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Diane Lane's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2008 Summer 3 Reviews
2006 Hollywoodland 3 Reviews
2002 Unfaithful 26 Reviews
1999 Walk on the Moon, A 4 Reviews
1992 Knight Moves 8 Reviews
1992 Chaplin 3 Reviews
1990 Vital Signs 3 Reviews
1990 Descending Angel 2 Reviews
1988 Priceless Beauty 1 Review
1987 Lady Beware 6 Reviews
1987 Big Town, The 6 Reviews
1984 Streets of Fire 1 Review
1982 Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains 3 Reviews

Diane Lane's Biography

Mother was Playboy centrefold Colleen Farrington, Miss October 1957, ("Mom was better endowed."). Ex-wife of actor Christopher Lambert (1988-94); married actor Josh Brolin in 2004, but they separated in early 2013.

nudity reviews for Diane Lane member submitted

Summer (2008)
BushLeague was written on August 7, 2003

Definitely her

Hate to re-inflate the bubble, but her face and tits are in the same frame. Although one side of her face is in shadow, unless she has a doppelganger, that is definitely her 34a banana tits.

MovieBuff was written on January 17, 1999

Briefly Topless

Completely topless - this was her first nude scene.

Sooke was written on September 12, 1999

Can't Be Ms. Lane

Sorry to busrt your bubble bud but there can't be any way that this was Diane because she was only 16 and even PBS would never show underage nudity...

Hollywoodland (2006)
Ghostwords was written on March 9, 2010

Partial breasts

After her first night with Superman actor George Reeves, Toni Mannix (Lane) slips out of bed. There is a momentary shot at chest level, although the frame shows just the lower part of her breasts and her stomach. It could be a body double, of course, but if not, Ms Lane has a fine body -- I've only marked this scene down because we get to see so little of it.

georgelloyd1 was written on November 19, 2012

Looks like Diane Lane to me

As pointed out, you never actually see her face, but I've compared it to screencaps from other movies she's gone topless in, and both the shape of the breasts and the configuration of the nipples matches. The scene happens about 25 minutes in.

Ghostwords was written on August 31, 2012

Partial breasts

Having re-checked the scene, it probably deserves 1 1/2* (which it will average through my two reviews). The shot is deliberately out of focus, but you can make out her nipples (with the previous caveat regarding whether or not it's actually Ms Lane).

Screencap: http://celebritymoviearchive.com/tour/movie.php/18646.

Unfaithful (2002)
dav345 was written on May 9, 2002

don't watch the movie for her nudity

You see brief (I can't emphasize the word brief enough here) glimpses (I can't emphasize the word glimpses enough here) of her nipples. At no time do you see any full breast in all it's huge glory. You see her ass for about a millisecond from sort of a side view in bad light after she gets out of the tub. This nudity is lame - don't watch the movie for the nudity. Let me rephrase that - don't watch this movie for any reason whatsoever.

wonderwall was written on April 2, 2004

Should have been better.

(Scene 1, 41 mins) In this quite long scene Diane is in the bath, we do see her breasts on several occasions, however the camera angle always seems to be poor or dimly lit at the wrong moment, basically you think you are gonna get to see the goods but it never really happens, you just get to see parts of the breasts and the nipples are never really visible. (Scene 2, 49 mins) A very quick flash of boob and nipple but it is all over very quickly. (Scene 3, 53 mins) As Diane pull her breast out of her bra we do get probably the best nipple shot in the film, however her breast is quickly covered by a mans fondling hand. To sum this film up I would say it promises a lot but delivers very little, which is a shame as Diane has a fantastic body.

Cinephile88 was written on December 5, 2007

(Breasts, Rear) Nice nudity from one smoking babe...

In one of the finest performances in years, Lane plans an adulterous Westchester wife. Nude high lights include scrubbing her breasts in the tube, a fleeting view of her gorgeous butt when stepping out of it, a side view as she has sex in a bathroom stall and a medium close-up as her lover removes her bra. This woman is RED hot and damn, is she a fine actress.

