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Kate Beckinsale's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2006 Underworld: Evolution 6 Reviews
2002 Laurel Canyon 2 Reviews
1995 Uncovered 14 Reviews
1995 Haunted 10 Reviews

nudity reviews for Kate Beckinsale member submitted

Underworld: Evolution (2006)
FarscapeCJ was written on January 21, 2006

Love scene

This is a hot love scene that takes place about 30 minutes into the movie. You see her as a light skinned vampire having sex with the main dude. You do not see much but you do see parts of her breat but you do not see the nipple. You see the main dude between her legs grinding. The director/husband is keeping her body covered during this scene. This could've been a 3 star easily with a slightly different camera angle. Kate did say To Conan that her and the guy were naked but we did not get anything good to see. Maybe this will show up on the special edition dvd later this year?

TesuqueRed was written on February 4, 2006

Love scene with Speedman

Well, you always wanted to see what was under that latex, didn't you?

Go to one of her earlier movies.

This one, well...

It's a tease only, for the most part. Kate is older now and has had a kid and is in terrific shape given all that, and certainly has stuff to flaunt.

Becks and Speedster make eye contact, hold it and let the tension build. You know it's coming. They did this well - you need the tease, and so it's a good start.

And tease some more: you get enticing shots from angles of that latex-clad figure. Fine stuff, especially the butt.

And builds: Speedster begins doing what you wish you were doing - unzipping Becks!

As for the rest, you get enticing angles, lots of skin and no goodies. It's always "almost". You get the roundness of the brest and almost a nipple. You get the flat stomach and hip bones but the thigh intercedes. You get the torso shot with (if you haven't already guessed) the arm blocking the view of the breast, the thigh blocking her (and his "member" as the romance novelists like to call it).

You get a few shots of Becks in ecstasy but .. eh? .. nice enough but a let down after the limp teasing that followed a good start.

Boy I'd love to visit the cutting room floor for this movie.

Foxracing500r was written on January 21, 2006

A huge Tease, but great anyway

This was the main reason I saw this movie, that and Silent Hill trailer, She was so perfect in this seen, It shows alot, and if you look closely you can see her breast fully, You cant see anything else which would be nice. I vote we get a Unrated dvd this summer with a good view at her.

Bootydaddy was written on January 24, 2006


1 hour and 5 minutes into this movie during a flashback sequence when Marcus drinks Salene's blood you see a flashback to the earlier sex scene between her and Michael. During this scene you see a couple of frames of film where you can clearly see her fine ass that were not originally in the earlier scene.

At first I thought I was just seeing things but after rewinding and slow motioning the scene you do in fact see her ass.

This is definatly good news for a possible Unrated/Director's cut DVD that will no doubt be issued later in the year.

BMac was written on June 26, 2006

Great ass, low self-esteem

At 1:05.35, during an uncovincing sex scene with Scott Speedman, there are several frames of Kate Beckinsale's high-quality butt and one blurry suggestion of a boob.

Don't get me wrong, Beckinsale has a three-star ass: not as fully rounded as some, but firm with a beautiful tear-drop shape. But this scene is too brief and badly shot to merit more than a half-star. It's only for die-hard fans.

There's one scene of Speedman unzipping Kate's latex catsuit, but it's just a tease. Despite her deservedly criticized implants, Beckinsale still isn't enormous up top, maybe 34C instead of 34B, and doesn't show much here.

A beautiful, talented actress during her 20s, Kate now has that ultra-thin face that signals emaciation or plastic surgery _ or both in Hollywood. Fans who want to see Beckinsale look natural should instead check out Uncovered, when she was fairly small-breasted but perfectly adequate.

