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Kari Wuhrer's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2003 King of the Ants 2 Reviews
2002 Spider's Web 5 Reviews
2002 Malevolent 2 Reviews
2002 Do It for Uncle Manny 1 Review
2000 Poison 13 Reviews
2000 Fatal Conflict 2 Reviews
1999 Vivid 17 Reviews
1999 Luscious 8 Reviews
1999 Kate's Addiction 6 Reviews
1999 Circle of Deception 1 Review
1998 Phoenix 5 Reviews
1998 Ivory Tower 1 Review
1996 Terminal Justice 2 Reviews
1996 Occasional Hell, An 6 Reviews
1995 Sex and the Other Man 13 Reviews
1995 Hit & Run 5 Reviews
1995 Crossing Guard, The 9 Reviews
1995 Beyond Desire 6 Reviews
1994 Sensation 10 Reviews
1994 Boulevard 8 Reviews
1993 Eden 1 Review

nudity reviews for Kari Wuhrer member submitted

King of the Ants (2003)
Penis was written on August 6, 2004

Newly reduced Kari on display for the first time.

A couple of years ago Kari got her fantastic fake jugs removed for some idiotic reason. Now, in this Stuart Gordon film, we get to see the smaller cupped Kari for the first time. Here's the bad news: she's flat... Her tits look a bit deflated and her nipples are misshapen from years of fakery. Onto the good news: nudity. At 0:40 we get a brief glimpse of the new smallies as Kari has a love scene with the male lead in a dream sequence. Her ass is the highlight here as she is f'd from behind on a couch and we get a glimpse of her crack as the guy's doing his work. Nine minutes later at 0:49 we get our first good glimpse of Kari's new tits in another dream sequence. (Beware the fake penis that is attached to Kari's nether region as the camera pans down her body in this nightmare!) At 1:16 we get our final love scene. Its pretty dark as Kari is on a couch being screwed (she's on the bottom) and you can't really make anything out.

notpuritan was written on May 31, 2005

Great Actress My favourite

I can not agree with Penis about Kari's natural boobies- those looks imply great. And nudity looks gtreat all in context it is simply inevitable for this movie.

Aren't we tired of silicons which all look the same? Don't we want variety?

Good job, Kari. You guys will not be diappointed.

And movie is great itself. Worth getting a DVD, let alone renting.

Spider's Web (2002)
Squinsen was written on May 28, 2003

Four scenes

Kari starts off by showing us her tits while wearing a bathrobe and working on her computer. Later she wakes up with Stephen Baldwin in her apartment and shows us her arse as she walks around in a flesh coloured G-string. She soon decides to seduce him. We get a good look at her boobs as Stephen licks them. Later they have sex very quietly in his father’s house trying not to be noticed. The sex scene later in the movie is much better - Kari puts a lot of energy into it. I don't understand other reviewers saying how great her bum is - it's very ordinary. Her tits are fake but she has had a good job done on them.

snowdawg was written on November 21, 2002

Overall film

Kari once again delivers the goods with some pretty decent shots of her boobs & ass!

I tell ya she has got one killer of an ass! She has one of the top, if not the best looking ass in all of Hollywood!

Opening scene has Kari in front of a PC conversing via webcam topless (open red robe). After a bit she gets up & lets robe drop to floor. We get a nice view of her ass.
Another scene, Kari wakes up with Stephen Baldwin talking to her as she is only wearing a white blouse type shirt with a light brown thong. After asking him to grab a Coke for her, she is seen walking to go take a shower with a great view of her thong clad ass. A decent shot of her boobs as she is seen in the shower as her blouse gets wet along with her thong. More view of her boobs via wet blouse as she walks after Baldwin. Later in the scene, we get some nice views of her ass with thong.
Next scene while trying to seduce Baldwin, she takes off her wet blouse to give us awesome views of her boobs.

Gave this 3 stars due to the fact this doesn't quite rank up there with her performance in "VIVID" (aka "Luscious") & "BOULEVARD".

DanteMPC-2000 was written on July 10, 2005

Several scenes, including a hot sex scene in bed

Buy this movie just for Kari's nudity. There are several scenes throughout the movie that show her wonderful but fake breasts off. The best is one of the hottest sex scenes in film that comes towards the end of the movie. Stephen Baldwin is seen lying in bed as Kari gets on top of him and straddles him in a bathrobe. She kisses him and then sits back up, taking off her robe and throwing it. Her breasts are wonderful, round, perky, and big. She presumably inserts him into herself. She then begins grinding away and begins moaning loudly. She continues to pant as we see her close her eyes and leave her mouth open in delight. The camera then zooms out to fit her whole body on screen. It shows her grinding her hips against his penis while she moves her whole upper body forward. Her movement is very erotic, as are the constant view of her breasts. At one point she grinds slowly, bringing her body forward and up with a large pant. She then moves closer to kiss him while still bobbing her hips up and down and panting. Baldwin then sits up and Kari bounces up and down on his penis, continuing to pant. She cocks her head back and nearly orgasms. Baldwin then leans on top of her as she licks her lips and looks into his eyes seductively. She fixes her hair as Baldwin kisses her. He begins thrusting into her. She has a barely-there look on her face as she gazes up into the cieleing. She closes her eyes and orgasms again. She puts her arms around him, then the camera zooms down to see Kari's legs spread apart and Baldwin thrusting in and out.

chazpanther was written on December 8, 2002

Repeatedly nude.

O.C. Kari is sitting naked in a chair and gives a shot aof her truly awesome breasts and spectacular butt.
:13 She walks across the room in shirt and thong. This shows her amazing butt off. Then she gets in the shower and soaks down her shirt to give a nice wet shirt shot of lovely breast. She then starts fooling around with Stephen Baldwin and takes off her shirt to give an even better shot of her amazing breasts.
1:06 Kari and Stephen have sex again. She rides hin enthusiastically and shows off her breast again and a shot of her hips from the side.

movieguy21 was written on March 24, 2003


Not nearly as good as some of Kari's other movies, but still nothing to cough at. You see her fabulous butt and breasts in the opening sequence, then again later in the movie as she has sex with Baldwin. Nothing too special.