Omni was written on January 4, 2003

DVD not so good

Everything's been said except that there is even less nudity if you watch the widescreen (DVD) version. They cut the bottom of the only scene where you can see Diane's chest from the front.

smc01 was written on June 27, 2002


I have to disagree with Dav345. Great film, great performance and great nudity. I thought Lane's nudity in the bath scene was very well lit and you could clearly see how full and lush Diane's breasts are. The scenes are brief, yes, but not so brief that we dont get a good look. I for one, thought this scene was very erotic and quite satisfying!

eaglespyharry was written on January 14, 2003

Clear breast shot

I think to many of the reviews of this movie are vague. For Diane Lane fans it should be noted that there is one very clear breast shot. She is directly facing the camera when her bra comes off and both nice nipples are clearly shown before they are groped by the very lucky O.Martinez. Diane's nudity is her best with the exception of Lady Beware (and about on par with Big Town).

axl was written on December 27, 2002

could have been better

I watched this expecting to see a lot of sex and nudity..I mean this is the same guy who directed 9 1/2 weeks. While Diane gave a good performance..the nudity sucked. You see her tits a few times and a brief flash of her butt..but overall not to see for the nudity.

Squinsen was written on May 27, 2003

A bit of nudity. A lot of teasing

This beautiful 37 year old woman teases us with her her beautiful slender body on several occasions in this movie. She briefly shows us her breasts in the bath about half way through the film - be quick with the pause button. A good long look at her bum when she gets out. The whole scene is worth watching as she washes and caresses herself. Later we get a quick look at her boobs as they are groped by her young lover.

movieguy21 was written on March 18, 2003

Sometimes, less is more

If you are looking for a lot of nudity, don't watch this movie. If you are looking for a very sexy flic with a beautiful woman, this should do it for you. There are only two different scenes with actual nudity I think. The first being when Diane is in the tub with Richard Gere and you see her breasts briefly and then her ass as she walks out. The second is when her other male co-star removes her bra from behind and cups her breasts. However, two other parts are worth a mention. During the first encounter of the affair 'Paul' plays around with her stomach and legs until she finally gives in and lets him remove her panties. This was very reminiscant of the 'stomach' scene in 9 1/2 weeks... (same director) The other scene is when they have sex in the hallway. He pulls down her jeans to until she is wearing just a shirt and white panties. He then turns her around and pulls down her panties from behind. Although you don't see her bush, her panties are nearly pulled all the way off and barely cover her pubic area. Very sexy.

icebag2 was written on November 17, 2010

Tasteful, but plentiful views of her luscious body

Is Diane Lane the most beautiful woman in movies? Yes. Is she naked in this one? Yes. If you want boobs, go to the bathtub scene where you get, in order, an oblique view of the left one, an unobstructed view of the right one, square on, and several barely there, but nonetheless there, views of both nips and hints of her breastal fullness. Later there’s a nip slip as her lover takes her dress and slip down before he boffs her in a restaurant lavatory, followed by a glorious headlight view when he takes her bra off, back in his apartment. Don’t forget a quick left breast reclining in a clinch scene with her husband earlier in the film and you’ve had a pretty good display of a luscious pair of tits. If you want buns in addition, there’s a quick view of them, and my, are they nice and trim, as she completes the bathroom scene. Throw in several side views of her bare thigh and hip as she is getting rogered, and you’ve gotten outstanding exposure for an A-list actress. We’re not talkin’ nudity here as in a five-alarm fire, but there is real nudity and a lot more than some reviewers think is nothing.

mcjw2011 was written on February 10, 2003

Boobs and ass

This Oscar nominee finally gets her due. In this okay sex drama/thriller movie written and directed by Adrian Lyne (director of 'Flashdance' and '9 1/2 Weeks'), I had expected to see loads of nudity from Diane herself. In a couple of sex scenes, she shows off her impressive rack briefly while she gets it on with O. Martinez. And in another scene, she's in the tub with Richard Gere, she gets out of the tub, briefly revealing her nice ass at a bad angle and poor lighting. Diane is a gorgeous actress and gives a great performance in this film... the overall nudity in the film is not very impressive.

TwatDidYouSayiCuntHairyou was written on December 19, 2002

Brief Flashes and Glimpses

There is no great scenes but Diane does show her nipples and breasts on more than one occasion. The best scen is in the middle of the movie while bathing in the bathtub. However, this movie is for chicks and do not rent unless you are in the doghouse with your significant other. You will not enjoy.

Bootydaddy was written on January 31, 2003

More Diane More!

