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Drew Barrymore's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2003 Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle 2 Reviews
2000 Charlie's Angels 13 Reviews
1999 Wishful Thinking 3 Reviews
1994 Boys on the Side 13 Reviews
1994 Bad Girls 11 Reviews
1993 The Amy Fisher Story 2 Reviews
1993 Late Show with David Letterman 3 Reviews
1993 Doppelganger 16 Reviews
1992 Poison Ivy 14 Reviews
1992 Guncrazy 4 Reviews
1989 Far from Home 2 Reviews

nudity reviews for Drew Barrymore member submitted

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (2003)
ff was written on October 17, 2003

some good news and some bad news

the good news is that it is confirmed that Drew and the others actually did the scene in the buff and did not wear a flesh colored body suit as others have speculated. If you check out the DVD and turn on the angel vision trivia track it states there that they were actually nude in this scene. Now for the bad news it is pretty obvious that they digitally censored the nipples and the pubic hair. But at least you can still see their breasts but without the nipples they are nothing more but a couple of fleshy lumps. To add insult to injury the scene is way too brief and is kind of dark.

BushLeague was written on August 6, 2003

Charlie's Angels: Full Frontal

Freeze frame on frieze frame shows that Drew and the others show tits (can't make out nipples) and for her, left butt cheek and legs. Although you can see her face in the same frame as the body, it does not quite look like her so possible stunt/body double. I took off one star.

Charlie's Angels (2000)
NudeyDude was written on March 3, 2002

yea right


gringo69 was written on December 3, 2000

Go Get her Playboy...

Don't waste your time trying to find anything here...

Mean_Little_Kitty was written on November 4, 2000

Racecar driving...

This movie proves that no matter what anyone says, Drew is a FOX. She gets a lot of crap but in this movie she is one fine Angel. We see her covered in sheets twice in the movie, exposing some nice hip, but the prize scene is when the Angels go to the race track. Drew, in order to seduce a limo driver, unzips her jump suit down to her wait, exposing side views of her breasts that leave nothing to the imagination. I liked the movie, and I liked Drew's breasts.

moviestuff was written on July 26, 2003

sexy hints

not any real nudity though

NekkidChix was written on November 4, 2000

Falling from the window

When she falls from the window she hangs, completely nude from the bedsheet. The scene appears altered digitally in order to obscure her nudity, although there it seems that you do see some of her naughty bits. As she drops to the ground and tumbles down the hill below, there are other brief shots where it looks like you see the good parts. But again, it looks like it's been digitally obscured.

In the race car scene, when she's sitting in the car distracting the driver, you only see the deep cleavage in the racing suit. There is A LOT left to the imagination, considering you don't see all of her breasts. Not even a hint of nipple. Excellent cleavage, but only cleavage.

Bootydaddy was written on May 27, 2003

if you're desperate

you MAY be able to see something when she falls out of that building nude, but you're really streching it, look elsewhere.

Jorgiebear was written on May 31, 2001

Wonder why all pit crews aren't this fine?

No nudity here folks, just some fine cleavage shots as she unzips her suit to seduce a driver. Drew is still adorable and sexy and proves that she'll still show some skin on film, although it's not too revealing. We can also see a bit more skin as she falls down a hill and later knocks on a window holding some inflatable thing that strategically covers her.

Linkin was written on September 7, 2001

No Nudity Here

There are a lot of parts in the movie where she shows alot of skin, such as when she unzips her top, when she's hanging by a sheet,nd when shefalls down the hills. But sadly thereis no actual nudity in this Drew flick.

McBoris was written on April 18, 2002

No nudity

Drew Barrymore does no nude scenes in this film.

what_ever was written on December 8, 2000

Not nude

There is NO nudity in this film so don't waste your time on it.
There are just teasers if that kind of thing intrest you.

csz123 was written on November 25, 2000

Nude in window

Drew hangs by a sheet from a window after being shot at. Luckily, it was a sheet she was wearing. In the version I saw, you can clearly see her full left breast as she falls backwards to the ground, and you can see her butt from below looking up at her. There are some silhoutted shots also as she falls down the hill.
If you want Drew nudity, see Doppleganger or Boys on the Side - don't waste money on this awful movie: the worst I've seen all year. Some nice teasing from Cameron Diaz, but that's all it is. Lucy Liu is not attractive at all.

soulman was written on July 10, 2002

Just Teasers.

