual sex starts, her nudity unfortunately ends. As usual, Kate's face and body are gorgeous in this film, but even though her breasts look amazing, her actual exposure is a bit too brief. Worth seeing if you're a Kate fan, but definitely not as good as her nudity in Jude or in Holy Smoke.

wheble2299 was written on July 22, 2001

brief breast alive, lots more dead

After getting whipped, you see her left breast for a few seconds as Joaquin Phoenix watches on. Then after her death, Joaquin, who plays a priset, is seen kissing and licking her body. They do have sex even though she is dead.

puckhead was written on January 2, 2001

on a slab...

Its kind of creepy when you think she's dead and the priest starts fondling her. fortunately she starts moving (dream sequence) - VERY close up shot of her boobs. Her nipple pretty much takes up the whole theatre screen at one point.

Luvmonk was written on November 5, 2002

Strange Movie With Good Winslet Nudity

It's good but not great. We see some backcut of her right tit as she changes clothes. The shot of her is out of focus because she is in the background with Phoenix in the foreground. The second scene has Phoenix pining over her dead corpse. We see a close well lit side view of her left tit. Then at the very end of the scene we see one overhead straight on shot of her left tit.

Holy Smoke (1999)
lpz89 was written on September 25, 2006


Another great Kate scene - wonderful full-hipped figure and hanging boobs. Just fine!

2cool was written on August 27, 2000

Nude in the dessert (and she's urinating too)

Kate Winslet has done it yet again!

She is TOTALLY NUDE! This is the most you will see of her in any movie. She is naked in the desert and you can see her big round breasts and her bush as well.. And to top it off,she is urinating!

Bootydaddy was written on April 12, 2002

Not sexy

the scene where you see her full frontal is not sexy, for cryin out loud she is pissin' herself..you gotta be a sick puppy to dig that.

Serna was written on May 8, 2003

she is very sexy in this movie

This is quite a sexy movie, although quite strange and not as smart as it thinks.
Winslet looks more beautiful than ever. She wears revealing Indian dress and tight tops. Her breasts are bursting out of a lot of the clothes.
She is naked when Keitel comes outside to find her burning some of her clothes. Kate's got a full and lovely figure. She stands outside. She is full frontal; her dark bush and round breasts. When Keitel walks away she deliberately pisses down her leg and over her feet.
Then cut to the bed, where Keitel gets on top of her.
Later she sexily kisses another woman in a nightclub.
And, later the same night, she stands in her bra and skirt and tells Keitel to take her panties off. She tells him how to go down on her but the camera focuses on her face. She enjoys it.

Serna was written on May 8, 2003

add to earlier review

Right at the end when Keitel's chasing Kate up a hill in the desert, her skirt lifts up and she's not wearing knickers. There's a fleeting glimpse of the Winslet arse.

MissCuriosity was written on March 28, 2001

She is NOT FAT!

This is Kate Winslet at her most incredible hottest. She sizzles in this movie. The glden shower scene I could have done without, but my god she is beautiful. Earthy, sexy, delicious...Her breasts are full and lush, she is curved in all the right places. Kate Winslet is one of few real women in Hollywood. The fact that she is having sex with Harvey Keitel is a little creepy (I don't see the appeal in him), but other than that...WOW. A must see for any Kate fans. The movie itself is truly bizarre, but Kate seems into that. She is amazing...I'm sweating. Time for a cold shower.

kate was written on December 5, 1999

beuty nude

After second night pj comes out of house and we see kate coming in front of camera totally nude with dirty big tits and glimpse of her down hair and later in the car you see her tits it a good movie for those who want to see kates tits otherwise movie is boring

soulman was written on March 28, 2001

Some major nudity from Kate in a terrible movie.

What more can I say about Kate and the scene that hasn't been said already except that I too agree that Kate is not fat at all.She is what the brothers refer to as "thick" or "healthy",but fat? I don't think so.

ndt531 was written on March 7, 2000

Kate Winslet fully Nude

Well again Kate Winslett did it! She's full frontal here, you see everything, you can also see her pissing as she walks towards Harvey Keitel. I only gave it three stars coz the lighting is not good. But if you love to see Kate fully nude well see this movie.

SuperDave was written on October 24, 2009


Kate appears totally nude for what must be a full minute or more. You get a fantastic extended full frontal look at her. Definitely the film's most memorable moment.

mcjw2011 was written on February 9, 2003

Golden shower scene

In this art-house film, Kate plays a woman who is trying to be deprogrammed by Harvey Keitel. In one scene, she runs fully naked (tits, muff, and ass) across the desert and shortly after urinates on herself in front of Keitel (since the scene is carefully edited, we're not sure if it's her actually doing it). Kate isn't as great-looking as she was in 'Jude' or 'Titanic,' but this nude scene is all the more worthwhile. She's not fat, but graituitously plump. A must for die-hard Winslet fans.