jmq was written on March 29, 2015

Not much

Can't see anything

Laurel Canyon (2002)
Fling was written on January 30, 2004

No nudity

Pretty, skinny Kate Beckinsale has lots of sex and sexy scenes in this movie, but, wishful thinking aside, one thing she doesn't do is get naked.
Kate slips into a pool wearing bra and panties at 1:04:08 for an extended sequence that includes kissing Frances McDormand. At 1:04:26, using a zoom, a viewer can see the outline of Bekinsale's nipples, but even when wet her little bra remains semi-opaque. In fact, one obvious conclusion is that Kate went to a lot of trouble to avoid the nudity that would have been natural in this and other scenes.
Although quite small-breasted, Kate Beckinsale is a great example that size doesn't always matter. She's lovely as is, and it would be nice to see her nude here.
But she's not.
`Laurel Canyon' is a good movie, but anyone who rents it expecting to see Kate Beckinsale nude has been misinformed.

eaglespyharry was written on May 2, 2003

See-through top

Kate has more exposure in this movie then anything she has done in 4-5 years. In opening scene of movie her fiance is going down on her; you don't see much except at the end of the scene the covers are pulled back and you see her naked hip and side of her butt (she is clearly not wearing panties). A little later she strips down to bra and (ugly) panties and gets into pool. As she gets wet there is one brief - but clear - see-through nipples shot. Kate is very sexy in this movie.

Uncovered (1995)
eaglespyharry was written on April 18, 2004

Fantastic scene

This is an absolute must see for Kate's fans. She walks directly toward the camera and strips off her dress then her bra. She is wearing only sheer panties (you can clearly see some pussy fur through them). Her breast is clearly lit and shot head on. A perfect 4 star view of Kate's young medium size tits. She has very pretty nips and a lovely bod.

ff was written on May 18, 2004


you can see her breasts when the guy lifts her shirt and sucks on her nipple. the second is the best scene she takes off her bra and you see her breasts as well as her pubic hair through sheer panties practically a full frontal nude scene. she showed her breast again as she is sitting fully nude she gets up and you almost see her butt. the nudity isn`t really necessary in fact if it wasn`t for her nude scenes the film would probably get a PG-13. her breasts are nice and perky with large areolas but i think her body double`s breasts in Haunted is better. i would give this a **** but her hairy armpits is a bit of a turn off.

BigWoody was written on October 14, 2004


After returning home from a long day, Kate goes into the bedroom, takes off her dress, and walks out of the bedroom in a bra and panties. Then Kate reaches behind her back, unbuttons her bra, and slides her bra off. The lighting is very good, and the scene lasts for a few seconds. We get to see a clear view of Kate’s nice-looking tits, with large areolas.

Since becoming a well-known star, Kate refuses to do any more nudity. Fortunately, this movie was made when Kate was very young and wasn’t a well-known star yet.

David_Rich was written on May 14, 2006

several scenes

Thank God she did a movie like this before she became the A-list actress she is today. This movie doesn't show just a few tease shots, it actually makes ample use of Beckinsale's nude body. She has several scenes including a couple sex scenes. At the time of this movie she certainly wasn't the mature, full bodied 30+ hottie she is today, but it's Beckinsale totally nude nonetheless.

neoman was written on March 6, 2000

Walking towards us

Kate walks around topless in panties for a few seconds, then we see her partially obscured reflection in a picture a couple of times for a total of about 10 seconds. Short scene, but pretty well lit, and her breasts bounce fetchingly when she walks.

Bootydaddy was written on May 28, 2001

Beauty From Pearl Harbor

This is the chick in Pearl Harbor who plays Evelyn (sp?). But anyway she is very hot. She walks around topless for about 10-15 seconds in this film. If you saw Pearl Harbor and had a woody like I did every time she was on the screen I recommend this movie!

JFChrist was written on February 24, 2005

panties scene

I'd just like to add that if you go to still frames on the DVD that as she walks into the sunlight there is significant cameltoe.

Tiger Flux was written on January 10, 1999

An unknown classic!

Kate Beckinsale in her prime. Great topless with panties scene.Looks irresistable throughout.

juantamad was written on February 22, 2010

Little known Kate (then)

She is so cute and lovely. Shows off her whole body including her hairy armpits (which was a bit of a turn-off). Otherwise, I love her perky breasts.

Winchester was written on March 28, 2003

She is so cute...

