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Jolene Blalock's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2007 Shadow Puppets 1 Review
2005 Slow Burn 1 Review
2001 Diamond Hunters 3 Reviews

Jolene Blalock's Sexy TV Shows

TV Shows this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2001 Enterprise 13 Reviews

nudity reviews for Jolene Blalock member submitted

Enterprise (2001)
duckem was written on January 13, 2002

Vulcan wet t-shirt contest

In the pilot episode she and Scott Bakula strip down to their skivvies to get de-contaminated. She's wearing cotton shorts and a cotton t-shirt and her nipples are poking out like pencil erasers. Scott must have had a fun time rubbing that lotion all over her body.

Dudester was written on October 2, 2002

Carbon Creek episode-clothesline scene

She dresses and undresses behind a sheet, silhouetted very well by background lighting. You see a great outline of her body including her surgically altered hooters. Her nipples stand out and you can even make out the outline of the implant in her double D tits.

Dudester was written on December 24, 2002

January 2003-FHM magazine

She is topless in this full set of pics which are usually taken from behind or her side. We see a side view of her D cup breasts, but no nipples. She is wearing panties in all but one of the shots. In that shot, we see half of her bare butt and a side view of those breasts. Worth a look see.

Ghostwords was written on October 21, 2010

Great backside, nice boobs - see for yourself

Although Ms Blalock's bare behind was edited for its US screening, other countries proved less easily shocked. You can see the shot in all its glory. The sequence in an earlier episode where she removes her top and cups her breasts can be seen here .

BushLeague was written on February 11, 2004

Horny Vulcan

(Star Date 2004.02.11). After lots of teasing with "Vulcan Nerve Pressure Massage" amongst three characters (including Jolene). She finally gets the hots and rips off her jump suit (apparently, Vulcan chicks don't wear bras). We see only her very ripped upper back and the very top with crack of what must be a nice muscular bubble butt. A censorship crop hid what must have been more ass cleavage.

NekkidChix was written on February 12, 2004

Dropping Robe -- From Behind

Jolene, as the Vulcan T'Pol, facing away from the camera, drops her robe, showing all of her back and the upper half of her butt for about one second (which I stretched to several minutes with my handy pause button). There is no "censorship block" as someone else mistakenly mentioned (no jumpsuit either). The series is shown in Letterbox widescreen format and the top and bottom of the screen are always black. Duh!

I've seen more of her flesh in her Maxim layouts, though.

Dudester was written on October 15, 2002

Episode "A Night in Sickbay"

First scene, scott, linda and jolene are in decontamination. While in their skivvies, linda is wiping gel on jolene while jolene is wiping gel on scott. A scene with possibilities. We can make out that linda's hooters are standing out under her shirt. I think she had pasted on falsies to increase her bustsize. LATER, scott is having a dream about jolene. We see her entire back is bare and that the top half of her butt is a lot lighter than the rest of her. She turns to kiss him, but we only see her from shoulders on up. NOTE TO SELF:"Find way to work on the show during these scenes".

sky_blue_waters was written on May 16, 2005

Waiting for the DVD in the USA

BushLeague and NekkidChix both talk about a scene with Jolene dropping her robe viewed from behind. The scene was censord in the USA, as it aired shorly after the FCC handed down its fines for the Jannet Jackson Super Bowl stunt. I've seen a clip of the way it aired in Canada, and although it should be 1 star, Jolene gets an extra star for overall sexiness. Thanks so much Ms. Jackson all you did was ruin things like this and NYPD Blue for the rest of us.

ArkansasTraveler was written on September 15, 2003

Third season opener

Others have described this scene pertty well, so I'll focus on the good part. T'Pol begins taking her pajama top off by removing her left arm first. Then, as she slides her right arm out of the sleve, we get a brief, but good look at her right breast from behind and under her arm. It's a very nice breast too. I taped the encore presentation of this episode and used the frame advance to check it out a little closer. I THINK there's about two frames where you can actually see her nipple. If it is, her nipple is very erect and fairly long. To be fair, it could just be a shadow. I just wish I had a satalite system and a DVD recorder so I could have recorded it digitally. That would remove any doubt.

Regardless, this gives me even more reason to watch this show. It also gives me even more hope of seeing her show her charmes much more clearly in movies.

duckem was written on September 25, 2002

episode Carbon Creek

In this episode she takes off her clothes (twice!) behind a white bedsheet hung up on a clothesline. You can see a perfect silouette of her nude body on the sheet, just like those strippers back in the vaudeville days.

