Co-Ed Confidential's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Taylor, Maxine 1 Review
Roxx, Rachel 1 Review
O'Riley, Darby 2 Reviews
Maylene, Michelle 2 Reviews
May, Olivia Alaina 1 Review
Marie, Phoenix 1 Review
Luesse, Sandra 1 Review
Lei, Kaylani 1 Review
James, Tanya 0 Reviews
Harper, Hanna 4 Reviews
Green, Molinee 2 Reviews
Davies, Angela 2 Reviews
Dark, Jennifer 1 Review
Calibre, Cadence 1 Review
Banner, Brooke 1 Review

Co-Ed Confidential's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Trahan, Adam 1 Review
Stone, Tom 0 Reviews
Patrick, Kevin 0 Reviews
Moulton, Richard 0 Reviews
Jacobson, Chris 1 Review
Cummings, T.J. 0 Reviews
Cullen, Frankie 0 Reviews

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Maxine Taylor
McKinnon was written on June 23, 2012

Shower time; ep: The Hunt is On

Maxine is not quite as standout as Phoenix Marie, but she's certainly attractive in her own right. She shares a scene with Phoenix Marie, in the shower - nothing beyond her touching and feeling Marie's breasts, but you see all of both ladies.

Rachel Roxx
McKinnon was written on October 17, 2014

Desk Sex; Ep: The First Time

Rachel, looking a little like Eliza Dushku, quickly strips off her flowery dress and gets down to a yellow bra and shorts. She removes those as Kevin Patrick, sitting in the dean's chair, inspects/gropes her before putting her on the desk, eating her out and licking her breasts before beginning the simu-sex. This soon moves into an awkward position where he sort of climbs on the desk and she's pushed into a ball. This ends with him trying to do her from behind, before they both realize he's just not that interested. She has to crawl under the desk when the dean arrives, and her last scene is a side shot as she looks up at him, grinning.

Darby O'Riley
McKinnon was written on October 17, 2014

Frat room tour; "The First Time"

With long red hair and somewhat pointed breasts, Darby shows up for one scene with the black male character who was on the first season (so fans of interracial may like this). You can see her breasts bouncing up and down as she rides him. Then there's a side view as he is behind her, with a hint of her landing strip, although her legs are very tightly closed.

McKinnon was written on October 17, 2014

Frat room tour; "The First Time"

With long red hair and somewhat pointed breasts, Darby shows up for one scene with the black male character who was on the first season (so fans of interracial may like this). You can see her breasts bouncing up and down as she rides him. Then there's a side view as he is behind her, with a hint of her landing strip, although her legs are very tightly closed.

Michelle Maylene
McKinnon was written on June 9, 2012

Lesbian love; ep: The Hunt Is On

Michelle, mostly showing her breasts, has a quick but satisfying lesbian scene with Olivia Alaina May in the opening scenes, going down on Olivia before Olivia does the same to her, then sitting and talking, again mostly topless views.

McKinnon was written on October 17, 2014

Various; ep: "What a Rush"

Michelle does not realize she is being spied on, and removes her towel, left in just her panties as she rubs her breasts and begins to pleasure herself through her panties with a small blue dildo (presumably this was simulated). Later in the episode she tricks the guy who was spying on her and has to have sex with her to make a frat. They get on the bed, her down to her pink panties as she's riding him. He gets on top of her and you see a side view as her panties are around her ankles. Then she's riding him, for more breast glimpses, before she sics her dog on the frat jock who's watching them, and kicks them both out of her room. Maylene plays these scenes with her usual humor and innate sensuality.

Olivia Alaina May
McKinnon was written on June 9, 2012

Lesbian love; ep: The Hunt Is On

Olivia starts the episode on her back, wearing just a thong, as Michelle Maylene kisses her body and settles between her legs. Now sans thong, but with just a side view, Olivia returns the favor, finally climbing on top of Michelle, with an overhead view of her very toned tush. They end the scene talking, side by side, until a guy interrupts them and the sheet is pulled up.