Seoman was written on February 14, 2001

Pissing scene

The sluttiest actress ever, Kate Winslet, walks up to Keitel completely nude. Great shot of her perfect body with those large tits and hairy pussy. He then turns to walk away, but Kate then pisses herself! She is such a sexy whore. Top rating!

McBoris was written on July 26, 2002

Full Frontal but

There is full frontal nudity from Kate in this film but the scene is poorly lit, Harvery Kietel gets in the way too much and Kate isn't looking nearly as attractive as she does in her other films. The film itself is crap so not really worth watching. If you want to see Kate Winslet nude watch 'Jude'.

thefaceman32 was written on October 20, 2003

Peeing (holy smokes) - Is that what you can a main"stream" actress?

OK, I know there are other actresses who have peeing scene, but this is a main"stream"?? (pun instended) actress..

01:04:00 She is completely nude walking up to Harvey Kietel in the desert. Sweet.

01:06:00 Nude laying in bed with Harvey Kietel. Then they get up. A bit dark.

sirspread was written on April 12, 2005

breast and bush

a few decent looks at her unappealing big heavy boobs and bush (unshaven but not over hairy)
just past the hour mark

Elv08 was written on September 28, 2001


Kate's best film to date. You see everything and she is gorgeous in it. In one shot you see a full frontal C.U. as the camera slowly moves down her body. You also see a full frontal when she's lying down in bed. She has sex with Harvey but you don't see anything. Harvey gives her oral pleasure (we see her other lips, sadly). She kisses another girl, but it's so un-Lesbian-like it's not worth watching. You need to forward about an hour in to watch the best stuff. Kate's sister (who goes down on Harvey) is also fit.

OldChumley was written on September 10, 2000

Golden shower

Not! The camera scans down her body, then tape cut and you see water dribbling down some similarly heavy thighs. The sound effects further the illusion.
Overall, an interesting movie in which the nudity is distracting. There's a reason Kate wears something wrapped around those hips almost the entire movie.

Cyclone was written on August 1, 2001

Full frontal exposure

If you like naturally voluptuous women, then this scene is for you. We see her standing in front of Harvey Keitel while completely nude just over an hour into the movie, and the view is positively wonderful. We get several reasonably long looks at her bush and big, beautiful breasts, and then briefly see her lying naked in bed moments later. Kate has it all...a gorgeous face, amazing tits, and a very real body type that we don't see nearly enough in the movies. Simply a must-see for anyone who appreciates just how beautiful this woman really is.

RichT was written on November 25, 2001

Bush-out, BUT having a wee !!!

You get to see plenty of Miss Winslet in this film, but perhaps TOO much ?!? Firstly, I believe she was in the early stages of pregnancy at the time, and therefore she is rather "large". Also she IS seen completely naked in the desert, but she is also shown "relieving herself". This may be your thing, but it certainly isn't mine ? I applaud Kate for being so brave on-screen, but next time can she please keep her nude scenes to something slightly more erotic for her loyal fans

FarscapeCJ was written on July 13, 2005

Full Frontal and little of something for everyone.

This movie has kate naked by a fire scene. You clearly see her full entire hot body. She also has several other sex scenes through out the movie. Kate does it all in this movie. I would give it a thumbs up.

umathurmanfan2 was written on March 5, 2005

Virtually everything

In this weird movie, Kate delivers an entire scene entirely nude. She is slightly overweight, but if you’re a fan it won’t matter. The scene is long and there are good views of her large breasts and bush. It is a bit of a turn-off when she urinates on herself though. It then cuts to her having sex with some guy, then lying fully nude in bed the next morning. As far as nudity is concerned, this is her best work. But for artistic merit, take a look at Titanic. (Note: the region 1 DVD is cut, I recommend either region 2 or 4 for the full uncut version)

ricolus was written on October 17, 2006

At Her Sexy Best

Kate Winslet,who has never looked so sexy,natural,raw and full figured as in this movie,bares her large,drooping breasts and neat pubic triangle whilst walking towards camera in a long,well lit scene,much of it in close up.The camera lingers on every inch of her fantastic,meaty body.Watersports fans will love the urinating scene,as urine trickles down between her fullsome thighs.

ConstantReader was written on March 4, 2001

Kate walking around naked in desert

How, how, how can anyone describe this woman as fat? Just because she doesn't look like an malnourished stringbean doesn't mean she is "fat." What she is, is voluptuous, in the best possible way. Big healthy breasts, enough body to hold onto, and that face... This is a terrible film, but those few seconds make it worth buying, not just renting. Fat, sheesh...

Alphonse was written on August 7, 2000


The Kate in "Jude" is a bit more attractive, and the nude scene in that film is a bit more fulfilling, but Holy Smoke shows Kate at full blossom, and she's still smoking despite being a bit heavier than we've seen her in the past. She is nude in the desert, showing us both top and bottom (her tits are huge!). Later on she's nude in bed, and we see everything all over again. The movie's more artistic than entertaining, but the nudity's great, especially if you're a bit more open-minded about girls at a more natural weight.

