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Helen Mirren's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2003 Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone, The 3 Reviews
2003 Calendar Girls 5 Reviews
1999 Passion of Ayn Rand, The 2 Reviews
1997 Painted Lady 1 Review
1996 Hamlet 1 Review
1994 Royal Deceit 3 Reviews
1989 Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover, The 8 Reviews
1988 Pascali's Island 2 Reviews
1987 Cause célèbre 1 Review
1984 Cal 3 Reviews
1981 Excalibur 4 Reviews
1980 Hussy 2 Reviews
1979 Caligula 3 Reviews
1972 Savage Messiah 4 Reviews
1969 Age of Consent 9 Reviews

nudity reviews for Helen Mirren member submitted

Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone, The (2003)
eaglespyharry was written on May 24, 2003

Some blond wisps...

Besides a decent look at Helen's large natural breast and nipple, there is a brief look at the top of her pussy. She is laying nude with her legs crossed and there is a wispy blond "V" at the top of her thighs.

Texasmovieman was written on March 16, 2008

scean on patio

she is with lover and hides nothing. best set on a 50+ woman I have ever seen. hope she moves past Queen and does more like this.

dav345 was written on May 5, 2003

right breast

Helen is 50+ in this movie but still as hot as ever, although she doesn't show nearly as much skin in this one as in some of her earlier work. At one point in the movie, she is sitting on a chair outside in the nude, beside her nude boyfriend who has a book over his private area. Her legs are positioned in a way that prevent you from seeing her pubic area, but you do get a brief look at her enormous right breast and its enormous right nipple. This has to be the world's sexiest 50+ woman. Catch this if you are a Mirren fan; otherwise, skip it.

Calendar Girls (2003)
Kuroneko was written on November 19, 2003


You saw the movie. So why can't you post a review of all the women here?

Joorrooj was written on July 24, 2012

Twice is Nice

Helen Mirren appears nude twice in this film, with the first scene being topless alone. In the first scene for her practice shot, Helen is scene undoing her bra. Once her bra was undone, a bit of her left breast can be seen flapping a bit behind a fruit basket. She makes a remark to her mates by asking "Can anyone see my nipples?" We get a good shot of her right breast, when her son and his friend walks in on her. Later on after looking at a photo of the shot, we can see her two natural bare breasts. For her second shoot for the calendar, Helen's nude body is seen perfectly from the side, mostly from the bottom of her left breast to lower thigh region.

damn_crazy_bastard was written on October 4, 2004

A couple of brief nip shots

Helen is in pretty darn good shape and has a nice set of tits. The scene is too matter of fact--and played for laughs--to get too excited about them, though.

dav345 was written on January 8, 2005

brief nipples

Helen looks good, as always. She is nude a couple times, but the only nudity you see (than the side of her voluptuous nude hips and the sides of her huge breasts) is a very brief nipple shot. Helen has been nude in many, many films, so check out one of the other ones if you are after some bush or ass.

ff was written on November 14, 2003

brief breasts

Helen hides over some fruits and yanks off her bra and ask "Can you see my nipples?". the answer is yes but only brief glimpses of it as she is taking off her bra and only half of it is exposed. then they started taking pictures of her when her son walks in she started to put her bra back on thus we get a brief glimpse of her 58 year old breasts in full view. They are ofcourse saggy but her breasts has always been saggy anyway and I don`t know about you but I think she is pretty hot for an old broad.

Passion of Ayn Rand, The (1999)
Souzez was written on June 25, 2000


there's no real nudity in this film.unfortenatly whe can only see helen's back or legs.I don't know if the version i´ve watched is censured or not.Please escuse my english.

Ozzie700 was written on September 10, 2001

Not too far off

Sousez is basically right; you never get a shot of her breasts from the front. There are a few from other positions. The one which shows the most is her riding Eric Stoltz, seen from the back, nipples and sides of breasts visible.

Painted Lady (1997)
Dididave was written on March 10, 2006

Sex scene.

Helen is riding a bloke in the films one sex scene.Although she is not nude her blouse is almost completely open as she writhes on top of her lover and her unfettered breasts are swaying from side to side.This is one sexy older lady. One of my personal favourite actresses and for a woman pushing sixty Helen has still got what it takes. My personal nudity rating for this film is 32 points.

Hamlet (1996)
Dididave was written on March 10, 2006

A courtier is being presnted.