Good "artsy" movie about a student working in the restoration of an old painting. Kate looks pretty fine as the sophisticated girl and, of course, there are some well-done erotic scenes. At first, she has an encounter with some old lover, who kisses her nipple. Later comes a good long shot of her walking around in topless and panties contemplating her work; her breast are small but cute, and she has a nice girl-shaped body... besides, we can see her pubic hair through her underwear. And still comes another as she has sex with another guy... but too bad we miss all the action just to see them lying naked on the sofa the next morning, anyway, nice shot of Kate sitting fully nude but when she stands up, she does by covering strategically her under her waist with some towel or something, but we can already see her butt and beautiful body. Another exciting sex scene comes as Kate and her boyfriend kiss passionately each other sharing some food in their mouths; and could have been another sex scene if they haven't found that goddamit corpse in the apartment. Crap...

She looks younger, but a lot more beautiful than her recent works... it's a shame about nice looking actresses loss her charm when they came into mainstream. Well, i suppose it happened to Winona Ryder... Good movie, after all, surely deserves to be on DVD

Fling was written on July 31, 2004

Natural titties

Within the past year, Kate Beckinsale has dumped the father of her children for her director, gone blonde and apparently gotten a fourth-rate boob job.
But fans who want to see her real if small titties can still turn to this semi-intersting 1994 murder mystery, set in Barcelona by entirely peopled by British actors.
At 22:26, 35, 47, there are glimpses of Kate's left breast as Art Malik nuzzles her.
AT 39:46-53, Kate takes off her bra while facing the camera. It' very well shot and lit and medium-close, from her panties up. The scene continues and until 40:15 there are continued views of a breast or breasts, sometimes directly and sometimes as Kate is reflected. This scene is worth three stars.
There's another view of her chest at 1:01:15-18 as she contemplates Paudge Behan, who is sleeping after sex and is apparently nude but uncomfortably positioned so as not to reveal anything.
At this time, Kate Beckinsale had small, up-turned titties, with medium-sized areolas and nipples that looked largish but attractive on her.
It is perhaps understandable but unfortunate that small-breasted Kate Beckinsale felt the need for implants in order to turn into a Hollywood action star. I don't particularly like her short hairdo here, but when topless she is perfectly adequate without need of augmentation.

Deadnightscythe was written on November 29, 2008

Kate topless

In Uncoverd you see he start undressing at 39min 40 sec she takes off her dress and walks, this is the best scene to see her braless but short scenes through the movie

Gordon was written on September 20, 2001

Topless looking at art and getting kissed

Kate is a very beautiful young actress who did a few nude roles before gaining fame in Pearl Harbor. In this film she has at least two topless scenes. In one she removes some clothes and walks into a room to look at a painting. Her small, yet attractive breasts are on full view. In the other scene she is laying in a guy's lap while he fondles and kisses her. If only she'd done nudity in Pearl Harbor maybe it would have been the blockbuster everyone expected.

Sexdemonno1 was written on August 9, 2007

DON'T listen to the hyped up reviews!

Kate looks rubbish in this film as she has short hair which doesn't suit her and looks like a little pixie/elf woman. If you buy this movie for the nudity based on these appallingly over=hyped ravings on here (like I did!) then you WILL be disappointed. Kate's nude three times and briefly in each. First gets sucked by art malik on her small tits. Second she wanders around topless briefly. Third (and best) scene is where she has just shagged idiot-looking-surfer dude and gets up and walks away. Like the tease she is in all her movies we STILL don't see her ass (in 'haunted' she use's a body double so it doesn't count!). She covers it up before we see it. Quite frankly the best nudity comes from an unnamed but damn sexy girl in a photo! And that shows you how overrated this movie is for kate nudity...

