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Gretchen Mol's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2009 An American Affair 1 Review
2005 Notorious Bettie Page, The 5 Reviews
2000 Attraction 6 Reviews
1999 Forever Mine 12 Reviews
1997 Last Time I Committed Suicide, The 0 Reviews
1995 Just Looking 2 Reviews

Gretchen Mol's Sexy TV Shows

TV Shows this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2010 Boardwalk Empire 1 Review

nudity reviews for Gretchen Mol member submitted

Boardwalk Empire (2010)
Stevarooni was written on July 28, 2013

Season 1, Episode 4: Anastasia

Around 29 minutes in, at a nude stage show, Gretchen's character Gillian plays the mother of Julius Caesar. She struts onto the stage wearing a pair of panties and some cloth draped over her arms. Her long red wig nearly covers her breasts, but they really are quite visible. The lighting's a bit dim, though more than adequate, and the camera focuses on her upper body. A perky pair, indeed.

An American Affair (2009)
taurus was written on December 1, 2009

Multiple scenes

All the scenes are our young lad spying on her. At :08 thru her window with an open robe showing both titties; at :09 as a masturbation fantasy topless thru the translucent shower glass; and at :41 stripped and having sex with her husband which has the best tit shots.

Notorious Bettie Page, The (2005)
Bootydaddy was written on September 19, 2006

Nudity Times

This is actually 3 1/2 stars. I knocked off half a star due to the full frontal scene being in black and white.

The first scene happens 30 minutes in the movie she is getting photographed in the woods and the guy tells her she should get out of the sun so she doesnt get tan lines...she says she doesnt care about that and proceeds to drop her top, then he asks her to get rid of the bottoms and she says ok. You get nice views of her breasts and bush, then she turns around for a nice ass shot.

50 minutes in she is nudes on top of a car with a fishing pole, this scene is in full color, you only see tits and a hint of ass

1 hour and 5 minutes in is her playboy shoot, in color but only tits.

Excellent nudity, wish there was more in color ass shots...but it was solid nudity.

lattara was written on August 23, 2006

Three excellent and wholesome nude scenes

Gretchen has three nude scenes, in all of which she is posing for nude for photographers. In the first scene she takes off her bikini top and exposes her mid-sized shapely breasts. We get some good brightly lit views of her breasts before she stands up and takes off the bikini bottoms. Initially there is a good full frontal view in medium-shot, and then she turns round and poses with her nicely rounded behind towards the photographer. This scene is in black and white.

The second and third scenes are in colour and again Gretchen is posing nude for a photographer. In both scenes, although she is nude, in keeping with the limits of censorship of nude photography in the 1950s setting, she is posed so that her pubic area is hidden. Good breast and buttocks exposure in the second scene, further good breast exposure in the third. All the nudity is filmed in excellent light so you can feast your eyes on Gretchen's impressive figure and the scenes have the essentially wholesome innocence of the 1950s "naturist" photography they depict.

rmoni00 was written on October 6, 2006

3 nude scenes, Many bra and panties scenes.

Gretchen plays pinup girl Betty Page. There are 3 nude scenes. the 1st is 30 min in and includes a long full frontal. The scene is in black and white but is well lit outdoors in the woods. The 2nd is 51 min in and is in color. She shows her breast and bottom posing in the ocean and on a boat fishing nude. Again well lit. The 3rd is 65 min in and is in color. Nice view of here breast posing in front of a christmas tree in a house. Long scene well lit.
She also is in bra and panties throughout the film and has 2 scenes where she is tied up..

BigWoody was written on April 14, 2006

Full-frontal nudity

Gretchen has several topless scenes, but the highlight of the movie is a fantastic full-frontal scene. Gretchen is posing in a bikini for a photographer. Gretchen asks the photographer if he wants her to take off her top. He says yes, so Gretchen takes off her top. Then he asks Gretchen to take off her bottom also, so Gretchen takes off her bottom. We see a clear, unobstructed view of Gretchen's tits and public locks for several seconds. Gretchen's nipples are erect and sticking out during the entire scene.

LeroyBrown was written on April 17, 2006

She was in three scenes posing nude, all quite a decent amount of time but mostly breasts.

In the first nude scene a photographer asked Bettie to pose topless and then asked her to remove her bottom, giving us a long time topless look and a decent amount Full Frontal, but it's in Black & White. Gretchen Mol has nice triangular pubic hair, don't know if it's a fake, looks real and although not trimmed certainly not a jungle.

There were two other scenes mostly of montage of Gretchen Mol posing for Sarah Paulsen, both in color. They were good looks at her breasts and they weren't short one second long look either they were decent amount of time, (What does that mean? around ten seconds or longer). Her last pose was the Playboy layout, Santa hat, squatting and winking, that scene has a fairly long exposure and Gretchen's nipples were erect. All in all I give it 3 and 1/2 star, but I love Gretchen so let's round it up to 4 stars. Can't wait to get the DVD.