Helen is wearing a vey flimsy and almost see-through dress and you can plainly see her breasts and nipples through the material.On my personal nudity scale this film earns 24 points.

Royal Deceit (1994)
Condor was written on June 29, 1999


I usually dont do nude reviews out of little mpg's from the net. but Helen is an actress I adore and seeing her naked is like eating from the forbiden fruite for me!there were two versions of this film Prince of Jutland and the American Version Royal Deceitsurprisingly it is reported that the American versioncontainsmore nudity! I dont know from what version the mpg I saw is from. Helen is comletly naked but has a blanket in her hands so u see very little ass but u see her Brown bush as shes going to the Souna. then when shes near the souna with the other girls she lowers the blanket and revils her ass but it is shot from a far and I saw a crummy mpg so it was very far. then as she entres the Sauna we can see her magnificent breasts. U have to remmeber she was 47 or 48 at the time but still hot like hell on a summer day.In 1 review it was pointed that that scene is shot in slaw motion. maybe its the other version.If u got any more information please update my review

Dididave was written on March 10, 2006

5 minutes into the film.

Helen is walking to the sauna wearing only a blanket and you get a good look at her pubic area as the blanket shifts.There is also side on shot of her right breast but you do not get to see the nipple.As she enters the sauna she drops the blanket and there is a great view of her buttocks and later in the sauna her magnificent breasts are on display.In my personal nudity rating this film earns 39 points.

taurus was written on February 15, 2006

Walking to and in the sauna

The scene described by Condor is at :13. She flashes her muff walking to the sauna, and shows some ass with a few other girls that enter at the same time. She displays her tits while splashing it up with the other equally nude girls.

Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover, The (1989)
Condor was written on March 31, 1999

Great Full Nudety throught the film

Ms. Mirren is first seen nude while undressing and staying naked in garter belt and stalkingsthan there r a few scenese where we can see her elaborate Breats and Ass.towards the end of the movie she is completly naked talking to the Cook' walking to the meat truckgeting washed and than walking with her loverGreat Mature Mirren All around Nudety

TheFan was written on February 3, 2001

Interesting excuse for Mirren to disrobe

You figure, some director who knows that Helen Mirren still had a great bod even in her early 40s needed something that would convince her to strip and parade around in the altogether, so he comes up with this extremely artsy idea for a movie and pitches it to her. She thinks it sounds Felliniesque or something, so she agrees. And there you have the ultimate naked Helen Mirren vehicle. Whether the movie has any value other than as a frame for Mirren's body is anyone's guess. But she does spend most of the middle of the movie stark naked, and she shows us literally everything she's got.

soulman was written on October 17, 2002


If you love the the site of an attractive, mature woman nude then this is the movie for you. Mirren might not have the firm, toned body of someone half her age but she does very well with what she has. Her scenes are too numerous to mention but you see a good deal of her bod including several patch shots. The movie itself is too artsy-fartsy for my taste but the nudity is great.

derek22 was written on October 17, 2002

great frontal in stinkeroo movie

Howard and Mirren do some great frontal exposure, but the rest of the flick is a real gross-out.

thedoc was written on February 5, 2001

whole movie

I give the movie a four star for nudity because it is the only great part, this movie and Titus both involve seeing some sick things. I think sometimes the amount or appearance of nudity is worth wasting your time on these sick projects. Basically, great nudity but sorry movie.

mcgannic was written on August 7, 2012

For Helen's Fans..A MUST

Oh my God, This is one of the greatest films in history for nudity.
Helen Mirren- a wonderful, sexy actress in every decde she has been on screen- is completely naked in plenty of scenes in Peter Greenaway's strange but riveting TCTTHWAHL.
She does a lot of her sexy full body nudity with the actor playing her lover who is a bit of a nerdy middle-aged type man (not so great looking but he does a lot of full frontal too).
This is one of my favourite films ever for nudity which gives us Dame Helen- probably in her mid 40s here- in all her tits, bum and pusy glory.

deleuze was written on January 20, 1999


great film, great nudity~~~no need to say more!