Malevolent (2002)
superhero was written on November 21, 2004

Shower scene

No real nudity but you can see an image of her nude body though a shower curtain

Kari looks extremely hot in this film

snowdawg was written on March 17, 2003

Shower Scene

I wondered if this scene called for 2 or 3 star rating but I'll give it 3 stars just cause its Kari.

About 3/4 into the movie, Kari in seen taking a shower. You get some a few brief views of her boobs through a clear but textured shower curtain.

This is a nice tease of Kari's boobs but if you are looking for more exposure of Kari's lovely anatomy, I suggest "Vivid" (aka Luscious) & "Boulevard".

Do It for Uncle Manny (2002)
superhero was written on July 14, 2007

Bare Ass

Good clear shot of her perfect ass as she drops her robe & walks away. Shot lasts for a few seconds. Later she very briefly shows part of her ass in a similar situation.
This is a low budget movie that actually was funny & overall pretty good.
Kari is awesome.

Poison (2000)
EpicReviewer was written on June 28, 2002

One decent sex scene

I was a little disappointed in the amount of Kari nudity in this film. There is only a single sex scene where she is in bed with the couple's college-age son. There are some breasts and a little ass. The scene is lit well enough, but the nude portion doesn't last terribly long. Kari does look fantastic throughout the movie, however, wearing a number of sexy outfits.

Requiem-for-a-Dream was written on February 10, 2002

In bedroom with a young guy

Although most reviewers will state that there isn't much, I beg to differ. Sure, she's not as nude as she was in Luscious (Vivid), you still get a good look at her butt and her breasts. Kari Wuhrer always does quality work in my opinion. Also the scene by the pool is very nice and she's wears skimpy outfits throughtout (some see-through)

chowder was written on October 16, 2001

what a body

Well, Kari Wuhrer has only one real 'nude' scene, and it gives us a good look at her breasts and her behind.

From a normal actress, this is a one or two star performance, however this chick's body is just incredible, her name alone is enough to make me rent a video.

There are several scenes where she is wearing a filmy dress as well as a swimsuit scene. All in all worth the rent.

b00bfan was written on July 24, 2006

Great clips and awesome boobs

Kari has a very sexy scene in bed that starts off with her kissing a guy as he undresses her and you see her large, round, juicy breasts as she then turns around to kiss him some more. Then she presses her boobs against his chest as they make out. Then she gets into position on his lap as he kisses her boobs while she arches her head back. They keep making out for a while as she keeps pressing herself real close to him giving him a great closeness with her chest. Then she starts to ride him and they really give it to each other hard. she lays back so he can drill into her real hard and deep as he continuously thrusts into he, making her boobs bounce after every pelvic hump. I can honestly say Kari has one of my favorite chests.

TheOneAndOnlyJman was written on January 16, 2002

The Latest Kari

This scene is later in the movie where Kari has sex with her employers' son. She pulls her dress down revealing her breasts and great butt in a thong. They start to get it on, and Kari moans a little bit for us. Great scene, great looking woman. Oh, the movie isn't too bad either.

candygirl was written on July 25, 2006

Love Kari

Love Kari Wuhrer, she was awesome...even when the director saved her pool scenes for late at night and she had to dive in the pooln several times in the freezing cold..she was a trooper and still looked GREAT!

Gordon was written on December 2, 2001

Topless sex scene and in a tiny bikini

Kari really does have a awe-inspiring as the other reviewers have mentioned, and we get to see it on display in this flick. In the best scene Kari drops her dress while with a guy, revealing her perfect breasts and her great ass (she's wearing a thong). They end up in bed making love, and we get to see more of Kari's hot body as they get it on. There is also another scene in which Kari is swimming and getting out of a pool while wearing a very skimpy bikini that reveals much of her bod. Not Kari's best exposure, but still good stuff.

Bootydaddy was written on June 1, 2002

Sex scene

At the 65 minute marks you get too see Kari's beautiful breasts and awesome ass (too bad it's in a thong) during a sex scene with the kid who comes home from college.

nudedude was written on September 17, 2001

Its Kari Naked Again

As usual Kari gives up the goods (just breasts this time though)while making love to a guy. I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing her do nudity.

hitch22 was written on May 2, 2005

Awesome sex scene

Kari Wuhrer is just amazing. This is a great sex scene. It's not her most revealing scene (see Luscious or Spider's Web), but I think out of any movie she's done, she is the hottest in this one. And what it does show is just amazing.

snowdawg was written on February 7, 2005

Robe slips open during girl chat

(At 00:59:39) Kari returns to her room in a sliky type robe after taking off her bikini. She is kinda startled as Melissa Stone is layin in her bed waiting to tell her the details of her night out. As Kari plops herself onto the bed while listening, her robe opens up just enough to expose a side view of her right boob. Kari quickly covers it up. This scene is pretty quick so you'll need to keep an eye out for it. Funny thing is for as many times I've watched this movie, this is the first time I've notice this!

fuaard was written on December 14, 2001

The Perfect Woman

If god made all woman like this then we would not have to worry about looking any further, but alas he only makes a few woman with perfect bodies and one of those gorgeous woman is kari wuhrer, with perfect breast and a sexy firm well rounded butt, it just makes your imagination run wild. well for now all we can do is just look and dream but dont you wish you had a role in this sizzling hot movie.

Tatoo was written on November 10, 2009

Kari with college boy

It is in Chapter 10, about 1 hour 3 minutes in, the scene is called "A Full Load." She takes the boy's shirt off, then goes down on him and meet up in his room, she let's him uundo her dress and she takes it off to reveal her breasts and thong; she climbs on top to ride him pretty hard, then he thrusts into her pretty hard. Kari has great big breasts. This scene is an awesome fantasy for a young boy wanting a cougar.