I am mad about the amount of nudity the beautiful Diane Lane shows, but what she does show is breath-taking! You do get a good shot of her nice rack and a quick, but well worth the price of rental shot of her delicious ass. If ya got a pause button it's all good. She is so damn sexy!

apunkachoice was written on June 2, 2005

Gorgeous Jugs

There are six steamy scenes in this movie and some of them are hot!!!
First: Between Diane Lane & Richard Gere in their bedroom. She is wearing her nightdress without any underclothing (bra,underwear). She enteres the room-Lowers left string of nightie-half left boob revealed but we can't see the nipple-gets on top of him-kiss-he uplifts her boobs (from inside the nighte; no boobs in full glory in this scene)-kissis neck and between boobs-interrupted by son.
Second: Between Diane & Oliver Martinez in Oliver's bedroom. He unbuttons her shirt-fingers her bellybutton-removes underwear-pets *****-kiss-she goes to the bathroom and pees.
Third: Diane Lane in the bathtub (she literally coveres her melons with her hands! Who does she need to be shy of when there is no one else in the room?)-nipslip as she sits straight-Richard enteres the bathroom-faint outline of tits from the side as she talks to him-he enters the bathtub and pets her bush-she gets up-flaunts her bum as she wears the robe.
Fourth: This one is hot!!! Diane bumps into Oliver in a restaurant and follows him to the toilet-kiss-lowers left side of her top-slips hand into black bra-reveals left melon and squeezes it-removes her underwear as she removes his pant and underwear-clings on to him-ah ah ah ah!!!
Fifth: Hottest!!! Diane is sitting on the bed-Oliver enters the room-removes her shoes and unbuttons her top-removes her clothes-reveals black bra-sits behind her-pets her bra-romantic talk-unhooks bra-reveals sagged juggs in full glory-squeezes and presses them (Does he wish for milk to come out of the jug?)-kiss.
Sixth: In Olivers staircase-kiss-removes her pant-she remove his-he lowers her underwear-removes his own-she tells him "***** me"-ah ah ah ah (might be hurting)
Diane Lane's jugs are so sagged that they can touch the floor anytime. Hot!

dvdcollector was written on September 18, 2002

Very little shown

Though she is good-looking enough, with a good body, and though the plot of the film would certainly allow it, she shows remarkably little skin. We are constantly teased in lovemaking scenes, but in the end we get to see her nipples very briefly a few times and her butt for about a nanosecond as she gets out of the tub.

StevieY was written on May 11, 2002

hot, but not much skin shown

Diane Lane is a very beautiful and underrated actress. Ske gives a great performance in Unfaithful as a suburban mother and wife who enters into an affair with a man she literally runs into on the street. The movie examines the toll that cheating and hiding it from the husband has on Lane's character who has had a happy marriage and who clearly loves her son very much. The sex scenes between Miss Lane and Olivier Martinez are sexy and steamy without showing any nudity. The only nudity comes when she's in the bath and we see glimpses of her breasts in soapy water and a quick flash of her behind as she gets out of the tub. She is shown in panties a couple of times and in low-cut negligees and in one scene Martinez removes her bra and cups her very full breasts in his hands. It's a very good movie with an amazing performance by Lane. It's very steamy too, but don't expect non-stop nudity. This is a good example of how a movie can be hot and sexy without showing boobs and butts all the time, although there's nothing wrong with that, either.

ctgte was written on May 30, 2012

Hot hallway scene

Not much nudity, but there's a hot scene where Diane Lane tries to end her affair with Olivier Martinez. He chases her into an empty public hallway and begins stripping off her clothes as she insists that he stop and even says she hates him. By the time he's stripped down her pants and bent her over in front of him, grinding against her from behind, she begins to give in. He makes her repeat "I want you to fuck me" twice before entering her, thrusting slowly and passionately as she whimpers in heat.

dav345 was written on May 11, 2002

don't watch this for the nudity

STevieY - this is the celebrity NUDITY database, not the celebrity hot and sexy without showing boobs and butts database.

Psuedo_Saint was written on July 13, 2002

In Manhattan

Diane looks great as a shy thrill-seeker. This movie combines a sexy theme (and even a moral!)with, uh, sexy shots of celebrities having sex. Some, uh, sex organs are shown, but it would be inconsistent with overall theme of the movie to focus to much on nudity. But not showing anything would also be disingenuous. This movie strikes a good balance.