I tried to avoid reviewing this movie. But since it has become a regular on cable recently I've finally given in. While I think Barrymore is a real cutie (I just love her baby face) she's just limited to cleavage (my favorite is the pit scene) and stratically cover near-nude shot. Look elsewhere.

mcjw2011 was written on January 20, 2003

Loads of cleavage and darkened nude fall

The very hot Drew Barrymore doesn't exactly show the goods in this PG-13 rated chick action flick. In one scene she flashes a driver... we get loads of cleavage but unfortunately no nipples. And the second scene where she's covered in a blanket and falls naked down a hill and into a young boy's yard. If you turn up the brightness on your DVD player all the way and put it on slow-mo, you kind of make out her pussy, butt and a hint of her breasts... really not sure about that. A really naughty tease and Drew is sizzling all throughout this mediocre film.

Wishful Thinking (1999)
Bootydaddy was written on May 27, 2003

The title says it all

Wishful Thinking is right, that is exactly what you are doing if you wanna see Drew nude here.

NeonKnight was written on July 2, 1999


You can briefly see a nipple when she is fantasizing about being in an old black and white movie... not worth seeing for the nudity, the movie isn't too bad, it has kind of an indy-flick feel...

uzman was written on May 27, 2004


hmmm nice

Boys on the Side (1994)
Gordon was written on September 14, 2000

Flashing her boyfriend and after sex

While her boyfriend is tied up in a chair, she flashes her breasts at him. They're nice, but it's only a quick flash. Later you can see her breasts a little longer after she's had sex with another guy.

nakedgun was written on January 28, 2005

Nude scene in bed

Drew is in bed with Matt and they have just finished having sex. She pulls the covers away to expose her breasts and the puts a shiney sticker on her chest. You get a great view of her world class breasts. Drew has a great body and is very cute and this is a great clip of her.

[email protected] was written on February 5, 1999

Scene Flashing & In Bed

Well, the one where she flashes her boyfriend when he's tied to a chair isnot so good, just se her tits for a few secs, and it's on quite a distance.The one where she's in bed with the young policeman is a quite good viewof her tit's.

Jack Hass was written on February 8, 1999

Tits, tits and thats about all

She flashes her boyfriend, but lets stress the word,flashes hardly enough to get it half up. Later on shef*cks some stupid cop, and you see em' for longer, if your really depraved you might get something out of thisscene.

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on June 26, 2003

quick flash

you get a quick flash of her tits when she flashes her boyfriend when he is tied up the shot is sorta from a distance

axl was written on October 15, 1999


While her boyfriend is tied up Drew teases him by flashing her tits at him.Drew has had breast reduction but her rack still looks great.

guyflyer was written on December 19, 1999


We see her breasts when she flashes them to her boyfriend before the leave then later after sex with Abraham Lincoln and she is pregnant. Good movie too

dirtydanny was written on October 16, 1999


I found this scene in mpeg form on the net. Some guy is tied to a chair, and Drew goes up to him and flashes her lovely breasts at the lucky bastard. He goes mad, and then she sits on him and takes a photo. I recommend finding this mpeg - it is out there.

soulman was written on February 15, 2003

2 Brief Tit Shots.

Barrymore has 2 brief tit shots. The first when she flashes her tied-up boyfriend. The second is when she shows her tits to McConaughey. I think she is so cute no matter what nudity_elitist thinks which bring up one side point. Does anyone out there think the nudity_elitist is either a gay male or a self-hating lesbian by the way he seems to dis every actress he/she reviews. Just my opinion.