Luvmonk was written on November 5, 2002

Some of the Best Winslet Nudity

ElihuYale is correct this is a weird and unenjoyable movie. However, it has full frontal nudity from the full figured Winslet. Big tits, bush and ass are shown in clear lighting and from med.-close range. This is a scene at night in front of a fire. Then we see more tits the morning after in bed. Winslet is a good actress and pretty but like most English actresses she is heavy set. Even the hot Elizabeth Hurley was a big girl until she moved to Hollywood.

dressinggown was written on August 6, 2001

Golden shower!

Spectacular stuff. Kate looks voluptuous in this film, full and fabulous. She's nude frequently, although my personal favorite is when she approaches Harvey with that semi-robe on, fully open to expose her breasts and pubes, and in the process is urinating on herself! We can hear it trickling down her leg and freezeframe seems to indicate it is actually her doing it, no special effect! Top!

PeterBlack was written on December 28, 2005


Kate Winslet is one of the sexiest beautiful actresses in Hollywood.She did the full nude scenes in several movies.She did it again in Holy Smoke.Walking completely nude in the desert pissing...the scene before it, in the club,where she was seduced by two guys,making her drink, removing her panties and top,and the scene after it making sex,lying completely nude on bed...WOW.
Greatly done as per Cndb.

Sexdemonno1 was written on May 3, 2005


Why do some of you feel the need to criticise beautiful womens bodies?

Saying 'her ass is too big for my liking' or 'she has too bigger thighs' is pathetic.

Can any of you critical people say you have perfect adonis bodies which all women would find no fault with?

NO. SO don't diss KATE for being a proper woman. That goes for the gorgeous Emmanuelle Beart too!

PLUS: Luvmonk is a twat. British actresses are usually a lot skinnier then yank ones. And is Kate Beckinsale, Thandie Newton, Emily Blunt etc fat? I think not so stop being a moron with idiotic comments which you know nothing about yeah?

Ustadmovieguy was written on October 1, 2002

last scene of the film when she is going nude in desert

full frontal

Texasmovieman was written on May 24, 2011

Several but walking with fire

Story boring but since she does sex and full nude scean who cares

ElihuYale was written on December 6, 1999

Only if You Love Kate

Terrible Movie. Kate is full frontal in the desert after 2 days of cult deprogramming by Keitel. Big full breasts and hairy crotch but she is repulsively fat. Keitel is seduced by her after she urinates on herself (really!). Full frontal again after sex but more rolls of fat to ponder. Later, she guides Keitel in performing cunnilingus on her but don't see anything.

Sorcerer was written on December 6, 1999

Now That Was Rude

I haven't seen the film, but have seen pics of Kate from it. She's no more repulsively fat then Marilyn Monroe. Thin may be in for now, but we musn't let that distort our perceptions. Hey, remember Spinal Tap, The looser the waistband...

trapdog was written on July 30, 2006

Nude as can be

Those spend their time rate then shape of a woman's body typically are doing so after wiping clean the keyboard with their sticky fingers and the fact of the matter is they would be lucky to get off with a drunk sheep tied up in the barn. So if you like Kate, then the sceen is worth your time

hello1 was written on April 12, 1999



Penis was written on December 2, 1999

Nude in desert

Supposedly there is a scene where Kate gets buck-ass nekkid in the desert. The film is opening in limited release, someone better go check it out!

nudity_elitist was written on July 12, 2001

kate winslut

Look, here's the scoop. Kate is very daring in this one. She shows off tits, bush, ass, etc. But she just doesn't SELL it. Simply disrobing is just not enough to get me going. That's why movies are better than magazines. Sorry, Kate, but you just don't have that twinkle in your eye! It's obvious you are not an overly sexual person.

dvddish was written on March 23, 2003

big, full frontal

in the shower scene you see everything

fat2tap was written on July 26, 2016

Full Nude

Kate Winslet is one actress who is beautiful and has a womanly body.

She goes full frontal in this movie. She is beautiful from head to toe. The quality of the scene, when she walks completely naked towards the camera, is a bit on the grainy side. I guess it was done to hide her pussy lips from being visible. Nevertheless the nudity is amazing and her breasts look great.

In the next moment she is in bed being fucked in missionary position. She is nude on her back and her costar is on top of her and he suffers from premature ejaculation. Kate is in a state of pleasure and has totally surrendered to him. However, even though she pleads him not to cum and theteby continue fucking her, he lasts for a few thrusts.

She is again shown naked lying in her bed next morning. Good watch.

Hideous Kinky (1998)
Ghostwords was written on January 1, 2012

New boyfriend

Whilst brief, any opportunity to see Kate nude is always welcome. This one occurs around 15 minutes in, as she entertains her new boyfriend. It's shot from above the bed and we get several views of both her fulsome breasts till one of her two daughters interrupts them.