stalepin was written on September 19, 2005

nude Guardian readers

`Guardian reader` is a term of mild abuse for usually middle-aged,liberal, extremely arty people who read a British paper called The Guardian (think Village Voice types)...when Mirren and Howard walk together nude as if they`ve just left the theatre I was reminded of these kind of people. Not sexy. Helen Mirren has
developed from her foxy youth to the kind of woman who looks likes she prefers gardening to sex. Women can be truly hot in early 40s to 60s
but Helen Mirren isn`t one of them. Nice scene when she and her lover are pushed into a freezer
and then bundled into a van full of meat. Helen`s fear and the way she pushes her breasts together while being sprayed in blood from the carcasses is as you can imagine not erotic but at least it`s a first. A couple of years before this Greenaway directed Frances Barber in a film-why didnt he cast her-this woman was in her prime and would have been more convincing as a gangster`s moll. Mirren is mis-cast but gets points for being hosed down by a guy in a butchers spron. Women ALWAYS look good hosed down (in slo mo too!). Even a nude Mother Theresa wouldve looked good in that scene!
BTW I`m pretty certain the Chef of the title is played by a real famous chef called Raymond le Blanc...he does no nude scenes,can`t act, but at least gets to manhandle a nude and terrified Helen Mirren.

Pascali's Island (1988)
voyeur was written on February 11, 2002

Very modest nudity

A couple of flashes, just to remind us it's Helen Mirren. She's 43 in this movie, and although she's still a great actress, maybe it's time to keep the clothes on.

TomRipley was written on February 26, 2000

so so nudity

Theres a skinny dipping scene seen from above-long shot: see her ass and the side of her breast. Later there's a topless shot in bed-long shot. Worthwhile only for Mirren fans, but aren't we all?

Cause célèbre (1987)
Condor was written on March 31, 1999

brief nudety

In this TV English mini series Helen is very sexy as a woman from the twenties having an affair with her shauferbut there is only one brief nude scene where she in bed with her lover arguing something than u can see her magnifisent briest as she puts on her nightieand than getting out of bed for a second u can see her Ass beforwe the nightie falls and covers himTwo stars because its Mirren

Cal (1984)
Condor was written on February 20, 1999

Not bad

The scene is little dark but Helen takes of her penties and then her sweater than goes into badand waits 4 her partnerwe can see some pubes in the beginning than a brief ass when she goes into bad and than some breasts

Dididave was written on March 1, 2006

Bedroom scene

Although the bedroom scene in the movie is quite dark you can plainly see Helens hairy bush when she pulls off her sweater and at the same time you get a 2 second look at her magnificent breasts(38C in U.K.bra size).Later on in the scene you get a good look at her arse and breasts as she climbs into bed.My rating for nudity for the whole film is 95 points.

Dididave was written on March 1, 2006

Bedroom scene

Although the bedroom scene in the movie is quite dark you can plainly see Helens hairy bush when she pulls off her sweater and at the same time you get a 2 second look at her magnificent breasts(38C in U.K.bra size).Later on in the scene you get a good look at her arse and breasts as she climbs into bed.My rating for nudity for the whole film is 95 points.

Excalibur (1981)
Xeyes was written on October 23, 2007

brief side tits

about 1:32.00 minutes in,You get a brief side view of her nice tits.

Tiger Flux was written on February 7, 1999


very partial nudity. You can see her breasts through a netted cowl. She plays a great witch.

LeroyBrown was written on July 7, 2003

Left Breast

She approached the king, her brother, while he was asleep and then proceed to have sex with him. She was wearing a dress made of netting with apparently nothing else when she walked up in front of the camera she had her arms across her breasts. Then she got on top of him and the camera moves in and we get a side view of her large left breast in profile. Just one star, too brief for just one breast. As for the breast plate; The director, John Boorman said he had it in "in my drawing room standing up against the wall to remind me of the exquisite contours of Helen Mirren's body." Good man.

DevilSnake was written on July 16, 2000

boobs and butts

A modern version of the King Arthur legend with blood, guts, sex and nudity.

There are three actresses of note:

Katrine Boorman: She plays Arthurs mother Igrayne. A knight tears off her gown and, not bothering to remove the top half of his armor, aggressively pokes her with his "sword" in front of a roaring fire while her breasts jiggle nicely. This is a brave actress, as the director of the film was her father!

Cherie Lunghi: Plays Guenevere. She shows the most skin in the movie. Her breasts and butt. Ladies will enjoy the way-too-handsome actor playing Lancelot, who bares his cheeks.

Helen Mirren: As evil sorceress Morgana. Though older than the other women, I find Mirren the sexiest. She's wonderful at being wicked (those evil eyes!) and seductive. You get a good shot of her breasts, which are bigger than they appear clothed, when she wears a netted gown (during the scene where she seduces her half-brother Arthur). Director Boorman has the sexy breast-armor she wears on display in his home...he's also left it to her in his will.
I love nasty witches who play with snakes and cause the fall of kingdoms.