Fatal Conflict (2000)
superhero was written on November 21, 2004

Nipples though shirt

No real nudity which is ashame because Kari looks great in this film. You can see her nipples popping though a tight wet pink shirt over the course of several minutes toward the end of the film.

duckem was written on March 28, 2001

wet t-shirt

This is a bit of a letdown. Kari in an unrated video and she keeps her clothes on. She should have at least jumped into bed with someone so the MPAA can slap on an R-rating. Kari spends the entire movie braless in a tight t-shirt. She has a long fight scene in a small pool and when she crawls out the t-shirt is just pasted to her large breasts.

Vivid (1999)
JACKONG was written on July 27, 2000


SHE SHOWS lots of her boobs in this lesser known workpiece of hers.i would give it a four if there were some bushes,unfortunately theres none of it.a worthy collection..

snowdawg was written on May 12, 2005

Movie name

For those keeping score at home,
this title is the subtitle for "Luscious"
and is aka "Vivid".

Orginally released as "Vivid" in Canada, later
released in US as "Luscious - The Art of Eroticism".

Rocketeer was written on November 1, 2000

Kari posing for her artist boyfriend

Having seen Kari's breasts in nearly every film she's done, I was really ready for a full-frontal assault. In "Vivid" she delivers the goods! What I like most about this scene is how natural she looks just standing there next to a chair in her birthday suit. She doesn't dance or slink around, she just talks to her boyfriend about the painting. This simplicity of non-sex scene nudity really works for me, and that is how this portion of the film begins. The scene eventually winds up turning into a kinky paint-your-body-and-have-sex ordeal, but what the hey. Kari is so great looking in a non-glamorous way that she makes you believe that she might live right next door. See it!

jopaxes was written on June 6, 2000

sexy and a little bit arousing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the scene is nothing but a piece of s**t. movies like these just pollute the mind. sex must be used well man. kari wasn't really acting here, she wants the "big offer" for her. my goodness......

scanman was written on May 17, 2005

The other reviewer is wrong

There's a whole lot of full frontals in this movie. But to read better reviews, see "Vivid"

RichT was written on November 23, 2001

And I used to paint by numbers ....

If you needed a "good painting" Kari, why didn't you ask me first ? Miss Wuhrer has got her kit off in MANY movies, but THIS is the one to see ! It would be quicker to list the scenes where she actally has her clothes ON ! The best full-frontal scene cums near the beginning of the film, butt there are great scenes to enjoy throughout, especially a rather comical one where both her and her partner are covered in paint, and he is trying to convince her to have "A" !!!

Blitz was written on September 3, 1999

Kari HOT

Brilliant movie with many good sex scenes. You get to see everything!The only problem is the paint sometimes gets in the way of viewing.Buy it!

jokeman23 was written on August 2, 2000

sex with paint and anal sex

There are 4 scenes where Kari and her man have sex with paint. The paint hinders you from seeing Kari's gorgeous body in its entirety. However you do get to see her naked without paint in at least 2 scenes, in both you can see her bush for a FEW seconds, but of course this is from a distance. The anal sex scene was a real turn on. you gotta see the expression on her face as she starts to take it from behind (she hates it) - big turn on !!!!

Cyclone was written on August 2, 2000

Lots of nudity, lots of paint

Kari gets nude many times throughout this movie, but most of the time in these scenes, she is covered in paint. These painting scenes weren't bad, but the paint needlessly covers up a GREAT body. Therefore, I preferred the scenes where she wasn't a mess, but few of those shots were close up. Still, it's definitely worth checking out, but she would have looked better WITHOUT the paint.

Ghostwords was written on September 7, 2005

One last position?

Kari Wuhrer is both gorgeous and generous with the amount of nudity in this movie, which is chiefly viewable for her involvement. However, it's memorable for the hilarious sequence in which she reluctantly agrees to try anal sex to assist her painter boyfriend with his latest creation. Arse for art's sake, you might say.

Mr_Bigglesworth was written on April 17, 1999

Lots of nudity

Amazing movie. If you're a Kari fan you'll love this. There are at least four quite long sex scenes (in which we get to see everything) and a few others shots of here being painted in the nude. The very explicit sex scenes involve her and her boyfriend screwing each other while covering each other in paint. We see everything, the front, behind, her ample breast and boy do we ever get an eyefull. We see paint being poured, than rubbed on her breasts and behind as well. I've never envied being a particular actor as much as I did for that lucky sap who got to do the honours. The film, I believe is only available in Canada so you may have to do some looking for it. But if you are a Kari devotee, and wanna see some tasty scenes, this is well worth the effort!

liechti was written on January 15, 2001

posing for boyfriend

as the others said: full frontal nudity, nice breasts, kari is a must!!!

mcjw2011 was written on January 19, 2003

Nude; covered in paint

In this film, Kari Wuhrer plays a sassy girlfriend of an uninspired painter. She inspires him by dousing herself with paint and having sex with him on the canvas. Loads of nudity--courtesy of Ms. Wuhrer herself--is abound, with plenty of good, clear full frontal shots, good breast shots and a couple of butt shots. The film's crappy but Kari is breathtaking. Buy the unrated version; the R-rated version has less of the lovely Ms. Wuhrer on display... you wouldn't want that, would you?

Vormund was written on February 11, 1999

The movie revolves around a naked Kari and her lucky boyfriend

Kari is naked and having sex several times throughout the movie. Her best and hottest scenes yet. Highlights include great full frontal shots, body painting, and a very funny anal sex scene. BUY THIS ONE!

french was written on April 16, 2004

kari standing up preparing for paint scene

she seems to set herself up nice for this set. doesnt appear to be nervous

snowdawg was written on February 20, 2001

Best Kari movie yet

If your really into Kari, then this movie is a must. Her performance in this movie makes her others with nudity look like a PBS special. Kari leaves nothing to hide as she bares it all from full frontal views to paint covered sex scenes. I must say that it was quite a twist when the anal sex scene was shown. It was something that I least expected but did add a nice touch to the movie. Kari begins to kinda regret she brought up the idea of anal sex after both of them trying to come up with ideas how to create more paintings. Kari is hesitant at first as he tries to talk her into it but she gives in. A must see movie for the die hard Kari fan.

superpink13 was written on June 24, 2001

sign me up for art class

While trying to make "art" she rolls around and has sex while covered in paint. There is a lot of full frontal nudity and the scenes are long. This movie is so good don't bother renting it just buy. But make sure it is the unrated version.

