Jennifer Burton's Sexy Filmography

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year title
1998 Illicit Dreams 2 1 Review
1997 Illusions of Sin 2 Reviews
1996 Night Shade 2 Reviews
1996 Mischievous 7 Reviews
1995 Watch Me 2 Reviews
1995 Killing for Love 1 Review
1995 I Like to Play Games 2 Reviews
1995 Call Girl 1 Review
1994 Play Time 10 Reviews
1994 Emmanuelle 6: One Final Fling 1 Review
1993 Ultimate Desire 0 Reviews
1993 Red Shoe Diaries: Runaway 0 Reviews

Jennifer Burton's Sexy TV Shows

TV Shows this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
1996 Beverly Hills Bordello 2 Reviews
1994 Erotic Confessions: Ecstacy 1 Review
1994 Erotic Confessions 1 Review
1992 Red Shoe Diaries 1 Review

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Beverly Hills Bordello (1996)
Ozzie700 was written on July 29, 2003

Everything; Episode: Inspiration

Brunette Jennifer her 2 scenes as a hooker (of course). In her first she strips out of her negligee and shows off her rear end and chest, along with a brief mirror shot of her trimmed pubis. Later on she tears Richard Neil's shirt off and the next cut is to the bed, where they are both completely naked. Several close shots of her small, perky breasts. Then he walks out on her and the scene ends.

Ozzie700 was written on January 7, 2010

Two scenes; ep: In the Clinches

Credited this time as Jennifer Leigh Burton, she has two sex scenes with a sleazy underworld figure. The first shows her pert backside and small breasts; the second her lower half remains covered with her lingerie, as she does a topless lap dance. She looks a bit too thin.

Erotic Confessions: Ecstacy (1994)
coresoft was written on December 28, 2004

Scene with Tre

Jennifer, with shorter hair than in Play Time, plays a bad girl of sorts. She exposes breast and bush during her scene with Tre. Jennifer's always a trooper, but she's done more memorable scenes.

Erotic Confessions (1994)
Chicago was written on January 19, 2003

3 scenes in "Watching Vanessa"

The previous reviewer does a good job of highlighting Jennifer's scenes which come at :02:45-:07:10, :12:30-:15:55, and :19:40-:22:45...nice small A-cup breasts with erect nipples, and firm ass. While the first and last scenes are with her making love, the middle scene is a nice nude ice cream eating scene where she smears melting ice cream on her chest and with good close-ups of her pert nipples...and is the best lighted viewing of her.

Red Shoe Diaries (1992)
cecil was written on December 23, 2013

Episode: Dime a Dance

Sex scene with Angel Ferreira, they slow dance for a while, then head to the car. She slips off her panties, and we almost see something. She removes her top and we see her breasts several times as they make out.

Illicit Dreams 2 (1998)
Pickard was written on August 26, 1999

Sex scene after being photographed for a magazine

Jennifer is first photographed, which invloves her in just a bra. The photographer then images having sex with her. It's the normal kind of sex scene quite long, but she looks stunning. There is one quite long look at her naked body, showing everything!!!

Illusions of Sin (1997)
audiphile was written on August 2, 2004

Sexy scene with full frontal

Another good performance by Jennifer, she has a love scene with her husband in the office and she shows brief glimpses of full frontal (leaning over as he has her from behind) and her perky B cups get groped. Few of the other scenes in this movie were as good, Jennifer looks as good as she always does, a genuine sex kitten who's not afraid to show all.

Ozzie700 was written on November 15, 2002

Horny Husband-Hunting

Jennifer plays a wife concerned about her husband's fidelity, and provides the only arousing sex scene of the film. At :35 she goes into his office and takes off her coat to reveal a bikini. They begin to have sex and this lasts until :41, with many shots of her small breasts and poky nipples being kissed and played with. There are also a few full frontal shots, which most of the women in this film don't have.

Night Shade (1996)
Serna was written on January 12, 2003

This woman is a hero

This is a crap film but Jennifer is as usual fantastic.
There's a short scene where she tries to seduce the star. She bares her breasts and then lifts the skirt up to show off her arse to the camera. Shockingly, after she starts to give him a blow job, he pushes her away.
Later he's not so stupid. He slips off her tight black dress and she's naked underneath. Total full frontal. They go to the couch where they have sex. Her arse looks fantastic when she is on top of him. It's shot from above and the side and you can see her buttocks grinding away. And there is a couple of great shots of it as he fucks her from behind. Her face just gives away the fact that she loves faking this stuff so much!

zax1 was written on May 26, 2001

Long sex scene...