Omni was written on August 10, 2000

Lying down naked

This scene is pretty good except that it's in two parts - some nudity, some crap, then back to the nudity. You get clear view of Kate's good-sized breasts that jiggle even though she's on her back. I don't know about Julia's (the reviewer) scientific analysis of Kate's tits - they look the same as in Titanic.

Brokencake was written on February 18, 2000

Surprisingly Nice

I hated Titanic and its nudity. This, however, is pretty nice. Kate looks very good in this scene and her breasts are very full and bouncy in their about 10 seconds of exposure.

lattara was written on March 21, 2001

Lovely real breasts

Kate's sizable fleshy breasts and large light brown areolae are viewed as she lies on her back. A fairly brief scene but enjoyable as Kate brings a fine earth mother vibe to her role, has wonderful natural boobs, and her nipple is very visibly aroused in at least one shot.

Cyclone was written on October 10, 2001

On her back, topless

We get a few nice looks at Kate's always beautiful breasts during a short scene with Saïd Taghmaoui. She looks wonderful as usual, but the scene was simply too short, and it pales in comparison to her excellent exposure in "Jude" and "Holy Smoke".

Elv08 was written on September 28, 2001


Kate W's breasts are gorgeous. She's lying on her back, her lover on top feeding her food. Every time she moves her breasts jiggle. Beautiful! A good film as well. I've seen her breasts so many times on film I feel like I've slept with her. Better nudity in Holy Smoke and Jude.

Jack was written on February 11, 1999

Beautiful Breasts

Kate is seen topless only briefly in this film but it is still worth a look because this lady has fabulous breasts. Kate was a little overweight when this film was shot and as a result her breasts seem much larger than in Jude and Titanic. This is also quite a good film.

Julia was written on February 23, 1999

Love scene with Bilal (Saïd Taghmaoui)

In the thick Moroccan heat, Julia (Kate Winslet) and Bilal (Saïd Taghmaoui) share a date (the food) naked in bed. Kate's breasts are fully visible, though the scene is brief. She actually looks pretty different than her previous film nudity. Her breasts are larger and somehow, her areola is much larger. This happens when a woman has been/ is pregnant or nursing a baby. It somehow added authenticity to the character, who's role as mother is central to her identity. It was also wonderful to see a positive, realistic, natural and sensual portrayal of a mother.

NudeCelebrityTheater_com was written on November 15, 2004

Topless on her back in bed

While many may think she's sex in this scene I run the other way. Be prepared that you also have to like hairy arm pits, boobs with areola the size of my fist and flat nipples that evoke nothing for the most part.

She does get commended for continuing to do nude scenes but, she can look a lot better.

Note that later there is a "sexy" scene where she's laying on top of her lover's back in just panties. Not nude but very sexy looking.

soulman was written on June 23, 2001

Nice Tit Shot

Although Kate does'nt show as much in this film as she does in HOLY SMOKE, she gets 3 stars for those tits that are briefly shown bouncing around while laying on her back.

mm35 was written on September 14, 2000


It is rare for an actress who has hit the big time to continue to lose her clothes in film. This voloptous brit is a wonderful exception. Kate is scene lying on her back with her breasts fully exposed. Her breasts definitly appear larger than in her previous skin scenes.

Luvmonk was written on November 5, 2002

Brief Partial Nip Shots From a Terrible Movie

This was a horrible movie to sit through for nudity. It was boring and made very few thematic points. The only nudity is of her on her back as she gets it on with this guy that blocks her breast for the most part. We only see her big nippled tits one at a time and even then only partially. There is way better Winslet nudity out there see Holy Smoke. This movie is for the Winslet collector only.

Titanic (1997)
dvddish was written on March 2, 2003

brief boobs

pretty good for a pg-13 movie

soulman was written on November 20, 2001

Nude Posing.

Kate shows bits and pieces of tits and ass during a nude drawing session with Leonardo. Not bad for a PG-13 rated film, but it pales in comparison to her appearances in HOLY SMOKE.

kingman333 was written on August 26, 1999

Being sketched

Kate walks out in a robe and drops it, revealing her butt, and then we see her nice breasts but the camera by strategically covering her vagina.This scene is also very erotic.Note-This movie is rated PG-13, but with this nudity the movie should be rated R.

Bootydaddy was written on April 12, 2002

Tit and ass

When she poses for that jerk-off DeCaprio (however the hell you spell it), you get to see her pretty nice ass and when she lies on the couch you see her left breast.

AnTe was written on July 28, 2000

sketched by jack

she is on the couch modeling for jack,she is totaly naked,it's not a sex scene but it is very sexy

moviestuff was written on August 17, 2003

kate's ass and tits

even know i hated this boring movie i loved her nudity you see her tits and ass

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on May 25, 2004


This is definitely her hottest nudity she looks very good and not that much overweight.Anyway you see her nice rack laying on the couch getting sketched ho hum everybody knows the story

Vikico was written on August 28, 2000

Portrait scene.