Luscious (1999)
Chicago was written on September 16, 2001

7 scenes

At :04-:05.5, Kari strips off her robe to begin posing naked for her man. The first 55 sec. shows her ass and breasts from a distance before giving some closer shots of breasts. After the guy goes psycho, busting up his canvas, she yells at him, giving us a full frontal view of her hot bod (albeit fake breasts), including her neatly trimmed pubes. Unfortunately, it's shot from medium distance...but still nice. At :17-:18, Kari again is posing on a chair with her legs crossed, giving better shots of her breasts, closer and from a medium distance. At :19.5-:23, there's the best viewing of her of the movie. Clear close shots of her round, firm breasts, brown areola as she again poses. Then the guy tosses blue paint on her chest and begins to smear it on her...still some unpainted left breast shots, and then some good views of her slightly puffy areola under the paint, as she starts liking the sensation and start having sex...ass too under paint. At :34.75-:36 and :48.5-:51 there are more shots of her but somewhat obscured under the layers of paint on her body; the first gives a nice view of her hanging boobs as she's on the ground with him walking her like a wheel barrow and then from the rear...the second is mostly with paint but some without. At :35.25-:39.25, there's several off/on shots of Kari without paint. At first she's posing again and there's 10 sec. of her breasts viewable around her arm; at :36-:36.5 you see her breasts again while talking with the guy; at :37, there's 10 sec. of her chest getting dressed followed by some shots of her breasts and pubes between her flannel open shirt; at :39.25 there's a breast peak for 5 sec. when her shirt slides over her shoulder giving us another view. She's a hot girl who should definitely keep showing it!

thewraith was written on May 28, 2001

paint ruined this movie

The beautiful Kari is indeed naked almost the whole movie, but she's covered in paint almost for all of it which severely prohibits any erotic viewing pleasure. She even goes into the bathroom at one point to masturbate because her boyfriend is "not in the mood" (whatta loser) and nothing is shown. Kari is gorgeous, but an overall disappointing movie with too much damn paint covering her beautiful body. Only rent worthy.

AlfredENeuman was written on August 27, 2000

Actually dissapointing!

This movie is the US release of the Canadian made "Vivid". I've seen vidcaps of Kari's scenes, and she is completely nude. The only problem is that the vidcaps that are floating around are actually better than the movie. Kari is fully nude, but it's from a distance! After being built up by great vidcaps, I was let down! Save your money! Don't rent it, look at the 'caps!

soulman was written on July 8, 2001

Erotic Body Painting

Kari is a very cute woman who gets into some very erotic body painting in just about every scene that she appears in. Sure you can't see much of her body covered in paint but the watching of her getting her beautiful body rubbed down with paint is very erotic.

Bootydaddy was written on July 25, 2001


You can't really get better than this! Kari is shown completely naked many times! Although she has paint on her most of the film, it is still very erotic. You get to see her 4 star breast, ass, and bush!

nudedude was written on August 25, 2000

Just about every scene in the movie

Not much was alloted to the wardrobe budget. Kari is fully nude and nude with paint on pretty much throughout the whole movie. She has an outstanding body and is not shy about revealing it. This movie may be a re-release of Vivid.

Zombie9000 was written on July 13, 2001

Nude through the whole thing!

You can't go wrong with this one. No plot, one set, very little dialouge, and wall-to-wall full-frontal Kari! At a brief 80 minutes, this flick boasts her nude for at least 50 to 60. This is like one of those old "dirty" french movies where the entire focus of the film is showing hot chicks in the nude. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200, go directly to the video store and pick this up!

GoGoGurl was written on August 3, 2013

Boobs, Butt & Bush, and plenty of all!

Kari shows it all in this flick with plenty of great nude scenes. She's still sporting the implants at this stage in her career, so be warned if that's a dealbreaker. Kari plays an artist's muse for a guy who only paints nudes. When the guy can't get his brush up anymore, Kari goes all PMS - Pissed Muse Screaming - at the guy and to shut her up he chucks a bucketfull of paint all over her hot bod. It leads to some erotic post-fight cuddling in which the guy gets covered in paint himself and then he and Kari come up with a new novel way to make "art" - cover themselves in paint and then screwing on a big canvas.

This is the reason why I will never again buy any art that has splotches of white "paint" on it.

Kate's Addiction (1999)
Cyclone was written on March 26, 2003

One weak scene

Kari's only exposure comes 57 minutes into the movie, when she's in a bathtub, initially covered up by some bubbles. She splashes in the water, and for a second or two, we get to see her breasts. She also has a couple of scenes during which it looks as though she might get naked, but sadly, and somewhat surprisingly considering her past nude work, she doesn't show us her goods. There are MANY other films that show off Kari's great body better than this one does...look elsewhere.

rovingeye was written on February 24, 2000

Not Fully Nude....But Wow

Beside the lesbian encounter with Farrah Forke where Kari remains clothed (what's with that??), Kari is seen in an earlier scene fully stretched out in a bikini and starting to masterbate before being rudely interrupted (DAMN IT!!). Not nude, but does she need to be in scenes of masturbation and lesbian sex??

sandmanoftheendless was written on January 6, 2001

One additional scene

Besides the 2 mentioned scene in the other review which occur at 24 and 34 mins into movie, there is a brief tub scene at 57 mins into movie. Kari is angrily splashing the bubbled water around when you get a few brief glimpses of her naked boobs.

EpicReviewer was written on June 29, 2002

Not too much to see here

Even though it's the lovely Kari Wuhrer, I can't give this movie more than one star. Despite numerous excellent opportunities for nudity (especially the lesbian love scene), there is nearly none in this movie. Just about the only thing is a very, very brief (two seconds tops) view of Kari's breasts while she is in the tub. I'd recommend seeing almost any of Kari's other movies if it's nudity you're after.

soulman was written on September 18, 2001

No Major Nudity...But Lordy!