The guy takes off her dress and pulls down her panties. Jennifer stands totally naked in front of him and you see her front for awhile. The camera switches to a shot from behind showing her butt before he lifts her to the sofa. After some foreplay she sits in his knee. Her butt goes back and forth. He puts her down on the sofa and starts thrusting her and she wants more and more. The last postition is when he takes her from behind. She sits on her knees in the sofa. After awhile he thrusts really fast which is visible through a shot of her butt going back and forth very fast. The scene ends with him biting her neck. Jennifer is good, but looks different from other movies.

Mischievous (1996)
zax1 was written on June 19, 2001

Jennifer is wonderful...

The only thing that suprise me with Jennifer is that she's so extremely sexy in all her movies! Anyway, in this movie she starts off with a swim in a pool. When she climbs up there's full frontal and she teases the guy. When she jumps back in you can see her rump. Not much, but hey it comes! Later in the movie she makes three teases: 1) She sits naked on the bed, dressing 2) She's topless, lying on a kitchen table ready to get it, but getting interrupted and 3) She has sex with a guy in an alley under her skirt. Later in the movie she takes the guy (she's been with all the time, except in the alley) to a motel-room where a naked girl (Jennifer Behr) sits tied to a chair. She unties her and Jennifer crawls to the guy and they have sex while Jennifer undresses and caresses herself. One scene later or so she talks with the guy on the phone. As she talks she takes off her bra and her panties and caresses herself. The best teaser is when Jennifer steps out of the shadows and starts to dance in front of the guy. She strips out of all her clothes and shows her breasts, butt and pubic hair till the scene ends. In the next scene they climb up on a roof and when the guy has reached the top, Jennifer stands totally naked looking at the city (Great shot off her butt) After playing with a gun they're getting close and the guy takes her from behind. Later in the movie they get close in the kitchen and get naked. After they've caressed their bodies against each other she leans over the kitchen table as he takes her from behind. While doing it she gives some pleassure sounds. When they're finished the camera follows her beautiful body lying on the table before she stands on her feet. Later Jennifer follows a trail of women underwear and ends up finding a naked girl (Jennifer Behr once again) in her bathroom in front of the mirror. They start to get close and Jennifer Behr pulls down Jennifer's panties. Jennifer licks Behr's body and they caress each other with their naked bodies. After Jennifer Behr leaves the guy drops a frying pan on the floor. Jennifer stands naked in the bathroom, in front of the mirror and when she hears the sound she graps a towel and goes out (Butt and full frontal) When she comes out to the kitchen they guy goes on her and pulls off her towel, revealing her bare butt and puts his fingers inside her. When she gets away from him there's another full frontal shot, and another one when she goes to the phone. Jennifer Burton is wonderful in this movie and gives so many oppertunities to see her beautiful body. She's one of the best softcore actresses and truly shows it in this movie. A must for all fans!

Serna was written on November 9, 2003

Uncut this movie is great: full frontal

Without doubt JB is just the sexiest thing in film. In this movie she plays a wicked woman who torments men in sexual games. I watched a German version of this which was uncut and called Angela's Game (Angelas spiel).
Right at the beginning JB is on the phone trying to persuade a guy to jump off a building (honestly). She is talking dirty and masturbating on the phone. You don’t see her face at this time for dramatic purposes but her small, perky tits are unmistakable. She is breathing heavily and undoes her bra to play with her breasts. Then she takes off her panties and you can see her pussy lips through her neatly cut hair. Oh my God. She comes as she makes the guy jump.
Next she is tormenting ‘our hero’. She appears through smoke at a school reunion (don’t ask: just forget the plot) wearing just red undies. She looks fantastic in this film, perhaps even better than in Play Time. She is next in a swimming pool, totally naked. She gets out and you get a fantastic view of her trimmed pussy again.
Next, on 32 minutes, she takes our hero into what seems like a stranger’s house and strips in the kitchen. Lovely shots of her arse as she crawls across the itchen table and the guy gobbles on her nipples before the man comes back and interupts.
Her first full sex scene comes at 42 minutes when she is playing the part of a prostitute and is watched by ‘our hero’ f*cking a stranger. She is wearing really tight leather clothes, including a very short skirt. She looks amazing. Her head goes down to the man’s waist as they stand against a wall in the street and then he fcks her from behind. She looks at ‘our hero’ all the time with those sexy eyes.
Then, at 45 minutes, she takes the main guy to a motel room where the character Vicki is tied to a chair. She watches as he fcks Vicki. She slowly strips until all she is wearing are knee length black boots. She plays with her breasts and pussy until she comes. This scene is very very hot. It might melt your video.
There are various other scenes which are shorter or interrupted, and there is a scene on a roof where she is naked. It is shot with really fast cuts which spoil it for me but she is totally nude, looking great, going down on our hero and then getting fcked from behind.
Quite near the end she also has a scene with the gorgeous Vicki, in which Vicki strips JB, kisses her and then stroke and kiss each other’s tits.

audiphile was written on July 26, 2004

Jennifer Burton's best movie

The Uncut version or the DVD shows all three B's of Jennifer. So if you're a fan of this natural B cup sex kitten like me, this is the DVD to have.

