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Gwyneth Paltrow's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2012 Thanks For Sharing 1 Review
2009 Two Lovers 2 Reviews
2003 View from the Top 1 Review
2003 Sylvia 2 Reviews
2001 Shallow Hal 6 Reviews
1998 Sliding Doors 5 Reviews
1998 Shakespeare in Love 21 Reviews
1998 Perfect Murder, A 1 Review
1998 Hush 8 Reviews
1998 Great Expectations 14 Reviews
1995 Moonlight and Valentino 4 Reviews
1994 Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle 4 Reviews
1993 Flesh and Bone 9 Reviews

nudity reviews for Gwyneth Paltrow member submitted

Thanks For Sharing (2012)
Ghostwords was written on October 9, 2013

Saucy undies

Although Ms Patrow doesn't get naked as such, there are two scenes of note. In the first, she gets out of Mark Ruffalo's bed, dressed in black bra and panties, then sits on a couch waiting for him to wake and join her. Later, she performs a lap dance on him, wearing stockings and a matching set of sheer bra and panties; there are some very nice close ups of the panties, affording hints of the flesh underneath. Very sexy indeed.

Two Lovers (2009)
mcjw2011 was written on January 21, 2009

Tit flash

Even close to 40, Gwyneth looks amazing and even seductive in this flick. In one scene, we see Gwyneth wearing a sexy black top (the camera angle is a medium close shot of her upper body), rubbing her left boob before pulling the top down to reveal the breast. Her tit looks nice and firm, with erect arieola and not saggy at all. It's a quick shot, so this is quality fodder for the 'pause' and 'slo mo' buttons for the DVD.

quelargo was written on March 16, 2009

Tit flash

Briefly flashes her boob to Joaquin across the courtyard. Clearly has had work done since they were not this large or perky when we saw them before.

View from the Top (2003)
exeye was written on April 14, 2004

Only for "Completists"

At about the 11:25 mark, as Gwyneth, Kelly Preston and Christina Apllegate are sunbathing on a houseboat, the clasp on het bikini breaks. As she leans forward to try to grab the straps in back, and secure the front, there is one/two frames where her right breast is fully exposed. Not real clear, since it's a distance shot, and I add it here only for those who want EVERY scene.

Sylvia (2003)
umathurmanfan2 was written on September 26, 2004

Gwyneth's breasts and ass

Gwyneth has 2 nude scenes in this movie. One is towards the beginning of the movie and the other is towards the end. The first one is an average sex-scene but in isn't well lit and all you see is her ass. The second scene is much better and is well lit. You get good views of her breasts and ass as she rides Daniel Craigs character - there is also a shot of her sitting topless once he has gone. Gwyneth is a beautiful actress and has a amazing body, but the movie is boring and depressing. Her nude scenes are the only reason you should sit through this rubbish.

Da_Dude was written on November 7, 2003


Awesome nudity and sexiness.

In the first scene she lies on top of a guy as they have sex and you can see that she is nude. You see part of her awesomely shaped butt.
In the second scene you see her butt and breasts as she rides a guy on the couch.Very good riding from ms.Paltrow.
A must see.

Shallow Hal (2001)
ff was written on July 26, 2003

brief thonged butt

as she falls over you can see her butt.

BamBam was written on November 23, 2001

bare bum

Gwyneth does a strip tease down to underwear then bends over. You see her bum in a little thong.

Trent33 was written on July 2, 2002

Body Double

The shot from behind her as she bends over in a thong is a body double, as confirmed by the director's commentary. But cheer up because later in the movie Gwyneth crushes a booth and gives a split second view of her thong clad behind, barely worth noting but hey I'm a completist.

moviestuff was written on July 26, 2003

i wish it was her

but sorry it's a body double

BushLeague was written on August 6, 2003

Fall down?

Is it my imagination or when she falls down and you see her butt is some crotch hair peeking out from the crack? Could just be video fuzz. Fantastic lanky legs and large ass.

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on June 30, 2003


that scene in the bedroom when she bends over is an absolute body double you see her panties later though

Sliding Doors (1998)
Alphonse was written on September 13, 1999

brief left breast

Okay, there's not much to see. About an hour and fifteen minutes into the movie Gwyneth is having sex. The lighting is terrible, and if you don't use slow-mo you won't be able to see anything, but her breast (no nipple) is visible for a second or two. Shakespeare in Love is much better in terms of nudity. However, this is a really good movie and worth watching, as always, for other reasons.

