Jessica Phyllis Lange
Cloquet, Minnesota, USA

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Jessica Lange's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2000 Titus 8 Reviews
1994 Blue Sky 3 Reviews
1988 Everybody's All-American 6 Reviews
1982 Frances 6 Reviews
1981 Postman Always Rings Twice, The 7 Reviews
1976 King Kong 5 Reviews

nudity reviews for Jessica Lange member submitted

Titus (2000)
Penis was written on August 11, 2000

Very brief

We get a fleeting glimpse of her tits as the camera is moving. The DVD works well to freeze frame the shot. Shame the scene isn't longer...

bmg was written on February 4, 2000


She does indeed show her large breasts while in bed with Alan Cumming towards the end of the movie. She's got a very nice body for a 50-year-old.

Luvmonk was written on October 24, 2000

In bed with the Emperor and Her Sons

Two quick scenes. First, in bed laying on her back with a naked husband/emperor on top of her covering most of her body--to gay. Second, is a pretty good scene 2-3sec she is sitting up in bed with her grown sons (ugh!) topless though (ahh!). Has a great set for a mature woman.

wheble2299 was written on August 23, 2000


yes you get to see on breast, her left one. But there is also a scene where we see both breasts. This is when she is playing with Titus's mind and trying to decive him

oldbabe was written on December 13, 2001

Way-too-quick Quick

Quick scene of one of her breasts. Way too quick, but she has got an amazing body for a 50-year old woman. Another scene has her mature breasts being groped by lover from behind but fully-clothed. Hope that this is not the last we see of her naked body as she certainly can give Susan Sarandon a fight for the mature nudity award.

Texasmovieman was written on May 24, 2011

orgy scean

even at her age she is hot show whole breats

toyzz was written on January 18, 2000


I haven't seen the movie yet but a friend of mine (a woman) said that Jessica shows her breats in this film.

BiBoySTL was written on August 21, 2000


Briefly, as she lies in bed you can see her breasts (or maybe just one of them, I don't remember)...Also nothing signifigant.

Blue Sky (1994)
Matt was written on February 14, 1999

sunbathing topless in the beginning of the film

From up in the sky in a helicopter husband Tommy Lee Jones looks down and sees his wife(Lange) sunbathing topless, playfully holding a shear scarf over her breasts. She breifly reveals her breasts but again this shot is from afar so don't get too excited...

oldbabe was written on December 13, 2001

Telescope needed

This scene is really from far above, you will probably need a telescope to see anything. Only plus point is that she was 45 during the film. A pleasantly mature body on display.

Kuroneko was written on October 11, 2002


This movie was originally produced in 1991 but because the production company went bankrupt it was not released until 1994. That would mean Jessica Lange was 41 or 42 in this movie.

Everybody's All-American (1988)
soulman was written on December 23, 2002

2 Scenes.

The other reviewers do a good job describing lange's scenes. The skinny dipping scene, although a bit dark, you can still make out her goodies in a frontal shot and a fine shot of her fine ass when she turns and runs towards the water. The nightgown scene is a bit better. the nightie is see-through and you get a good look at her tits. Not great scenes, but nice nonetheless.

jimmysays was written on February 13, 2001

Sheer nightie scene

I also enjoyed the skinny dipping scene but there was one that I liked better. In one bedroom scene, Jessica Lange enters the bedroom wearing a sheer, almost see-through negligee. If I remember, she was not wearing panties and her beautiful boobs were easily visible through the material. Considering she was in her late thirties playing a college girl, she was able to pull it off with that fabulous body.

Gordon was written on October 26, 2001

Stripping to go skinny dipping and wearing a sheer nightgown

In the best scene of the movie, the beautiful Jessica Lange strips by a campfire. Her back is to the campfire so her front is somewhat is obscured by the darkness, but you can still make out her full breasts and some of her bush. When she turns around to get in the water she walks by the fire and her fine ass is fully illuminated. In the other scene she is wearing a sheer nightgown and you can see her breasts pretty well. Jessica has a nice body, but I could only give 2 stars because there is never any well-lit, fully unobscured, lasting nudity.

