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Connie Nielsen's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2002 Demonlover 2 Reviews
1999 Innocents 1 Review
1997 Devil's Advocate, The 20 Reviews
1993 Voyage 1 Review

nudity reviews for Connie Nielsen member submitted

Demonlover (2002)
atom was written on April 7, 2004

rear and side nudity in S&M-themed flick

Given that Nielsen is rolling around naked with Charles Berling for two minutes straight, it's surprising how little we see of Nielsen's body; we see her mostly from the side, and even her nipples don't make much of an appearance, either in the sex scene toward the end of the film or in the early scene in which we watch Nielsen get a massage from a Japanese attendant. Prospective viewers may find it useful to note that lesbian and S&M themes run through the film; at the end of the film (spoiler alert), Nielsen ends up in leather bondage gear, preparing to be tortured. The film includes multiple examples of anime and websites devoted to the torture of women, and Nielsen watches Japanese lesbian erotica in which one woman toys with another one's nipples.

flixnix was written on October 4, 2003

After Morning Rape

Near the end of this terribly tedious and uninteresting French film, Connie starts to have sex with an ugly French man, but decides against it. The guy rapes her anyway. We don't see any of the rape. Cut to the next morning. We see Connie nude in bed, as the rapist gets horny and rapes her again. We get some good looks at Connie's body. She's in shape, but looks a tad flabby. I.e. She's not "cut" or "tight". We get brief glimpses of her breasts, buttocks, and although she's clearly naked throughout the whole scene, the scene is shot so that there are no gratuituous nudity. (Crap.) It's not really an erotic scene, as she is being rape while asleep, although in defense the "rape" is not that violent. But on the upside, it is Connie in all her glory, even if the swarmy French bastard who shot the movie did a very UNFrench thing and tries to hide the nudity. P.S. The film is about internet porn and corporate conspiracy, but it's terribly stupid and tedious.

Innocents (1999)
LeroyBrown was written on December 9, 2002

Breast and buns

She had sex with the French guy and there close side views of her breast when she was on top, kinda hard to make out her nipples. When they roll over we get a quick look at her right breast including the nipple although partially blocked. Then she stood got up from the bed and knelt in front of the French guy while he was playing the cello she showed her buns. She had blonde hair in this movie and she looked pretty good, then again she'd look pretty good no matter what hair color she has. The nudity is not that great and the movie wasn't any good either.

Devil's Advocate, The (1997)
Chicago was written on November 7, 2002

2 scenes...hot woman

Keanu has a love-making scene with his wife, played by Charlize, when at 1:02, he has a vision of making love to a playful Connie...breasts with pink areola in good lighting while lying on her back on the floor and flipping back/forth on her stomach for 10 sec. At 2:10-2:12.5, however, Connie bares all as she takes off her dress with her back to the camera (ass), opens and spreads her arms, and turns around giving a full-frontal view of her and her great body including V-shaped pubes in a mock-crucifix pose. Throughout the remaining part of the scene, her ass is seen while sitting on the table, breasts as she lies back on her back, and more breasts as she gets up, runs a few steps, falls to the floor and turns to ash...all fairly brief cuts, but worth the viewing.

Alphonse was written on May 23, 1999

full nudity

She switches places with Charlize Theron during an early sex scene, and her breasts are on full display. Fantastic body on this girl. At the end of the movie, as she tries to entice Keanu, she takes off her clothes, nude from behind. Then she turns around, and you can see her tits and her crotch. It's a fantastic scene.

guymcgarn was written on May 23, 1999

Good scenes, but . . .

I agree with the above reviews, but for you purists, watch out for the fake-tit factor. While Connie scenes are longer than Charlize's brief nude scenes, Charlize still has the natural quality. Mmmm. Great movie.

12-string was written on November 7, 2002

OK but ...

OK actress (better in Gladiator), very good-looking, enough nudity to rate ***, but, like heyjoe, I have to knock off something for the downright awful titjob. Didn't they audition her naked? (Sheesh, destroys my image of Hollywood producers!) You would expect the devil's daughter to be a perfect image of temptation and not to be wearing a set of grotty plastic tits that look like bargain day at the strip joint. Or is that the message here -- candy on the outside, alum on the inside? (Pretty subliminal, if it is.) Might pass muster in a Cinemax movie, but on the budget for this pic they could have afforded to send her for some touchup. *** for quantity but I'm holding the line at ** for quality.

Xeyes was written on October 23, 2007

Full Frontal, Bush, Tits, Ass....

her breasts are fake !

Cysione was written on March 9, 2001

Very good stuff !

The very tall red-haired Connie Nielsen has two great nude scenes in this great movie. First she is bodyswitching with Charlize Theron while having sex with Keanau. A lot of great breast shots. Nice Rack with big tits. At the end of the movie she tries seduce Keanau by taking off her clothes (full frontal nudity here, but a little big dark).Until her following death she is naked and you can see her breasts und crotch.

Senator was written on June 10, 2001

yuck! leave Charlize alone!

alright... she is okay... but as one of the people pointed out above, she has oddly shapped breasts, and as another said, Charlize certianly has the natural beauty factor.

The first scene where she is nude is during a sex scene with Keanu's Character... she is a figment of his imagination and she and Charlize are blended together... sad sad sad... Charlize makes this woman look very bad indeed! She should have been embarassed, and so should have Keanu's character for stooping to such a level.