Dudester was written on September 10, 2003

Season 3 opener (airdate-9-10-03)-Vulcan takes off her shirt, exposes her melons, asks for a backrub, the Universe rejoices

It's the season three opener. The ratings strapped TV series resorts to nudity. T'Pol (Jolene) asks the ship's engineer to come to her quarters under false pretenses. She asks him to use pressure on her back to help her sleep. She then takes off her pajama top. The camera is behind her and to the right. We see most of her right tit, then her bare back as the engineer touches her and she moans (MY WOOD IS RISING). We then get a full on shot. Her hands are over her tits. The camera is cutting away, so we don't see any more except her rebuttoning her pajama top. Jolene is a surfur girl with a malnourished body, but corn fed utters. This episode is supposed to lay the ground for a romance between her and the engineer. Depending on the ratings, we may see more.

Sinnema was written on September 10, 2003

The topless Vulcan

Ditto everything yeehaarider said, except instead of "corn fed utters" I would have said "gravity-defying silicones."

Tatoo was written on September 10, 2003

Season 3 Premiere

This scene of Jolene Blalock is worth 3 stars. As said before, she removes her robe, then her sleep shirt, and has her engineer rub her back to relieve her. We get to see her back, a quick side view of her breast, and her holding her breasts. She is very skinny and she has nice big breasts for such a small girl. The uniform she wears also shows off her body; a toned butt and C-cup breasts. Also, worthy of mention is when she tells the engineer to go harder and harder, and we see and hear her reaction (very hot and sexy). Afterwards, she puts her sleep shirt on. This scene happens near the end of this episode. I can't wait to see what develops from this episode and what else we will see of Jolene. It's nice to see Jolene Blalock carry on what Jeri Ryan started. Maybe we will get to see her butt, or nipples through a shirt in future episodes.

Shadow Puppets (2007)
Gothamite1 was written on October 8, 2010

Sexy underwear, all the time:-)

No nudity, but Jolene spends nearly the entire time of the movie in her underwear.
She wakes up in a padded room in just knickers and a tight, bra-less top which may as well have just been sprayed on as they are so tight, you can not only see her hotly toned body and tight rear in great detail, as well as her nipples, but you can also make out her areola. She spends nearly all the movie like that and barely puts anything on.
Shame she doesn't take anything else off though, even though she does scream "take off you clothes if you want to live". Yes, that does include her, just not all her clothes:-(

Slow Burn (2005)
MVIEGUY was written on April 12, 2007

A Couple of Brief Scenes

not really much about 50 minutes into the film there is a scene with ray liotta with brief glimpses of her upper buttocks and brief breast and nipple

then about at the hour and ten minute mark she is having sex with Mekhi Phifer and again she shows brief nipple and upper butt

also there is a shower scene but she is distorted through a foggy door

nice because its jolene, but not enough

Diamond Hunters (2001)
Sinnema was written on September 25, 2004

Body double?

Upon watching the DVD again, there is at least one scene that clearly shows Jolene's face and breasts in the same shot, but she clearly has skin-colored patches stuck over her nipples, which leads me to believe that she showed no nudity in the movie at all, and all nipple shots were actually a body double with her hair covering her face. We see Jolene's breasts, but not her nipples, so it's not real nudity -- just more teasing from her, as always.

Sinnema was written on September 26, 2003

Brief nudity ... maybe

I just watched the DVD of this mini-series, and Jolene has several love scenes with Sean Patrick Flanery and Michael Easton.

I can't tell if there was any body doubling going on, or if the director just chose really bad camera angles.

Jolene's character is topless in many scenes, but often it is from the back, or her hair is covering her face. There was one scene where her face and the side of her breasts were in the same frame, but the lighting was bad, and I could not see any nipple -- even with freeze frame and zoom.

Another scene showed her character getting out of bed, and her breast was clearly visible in profile, but her hair was over her face again, so maybe it was her breast, or maybe a body double.

It was a pretty good movie, but the teasing maybe-nudity from Jolene was really annoying me. If I definitely knew all the nudity was really her, then I might give it three stars. ...

saskabush2000 was written on August 24, 2003

T'Pol topless!

This made-for-cable miniseries co-stars Jolene Blalock. At one point in the proceedings, her character makes love to the hero of the piece, and you get to see her riding him quite vigorously. Later, we see her get up out of bed and there is a momentary flash of nicely shaped breasts. She has a great body and the scene is hot. Although you can't see her face in every shot, I do not believe it's a body double. I couldn't rank it much higher than ** because it's not super-explicit, but for folks wanting to see a bit more of Jolene than is visible on Enterprise or in the magazines, it's worth checking out.

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