The scenes are pretty hot, she does a striptease, climbs out a pool with full frontal, let's a strange have sex with her as she dresses up as a hooker, masturbates as she sets up an encounter. Generally prances around fully frontally naked in a few scenes.

thedoc was written on June 11, 2001

various scenes

NO lower body nudity, but you see her great breasts throughout the movie. My favorite scene is in the bathroom where she is having a small lesbian encounter with a paid lady. Great thriller and good amounts of nudity by her and the other female actors.

scanman was written on June 19, 2001

The other reviewer is wrong: LOT'S of ff nudity!!

He must have seen a censored version because Jennifer is full frontal nude lot's of times in this movie, including a very hot lesbian scene and a great striptease! This is a MUST for Jennifer Burton fans!

thedoc was written on June 29, 2002


she nevers shows any lower nudity you must have this movie confused with another of her films.

duckem was written on June 30, 2002

info only

Haven't seen the movie but vidcaps on other sites show her full frontal. Various merchants appear to sell an R-rated video or an "unrated" DVD. An R-rated version sometimes cuts out the full frontal nudity. The running time of the R-rated version is 90 minutes while the unrated is either 95 or 97 minutes long.

Watch Me (1995)
Winchester was written on July 19, 2000

Nude, several times

What can i say... just a lot of nudes along the movie, many of them are full frontal included a good close up of her pubes (lips are visible). she is not so beautiful as her co-star Kehli O'Byrne, but she does her part. Great sex scenes, too.

StevieY was written on September 10, 2000


Jennifer has some hot scenes in this. She fucks her boyfriend a couple times and also another hunk living in the same building where her boyfriend is the landlord. Finally, a hot scene in a pool with lovely co-star Kehli O'Byrne. This sometimes appears on late-night cable. I saw it on TMC last year.

Killing for Love (1995)
lookinatu was written on October 28, 2003

Little boobs, huge nips

Jennifer is very sexy and alluring. If you like chicks with natural small breasts and long hard nipples, you'll love her. There are at least three scenes that she shows off in this flic. Stupid flick, great actresses though.

I Like to Play Games (1995)
Serna was written on January 19, 2003


Another fantastic performance from Jennifer Burton. Her one and only scene starts at 52mins when Lisa Boyle tells the guy she has a surprise for him. It’s Jenn. She strips herself and him and stands fully naked. Boyle stands behind her and the three stand kissing. When they move to the couch the guy lies down and Jenn sits on him, moving her ass. LB and Jenn kiss as Jenn makes love to the guy. It’s a long scene, a bit slow in places, but the quality of the two girls on show makes it red hot.

elrob was written on August 24, 1999

Can we say three-some =)

This Beautiful women does a long sceen with Lisa Boyle and some guy. she kisses both of them, Gets nude, and makes love. It was HORRIBLE, NOT.I AM IN LOVE!!!!!

Call Girl (1995)
Immy was written on August 28, 2009

Nude (0:02)

Playfully hot scene has Jennifer and Pia Reyes posing nude for photog Meilani Paul in her studio. Starts out simple then then degenerates into a nude pillow fight with feathers flying everywhere. Great!

Play Time (1994)
B-movienut was written on December 2, 2001

the best scene--the hot tub scene

The hot tub scene is one of Jennifer Burton's best scenes in this classic erotic flick. It takes place shortly after her and Monique Parent's character are caught masturbating each other by Jennifer Burton's boyfriend. They all decide to go to the hot tub after they get caught, and after Jennifer Burton tells Monique Parent of a time when she, her husband and her cousin had a threesome, Monique says she wants to watch them have sex. Jennifer then proceeds to get on top of her boyfriend and ride him. What makes it a great scene is that there is no background music, and you get to hear her and Monique Parent moan in ecstasy. Jennifer's moaning get louder and louder and she nears orgasm. When she hits orgasm she screams out,"Oh Joey! I'm cumming!" and her moaning turns to almost a high pitch shriek. Her moaning makes for one realistic scene. During the scene, you see lots of her small but firm breasts and erect nipples as well as her butt as she rides him up and down toward orgasm. Definitely a scene thats easy to get off too, intensely erotic!

ACooper was written on June 8, 2000

In the sauna

Jennifer puts on a little show in the sauna, trying to excite the less cooperative of the two husbands. I was annoyed by the unrealistic wearing of panties throughout this movie - the direct to video equivalent of the woman holding a sheet up over her chest. This was perhaps Jennifer\'s best scene, since she\'s totally naked and touches herself a lot, though only from the waist up. Her best assets are her nice nipples, which she squeezes repeatedly. A good DVD slo-mo scene.