Alphonse was written on March 13, 2003

Drew's beautiful tits

Drew has two nude scenes in this. First, at twenty-two minutes, Drew quickly flashes her breasts at her baseball-bat-beaten boyfriend. The scene is quick and from a distance. The good stuff happens at about an hour and eleven minutes. She's in bed and she puts a badge between her breasts and sits up. You see a lovely shot of both breasts in good lighting and from a nice distance. Truly lovely tits.

apf86 was written on April 10, 2002

Not too bad at all

The one scene where her boyfriend is tied to a chair and she taunts him by flashing him isn't that great...well lit but very short. The scene where she is in bed with Matthew McConaughey is much better. We see a much longer well lit shot of her breasts as she sits up in bed naked.

[email protected] was written on January 9, 1999

breast nude

In two moments one good an one less good she show her breasts

nudity_elitist was written on April 25, 2002

big ol' fat fukkin deal

I will say this once and never review Drew again: Drew Barrymore is NOT attractive in the least bit! How did this average girl with the permanent shit-eating grin on her face become a star anyways? Nuff said.

Bad Girls (1994)
Medicine Man was written on January 17, 1999

Ttopples in water & changeing

She is topples in water splashing around.Side view in a mirror while changeing.Worth getting for the Drew's nude seens.

Htr was written on January 27, 1999

Mirror scene

I don't remember it being in a mirror but you do get a very close side on view of Drew's breasts as she is forced to put on a dress. It's an okay scene.

defry33 was written on June 13, 1999

river & mirror

This scene is alrightI mean i love Drew Barrymore and you can quite clearly see her titsBut it's side onI'd rather see a full frontal view.Still worth getting.

kingman333 was written on August 26, 1999

Side views

We see a view of Drew's beautiful breasts from the side as she dresses and a view of them from the side as she plays in some water.I must comment two things on Drew.1.She seems to have alot of breast scenes that are filmed from the side2.She has very large breasts for someone who hasn't had implants. That drives me up the wall;)However, the only reason the scene isn't getting 2 stars from me is because Drew has such lovely breasts.

Elv08 was written on September 26, 2001


Drew's quick flash is the only good thing about this film. She must have back problems with breasts this big. Sadly, the scene is very quick. Don't watch this film for any other reason.

2CisBelieve was written on August 1, 2000

undressing in mirror scene

Thru the mirror we see a good shot of Drews left breast, taken from the right side. This takes place about after 2/3 in the movie. The shot is clear and explicit and is the best breast shot of Drew a saw soo far. She has large natural breasts with smallish nipples. Earlyer in the movie you can also see both breasts while swimming in a lake, but this isn't even close to the second shot.

ShadowColonel was written on June 30, 2001

Not bad.

I've seen two versions of this one. For the theatrical version, I give *1/2. The director's cut(?) showed the same scene, with a side view of Drew's breast, uncropped (not that it adds any nudity, but it looks better for some reason). I think it was slightly longer in that version too. ** for that one. I'm tempted to give an extra half star just because it's Drew, but I try to be objective on these things.

hybridtheory1872003 was written on January 9, 2005


very brief but its good just to see her breast i personaly think she has one of the best racks in the biz

Kenpo was written on October 30, 2001

One of Drew's better nude movies

Get the unrated version...the scenes that are added are Drew's undressing scene..a few more stills on her very nice body

pdqtia was written on May 12, 2001

mirror scene

i liked how drew played her sensuality in a partial showing of her breast, to show frontal shot would have detracted from the scene

Ghostwords was written on December 8, 2012


Warning: the version currently being aired on TCM (UK) omits Ms Barrymore's right breast during the skinnydipping scene, although it does appear during the scene where she's forced to change clothes.

The Amy Fisher Story (1993)
DrPhibes was written on June 21, 2000

Body-double sex in home-video version!

Drew, with mousey brown hair that somehow looks really good on her, is sexy throughout this true-crime TV movie, especially in one overhead shot of her in a small T-shirt and panties. She seduces the big mechanic guy by hoisting up her brown dress, sitting with her legs apart on a table and wrapping herself around him. The sex that follows largely consists of shots using a body-double for Drew and added for video release to bring some raunch to the movie. We see a nice pair of breasts and some pubic hair when Drew climbs on top of the guy, but the thrill of the event is marred by the knowledge that it's not really Drew. Nonetheless, those not bothered by the use of the stand-in could easily get their rocks off here.