Although Kari barely shows any major skin in this film she still looks hot in those tight outfits, especially those stretch pants. Nice ass.

LeroyBrown was written on September 3, 2002

One quick breast shot

She was taking a bubble bath so her breasts were obscured by bubbles. Then she got mad and splash the water around and sat up showing her breasts but they were covered by bubbles. When she got out of the bath you can see she was wearing a bikini bottom. Her best scene in the movie was when she was sunbathing and then she puts her hand inside her bikini and started masturbating.

Circle of Deception (1999)
Chamonix was written on December 9, 2004

Film under another name

This movie and details are under 'Kate's Addiction'. Go there for Kari and Farrah Forke.

Phoenix (1998)
LadySex was written on September 14, 2003


The other Reviewers do their ok, but they forgott that at the end of the scene, Kari gets out of bed and you can see her plastic titts well lit and very clear for a moment.

thedoc was written on June 17, 2001


she is having sex with a guy and you can see some of her breasts and when this other guy arrives with a gun she shows her breast off again and some pubic hair I think.

CHUD was written on January 17, 1999

very end of movie

the only scene she shows anything is at the very end of the movie and it's Extremely brief. but there is also a scene in the middle where she's looking really hot in a black bra and panties

Rudeboy was written on December 22, 2002

Kari Riding a Guy

Here you can see her beutifull body as she rides a guy who is handcuff, She is in totall controll as they enjoy ther sex in Lust Until***** this guy comes in and she quickly shows a glimps of her cute breasts and looks at him. too bad its short though

tdsa was written on January 3, 2003

Not worth renting for the nudity

Unless you're down with watching a film all the way through for a few seconds of decent nudity, you shouldn't rent this one for the nudity.
Having said that, it's not a bad film considering it was a straight-to-video piece. Anthony LaPaglia and Ray Liotta are good in it, as are Ms. Wuhrer's breasts in their brief appearance.

Ivory Tower (1998)
snowdawg was written on April 2, 2001

2 scenes

Kari has 2 scenes in this movie that she offers a glimpse of her body. This is the reason for the 2 star rating.

1st scene is of her in a tub with boyfriend. Not much is shown while she is in the tub but when she get up to leave the tub, you get a brief, close of her ass. Kinda blurry to due to camera angle.

2nd scene later part of movie is when she is in bed with her boyfriend on top. You get a partial side view of one of her boobs. Later in the same scene, a backside view of Kari as she is on top as you get a just a peek of her ass.

This movie lacks scenes with Kari nude, so if you are looking for good nude scenes with Kari, might wanna try "Boulevard" as a suggested movie. Better yet, see her in "Vivid" (if you can get a copy of it) will satisfy your need.

Terminal Justice (1996)
Cyclone was written on December 17, 1999

Bare breasted a couple of times

Kari can look awfully good, but this movie doesn't display her assets all that well. We do see her breasts in a shower scene, and also in a sex scene, but we really don't get a very good look at her on either occasion. Try something else if you want a good look at her naked.

Jes was written on November 6, 1999

Topless shower scene, sex scene

Topless shower scene - Kari is taking a shower when Lorenzo Lamas comes in and pulls her out of the shower cubicle..though Kari is completely nude the camera only films her breasts.Sex scene - Kari is in bed with Lamas...the entire scene is rather dark and the camera mostly films Kari's back however at the end of this scene you can once more admire Kari's breasts.

Occasional Hell, An (1996)
Gordon was written on November 18, 1999

In the back seat and exiting the car

Kari is nude in the back seat with a guy inbetween her two shapely legs. She giggles and sighs erotically as he enters her. You don't see much nudity, but it's still pretty stimulating. You also see her when she leaves the car topless, and you get a great look at her full, curvy bosom.

BOD was written on October 28, 1999

upper body shot

The only nude scene here is when you get to see her naked though you only get a glimpse of her upper body. Not bad, but I don't think this is her best nude movie.

Cyclone was written on December 2, 1999

Short, but terrific topless scene

You can see a little bit of her while she is having sex in a car, but easily the best nudity happens once she gets out of the vehicle. Kari looks outstanding topless, and although the scene isn't very long, it's still worth a look if you are a fan of hers, or if you have not been fortunate enough to see her great rack.

Sip-Ice was written on October 28, 1998

Nude Flashback scene

Only time in the movie when she is nude and its very brif, also only upper body shot

Chris A. was written on February 8, 1999

Nice Topless Scene

This film has probably the best on-screen view ever captured of Kari's amazing breasts. She gets out of a car topless, and, if you're a red-blooded American male, your jaw will drop. She's wearing only some very short cut-off jeans, and her perky breasts are in full view for the entire, albeit short, scene. Pretty lousy movie, but worth renting for this amazing shot of one of the best bodies in Hollywood.

DarkHorse was written on August 3, 1999

Just her & her Daisy Dukes

DAMN I love her little body. SHe is blonde is this movie. There is a short but VERY NICE scene of her topless in short shorts. I have this scene among others of her nude on VHS.

Sex and the Other Man (1995)
chris300 was written on October 17, 1999

Her sexy scenes in the room

In the version that I have seen, her bush is clearly seen for about 2 seconds when her boyfriend removes her clothes in front of the tied up captive he uses to get turned on for sex. This movie is very erotic in a couple scenes and silly in others, but WELL worth viewing to see our lovely Kari in the buff!

RoyMunson was written on January 4, 2001

Could be her finest hour

I haven't seen all of her films yet, but this could be the hottest one of seen yet. There are few brief shots of her in various stages of undress (all nice) but one pretty long love scene in the middle of the movie shows everything but her snapper and will not disappoint.

dogbreath was written on March 6, 2001

the infamous long scene

I have detected a sleight of hand. After reading a few of these reviews, and seeing the vidcaps of this scene on the web, I just want to let everyone know that: this scene has been severely cut up in the version I bought. It appears to be the most recent release..with a pic of Kari's and Ron's heads, large, and a smaller Tucci head in the foreground. Thus, this version (the box top is the only way to tell--another copy I've found has a different cover) the sex scene only gives you a few brief side views of her breasts and butt, but absolutely NO full body (from the back, shot over Tucci's shoulder) views of her riding her hubby. Huge let down, especially after seeing the great caps of the from behind, fully body shots all over the net. They changed this scene without letting anyone know (ie, all "versions" are rated R). ARggghhh!!