When Kate Winslet takes off the smock, she shows her breasts and very briefly her pubis. Afterwards, a bit of her bottom, and the tits again, but not in a evident way.

Cinephile88 was written on November 26, 2007

(Breasts) Kate shows off her supple breats in a beautifully lite, ultra-famous scene

You all know the movie. Midway through Jack draws Rose nude and you get to see the top of Winslet's butt crack and her mouth-watering breats. Winslet is one of the most gorgeousm, luminous women alive and this film helps show why.

robertcun was written on July 11, 2000

Jack paints gorgeous Rose

Kate is one of the most beautiful females and is a real girl with a fine figure, thanks Mr. Cameron for a fabulous scene were we get a good view of Kates ass, tits and some pubic hair.

nudity_elitist was written on July 8, 2002

Rose's roses

I recently finally saw this terrible film for the first time. In a nutshell, Kate is a HORRIBLE actress in this, and that is usually enough to turn me off. But curiously I was happy with her nude scene in this. First of all, it was a surprise in such a popular, almost fit for family movie. Second, it was a relatively good view with fair lighting and duration. Nowhere near the quality of her scenes in "Holy Smoke" but a nice surprise, nonetheless. *1/2.

Shorty was written on September 1, 1999

Posing on couch

Oh my god. I had to go to this movie with my girlfriend. My first thought was BORING! But then I saw the incredible beauty that is Kate Winslet. In this scene she drops her robe revealing her butt and backside. Then she lies on the couch streched out with beautiful breasts and a tantalizing sexual fantasy of a body. My mind was saying, OOOOHHHHHHH BABY! Meanwhile during this scene Leo DiCaprio is drawing her while she is posing. I can tell you he probably wanted her pretty bad!

wrenzo13 was written on October 30, 2004

Kate gets nude om the couch and then there is some got things to come.

Here is a lovely woman with naturally lovely breasts, that are perky and stand out well. The scene could have been longer but it was nice the way it was.

jeremyw was written on August 19, 2003


kate winslet is hot in this movie she shows her almost perfect natural tits her great butt and a little bit of bush

Cyclone was written on May 18, 2001

Posing for Leo

About halfway through the movie, Kate poses for a drawing and we briefly see her butt before she lies down. We then get a decent look at her breasts, although her right breast is hidden during most of this scene. Certainly not Kate's best exposure, but not bad, and she looks terrific as usual.

McBoris was written on April 18, 2002

Gets here portrait drawn nude.

Leonardo DiCaprio draws Kate Winslet whuilst Kate Winslet is lying down completely naked. As the low certificate suggests it's not the most revealing of scenes and annoying the shots of Kate's naked body are edited with shots of Leonardo drawing.

mcjw2011 was written on January 18, 2003

Nude portrait

In the 1997 film "Titanic," around the second hour of the film, Kate Winslet (Rose) poses for a nude portrait for Leonardo DiCaprio. As she drops her robe, her nice, round behind is seen for a seconds. Then as she lies down on the couch, her nice breasts are seen briefly as she gets comfortable. As the scene progresses, there are more glimpses of her breasts. A very sensuous scene; quite graituitous for a PG-13 movie. The movie is incredible, and Kate Winslet's nude scene is een more incredible. However, if you want to see Kate in all of her altogether, see 'Iris,' 'Jude' or 'Holy Smoke' instead.

Luna was written on September 10, 1998

Rose (Kate Winslet) is reclined nude on a chaise lounge being sketched by Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio)

The sexual tension in this scene is palpable. Kate Winslet is an extraordinarybeauty with a gorgeous body. Her timeless beauty is evocative of the Venusstatue in Versaille's gardens.

darna was written on September 22, 1998

posing scene

Unexpectedly beautiful body & demeanor as she's posing for a drawing. We see her exceptional breasts and smooth skin.

Anonymous was written on October 21, 1998

Nude drawing

Kate has an unexpectedly GORGEOUS body...very shapely, and if you look very closely you can almost see her fur as she's adjusting in the drawing! A pretty long scene as well, for a PG-13 movie...

Htr was written on February 12, 1999

I wouldn't mind being Jack in this scene...

No sex, but you do see Kate totally naked- sort of.Anyway, Rose (Kate) is being sketched by Jack (DiCaprio) on a leather couch in this sexually charged scene. We see a brief glimpse of Kates lovely butt as she stands before Jack, and a view of her lovely medium-sized breasts as Jack sketches her. The lighting also gives it a sensual feel, and the actual scene lasts some time, but the view of Kate's body is fleeting at times. Also, to be tatseful, Jack's sketch conveniently covers her pubic region (which can be viewed in Jude).An incredibly beautiful full-figured woman, this scene is good, but the whole movie is INCREDIBLE. Go see it, the scene and the movie.

