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Dana Delany's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
1995 Live Nude Girls 7 Reviews
1994 Exit to Eden 17 Reviews
1992 Light Sleeper 3 Reviews

Dana Delany's Biography

Can you believe this woman was born 13 March 1956, She sure doesn't look 43. She's a hot lady even though she was born in New York, New York. She looks just like the first woman I ever fell in love with.

nudity reviews for Dana Delany member submitted

Live Nude Girls (1995)
HoundDog was written on April 29, 1999

spanking fantasy

She describes to her friends her fantasy of being spanked by a Mafia Godfather/Don in front of his underlings. It's shown on screen. She's hot, he pulls down her panties, tucks his cigar in her garter, and gently spanks her as she writhes in ecstasy, then he ices down her butt. My fantasy too!

BushLeague was written on December 30, 2002

Two brief scenes

There is a scene where a "godfather" type hikes up her dress and pulls down her panties and spanks her bare bottom, but you don't see face and said butt in same frame. At the end of the movie, all the main females jump into the pool after a "push fight" and take off their clothes for a nude swim. The water is clear, but brightly lit, so you can't make out much detail, but a couple times the outlines of Dana's firm chest roundnesses are clear (can't make out nipples), and a full length, light and water obscured full frontal with black triangle, can be made out briefly. Of course, Dana has fantastically taught, muscular legs and she shows them off prominently during the "pajama party".

Condor was written on August 19, 1999

Probably a bodydouble

In no faze of this scene you see Danas face with the bare ass. There is no other indicator that it was her bare ass!

Cyclone was written on August 31, 2001

Bare butt?

While we do get to see her character's butt during a spanking scene, because we can't see her face in the same shot, we have no way of knowing if it was really Dana's butt. Hardly worth mentioning.

StevieY was written on September 3, 2000

breasts and ass

Dana's breasts and beautiful, shapely butt are shown in this movie. Damn, is she hot!! I wish I was the one spanking her ass!! Also check her out in Exit To Eden.

Gordon was written on September 14, 2000

Butt and glimpses at her breasts

Dana has a fantasy where she bends over, has her panties pulled down, and is spanked, which offers a nice view of her firm butt. She is also scantily dressed throughout.

damn_crazy_bastard was written on October 31, 2001

Bare bottom spanking.............but whose?

There is a very nice butt that gets spanked here, but there is really no way to know if it is indeed Dana's. Add a star if you have proof that it is.

Exit to Eden (1994)
sirspread was written on December 11, 2002

swimming pool scene

not quite 4 stars because it only lasts for a few seconds but you see her get out of a swimming pool and you get to see her generous breasts and unkemp bush

thewraith was written on May 28, 2001

"Sit Down...Waldo"

This movie gets 3 stars because of Dana's beautiful body and the unexpectedness of seeing this degree of nudity and kinkiness in a movie like this. Dana's scene where she sits her lovely bare ass on Paul's back gives me dirty thoughts of the China Beach star. The cinnamon/nipple scene is also a good one with nice close-ups. Too bad Dana wasted talents like this in a bad comedy, she should've co-starred in movies with Shannon Tweed and made a real following for herself.

axl was written on September 21, 1999

fantastic nude Dana

When I first saw this scene it knocked my socks off.Dana Delany is so freakin' hot it's unbelievable.To see her full frontal makes up for this entire crappy movie and having to watch Rosie O'Donnell.

SkinSerpent was written on October 20, 2004


If you are a Dana Delany fan, this is your dream. Dana has a lot of good scenes in this movie, including stripping down to her bra and panties for her professor, dressing in a dominatrix outfit for a psychiatrist, a sex scene, and a dominatrix scene. For 90% of the movie, Dana is either in awesome clothes or none at all. Overall not a good movie, but for Dana fans it could be a dream come true.

1spyder was written on June 30, 2005

frontal nudity by pool

Hey what can be said. A very well done shot with oen of the sexiest ladies in movies.

apunkachoice was written on July 28, 2005


First, Dana Delany and Stephanie Niznik in a full-frontal nude scene as they both climb out of a swimming pool, and then Dana flaunts her great butt as she sits on a guy.
Second, She is in a bubblebath and her right areola sticks out.
Third, A guy smothers her boob with a whole slab of butter and licks it off in a closeup view. Think he must be missing mommies milk.
Dana has great breasts, fourth on my tit-list. Her puffy areolae match the color of her jugs and her nips are almost invisible.

BrianSLA was written on April 18, 2001

The Most Have for Dana Fans.../ Full Frontal

Full frontal as she gets out of a pool. Ass when she using Paul Mercurio as a chair. Ass and breats when she gets out of a bath. Great Tits scene when Paul opens her shirt, uses butter on her nipples and sprinkles cinnamon in great close up. Breasts and nice ass as she is mounted on top of Paul when they sneak into a tourist attraction bedroom... unfortunately it is a bit murky due to the veils around the bed.

lupara was written on September 17, 1999

deck chair.

Overall this is a bad movie, but for one brief moment it is amazing. Dana is swimming, she gets out of the pool (full frontal with a female friend), and decides to have a seat - so her male slave bends over so she can sit on him. She is robed by the time she sits, but she lifts the robe to place her naked ass on his back - and that is worth three stars at least. Other than that, it's a bad movie though (both in nudity, and in comedy.)

