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Famke Janssen's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2001 Don't Say a Word 4 Reviews
2000 Love & Sex 1 Review
1995 Lord of Illusions 2 Reviews
1995 Goldeneye 6 Reviews

nudity reviews for Famke Janssen member submitted

Don't Say a Word (2001)
Sexdemonno1 was written on August 19, 2006

and swellsystem kisses ass

I'm glad you applaud my entry swell but you are still a brown-nosing little runt (think rhyming slang there).

Do you and 'anonymous' go at it together at night when its cold? lol

Now get lost pussies and go and criticise someone who deserves it - like George Bush.

My reviews are great and you do not have the right to even read them fags let alone comment on them as your opinions are worthless and mine overrule you.

Sexdemonno1 was written on July 20, 2006

Anonymous is an IDIOT

My review wasn't 'worthless' as you moronically put it anonymous but actually very worthwhile for fans of Famke.

Some people would like to know she shows her gorgeous legs a lot in this movie and I am to be applauded for telling them.
True she isn't nude, but I am still being helpful.

I find your 'inane' rant rather tedious as you add absolutely nothing to the review or film and instead act like a four year old on too much sugar.

Plus you don't even have the guts to put your name up meaning you are a pussy.


Sexdemonno1 was written on March 31, 2005

several leg scenes

No tits or ass but a lotta legs as she is on the bed for most of the movie.
Also wears rather tight t-shirts which show off her ample breasts really well!

swellsystem was written on April 11, 2006


You wonder why a person would review [i]Anonymously[/i] but I guess that's the sort who calls Famke "second-rate". Still, I applaud this entry: some of her semi-nudes should be mentioned, including MODEL BY DAY, but this is not among them.

Love & Sex (2000)
Rudeboy was written on April 25, 2003

Famke's Steamy ! Toilet Scene

This movie doesnt feature nudity as it is rated PG-13 but the Sex is of good standard and teasing. Famke looks very Sexy in this movie better then her previouse ones. The scene that stands out the most is when she has wild Sex in the Toilets with a Guy she looks very tall and has a sexy Balck outfit on they approach the Toilets and it's all action from there. He first put's her on the Toilet seat takes of his Jacket then Picks her up where she undresses Him We get agood view of her Back side and a Tiny Glimpse of her right Breast Cupped in that Silver Bra of hers. She gets on top of Him where another person comes in to the Toilet we see Famka Scream as she enjoys the Sex and Pops up from the Door from that point on there isnt much shown except we see there legs from beneath the Toilets and alot of Movement lastley the Man reaches an Orgasm and the scene ends.

Lord of Illusions (1995)
ff was written on October 24, 2003

brief breast

Famke shows quiet a lot of skin in this film. She first appears in a sexy one piece swimsuit which is see-thru in the middle so you get a nice look of her cleavage. later on the film after her husband dies you see her in a blouse with some major pokies. you get a pretty good idea of how they look like but the money shot comes from the love scene in which she exposes (accidentally) briefly her breast. unfortunately they are almost obscured by some shadows but it`s definitely there. We then get a better look at her pink nipple but it is partially obscured by her arm. after the sex scene while she is talking to scott bakula you can see most of her breasts but she is covering it with her hands.

Requiem-for-a-Dream was written on September 28, 2002

brief nipple shot.

This is Famke's only nudity to date and it's particularly lackluster. In the love scene between her and Scott Bakula, if you slow it down and turn brightness way up you can clearly see a nip but that's it. But hey, if you're a die hard Famke fan, you should check it out for sure.

Goldeneye (1995)
XeniaOnatopp was written on January 30, 2005

Boat Scene -- Sauna Scene

In the first scene, Xenia (Famke) and her Canadian Admiral lover are obviously well into their kinky foreplay when we first see them, as she dives onto him, and they start making love. She bites sexily at his chest hair, before pulling him up by the shoulders, where we see a great shot of Xenia's breasts, clad in sexy lingerie. She whispers something to him, before roughly slamming him back down onto the bed, and riding him hard, which he loves. We see her gorgeous face go agressive as she slowly makes her intentions clear, moaning and groaning sexily. She grabs his face hard, and tilts her head in a half-circle arc with a gorgeous, sexy smile on her face, before rolling over, and snapping her thighs around his chest. He cries out in pain, claiming he can't breathe, but Xenia grits her teeth sexily, and squeezes harder, squealing out as she climaxes and he dies -- We see a beautiful close-up as she thrashes her head orgasmically.