As a piece of meat, although I'm normally a breast man, Diane Lane's best feature are her legs, and this movie makes the most of them.

lad2der was written on December 30, 2004

breast scenes

Diane shows her breasts a few times in this movie. Not a whole lot else, but they are nice to see. She has an amazing body.

dav345 was written on April 2, 2004

not nude

Movieguy21, this is the celebrity nudity database, not the celebrity less is more sexy database. Why don't you go start a new web site titled "Sexy Scenes Where Women Don't Really Show Anything But Man It Turns Me On Database"?

bootydummycantspell was written on December 16, 2002

Dav345 is totally right

There is nothing to get worked up about here. Sex without skin is like watching your laundry dry on a clothesline....

candygirl was written on June 30, 2006

One of the hottest Big Budget erotic films

Okay...I agree their wasn't a lot of nudity..But, the nudity it did show was shot in a way that it was very erotic, sexy and left a lot to the imagination...

Sexdemonno1 was written on March 31, 2005


Dav with your two comments here you've made me laugh on this site more then any other single posting has been able to do on here. You rock man!

Anyway havent seen the film but I think I will because Diane Lane is so gorgeous she has to be seen in minimal clothes. Just a shame it sounds like the film fails to deliver on her teasing.

Still if you like Lyne's films watch Lolita for that Dominique Swain I think her name is. Shes gorgeous and NOT underage i should point out!

dvddish was written on March 11, 2003

nice boobs


ABC was written on July 29, 2003



Walk on the Moon, A (1999)
Cyclone was written on June 3, 2000

Brief bare breasts

Diane's a beautiful woman, but the nudity here is hardly worth mentioning. A couple of times her bare breasts are shown, but at no point do we get a decent view of them, or a long look at them. Not recommended.

youngdirtybastard was written on April 24, 2001


verry brief shots of her breast while making love near a waterfall, you can also see her right breast bodypainted on the woodstock-festival scene.

Ryan was written on April 15, 1999

Brief topless shots

She is seen topless making love under a waterfall with Viggo Mortensen. These are not very long shots, they are mostly quick views of her breasts but she does look good topless. Then there is a brief view of her bare breasts at Woodstock as Mortensen is holding her and opens her top.

Luvmonk was written on June 28, 2003

One quick obligatory tit shot/love scene

The movie is pretty good, but simply drawn out too long. More in the plot line should have occured or they should have cut the movie shorter. As for for the goods, Ms. Lane shows a few quick shots of her tits when her and Viggo get it on in a mountain stream. They are well lit and from a good distance, but short flashes. Later, at Woodstock no less, she and Viggo get high as a kite and covered in hippie paint she begins to let her shirt fly open as he flings her around in the air. Short, but a better look at her tits then previously seen.

Knight Moves (1992)
liechti was written on January 29, 2006

In bed with Christopher Lambert

While having sex with Christopher Lambert once her left breast and nipple are to be seen from the side. All the rest of the movie she is very sexy - but shows nothing worth to be mentioned here.

Studly was written on October 8, 2001

Shagging Lambert

Shagging (ex)husband, see her lovely tits from the side, nothing new here.

Gordon was written on June 28, 2000

Breast shots during sex scenes

She has at least two sex scenes: one in a pool and one in bed. In each you can see her breasts, but not very close up or very long. All in all it's rather disappointing.

whiteraven was written on August 24, 2010

Bare breast/nipple during sex with Lambert

Diane Lane plays Kathy Sheppard some sort of criminal psychologist/profiler. Christopher Lambert plays Peter Sanderson, chess master and murder suspect. The ex-husband remark is incorrect as she first meets Lambert by 'accident' in a sauna wearing, both wearing towels when she is asked by the police to assist with a profile of Lambert (about the 22:24 minute mark). I do not recall a 'pool' scene as one reported. There is a flooded basement at the end of the movie. But her only nudity as I saw in this VHS version was during this sex scene which runs from about 45:26 to 46:23. She is straddled over the sitting Lambert in some sort of canopy bed with transparent curtains with them being shown through an opening in the parted curtains, allowing a profile view with Lambert on the left and Lane on the right. Lane is slowing removing her top revealing her full left breast and nipple. For most of the shot her left arm covers her breasts as she and left embrace and kiss. Then about 46:04 scene cuts to a distance door shot with the exposed back of Lane. She is covered from the waist down by bedding as the camera slowly back down the hallway to a living room as she rolls to the right and then leans over Lambert. It is almost in slow motion. So the actual exposure is only in the first few seconds. Her breasts are nice and full. Actually as she is removing her top, her left nipple slightly bounces forward hitting Lambert's chin. The scene with Kehli O'Byrne is much more erotic. It is possible that the soon to be murder victim shown at about 35:16 in bra, panties and thigh high stockings might have her nipple partially visible depending on the transparency of her bra which is of course fuzzy on VHS (perhaps Elizabeth Baldwin?).