Cyclone was written on April 3, 2001

A couple of scenes

About a third of the way through the movie, we get a brief, but great closeup of her excellent rack from the side, followed by a few shots of her pressed up against Ron Eldard. There is a much longer scene in the middle of the movie where she is having sex, and we get numerous looks at her terrific tits. She is on her back for most of this scene, but we also get a glimpse or two at her butt. My only complaint is the absence of any frontal views of her wonderful breasts, but it's still a movie worth checking out.

slavedriver was written on June 29, 1999

Also Ass

regarding the sex scene where she's on top andtheir captive is tied up watching, there is alsoa great shot of her ass for a moment as she's leaning over. You can practically see her hole.

TheOneAndOnlyJman was written on September 13, 2003

Back when Kari could be bothered to take off her panties for a sex scene

Kari is frustrated because her boyfriend can no longer get it up. So she ends up seducing her boos at their apartment. Ron cathces them in the act and suddenly his problem disappears. Right after, they disrobe and Kari's nice breasts (implants) are shown. Later, the bed romp where if you look closely you may see everything. I'd give a full **** if there was a better rear shot. Oh well. Compared to recent work, this blows it all out of the water.

Gordon was written on November 12, 1999

Sex while being watched

This is a great scene in an interesting movie. Kari's boyfriend strips her, revealing her truly spectacular body in detail. They get it on and you get to see more of her tight bod as she gets pleasure out of her man. This is the only fully nude scene in the movie, however, so if you want lots of Kari exposure, go elsewhere.

Brokencake was written on February 5, 2000


Read the above reviews for specifics, but the best section of the movie is when the guy takes off her bra as the captive is watching and you get a BREATHTAKING shot of her erect nipples and boobs from about a foot away. GORGEOUS. Possibly her second best movie.

rovingeye was written on October 22, 1999

100 % Great!

Undeniably, without question, an absolute must see! Great sex scenes showing almost every inch of Kari's delicious bod. Could very well have the best tits on the planet...

noobsybot was written on December 1, 1998

If you like Kari and want to see her tits rent this movie

her boyfriend can't get it up unless someone is watching. lots of fuc*ing no need for slow mo. she has a GREAT set of tits and nips they get each other severl times I think any way happy viewing

soulman was written on September 10, 2001

She Is So Cute

Kari doesn't show as much as she did in LUSCIOUS, but she is so cute & sexy that it hardly matters. A true statement of her sexiness that she doesn't need to show everything to express her sexiness.

filmconoisseur was written on May 27, 2002

totally nude romp in bed

Probably Kari's 2nd or 3rd best flick for nudity, the (presently out-of-print) DVD version has the full cut of the later scene when she's on the bed with Ron Eldard and he pulls off her jeans. Nice view of the mams in both supine and on-top positions, and brief flashes of bush (if you've turned up the brightness) throughout this scene which lasts a minute or so.

The_hollywood_hustler was written on February 17, 2003

Sizzling Kinky Sex.

Kari wuhrer and her boyfriend get it on infront of their kidnap victim who im sure doesnt mind seeing her lucious perfect body. Kari's breasts look amazing in this, although we know their fake, they are definatley well done and her moans alone are enough to make you loose it..go out and rent this one NOW!!

Hit & Run (1995)
guymcgarn was written on May 23, 1999

whole movie

A grave disappointment. Some good teases where you think you're gonna see some tit, but then no payoff. Maybe a quick side flash of a tit at the beginning of the movie. Don't waste your time.

boba was written on May 3, 2001

Kari as a dominatrix

Kari doesn't give us much nudity compared to her other films. But she goes all out with the sex. She's got a bra and stretch pantyhose with the crotch missing. She whips and pours hot wax and bites and all that. The hot part is when she rides him, her amazing ass moving back and forth, her perfect smooth back muscles straining. She puts her whole body into each thrust. Then she falls asleep on top of him, shirtless, her titties pressed against his chest.

snowdawg was written on May 3, 2001

movie itself

Hard for me to determine 1 or 2 stars but I'll settle for just one star rating.

Kari offers a few brief glimpses of her boobs but nothing really to write home to ma about. There are a few quite erotic scenes. First one is after getting picked up by her boy toy while stopping for gas, she goes in and begins to tease the young store clerk as she teases him with comments about her boobs. 2nd scene, once inside motel room on way to her boy toys parents place, she breaks out into a strip sequence which she just dons bra & panties which show just enough but not all. Later in movie after he gets a tattoo, both go into a movie theater which she rewards him by giving him a blowjob after looking around to make sure no one is looking. The scene is in dull lighting but you can make out what she does.

This Kari movie lacks for nudity but is a good tease. I suggest other Kari movies if you are looking for Kari in her glory. Top recommendation > "Vivid" also "Boulevard".

nmd was written on July 15, 1999


it's a good movie - and she does some really sexy ( legspreading ) stuff that worth a look

Cyclone was written on February 3, 2003

Sex scene

Kari's lone nudity comes about 23 minutes into the film. She's riding on top of a guy, and we get to see the side of one of her large boobs pressed against him. It's possible that her nipple is briefly exposed in this scene, but if it is, it's VERY brief. There are many other movies that show off her great body better than this one, but even though her nudity is quite slight here, she does look great throughout the film, which may be enough to please her fans.

Crossing Guard, The (1995)
soulman was written on July 22, 2002

Too, Too Brief.

I came in during the opening credits so I guess I missed Wuhrer's early scene. But I did catch her thong booty dance (very nice ass, although I hate when an actress plays a stripper but doesn't show anything) and her open-shirt with Nicholson. Wuhler has done better in other movies. Maybe I'll make and addition once I see that early scene. But as of now I'll give what I saw a *.