What I will give her is she has a tremendous ass! The second scene, much longer and just her, closer to the end of the film was worth watching. You get full frontal nudity, and she trims the bush in quite a pleasing manner. All I can say is it is a shame she is in the first sequence, but her nudity solo was worth watching.

Omni was written on July 20, 2000

Connie romping around nekkid

Yes folks, she's completely naked. You pretty much see everything... which isn't a great thing in her case. Her tits are a bit oddly shaped, probably because of surgery. The most important thing to know is that this movie is awful. If you see it for nudity, just fast-foward to the scenes (um, if you don't already do that) don't kill brain cells watching it.

McBoris was written on July 18, 2003

Ful Frontal

This is proper four star nudity. Connie gets completely naked and we get a look from both the front and back. This is proper four star nudity.

Joke was written on January 9, 1999

Graphic Sex Scenes

Connie is gorgeous in this movie. In her first nude scene of the movie, she appears and re-appears to Keanu Reeves revealing two beautiful breasts. Not only does she have an amazing body, but she gets fairly graphic givinghim fellatio and teasing him. Towards the end of the film, Nielsen takes herdress off revealing her rear and those amazing breasts and lies on a desk.Amazing nude scenes revealing an amazingly beautiful woman.

Bushyboy was written on January 8, 2008

apartment scene and meeting the devil

When she heads down on Reeves, if you frame by frame the dvd, you can see her hand on top of his dick to hide it from the camera. Pretty good flashes of what look like sillycone enhanced tits, nice nipples. Meeting the devil scene, she drops dress and goes from full 'backal' to full frontal, showing a closely trimmed bush. Nice closeup of tits as she lays on the desk.

heyjoewaddayaknow was written on September 26, 2002

full nudity

it is full nudity at the end but her breasts are fake and that just turns me off. They're badly done. She is a beautiful woman but her body is disappointing. However for those who are curious about it this is probably the best scene there is of her. Also in some later scenes when she's running her tits look pretty good bouncing.

heyjoewaddayaknow was written on September 26, 2002

full nudity

it is full nudity at the end but her breasts are fake (or at least they LOOK very fake) and that just turns me off. They're badly done. She is a beautiful woman but her body is disappointing. However for those who are curious about it this is probably the best scene there is of her. Also in some later scenes when she's running her tits look pretty good bouncing.

Bootydaddy was written on April 7, 2002

What a way to top off a great flick

Not only do you get to feast your eyes on Ms. Theron in this movie but you get to see all that Connie has to offer. The best scene is towards the end of the movie when she strips off her red dress (she always has red on in this movie). Great shot of her ass then she turns towards the camera in all her glory, tits, bush. Highly recommended.

Cyclone was written on March 3, 2001

Two decent scenes

We can see Connie's breasts a few times during a sex scene in which she switches places with Charlize Theron. Then, towards the end of the movie, she strips and we get a decent look at her from behind, followed by a slightly dark full frontal shot. Not bad.

sirspread was written on September 7, 2004

boobs and ass

around the 2hr 8 mins mark she shows off her body as she derobes.my mouth was wide open thinking yes then on parade came silicone breasts yuk...such a shame as she is kind of sexy and the rest of her body looks great

BigPoppaSmurf was written on October 25, 2002

Devil May Care

As Bel Biv Devoe once said, "That girl's dope!" Connie Nielsen is the one saving grace of this picture. As Keanu "Whoa" Reeves is messing around with his wife Charlize, she thankfully tranforms into a very playful Connie. We then see her perfectly formed physique in its entirety, entirely naked at the end of the film when she is trying to seduce Keanu (but fails). This beg's the question: What kind of maniac is this Reeves guy?

heyjoewaddayaknow was written on May 9, 2002

strange tits

ms. Nielsen's tits are obviously artificial, and they didn't do a very good job either. It's not that they don't bounce, and she does have lovely nipples, but they just look too stiff and artificially circular. However, she is a beautiful woman, a fine actress who got a big role in "Gladiator", and I hope she gets many more good roles. If you want to see what she looks like nude, this movie shows it all.

Gordon was written on January 31, 2000

Sex scene and later nude scene

Connie Nielsen has a great body, but more exposure during the sex scenes would have been nice. The scene later where she is seen stripping from behind is good because you can see her nice butt. A long, frontal close-up of her lovely, ample breasts would have been nice, though.

RichT was written on November 29, 2001

Fantastic Film, Sexy Starlets, Beautiful Bush .... Wot more could you ask 4 ???

Up until seeing this film, I had never heard of Connie Nielsen, but she has subsequently made the "big time" by getting the lead female role in "Gladiator". This however is a better film, and shows ALL the female leads full-frontally nude. Connie's best scene is the one near the end of the movie, where Al Pacino gets her to strip in order to tempt Keanu (despite the fact she is supposed to be his sister ?!?). I agree with previous reviewers who state she has "enhanced" breasts (she should have left them small but natural), but I have to say that I find her a very attractive "more mature" actress, who has a fantastic body and a lovely bush. She did look sexier in Gladiator, but showed NO skin.

Voyage (1993)
cecil was written on November 1, 2003

sex scene

She has a sex scene with Eric Roberts, below deck of the boat. Both are standing and the camera is looking down a hole in the deck and we can look down her back to her exposed rear. Then a close up as they fall on the bed, her on top. A couple of glimpses of the side of her left breast, but between her movement, Eric's hands on her breasts, and the dim light, we see very little.

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