Haunted (1995)
Dionysus was written on July 9, 1999

Body Double

While the scenes in question do show Kate's character unclothed, they seem to be obvious body double work. We never see a clear shot of her face in any of the scenes and what I could see looked like another actress

deleuze was written on January 27, 1999

nude swimming; posing nude for painting

she is beautiful...

afan was written on October 2, 1999

confirmed body double

Through one of my friends who works as a unit director, I have learned that a stand-in was used.

redraven was written on October 31, 2004

Skinny-dipping/posing/sex scene

This is a must-rent for any Beckinsale fan. Aside from the so-so 1800s hairstyle, you'll see Kate in all her Celtic loveliness--from a brief, full-frontal nude swim, to a portrait posing session--all culminating in a fairly shadowed sex scene with Aidan Quinn.

Sinnema was written on November 3, 2004


Body double = 0 stars

All these reviews that give star ratings are referring to the body double's nudity -- Beckinsale has no nudity in this film.

For real Beckinsale nudity, see "Uncovered" -- the ONLY movie in which shows her own skin.

NudeCelebrityTheater_com was written on November 28, 2004

Bares her breasts and ass during sex with Aidan Quinn

I tried to find out if she used a body double for but was unable to confirm it one way or another.

At about 84 minutes into the film she's having sex with Aidan we're treated to a side view of her rear with her leg way up in the air then again later while she's on top.

When she's straddling him near the middle / end of the scene her breasts are visible several times. The do show her face and breasts pretty closeup while Aidan has his hands over them so it's still difficult to be sure if it's here.

ff was written on November 28, 2004


I know it`s pretty confusing but it is a body double.
Here is an excerpt from an interview with Beckinsale in Cosmo UK, May, 1997 edition.

In the past, Kate has consented to the use of a body double when nudity was required. In the 1995 film Haunted, her cavortings with Aidan Quinn were performed by someone else. But, surely, the very idea of a body double is that people see the body double and think it's you.

"Oh, that was a fucking disaster", she grimaces. "Of course, everyone just assumes it's you. I should have said no. I still get letters saying, 'I've seen your bum'. I really don't know what possessed me to agree to it. The other thing that happens is, once the body double is there, a five second scene suddenly turns into 15 minutes"

She pauses, then retrieves a particularly painful memory. "At the premier of Haunted ... Oh, God, I was so embarrassed. Afterwards you could see it in everyone's eyes. 'Mmmm, I've seen your arse'. I was with my boyfriend and he was saying, 'It didn't even look like your arse.'"
1. This is probably the best example of body doubling in the history of cinema. There are four separate scenes where one can clearly see the face of Kate Beckinsale's body double:

Coming out of the water.
Posing for a painting.
In bed with a lover.
In no case is one aware that the body double is not Beckinsale when the movie is watched at normal speed. When the movie is watched frame-by-frame, it is possible to identify a separate woman, but it is not very obvious. All this magic was spun merely with artful camera angles and a solid physical resemblance between the two women..

They further cemented the illusion by showing showed several paintings of Beckinsale topless, and various other camera angles with no visible face.

2. This may be artful, but it seems to me that this is also a bit dishonest. There is no body double credited. It's my opinion that body doubles should be credited in all cases, just like stunt people, but in this case the double had nearly as much screen time as Beckinsale, looked exquisite, and I think we'd all like to know who it is.
If you want to see her naked go check out the film Uncovered. SO STOP ADDING REVIEWS IT`S NOT HER IT`S A DOUBLE.

FarscapeCJ was written on July 16, 2005

Topless, butt, sex scene, but no bush.

This hot actress can be seen nude in several scens in this film. You see her skinny dipping and you get a nice but shot. You see her in a nude painting scene. The best scene is towards the end, you see her riding and on the bottom of Mr. Quinn in this graphic love scene. You clearly see her butt and breast in this well lit scene. Recommended for any Kate fan.

Sinnema was written on July 17, 2005


Kate Beckinsale does not appear nude in this movie. Her face and body are never in the same shot.

All "nude" reviews here are for her body double.

ff was written on November 14, 2003

body double

although some of the scene seems like it was Kate if you compare it to her breasts in the film Uncovered you can see that there is a big difference. the body double`s breasts are actually better than Kate`s.

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