Attraction (2000)
liechti was written on January 31, 2006

Getting out of robe and taking on tight top

While Gretchen is being cute, she does not show much. Pause button needed to see side shot of left breast, but she shows a nipple, so one star is ok, otherwise zero...

Chicago was written on January 11, 2002

1 partial scene

7 frames of nudity barely gets you a 1*, but she does have a scene that counts seconds before 1:16.5 where Gretchen takes off her robe with her back to the guy and the camera; as she reaches to pick up a shirt to put on, there are several frames of her left breast (rear, side shot) where her nip is viewable. There's another scene earlier where she's thrown onto the bed by a guy and her erect nipple is poking under her shirt but there's no nudity viewed. Too bad she didn't do much more as she's attractive.

Connard was written on September 12, 2000

Three scenes

This is from someone who saw an advance preview:

-Gets up from bed wearing a perhaps slightly see-through shirt with pokers and underwear

-Has sex with her robe on... You can see most of her left breast as she is lying on her back but no nipple

-Removes her robe and puts on a shirt with her back to the camera

Chicago was written on January 11, 2002

1 partial scene

7 frames of nudity barely gets you a 1*, but she does have a scene that counts seconds before 1:16.5 where Gretchen takes off her robe with her back to the guy and the camera; as she reaches to pick up a shirt to put on, there are several frames of her left breast (rear, side shot) where her nip is viewable. There's another scene earlier where she's thrown onto the bed by a guy and her erect nipple is poking under her shirt but there's no nudity viewed. Too bad she didn't do much more as she's attractive.

Elv08 was written on September 28, 2001

No nudity

Gretchen gets up from her bed and you can see her underwear, and you can tell she hasn't shaved, but that's it. When she's lying on the bed moments later you can see her nipple through her top. She has sex later on but it's hugely disappointing. Watch this film for S.M. only.

Pieman was written on January 5, 2014

Paused tit...

At one point, Gretchen gets up and changes out of her robe. At that point, if you are quick, you can glimpse one nipple. Pausing helps. Or just look up the picture online. You get a better view that way, anyway.

Forever Mine (1999)
MrBlonde was written on June 11, 2003


Gretchen has the best breasts I think I have ever seen. They are absolutely perfect.

The other reviewers have covered pretty much everything, but in case you're in this strictly for the nudity, here are the times of each of the scenes with a quick recap:

18:00 First love scene with her and Fiennes. The longest and, by far, the best. The best part is actually after the lovemaking, when she sits up and we get a perfect straight-on view of her chest.

39:00 Second love scene with decent views of her breast from the side. Short.

1:35:00 Last love scene. Quick glimpse at her right breast from the side.

Aureliano was written on October 4, 2010

Perfect breasts on the perfect girl...

After a nude romp in bed Gretchen sits up and we get a frontal view of the most beautiful B/C's you've ever seen. If that wasn't enough she has the most amazing smile on her beautifully angelic face. One of the great nude scenes, IMO. Followed by two more. During the second she is on her back and is gorgeously lit. We get a complete side-ways look at her amazing breasts. Definitely a must see! Good film, too. The cinematographer was having a field day.

LeroyBrown was written on November 16, 2000

Good nudity, bad film starring my fave babe of the moment

Know-it-all's description is very accurate, however, he or she forgot a third sex scene about 20 minutes from the end. After the loving, Gretchen Mol and Joseph Fiennes are in bed, on their side facing each other. An overhead shot with a clear view of both of Gretchen's creamy, nubile and perky breasts.
Also, after the second love scene Gretchen is wearing Joseph's shirt. She walks around and when she went back to sit down the shirt flaps open slightly revealing some pubes, I can't be too sure. Scenes like these are when people who paid extra for a VCR or a DVD player with a frame-by-frame advance/rewind feature get their money's worth. Unfortunately I don't have one.

Gordon was written on May 18, 2001

Sex scenes with topless nudity

Gretchen is a very beautiful woman. Her face is radiantly sweet, and her body is delightful with wonderful curves. She has two sex scenes, both of which offer some good glimpses of her beautiful tits (not huge, but oh so perfect!). The best look at them is after one sex scene where she sits up and talks to the guy. The camera remains on her for quite a while and you can soak in all the splendor.

Omni was written on June 19, 2001

Wrong, right, wrong, right, etc.

I must add some clarification to the previous reviews. The nudity here is good to great (only because of Gretchen's fetching body). There are 3 separate scenes: sex in bed, lying in bed, kissing before sex. The first shows good glimpses at Gretchen's breasts and "cute," perky nipples. The second shows a quick clear view of breasts. The scene right after may show a few pubes but it just looks like a little color... it's literally just a few hairs at best which in my opinion isn't too sexy. The last scene is a quick side view of Gretchen on her side, camera looking down. All in all, there are some good well-lit views of quite an extraordinary chest- very round, large, and "creamy" as someone said.