Phoenix Marie
McKinnon was written on June 23, 2012

Shower time; ep: The Hunt is On

Shower time; ep: The Hunt is On

Sandra Luesse
McKinnon was written on October 18, 2014

Temptation; ep: "What a Rush"

Sandra, who played the typical virgin/good girl character in the first season, leaves campus to try to live in a convent. As this is (soft) porn, not real life, this leads to a scene where the mother superior has a hot guy (Sarge Logan) to try to tempt her. He strips her down to her panties, kisses her breasts and upper body, before she finally flees. The scene is a nice break from the usual generic sex scenes on this show, and far hotter than most of them.

Kaylani Lei
McKinnon was written on June 9, 2012

Strip and sex; ep: The Hunt is On

Kaylani plays a rock star (complete with her own music video) who does a striptease for Kevin Patrick, showing everything (with frontal closeup as she lowers her panties), then sitting reverse cowgirl, leaning back onto him on the bench, riding him in the bed, all intercut with the music video.

Tanya James
Hanna Harper
McKinnon was written on June 9, 2012

Voyeur; ep: The Hunt Is On

Hanna and her boyfriend are watching another couple have sex. As they stand in the doorway, they strip off her lower half (frontal view) and her dress is pushed above her breasts. The idea is very hot but the execution is a little too fast to truly enjoy.

000 was written on December 24, 2011

co-ed confidential 4

Hannah Harper is seen laying naked on a class-room table and a man in gorilla costume holds her breast. HH smiles at him as a return. The gorilla touches her knee and she smiles again. The gorilla looks at her abdomen and begins to fondle her breasts. The gorilla puts his head between her breasts and rubs her thigh. HH smiles for the 3rd time as the gorilla goes to work with her thigh. The gorilla then plays with her nipple by circling it with finger and Hannah tries to feel it. HH moans for the 1st time when the gorilla plants his face at her private zone. The gorilla tries to smell it by shaking its head and Hannah tries to feel the excitement by closing her eyes. The gorilla keeps on irritating the zone with its face and Hannah boils in excitement. The gorilla then gives more attention to her private zone and as a result, HH can’t stop her from a 2nd moan. The gorilla begins to smell the zone with more energy and Hannah starts sweating and she gasps for air. The gorilla goes for more agitation and HH starts crying and breathing vigorously. Next, the gorilla stands her in front of him and he goes behind her and starts thrusting her. The gorilla at first keeps his hand away from her and suddenly it decides to grab both her breast and this made Hannah give her first big scream. The gorilla then grabs her entire pubic zone and next he holds her right breast. HH likes this and she smiles and keeps on enjoying. The gorilla then puts his other hand on HH’s thigh and increases the speed of thrust. As such Hannah’s left breast bounces a lot but her right one doesn’t because it is held by the gorilla. After that, the gorilla hugs her more tightly around the mid-abdomen and keeps on thrusting her. Hannah enjoys thoroughly and shares a stare with the gorilla. The gorilla brings her more close to him and she assists him by putting her hand on the gorilla’s thigh and pulls it closer to her own thigh. The process goes and HH responses with a few moans. The gorilla touches HH’s breast for one final time and another woman enters the class-room and becomes shocked to find them in an intimate position. Hannah at first cannot see the lady, but when she realizes, she quickly moves and picks her green dress from the floor and puts it on her right breast. The woman laughs at HH and in the next scene we see Hannah has managed to cover both her breasts. The other woman then talks to her.

McKinnon was written on October 17, 2014

Various; ep: "The First Time"

Annoyed at her ex-boyfriend being with another woman, she tries to sleep with another man. He nips at her panties with his teeth (which makes the scene seem a little more "real"), showing a glimpse of her bare pussy. Then they go to the usual scenario on the show (he eats her out, then she's on her side as he plays with her breasts). She rides him (closeup of her upper torso) but realizes she can't go through with it. When they get caught, you see her breasts as she walks to the door.

Later she has sex with her boyfriend, mostly in the same first two positions. The scenes have a strong difference in chemistry and performance, which is good acting on her part.