Gordon was written on November 11, 2001

Several shots of breasts and ass

Kari is one of my favorite actresses to see nude because she has amazing tits and an overall almost perfect body. This movie isn't her best nudity, but it's still not bad. In one scene she is seen topless--her gorgeous, firm breasts fully in view--as she stands in front of a bathroom door and eventually turns around to enter it. In another scene she is dancing on a stage in bra and thong. In another scene she is wearing an unbuttoned shirt that occassionally flaps open to reveal her bare breasts again.

RoyMunson was written on January 5, 2001

Not much for a stripper

Sure, she does look hot as ever in this one, but I kind of got my hopes up when I heard she played a stripper. You'll have to have a good pause button to catch a glimpse of this fox. Her implants were worth every cent.

Cyclone was written on May 30, 2001

Very brief scenes

In the opening minutes, we get a very quick peek at her breasts, but it's hard to see much unless you use the pause button. However, for those few frames, she looks great as usual. Then, much later in the film, we can partly see her breasts because her blouse isn't buttoned up. Definitely not Kari's best exposure, but she does look good.

sirspread was written on April 6, 2004


about 5 mins into the film she gives us a 1-2 second look at her fake upright breasts with her very erect nipples use the slow mo for better viewing

soulman was written on July 25, 2002

Update: Brief Tit Shot.

I finally caught this movie from the very beginning and caught Wuhrer's brief, but nice tit shot. Her tits maybe fake but they're really nice.I've seen worst (I won't mention any names but the initials S.O. comes to mind).

superhero was written on December 27, 2001

Brief Topless

Kari looks so cute in her brief topless scene. She's adoreable.

shtrudel was written on November 30, 1998

her breasts are showing one time in the start of the movie

her breasts are showing one time in the start of the movie

CHUD was written on January 17, 1999


actually there are 2 scenes where she's topless, once in the beginning andone (really brief) near the end of the movie. there's also a a great T-Back scene when she's on stage.

Beyond Desire (1995)
dogbreath was written on November 23, 2000

possibly 3 scenes

Frankly, I don't know what the other reviewers saw here. There is NO decent Kari nudity in this flick (I've never seen an unrated version). You don't see her breasts for more than a heartbeat, the sex scenes are lame, the intensity is implied. Waste of Kari time here.

snowdawg was written on July 16, 2001

Movie in general

Kari offers a few brief views of her boobs but the lighting is bad during the scene. The is 2 parts in which she shows some skin. The first one is when she is riding around Vegas with her ex-inmate guy & she stands up in the convertable & flashes her boobs. The other scene is when she goes into talk with a guy who she works for wearing a baby blue sundress which she is wearing no panties as she bends over slightly just enough to see a glimpse of her ass.

Gekko was written on August 9, 2000

Kari lookin' goooood... as always.

Ms. Wuhrer reveals plenty of chest in this B movie. There are about four sex scenes in this one which is not her best work. My personal favorite is the scene in the motel room with Kari on top. For a fan, not a bad rental if you can find it.

espy was written on December 7, 1999


There are several scenes where you can see her nice firm breasts during intense sex scenes. By the way, her nipples are really dark.

Know-it-all was written on November 23, 2000

Well, there IS the one scene...

She has one scene when she gets up out of bed w/ Forsythe after the first time they have sex, in order to go make a phone call. The lighting is not good, but both of her fine enhanced breasts are clearly visible for a few seconds. Not her best, but worth a look.

CHUD was written on January 17, 1999

not to bad

there's about 4 or 5 nude scenes of Kari in this movie (all topless) notthe best nude scenes she's ever done (the lighting sucks) but worth a lookif your a fan

Sensation (1994)
Bootydaddy was written on June 12, 2002

Good Lord!

Man besides Boulevard & Luscious this is my favorite Kari movie! She shows us her great tits in various scenes throughout this movie. God damn I love this chick! Best scene is when she removes her robe and puts on some dead chicks dress and dances around her room, then she removes the dress and dances around topless with a thong on for awhile...very nice!

RoyMunson was written on January 4, 2001

Too many cuts

Don't get me wrong - if you think she's as hot as I do, you should rent this, but the one extended sex scene, where she imagines Eric Roberts mounting her on a table in a cafeteria, has too many quick cuts to people talking...I gues they were trying to add some erie mood to it? It's also shaded in a very blue light, which doesn't eactly make things any hotter.
Another scene has her painting in her apt. wearing denim overalls w/nothing underneath. Needless to say, her great bibeautiful dirty pillows are barely covered by the material.

Gordon was written on January 23, 2002

Several good nude scenes

Kari has an awesome body, and you get to see quite a bit of it here. She plays a painter, and in one scene she is painting wearing overalls with no shirt. Her perfect breasts spill out and give us an eyeful as she rubs paint over herself. In another scene a guy is watching her take a shower from a skylight above. Unfortunately it's difficult to make out too much although you can still the sexy lines of her nude body. In yet another scene she walks into a room and removes her robe in front of a mirror. We get a good look at her tight ass, as well as her great rack in the mirror. The best scene, however, is while she is fantasizing about having sex with a guy. The guy rips her dress open, revealing her wonderful tits, and then mounts her on a table. It is very erotic, but the drawback is that the scene is in bluish light and it is too short. Overall good nudity from the gorgeous Miss Wuher.

G-MONEY was written on October 25, 1998

Kari nude several times

Kari is often topless in this movie and in 1 scene with e. roberts you can see her totally nude

CHUD was written on January 17, 1999


if you think Kari's Hot don't even bother renting this movie....BUY IT!! after seeing this movie she became my Favorite celebrity, hands down. she's got about 5 or 6 Great nude scenes

Dust Bowl 68 was written on February 5, 1999

Kari's Debut as Naked Temptress

This was Kari Wuhrer's coming out as a beautifully nude b-movie actress after various MTV duties. She's a college student who paints (works a lot in overalls with no shirt underneath). She also has some telekenetic ability which leads her to study with local expert Eric Roberts, not to mention have sex with him. Nice (generally topless) stuff, since surpassed by Boulevard and Vivid. Plus Roberts acts like a total freak and that's always fun to watch.