Fans of this film should check out the DVD with commentary by director John Boorman.

Hussy (1980)
Tiger Flux was written on February 7, 1999


An uninhibited performance. BIG breasts. Helen fans wil not be disappointed.

lattara was written on January 28, 2001

Boobs, Bum & Bush

In addition to Helen's big beautiful breasts as mentioned in the previous review, which we see in two love scenes and a scene in a bath, we also see her full behind in one of the love scenes (in medium to long shot) and her bush and, in the bath scene, a better view - well-lit beneath the clear bath water - of her light brown triangle. Oddly her pubic hair seems much lighter in this film than in 'Savage Messiah', but that could just be a trick of the light.

Caligula (1979)
MrKeithTalent was written on October 11, 1999

usual helen mirren nudity

There was so much nudity in the Guccione flick that its hard to recall exactly. But here goes: theres a scene with her in a wet sheeting gown. She's in a pool. We can see her boobs thru her gown. Then theres the better know scene when she's getting up in a hurry at night. We see her boobs bobbing about....they're very nice. We also see a flash of bushy bush.

borisf_98 was written on November 29, 2000

not as good as you think

First, to the previous reviewer, Helen did not play Caligula's sister. Although she has sex with Caligula doggy stile, you can not see much since she keeps her robe on.
In the threesome part, you can see Helen's right boob as Calligula leaks it. At the same time, she does some lesbian kissing. Like in most of the movie all camera action is concentrated not on Helen, but on Teresa Ann Savoy's butt, which is very beautiful.
Pool probably provides most on the nudity for Helen in this movie. She is standing in see-through robe for a while. Camera picks her out of the lesbian crowd from time to time.
Ok, last nudity part comes during the night. Caligula is frightened and wakes up everybody. Helen wakes up and sits naked for a couple of seconds on the bed. This is a closest to full frontal you will see.
I saw 148 minute version of the movie. Unrated/X-rated 156 minute version possibly can add some Helen's nudity, but I doubt.

henrya was written on November 17, 1999

Nude having sex

She also has a great scene where her brother (the emperor) is dog styling her.The camera faces her, so you see her boobs swing, while she gets it. You do NOT see explicit sex, with her anywhere, but you do see soft core type stuff. You get all of her in this movie, tits, ass and beaver.

Savage Messiah (1972)
Condor was written on January 26, 2003


It is really hard to top this performance. Helen just looking gorgeous in her nude scene. posing for the painter then walking upstairs and downstairs completly naked on high heels. What a BODDY!!!. A must for anyone who appreciates feminine beauty!!!

Serna was written on September 7, 2001


No sex but the four stars are for fantastic full frontal nudity from our Helen - in particular one of the best set of breasts you will see on any serious actress. You can see here why in the UK she was dubbed the Thinking Man's Crumpet. She is nude downstairs in her father's mansion as the main character draws her. She walks up a large staircase towards the camera, her fantastic tits on show. She stands and does some great poses. You see a glimpse though sadly not enough of her arse. This is a great scene and one you'll think about it for a while after. It's a shame Ken Russell, the director, didn't give her a great sex scene. I'd love to see those tits bobbing up and down. Good work, Helen.

braine was written on August 4, 1999

Total nudity

Helen is nude several times during this movie, including one of the best full frontal scenes ever. She wals around in a large country house, up & down stairs and we see her extensively from all angles. Does anyone have better breasts than her? This film also has to have the record for most dialogue from a naked actress!

Gordon was written on February 21, 2001

Walking up and down stairs completely naked

Helen is absolutely naked as she walks up and down a large staircase in a mansion. You see her nude body from all over--breasts, ass, and even her bush. Helen is looking absolutely wonderful, and the camera captures her from all different angles.

Age of Consent (1969)
TheFan was written on January 3, 2001

Topless posing and nude swimming

Here's something you don't see every day: one of the most talented and respected living actresses turns out to have had a body that could stop traffic when she was twenty. This is a seriously voluptuous young woman in a must-see performance. Her breasts alone are worth the price of the rental, but she also has a magnificent butt. Highest recommendation.

