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year title
1999 Art of Murder, The 3 Reviews
1997 In Praise of Older Women 1 Review
1997 Haunted Sea 0 Reviews
1995 Last Gasp 1 Review
1993 Under Investigation 1 Review
1993 Private Lessons II 1 Review
1992 Every Breath 3 Reviews
1992 Black Ice 3 Reviews
1991 Husbands and Lovers 6 Reviews
1988 Kiss, The 5 Reviews
1985 Not Quite Paradise 1 Review
1983 Gorky Park 3 Reviews

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Art of Murder, The (1999)
frogman was written on January 10, 2001

adutrous sex scene early in movie

There is only one scene of nudity and that is courtesy of a body double credited at the end. Pacula is a little old for this part and is not convincing as the manipulated little woman in this film noir. See it for the plot twists, which are pretty good for such a low-budget thriller. For Pacula's skin, see Husbands and Lovers, the unrated edition.

Chamonix was written on June 20, 2001

Short and Short

Probably a body double, though even this is unexpected in a Pacula movie; breasts after 15 minutes, and that all folks. She looks odd as usual in this one.

cecil was written on February 16, 2014

body double

I agree body double, but good nudity from the double. A close up of her bare rear while on top of Boyd Kestner, then close up of her breasts as he kisses them. Later we see her climb out of a pool and we sorta see full frontal, though filmed while looking through some plants that help obscure the view, and of course we never see the head of this person.

In Praise of Older Women (1997)
Stevarooni was written on May 26, 2013

So close, but so little shown

Starting a little before the 1:22 point, Joanna pulls her slip over her head, giving a nice side-boob view from behind. Lighting's good but...that's it. The scene fades to black, focused in on Juan Diego Botto's face. Five seconds' viewing of the side of Joanna's perky-looking left breast. Especially disappointing given so much other nudity throughout this Spanish erotic movie.

Haunted Sea (1997)
Last Gasp (1995)
vpup was written on October 24, 2001

Could be a body double

Dreaming of having sex with a guy. Could be a body double. Never see her exposed breasts and face in the same shot.

O.K. movie overall.

Under Investigation (1993)
vpup was written on November 24, 2001

Love Scene in the Dark

Joanna is nude from the waist up, but mostly from the back. Few glimpses of her breasts. The downside is that the camera focuses more on Harry Hamlin. This is a turnoff for when I want to see more of Pacula nude.

Private Lessons II (1993)
Winchester was written on October 16, 1999

Bad movie, Poor nude

Although this movie seems to be a secuel for Sylvia Kristel's Private Lessons, is really a silly remake with the same plot but too much poor in resources. Joanna Pacula looks very sensual and shows her nice ass when she gets out totally nude from a swimming pool... but definitively, she don't saves the day.

Every Breath (1992)
howie was written on June 25, 2001

topless sex scenes

Joanna plays a seductress and we see her lovely small breasts many times in her scenes with Judd Nelson - by the pool and in the bedroom especially. We also get a nice look at her legs beside the pool.

Chicago was written on November 22, 2001

3 scenes

There's a lot of heat between Joanna and Judd Nelson in their scene at :22, but with very little actual nudity. There's a brief flash of her right breast between her opened blazer for ~2 sec. as Judd kisses and fondles her. (Nicer for him as she takes his hand from over the blazer to under on her breast) At :37-:37.5, Judd takes off Joanna's black shirt as she's sitting by the pool and they start to get it on while her husband watches. Again, the heat is better than the nudity, but this is probably the best/closest view of her smallish breasts and erect nipples. At 1:10.75, Joanna is taking a shower and is seen from a medium distance head-to-toe shot from behind her to the left...ass and side of breast. The shot is more intended, in my opinion, to be an admiring view of her total fit, hard body (a little on the skinny side) and it works! Too bad there weren't longer closer views of specific parts.

BushLeague was written on September 11, 2003

Ratings upgrade

Both tits + Tits and ass in the shower. A little dark, but her rippled body along with ass crack is seen in plain view=three *'s.

Black Ice (1992)
soulman was written on June 7, 2002

Body Double Alert!