FaceMan was written on December 8, 2006

Drew with Brown Hair on a Kitchen Counter

Drew is hot and sexy throughout this movie, in which she plays the long Island Lolita, Amy Fisher. Throughout the movie, she's wearing short skirts and revealing tops and looking damn fine with her hair dyed brown..it really suits her. Anyway, on to the movie...the first scene is when she's sitting on the kitchen counter and spreads her legs, raising her dress and seducing Joey, thats followed by some hot smooching and then the sex - where you can see boobies, ass crack and a shot of her pubes - now this is probably a body double...still Drew is absolutely hot as hell in this movie...and even if there was a body double, it was probably for the actual sex scene, definately not the one where she's on the kitchen counter - and that for me was the best scene off the movie...so check it out!

Late Show with David Letterman (1993)
rachaelleighcookrulz was written on June 26, 2003

HAHA funny

For some ungodly reason she jumps on lettermans desk and flashes him her tits you dont see anything though

effderck1 was written on March 5, 2005

drew flashes in the david letterman show

I may be a bit biased here since I have always been quite taken with Drew. In this scene she does a little jiggle in front of David (really sexy and hot) and out of impulse ( I'm guessing) flashes her breasts.... Not much in the way of the amount of skin viewed, but altogether still kicks in my world.

BushLeague was written on June 15, 2003

Dancing on his desk

She lifts up her sweater to flash David. She has no bra on, but all we see is the lower half of her droopy right tit (no nipple).

Doppelganger (1993)
Waltman was written on July 28, 1999

Caution! Drew's breasts covered in blood

I rented Doppelganger based on the other reviews, and I say: CAUTION! The shower scene described is VERY brief, and, more importantly, is a hallucinatory fantasy sequence in which Drew's breasts are covered in BLOOD -- red liquid shooting from the shower head, completely drenching Drew's skin. Very unsatisfying. I saw no other nude scenes. Maybe the above reviewers were watching an UNrated version; my tape was the rated version. (I fast-forwarded through the rest -- looks like a pretty mediocre movie, with some okay special effects at the very end.)

OldeSkool was written on June 15, 2006

Blood Soaked Tits.

Been wanting to see this movie for a long time just to see Barrymore's blood covered tits and her shower scene does not disappoint. She's obviously has had breat reduction done because in this movie those suckers are huge.

OldeSkool was written on June 15, 2006

Blood Soaked Tits.

Been wanting to see this movie for a long time just to see Barrymore's blood covered tits and her shower scene does not disappoint. She's obviously has had breat reduction done because in this movie those suckers are huge.

Dante9703 was written on January 2, 2005

Left breast twice in quick succession

About 22 minutes into the film Drew is having a shower and we see the underside of her left breast with the rest obscured by her arm. The scene turns into a dream/fantasy sequence and the water turns into blood. Drew raises her arms to wipe the water from her eyes and we see her left breast from the side, albeit covered in red water, and as she turns slightly a bit of her right breast too. In the version available in the UK there is another scene a copule of minutes later where she starts to get in on with her room-mate in the kitchen. Her robe comes off and we see a close-up of her left breast again. Although her face is not seen in the same shot as the breast, so it's possibly a body double, it looks just like Drew's breast in the previous scene and I doubt that she would show her breast in one scene but insist on a body double in another.

hybridtheory1872003 was written on January 9, 2005

2 scenes which are good

good scenes the shower scene would be better if it was water instead of blood

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on June 26, 2003

not arousing

she is taking a shower in blood and you get a grat shots of her naked body mostly tits

Gordon was written on September 14, 2000

Showering blood of herself

In a hallucination-type scene, Drew showers some blood of her body. It's not particularly erotic, but it does offer about the best look at Drew's naked body you're going to get (unless you're David Letterman). You can clearly see her breasts and her butt, but the scene is very brief.

kingman333 was written on August 26, 1999

Shower Scene

In the version I saw Drew is showering but the shower is spraying her with blood instead of water. This scene would easily be a 1 star if it weren't for Drews massive and spectacular breasts.