Dudester was written on March 28, 2003

Beach girl poses for artist

According to imdb.com, Helen was 23 when she played the teenage character in this movie. As other reviewers said, her figure is a lot like Kate Winslet's is today. Her tits reminded me of Suzanne Somers, hanging D cuppers. 11:40-in wet C-thru dress. 46:00-briefly seen tits in a scratched up cracked mirror. 47:20 brief nude while seen in front of the mirror, only from a much different angle. Extremely brief look at her snatch. 52:45-seen swimming nude underwater several times. You see her tits and butt clearly, but hard to distinguish anything else. 1:17:20-posing nude outside on the beach on a bright sunny day. You see her large tits and butt several times. The surprise was when she waded in from the water to get dressed. It appeared that Ms. Mirren, while not completely shaved, had certainly trimmed down her pubes. Surprising for that time as once (1960's) during the movie we can see that her character had unshaved armpits and hairy legs.

Harker was written on October 20, 1999

nude scene in mirror

At least, I -think- it was in the mirror. The point is, there -are- pubes to be seen in this scene, even though it's fast. Mirren is nude throughout much of this movie, and for those of you who are used to her as the distinguished older actress, she was -young- here. Full, ample figure, definitely no Kate Moss. This one is on cable every now and again, and is worth the view.

ConstantReader was written on November 11, 2002

One of my all-time favorite nude scenes.

You can't do any better than this. Helen, a marvelous actress, has an incredible body, and in this movie you get to lovingly watch every inch of it. As other reviewers have said, she was very voluptous, more like Kate Winslett than Kate Moss, but...wow. Too much nudity to describe in detail, just see the damn thing.

icebag2 was written on September 13, 2009

Posing on the beach

Yes, Helen’s figure is the definition of voluptuous. What the other reviewers miss, though, is an area of her body little appreciated because it is so rare - the flat expanse of abdomen between two widely spaced hips. You see it when she takes off her dress to pose naked, from the hips up, in the water. That tableau of flesh makes you think primeval thoughts. Big tits are nearly a dime a dozen, but this belly, this is what turns our brains to oatmeal and invites us to get down to basics. Incredible.

braine was written on August 4, 1999

topless etc

Helen is seen nude on a beach and in a splendid underwater scene. No pubes, but plenty of time spent on those great tits

mcgannic was written on August 7, 2012

Lots of great nudity

The Queen of British Tv and film, Dame Helen, who has stripped off in so many roles over her long career stars with James Mason here.
There are plenty of scenes where we get to see her beautiful tits and bum and it's great to see her young flesh here as I've seen her older in many movies.

A great scene of her standing in the sea water as James Mason paints her and we see her lovely bum just above the water.

Ghostwords was written on December 11, 2012

Artist's model

There are several scenes in this movie where the slightly feral Cora (Ms Mirren) is shown partially or fully nude, first hinted at when we first see her, circa 0:15:00, standing on a dock in a wet dress, nipples clearly visible through the thin material. Some 40 minutes later, a guy makes a pass at her, pulling at her dress and exposing her right thigh.

Around 01:00:00, she strips out of her dress, initially holding her hands over her breasts, but then looking at them in a cracked mirror (no bush that I saw). She's shown kneeling on the floor, showing full left nudity and then the upper part of her butt.

Five minutes later, she's swimming underwater, pokies obvious through her dress. James Mason persuades her to get naked, and we see full rear nudity, then her breasts, side nudity (left and right) and finally full frontal nudity from a distance (including bush).

Circa 01:30:00, she's posing, up to her waist in the water. Once again, she's persuaded to remove her dress. We see her back and the top two-thirds of her butt, then her breasts (at first from a distance, then twice in close-up). All of her butt is exposed as she throws away the stick she was holding, then swims off (full rear nudity under the water). As she exits the sea, we see her right side, including her right breast in profile and the briefest glimpse of bush, then several views of full rear nudity, first as she examines her portrait, then as she runs off down the beach.

Her dress gets wet again around 01:42:00, plastered to her breasts and butt, at which point she jumps on Mason and the titles roll.

Although she's playing a teenager (hence the title), Ms Mirren was around 23 when this was shot, her first major role.

blankblong was written on May 10, 2009

Underwater Scene

There are many scenes but a very good scene is the underwater scene. Plenty of views of Mirren's very solid booty. The view, even though underwater, is as clear as can be, may as well have been on land. You don't see her breasts that well in this scene, but there is an exquisite scene of her posing knee deep in the ocean. She really is built extremely well, I think she was going to be the Australian Bardot or something.

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