Pacula has a sex scene early in the film, but the usual equation occurs: face minus body in same shot equals body double. If you want to see Pacula REALLY naked, check out HUSBANDS AND LOVERS instead.

LeroyBrown was written on June 8, 2002

Body double

Nice shots of body double, but it was so obvious. The director didn't even allow any shot above the neck, just once but even that was so obvious because the face was hidden in shadows.

vpup was written on October 24, 2001

Body Double

Worse deception I ever saw. This movie came out in '92 just like "Husbands and Lovers". Unrated just like "H&L". Stars Joanna just Like "H&L". So one would think there will be sufficient nudity.

Nooo. Instead a body double was used in just one scene. And not a very good at that.

Husbands and Lovers (1991)
BushLeague was written on August 24, 2002

9ine nude scenes! + 1 questionable (outstanding!)

I will give the the play by play as I am watching it: !) Making love to husband. Darkened Rembrandt lighting, can make our dark left side and dark shaded tits, not quite shadows. She lays net to hime and it suddenly gets brighter. You can make out her firm, round left tittie in good ligt for a few seconds. 2) walks into bedroom completely naked, again dark showing all from knees up, including dark bush. She turns toward him and the light gets brighter and she coyly shows her bush and fantastic body while combing her hair with a brief flash of both round, firm as cheeks. She walks toward him nude and we get a view of her back side and a slightly longer look at her ass. She gets on the bed and leaves the slightest hint of both butt cheeks and crach until the camera changes angle and hides it. Her arm is almost as sexy as Nina Hartley's. 3) Strips off bath robe in bath room and gives well lit shot of tits. The proceeds toput on stockings while topless in panties, with butt mostly hidden, except for a brief side glance. 4) She's in the bathroom again, drops her white robe and gives us nice view of that ass (both cheeks well lit), turns and shows us her left tit and both ass cheeks (she can't turn her hubby on!--he might be going gay) 5)In the bedroom, in a black robe, drops agin, great sensous bak and brief right tit (may she should wear lingerie to bed) 6) Yawn! drops another white bath robe, flash of tits, she is in lacy white panties, shows tits (nice muscular rib cage) and legs while putting on stockings (barely gets one on left leg, before camera cuts), hikes up red mini dress to reveal left leg and partial right butt cheek) 7) does not count--You can see her darkened bush through a translucent red dress when she sits down at cafe. 7a) Her lover is spanking her, we don't see the impacts, a quick flash of her butt (it is not very red?) 8) The bedroom is slightly darkened, her hubby is horny and pulls down the sheet to reveal her back and butt while she sleeps. He kisses her butt and she wakes up an flips over showing her tits. He licks her pussy(non-explicit), He licks her erect nipples (explicit), real fast quickie, he gets off her and her tits show again. He gets bak under covers, quick tit flash, she pulls pillow to herself then throws it away, fullen lenght frontl, no bush, she turns to get off bed, very quick bush, she gets up and you get a quick full rear before she puts on her favorite white robe. 9) Is shown in the bathroom putting on her stockings again, quick shot of right tit and left leg. 10) Quick scene of her lover ripping off her robe and throwing her to ground, darkened rear view (seemed like a body double)

ndt531 was written on November 12, 1999

The Movie

Well, the movie is not that good but we see Joanna Pacula fully naked in the film. There are some weird scenes that i don't fully understand. But if you wanna see Pacula naked then go for it.Note: Even the male actor has a frontal nudity.

RichT was written on November 23, 2001

Bush-out in the bedroom

Since seeing this "European Beauty" in her earlier GOOD fims like "Not Quite Jerusalem" and "Gorky Park", where she shows tantalising bits of her gorgeous body, I have been hoping she would eventually show us as much as she does in this film ! Although it is not nearly as good a film as the other 2, she does finally parade around COMPLETELY NAKED. There are numerous scenes where she shows off her beautiful body, but the bedroom scene near the start of the film, is the one to watch. She beautifies herself in front of the mirror, and then walks around the bedroom without a stitch on, showing ALL of her great NAKED body, including a superb viewing of her cute dark BUSH ..... Thanks JP !!! (PS. The film was called "In Excess" on UK video)