Alphonse was written on March 13, 2003

Terrific breasts

Drew was only 17 or 18 for this movie. There are two nude scenes here, and in both she shows off her terrific tits. First, at about twenty-three minutes, she's in the shower, and you see her breasts from the side. Lovely, huge, wet breasts - sure, they're covered in blood for most of the scene, but she's got her hands on them and they're moving around. Glorious. About three minutes later, post-bloody shower, she's making out with her man and another nipple makes a brief appearance. Worth seeing for the shower scene alone!

[email protected] was written on April 10, 2002

0:23:30-after asking her friend to take her back because she's hungry, she showers. While she does that, she begins to halucinate and the water turns into blood. 0:26:30-after she gets out of the shower, she starts making out with the same guy(w

The first scene is worth about 1 star and a half(closer to 1 than 2). It shows her breasts from the side 2 times(about 8-9 seconds). This scene would have been worth ** easily if her breasts had been shown from the front. The fact that they are covered in blood doesn't improve the scene either. Given the fact that it doesn't show her face, the second scene is worthless in my opinion--it might be her breast, though.

tickledick was written on May 19, 2004

shower water turns to blood

There seems to be some debate about what is displayed. I watched in 4:3 ratio. The first scene is sensually played, with a slow motion shower stream entering Drew's open mouth. Even while the blood is raining, the nipples are clearly visible. The camera draws back to a waist-high, side view to show her face in the same frame as her superb, natural breasts. I saw no buttocks.

The second scene, a few minutes later, is a bare breast with nipple as she grapples in a love clinch. Her face is not in the frame.

Androo was written on July 4, 2000

Bloody Bastard

This was the first time I had ever seen Drew nude, and I had specifically rented it to see some damned action. I practically had to break my thumb rewinding the thing in order for me to efficiently masturbate. What a shame. A travesty, if you will.

QuIjIb0 - [email protected] was written on January 14, 1999

shower scene

There is a shower scene and another brief nude scene in doppleganger bothshowing Drew's breasts. Frontal and some side nudity of her breasts and back.

Jack Hass was written on February 8, 1999

This is the place for Drew's tits

A good shower scene where you get to see the wholenine yards (on slow motion you might get to blow yourload if your real fast), and another scene, but this onepales in comparison to the shower scene.

Jomyboy was written on November 4, 2000

shower scene

many people say that there is another scene in the movie where you could see drew's breast .. but then when i saw it .. thee was only the shower scene .... i think people have scene something else .. anyway .. the scene is in the shower .. and if you have an owl's eye .. only then maybe you could see drew's breat coz otherwise itz all covered wih blood...
itz an ugly scene!!!!

Cumfiend was written on November 15, 2002

Spunk overload

She has great tits. I jizzed a huge creamy bubbling load watching this.

Poison Ivy (1992)
soulman was written on October 14, 2002

Partial Side Tit Shot.

Barrymore scene (if you wanna call it that) is a brief side tit shot when she's changing into her robe near the end of the movie. Follow Bootydaddy's advice and rent POISON IVY: NEW SEDUCTION instead. Drew's cute, but Jaime Pressly is much hotter.

xyzpig was written on January 3, 2000

drew was 17

Drew was 17 years old when this movie was made that is why there was a body double etc.

Elv08 was written on September 26, 2001

no nudity

It's amazing that Drew developed a wild-child image with such tame roles as this. There is no nudity, only a few kisses with Tom Skeritt in the rain. Damn the filmmakers for being coy.

rbelkin was written on October 3, 2006

The Car Scene - Greatest Body Double Ever? + Bedroom + Balconey

While, there is no nudity, in the ice & bedroom scene - she is sexy as Tom Skeritt is working her way up to her crotch and then buries her head there - just when you think maybe it's a body double, they tilt up from the upskirt shot (black panties) to her face - so it's clearly her.