2cool was written on August 23, 2000

Kate posing nude for Leonardo to draw

Well.. Kate poses nude so that Leonardo can draw her potrait. Kate Winslet removes her dress and exposes completly to Leonardo and we get a nice shot of her ass. Then as she is lying down on the couch and she keeps talking to Leonardo, we can see her breasts. But she is horizontal and hence it ain't much fun.

Serna was written on December 29, 2000

Nice arse

I think Kate is very beautiful. She has a natural body and a pretty face. This is not the best film for nudity but you get a nice close up of her arse and a short look at her tits when Leonardo is sketching her.

FarscapeCJ was written on July 13, 2005

WAS I DREAMING. WHY did they cut it?

When I viewed this the theater Kate had a scene where she walked in to disrobe for Jack and you CLEARLY saw both of her breast in a well lit scene. Also the loves scenes were more graphic. It seems that the DVD has removed this and I am very sad. I hope that re issue will restore the movie to in't original glory. Kate has a great Rack please JIM put them back in the film.

umathurmanfan2 was written on March 5, 2005

Infamous scene and one of the most beautiful ever filmed

OK. Everyone knows this scene, yet 8 years later it still manages to be wonderful with every viewing. Kate Winslet is a talented and stunning actress and she is totally gorgeous in this movie. Some have said that she’s fat (like in Iris) but in this movie she is at a perfect weight. The scene is beautifully shot and highly erotic. The camera agles are constantly changing, giving us a brief glimpse of her breasts (and bush for those with a pause button) and then changes to behind her where we see the top of her ass. She then lies down on the couch, where her lower region and right breast is hidden by the drawing pad. But we get good long views of her large, left breast as she lies there being drawn (if only the complete camera angles were available, as we would see everything). What is good about this scene is that it is not directly related to sex and there is no sense of shame in the matter. Winslet is noted for her lack of shyness when it comes to nudity, but this is still her best nude scene.

babon was written on January 29, 2000

All except her pubis

Shows all

sergiomachado was written on October 28, 2000

I wouldn´t mind being Jack in this scene

Rose is being sketched by Jack

Brokencake was written on January 29, 2000

You guys need to get a life

Alright, you get a crappy view of her tits in a unflattering position. She doesn't look too good in this scene anyway!

mm35 was written on January 30, 2000

sketching scene

We see kate's ass and a few glimpses of her beautiful breasts. The scene is quite tame. If your really want to see Kate in the buff check out Jude.

Luvmonk was written on November 5, 2002

Pretty Good For a PG-13 Movie

We get a couple of good ganders at her busty breasts while Leonardo sketches her. The shots are in good light and are close-med. range. A modern classic movie with nudity, not bad.

mcjw2011 was written on April 12, 2012

Portrait scene even better in 3D...

"Titanic" was the first on-screen nude scene I'd ever seen of Kate. To be fair, she's shown a lot more in later films -- but this scene remains my favorite for nostalgia reasons. (And it's very sensual for a PG-13 film.) People forget that Winslet is wearing a see-through robe (both arieola are visible, but not her bush) as she re-enters the drawing room, pulls the belt out and swings it playfully before she slips the robe off. In the 3D re-release, as she slips the robe off, it's like she's directly in front of you. Her breasts aren't in 3D unfortunately, but the scene is just as boner-inducing as it was back in 1997. I have to amend my earlier 3-star rating for a 4-star rating.

CharmedBoy was written on February 24, 2006

Nude drawing scene

When she's posing for a drawing, you can see her gorgeous body. It's a long scene as well. In my eyes a famous scene.

mamrd was written on December 31, 2006

Posing scene

Kate is posing for Leonardo

Jude (1996)
snag was written on December 10, 1999

lush, but not erotic

This is a very satisfying look at Kate's gorgeous body, but scene has a lot of nervousness that detracts from the potential eroticism. The portrait scene in Titanic is much more erotic even though they never touch. The movie itself is pretty depressing.

lpz89 was written on September 25, 2006

Love scene

Just the best - brilliant tits, brilliant bush - lovely, lovely Kate, I jst love you!

kingman333 was written on August 26, 1999

Love Scene

Kate takes off all her clothes in preperation for love-making, and we see her breasts and her vagina for about 30 seconds, then Jude gets on her(we see his bare butt) and the two roll around a bit and we see Kate's butt and her breasts. Very good scene, one of the best celebrity nude scenes I have seen in quite a while.