Dante9703 was written on November 25, 2004

Body Double?

Jessica Lange's character strips off at about 50 mins into the film by a camp fire. She is back-lit by the fire and it is very dark so although she shows us a full frontal it is too dark to see anything clearly except her silhouette. She then turns around and runs to the water and goes skinny dipping. Once she gets past the fire we get a much better look at her butt, which is very nice. The darkness of the scene and the fact that we never see her face at the same time as her naked body suggests that this might be a body double. If it is it's a very good match.

Buns was written on March 26, 1999

Skinny Dippin' Scene

One of the best and most beautiful actresses of our day showing off the goods. As she prepares to go skinny-dippin she takes off all of her clothes in front of an anxious-eyed Dennis Quaid. Although it is dark you can see a faint outline of bush and a descent look at her breasts as she finishes undressing. Then as she turns toward the water she walks past the fire, enlightening the scene with an excellent shot of her naked buns. We see this nice feature again as she runs into the water after announcing that she is pregnant again. Two really nice buns shots.

FarscapeCJ was written on July 16, 2005

I wish I was at that campfire.

It haws been awhile but I seem to remember Jessica totally nude around the campfire while with Timothy Hutton. You cee her breast and bush clearly in this scene.

Frances (1982)
nakedbuns was written on December 1, 2000

several scenes

Brief left breast in bed, then in a scene where the cops bust into her apt., we get a nice view of her bouncing bum as she hustles into the bathroom. Then while in the bathroom we get another good shot of her buns and brief full frontal. There's also a very quick full frontal earlier in the movie when she stands up to get out of the tub. This is the best movie you will find for this beautiful actresses naked body

[email protected] was written on May 15, 2002

0:41-she looks at 2 newspapers while lying face-down on her bed and then she throws them away; as she does this, you can briefly see most of her left breast, including the nipple; 0:51-she gets out of a bubble bath and wipes herself with a black

The nudity in this movie is, in my opinion, awful. In fact, since I prefer to see breasts when it comes to nudity, I think the first scene was the better one even though it only shows one of her boobs. The second scene was shot from too far away to get a good view, while the third one was really dark at the beginning when they filmed from close range and then very fast and shot mostly from behind when she is naked and trying to hide. I expected better after reading the previous reviews--maybe this is the best movie regarding Ms. Lange's nudity or maybe I just didn't get the good version.(I reviewed the French version distributed by Thorn EMI Video--134 minutes)

soulman was written on November 8, 2002

Several Brief Shots.

**1/2. Lange's scenes are brief but you get and decent eyefull. I don't know what movie the previous reviewer was watching but it's definitely her. She obviously has a nice bod. Too bad she didn't show more of it.

Condor was written on May 7, 1999

the best Lange nude

Jessica gave a great preformence as an actress in this filmbut she also gave us another gift a good look at her body.there r two scences of her nude the first full frontall soaked with soap when she gets out of the bathtub the shot is from medium rangethe second is when cops and paparazzi brake into her room she jumps comletly naked out of her bed and runs to the bathroom shutting the door and sitting whith blacked on the flooru can see pretty reviling buns some tits all in motion

BushLeague was written on August 31, 2002

Body double alert

Only the side tit in the bed is definitely Jessica. The bubble bath scene, when she gets up with the towel is probably her--I think we get a slight shot of bush. The run into the bathroom is definitely a double, as slo-mo freeze reveals a frame of her face and it is not Jessica--so close!

dav345 was written on June 18, 2003

nude but brief

You get fleeting glimpses of her full frontal and rear nudity, but it is always from a distance or way too fast, so you never feel like you get a good eyeful or any satisfaction.

Postman Always Rings Twice, The (1981)
nmd was written on June 29, 1999

good sex scenes but

the only nudity you see is when jack rips her top off ( to make it look like she was attacked ) you might see something if ya pause it

aldous was written on February 23, 2002

Kitchen Scene

There is NO nudity but if there were it would have been PORN!!! Jack Nicholson assaults/seduces her then makes love on the table. Very Graphic.

ff was written on September 5, 2003

what is wrong with these people?

on the scene where Jack Nicholson gets down on her you briefly see her dark bush.