Winchester was written on November 29, 1999

Joanna's nudity compendium

May be the best nude scenes i 've ever seen of her. Joanna has a lovely face and a great body, which we can see totally naked since the first minutes of the film, while having sex with mr. Sands and later, several times along the movie: while she's walking nude in bedroom, taking a shower with Julian Sands or another sex scenes in bed, all of them showing all of her anatomy (even her hairy pubes is pretty visible); You can also see a couple of topless-lingerie secuences when she's getting dressed and a weird spanking scene with a lucky guy putting his hands over Joanna's ass (good shot). Women will enjoy this film too, because includes many full frontal shots of Julian Sands with explicit shots of his genitals. don't make me tell more details... go for it!

icebag2 was written on November 15, 2010

Naked as a way of being

Joanna has a body that looks at times run-of-the-mill and at others hot beyond knowing, and both in the same scene. We get plenty of chances to make up our mind, as she is nude so often you lose count. Naked in bed, naked wandering around the house, naked getting ready to depart for her weekend tryst. Naked, naked, naked. What she does have for sure is a VERY nice ass, which you would just love to take a whack at, which her lover does, to her delight, and love to have in view as you do the (ahem) to her, which her lover does, to her extreme delight. The producers must have told her they have such a shabby script that only her constant exposure could save the film, and brave lass, she gave it her all. See it. You'll like it.

Douglas was written on October 16, 1998

Entire film

Strange Movie. Pacula & Julian Sands play a married couple who have an open marriage; they spend 5 days a week together and then Pacula goes to spend a couple of days with another man. Believe it or not, this has a detrimental effect on their marriage. Anyway, Ms. Pacula is stark naked in a number of scenes and she has a perfect Polish body.

Kiss, The (1988)
Tonppa was written on September 22, 1999

Topless in sex scene

Joanna is topless during a sex scene. The scene isn't so long, but you can see her breasts quite well.

Xeyes was written on February 20, 2007

Nice breasts, good scene.

she appears topless in sex scene, the scene is intensly erotic.

BaltimoreBob was written on January 6, 2002

sexy woman, unsexy performance

While Joanna Pacula is sexy in an exotic way, I was not turned on by her performance in this movie. Why do some filmmakers seem to believe that all sexy women should be possessed by demons? What's wrong with simply being possessed by sexual desire? To cut to the chase, 50 minutes into the movie, we see Joanna topless from the side as she seduces the father of her alleged niece. Then, at 1:26 elapsed, we see her right breast as she sits astride him.

scanman was written on August 17, 2001

Joanna has three topless scenes... 1 long, 2 short

Joanna Pacula's first topless sex scene is the longest... about 1 minute. She's riding a guy..unfortunately there are cuts between her and Meredith Salinger at school... The second scene is a "possessed" scene. Joanna is painted in brown and black and leans back.... topless. Third scene is another "riding a guy" scene towards the end of the movie. In case you've read the other reviewers Meredith Salinger review... she's not nude in this film... and there isn't ANY sexual tension either...

Chicago was written on February 2, 2003

3 scenes

Scanman does a good job of describing Joanna's scenes here but to add times and a few details.... At :49:30-:50:15, Joanna is seen having sex with a guy at home with cutaways to Meredith at school...breasts close-up as he kisses them. At :58:03-:58:13 is her topless ritual scene...breasts colored in brown paint as she bends backwards, shot from above. At 1:24:50, she is sexing a guy from on top...right breast clearly viewable from the front for 4 sec. as the right side of her top is down.

Not Quite Paradise (1985)
Immy was written on May 8, 2008

Left breast (1:04)

The normally well-exposed Ms Pacula gives us just a bit of nudity in this drama. She's in bed at night with Sam Robards and when he rolls off her we see her left boob as she lays on her back. It's a darkened, moonlit room so the view isn't the best.

Gorky Park (1983)
babon was written on March 2, 2000

brief skin

brief topless and butt

liechti was written on January 15, 2001

topless, having sex

I love small tits and Joanna shows in that scene all the best! But only too short!

Tiger Flux was written on January 12, 1999

Soppy sex scene

Joanna Pacula has a good soppy sex scene with William Hurt. Niice topless and torso kissing action. Joanna has nice skin.

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