Luvmonk was written on June 28, 2003

One scene for the hell of it

I thought that the movie was o.k. in a murder she wrote kinda way. I also am a Highlander fan so seeing Christopher Lambert was cool too. Diane is cute and sexy as always, but there isn't a whole lot in the nudity dept. We get one quick scene about half way through, in which Lambert takes her shot off and we get a pretty decent side view of her left tit as they were sitting on the bed facing each other.

babon was written on February 27, 2000

Brief breast

Brief breasts in bed

MovieBuff was written on January 17, 1999

Brief Side-view topless shot during sex scene. Kind of dark.

Not much worth seeing.

BOD was written on December 8, 1999

topless during sex scene

You get to see her topless for a brief moment in this movie. It's not that good, not recommended unless you are a fan of hers.

Chaplin (1992)
Luvmonk was written on November 6, 2002

Practically a Nip Slip Rather Than a Topless Scene

Diane is playing Chaplin's third wife and is seen lying in bed alone under the covers. She shifts and slips a look at her right tit with a touch of nip. They hide back below the sheets and then emerge once again to give an even better view. It was slightly dark and from a med.-close distance. Good movie.

axl was written on February 5, 2000

lying in bed

Diane is yet another one of Chaplin's wives and you see her very briefly topless. Not her best scene

MovieBuff was written on January 17, 1999

Briefly Topless in bed.

Not that great of a scene. Not really worth seeing.

Vital Signs (1990)
MovieBuff was written on January 17, 1999

Breifly Topless during sex scene.

Not as good as some of her other nude scenes, but she is topless.

Cuddly was written on September 10, 2009

At about 1:12

The bra comes off at about 1:12:50. Her breasts are beautiful but obscured most of the time.

axl was written on December 27, 2002

very brief

I haven't seen this for a while but I remember her having sex in a store room or something and you briefly see her breast. Not one of her best for sure.

Descending Angel (1990)
Immy was written on April 8, 2005

Topless twice

The lovely Miss Lane has two topless scenes with lucky Eric Roberts. She doesn't waste any time and gives us a nice booby close-up during the opening credits while getting it on with Eric on a train. His hands and some shadows hinder optimal viewing but it's still an eyeful (and handful!). Next (0:45) is a post-coital moment at a motel. She's laying on her back in bed and her perfect mams are beautifully on display but seen from about 10 feet away. There's a closer POV as she and Eric talk but only her nips peek out now and then. Regardless, she looks very sexy!

FreightTrain was written on June 8, 2009

Two scenes - Diane in her prime

As the opening credits roll by, Diane and Eric roll around in the hay. There are brief close-up shots in this sexy sequence but not much notable nudity. About 44 minutes into the film, Diane and Eric go off to a motel for another roll and deliver the film's best nudity. This longer scene displays Lane's breasts with good lighting, relaxed camera work. Probably not Ms. Lane's best nudity, but she looked particularly fresh and beautiful during this film. Definitely worth a watch.

Priceless Beauty (1988)
MovieBuff was written on January 17, 1999

Breifly Topless in love scene.

Breifly Topless in love scene.

Lady Beware (1987)
henrya was written on November 10, 1999

Multiple nude/sex scenes

It doesn't get better than this. Lots of nudity, nudity in sex, long close up of boobs.You see her nude humping her boy friend, nude walking around, bush, long shots of her tits.There is also a scene where a guy is stalking her, and he's on the bus behind her. It's crowded,and he humps her rear, while she gets outraged. Fully clothed, but real sexy.

beaverhunter was written on September 9, 2001

great topless shots

They don't come much hotter than Diane, and this flick shows her at her very best. The few great topless shots are sensually augmented by a great strip scene where she parades around in the sexiest underware i'd ever seen while preparing her bath. Well it's sexy on her, it wouldn't work on me. by the time she gets nude and in the tub, you gotta be cheering.