Bond throws Xenia into the sauna, after she stealthily sneaks around the pool he's lounging in, obviously wanting to get the drop on him. On the floor, she whirls around to face him with a sexy, suggestive smile on her face, enforced by what she's wearing -- Nothing but a simple bathrobe, barely on her as it slips down one arm, revealing Xenia's sexy body a little. His gun on her, she tells him that he won't be needing it, before he bluntly makes it known that he wouldn't mind screwing her. Getting up, she puts her arms around him, and slips her tongue into his mouth, as they kiss passionately, ending with her cutely biting down on his lip, hard. Pushed away, she slams into a wall hard, obviously loving the rough treatment as she moans and groans whilst writhing against the stone. She floors Bond with a rough kick to the gut, before he end up atop her after a playful roll, during which we can see the side of Xenia's sexy butt, and her cute feet. He gets up, only to be forced chest-down onto a massage table, soon flipped onto his back. Xenia climbs onto him, and pulls him with her as she rears back, snapping her gorgeous legs around him, and immediately squeezing him with her amazing, sexy thighs. She leans back, squeezing harder and harder, as Bond tries in vain to break free. Her sexy little toes curling with pleasure, her face is an expression of pure euphoria and lust as she grits her teeth hard and grunts and groans amazingly, tightening her thighs more, as Bond finally picks her up. Slamming her into a wall, she again entices him with a kiss, entwining him in her arms (and gorgeous thighs) once more. The kiss broken as one of his ribs breaks, Xenia laughs orgasmically, before Bond slams her into the walls, making her scream out with pleasure as she attempts to crush him once more. Cheating, he sets her down on hot coals, and flips her onto the floor roughly, ending the fight, and a great scene.

I can't imagine how hard it must've been for the men filming this scene, they must've had constant hard-ons, because it is sooo sexy. Three stars, for the sexy Ms. Janssen...

Tatoo was written on September 1, 2003

Sex Scene and Sauna Scene

There was no nudity, but I will give it a star for the kinkiness. Famke has sex with an older guy near the beginning of the movie. We don't see anything, she is on top and we hear her orgasm while crushing the old guy, it is sexy. Then in the sauna room, we don't see anything again, but we do hear her clamped onto Pierce Brosnan like a vise grip. Again, we get to hear her orgasm. Too bad we do not get to see more of the sexy Famke Janssen. If only we get to see her butt, or maybe a brief breast or frontal shot, it would make it better. But, just to hear her orgasm, it is worth seeing this movie.

Splatter was written on November 21, 2005

Sexy Scene... Jurking off

Xenia have lured Bond into the Sauna by promising of love. They kiss and she's playing a bit norty with him, and suddenly she kicks him to the ground:

Xenia: You think you can hurt me. she says... She then laugh and Bond is going for the pistol!

Probely she wants to beat the hell ut of Bond and maybe have a little fun, so she then pulls him on to the massage table and starts beating bond with her squezing grip. She obisly dont want him to be unfair by using weapons. When Bond can't get air, She laugh and screams of pleaure, cause her orasem is on its way. Bond gets up cause Xenia let him do it and he starts slamming Onatopp into the wall, where she gets a orgasem. When shes done she pulls bonds head back and says:

Xenia: You think you can break me.

Then starts to beat him more, where she gets the full orgasem. Bond have found his challenge, and even it is SO humiliting thats its a woman.

halolover was written on September 6, 2006

Sadistic Orgasm

Famke is having sexual intercourse with an Admiral in the begining and despite having no exposed body parts to stare at, the scene is quite good, as it makes up for it mostly with erotic and sexually arrousing sounds of orgasm. And being a villin she enjoys the ability to kill him after without anyy guilt.

Splatter was written on March 30, 2006

Goldeneye Sauna Scene

The best way to describe Xenia Onatopp(Famke Janssen) is “roughly sensual”, as Xenia and 007 do not share the same definition of safe sex. They do connect, however, in a spa complex, where Bond attempts to pump Onatopp for some critical information. But insteed, he found a bigger challenges than he can beat. For about 5minnutes, Xenia plays with bond. Hitting and kicking him a few times, playing sexy satesfaction with him. Then suddenly she want to give bond her squeezing grip. Bond fails to come out of her grip, and is dominated a few minutes. Meanwhile bond is loosing the fight, Xenia enjoys the beating with an orgasam. She actully gets the orgasman, and then continuedes beating bond...

Xander77 was written on December 11, 2002

Tries to crush Bond with her thighs.

Bond is taking a swimm, as Xenia Onnatopp (Famke) sneaks past him and into a sauna. Bond follows and as she approaches to kiss him, pulls a gun on her and tells her that close enough, at which point she replies that she's not nearly close enough for what she intends, brushes the gun aside, clutches Bond... and proceeds to crush him with her thighs!

Bond then tries to break her grip by slamming her into the walls as she orgasms loudly.

Why 2 stars? There is no actual nudity here - Xenia is wearing a white bathrobe during the whole scene, but the scene is WAY hotter then a lot of Hollywood sex scenes which do contain nudity. Might be just my kinky side...

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