RichT was written on November 26, 2001

Another sexy mature actress .... BUSH-OUT !

Previous reviewers have "more than adequately" described Miss Delany's nude scenes, but I MUST still have my say .... cos she is one sexy lady ! After seeing her suprisingly dirty performance in Paul Schrader's "Light Sleeper", where in one classic scene, she describes how "moist" she is, I have wanted to see MUCH more of this sexy woman. The full-frontal scene where she exits the pool is a scene you MUST see if you are a fan of her "fan" ..... watch and enjoy !

scanman was written on July 1, 2001

Three or four nudescenes .... very short though!

Dana's first nudescene is a short one. You see her getting out of the swimmingpool full frontal nude. It's only about 2 or 3 seconds, but great! The second one is in the bathtub. First we see a glimpse of her breasts. When she stands up we see her great butt for a second or 3. We never see her face in that shot, so it MIGHT be a body double. The third scene is when a guy it putting some salt and other stuff on her nipple... to suck it off later. Again only a couple of seconds. The fourth scene is a sex scene in bed, but we don't see very much because a curtain is in the way. The nude scenes are great, but very short!

Lookout was written on June 5, 1999

A lush tropical island full of nubile sexual explorers, lead by Dana to explore the pleasures of pain. WOW!

A lot of semiclad ladies in this story about a Fantasy Island for S&M exploration. Dana is the Mistress of the island and has a lovely full frontal scene coming out of the pool with her assistant. She ties up one of the guests to work out his kink for enjoying spanking. Overall a lot of beautiful bodies with a kinky theme. Very stimulating ! ! !

BigWoody was written on October 14, 2004

Full-frontal getting out of swimming pool

About 37 minutes into the movie, Dana gets out of the swimming pool totally nude, and then an assistant helps her put on her robe. The lighting is very good, and the scene lasts for a couple of seconds. We get to see a brief, clear view of Dana nude from head to toe. Dana has nice tits and pretty pubic hair.

StevieY was written on September 3, 2000

full nudity

Dana, best known as Lt. McMurphy on China Beach, has some great nude scenes in this movie. Her breasts, her perfect, shapely rear and her thick, dark pubes are shown in all their glory. I loved Dana on China Beach and was quite pleasantly surprised to see her do such explicit nudity, considering she was in her mid-30's at the time and hadn't done any serious nudity before.

alekhidell was written on December 11, 1999

various scenes

First you can see her walking out of the pool fully naked. You can see bush and her breasts fully. Then the guy is washing her in the bathtub, and you can see her tits and her she stands up and you can see her ass. Later you can see her nipples when she is spanking that guy. Later the guy rubs butter and sprinkles cinnamon on her one tit. Later again thru some some netting you can see her ass and tits yet again. Throughout the movie you can see her in bra and panties and other revealing out fits. Nice to see an actress show some gusto.

Gordon was written on September 14, 2000

Swimming nude, in sexy gear

Dana Delany was in her forties when she made this movie, but damn is she looking good! Her body is trim and toned and she has firm, natural breasts. It is on full display throughout the movie as she dresses in various pieces of revealing lingere and S&M-type gear, as well as lounging in a bathtub and taking a nude swim. The best scene is definitely the swimming scene, because when she gets out of the pool you get to see a full-frontal--bush and all. All I can say is that Dana looks great in this otherwise ho-hum film.

damn_crazy_bastard was written on October 31, 2001

A bit of everything

Ms. Delany exits a pull, full frontal. After slipping into a robe, she lifts the back as she sits on a male slave exposing her lovely behind. Later she steps out of a tub for a second look at her backside. Then, a guy butters and spices one of her nipples and goes to work on it. Add an extra star if you are a major Dana fan.

bfdman was written on September 25, 1998

pool scene

A full frontal **** ! WOW!

Light Sleeper (1992)
eaglespyharry was written on March 4, 2003

Dana's bush

Just saw the DVD of Light Sleeper. The previous reviewer gave an accurate description. You do get a brief but clear view of Dana's bush. The DVD unfortunatly is the same stupid pan and scan as the video. The original movie shows about 5-6 seconds of Dana's bush. This is cut out of the bottom of the screen on both the DVD and the video. What happened to all DVD's having the correct aspect ratio?

Luvmonk was written on January 26, 2003

Short but ohh so sweet

I totally disagree with darkhorse. What is this scene missing that wouldn't rate it higher? It could have been longer and there could have been more of them, but the scene in question is awesome. The camera pans across and empty bed to the other side of it where dana and defoe lie naked. The lighting is kinda green but perfectly visible and we see dana's BUSH and most of her right tit with full nip. Then she moves over and her tit flops towards her side and we see the whole thing then as she sits up we get to look at the other tit too. The only other thing we see is her bare back as she gets dressed with a little bit of backcut from her tits. See Exit to Eden if you really like Dana; its probably her best. Finally, why isn't Susan Sarandon gettin naked? Shame on you Susan.

[email protected] was written on January 10, 1999

Very brief

One scene of her lying naked on the floor. Any other actress would get only one star for this one.

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