Superher04 was written on December 19, 1999

Daydream Sequence

Here we see Kari picturing herself with Eric Roberts in a very revealing and explicit scene. She is being mounted on a table with her breasts fully exposed. It goes back and forth between her having sex and her friend telling her Roberts is a rapist. It is kinda weird but who cares, she has got great breasts. All in all the scene is only 45 seconds long but it is arousing and naughty. And Kari has got one of the top 10 pairs of breasts in modern movies.

soulman was written on September 11, 2001

Not Bad

Fan's of Kari should check out this film if you want to Kari in various scenes of undress. From painting in overalls with no top to various fantasy sex scenes with Eric Roberts (lucky dog).

snowdawg was written on February 21, 2001

Kari has come a long way from MTV

This is the first Kari movie that I saw with her showing some skin and have seen it about a dozen so more times since. I believe this is Kari's brake into the movies with this one as she shows that she has come a long way from her MTV days.

Though she didn't quite show much in this one, it's still a good one for being her first. Explicit scenes include her painting on canvas wearing just a pair of overalls with nice views of her boobs to a fantasy scene of sex on a table with Eric Roberts which shows another view of her mountains. This movie does contain a brief shower scene as the landlord of her apartment bldg peeks in via skylight while she is showering but the view of the whole scene is hard to make out any good views of Kari's lovely body. During the opening scene with credits shows Kari waking up with her wearing a unbuttoned shirt with bra & panties.

There is one nice scene where she takes off her robe in front of a mirror, which she is topless and just wearing a thong g-string. She then puts on a black sleeper type gown on & then dances around only later to take it off and dance around topless.

Not bad of a movie if your looking for just some boob shots of Kari.

storm was written on August 25, 1999

Several topless shots

OK, so Kari is a hottie and has amazing implants but as I watched it, there was some tit action and side shots of her nekkid. There was not any full frontal in the movie but non the less, she has got a bod to die for. Is it worth the rental? If you are a die hard fan of Kari then yes. I think that there's better though.

Boulevard (1994)
OptimusPrime was written on December 9, 2001

Multiple bareness of Kari

Kari starts out by preparing to take
a shower.In this scene,you see a
couple of great shots of her voluptuous ass,and another wonderful
shot of that interior rear when she
throws Lou Diamond Phillips off of
her while trying to seduce her.Then
Kari has a steamy lebsian love scene
with Rae Dawn Chong,althogh its dark,you see Kari's beautiful tits.
And you see them again,along with
her small,but cuddly bush in a
shower scene as well.Kari,you my

ComputerGeek was written on August 11, 2000

Kari's character getting into the shower.

In the shower scene, which shows just how beautiful she is, it's a great shot of one of, if not the nicest butt, in the movies today. Gorgeous!!

hitch22 was written on May 2, 2005

A pretty good scene

Kari has plenty of nudity in this movie, showing everything. The sex scene she has is amazing. Her boobs look great and also does some nice moaning to spice things up.

Cyclone was written on November 25, 2000

Many scenes

Kari is nude in several scenes, three of which involve her in, or getting out of the shower. We briefly get to see her breasts, butt, and even her bush in these scenes. She also has two sex scenes, the first one with Lou Diamond Phillips. Several nice shots of her wonderful tits and another look at her butt in this scene. Finally, we get another look at her rack during a lesbian scene with Rae Dawn Chong, but unfortunately, it's fairly dark. This film doesn't contain her best nude scenes, but it's still worth checking out.

G-MONEY was written on October 25, 1998

KARI: lesbian scene

This scene is the only topless scene in this movie that is worth talkin` about

Dan was written on November 2, 1998

shower scene

I'm pretty sure there's a shot of her getting out of theshower that shows full frontal nudity.

[email protected] was written on November 18, 1998



Dust Bowl 68 was written on February 4, 1999

Kari Wuhrer-Demure?

Kari has a baby. Puts it up for adoption. Kari runs off to the mean streets of Toronto. Kari moves in with street-wise protector Rae Dawn Chong. Kari showers ('cause she feels dirty, ya see?). Kari is initiated into prostitution. Kari gives up prostitution 'cause her pimp is Lou Diamond Phillips (well, who wouldn't?). Kari shows us her butt. Kari showers (notice a pattern here?). Kari and Rae Dawn fall in love and have a good lesbian love scene. Kari showers. Kari and Rae Dawn go to a strip club, dance suggestively and kiss a bunch. Kari leaves to go shower. Rae Dawn is murdered (either by Lou or Kari's jealous ex-husband). Kari, devastated, showers (with a terrific full-frontal exit). Kari exacts revenge? I forget. Tragically, there is no climactic shower scene. And to think, I once figured this ex-MTV personality was doomed to fade into demure Beastmaster-sequel obscurity!

Eden (1993)
snowdawg was written on August 25, 2003

Only 2 scenes worth reviewing

An erotic Fantasy Island type of Show, this series aired on the Playboy Channel. Some episodes of Eden have been released on home video; Kari's episode was not.

Only 2 scenes to review of, reason for the 3 stars. The first scene of Kari showing skin is shortly after she arrives at Eden where she gets flirty with her man. After a few kisses & utters of words, she slowly lays down on a wooden table while getting her dark blue bustier taken off exposing her boobs.

2nd scene is shortly after talking with her man on a beach. After a few kisses, she gets up from a lounger donning a gold & black thong bikini. As she's walking toward the shoreline, she gets topless as she unties & removes her bikini top.
This scene also includes some nice shots of her thong-clad ass & very nice views of her boobs, especially when she is getting ready to apply tanning lotion.

Funny thing about all of this is, is that she did this for Playboy but a few years later she turned down an offer to pose for the publication. Go figure!

Really not the best of what Kari has shown but is worth mentioning. Highly recommend "Vivid" (aka "Luscious") and/or "Boulevard" for some really nice Kari skin!

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