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2008 Reader, The 7 Reviews

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Reader, The (2008)
000 was written on February 8, 2012

A good CFNM bathing scene

The scene starts with Kate Winslet gently scrubbing David kross’ toes with a towel . She scrubs his heel a bit and then she goes to wash his left leg repeatedly. She brings her face close to that leg to focus more attention. Now she places her face right beside his left knee and starts scrubbing the back of his left thigh with quickness to show no affection. Kross looks at her anxiously while she is busy with her work. He looks beside and now Kate has stood up and scrubbing his right forearm. Kross’ body is moderately wet and he is sporting moderate nipples. Next Kate decides to lift his right hand and focuses to wash his right arm pit. She continues to wash it with good speed and keeps her eyes focused on the pit. She is keeping her other hand busy in lifting up his arm. It continues for quite a long time and now she decides to see his reaction. Kross also looks at her and then she decides to change her position.
The camera angle changes and now we see a fully nude David Kross is standing with modesty in the tub sporting a well-hung, soft, thick, dark penis! Kate then sees his both nips and puts both her hands on his side to turn him around to avoid the eye contact. But before doing that, she decides to check out his bare penis for one final time. While turning him around, she suddenly puts her left hand on his chest and tries to have a quick feel of his moderate nip. Kross all the time keeps his hands rigid to avoid any body contact with Kate.
Now Kate focuses her attention to scrub his back. She holds his left hand tightly and goes to scrub it with great motion. She first scrubs his shoulder joint, then a bit on his elbow point and finally his palm. Kross this time assists her by opening up his clutch. When she finishes, she has a brief look at his bare back. Kross is now looking at the ceiling to ease himself from harassment. The process goes on and he thinks it is better now to see what is she doing behind his back.
In the meantime, Kate has completed scrubbing his body enough and next she decides to wash him. She pulls up water in her hands and splashes it right at the back of his head and again goes to wash it by rubbing with a towel. She also shares a brief stare with him at this point. She keeps her other hand busy by holding his shoulder. She vigorously scrubs it again and again . Now Kross has another anxious look at her face and she responds it by giving him a warm welcoming look. While she keeps her hands busy in scrubbing, she again has look at his bare chest and then with him one more time. She decides to break free now and she releases her hold . Kross understands its meaning and accordingly he rotates to stand in a new position. Kate now starts scrubbing his right shoulder with one hand and his left with the other hand which doesn’t hold a towel! This irritates Kross a bit and as such he gives an angry look.
Kate breaks free and she goes on to have some soap on the towel. She does it standing real close to him and he watches it angrily. She puts the soap down and in the process looks at his wet, bare butt for the first time. She is wondered by it and continues to see it for some time. She really feels affectionate for that butt, places her face right at the top of it, grabs his left pelvis with one hand and again starts scrubbing the side of his right thigh. She also places her breasts really close to his butt groove. She now pauses and next she cannot resist herself to scrubs the bottom of his right ass, but quickly checks her temptation afterwards by going down and scrubbing his entire right thigh with a great speed. Now she is scrubbing his right leg to keep her attention away from his butt. But she is still keeping her other hand busy by sharing a hold with his left hand. She continues the monotonous scrubbing of his right leg, toe, heel, knees etc. She was bored enough to focus her attention again on his butt. So she wets the towel with water and gives two gentle scrub on his entire buttock, with special attention and care for the butt-groove. She eases him by giving one final scrub on his left thigh.
Now the bath is over and in next part, we see the two of them having a stare-down with each other and Kate breaks free by placing a towel at the back of his head, then wraps it on his head. She slicks his hair back and opens up his head as he continues to look at her. Kate again eases herself by drying his shoulders, but Kross had enough of this and he goes to action by holding her face with both hands. Kate understands, stops and drops the towel down. He now locks a kiss on her lips. He has another and then leaves her for a breath. He looks at her face for a reaction and then again kisses her. Kate has melted enough and she responds by holding his hands. He goes for another kiss and this time Kate tries to ease herself by making an effort to break free. But he is unwilling to stop and Kate tries to calm him down by touching his chest.

CoryWaters was written on May 22, 2009

Bathing scene and love scenes

The nudity is unabashed and complete. The actor is not afraid to bare it all. Several scenes contain full-frontal and side shots. The scenes relate very well to the storyline and serve as beautiful breaks in the plot of the film. Kudos goes to the actor for his dare to bare spirit and the nice ass

Sommersonne10 was written on May 25, 2009

full frontal nudity while being washed by Kate Winslet

No attempt is made to hide David Kross medium-sized and uncircumcised penis in the scene where he's being washed by Kate Winslet. He has a huge amount of long, brown pubic hair and even hairs on his scrotum. His penis looks very lovely with all these sexy hairs!!! Wow!!! Thank you for showing your best part to us all, David!!

Sommersonne10 was written on May 26, 2009

Full Frontal Nudity being washed by Kate Winslet

This 18-year-old actor shows us his medium-sized and uncircumsized penis while being washed by Kate Winslet. He has a huge amount of long, brown pubic hair, even at his scrotum! So thank you, David, for showing us your nice and very hairy penis!

Mattg was written on December 31, 2008

Extensive nudity throughout, including frontal, from 18-year-old German beauty

This is a pretty decent and moving movie. But the great treat is the chance to see 18-year-old star David Kross naked several times throughout, starting with a modest bathing scene where we spy his ass after he strips near the beginning. We get more looks at his bubble butt as Kate Winslet sneaks up behind him also naked. Numerous peeks at his butt occur over the course of the movie, and the best scene occurs just before their affair ends in which a completely clothed Winslet washes a fully naked Kross in the bathtub, and we get a lovely frontal shot from the young German hottie. I heard the many love and nude scenes involving Kross until his 18th birthday in July 2008 to ensure there weren't any legal issues. But wow, Mr. Kross is indeed stunning. What a way to spend your 18th birthday, fully naked being filmed!

slave2tits was written on February 26, 2010

Sex with 18yo

Jeanete's brief scene is in the first minute. At 15 min. in David is in the bath with Kate coming up behind him, then at 17 min. she lies down showing her breasts. At 24 min. she's undressing while they fight, at 28 min. she's in bed with Kross. At 43 min. you get that CFNM scene and his crotch is well displayed (a little dark but the shape is clear). The we finish off at 79 min with Kate topless bathing in the prison sink.

Khaoz was written on May 11, 2009

Bathtub Scene

The above review is pretty spot on. What was not mentioned however, is the fact the bath scene, he is standing up, and the camera pans him from head to toe from the rear close up, and at one point has him facing the camera for a head to toe full frontal scene. The scene is well lit and nothing is obscured in any way. This is one very good looking actor, and has no reason what so ever to be ashamed of "what he has" ;)

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