[email protected] was written on April 6, 2002

At 0:54, right after kissing a guy on a boat at night, the blond-hair Ms. Paltrow has sex with him--it doesn't last for more than 25 seconds.

The shots of her breasts(2) are very brief, poorly lit and they take place while she's on her back; therefore, they're not good--I don't think you can see a nipple, even with slow-motion. This deserves */2.

BOD was written on March 15, 2000

Not too good sex scene!

In the sex scene, theres not much nudity in it as all you can see is a very quick glimpse of her breasts for about a second or two, three at most. However, since its a movie by Gwyneth, its worth wathcing.

FaceMan was written on January 18, 2001

Breasts and nothing else

Paltrow is a gorgeous actress. One of my favorites, actually. But this movie is hardly worth seeing for any nude scenes. There are barely two shots of her breasts and they`re quick which means you have to use the pause option. The movie in itself is nice, and Paltrow pulls of an excellent british accent.

sirspread was written on April 12, 2004


nothing you will have to catch it in the blink of an eye .the film isnt much cop either

Shakespeare in Love (1998)
BOD was written on September 29, 1999

nice breasts!!!

there are many scenes in this movie where u get to see her breasts. plus the movie also has a very good story line. If ur just after the nudity, perhaps this movie aint for u

Chachi was written on September 29, 1999

Perfect/perky b(o)(o)bies...

Nothing really to add since the rest of the reviewers summed it up nicely...but...I say this:


The finest tits in Hollywood today...mmmmmmmm...

inthecrease was written on September 3, 2001

Many scenes throughout the movie

In my personal opinion I believed that the movie was rather boring and almost put me to sleep; If it wasn't for the scenes where Gwyneth Paltrow shows us her beautiful and soft breast the movie would have gotten a negative rating...She or rather her body saved the movie in my point-of-view!

axl was written on June 3, 2000

getting unwrapped..

gwenys oscar performance was well deserved but give her an award for her boobs..they aren't that big but still are really sexy ..especially when she is unwrapped from the material that is being used to hold them down as she pretends to be a man..you also see her tits while she makes love to Shakespeare..

RedBloodedMale was written on July 6, 2000

Such great tits!

OK, you don't see much (maybe 15 seconds of bare breats in total) but when the actress is as pretty as Gwyneth, it's OK. Her tits aren't very big, but are absolutely beautiful and her nipples are very red and erect. What a body!

conoisseur was written on November 9, 1999

Several lovemakeing scenes with the Bard

Paltrow appears in several scenes as Shakespeare's paramour (this in itself explains the phenominal love poetry of Romeo and Juliet, the sonnets, and Love's Labor Lost). We are allowed to have several glimpses of Gwyneth's ever so elegant breasts as Shakespeare, struck by their sweetness, composes his timeless verses. We, as an audience, can only hope that this is how these sublime verses actually came into existence. With Paltrow by his side, any man might become a Shakespeare. Gwyneth, we humble mortal men, beg for one favor: a shot of your lovely loins.

Cyclone was written on May 3, 2001

Bare breasted

We get a few decent looks at Gwyneth's modest breasts near the halfway point of the movie. We have several brief views of her chest while she's lying down during her love scenes, along with a peek when she's not entirely covered up by her sheet, and one more brief shot of her from the side. None of the views are long, and since I wasn't impressed with the camera angles or her measurements, I'd only recommend this to fans of Gwyneth.

kenwilliams was written on June 9, 2005

First Time

Beauty Gwynneth has wonderful Breasts. And she show them - that's a big luck for us!

movieguy21 was written on September 2, 2003


Gwyneth has the most beautiful breasts and you get a few decent, but quick looks at them in this movie. Unfortunately, that is all you see.

Senator was written on June 27, 2001

my present!

Gwen has to be one of the hottest people living!
I loved the scene where she is being unwrapped! That is so sexy and cute!

Great scene, good movie, definatly worth watching, even if only for this short scene.

Brokencake was written on January 20, 2000


I can't imagine ever being so enchanted with a woman's beauty on screen as I was with Gwyneth in this one. Even without the nudity, her pure goddessness deserves three stars, but you get a couple of nice shots under Finnes and an amazing panning-upwards side shot of her aroused breasts. Fantastic movie.

nudity_elitist was written on July 31, 2001

need more

OK, this film is definitely noteworthy for its repeated clear and lengthy shots of a beautiful elite actress' titties. But the bottom line is this: Showing your boobs that 4th or 5th time is absolutely no substitute for panning down and giving a quick peek at what you have primed us up to see. Muff. Plus, all those shots of Gwyn wearing that mustache made me wanna upchuck. Pretty titties, though. And so small they should never sag.