McKinnon was written on October 17, 2014

Various; ep: "What a Rush"

Hanna gets intimate with Kevin Patrick in the kitchen, her breasts soon exposed and finally several shots of him standing behind her, hand sometimes blocking, sometimes not blocking a look at her lower half. Later in the bedroom she drops her robe, with a great view of her butt and breasts (as always the frontal is somewhat obscured), followed by another routine where she's mostly on her side, with him sometimes crouching over her. Some parts of this are slow and allow for more genuine emotion.

Molinee Green
Ghostwords was written on August 25, 2012

S1 Ep.12: Striptease

Ms Green teases a guy by lifting up her cropped top to expose her breasts (including nipples), then lowering her shorts at the rear to display most of her butt (she's wearing a thong).

Fully naked, she has sex in the locker room showers with a geeky looking guy. She leans against a wall as he goes down on her; his head obstructs our view of her bush, but her breasts are out for all to see. They then try a variety of sexual positions, beginning with her sitting on his lap and letting us enjoy both breasts and pencil-thin trimmed bush

For the record, her breasts appear smallish, which may be due to her tall, very slender frame.

Ghostwords was written on August 25, 2012

For the record...

The twelfth episode of Season 1 (reviewed here) is entitled "Butt Naked" and first aired in January 2008.

Angela Davies
McKinnon was written on June 9, 2012

Seducing student; ep: The Hunt Is On

Tough to recognize with dark hair, Angela plays a professor who gets her hands on a hunky student in the classroom. Soon she's just down to an olive-colored skirt, after a frank view of her landing strip while her panties are being lowered. Most of her body is obscured after this as the camera mostly focuses on the guy's back, but you do get to see most of the goods.

McKinnon was written on June 9, 2012


Later in the same episode there's another scene, intercut with Hanna Harper and a guy watching, where she is stripped down to full frontal and sits on her student's lap.

Jennifer Dark
McKinnon was written on June 23, 2012

Twice; ep: Rolling Royce

Jennifer, who certainly does look very tanned in this role, has two sex scenes with Adam Trahan as he tries to make another woman jealous. They tend to avoid frontals, the rest is the usual positions.

Cadence Calibre
McKinnon was written on October 17, 2014

Ep: The First Time

A petite redhead, Cadence seems to be one of many porn performers to do a few titles and then vanish, but she'll always have the distinction of having the first sex scene ever on this show. She quickly strips down to pink panties to help the main character with his "first time." She lays on her back as he eats her out, then she rides him, then she's on her side as he's behind her, frequently fondling her small breasts and sometimes letting his hand roam lower. The scene lasts about 2-3 minutes. Nothing all that memorable, but it sets the template for most of the show's material in future episodes.

Brooke Banner
McKinnon was written on October 17, 2014

Temptation; ep: "What a Rush"

Hardcore actress Brooke, who reminds me a little of Daryl Hannah, appears to tempt guys who are trying to join a frat. The frat jock in charge removes her dress, leaving her in just panties. She soon removes her panties. She has two scenes - the first is mostly her natural breasts and her killer ass. The second gives a closer look at her dark triangle, which is mostly hidden in the earlier shot. She has a few unfortunate looking tats, but you won't be unsatisfied.

Adam Trahan
McKinnon was written on June 9, 2012

Vocals; ep: Rolling Royce

Corn-fed Adam repeatedly tries to make a woman jealous, and in this episode, that involves having sex with Jennifer Dark. The woman doesn't care, but you still get to see a decent, quick view of most of Trahan's cute ass when he's on top of Dark, as well as a side shot when he's on the second floor landing, holding a pillow over his crotch.

Tom Stone
Kevin Patrick
Richard Moulton
Chris Jacobson
McKinnon was written on June 23, 2012

Hot for teacher; ep: The Hunt Is On

Chris is a handsome guy, believably boyish but also right for a masculine role. He also has a nice ass, which is seen in two classroom scenes with Angela Davies (usually over her desk). Unfortunately, he has very ugly, distracting tattoos which look like someone scribbled on his lower back.

T.J. Cummings
Frankie Cullen

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