MissCuriosity was written on March 28, 2001

Too depressing

I give this two stars only because of my undying love for Kate. This movie is awful! I wanted to kill myself by the end. It is so depressing that there was nearly no way to enjoy the nudity. I like how no one mentions she is having sex with her COUSIN! This movie has full frontal, but Kate looks far better in Titanic & Holy Smoke (which also has full frontal). If you are a die hard Kate fan, rent it. Otherwise don't bother. Hell, even if you are a die hard Kate fan, do yourself a favor and get Holy Smoke instead.

scanman was written on June 10, 2001

A great scene of a fully nude Kate Winslet

Kate is fully nude! The guy who plays Jude is invited by his ex wife to come with her. Suddenly Kate's character feels the need to have sex with him so he'll stay with her. She undresses completely and poses fully nude for him on the bed. This scene lasts for about a minute. As usual Kate is great in this very dramatic movie and her body looks better than ever! The nudescene is in the last half hour of the movie!

Senator was written on September 16, 2001

getting nakes, lying on the bed

I can't give her a four star rating because of who she is... but she does look good (and rather fit) in this movie... really erotic... the only time I have really considered boneing her.

McBoris was written on April 18, 2002

Naked before and during sex scene

Kate Winslet has a sex scene with Christopher Eccleston and for around thirty second before they begin having sex Kate is lying down on here back completely naked waiting for eccleston to underdress. You get a very good view of her body including her pubic region. During the sex itself Eccleston sucks Kate's left breast so the camera gets a close up on her left nipple.

faygo was written on May 31, 1999

Winslet's Thicket

Kate is sitting on some guy's bed, slips her top and shows off all the goods: her very nice breasts and bush. They start kissing, he works on down to those greats breasts and sucks on them, they go back to kissing, then he mounts the hoarse. Very nice nude scene.

sirspread was written on April 11, 2004

breasts and bush

worth 4 stars as she takes of her white nightie as she kneels on a bed revealing her breasts and full black bush.the action takes place 1 hr 17 mins into the film and we get to see her for a full minute

Jed was written on October 20, 1998

Kate lets it all hang out

Kate prepare's to lose her viginity to Christopher Eccleston. She takes off her cloth's and lies completely naked on the bed in full view of the camera. Chris then mounts her and suckles her breasts before the camera pulls away.

Htr was written on February 12, 1999

I wouldn't mind being Jude in this scene...

Basically, lovely Kate is gonna lose her virginity. She removes her one piece dress and we get an incredible view of her body totally naked- bar her butt. But we do get a nice view of her breasts (which seem smaller here than in Titanic, but still nice) and her hairy bush.A full figured woman, Kate is sexy as hell in this scene as Jude comes in and suckles her breast (however he is merely 'hovering' over Kate, no part of his torso actually touches Kate's!).An incredibly sexy redhead, this is a great scene and lasts a while.However, to me, the movie was boring as hell, so if you want to see this scene, download it off the 'net or watch Titanic (less skin though).

RichT was written on November 25, 2001

GREAT scene, but SERIOUSLY depressing movie !!!

Thanks so much Kate for finally showing your great body (especially your fluffy bush !). Lucky Mr Eccleston for being able to "get to grips" with Miss Winslet's naked body, including sucking her fantastic nipples (AND he got paid for it !!) Shame the film is so tedious and incredibly depressing. Fast-forward to Kate's beautiful bush, THEN STOP AND REWIND !!!

mm35 was written on November 22, 1999

all of kate in full view

you see kate lying on the bed with everything but her ass in full view. jude then goes down and suxs her fat nipples. like a previous reviewer said the movie is rather boring but it's worth renting just for the nudity.

Cyclone was written on March 2, 2000

Full frontal

Great nude scene from Kate here. She takes off her clothes and lies flat on her back for at least half a minute in a scene that clearly displays her breasts and bush. Then the sex starts and we see a bit more of her lovely tits. Simply a terrific nude scene, and Kate looks absolutely wonderful.

ndt531 was written on November 24, 1999

Kate bares all

In this movie, Kate shows everything she has to offer. She is about to lose her virginity and takes her clothes off with nothing under it. She lies down on the fully naked and you can see her in all her glory. The movie is quite boring though.

FarscapeCJ was written on July 13, 2005

Full Frontal

Has a great love scene. You see her entire body from above while she is laying flat on the bed. We see her breast and bush. If I remember it right the guy she is making love to is her cousin in the movie...ew Also there is a scene where she is giving birth and you see a rather graphic shot of her nether regions and again... e

mcjw2011 was written on February 13, 2003

All I can say is... wow

Incredibly full-figured Kate Winslet finally shows off in this period drama. When preparing to have sex with Christopher Eccleston, she strips off all of her clothes and lies fully nude in front of the camera. No body double... the camera pans over her body and every inch of her glorious body is displayed. Plus, Chris also sucks on Kate's left tit for a while (full closeup of her lovely left nipple). Good stuff... outstrips 'Holy Smoke,' 'Titanic' or 'Iris' as her best nude scene. All I can say is... wow!