Omni was written on October 6, 2000

Few, nice scenes

Gwyneth shows her stuff. Their clear shots with good lighting and closeups. I must say that she's not as sexy here, compared to other movies. Maybe it's the lack of makeup or the false mustache that she's wearing. Go figure.

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on July 10, 2003

couple tit shots in bed

three stars she is a hottie making love you can see a couple shots of her tits as she is laying down and getting out of bed

mcjw2011 was written on January 29, 2003

Gwyneth finally pops her top

In this tame, naughty yarn of how Shakespeare came up with "Romeo and Juliet," Gwyneth Paltrow finally pops her top. In several well-lit scenes, we see this gorgeous Oscar-winner's lovely, smallish breasts. The reason why it doesn't get **** stars is because she doesn't do the full monty or at least show a glimpse of her ass (which is glimpsed in 'Hush') along with those luscious mounds of hers. Even without makeup and wearing a pointy mustache at times, Gwyneth STILL looks sexy. Go figure.

yamato was written on March 30, 2001

tits out

At least!, Gwyneth paltrow show her bauty tits in some love scenes with joseph fiennes. Could see more but for the first nude scene it is enough.

axl was written on November 26, 2000

academy award breasts

Gwen in cute and although her breasts are not the biggest, it is just right for her. She is topless in a few scenes in the movie, most memorably the one where Fiennes unwraps her from her bandages. Good nudity, good movie

Jeff was written on January 20, 1999

Love making

If you like Gwyneth Paltrow, you will really love the scenes in this movie.I'm a big fan and can't get enough of her. The we're some really sexyscenes in this movie to get your juices boiling. Thumbs up!

beefcake was written on August 24, 2000

lots of scenes

Gwyneth appears topless in many different scenes. She is so pretty that it doesn't matter that her boobies are so small. Just remember to have the fast forward button ready or you might die of boredom.

Htr was written on March 25, 1999

Great nudity

Although it is brief, you do see several glimpses of Gwyneth's pert breasts in several tastefully done scenes. Although they are not large, they are pretty nice looking as Joseph Finnes reads out his play to her while they have sex!However to me, the scenes are nowhere near as erotic as her Great Expectations scenes (which have no nudity).PS. This is also a great film.

Maguire was written on December 11, 1999

The most romantic nude scene in celluloid history!!!!!

Gwyenth is one of the most beautiful women on the face of the earth and this movie showcases her radiance. Her smooth skin and long lush blond hair are part of her angelic quality. But you want nudity, right? We see tits and what wonderful tits they are. In the scene where Viola and William read aloud the play and make love we see Gwenyth's medium sized breasts and her medium sized areola and they are worth it. Wow. I'd love to run my tounge all over these perfectly shaped mounds and anyone who is a fan of the female body should check this one out! A+

Perfect Murder, A (1998)
Ghostwords was written on September 30, 2012

Cross and double cross

During the opening credits, Ms Paltrow is shown in bed with her lover; I thought I saw the briefest flash of her delectable behind, but it was possibly just her lower back.

Immediately afterwards, she talks to her husband as she changes into a formal dress. For much of this scene, she's wearing a blouse, stockings and black panties.

At 0:12:00, she stands in her lover's studio whilst he moves downwards and clearly begins performing oral sex. Very hot.

Later, in bed, only a sheet hides her twin beauties. The sheet slips away from her left breast, but is simultaneously replaced by her lover's hand (lucky bastard).

Hush (1998)
ScreamoKid was written on February 21, 2003

body double, but nice ass

Gwyneth gets out of bed naked and runs into Jessica Lange, then embarassed jumps back into bed, and we get an ass shot on the way back in. It's supposedly a confirmed body double, but the body double has a very nice ass anyway.

yermutha was written on June 13, 1999

body double

I have heard she used a body double in this movie for some reason from several places... oh well, she has other good movies

alekhidell was written on June 18, 1999


After watching i also think it is a body double. They show the female running back to bed and jumping under the covers from behind. After the female gets under the covers, a seemingly unneccesary camera cut to a different angle with Paltrow under the covers. Nice ass though, who ever it is.

thedoc was written on June 10, 2001


Barely could see nudity, but I doubt that is a body double. Great thriller movie to watch while the debate goes on about the body double question.

babon was written on January 20, 2000

Butt Shot

She gets startled by Jessica Lange and runs to her bed

Jeff was written on January 20, 1999

Running naked back to bed

She was caught walking naked in a house and we get a rear viewof Gwyneth. Would've liked more but enjoyed what was there.Good movie, highly recommended.