Serna was written on June 9, 2002


This is one of the hottest soft core erotic films I've seen, thanks mainly to an astonishing performance by Jennifer Burton who is hot! hot! hot!
It's pretty much straight into the sex and nudity and it never lets up. It took me several goes to get through this one. Right at the beginning a guy is gettiong his face in her gorgeous arse. The masturbating scene with Parent is sexy as fuck even though they keep their knickers on. And the scene where she gets on her husband in the jacuzzi as Parent watches is fantastic. Full nudity. Great arse. Great face. Smallish breasts but who the fuck is perfect? Also she looks like she really enjoys these scenes, where as most actresses in these movies look bored. She makes some great noise too!

thefaceman32 was written on October 12, 2003


Wow Jennifer's going at it for real (can it still be called soft-core?!!

00:53:00 Full-frontal bliss as Jen shows off the teats and the fuzzbox while chilling in the sauna.

01:03:00 Jen's eterno-nudism continues as she strips down to her panties, tickles her teeters and sticks fingers into her nether-regions.

01:12:00 A long, lasting look at Ms. Burton's beautiful birthday suit, this time as she's getting boffed from behind.

Ilovebmovies was written on September 8, 2004

sizzling hot tub scene

This is one of the hottest sex scenes I have ever come across. It begins with Jennifer Burton, Monique Parent, and David Eliot, all going into the hot tub naked together. Jen and David's characters are married in the movie and Monique is a friend of theirs. They begin to talk about one time Jen and David's cousin had a fling with David watching. The scene segways into that scene, but then comes back after they are done telling the story to them in the hot tub. You see Jen reach over between David's legs, and say to Monique "Oh God, he is hard as a rock!" Monique responds with "Really?" Jen then says "Feel it!" Monique then says "Oh I shouldn't" Jen responds "Come on, feel it" She then pulls Monique's hand over to feel his erection. David then says "You better be careful, I am about to come!" Jen then says "I want you to" Monique then says "I want to watch you guys!" Jen then climbs on David, straddles him and begins to ride him. There is no background music so all you hear is the water splashing and Jen's moaning as she rides him with Monique right there watching. David sucks on Jen's breasts and even fondles and kisses Monique as Jen continues to ride David and her moaning begins to build with intensity and get louder. We get several close ups of Jen's rather small but very perky breasts, and a few close ups of her ass. Her moaning then begins to come to a climax as she screams "Oh Joey, Im cumming!! Oh Joey!! OOOH!" The scene then ends with Monique saying "That was fantastic!" And it was, its a really intense and VERY AROUSING scene. A scene that should turn anyone on!

soulman was written on July 21, 2001

Sexy Kitten

This chick is a kitten in every sense of the word.And she is not shy about showing her sexy little body off in just about evry scene that she appears in. Very sexy indeed.

Chicago was written on November 10, 2001


All of the other reviewers are dead-on in their descriptions from the pointy nips, triangular breasts, plenteous nudity, and the annoying panties. Highly erotic throughout. Do NOT miss this one!

Bolly was written on September 22, 2006

lovely girls...

... and some very hot scenes. I will never forget the masturbation scenes between Jennifer Burton and Monique Parent. Very erotic and kind of tasteful.

palmreader was written on March 11, 2000

the instigator

if you enjoy small breasts with pokey nipples, she's got you covered. she gets it on with everyone in the movie. she's the first and last person you'll see naked and there are plenty of full frontals of her as well as nipple munches on her. PLEASE don't ever let her go mainstream!

slavedriver was written on July 16, 1999


This girl is simply FINE! Another one of those actresses that loves to be naked in a movie andgetting it on with someone every ten minutes. She radiates eroticism. Many, many nudeshots throughout, though I don't recall much beaver.

Emmanuelle 6: One Final Fling (1994)
zax1 was written on May 14, 2001

2 sensual scenes...

Jennifer has 2 sensual scenes in the beginning of the movie. In the first one she stands naked with at guy in a bathtub surrounded by many naked ladies and guys that touch them. She stands so close that there's no chance to see any pubic hair. Her breasts are always on the screen and there are many occasions when you can see her cute butt. Nothing happens during the scene except that she gets every part of her body washed. Later she lies on her stomach in bed with the guy. He goes down kissing her and then starts over: feet, legs, butt and back. You can see the curve of her butt as he puts his lips on it. Jennifer is beautiful as always, but gets little to do. She never gets a chance to show what she goes for, but is good at these type of movies.

Ultimate Desire (1993)
Red Shoe Diaries: Runaway (1993)

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