SnoopJay was written on May 19, 2001

Gretchen Gets Nude

I was really impressed with this movie, not only did Gretchen really give us a great performance on screen, she topped it off by being more sexual than we have seen her in the past. She was obviously very nervous making the love scenes with Joseph Fiennes. Her nipples were very hard during all the love scenes. She has a wonderful pair of breasts and shows them in three love making scenes with Fiennes. Her love scenes are very nice. I would rent this to see the nudity and if you are wanting to see a good movie. Perhaps I saw something in this that the other reviewers did not. But, I do believe we all agree that her sex scenes were done very good. There was a partial shot of her pubes, but not really anything big. A good movie and great steamy sex scenes. Way to go Gretchen. She also has a wonderful smile to boot. She may be one of the best looking actresses in hollywood and she showed why in this film.

eaglespyharry was written on December 10, 2003

Perfect breasts

Just wanted to put an exclamation point onto all the previous comments. Gretchen's breasts are totally natural and totally perfect. When she sits up in bed you get a full on close up of her sweet smile and her PERFECT breasts.

MVIEGUY was written on March 25, 2001

Mol shows the goods....and guys will rock their woods

Gretchen Mol has three beautiful nude scenes in this film.She and Joseph Feinnes make very passionate love. Her nipples are very very hard.
She is a very beautiful woman, very cute, and has very perky tits, with cute little nipples, i would recommend this to guys or girls who love cute perky breasts, and a very very attractive woman.....

Know-it-all was written on November 11, 2000

Extra! Extra! "Daily variety" reviewer drinks his own bathwater!

I'd like to meet the lump who wrote that nonsense. Gretchen Mol has two nice nude scenes in this film: The first occurs 20 minutes in. She and Joseph Feinnes have a nice, passionate bout of lovemaking. The camera is fairly close, and while they don't go to those mannered extremes that most Hollywood films do to avoid breast exposure, (the strategically placed actor bicep being the chief example), neither do they go out of their way to show anything. The net result is a couple of quick but clean looks at her breasts. I must mention here, that her skin is just exquisite. Smooth and very, very creamy. This scene is immediately followed by Fiennes getting out of bed. He wanders around the room, and she rolls over to talk to him. We are then treated to a breathtakingly clear and well-lit look at both of her absolutely magnificent breasts. To really top it off, she favors him, (and us), with her dazzling smile. Top notch stuff. At about the 40 minute in mark, they do it again, and this time the camera is practically in bed with them. Quite close. Fiennes rests on his elbows above her, so we get an absolutely clean, well-lit look at her whole chest. Her nipples are amazingly hard. She is one seriously fine young lady.

Rudeboy was written on January 2, 2003

Sweet Blonde Gretchen Makes Love

Gretchen Is an exceptionally Cute Blonde Chick in this Movie and her Breast are Simply Amazing Period. There are Scenes that are embedded in to one Scene and It is another one of those Light Hearted Sex Scenes. The scene begins with Light Piano Music playing at the Background and remains that way throughout the whole Scene we see gretchen tottaly Naked with her Co star Fienis while he is making love to her as She Lays on Her back in a Bed we see those Cute Creamy Nipples Stretching their way up and the shot is then moved to her on top of Fienis as he Sucks on those Creamy Lumps of Fine Breasts She has. They then Talk and Have sex as He is now on Top of Gretchen we cant actually hear them as the Music continues but they are still having Light Sex. The Next morning Gretchen wakes up and say's "Al" He is standing up already awake and replies "So much to see in Miami" and She Giggles He then says "There's a Bar in the Lakeside, A local Bar we can Swim in the Ocean" and blows her a Kiss. I must say When she wakes Up those Round Creamy Breast's Look Stunning and so does She. It could have been more Steamer and Hot to get a 4 Star.

BigWoody was written on October 14, 2004

Topless sitting up in bed

Gretchen has a few topless scenes in this movie. The best scene occurs when Gretchen is topless sitting up in bed after making love to Joseph Fiennes. The lighting is very good, and the camera remains on Gretchen for several seconds, giving us a clear view of Gretchen’s big, beautiful, shapely tits. Gretchen is smiling and Gretchen’s nipples are erect, sticking straight out at the camera. Absolutely gorgeous!!!

Connard was written on September 15, 1999

From the review in Daily Variety

Mol is physically fetching but lacking any depth or mystery; her totally nude scenes with Fiennes are carefully lit, designed and cut for momentary titillation but no heat.

Last Time I Committed Suicide, The (1997)
Just Looking (1995)
LeroyBrown was written on February 14, 2002

Side of breast, maybe a nipple.

She was shown with her back to the window and the camera but with movement the side of her right breast was shown it appeared that her nipple can be seen very briefly. She's very pretty in this movie but not much nudity.

Connard was written on October 12, 2000

Brief breast shot

Just a glimpse, but a full bare boob side view.

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