Jahmike was written on August 24, 1999

butt shot

There is a brief scene of her butt as she runs back to the bed. Very nice buns

Xeyes was written on June 9, 2007

body double

There's no face in that sequence.

Great Expectations (1998)
CoryWaters was written on May 22, 2009

Painting Scene and Love scene

There are two instances of nudity, both by Ms Paltrow in the film. One appears after the mid way point of the film, where the viewer is treated to a view of Gwyneth Paltrow's back while she is being painted by Ethan Hunt. An image of her breasts and nipples is displayed in the form of a charcoal sketch. The second is towards the end of the film where we are treated to a brief rear shot and a silhouette of the actress' body as she contemplates after a brief love scene. No real display of front or rear features but the portrayal steals the show

BiBoySTL was written on November 10, 1999

Bad nudity

From a long distance you can see Gwyneth naked, but its not worth it. A few butt shots and a glimpse of a nipple here and there, rent Shakespeare in Love if you want to see her naked.

movieguy21 was written on September 2, 2003


no nudity, only bra and panties. She appears to be completely nude at various shots but you see nothing. Still sexy though. If you wanna see Gwyneth naked check out her papparazzi pictures. She is fully nude and you see her breasts, butt, and yes- her hairy bush. Some scans also show Brad Pitt naked. His dick is really big.

Omni was written on October 6, 2000

No nudity

I don't know what everyone's talking about. There's no nudity here - at least not by Gwyneth. There are some suggestive shots but you never see anything but random skin. She is sexy and all that but not nude.

michealbevan was written on September 12, 2000

From a long distance you can see Gwyneth naked, but its not worth it. A few butt shots and a glimpse of a nipple here and there, rent Shakespeare in Love if you want to see her naked.

ilove it

ff was written on March 26, 2002

body double

Although in some shots you can tell that its really her I read in an old interview that she used a double in some of her scenes.

The Beer Man was written on April 26, 1998

Artist's sketching scene ala Titanic but much longer

Got to see her butt and more! Very nice!

unknown was written on November 7, 1998

like titanic without full frontal nudity

You barely see anything. The shots of her are quick and the shots that show nudity are blurry. It was a good movie I'd suggest renting it unless you're looking for nudity.

Jeff was written on January 20, 1999

Up the skirt shot

There was a scene where the camera zoomed up her skirt.very exciting. I couldn't tell if it was really her though or astand-in actress, but I bet it was her. (nice panties)

Mo. was written on February 23, 1999

Scketching Scene

One of the most sexy scenes.....I think that she is soooooo HOT!!!

Brokencake was written on January 29, 2000

Little Nudity, But SEXY AS HELL

Ok, there's little nudity in this scene and some of it is body double, but it is one of the most erotic scenes without nudity. She looks godlike in this scene, I really mean swoon-inducing fantastic. Plus, the song in the background is from a band whose singer is named Jarvis Cocker, who has the perfect name for this sexy scene.

BOD was written on March 15, 2000

not much!!!

There is a little nudity here though I Cant say its a good one. In one scece here, you see her naked from a distance and honestly, I cant tell if it was her at all.

SPC455 was written on April 20, 1999

Infamous sketching scene and sex later in movie

You don't see ANYTHING, unless you count all those portraits..

FaceMan was written on January 18, 2001

Paltrow is HOT!

Little nudity - a shot of her naked but in poor light so all you can make out is her breasts from the side. But easily her best performance in the lead - she looks unbelievably HOT throughout the film and thats why I give her three stars! This is what got me hooked on Ms.Paltrow. A must see for her fans, along with Shakespeare in Love(for the nude scenes)!