Elv08 was written on September 28, 2001

little nudity but very sexy

Jessica L is really sexy in THE sex scene, even though she doesn't really show anything. Jack has a good feel of her bush and stimulates her down there, but that's about it. Wrestling in sex scenes is a desperate attempt to be profound (like in Damage) and is pathetic, but this is still a good scene. Jessica is a cheating housewife - even better.

nudity_elitist was written on July 9, 2002


Given the amount of sultry sexuality in this movie, the viewer just comes to expect some no-nonsense nekkedness but it simply doesn't materialize. The most Jessica shows here are shadows. Big case of blue-balls.

Gunde was written on July 20, 1999


Later in the movie, we do get to see her bush clearly as the camera pans up from her feet to her head. Can't believe you missed that!

hornyhornyhorny was written on August 7, 2007


not nude but jack puts his hand between her legs and with her panties still on sinks his fingers and abit of her panties right up her cunt!

King Kong (1976)
soulman was written on December 23, 2002

2 Very, Very Brief Scenes.

Lange has 2 brief scenes in this PG rated movie. The first scene you get a brief side view of her butt getting out of the shower. The next is when kong fingers at and undoes her top. You see her tits briefly. Lange was a hottie during this early period in her career but there are better scenes from her in FRANCES and EVERYBODY'S ALL-AMERICAN.

alekhidell was written on May 7, 1999


Early in the movie, she is showering and she gets out of the shower and she is leaning against the wall and you see a side shot of her but. Later she is wearing this Raquel Welch like bathing suit that natives made here wear. She is picked up by Kong and he starts picking at the top and it comes undone, but you dont see much.

chuckstamp was written on March 15, 2000

redeeming features

I don't disagree with the above review, but I would like to speak up on behalf of this misbegotten movie. When we first see Jessica, she is pulled from the sea. She'swearing a slinky, flimsy wet dress. Crewmen from Jeff Bridges' ship pull her aboard.She's unconscious, so they lay her face-up on a bed. Her breasts, outlined by the wetdress, are tantalizing. A good tease here: One of the crewmen decides hercondition would improve if he relieved her of her dress; he starts to do that,but another person prevents him. Much later, when Jessica is in Kong's hand,yes, we don't see much, but his huge index finger is quite impressive; it tearssome of the necklaces off this helpless, terrified woman; at least twice it brushesone or another of her breasts and makes them bounce alluringly; unfortunately,when Kong pulls down the front of her outfit, Jessica manages to cover up;but you can see a still (in old magazines) of her breasts bared, and with that imagein mind, you'll find the scene even more effective. Then, when Jeff rescues her,she's holding the front of her outfit up, and lets it fall when she embraces him;we're a bit far away, and the scene is dark, but we get a fair view of her nakedright breast smooshing against Bridges' chest. In other words, not a great flickfor sex, but worth taking home on a rent-one-get-one-free night at the videostore. (If anyone out there knows someone in the movie business, please tellhim to get hold of those old Kong props and do the scared-girl-in-the-ape's-palm scene right: it could be an extended softcore masterpiece.)

Disgusting-Duo was written on September 29, 2002

Those tits are NOT hers, repeat NOT hers...

To pull the sheet on the Trival Pursuit-worthy question of "which movie did Jessica Lange get her tits out in", we can emphatically impart that the tits in question belong to none other than "Toolbox Murders" star and porno actress Kelly Nichols (AKA Marrianne Walters). She recently said that she was hired to double for Langes' tits when her top got pulled down in the movie. She made a mini career of this sort of thing before breaking out and getting her face (and more intimate parts) on screen.

The 1-star rating is nothing against the lovely Ms Nichols, but it represents the fact that the frontage on display is not from Lange.

KingDON was written on January 19, 2001

With Kong

A few brief nude scenes but well worth it to see Jessica's fine body. One scene overlooked is when Kong drops her into the water. Here there is a nice bush shot as she plunges under water.

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