Know-it-all was written on October 9, 2000


Diane Lane is a really talented actor, and one of the great beauties of her, (and my), generation. After she had been in all those teasing teen films of the early 80's, I had about given up on ever seeing her full lusciousness. I saw this film in @ '88, and was rewarded for my patience. She's stalked by a guy, who spies on her, reads her mail, accosts her anonymously on a bus (the guy below is right: that is an erotic scene, in a sick kind of way), and finally breaks into her place and uses her tooth brush and her bathtub. A nice early scene occurs when the stalker calls her, and starts calling her "buttercup", which is her father's pet name for her. He found out by opening her mail. She's in bed when she answers the phone, and her bra is largely transparent. Just a little taste of what's to come. Later, when she and her boyfriend go to her loft apartment after a date, after the boyfriend looks around at her place he turns around and she's standing there topless. I mean a nice, close shot of her, bare from the waist up, smiling at him with a lewd and lascivious look on her face. It lasts for a few seconds and it's utterly magnificent. As he undresses, we see her reclining back on her elbows, and giving us a look at those spectacular breasts in repose. All in all, a truly classic nude scene from a woman so beautiful and sexy, words can't really do her justice.

MrKeithTalent was written on September 29, 1999

big boobs

Dian's best boob shots can be found here. She rides a guy in her loft, and then walks around nude and we get a good look at her globes.

MovieBuff was written on January 17, 1999

Topless in a few scenes.

Long topless scenes. Very Nice! Her best nudes!

006 was written on January 31, 1999


She has a nice set of tits other then that the movie sucked

Big Town, The (1987)
BigWoody was written on October 14, 2004


Diane has done many nude scenes throughout her career. This movie was made when Diane was 18 years old and looking at her best.

Diane plays a strip-tease dancer in this movie. About 50 minutes into the movie, Diane comes onstage holding two large feather fans over her body and does a strip-tease dance. Occasionally, Diane lowers the fans and we see that Diane is wearing pasties covering her nipples and a G-string. Even though we don’t get to see Diane’s nipples yet, we do get to see Diane’s big, beautiful, shapely breasts.

Diane’s titillating strip-tease dance was just an appetizer for the main course, which occurs about 77 minutes into the movie. Diane is topless (no pasties) while making love to Matt Dillon. The lighting is very good, and the scene lasts for a few seconds. We get to see a clear view of Diane’s nipples. Then Matt Dillon puts his hands on Diane’s big, beautiful, shapely tits. Lucky Matt!

Gordon was written on January 8, 2000

Dancing and sex

Diane prances around on stage with nothing but two big feather fans which she doesn't use very well to cover herself up with. She then has a sex scene wear she's on top, and you get a good look of her breasts as she rides him up and down and gyrates on her way to her climax.

Vikico was written on August 28, 2000

Striptease and sex scene.

In the striptease she wears a miniature tanga, so we enjoy that desirable ass (22 years old) but there's no pubis. She shows her breasts but the nipples are covered with two white stars (pity). Anyway, the way of her breasts is sensational. Diane Lane is so well in this movie! It is a real exciting escene. The bed scene with Matt Dillon is a bit dark. She shows her busts, but quickly she covers with Matt Dillon's hands (lucky boy). If you like Diane Lane, this movie is for you. If you don't like Diane Lane, you'll like her after this movie.

MovieBuff was written on January 17, 1999

Topless with pasties covering her nipples and butt showing, as she is only wearing a G-string while doing a strip tease on stage. Topless during sex scene with Matt Dillon, and brief bare breast talking to him in bed afterwards. Wearing pasties

Very nice! Her 2nd best set of nudes!

BouncyTits was written on March 26, 2002

great striptease and sex scene

Diane Lane has great big tits and a wonderful body on display here. The sex scene really shows off the huge breasts here and the striptease is arousing as well. Must-see nudity!

bdog was written on September 5, 2005

nice, nice boobs

Diane Lane has a nice rack, period.

Streets of Fire (1984)
ernststavro was written on November 26, 2002

Lying tied

I just had too add this movie to the list of Diane Lane - movies. There no nudity, but this was the film that made me love her.
Diane play the rocksinger Ellen Aim. She is very beatiful in the whole movie and her breast look incredible in a scene where she´s lying tied in a bed and as I recall Willem Dafoe haresses her.

Anyway, no nudity gives 0 stars.


Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains (1982)
southernman was written on November 10, 2010

shower scene

she was 16 or 17.she was born in january 65 movie was shot in 82.so if they filmed the scene around 2 years before it was released she was 16,but i'm guessing it was around one year and she was 17. sources:imdb and basic math skills.

MovieBuff was written on January 17, 1999

Side-view topless shot and bare butt getting into shower. Nude behind shower curtain, hard to see, but you can tell she's completely nude. A few scenes in see-through tops while singing on stage.

She is 15 in this movie, so her breasts aren't that big, but it is still worth a look.

noned was written on February 2, 2009

Bare butt

You only see her naked butt briefly, but it's Diane Lane so of course it's awesome

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