Moonlight and Valentino (1995)
187 was written on November 21, 2001

Barely anything

Gwyneth takes her robe off in this scene to show her sister her nude body, and we see her nude from the rear. Nothing is really shown except the side of her bum, no crack. It might not even be her.

alekhidell was written on September 3, 1999


there is no reason to believe this is actually her, and every reason to believe its a body double, her face isnt in the scene when her butt is shown.

lefty was written on June 7, 1999

brief partial butt shot

She is shy about he body, so she shows he sister, and we get to see her butt partialy blocked by the doorway. Then she asks for sex advise, which is the better part of the scene.

sirspread was written on April 20, 2004

not worth a star

not worth a star or even a half as we get only a side shot of her ass

Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle (1994)
Alphonse was written on September 17, 1999


Gwyneth is amazing. Jennifer Jason Leigh walks in on Gwyneth, who is naked in her lover's bed. Ms. Paltrow doesn't seem to mind being on display, as she lays there and allows us to look at her cute smallish tits. Her breasts are visible for about ten or fifteen seconds. Very satisfying, even if the camera doesn't get very close to her.

Omni was written on October 6, 2000

Great frontal shot of Gwyneth

It's not long, it doesn't show a terrible lot. It is a nice front view of Gwyneth's chest while she's in bed. Apart from Shakespeare in Love, this is probably her best nudity.

Kripes was written on November 27, 1998

In the bedroom

Matthew Broderick and Jennifer Jason Leigh go into his bedroom with intimateintentions, but find a topless Gwenyth lying in his bed, not showing muchremorse, either, mind you :) About 10 seconds of actual screen nudity.

soulman was written on November 26, 2001

Tit Shot.

I almost didn't recognized Gwyneth in this film. You see her nice tits while lying in bed when she's walked in on by Jennifer. This is the first time I've ever seen her in a nude scene. I understand that she does a nude scene in SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE. I'll have to check that one out.

Flesh and Bone (1993)
Alphonse was written on June 16, 2001


Gwyneth shows us the sides of her tits here while she is changing clothes in front of Meg Ryan. Not the best scene for seeing her clearly, and I think that any nipple that can be made out is very brief and non-descript. Still, a good impression of her breasts. She's terrifically good looking, as ever.

BMac was written on June 28, 2007


It's an A-cup festival as Gwyneth Paltrow and Meg Ryan expose their scrawny boobies in "Flesh and Bone." Paltrow's scene comes at about 1:11. She takes off her wet top with her back to the camera, turns holding up a dress and turns away again, showing only a partial view of her left boob. But a few seconds later, the shot cuts back to her twice as Gwyneth faces the camera at an angle to give a full view of her sad little left booby and partial right; about nine seconds in all. But it's like watching a woman take off a bra and then finding out it was a Wonderbra: it's not so much the disappointment at how small-breasted Gwyneth Paltrow is, but the embarrassment for her because she's not as hot as expected. It turns out she named her daughter "Apple" to answer the question, "What is mommy's breast smaller than?" On the other hand, Gwyneth Paltrow isn't ugly, and even small breasted she's got more going on than Meg Ryan. Paltrow pretty much defines one-star nudity.

Omni was written on October 6, 2000

Yea, it's her, but it's NOT great

You get a quick side peek at her boob. See her other movies for nudity.

Jules was written on October 23, 1998

not much

Gwenyth is topless with her back to us. She half turns around and we see the side of her breast and nipple.

Luvmonk was written on July 29, 2002

Side Breast Shot

I disagree with NudeyDude that there isn't anything here. She clearly displays a nice side view of her breasts for a few seconds at a time. Not bad at all. I admit though it would have been better if there had been some frontal shots. I do agree with him, however, that for those kind of shots Shakespeare in Love is a great place to go.

Brokencake was written on January 29, 2000

It Ain't Great, but Gwyneth is

Understand that, to me, Gwyneth is, at least, tied for the most perfect woman on the planet, and any scene which shows her nudity is at least **. I had to stop myself from giving it *** because it isn't great, but you do get a look a goddess' tits.

axl was written on September 10, 1999

getting out of wet clothes

Gwenyth is seen here taking of her wet t-shirt.She does a little more than a half turn and you get a so-so look at her breasts.

NudeyDude was written on March 1, 2002

Rent Shakesphere in love

This one ain't gettin it done, odd shot bad angle. If you get anything out of this i dont know how you did it cause nothin really going on. Get to see meg though

Gordon was written on February 21, 2001

Side view of breasts

Gwyneth is topless with her back to the camera most of the scene, but she does turn around giving a side look at her nice tits. You can even make out one of her nipples. Not great exposure, but with Gwyneth it's still worth it.

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