The infamous sex on the hood scene. Whether it is a body double or not, it's one the greatest jobs of finding someone who seems to have her exact breast size and torso ... and normally, when there is a body double - the scene is darkly lit - nothing is really hidden here ... so this is either the greatest job of body doubling or they saved time and asked Drew to say it was a body double ... for Tom, he got a bunch of takes to play with her left breast, who is he going to tell? :-)

Nearly everytime, when you record to your computer, bright the scene and go frame by frame (as I do), you can tell when the double arrives because it's just a little off - her breasts are slightly larger, her arm is bigger, etc ... just tiny telltake signs and they usually set the scene in a dark location with flashing lights to distract you ... so circumstantially, I just have to say it's really DREW or it's the best double setup ever ...

There is also as sexy scene of her wearing a tank top blouse on a balconey - and it's a cold blustery day - her left nipple and aureole are plainly visible with each gust of wind.

BOD was written on October 14, 1999

sex in the rain

This is the scene where she has sex with this guy in the rain. I think you can see her breasts and nipples if you play it in slow motion. But I also heard that it was only a body double, which got me thinking what the hell for?

LennyNero was written on June 3, 1999

Brief Not Really Nude Bedroom Scene

I really love Drew Barrimore. She's really attractive. So when she finally got back to making movies I thought that she'd really go all out. But I was wrong. You wait through this whole move to really see her nude and get let down. the only scene worth mentioning is the bedroom scene. You see the hint of breast, but nothing much, but the scene is kind of erotic if I remember correctly. But unless it's on tape already or free, don't bother.

BiBoySTL was written on December 28, 1999

Side of breast

Despite the sexy concept, Barrymore reveals little nudity. In the uncut you can see her breasts briefly as her and Tom Skerrit fool around on the hood of his car. Also she changes into a robe and you see a brief nipple.

Bootydaddy was written on October 8, 2002

Crap Crap Crap

Right at the end of this horrid movie you see the side of Drew's right breast (no nip that I saw at least)....what a waste. Watch Poison Ivy: The New Seduction (with the WAY hotter Jaime Pressly)for the best nudity in this series of films..AVOID THIS ONE!

Luvmonk was written on September 7, 2003

Body Double

MVIEGUY, you need to check your facts. Jaime Pressly is 2 years YOUNGER than Drew Barrymore. If Drew couldn't do the nudity because she was 17 at the time I think that I can say without a doubt that the 15 year old Jaime didn't do it in her place. Where do you get your info? No nudity in this flick, sorry.

Bafitis was written on November 5, 2005

Living Room on Piano

I read the other reviews on this movie and I can't believe that any one has actually seen this movie... There is plenty of Nudity and Sex with Drew Barrymore... She gets completely naked in the living room having sex on the Piano... You don't get to see the bush, but you see the ass and the tits...

thotuknew74 was written on April 28, 2004

drew's sex scene

rumor has it that jaime pressly was drew's body double for this movie. The only problem I have with that is Jaime would have only been 14 or 15 years old.

nmd was written on June 25, 1999

on car in rain

there's the scene where so has sex with the father on the car in the rain and I think you almost see breast ( but Drew said a body double was used - why ? )

MVIEGUY was written on October 14, 2002

idenity of body double

believe it or not, the body double that drew barrymore used for this scene was none other then
Poison Ivy 3 actress jamie presley

so there you have it

ramu was written on October 12, 2002


real masti

Guncrazy (1992)
Kuroneko was written on September 27, 2004

Drew was underage in this movie

just so you know

moviestuff was written on October 19, 2003

drews ass

i have been waiting a long time to see her ass and man is it fine!!!!! well any way you see her ass briefly in a sex scene

ff was written on October 19, 2003

brief butt

during a sex scene you very briefly see her bare butt.

Vikico was written on July 23, 2000

Shower, wearing an undershirt.

While the undershirt is getting wet, you must try to see (or imagine) her nipples revealing throught the undershirt. Quite disappointing.

Far from Home (1989)
duckem was written on November 6, 2000

wet t-shirt

Drew was only 13 or 14 when she did this film but she has a body of a 20 year-old which is quite
evident from her wet t-shirt scene during the middle of the film.

Fleetwood was written on February 18, 2002

Not nude, don't bother

This is not the wet-tshirt database, or the sexy underwear database. She's not nude in the film, don't list it.

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