StevieY was written on July 23, 2000

full-frontal Kate

Kate Winslet, the sexy and incredibly talented English actress stars in Jude. Based on a Thomas Hardy novel, it can be boring at times and hard to follow like any British literary adaption. But most of them don't have nudity in them. Here Kate is about to make love to Jude (Christopher Eccleston). We are given a nice look at Kate's tits as well as her thick pubic hair. Eccleston fondles her tits and we see his ass (not a bad one, either) as he climbs on top of her. A good nude scene and Kate's talent makes the rest of the movie watchable.

hylander was written on February 12, 2006


This is easily one of my favourite nude scenes ever. Kate looks extremely cute in this film. During the sex scene she gets her wonderful breasts sucked. Her breasts look great, a bit smaller than i expected but that didnt bother me at all. fantastic, 4 stars

BigWoody was written on October 14, 2004

Full-frontal lying on bed

Kate has done many nude scenes throughout her career. Kate’s best nude scene occurs about 81 minutes into this movie, when Kate takes off her nightgown and lies face up and totally nude on the bed. The lighting is very good and the scene lasts for several seconds. We get to see a clear view of Kate’s tits and Kate’s thick and plentiful pubic hair. Then Christopher Eccleston sucks Kate’s right tit and then sucks Kate’s left tit. Lucky Christopher!

Winchester was written on December 22, 1999

Kate's private parts

Many have reviewed this one and all of them were very descriptive, so i only recommend this one,too. It's a boring movie... but the nude scene is pretty good with a young Kate taking off her clothes and lying fully nude in bed for a while, exposing her breast and a big-hairy pubes. (Hah! Very typical for european actresses to make their most audacious nudes scenes in earlier works... once they turn to mainstream movies or become famous is too much difficult to seein' them nude.) A must see for Kate's fans

damn_crazy_bastard was written on July 24, 2003

Full Frontal

Full breasts and bush as Kate drops her dress and lies on bed. Her lover climbs on and goes to work on her lovely breasts.

2cool was written on August 28, 2000

Totally Nude in Bed

Kate removes her clothing and lies down naked on the bed, waiting to have sex. She is totally nude and we are able to see her breasts and her really really hairy bush. Many actresses shave their bush before appearing nude but Kate doesn't seem to care. Nice scene overall and shameless Kate is 100% visible.

janelle was written on September 19, 2004

unshaven Kate

I can see she is no fan of waxing. You can see her full hairy bush in the unrated version. Her thick dark pubic grows all the way to her loins and her ass. It looks like she hasn't shaved for awhile.

fat2tap was written on July 28, 2016


Kate Winslet in a hot actress with a body to match. Her breasts are ripe and firm in this movie, unlike in some of her later movies where they appear shrunk and saggy.

Her costar is sitting on her bedside. Kate takes of her robe and exposes her completely nude body to the camera. She lies down and we see a full nude shot of her from above. Her bush is visible but no lips or labia is seen; suggesting that she may be wearing a merkin.

Her costar takes of his clothes and straightaway starts sucking on her breasts. First he gives a good deep suck on her left tit taking it into his mouth as much as he can. We see his saliva on her breasts when he releases it and takes her other breast into his mouth to suck on it. He gets to suck on her breasts good and deep.

Kate looks young, refereshing and extremely beautiful in this scene. Her breasts are amazing and gets sucked real good. Must watch.

Heavenly Creatures (1994)
nmd was written on August 26, 1999

if your looking for a young kate nude scene . . .

the water is a bit cloudy but you can see her nipples - there's also some lesbian kissing scenesand it's a great movie

sirspread was written on July 3, 2005


a couple of scenes where both ladies are led in the bath
if you are lucky you might make out a nipple

nudity_elitist was written on July 8, 2002


You see nothing. To put it into perspective, it is very comperable to Christy Brinkley's pool scene from "Vacation." you see only what you think you see. Waste.

howie was written on January 13, 2001

Kate's nipples

Like Melanie, Kate's nipples are just visible beneath the water, but this is a great nude scene as we know it's her first - and she's naked in a bath with another girl. She's also naked in bed with Melanie - but we don't see anything.

Chicago was written on February 26, 2002

Next to nothing

There are a couple of soapy water bath scenes, one at 1:02-1:02.5 and 1:20-1:21. The former has a very hard-to-make-out view of Kate's areola, but you really have to look hard. There's also a lesbian kiss scene at 1:19.25-1:20 where both gals are naked but nothing is seen.

unknown was written on November 9, 1998

almost nudity

Heavenly Creatures was a very good movie. There was a bath scene, but it's like Janet Jackson's music video Every Time. Kate Winslet's sitting up but the water covers her breasts and the water isn't clear.

Omni was written on August 10, 2000

Quick tub scene

Well, I must say this movie was weird - those kookie Brits I guess. You can get a short but good look at Kate's breasts while she bathes. (Be warned, the lesbian kissing scenes are quite disgusting since the girl that Kate's kissing is a dog.)

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